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It was a really boring day at work, especially on this Tuesday afternoon. I worked in a clothing store at the second level of a giant, dehumanized shopping center and there was absolutely nothing to do.

The fact I had recently broken up with my girlfriend didn't help me feel better. I was, indeed, pretty depressed. But a hopeful ray of light shone from the extremely pretty girl that was sitting on the bench next to the escalator just in front of my shop. She’d been sitting there for almost an hour and I was looking at her from time to time.

During my break, I took some time to look a little more closely. She was really an extremely attractive young brunette. Early 20s I would say. She wore a crazy tight white T-shirt that was firmly compressing her amazing pair of breasts. I also loved her ridiculously ultra-short denim jeans that were hiding almost nothing of the incredible ass she had. The perfect figure. Then I started looking at her legs. Also perfect. Really. Perfectly tan. Not a blemish. Just amazing. She was looking at her legs in a strange way as if there was some kind of problem. It caught my interest... I had nothing else to do in the shop, so I decided to take my chances and approach her.

When I got closer, I realized there was definitely something wrong: She looked like she was on drugs or something. Her eyes and mouth were half open. She was looking at her feet, then at the ground around her, then her feet again. She seemed unaware of what was happening around her.

I made my move and sat next to her. I was expecting a reaction from her but she just seemed lost in her thoughts...

"Hi! Are you waiting for somebody?" I said as I looked at her directly, trying to smile. I was uneasy but God damn she was hot. I noticed she wore no bra because her nipples were clearly visible through her tight top.

"Hey, are you OK?" I ask again, but no reactions again… She was still staring blankly around her. I came a little closer and I put my hand softly on her left thigh but instantly removed it as she suddenly came to life.

"Hi-i-i, I'm K-Kelly!" she said, looking straight ahead, I was wondering if she was actually talking to me. I decided to take my chances and I take softly hold her left hand.

"Hey there, cutie," This time Kelly turned toward me and started to smile nicely. That was the first time I had looked her directly in the eyes. The first thing that struck me was how friendly she looked. She had big blue eyes and a nice full smile. I immediately want to just shut up and kiss her, but then I realized something was a little off... It looked like she had slapped about a thousand layers of foundation on her pretty face and was maybe wearing fake eyelashes.

"Hey! Nice to meet you..." she says suddenly, I was thinking about something nice to say until she suddenly spoke more.

"Hey, you look very nice! I like cute guys like you." I laugh nervously and hesitate a bit.

"Thank you, Kelly..." I try to smile but I feel a little awkward,"I think you shou-"

"I'm Kelly!" She abruptly cut me, "Do you like pretty girls?" she adds with a renewed smile. Her head tilts a little bit to the right then she let out a giggle followed by a small gap in the conversation.

"OK, babe, I already know your name you kn-"

"I'm Kelly" she repeats again.

"I'm a lingerie model. Do you want to chat a little bit?" she said while smiling. Her voice sound youthful, flirty, and had an over-enthusiastic pitch and tone that was nice but also felt a little off. I was fascinated, but also I didn't want to be cut-off again so I remained silent for a few seconds.

"Are you shy?" she adds quickly. "I like to talk and meet new people!" Kelly was now totally focused on me, looking right in my eyes.

"Oh! What are you looking at?” She grinned playfully. I realized my eyes were fixated on her tits. They were just too hard to ignore through that ultra-tight top!

"Do you like looking at my boobs?" she added with a full smile. I was blushing

"I do have to admit they are really.... Well, you can't miss them..." I tell her.

"By the way, my name is Josh." Kelly froze a little bit, but she came back to her previous thought.

"I think I should wear a bra." She said as she crossed her legs. The leg on top was slightly swinging, her left high heeled foot was pointed toward me, bouncing up and down.

"What do you think?" She added, still looking straight in my eyes, clearly trying to turn me on.

"Well, Kelly, I'm not an expert but I'm not sure it's really the best idea to wear a bra with such a tight top..." Kelly suddenly seemed disappointed by my answer.

"I'm sorry. I must disagree. Wearing a bra could be really useful for girls like me!" I was not sure but her answer did seem to make sense. I felt I should respond to her, but the conversation had gotten so awkward.

"Well, yes. Sure. But I think you would have the lines visible under the top. That's all I'm saying, Kelly." Now I was staring at her nice high heel, bouncing up and down near my pants, The heel was slightly out of the slot it was supposed to be in and somehow was misaligned. It was kinda obvious. Her smile came back as she started talking again.

"My boobs look bigger when I am standing bare breasted but the weight of my breasts makes my balance harder… I like to wear a very tight top or a nice bra to lift them and separate them nicely… Don't you think?" Kelly suddenly realized I couldn’t help looking at her perfectly manicured foot bouncing against my pants.

"Do you like my shoes?" she suddenly said with an over enthusiastic tone. "Those are White Solid 6 Inch Spike Heel Pump from Pleaser CAPTIVA" The heel was clearly damaged, maybe broken. I was wondering if that was the problem...

"Kelly, did you fall? Are you OK?" No answers. Kelly just ignored the question then added...

"Men prefer girls with small feet. With my perfect size 5 feet I'm perfect for wearing any kind of shoes." Kelly let out a giggle and started to twirl and play with her hair, but her eyes seemed to have lost their focus. She repeated, "-perfect size 5 feet. I'm perfect… Don't you think ?" I was starting to worry.

"Is everything alright, Kelly ?" No answer... I put my hand on her left thigh and added

"You should take care of you. You have nice feet, just don't hurt them with those uncomfortable heels!" Still no answer. She didn’t seem offended or uneasy about the way I was touching her. I started to rub her left thigh a little bit. I didn't know if it was reassuring her, but the poor girl seemed really confused. I wonder if that would be easy to repair the damaged heel... It seems just somehow it got dislodged from the hole it should be in. It probably would not be hard to fix. My thoughts were cut short as Kelly suddenly came back to life and spoke.

"I think I lost my balance." Kelly was looking at her high heel with a puzzled look.

"I think something is wrong... with my legs..." Kelly added. Then she smiled again at me and spoke again.

"Those are White Solid 6 Inch Spike Heel Pump from Pleaser CAPTIVA... I like them a lot. Do you want to know why?” There was again a long gap in conversation. I wasn’t sure. Is she just retarded, on drugs or…? I started to think and thought... No… It can't be...

"Kelly can I take a look? Let's see what's wrong with your legs." After a brief pause she smiled, nodded, and opened her thighs a little bit.

I kneel in front of her and started to touch delicately her beautiful, smooth left leg. I looked at her. She was still looking at me, smiling. I decided to push things a little further. I started to massage her left leg as my heart started to beat faster. She let me without any resistance. She giggled and started to twirl and play with her hair again.

"Those are my favorite shoes. Do you want to know why?" She repeated again with the exact over enthusiastic tone ass she was still smiling and looking at me. I was starting to understand. Her skin felt soft and fine, but it was really tight incredibly tight. Also there was a very faint smell of silicon in the air. It was like the smell of plastic in a brand new car. Maybe it was coming from those high heels shoes... Maybe… Then she suddenly started to talk again.

"Those are the best especially for us college girls who need to look sexy every weekend." She giggled again in the exact same way.

"I know every college girl has at least one pair of high heels stuffed into their tiny dorm room closet. And if you’re like me, you have so many that it’d be impossible to count them all!" Then Kelly start to twirl her hair. Again, it was exactly the same as the previous times. As I was inspecting her left thigh I noticed something. There were two very faint plastic marks running on the outside and inside of her left leg. They were almost invisible but it seemed to run across all her "body." . "Men should know that heels are the main part to every party outfit and if you want to please a girl you know what to do... Buy her some! She will never have enough of them!" She excitedly added as she was reciting her little story. At the same time, I was still touching her leg, looking for a tense muscle or something like this but I couldn't feel any muscles or anything of that sort. I spread her legs a little more and she gave me a nice view on her panties. She didn’t seem to care or have done it on purpose.

"Don't you think I have pretty legs?" I pinched her leg as hard as I can, to be really sure. She just giggled again. "You're really funny! What's your name? I'm Kelly!" At this point I was almost certain she was not real, but I was happy she was finally getting interested in knowing my name. I looked at her eyes again. Her face was super inviting and friendly.

"I - am - Josh." I said slowly and clearly knowing I was talking to a machine. Kelly just repeated "Josh," after me then added with an over-enthusiastic tone,

"Oh, hello ‘Josh,’ Nice to meet you! I'm K-K-Kelly! Kelly! The robot girl was definitely showing some clues about her true nature. She was probably malfunctioning. This was getting really fun and exciting for me!

"Hey. Hello, Kelly, you have a really - nice - name." I made sure to pause to give her the time she needed to understand me. "I like your name a lot," I repeated to be sure I'm really understood. then after a second she smiled and giggled a little bit. She thanked me politely. She was really cute. As I was still touching her thigh, it started to feel a little wrong. I was pressing hard, trying to grab some muscle or something but it felt like I was groping a thick layer of silicon with some rubber under it. No doubt about it. Kelly was a robot and I knew just what to do...

"Kelly, I will help fix your leg, OK?" Her nice smile immediately came back on her face with renewed intensity.

"Kelly, let me check something!"I put my left hand on her thigh as I moved my hand closer and closer to her crotch. She didn't seem pissed off or offended. I looked at her to be sure but it seemed not to bother her. She still had the same nice smile on her face but this time around I also had a smile on mine. As I reached her crotch, I could tell she was fully “equipped.” As Kelly felt my hand against her clit, she spread her legs and arched her back. She seems to hesitate then said,

"My-my jean shorts are really t-tight. When I spread my legs, the seam presses into my crotch." She let out a giggle, then added, "I have trouble taking it off sometimes." I was totally amazed by the perfect piece of technology she was. Never have I seen something like this. I knew there was a recent breakthrough in robotics but she was looking a lot more real than anything I’d ever seen before.

"Don't worry, Kelly. I can fix those pretty legs. Then you will be perfect again" I was convinced she was a machine and I was seeing it now. Her face was really too smooth and her eyes looked a little too crystalline. But she really did have a nice and innocent smile. Her facial expressions were really warm. I know she technically was all fake, but she also was a true work or art.

"Kelly, do you remember how you fell?" I asked her as I was putting the heel back into the slot it has eased its way out from.

"I don't remember. I took the escalator then I lost my balance. Then I got really confused," she said. I looked at the left heel. It seemed I had fixed it. It was time to get her standing up again!

"Kelly, I think I just fixed the problem with your leg." I emphasized the word "fixed" as I stood up in front of her.

"You should try to stand up and take a couple of steps towards me." Her head tilted to the left as I repeated.

"Come on. It's fixed. Stand up, Kelly."

The robot girl stood slowly then made a few careful and hesitant steps toward me. She smiled at me with renewed intensity.

"Ohhh thank you! It's a lot better now. My legs are fully functional again... My balance seems to be again!" I took her small hand and added,

"You see! I totally fixed the problem. It seems you're working perfectly again." I gazed upon her as she giggled again.

"You helped me a lot. Thank you." She seemed to be relaxed now. Of course, I knew I fixed nothing. The robot simply lost her balance probably on the escalators and simply broke her heel. It was hard to tell if she has suffered some kind of sustained damage or if she was just not programmed well enough to at least to keep her balance on an escalator. Maybe it's a situation her designers weren't anticipating. She made a few more steps to make sure her balance really was OK.

"Thank you. My legs are fine now." She bent toward me and give me a sweet kiss on the cheek. I could feel her breasts pressing up against my chest as she tried to reach me.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Josh. Have a good rest of your day." Without warning she turned around and left me. Without even thinking I quickly grabbed her arm and said, "Hey wait! Maybe something else is wrong with you! You seem really confused."

"Confused ?" the robot girl echoed.

"Yes! I can help you a lot, you know that! Let me just check to see if your perfectly fine.”

“You helped me a lot," she echoed again. I show her the coffee corner near my shop.

"Look there! It's a very nice place. Let's sit there and talk. I wanna know all about you." I grabbed her by the arm and she followed me without any resistance. Kelly was a robot but I was rock hard. There were two things I was feeling. I felt like I had found a new toy to play with and I was not really willing to let her go. But I was also truly worried about her, for I had the feeling that she was in trouble or not ready to be left alone and that something bad may happen to her.

"OK, Kelly. Just sit there." I show her a small table and she obeys.

"So... What are you doing here?" I said as I sat next to her. She seemed to think a long time.

She was sitting with her legs crossed, the leg on top was slightly swinging, and her left foot was pointed toward me.

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