Keith's Paradise

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This was created as an introduction to a universe, that I may put a series of short stories in. It maybe a bit weird and I was getting very tired at the end.

Ayumi lay stretched out on the grassy hill. She had just finished her collage exams, and no matter what a certain other individual had planed she intended just relax, relax and lay in the sun.

So Ayumi lay there, her blue eye's closed, her black hair strewn in the grass, her pale skin soaking up the rays of the sun, ignoring the repeated calls of her name.

Ayumi opened her eye's and looked at the sky. The blue hews, the white clouds, the big black square where the screen burnt out.

“Damn it!” Ayumi exclaimed, hosting herself upright with her arms. “I thought they'd have fixed that by now.”

The sky wasn't real, neither was the sun she so loved. They were just special effects to make the inside Windfall Space Colony more hospitable for it's residence. However the fact that it wasn't real didn't bother Ayumi at all.

Suddenly the voice calling Ayumi's stopped.

“Emergency Summons Command R74AF – Authorization Admin Unit ASCT1 – 000000001. Persona 'Cally' Passcode: PUQS24RV4.” Ayumi heard this in her head.

“She wouldn't.” Ayumi said in shock.

“Designated Target: ReMod Unit SPRCT1 – 384573285. Persona 'Ayumi'. Execute. ” the voice finished.

“That bit-!” Ayumi began, but was cut off as she temporarily became rigid, then blankly replied “Command Accepted. Executing.”

Ayumi got up, not even bothering to unruffled her white blouse or her knee high black skirt, and began to walk rather glassy eyed toward a large building attached to the side of the colony. It should be rather obvious by this point that Ayumi wasn't exactly real either.

Perhaps I should go back and give a little background on this matter. Windfall Colony was one of many Space colony's abandoned during the great war, but had remained maintained by robot drones.

What was the Great War you ask? Oh, the stories I could tell you of the war, some glorious, some tragic, all totally irrelevant to the story at hand. I'll stick to the main points, big war, lots died, no one won, society collapsed and many plants were left inhabitable. The latter points had a significant factor in keeping the abandoned colony's abandoned.

The design of the colony's themselfs made them self significant. They had soler power generators, that were powered by soler sails, so large were they that were you to look at them from distance you would might not think it was a colony but a giant kite in space.

All of them had automated robot production facilities, primarily to produce maintenance drones, but could also be used to create other types of robots, and higher grade A.I.'s in limited quantity. They also had arboretums to produce food.

It is said that if a man were to find one of these colony's, he could live in luxury for the rest of his life. Not by selling the place as salvage, but by simply setting up camp and letting the colony take care of you.

About three years ago a man by the name of Keith Thorton, after some hacking and customizing, did just that with Windfall.

At present, if you are a liberal minded individual, the current population of Windfall is 7, but If you're more one to judge things by legal definitions then it remains only 1. I could go on but the rest will be reveled through the narrative.

Ayumi marched through the door of the building, threw several other doors and corridors, until she arrived at a large room filled with monitors. This was the control center of Windfall.

Ayumi moved to the center of the room and presented herself before the woman in the center of the room who was wearing an overly small tank top, and a latex skirt so short that it would have been a difficult task to find an angle where you wouldn't see her panties.

The use of the term woman here, as with the population numbers above, could be debated by the more conservative minded, as she, more obviously so then Ayumi, was also an android.

True she had tanned flawless skin that was warm to the touch, a pert pair of D-Cups, some very nice feminine curves, and beneath her panties was a womanhood that would more than convince an amorous male that she was the genuine article.

What do you mean that just proves she's fake?

Okay I see your point.

Other than the fact that her body is clearly the product of a male fantasy, the other things that showed her not to be human were the absence of any navel, A tattoo reading ' ASCT1 – Cally' on her leg, A crystal embedded in her forehead in which if you looked hard at you could see many electronics behind, and a head of green hair.

Anyone of these alone could be the product of some bizarre fashion trend (even the navel thing, I've seen it done.) but add all of these together and it's quite obvious that you're not a product of natural evolution.

Ayumi's own body was not exactly something something to ignore. True, unlike Admin Unit ASCT1 – 000000001 or Cally as she preferred to be called, much of it at the moment was covered up.

Ayumi was pale and slender, her black hair went down to below her shoulders, had subtle curves, flawless skin, a smaller but still pert pair of B-Cups, and what was beneath her own panties was as equally functional as Cally's.

Ayumi stepped in front of Cally, stood at attention, and stated blankly “ ReMod Unit SPRCT1 – 384573285. Persona 'Ayumi' Reporting.” Ayumi then lost her blank look, which it was quickly filled with a look of rage.

“You bitch!” Ayumi screamed at Cally. “That's only supposed to be used in an emergency!”

“One of master's SA units was non responsive, I thought I should Summon you just to be safe.” Cally said casually.

A note I should mention is that SA means 'Self Aware'. This does not mean totally human, or even remotely human, and it covers a very large spectrum. Most will have some form emotions, though the association may greatly differ from a human. An extreme example would be a robot who finds enjoyment from having their hands cut off, why anyone would program a robot like that is beyond me. On the other end of the spectrum you have Ayumi who is capable of murderous rage at the turn of a dime.

“Now that you're here, there's something I want to talk to you about.” Cally said slyly.

Ayumi groaned inwardly. She knew exactly what this was about, she had been through this with Cally many times before.

“No! I'm not going to oversee production of the drones!” Ayumi protested. “I just finished exams, I'm tired I want a break, and that sounds really boring. You maybe the administrative unit, but only our master can command a SA.”

“Yes, you finished your exams.” Cally replied sarcastically “You finished the exact same exams last year! You sit in alone in the collage taking the same automated curriculum, over and over again! You're a robot! You don't need a collage education! It's not going to help you get a job! It serves no purpose! You serve no practical function, save master occasionally using you for sex!”

Cally was right, taking the same classes over and over was pointless, Ayumi knew this, it was irrelevant as far as she was concerned, but she knew this.

Ayumi was used to this line of logic so she had come up with a ironclad argument.

“Yes, I am a robot, which means I don't have any free will. I'm simply follow my programing. Therefore arguing with me is pointless.” Ayumi stated smugly.

It should be noted that this was the most insightful argument Ayumi had ever come up with and the heart of the reason why she would never do as Cally asked (Technically nothing has free will, but that's a discussion for later.). It should also be noted that Ayumi didn't believe a word of it, as she had been programed to believe she had free will and be proud of it.

Cally however had been programed not to accept this kind of logic. It should be said that as long as they remained loyal and obedient to him, Keith liked quirky androids.

“What kind of dumb argument is that?” Cally asked.

“A very good one you old hag!” Ayumi retorted.

“Old hag! You're a 75 year old remodeled receptionist robot, were as I was manufactured 2 and a half years ago!” Cally shot back.

This was true, when their master had arrived 3 years ago, Ayumi had been one of the receptionists, at the space port, she had been waiting there for 70 years, devoid of any emotion, failing to even realize the colony had been abandoned. Then Keith had showed up, reprogrammed her to help him access the colony's systems. After that he modified her for sex, upgraded her systems and programed her with her current personality. A fact Ayumi is most grateful for.

All of this was irrelevant to Ayumi, time had nothing to do with age.

“What does this have to do with anything?” Ayumi asked “I'm 19 , you're 30.”

Age had everything to do with preset physical age parameters.

“You're getting old and wrinkly.” Ayumi said mockingly. “The master won't find you desirable soon.”

This was the way Ayumi was programed to insult other androids. Which was quite ridicules as A. Androids did not age in the same sense as a human did, and B. Neither Ayumi or Cally cared whether their master desired them physically. Sex was a function they preformed for their master, they enjoyed it when they did it, but they hadn't been programed with a libido. they never got aroused or felt any need for sex outside of fulfilling a request for their master.

“God! Why are you so-” Cally began

Ayumi's Cell Phone rang. She picked it up.

“Yes Master, right away.” Ayumi talked in to the phone. “Master wants sex, got to go.”

Cally wasn't going to stop her, it was a request from their master.

Ayumi walked out, and Cally got back to work.

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