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I’ve never been to one of these fembot fights before. Everyone at the warehouse talks about them all the time. All it is some guys finding some junk on the side of the road and fighting trash with trash. But my friend Jim told me to come because apparently they are fun to watch. We came to this old abandon building outside of town, and inside there were about 40 people yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs. I made my way to the front squeezing by people throwing beer bottles and cans at what at first seemed to be a woman on the ground. I panicked and grabbed one’s guy’s arm right before he was about to throw his bottle. He yelled in my face with the beer breath “Hey man, that fembot deserved it, she lost bud.” It took me a minute, to realize that it indeed was a fembot, she looked so real. I rushed to the other side of the crowd to get a better look. There she was about 5’4 with brunette hair, and with a weight that looked about 125lbs she was beautiful, even besides her apparent condition. She was lying on her back with her head cocked toward me, almost looking at me. The winner evidently was standing over her with an assortment of wiring and tubes in her hand; she kept on pumping her fist in the air. She looked crazy hardly like a human at all, there were tubes going in and out of her back connected to her arms and legs; evidently to give more power to her extremities definitely she'd had some kind of upgrade for this fight. The loser was definitely outmatched. She was probably a companion bot, meant for sex and relationships. I looked again at the loser and noticed where her stomach was a fist sized hole that was exposing wires, and tubes that were espousing a green fluid. I then noticed that her arm was torn off also. She was trying to move but her body wouldn’t let her move to where she wanted. She was looking right at me and was trying to seem like cry for help she kept saying “Help….Malfunction…..Malfunction Help….error.” I almost felt sick in my stomach. The winner then moved to her team of nerds and geeky handlers. The loser was dragged to a door and tossed outside. I asked the guy next to me what would happen to the loser and he said “Well, there just going to throw her away, no use to anybody anymore.” I just couldn’t let that happen, something in me felt that it just wasn’t right. I don’t know much about machines let alone fembots but I’ll fix her, and definitely treat her better than those assholes.

I got outside and there she was twitching and a couple of sparks flew. She was on the ground next two a couple of other fembots whom had seen a lot better days. She was still muttering "Malfunction Help.....Me...Malfunc.hlp." and then she went limp. Shit! What the hell I'm I doing? It’s a fucking machine, not human. But man, I just can't, you know fuck it I'll see what I can do when I get her home. So, I picked her up, the sparks quit flying so, I guess her power had run out. I took her put her in the front seat of my truck and put her in the passenger side. My truck is a piece of crap anyway, so whatever the fluid is that is leaking out of her, I’m not too worried about it. For some reason, I was excited about taking her home and fixing her up, I can't explain it. I went back to go and get her arm and I couldn't find it, I looked everywhere and it was nowhere to be seen. So, if I couldn't find her arm I'll find another one. So I went and found the upper torso of another fembot whom had to have had her head bashed in but luckily still had her arms and I put it in the back of my truck. I figured at least I could possibly use her arms and whatever wiring was available. I went back in and found Jim and told him that I was getting bored and I would call him later. On the way home I kept looking at her and wondering if she was really asking me for help, she was honestly asking me for help, I know it. So, I went back to my home, in the shittest part of town, and the crappiest apartment complex in the shittiest part of town I was able to sneak the loser bot inside my apartment without any incidence. I closed all my blinds and put my new companion/appliance on my kitchen counter. The big thing for me was trying to figure out what type of model this was so maybe I could find something of the internet or something that could be of some help. So, I looked around her neck and head and saw nothing, but then I looked at the small of her back and saw K600. For some reason that sounded really familiar. I went to my computer and typed in her, I guess you would call it a name into the search engine. As soon as it popped up I knew exactly what she was. She was one of the first of the new models that displayed emotion that, some people claimed could actually have feelings. The only rule that it had was to obey their owner, but they could really feel, they could get upset and happy and cry. I bet those chumps at the fight had no clue what they had; this is a real find, at least to me anyway. Some say she might be a collectors item, because while she had a higher emotional capacity, she still had more robotic movement than newer generations, and seeing how bad that people wanted their fembots more human looking she was soon expendable. What a find.

So, I’m looking at K600, and she is very pretty. She looked like she was in her mid twenties, and had brown hair that barely touched her shoulders and big brown eyes. Her skin was somewhat pale and you can see the seams of where she was put together. She had small lips, and her breast were somewhat large compared to her frame. She seemed flawless except for her battle wounds which consisted of her missing arm and puncture wound right above her belly button. Well, what I know is that her battery ran out, right when I found her, so she has to have a plug or some way of charging her batteries back up. Where would I hide a plug on a fembot? So, I’m looking near her waist, and then I found it, it was on her right hip. I push on her right hip and the plug fully comes out and I strectched to the closet electrical socket. As soon as I plug her in, her body jerks and I her different buzzing sounds and what seems like gears turning. Then all of a sudden her eyes get big and she says, “Operational…..Power at 15%....Considerable damage..Personality mode on…….Hey, how are you?” I was a little taken a back, I said “I’m fine, My name is Wyatt, I found you outside of the building that you were fighting in; I guess the big question is how are you?” She smiled and then her head started to get a little jerky and all of a sudden she turned her head to the left and she said, “ Well, I’m having some technical difficulties as you can see…..I , I I malfunctioning somewhat but I’m very grateful for you keeping me operational.” “Your welcome, I thought you were too pretty, to just be left out for the scavengers”, I replied. She then jerked her head back to me and with her only hand she held my hand and said, “Well, I’m glad that I can still be of use to somebody, I know that I might not look like much but if only I can get 50% of my operational capacities I will stick by you until, I fall apart.” I was stunned, can a fembot really say this, I mean it seemed what most folks would call heartfelt, so I replied, “K, I don’t know if how much I can repair you, but with what you just said I will do my best to get you in as best shape as I can, and know that I will take care of you, just as much as you want to take care of me.” I then said, “ How much power do you have in your battery?” She then said, “Well, about 10%, so you probably need to turn me off, so I can charge up.” “ Well, how do I do that?.”, I said. K then said “ well on the nape on my neck you will feel a button, press that and I will shutdown and when you want to start me up, well you can press it twice.” “ O wow, well I’m going to let you charge up, and I’ll see you soon and by the way how long do you need?” , I said. “I, I ,I wiiiiiillll need abo, about 4 hours” she said smiling. “Good night, and I’ll see you soon”, I said. I pressed the button while at the same time she said “ Gooooodniiiiighhhhht”. Her body slowly froze in place, but on her face was a smile and I couldn’t have been happier.

To be continued...

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