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June struggled to open her eyes but her CPU was so busy registering error messages that see couldn’t move. The last thing she remembered was an argument with her boyfriend and it ended with him calling her a “walking vibrator”, that last remark had really hurt her, she slapped him in utter disbelief and he just laughed had pushed her off the cliff like a toy. Dave knew she was an android but she genuinely thought he loved her as a person not a possession. Realizing her position she started a systems diagnostic but it was use less the majority of her internal systems had failed or were failing fast. Eventually her left eye started to respond and she looked at the rest of her body in horror! Both her legs had been ripped from her body and chest cavity hung open, wires hanging everywhere and smoking. For the fact she was alive meant that her main CPU was intact but some of her key systems were beyond repair.

Slowly her vision flickered red and in barely audible voice she whimpered.


As the power drained from body, she thought she could hear someone running towards her but she knew it was to late.







Her expressionless face was almost angel like as she awoke. She could feel nothing below her neck and her visual matrix took longer then normal to power up. As her eyes sparked to life she saw what she assumed to be her body, it was totaled. Her main power cord was ripped in two. It must have been pure fluke that she booted up earlier. She was in what appeared to be a laboratory; full of weird flashing light, in the corner of her eye she could see a mirror and in it she saw a small desk with a computer screen blinking and next to is was her disembodied head.

She almost crashed fear as her audio sensors picked up footsteps her core program told her to run but as she was just a head. The footsteps where getting louder, she tried to play dead which wasn’t hard as her secondary power was fading fast

He walked over to her and gently kissed her forehead and whispered,

“Soon my sweet I will finally have the women off my dreams”

Then he walked over to the computer and started to type, a mechanical hand reconnected her head to her ruined body and reactivated it. The table she was laying moved and a mass of machines began to whir overhead. A sense of panic overwhelmed her systems as the machines ripped into her. She lay there helpless while her systems slowly powered down her vision faded once more as her secondary power died.

She awoke later, her secondary power was recharged and her internal clock said she had been offline for a total of 6 months, she quickly did a systems check a discovered her legs had been replaced and she was running at full efficiency, she decided go to primary power and was meet with a wave of pleasure.

She groaned as her vaginal sensors came online and the man quickly removed is face from her now dripping sex. “Ermmm errrr I thought you were” he stuttered “ I I I I’m so sorry” June smiled “ its ok, bbbut where am I and more importantly who are you!!!

She finally got her first glimpse of this mystery man who had repaired her. He was handsome man about 6”2 with short brown hair and deep brown eyes, she looked at his perfect body then gazed at his now throbbing cock.

“Ermm well ermmm my name is Kevin Pritchard and this is my lab” he muttered sheepishly still embarrassed from being caught “I found you on the beach in pieces and I though you were dead so I decided to take you home and see what I could do.”

“Well I guess I owe you my life or what’s left of it,” then smiling slightly she asked “ well you going to undo these chains or what” “Oh yer,, ermm sorry” he quickly untied her shackles as she fell to the floor “Are you ok?” he had a genuine tone of concern in his voice “ Yes. Just not used to this new body ”

she slowly got up and tried to walk at first she her servo’s wined as she jerked across the room, her movements became more human and eventually they were as graceful as a gymnast. She turned towards him.

“Did you make any physical changes”?

“ I had to since, Well you must know how difficult to get any gynoid technology since the war!”

“Yer I know,” she mumbled, “well is there a mirror in this place? I wanna see what I look like” she smiled one again.

He pointed to the left hand corner of the room, when she looked in the mirror she was stunned. She now had long, wavy, electric blue hair, sapphire blue eyes and rose red lips. Then she examined her body, it was near perfection she gave with her new 32DD breasts a quick squeeze to test her sensors worked then looked at her hairless sex. I know that works! She smiled.

“Ermm can I ask what your name is” Kevin stammered “Sorry it’s June, June…” her head jerked robotically “sorry my memory drive is totally fragmented,” They smiled at each other. “ Well, errr I sorry to ask this but ermm I have nowhere, would you mind if I stayed here for a bit” Her cheeks went red with embarrassment He grinned “course you can,”

They both sat down and talked for the next hour it turned out Kevin was a gynoid engineer until the war when he was imprisoned and forced to make warrior droids. When he was freed he returned to his wife who was thankfully still alive and lived happily for 2 years, but she contracted cancer and passed away. Ever since he had been trying to find a companion but the right women just hadn’t come along.

“ Well” she smiled “ I am going to bed we will talk more tomorrow ok”

"Goodnight sweetheart. OH before you go ermm I couldn’t replace that nuclear power cell, so I am afraid You’ll need to recharge from now on " he bowed his head slightly "sorry" "Hey you did the best you could, beside I owe you my life anyway. Its not your fault its that barsted David!" He eyes glowed with anger then she turn to Kevin and kissed him

" So what do I have to do?"

"There is a small mole on your left buttock flick it and then a small jack will appear, Attach it to this adaptor to it and plug yourself in” he replied

"Cheers hun" she kissed him again and went upstairs

She undressed herself and looked in the mirror.” I am perfect” she whispered with a little smile to herself Then she turned around and pushed the mole, the small brown lump slid to the side, then she lay naked on the bed and plugged her self-in. the electricity began to flow through out it felt weird but very kinky.

10 minutes later Dave crept upstairs, she knew he was to shy to make a move on her but she was desperate for him to finish what he had started earlier. She moved silently across the bed so that her legs hung either side of the bed exposing her damp sex. Then she lay the pretending to be charging, I knew he'd come! Now its time to see what my new body can REALLY do!

Kevin crept into the room to check on his new friend. He was startled to see her naked with her legs spread wide open and he just couldn't resist. He walked up to her and admired his handy work. She was so life like the 6 months he had spent on her had been worth it. His cock grew hard thinking of licking her moist labia he knew her juice was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted as he created it. His tongue probed her damp sex activating her sex systems and causing her body to squirm, he looked up and saw that her face they motionless. He remembered that he programmed her to switch to stand by while charging and he was gunna make the most of this opportunity. He started lapping up that sweet sweet juice, causing a few minor error messages to appear in the corner of her eye and as her hips gyrated more and more. God he is good, suddenly he placed his tongue hit her G-spot and she couldn't help but groan in pleasure.

Kevin bolted for the door

"Hey you can't leave me like this I was just starting to enjoy it" she giggled "You you were awake!!!" "Of course I was. I heard you creep upstairs I thought I’d have some fun" she smiled again. "Now come back and finish me off"

He walks towards June timidly and kissed her. He was memorized by June’s breasts, ‘his perfect creations’ and started to lick them tenderly. His hot saliva sent her sensors crazy, then he drew a line down her body towards her dripping sex but stopped at her belly button. He pressed it gently and her stomach opened up "What are you ddddooooooiiiiii" she moaned as her voice trailed away as a few of her systems crashed as Kevin removed a chip and pressed a button.. He pressed her little hole again and her stomach panel closed. "What did you do Kevin" " You’ll see soon enough " as his tongue moved closer to her burning loins "Ooooooooowwwwwwwww" she groaned as he started to lick her already swollen labia He had turned up her sensitivity module and her small sex sensors were all overloading. Kevin started to nibble on her clit and her legs started to jerk uncontrollably and he could hear her actuators whine in desperation, " Lick me Kevin, lick me gggggggggggggggggggggggggg" Her body froze as a temporary surge rippled through her system. Her body locked up and spasmed violently as her CPU struggled to receive the information from her overloading sensors and EPROMS.

"Are you ok" Kevin asked licking his lips.

"FATAL ERROR IN SECTOR 01282EEEFfF000." she blinked back to life

"Kevin remove me vaginal panel and take out the overload restrictor if causing me to MMMMMMAAAALLL"

This time a small puff of smoke came from her vagina

Kevin quickly ripped off the panel and removed the chip


Her voice trailed off as the power drained from her body.

“What have I done!” he whispered as he checked her sexual systems, There was nothing wrong, maybe removing the chip had caused her to crash? He gazed at her naked limp body, totally lifeless yet extremely erotic

Kevin felt along her hairline and rebooted her.

“Are you all right”?

" Yer thanks hun with my new body there is bound to me some problems,” she said in a husky but mechanical voice " Now Make-me-over-load"

Kevin forced his swelling member into her sex. Her vaginal servo's spasmed uncontrollably as they tried to squeeze the juice out of his member. She groaned in ecstasy her orgasm program started to kick in. She could feel she was going to unleash her sweet juices but her visual matrix started black out from the lack of power but the dizziness was delirious Then her eyes glowed red as her whole vision was take up by a single error message.


Her body squirmed with pleasure as her orgasm swept her loins, her head jerked from side to side mechanically as she writhed in pleasure. Desperately she tried to tell Kevin to stop but when ever she tried all she could do was moan in ecstasy Her orgasm loop was stuck and for 10 seconds she had the best orgasm of her life as every single sensor and pressure pad blew causing a massive cascade failure Then her body locked up like as stiff as a log and she stuttered mechanically.


Her soft mechanical voice slowly died as he came inside of her stiff body. he slumped on top of her staring at those gorgeous electric blue eyes that faded away and turned black, a small amount of smoke came from her vagina as her body slumped as a faint bleep began to emanate from her mouth. Kevin kissed her as her heard her CPU coolant fan slowly winding down as she lay there limp and lifeless,

"I love you to June". To be continued

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