Jodie is So Hot: Short Story

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Content: Implied non-sentient behavior, breakdowns, overheating, robot stuff

It was time for Jodi.V7's workout routine. Not that she needed to work out: Her perfect, tanned, slightly muscled figure was built to be, and would remain, perfectly shaped and curved no matter what. But as an independently operating drone she was compelled by BabeTech's base operational programming to sell the product. Part of that was heading out every morning at 9 Am and drawing eyes to her perfectly crafted figure. It didn't hurt that the BabeTech logo was going down her right thigh and made her into a walking, flirting billboard with big breasts. She finished tugging on the white workout shorts that clung to her perky silicone ass, and tugged the grey sports bra supporting her generous bust a few times to ensure proper carriage. Then she stiffly turned towards the door, her hips swaying silently as her perfectly tuned balance motors make her body bounce just-so.

Just before she reached the door however, her head tilts to the right, and her glossy lips part as a single BEEP emanates from within her plastic head. A display on her HUD takes up all of her viewing area with a big red box. WARNING! TEMPERATURE FORECASTS PREDICT 100+ DEGREE FARENHEIT TEMPERATURES! ADVISE REMAINING INDOORS! Ah, her safety routines are in a panic over something trivial again. Whenever it rained or was foggy it was always the same thing. And she was always fine! "As if I am going to keep this perfect body inside on such a high visibility day. Unit Jodie's cooling systems are optimized to give your fembot the ultimate tools in maintaining optimal operation temperature... no matter how rough it gets." She playfully giggles and winks as she gives her pitch line to... no one at all, then blinks rapidly, readjusting the sensual pose she had taken to accentuate her body back to something more neutral before heading out.

The moment she steps outside the heat smashes against her face and shiny synth-skin. It was the kind of dry, oppressive heat that would make a human wince, but Jodie stares blankly as her long, shapely legs carry her down the front steps of her company-funded home and off on a jog. She had been 'living' here for several months while the company tries to convince the local municipalities to allow them to build a sexbot store in their commercial area. Their hopes were Jodie would turn enough eyes and make enough friends that public demand would force a decision in their favor. Ultimately, that's all she was: a glorified machine meant to advertise plastic sex.

To hear HER talk about herself though, you'd think she was some kind of mechanical goddess blessing the humans with her grace and perfection. So one again the goddess deigns to bless the commoners with her perfect presence. She begins to run at a steady pace, her movements even and untiring as she stares dead ahead, not even breaking a sweat or breathing heavily. After all, the messy parts of simulating exercise get in the way of the fun parts: How her breasts bounce under her top, how tight the shorts cling to her ass. And for the first block, everything is just as she calculates it should be: people out mowing the lawn or heading to work turn eyes onto her. She registers every bit of interest as a positive. She is performing her function perfectly. At least, until she becomes aware of a growing heat inside of her chest.

Jodie doesn't stop running when the temperature warning comes up on her display, even though it does ping a sense of nervousness in the fembot. "Alert: Temperature issues detected in core systems. Advise slowing down." Just as she mindlessly states this aloud, she runs by another human whose eyes are inevitably drawn to her long thighs. feedback detected. Must continue selling product. "Jodie. Will be fine. Jodie is equipped with. State of the art. My state of the art cooling systems. Are fine. I'm fine." Her face screws in confusion at her own babbled, monotone phrases, but she doesn't stop. On her third lap around the block, the heat build up inside of her chest is so intense that the heat haze off of her chest is now visibly noticeable.

She stumbles to a stop, practically forced to at this point, and tugs at her sports bra a few times as her jaw drops. When her mouth opens a gush of steam rises past her lips and her eyes cross. "Alert. Alert! Internal temperatures above 200 F. Cooling systems. My perfect systems! I'm burning up." She traces a finger up her swelled cleavage and a panel whrrrs open to reveal a stack of circuits, all simmering, a few smoking hot and even a single spark fires off. "What did I do to my circuits? The Jodie.v7 fembot has been compromised. Alert: I must cool off. I must cool off." She takes a labored step, her body buzzing harshly. And another. Her servos balanced to awkwardly shake her ass side to side as she does and making her look like she's marching like a twerking tin soldier.

A steady beep-beep-beep comes from inside of her head as exposed systems fire off another sharp spark, and another. Smoke rises from her ears as her lips remain parted. "Damage. Damage in CPU detected. Cooling functions offline. Like. This is. Fine. This is fine. The Jodie V2 has an extended warranty for. Self-inflicted issues." Her head twitches with a sharp CRACK, a seam in her neck coming loose and exposing colored wiring. "Warning: Jodie.V7 must alert. Jodie.V7 that. the warranty is liable for rrrrreplacement only." .... "o-oh. Unit Jodie has fucked herself. Herself. Fucked herself. I'm fucked. Fucked." POW! A final blast rockets a few parts out of the open panel on her bust, and she pitches backwards, her long legs kicked up, back against that hot concrete sidewalk as her synthetic flesh melts into it. her arms chop uselessly, and her legs kick again and again as a final few sparks sputter from her damaged systems. "Fuuuuuucked...." And with that, BabeTech experiences a rather humiliating setback.

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