Jeopardy 2104

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This is Jeopardy2104! Competing tonight, we have from Los Angles California, Jack Steel. From Franklin Tennessee, Glen James. And our returning Champion, with a 58-day total of $5,248,370, Anne Smith of Silicon Valley California. And here's out host. Alex Trebeck Jr.

Thank you Johnny and welcome to another exciting show. You know our champion well. She has passed the total won by our former top champion, Ken Jennings in 2004. But she'll have to be faster than her two opponents tonight. You may recognize Glen from a previous show. Our judges ruled that an answer he gave was in fact correct, so we invited him back to try to dethrone Anne. So let's get started and here's our categories. They are......

Yeah I'm back. This Anne Smith is too much. 58 days of winning and it don't seems like she can be stopped. Well maybe I can. You see I know her secret. I figured it out from watching her last time I was on the show and watching tapes of her previous games. First I notice that every time she signed her name for on the front of the podium. It was exactly the same. Well you say what does that mean? So she writes her name consistently the same. But I mean EXACTLY the same. I looked back at all of her past games and the spacing, size; everything is exactly the same every time. It is almost like they use the same screen every game but I know they don't. The contestants sign in new every game. Something else I noticed is she never sweats. All those lights on the set and believe me it's hot!. But she never perspires. From the look of her perfect little nipples showing through her top, You'd think it was freezing on the game set. So I did a little research and I believe I found out how she is winning. I tried to talk with her before the show started but she seemed very standoffish.

"Hi. See you're still kicking ass and taking names." I said

" I'm sorry" she replied, " I have not kicked anyone and I also am not recording any names"

" I meant that you're still winning. I was trying to say good luck"

She looked at me puzzled and said " Thank you but I do not require luck."

Well the game went the same as all the others. She kept buzzing in first, getting all the daily doubles. By the time of Final Jeopardy, Anne had over $50,000 and the other two of us had about $750 each. Now was the time I would let everyone in on the secret.

And the Final Jeopardy Category is Scientific Marvels. We'll be right back after these messages.

As we went to commercial break I notices that Anne's podium had an electric cord that must power the graphics and such. I stepped over to tell her good luck on the final question and pulled the cord out with my foot. When the producer noticed that Anne's name was gone from the front of the podium, he started panicking.

"Quick! We come back from commercial in 60 seconds and we need to get power to this podium." He yelled.

Luckily a technician run over and hooked a cord to the stand and plugged it into a wall socket. The showed resumed.

Everyone has made their wagers and now the Final Jeopardy Answer.... They were science fiction until 10 years ago when they became science fact and are now very common in most American homes. You have 60 seconds.

What happened next was great TV. Anne touched her pen to the screen to write her answer and allowed 220 volts of electricity to flow from the podium into her body. It looked like the 4th of July in the studio. Anne's chest blew open in a shower of sparks as her central possessing unit overloaded. I'm not sure what was funnier, the look on Anne's face as her system blew or when her silicon implant flew out of her chest cavity and smacked Alex Trebeck Jr in the head and knocked him cold.

When every thing was said and done. Anne's owner was arrested. All the previous people that Anne had beat files lawsuits again her owner and ABC TV. Anne's Jackpot of over 5 million was split up among the plaintiffs and they dropped their lawsuit. I guess that's the last time someone tries to us an android to steal money from a game show.

Ohh and by the way... The Final Jeopardy answer........ What are Gynoids?

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