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1 - First Date

Going to clubs and bars to meet women was just not working for me. I may not be the best looking guy in the world, but I tend to be a rather picky anyways. Yes, I would expect the woman I would like to get involved with to be drop dead gorgeous and to show a strong interest in me...allmost instant devotion. I think I have a good personality, but I know that I am not usually forward enough to show it off. The time I have to go out looking is limited anyways due to my career.

I know this all serves to secure my lonliness and that I would need to do something differently. My standards may be a bit unrealistic, but I refuse to lower them! I decided to try the dating sites.

Several of my friends thought it was ridiculous, that those sites were for "losers", or "desperate people". I looked at it differently.

To me it seemed to be a way of programming your likes and interests into a computer and just possibly getting the woman you want out of it. To me it seemed to offer a lot more choices and better choices. Hell, it is like an online catalog full of women and I guessed that many of them were in a similar situation. It was possible that they were also tired of "going out" and of the losers that they met at the clubs and bars.

Several months into the online dating scene on a couple of different sites and I was getting discouraged again. I had gone out on a few dates and talked to several women, but none of them were what I was looking for. The really gorgeous ones didn't want to lower their standards either. The women I was only slightly interested in were no more than slightly interested in me.

Then one day I received a reply from Jenny6525B. It said simply, "call me if it would please you" and the phone #(555)555-6525. Damn!

I had looked at Jenny's profile many times in the past few months and I could not think of anything to write to her. She was the most incredible woman that I had ever seen. I hold high standards as I said before, but this woman was way out of my league. Hell, she might have even been out of Hugh Heffner's league. According to her profile, she was 5'11" with an athletic build. She had the look of a Scandanavian super model. Strong and fragile at the same time. A gormet cook who's main interest was making her lover happy. She displayed a sophisticated yet sincere looking smile in her pictures. In the end I had sent a simple compliment by way of electronic message. Now she had amazingly replied to it.

I could not help but to think this was another scam. I have no interest in webcam girls, but if that was what she was this was a marketing strategy that I had not seen. I dialed the phone number expecting a message maybe telling me to call another toll # and that for $1.99 a minute I could have all the love I ever wanted.

I did call though and without much chitchat she promply agreed to meet me at Luigi's, a nice little Italian resteraunt downtown, at 7pm that very evening. Once we hung up I did of course cry out a triumphant hoot like my favorite team had just scored (, myself, and I) and did do a little dance of glee. Yea, I felt like I must be the shit! She had been well spoken and had such a sexy voice and I was going to meet her in just 3 hours.

Of course I was 20 minutes early and dressed casually, but not too casually. Having a reservation, I checked in with the hostess at 10 minutes till and was pleased to find that our table would be ready without a gLiTch. Jenny arrived at 6:55 and it was not dificult to recognize her. I was a bit overwhelmed by her incredible beauty, but I did my best to maintain my composure (and to stay standing on my feet).

She was wearing a simple yet elegant black dress that showed off her shoulders and some of her back. It didn't show off any cleavage, but right up to and arround her neck. She wore her shoulder length blonde hair loose in a very casual style. She didn't look slutty, but very sexy. She would drawn much attention even if she had been wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt with her incredible figure and her pretty face. Everyone in the place was watching her as we walked up to each other to meet. Not much make up, or maybe none at all. She didn't seem to need any. I noticed that her skin was perfect as we each said "hello".

Durring out dinner she didn't eat much at all, but was more intent at methodically and efficiently asking me a long series of questions that reminded me very much of a personality test. She was very nice, highly intoxicating, but put me at ease with the relaxed manner of her voice and with her eyes. Beautifull bright blue eyes looking at me with interest as she asked one question after another. I did not have much opportunity to learn much about her as it seemed that she was happy enough interviewing me.

After dinner she told me she would not like to part with me and suggested that we shared our company somewhere where we could talk more privately. I was completely numb at this point and offered to drive. She said this was a good thing because she had no car.

Jenny had a place that she wanted to show me and I followed her directions out of town. I tried to ask her some questions about her, but she refused to divulge anything until we got there, and instead fired more questions about my likes and dislikes. We ended up at the end of a secluded road with a beatifull view of the clear night sky.

She asked me if I was ready to know everything that I needed to know about her and I thought I was. I could have never guessed what she was about to tell me and, "really?" she asked with knowing smile...Knowing that she was about to blow me away perhaps. She told that she was a humanoid replicant from a distant galaxy sent to study human nature. I laughed my ass off, and she even laughed some with me. When our laughter stopped she was calmly looking at me and simply said,"seriously".

I was ready to play along with whatever game she wanted to play and with a huge smile on my face, I said,"Ok".

"Due to the assesment based on the personality test I initiated durring dinner" ...(see...I knew it was)... "and previous research done on you, my creators find you to be a perfect test subject.", Jenny calmly told me.

"Allright...", I said slill smiling and ready to play. I was getting a bit excited to tell you the truth.

"Since test subjects do not normally know the truth my creators feel that the results to be obtained with you should be exceptional. Since the conclusion has been reached that you can keep a secret such as this based on the personality assesment and additional research has shown that you are a member of Fembot Central and frequent many other ASFR websites indicating that you would like me very much...."

I stopped her, "Whoa...WHAT THE FUCK!!! How the hell did you find that out about me?" I was getting a little mad right now, kinda embarassed.

"It's ok" she told me with such sincerity and concern in her eyes,"You are my new master now", with a smile now that completely melted me.

I was ready to play again completely forgetting the anger due to the mysterious intrusion of my privacy. I was ready to hear more.

"My creators find much interest in the human species. The sexual habits and arrousal, especially of the males of your species. The fact that you humans intimately want and crave what you do not have until you get it and then want something else. This makes you all so very colorfull among the intergalactic species. I have been programmed to do whatever you want of me and to send data back to my creators for their entertainment and enlightment."

Haha, Ok yea, I was completely raging erect at this point with a cold sweat, eyes wide, and a lump in my throat. In disbelief of this situation I was in with such a incredibly gorgeous woman. I didn't care that I "knew" that she was completely bullshitting me. She was making me hotter that I had ever been in my life. I still couldn't help but wonder how she knew about Fembot Central.

"Ok", I said choosing my next move carefully because I didn't ever want this game to end. "If I am your new master, then kiss me"

It looked like something changed about her for a split second. I dunno, her expression went blank, just for a split second. Allmost like something just registered. She was playing this part very well and what a kiss!

It turned into another kiss and then into me having my hands all over including her perfectly pert breasts and her long toned legs for a couple of minutes. She seemed to be enjoying this all very much as well, but stopped me after awhile and told me there was one thing she must do before she gave herself to me completely.

She suddenly got out of the car and started walking up across a small field and towards a wooded hill. She stopped for a minute and looked back at me to see if I was coming. At first I thought she just had to pee or something, but now I took this as an invitation and got out of the car.

I followed her about 75 yards into the woods, never quite catching up to her. It was strange seeing her tromping through the woods in a thin dress and heels on a cool autum night. She looked back at me occasionaly to make sure I was still following her, but she looked like she had somewhere to go and knew where that place was.

She stopped near a small hump in the woods and then squatted down to do something. As I finnaly caught up to her she was moving the leaf coverage from the forest floor...a large section of it much like a camoflage net. While I helped her I noticed that the cover was made of what felt like real leaves. They weren't tied together or attached to anything, but seemed to be fused together. Glued?

We revealed what looked like a dull metalic oblong sphere partially embeded in the earth and now I was in awe! Ok, maybe now I was starting to believe. It kinda looked like a cross between an egg and a missle head. I couldn't help but think back to watching "Mork and Mindy" as a child. Mork from Ork...hahaha.

Anyways, she kinda waved her hand over it and IT OPENED. The inside was shaped like a body inprint and it looked like it would fit her perfectly. There were only 3 places in the uniform lining of the compartment that had any difference from what I could see. Two places on either side of where her head would rest and one spot right where her beautifull ass would sit looked like they may have been some kind of...I dunno something anyways.

Jenny smiled at me and then shamelessly removed her dress and her open toed heels then she began to climb inside of the capsule. "Please don't go", I pleaded being quite completely in a delicious flavor of shock at the moment. She stopped getting in, kissed me, and assured me she was not to go anywhere. That she was assigned to me by her creators and for my ultimate pleasure.

Once she placed her naked body inside there was a lightly audible high pitched motor sound as the two spots beside her head extended and a large silver needle stuck into each side of her at the temple. Another whurring sound which I gould only guess was a probe entering her from the spot I'd seen earlier where her ass rested. Her eyes were wide open and now completely an unnatural glowing electric blue. She stayed frozen like that for only about 20 seconds before I heard the whurring and high pitched motor sounds and she was once again unhooked from the capsule.

Electric blue eyes returned to a more natural sky blue and she climbed out again into the chilly night air. Jenny waved her hand over the thing again to close it and quickly moved away. The egg shaped projectile began to vibrate, elevated about 4 feet off of the ground, and pointed toward the sky. In an electric blue flash that would have matched her eyes while she had been hooked up to it, it was gone. I learned later that she had to send it back so that it could be used again for another like her.

The exterterestial space creation came to me with what looked to be admiration for me and desire in her eyes then said, "I can completely give myself to you now my master". I took her in my arms and looked to see, but amazingly enough there was not even a mark where the large needles had been stuck in the sides of her head. The new understanding and firm belief of what she really was turned me on incredibly. Holding her perfect nakedness and knowing she was mine now made it double.

Ohhhh, and I kissed her! I didn't stop there either...would you? Thats right, I had my way with her right there in the woods. I screwed her standing as I nibbled her nipples, from behind while I pulled her blonde mane, up against an old leaning oak tree with her knees to her ears, and on the ground like an animal! She made delightfull noises as she screwed me with vigor in return. Jenny never got tired, never dried out, and never let "me" down..haha..well, for at least 3 hours I don't think I could have possibly lost my errection. She stayed amazingly warm the whole time...of course she never complained that she was cold or that I was hurting her no matter how rough I was, and she didn't care that she was dirty with bits of leaf in her tangled hair.

Yep, I was thinking this was by far the best date I had ever been we layed together looking at each other for awhile afterwards. Unspeaking,....I was speechless! Cuddled together with her in the leaf blanket (which was actually pretty comfortable) I fell asleep.

2 - The Morning After

I woke at dawn on the forest floor with Jenny in my arms and wrapped in a blanket made of leaves. The leaf blanket was a bit scratchy and the ground was hard. I was supprised that I had slept so well. Jenny was awake and looking at me with a smile. I wondered if she had slept at all, but I later found out that she does not sleep or need any downtime for that matter.

While I was getting dressed and on the way back to the car I thought about all of this with mixed emotions. I realized that I had been so easily accepting of the situation and of Jenny the night before. Maybe because I had fantasized about shit like this for all of my life. Now I was getting freaked out because I really didn't know much of anything about her or what to do next. Too good to be true had reared its ugly head many times in my life and in most cases the better the "good" seemed to be, the worst things were in the end. I had no Idea what she was capable of, only what little that she told me, and that did seem too good to be true. All except for the part of "sending data back to her creators for their entertainment and enlightment". Were her "creators" watching real time events? Was she their earthbound pornstar and cammera crew all in one smokin' hot package? I'd say she was a bit too advanced to write a letter and send "data" in the mail. I had a lot of questions that needed to be answered.

She was following me closely, but we still hadn't spoken to each other yet that morning, so before we got back to the car I stopped asked her, "what now?". She replied, "whatever it is that you desire". This not being much help right now I let out a deep breath and said, "ok, come on" with a bit of frustration as I continued to the car. I figured that she was mine now, so I was the one to figure out what to do with her.

I got some of the answers that I wanted on the drive back to my house. Her creators were in fact recieving very detailed information through a constant signal stream that she sent. I thought if that were the worst thing to happen that I could live with it. She told me she was of a series developed as a tool to study mankind after her creators realized that alien abductions traumitized humans so badly. That they were very fond of us and curiously interested. They never meant any harm to us and made her and her kind to the extreme of passivness to insure our safety. The US government was the first to receive her type and made their own bad impression when they cut apart one of her early sisters to see what made her tick. Of course they didn't find much because the human replicants, allthough machine, were so detailed that the synthetic materials that made up their skin and artificial prop organs allmost looked human even at microscopic levels. Just about as real as it gets without being "real". She told me that largest foreign looking thing inside her was only a pea sized component inside her skull at the base of the stage prop brain there, present to make it all work. She was so beautifully detailed that she would hold up to any physical examination under scrutiny. Comparing her pea sized processer to Earths most powerfull computer would be like comparing the human mind to a rock. People tend to fear what they do not understand and I was becoming more comfortable with every answer that Jenny gave me.

"Ok, so how did you contact me on the internet and talk to me on the phone? Oh, and you certainly didn't use your space egg to get to the restaurant. You told me you had no car, so how did you get there?", I asked.

"I established an internet connection through a direct satelite link using a similar signal to that which I use to communicate with my creators. The voice that you heard on the phone was simulated and on an internet phone connection. For transportation, I contacted one of my sisters who has been established on this planet for some time as a support unit. She also brought me the dress I was wearing." Jenny answered.

She also told me later that she had not been out of her "space egg" or been fully activated since it had landed here until the night of our date.

Back at my house I asked her if she was hungry, or if she needed to recharge or anything.

"I can ingest food and and even convert some of what I consume as energy, but it is unefficient and has an unpleasant fragrance when it is excreted. My system works much better at converting a concentrated raw calorie substance injected into my rectum. I do not require any type of protiens or vitamins. The artificial muscle tissue I am composed of serves as a battery to store the energy that I convert." she told me.

"NO SHIT!?! (haha, get it?...haha) Ok..., I'd like to see this. Would you like to convert some energy?" I asked as she followed me to the kitchen. The heels at the base of her sexy legs clicking on the hardwood floor.

The whole Idea didn't seem all that strange to me because I while looking for fembots online I happened across an article in which reasearch had developed a simple robot that moved very slowly using energy converted from sugar. When I discussed the coincidence of this concept with Jenny later that evening, she told me it was no coincidence at all. When her creators had started to take an interest in humans the technologies discovered durring the last 70 Earth years had begun.

"My energy levels are at 70 percent, but I can if it would please you to have me fully charged " she told me as I pulled the pancake syrup from the kitchen cabinet.

"That will be suitable", The incredible blonde told me as she lifted her dress to expose her pantiless hind end.

Jenny bent over the kitchen counter with her dress up arround her waist and ready with her but in the air. I caressed her amazingly firm and shapely ass for a moment as she waited for me to do the sweet deed. I stuck my finger in her ass to see that she was ready for a squirt of the sticky sweet breakfast treat and she seemed to be somewhat lubricated. I bit the top off of the plastic squeeze bottle and inserted it into her bung hole up to the base of the screw on lid while I pryed her open grasping her left cheek with my left hand. She was helping by grabbing her right cheek with her right hand. I couldn't help but laugh a little at the insanity of this situation as I gave the bottle a squeeze to administer her the energy providing maple flavored goop.

"Is that enough?" I asked after giving her enough for about 2 pancakes.

"That should be a sufficient amount", she answered and, "Thank you." as I removed the bottle from her leaving a few drops of tree flavored corn syrup dripping from her glorious backside.

Now, I have never been able to bring myself to do such a thing with a real...or I guess...a natural woman because it just seemed so filthy to me, but the way I see it, Jenny has never even really taken a crap before and I just couldn't help myself. She looked so delicious! That's right,... I cleaned her up with my tounge. This would become one of my favorite things in the days and weeks to come.

She didn't care that I had just licked her sweet ass when I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her.

3 - Two Weeks

I had Jenny for the best 15 days of my life and I realized that I was completely worn down. Jenny did not need to sleep which allowed me to play with her for all night if I wanted to. Several nights I did just that. I was physically tired as well from all of the sexual activity with her. I went broke buying her a shitload of sexy things to wear. Embarrased to shop for it at first, I had more lingere,sexy heels, and latex for her now than I did clothes for myself. I was slipping at work and was not returning phone calls to family or friends none of which knew anything about Jenny.

The 3rd day of my new addiction something happened that really got me hooked. She would do anything that I wanted to anyways and had kept me in a state of euphoria doing so, but I asked her if I could controll her from my computer somehow. A sexbot is supposed to be programmable right? She asked what it was that I would like to be able to do. I said anything and everything. Oh, and that is exactly what I got. Jenny's eyes rolled into the back of her head and then turned electic blue, the white part and all. She began to shake slightly like she was being electricuted and allthough it freaked me out a little bit, she looked awesome doing so standing there in the clear 6 inch stripper heels and white lace babydoll I had her in that day. It was one of the first sexy things that I had bought her and still a favorite... Damn! Anyways, once she snapped out of it she told me that her creators had downloaded controll programs configured to be user friendly that I could access using a wireless connection.

"I like these guys, whoever or where ever they are", I thought and I hoped I was giving them one hell of a show with Jenny.

I grabbed my laptop and easily established a wireless conection with Jenny. I found that there were 2 well thought out programs that I could use simultaniously.

The first one I tried controlled her body in many ways. There were settings for just about everything from sensitivity, to eye color. "WOW... Jenny show me your pussy" I requested without haste.

Jenny took off her matching white lace panties, sat on the coffee table, and spread her legs for me to have a good view. Changing the setting from min. to max, I made her pussy an open gaping hole and then close again several times.

Next I tried the nipple control and made her nipples so hard that I thought they would rip through the white lace baby doll. I turned up her breast size a couple notches...very cool, and turned the sensitivity on her breast to max. She started to pant when I turned her arrousal all the way up and when I touched her breast she went crazy! I put everything back to a more modest setting and decided to check out the other program.

When I opened this one and realized what it was, I was even more amazed. A complete personality data base each one with a brief description along with settings such as emotional, desire, inhibition, disposition...etc. and set up like an equalizer. I tried "Jesse - southern girl" first and sure enough it wasn't the Jenny I had come to know in the past few days, but a different voice, personality, and body language entirely.

"Hi sugar", she drawed with a sweet, but higher pitched voice than Jenny. "I'm Jesse. I'll do anything that you'll like me to master", as she sat on the coffee table with a completely different lasier posture.

I messed with the settings until I turned the Jesse personality into the bitchiest dirty slut you could imagine. Totaly trashy, the kind of girl you'd love and hate at the same time.

"I bet you just wanna play with my tits and fuck me now asshole.", her sweet voice sounded grittier now with a tone of malice in her southern accent. "Why don't you just do it then and get it over with then so I can taste your cum." she sneered.

I saved the settings for Jesse and put Jennys default personality back on.

I didn't want to mess with Jenny's personality settings, I really liked her just the way that she was. This was the way that I had her most of the time, but it was fun to play arround with her multiple personalities and I spent countless hours doing so.

The "Claudette-French super model" personality kept me entertained for hours one evening. I spent hours having her walk back and forth across the floor of the bedroom as I adjusted her walk to my liking. You'd be surprised of just how many aspects there are to the human walk.

I also had fun setting up "Linda-English maid". I made her the coldest, prudish housekeeper she could be. She would go rigid when I felt her up as she was cleaning and was appaled when I would activate her personality while I had her dressed in something sexy like the peach colored g-string teddy and stalkings. "What is it that I am wearing", she'd say with her british accent."I don't believe it is neccisary to do my chores with my arse hanging out and wearing heels". She would do her chores anyways, or whatever else I wanted her to. My place was never so clean.

All in all I was consumed by her,, or whatever you'd like to call Jenny and her many personalities.

I was now mixing a paste of powdered sugar and water to fuel her and injecting it into her rear with one of the plastic syringes you'd use to give cough syrup to a kid. Jenny would sometimes do it herself, but it really hadn't lost it's novelty for me yet.

I needed to start taking some time out for personal maintenance. Because Jenny didn't eat and because I was so busy with her, I wasn't eating enough. Jenny didn't care if I didn't shower so I didn't shower often enough. Then there was the sleep that I had been lacking. The thought that her creators were wondering what I was doing to myself had crossed my mind and even that they were passivly allowing me to kill myself.

4 - Four Weeks

Eighteen days into the Jenny experience I got fired from my job when I went in late again. I figured now I could collect unemployment and play with Jenny all day. I never collected before and wasn't sure if I could, but that was the plan anyways. I also had some rainy day reserve funds that I could tap into.

When I returned home after losing my job, Jenny was there to service me orally as soon as I walked in the door as usual. I told her to act as if she was starved for my cock when I got home from work every day and she perfomed the task perfectly. She could take it all while looking at me.

Less than a week without work and holed up in the house with Jenny and I started to get a bit of cabin fever. I still never had her out in public allthough I knew she could act like any normal member of society. I was mostly concerned that we would see someone that I knew. They would have questions...questions that I couldn't answer. Sure I could make up some bullshit about where she was from and how we met, but I don't especially like to lie. It never seems to work out in the end. I would continue to keep her at home.

One week and one day after being fired I felt like I had done everything there was to do with Jenny. I knew there were others. Jenny had told me awhile ago there were several others here and that the replicants were highly expendable to the creators. I asked her if she could get another one to my house.

I knew something good was happening when her eyes rolled into the back of her head and turned electric blue. This time she was barefoot and wearing nothing more than a tiny pink g-string and still looked awesome standing there shaking slightly like she was getting shocked. Once she stopped she told me I could choose from a listing of availiable units by connecting to her using a wireless connection.

After much deliberation I settled on two, a redhead named Autumn and a brunette named Cynthia. I even got to pick the clothing or lack therof that they would arrive in. I chose nothing more than a long coat and heels for each of them. Jenny told me that they would be delivered in exactly 6 hours.

I was standing at the door six hours later at 3am when the black limmo pulled up, dropped the fembots off and was gone again before the two made it to my door. They were walking toward me with what looked like intent in their flirting eyes and swaying hips. I was concerned that one of my neighbors would see, but figured I didn't know any of them well enough to worry about it too much and the delivery was very efficient. From the time that the car stopped to the time that the two sex miracles made it inside couldn't have been more than...10 seconds?

Once they stepped inside they introduced themselves."Hello, my name is Autumn", said the redhead," I am Cynthia", from the brunette, and in unison, "We are here to please you in any way master".

With what little breath that I had I asked them to remove their coats. They did not delay, but each dropped the concealing garment to proudly present their immaculent bodies. They stood naked with their arms to their sides and perfect posture as if ready for inspection.

Autumn was slightly shorter than Jenny's 5'11" with fair long red hair and a tuft of red pubes to match. The freckled white skin and pink pink nipples made her look quite exotic to me. Her nipples stood erect as soon as I pinched them. She looked at me through green eyes and with a smile on her sexy lips.

Jenny looked excited and eager to please as well, so I figured I'd get her involved while I checked out Cynthia. "Jenny, I'd like you to kiss Autumn for awhile please", I requested. "Gladly master", was her reply as Jenny took Autumn into her arms and then their mouths were exchanging sweet girl kisses.

At about 5'6" Cynthia was the shortest of the three and had stylishly sexy short dark brown hair. I caressed the side of her pretty face where jaw becomes neck with the tips of my fingers. As I ran my thumb over her lips she took it into her wet mouth and sucked on it while looking at me seductivly with soft brown eyes. I then used my wet thumb to moisten the nipple of her pert left breast. Cynthia had the smallest breast of the three gynoids, but I thought that could be negotiable. "Cynthia, do you have the same control programs that Jenny does?", I asked. She replied,"Yes master. I have all of the same features as Amber and Jenny. All of my controll functions are availiable to you through a wireless connection".

Jenny and Autumn were now kissing and making out feverously. They seemed to be enjoying each other and were making the delightfull noises to prove it. Softly moaning and lips smacking as their hands moved greedily over each other. Fondling their bottoms I noticed they were very slick with synthetic girl juice.

I had Cynthia turn arround and offer me her cute ass for my use. I entered her from behind and I grabbed her petite shoulders as I thrust into her. Cynthia was very responsive and felt great! I was so excited about all of this that I didn't last long at all. Once I flooded her pussy, I had the other two turn their attention to Cynthia to take turns cleaning her with their tounges.

It didn't take me long to invent new games with the 3 programmable vixens. I wondered how their generous creators were enjoying the show. My cable got shut off at some point because I neglected to pay the bill, but t.v. had nothing on the reality show I was living.

I allways did like something about strippers and now with their exotic dancer personalities activated, I had a strip club at my disposal. All three looked great with their default breast sizes, but sometimes I'd crank um all the way up to max. anyways just to see some massive mellons shakin'. I had a blast with no one else to bother me, drinking beer, and tipping them with monopoly money. Sometimes I'd tweak their personalities so they'd protest and push my hands away when I'd touch them. Just like the real thing in the comfort of my own home...oh, and without the bouncers.

Another favorite was to have one of the synthetic women on the kitchen table set on immobile with eyes wide at the ceiling while the other two would go to work on her. Dressed in latex nurse outfits and In a most clinical fashion the other two would refuel her and immaculently clean every inch of their frozen sisters naked body. I would also usually have them paint the nails of her fingers and toes.

I was now buying enough powdered sugar to run a doughnut shop.

While experimenting one night I set all three of them up with the identical personalities of "Susan-sultry seductress". I was pleasantly surprised when they would do and say all kinds of dirty sweet things in unison. When I discovered that they would work together as if of one mind to stimulate me it made my head spin. I have never felt something so incredible and I think it allmost made my mind snap.

Every morning I woke up to a bedfull of tits, tushes, toes and three beautifull faces giving me their undivided attention. It was great, but I couldn't help to think that once things are at their best they can only get worse.

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