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Jenny By BA

Jenny sat alone in the basement, cold and still; her head and arms were limp, hanging from her stiffly braced shoulders, hands lying open beside her thighs, chin resting on her chest. Her dark hair hung around the nape of her neck and over her face so that her features were obscured. A close observer might just have seen that her eyes were open and stared glassily into space and that her glossy lips were gently parted, though no breath passed through them to disturb the curtain of hair. She wore nothing other than black pants and shoes, her dress hung casually over a chair, padded and comfortable unlike the black plastic bench on which she was posed.

Beside her on the hard flat surface her portable computer made the only sounds to be heard as its drive clicked and whirred busily. Occasionally a small beep signalled another part of its task completed. Next to this, where it had been left several hours ago, lay a pale rectangle of pink female flesh. Aside from its separation from its owner, this looked perfect in every way. It was gently toned with muscular ridges and had tiny, almost invisible golden hairs and two little black moles side by side. Its edges were quite thick and also pink backed with a grey metal and plastic structure. A white ribbon cable ran from under the panel connecting the complex mechanisms hidden underneath to the disconnected plug connector at its end.

Jenny’s most obvious feature, even more unnatural than her rigid straight back, even more eye catching than her great soft rounded breasts and long firm legs was the glowing panel set back into her torso below her chest. With the flesh-like cover removed the perfect deception of her naked female body was undone and her upright lifelessness explained: Jenny was obviously a robot.

From one of the many connections in the open control panel a grey cable coiled down over her naked thigh into the back of the laptop. On the screen Jenny’s status was displayed in a window while steams of code flowed past on another, starting and stopping as sections were re-written, added or deleted.






The maintenance program windows closed one by one and another opened: “Startup…” Lights blinked in sequence on Jenny’s control panel and a loud double beep sounded from within her torso as she powered up. She stayed as she was, lights flashing inside her while the status bar crawled across the screen until it reached full length and the window closed.

She gasped suddenly, raising her head, her whole body giving a little shudder as it came to life making her large breasts bounce and swing. Her arms jerked up and she looked around, dazed as life came back into her face and focus to her eyes. Her confusion lasted only a second before she regained her composure and looked again around the empty basement: nothing down here but the service systems and computers that ran the house above. One of the small house ‘bots had sensed her movement and was quietly wheeling over from its stall to investigate.

Jenny looked down at the laptop which was half way through backing up her files, a redundant operation after full reprogramming. Mild irritation passed across her face. She couldn’t disconnect until it finished and would have to wait before she fitted the cover back over her controls and dressed to go upstairs. She shivered a little and rubbed her thighs and arms. Whilst she had been shut down her body temperature had dropped off and the realistic simulation systems in her skin were now raising goose-bumps over her body and causing the hairs to rise on her forearms. Her small pink nipples were stiffening quickly and now stuck out hard from the smooth flesh of her breasts. As she brushed against them, Jenny drew a sharp breath and clasped her arm across her body as if just noticing her nakedness. As faint flush spread gently across her neck and chest as if embarrassed or aroused.

The house ‘bot rolled up and observed her where she sat, waiting for instructions. HAL was printed across its round plastic cabinet; SAL was still across the room charging in its stall. The voice code names were a relic from a twentieth century flat-film that had once impressed the owner. Jenny flicked her hair back, giving the much simpler robot a clear view of her face from one of its ring of cameras and leaned forward to speak.

“HAL disconnect my hard link to….”

She frowned,

“HAL disconnect…”

She shook her head blew out before trying again,

“HAL discon… I…damn… I wa…I… I…Ha…”

Jenny struggled to get her words out but the control protocol that prevented her from disconnecting herself also blocked her from tasking the other robot for the same purpose. Her voice was cut out and left her shaping the words silently, mouth gaping wider the harder she tried.

HAL rolled around to the laptop beside the mute Jenny, completely silenced, and stopped in front of the screen:


It was satisfied that the android was now ready for use when required. In the absence of instructions to the contrary from Jenny and not aware of any immediate need for her services HAL applied its standard housekeeping protocols: switch off unused appliances. It spun its cabinet around and, with one quick smooth motion, extended its arm towards Jenny’s controls. Reaching in with mechanical precision it grasped the plug connector, twisted and pulled it clear with a click then spun back to place it carefully beside the laptop. Jenny twitched sharply and stopped with her mouth open, directing a fixed stare past the little house ‘bot as her internal maintenance programs closed. She came to just as HAL’s arm spun back to her controls. As she drew breath to speak again, freely this time, the little robot grasped her activation switch and turned it with another click.

Jenny froze once more then her head slowly nodded forward, expression fixed just on the point of speaking. Her arms slumped, one to her side the other into her lap carelessly revealing her breasts again. HAL bustled beside her inert figure closing the laptop, coiling the cable and putting them neatly away with Jenny’s other maintenance gear before returning to its stall. Jenny sat still, cold and silent ready to be switched on if needed.

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