Jennifer & Katherine

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Jennifer & Katherine

Several empty bottles of Beer, Vodka and Gin, all clearly marked against the well-kept, white desk stood next to their freshly placed neighbour; an unopened six pack of multi-flavoured Vodka Cruisers. Stripped from their thin cardboard casing, one Cranberry flavoured bottle was lifted with a gentle grip and handed across the carpeted floor before being popped open quickly and swiftly sculled.

“Someone’s looking to drown their sorrows” Jennifer remarked as she took another, orange flavoured Cruiser and joined her friend. Both bottles were emptied within seconds of each other, with Jennifer releasing a gaseous burp which forced each to chuckle.

“Oh please… we both know you’re the light… NO… heavy weight around here. How you out drink… drank… umm what’s his faces… Richard and Ben! Those frat boys I’ll never know.” Katherine slurred in as she gazed across the room at Jennifer. ‘Her glow never leaves, not even seven drinks could hinder her’ she thought as her gaze turned into a faintly fantasied trance. Perhaps it was how properly fitting her cream-coloured crop top was against her slender, athletic frame, or how her Denim short shorts revealed such soft skin as smooth as silk. Both of those didn’t hold the attention that Jennifer’s waves of blonde locks, tied precisely together in a ponytail, had over Katherine, especially during their training sessions on the courts. She had to force herself back to reality, a process she was well acquainted with.

“… Child’s play” was all she caught Jennifer say before she launched a small ping pong ball across the room with her left hand, flying elegantly through the warm air before landing perfectly dead centre into one of the small beer cups placed along the wide window seal. Katherine’s poker-faced stare, unaware of everything other than her thoughts and desires instantly turned her in. “Were you even listening? Or are you too drunk to even stand let alone play or speak?” Jennifer grinned confidently as she placed the empty bottle back on her desk in line with the rest; all perfectly aligned as if she’d used her ruler to achieve such perfection.

“Nop…nope! Totally sober… You’re the drank one” Katherine stumbled as she swayed to the made bed, falling face first onto the firm mattress. Something about it was comfortable, despite how rigid it really was. ‘Perhaps it helps keeps her posture straight’ she wondered before forcing herself to sit up right with difficulty, smoothing out her bunched up, college logoed t-shirt quickly to cover her exposed, toned midriff once again. Jennifer patiently waited as Katherine finally parted her wavy red hair, showing her soft face once more to the light hazel glow each of Jennifer’s eyes offered.

“I said” Jennifer repeated as she pitched a second ping pong ball, under armed this time, across the room and into the same beer cup with ease, all without leaving Katherine’s gaze. “That drinking is the easiest thing anyone or anything can do. It’s like child’s play!” She teased with another swing of a newly opened drink in her hand, this time a mango flavoured Vodka Cruiser whose contents quickly vortexed into her mouth. With a wink, she struck a pose and presented the bottle in her right hand with her left. “Eight wonderfully tasting drinks, all at a great price, in twenty minutes. And still aware enough to hold, take aim, and fire those balls into those cups! Top that!” she teased with a soft giggle, one that toyed with Katherine’s conflicted heart and mind.

Katherine watched Jennifer place the empty bottle in line with the rest once more. ‘Such focus even now. Never faltering, never changing’, Katherine pondered as several memories reflecting this surfaced from her alcohol fuelled mind. From their tennis games, where Jennifer rarely attempted something new unless taught thoroughly, focusing rather to perfect what she knew with extreme intention; to the rest of her small dorm room, with its white walls scarcely marked with anything apart from a single aligned row of film sized family photos stuck to the wall above her bed. Order was Jennifer’s game. From the clean window which let through the evening spring light to her barren, unmarked desk which housed only a pen, pencil, ruler, calculator, headset, and her laptop. Even her ceiling height wardrobe was always ordered and spotlessly cleaned, with Katherine’s reflection shining brightly from its mirrored sliding door. Only in that moment did she notice how clear the view her reflection gave of what lay between her thighs really was, poorly covered by loosely fitted shorts haphazardly chosen, causing a slight panic as she quickly pressed them together. ‘Should have worn tights dumbass!’

Not in the entire year Katherine knew Jennifer did she appear in chaos, unlike herself she thought; a stern reminder forced her to shutter lightly as her eyes darted over to her cursed sneakers by the door. She’d never understand how Jennifer’s mind worked she continually confided in herself. This led to one of her many habits; turning her attention to what did make sense about her best friend. From her athletic body which betrayed her thoughts at the worst times, to her greatly improved grades and tennis skills over the year; the former of which suddenly filling her field of view. Jennifer’s partially exposed lower back taunted Katherine’s eyes as she looked at herself in the wardrobe mirror, seemingly in a trance of her own. Not that it wasn’t uncommon for Jennifer to stare for long pauses on end, but this time it didn’t bother her so much. In that moment, all Katherine felt was a stirring in her stomach as she looked at Jennifer’s straight posture and smooth, lightly freckled skin. Especially as her eyes longed over the gentle curve of her sides, similar to that of the hem of Jennifer’s shorts which kept her barely decent. She wondered if what it covered was as firm and smooth as her fantasies allowed for, likening it to warm silk. She even considering asking for a feel in her drunken state. ‘Perhaps I could get away with it’ she reasoned poorly. ‘Or perhaps it’ll be a giveaway as close as it was during tennis practice. It’s not every day that coaches work so hard to get a particular student, let alone help guide their swings with such personal interest’ Katherine further reasoned.

Butterflies mixed with a warmth deep inside her belly, something she was all too aware of alerted her in that moment, bringing Katherine out of the long-lasting fantasy that took place on the tennis courts. One where everything just made sense without question or care. One that made Katherine appear a particular way that Jennifer always picked up on with great curiosity. Katherine had to think, fast.

“Jen… bin… please!” she barely managed to blurt, hoping some physical release could smooth over those mixed feelings and dead giveaways one way quickly over the other. Jennifer instantly spun around on her bare feet and moved quickly, retrieving the bin under her desk, bending at her waist momentarily as she did which gave Katherine a sudden direct view of her athletically toned ass and thighs. For a moment, Katherine swore she caught a glimpse of Jennifer’s vagina teasing her through the side of the medium strip between those long, strong thighs. She further swore that she saw it glisten in the setting sun light as if it were already damp.

The view lasted only but a second as Jennifer straightened up, and brought her bin to Katherine, kneeling as to keep the rim close to her friend’s mouth as she ensured both their hair was clear with ease.

“Such a Lightweight!” she quipped as Katherine pulled the bin closer, feeling at ease as she slowed her breathing. Only a moment passed before her focus returned. A further moment more passed before she pushed the bin away and laid back on the bed, instantly passing out as her head hit the mattress.

Katherine came to a few moments later; with Jennifer crouching deeply, holding an opened bottle of water by her side. “I think you need it… at least more than I do” she encouraged as she stood up and helped Katherine up from the bed by the hand. Once sitting upright, she sat next to her. Even with her bare feet firmly planted on the carpet, she caused a slightly deeper sag than Katherine expected. Something that baffled her greatly.

Katherine quickly grabbed the bottle and drank from it greedily, emptying its contents within seconds.

“Thank you…” Katherine managed as Jennifer took the bottle and placed it in line with the rest, flexing her torso and arms while keeping her rear placed exactly where it was. Katherine watched as always, equally impressed as she was aroused by Jennifer’s extraordinary flexibility. Something she watched with awe on the courts, especially with her overall reach and range.

Jennifer returned to her upright position and faced Katherine, only to suddenly find her lips pressed against hers. Much to Katherine’s surprise, Jennifer reciprocated eagerly after a second of hesitation; her soft, full lips parting as her tongue slipped atop the other inside Katherine’s mouth. Months’ worth of desire suddenly flooded back into Katherine’s mind and body, all trivial compared to how the present moment warmed her deep inside. Jennifer’s lips, softer than she’d imagined, seeped through a soft touch of flavour matching Jennifer’s never-failing scent. One which betrayed Katherine’s mind even after the longest and sweatiest of training courses on the courts. ‘A fantasy woman’ she reminded herself… ‘One too good to be true… yet here she is’.

As quickly as it began, doubt overwhelmed Katherine’s thoughts. ‘Why… she hesitated… what is wrong with me?!’ she wrestled internally, quickly succumbing to fear driven regret. She roughly pulled back from Jennifer’s lips and turned away in shame.

“I’m sorry! I… the alcohol and… fuck I blew this!” Katherine stuttered, confused, and conflicted. She shut her eyes closed and wished she could undo it all as each fantasy popped out of existence instantly. Only when she felt Jennifer’s hand on her shoulder did those butterflies return to her stomach, replacing the regret which overwhelmed her seconds earlier with a subtle inkling of hope.

“I’m confused Jen. I feel… confused.” Katherine pleaded as she turned to face Jennifer once again, continuing only after those hazel brown eyes offered nothing but a blank gaze to Katherine’s blue ones. Jennifer’s warming smile felt familiarly empty in that moment, similar to how she met Katherine’s gaze back at their beginning a year earlier. ‘You’re going to just stare huh?’ she thought before forcing herself to continue. “I’m not sure what’s going on. I see you and… I get these feelings that I can’t explain… even from our first private lessons. Nothing makes sense but at the same time it all does. What’s wrong with me?” Katherine trembled sharply, abashed with shame and regret across her entire expression and posture.

“Katherine, look at me” Jennifer interjected, her reassuring tone planting a foundation in the storm of emotion. Katherine did as she was asked and was met with an inviting smile from her confidant, one she preferred dearly over the former. One alien to her. “I know many people who have been in your shoes. Many of them exist at this college, and in the country. Many people are confused about who they are and what they’d like, and that’s because they’ve lacked experience. How can you possibly know if you like something if you haven’t experienced it? That’s where I step in”.

Katherine cracked a wobbly, confused smile as her eyes dried slightly. With a sniff, she asked “What… do you mean?” with a gentle stammer.

“I can help people like you in your situation. See, I’ve been hiding something from everyone for the last year, and I’ve been instructed to only tell someone with which a mutual trust can be formed like no other. This whole year has been a test for you, and I’m happy to say that you’ve just passed a key threshold! Katherine, I’m not human. I’m artificial. A robotic being. Built, not born. Made and crafted from the finest materials. Specifically, I’m a Companion Model!” Jennifer declared with a strong sense of pride spread across her lips, matching a solid, firm posture.

Katherine watched Jennifer utter those words, straight faced and all, only to burst out laughing. “Bullshit! No this is some prank or something. Not cool Jen!” she shifted away from her on the bed, breaking away from Jennifer’s reach. “We’ve known each other for a year. I’ve done half a decade worth of real-world programming and it’s way too limited to do the things you have. The most advanced machines I’ve seen can barely even hold a conversation beyond ten minutes, yet we’ve held several for hours…”

“I can prove it!” Jennifer interrupted, prompted by her never faltering confidence. “I can prove what I am.” She shifted closer to Katherine who this time didn’t move back. “May I show you?” Jennifer asked hopefully, seemingly waiting for approval.

“…Okay” Katherine hesitated, expecting a part of her body to disconnect, or some strange body modification to occur.

But what she heard next made her jump.

“Bullshit! No this is some prank or something. Not cool Jen!” Jennifer spoke in Katherine’s exact voice. Every inflection, tone, timing of words and pronunciation of her faint accent was perfectly delivered as were her lip movements.

“We’ve known each other for a year. I’ve done half a decade worth of real-world programming and it’s way too limited to do the things you have. The most advanced machines I’ve seen can barely even hold a conversation beyond ten minutes, yet we’ve held several for hours…” she continued, matching every word precisely.

Katherine shook her head quickly, immediately regretting the flood of blood mixed alcohol which blurred her thoughts further. “Nope, I’ve seen actors do that with just as much ease. I mean… it was good… impressive even… but still doesn’t prove what you are…”

“Okay, that’s a pretty basic bitch way to prove it I’ll admit. Ideas aren’t too easy to come by! I have another one though” Jennifer interrupted once more. “Enter my wardrobe and close the sliding door. I’ll use my inferred sensors to describe exactly what you’re doing inside.”

Hesitant for only for a moment; watching Jennifer’s eyes closely as her pupils dilated under the rays from the setting sun, Katherine slowly brought herself to her feet. The room buzzed with a familiar, vicious spin.

Backed by experience, she functioned for the most part with relative ease and disappeared behind the mirrored glass door, albeit with small, short steps. With the mirrored door slid shut, she began making patterns with her fingers in the darkness. She flexed her toes and bent her left leg, holding onto the inner sides of the wardrobe for balance. Katherine was honestly amazed she could do this while drunk and was further impressed by how organised the wardrobe must have been for her to perform these manoeuvres without bumping into anything.

After a poorly measured two minutes, she stepped out and faced Jennifer who hadn’t moved from the bed; but only now did Katherine notice her spread thighs in plain sight. This time, she was sure of Jennifer’s bare, bald vagina underneath that thin strip of Denim, sneaking a peak out into the exposed air of what was to come. ‘Almost as if she planned it’ Katherine wondered.

“Once behind the wardrobe sliding door” Jennifer began, wasting no time. “You flexed your index and pinkie fingers primarily on both hands. The rest were more or less stable. Then, you flexed your toes into the carpet before bending your left leg, making an obtuse angle of one hundred and fifty-two degrees relative to the back of your thigh. As you did this, you reached out for support against the wardrobe sides with both hands.” She calmly listed, proudly smiling with confidence.

Katherine was speechless. ‘How… maybe she knows me well enough to guess… No one can get those angles from sight… or a guess…’

“I’m… still not…” Katherine stopped herself as Jennifer stood to meet her. Meeting a foot apart, eye to eye, she closed the gap and parted her blonde hair behind each shoulder before opening her mouth inhumanly wide. Wider than Katherine had seen anyone else manage. Then, like a snake retreating into its cave, her tongue quickly vanished. Katherine watched as the bulge moved down Jennifer’s long, thin neck, entering her upper chest cavity. That bulge moved, pressing against her pale, soft skin before seemingly latching on to something. It then made its way back up her throat, and into her mouth.

“Is that…”

“A USB Type Z Connector yes” Jennifer confirmed, her lips as still as her tongue, yet her voice remaining as clear as ever. “If this doesn’t prove it to you, then I don’t know what will. Unfortunately, I cannot expose any circuitry myself as a technician in the labs are required, not even mentioning the risks that would pose me too.” she continued as her tongue slid back down her throat. Within seconds, the cable returned to its holding position, with her tongue entering her mouth a few seconds afterwards.

“Can you… stay that way?” Katherine asked as Jennifer’s tongue returned to its natural sitting position. Without waiting for a reply, Katherine brought her fingers to Jennifer’s lips, feeling them, smudging the lipstick she watched be applied hours earlier in the same mirror which stood behind her. She moved her fingers into Jennifer’s mouth, running them over every tooth and the depth of her tongue, the innards of her cheeks and gums as well. While difficult to notice, she could sense thin, subtle lines embedded within her gums and cheeks that shouldn’t exist if she pressed in hard enough. ‘Possibly sensor data carriers’ Katherine reasoned. ‘Their texture is smooth, uniform… perhaps too perfect with missing definition one might acquire from biting their own tongue or cheek’ she further reasoned as Jennifer’s true nature became abundantly apparent. ‘Is she like this… everywhere?’

“Amazing…” she uttered after a long moment, stunned to find no lodged food or weathering inside what countless meals had passed through.

“So, you are a machine. That explains… so much. Why you always have a perfect body. Why you never get drunk. Why you ace every class. How you picked up tennis so quickly.” Katherine listed as she removed her fingers from Jennifer’s mouth, wiping the light saliva across her shirt just below the college logo.

Bringing her lips back together, Jennifer beamed a faintly lustful expression with a slight hint of her white teeth. “Let’s be serious Katherine. That’s a fantasy. My body is manufactured, hence why it never changes. I don’t get drunk because all that alcohol is stored in my fluid reservoirs as is food once liquified. And I ace every class because I am fed the answers directly. I ace tennis because I have a super wonderful coach! Also, who’d guess that lipstick tasted so bad. And maybe wash your hands next time!” she scoffed, scrapping her tongue across her teeth as to keep it clean.

A blush filled moment on Katherine’s part passed with a slight hiccup before she continued. “But that’s not why I revealed who I am to you… Please, sit” she offered her swivel chair to Katherine.

Taking a seat, she found her bare heels dangling off the edge, with only her toes reaching the carpet. “It’s a fixed height chair designed for me only. Sorry Katherine” Jennifer informed as she pushed it in for her. Next, she leaned in and reached her long lean arms to take hold of her laptop; her heavy, buoyant chest gently bounced into Katherine’s cheek.

“This laptop is a part of me. It stores my support program, which is used to trouble shoot any and every software issue that emerges in my A.I. Making sure you’re fully aware of this, and what it contains is apart of my safety requirements, especially when revealing my true nature. Please, open it”

Her suddenly calm dementor took Katherine slightly off guard, but she did as she was asked, opening the small laptop which instantly lit up with a bright loading screen. “For safety, it is only accessible when I provide access. I’ve given you unconditional access Katherine. Additionally, I’ve sensed a slight unsettledness in your posture and breathing. I do apologise, but when this application is enabled, my more complex emotional abilities become extremely limited. But not too limited I can reassure you.” she declared evenly with a trusting tone as she moved behind Katherine, standing stock still with her arms by her side.

“Okay…” Katherine replied, speechless as the screen filled with numerous boxes. These quickly merged into three key categories, with the view at the bottom invisible under the glare of the setting sun behind them. Before she could ask, Jennifer stepped into the sun ray’s path with her shadow making the ticked settings option of ‘User friendly, beginner’ visible once again.

Katherine, still feeling the effects of the alcohol, slowly looked through the initial tab which housed Jennifer’s abbreviated programming functions and comments. She took particular interest in the massive social interaction protocol files, which upon inspection revealed a lot of Jennifer’s quirks and habits.

Moments of reading passed as Jennifer stood still behind Katherine. Based on her programming, Katherine deduced that Jennifer would simply stand there for hours if she never received an adequate prompt from an external source. ‘Surely she has a time out function or something’.

A search for this very function answered her thought; with a time out function of one minute having been put in place before a random action was called forth. ‘Neatly done’ she mused as she continued to explore. Dozens of similar functions were scattered throughout her programming tree, many of which were subtle or deemed too basic to investigate by Katherine.

Jennifer eventually received an adequate prompt when Katherine remarked “’This function is designed such that the unit actively avoids groups of people’… ahh I understand now. This function exists because your personality changes to suit the individual you are with. With multiple people, your processors would alternative moods and personalities so quickly that you’d appear crazy!”

“Almost accurate. You are sharp, even when drunk with a blood alcohol of 0.045” Jennifer greyly teased, offering the back of Katherine’s head an approving smile, albeit devoid of any genuine emotion.

“’Timing constraints on development means less accurate sarcasm detection and contextual remarks…’” Katherine read aloud on another function, one of a handful which were noticeably smaller in file size than the rest. “Oh shit, that explains so much from when we first met… fuck… all those dares that you did and things you took literally… remember the waiter on our first time to a restaurant? And the snooker players down at Ol Dens?” Katherine’s cheeks flooded with blood as she instantly feeling bad for the embarrassment she’d put Jennifer through over the months.

“Oh yes, Michael. I ended up giving him a blow job out in the carpark afterwards. And Greg, John, and Michael. We had a threesome that night” Jennifer remarked nonchalantly. Katherine on the other hand almost chocked.

“What!? Why…” she stopped herself as she Jennifer’s unique coding style suddenly made sense to her. “Your code is oddly familiar… oh shit… I’ve seen this in attraction and affection classes… and in companion classes. You’re a sex robot…”

“Officially termed ‘Companion’, but in essence, a specialised sex robot is what I am” Jennifer confirmed bluntly. Katherine suddenly recalled the second tab, labelled ‘History’. Once opened, a full day by day calendar was made available to her. She found the dates in question and saw a full script of Jennifer’s memories. Every second was connected to a combination of sentences, emotions, actions, and reactions for herself, and the individuals she interacted with. She scrolled through the time log, finding the moment Jennifer was performing the dirty deeds.

Pressing on the text revealed detailed informational data about the event. From her operating temperature, movement vectors, energy consumption rates. Even GPS tracking and the exact words spoken in that moment were made available to her. She selected one sentence and almost jumped from her seat as Jennifer moaned loudly.

“Oh baby, you’re so fucking big! Oh, how can I fit this into my tight, warm throat?” Jennifer moaned abruptly with slight exaggeration, staying perfectly still as she did with only her expression hinting at any sudden lust. Katherine looked back to see a face in the heat for that every moment, ending nearly as quickly as it began.

“Was that really necessary!?” Katherine snapped as Jennifer’s demeanour instantly changed. Only when she looked back at the screen did she see one of two text boxes labelled ‘Verbal responses’ and ‘Physical responses’, with only the former ticked. “Oh, I suppose it was”. She continued looking through the memory itself, taking particular notice in the time navigator and active protocol list. The protocol list itself revealed far more than the memory enactment. Preprogramed actions such as ‘Pornstar_moan_Random_Set_2’, as well physical changes like her ‘Minimal_Threshold_Achieved’ event log caught Katherine’s eye. ‘You sure pull off a convincing fake…’ Katherine concluded, with the other arousal levels appearing nearly null in that moment.

“I sense some curiosity behind that particular scene.” Jennifer paused briefly as Katherine turned to face her. “In that moment, Michael didn’t generate any particular sexual interest in me, let alone try. Therefore, he received forced, fake reactions. I additionally sensed that he’d enjoy those more based on his search history. I also maximised my sensitivity so that I could at least feel something” Jennifer explained.

“So… you… search history… but still just a sex robot…” Katherine stumbled poorly before Jennifer continued.

“I may be a sex robot, but I do have expectations and desires. Just because someone refuses to return the favour doesn’t mean I’ll be left wanting. I, by design, will look out for myself while pleasuring others” Jennifer continued, the slightest hint of frustration evident in her voice.

“No sorry! I didn’t…” Katherine paused, clearing her throat before starting over. “I’m sorry if I offended you. It’s just… I had no idea… so, all this time… and I’m happy you can make the most out of a shitty situation! Surely it was a one off…”

“That is incorrect.”

“Oh, well what is it then? Like twice?” Katherine hoped as she returned her gaze to the screen.

“I’ve had a total of five hundred and twelve sexual partners in the last three hundred and sixty-five days. That’s an assortment of three hundred and twelve men, two hundred women. Ninety-eight of those were threesomes, with twenty foursomes. Almost half have involved similar adjustments to that of Michael… unfortunately. Would you care for a more detailed breakdown?”

“Jesus you’ve been around!” Katherine exclaimed, pausing. She found it weird, confusing, and amazing all at once, albeit frustrating at the same time. She leaned back in the chair, completely stunned that she wasn’t even aware of this. ‘I mean… how…how can I be so blind’.

A minute of silent pondering passed before Jennifer spun Katherine around in the chair, and leaned in for a deeper, but short-lived kiss; her warm, soft hands placed gently on each shoulder. Instinctively, her lips parted as they invited Jennifer’s tongue. With elegance, their tongues danced in an exploratory ballet which ended far sooner than Katherine wanted. ‘No, I don’t just want you. I need you’ Katherine realised for the first time.

“I want to help you, Katherine. In this last year, I’ve noticed how much you want me. It’s pained me to hold back for so long. That may just be words to you, but It’s far more for me.”

Katherine forced her urges to rest, but Jennifer’s eyes made it almost impossible to resist. Something about her hazel gaze, the scent her skin gave off that filled the room, her tone as well and how the setting sun lightly shone across her faintly freckled shoulders and arms. It all made Katherine’s mind difficult to process anything else. With all her will power, Katherine went against her instincts, barely managing to stop herself. “I need… to see… the final tab first. I can’t continue...” She requested, the curiosity getting to her more than the need for Jennifer.

“Okay. But you can’t keep me waiting. All this build up does make it difficult for me to think as well” Jennifer teased as she spun Katherine back around. The final tab revealed all of Jennifer’s raw programming. Everything, her entire personality was available at the press of a button, and the urge to modify and experiment got the better of her. Katherine went searching, and coding, looking at the smallest of detail and the largest of functions, reasoning that she’d never get the opportunity again to inspect such a well-crafted and designed machine.

‘I’ve aced exams while drunk before. Surely this won’t be an issue’ she reassured herself as she typed away; her desire for Jennifer’s lust growing unequivocally. More moments passed of typing, with each more desperate than the last before she was happy with what she’d edited. Her proofread lasted longer than usual, passing the minute mark just as she was about to hit the update button. That button quickly left her reach as Jennifer spun her around again with more control and fervour than before.

“I know you’re looking to edit my programming. It gives me a weird… butterfly feeling in my chest… like a brain freeze I think…” Jennifer paused for a moment, seemingly frozen in thought before continuing. “As long as you remember to reset me after we’re done, you can turn me into anything you desire. The button is on the home screen. You’re the only one I’ve trusted with this. No one else I know is as well gifted as you are when it comes to coding. And no one has resisted me for as long as you” she gleamed calmly, delivering the sentence as Katherine stood up once more. ‘The code change can wait. I want to see what she’s like now’ Katherine caved, her intellect giving way to a deeper, lustier instinct.

“I think I’m ready Jennifer. A practice run only though…” Katherine was cut off as her lips met Jennifer’s once more. She explored the mouth her fingers did moments earlier for a third time, rediscovering the fresh, sweet taste of mint Jennifer’s tongue had to offer; lost in the moment she had forced to suppress in her fantasies. She shivered as she felt Jennifer’s fingers gentle cup each breast. Reaching under her shirt, they took hold of each heavy mammary and gave them a gentle massage, ensuring Katherine’s nipple felt only the edge of her fingers as they lightly rumbled.

Katherine followed suit shortly after, reaching up first to Jennifer’s hair, pushing the elastic which held her ponytail in place free. Frizzed, wavy hair exploded outward across Jennifer’s back, covering Katherine’s hands as they moved around to the machine’s front. They slipped between her firm, silicon covered midriff and silky-smooth crop top, finding Jennifer’s bra instantly and taking hold of her manufactured gel sacks which effortlessly passed for breasts. Soft, springy, and warm, they felt real, genuine, and authentic. Jennifer’s moans were equally true as Katherine’s fingers teased her perky nipples, lightly flicking and twisting as she matched the machine’s energy. “So, this is how you truly moan” Katherine squealed between short lived gasps for air.

Jennifer took a step closer, bridging the gap between their bodies as she lightly grinded her naval against Katherine’s exposed thigh, her breathing quickening to reflect the added pleasure her sensors registered. Katherine’s fingers treated Jennifer carefully, as if she were a finely crafted item of beauty which would break with ease. Each flick of her firm nipples was careful and gentle; almost as careful as her palms which kneaded into the soft silicon on the underside of each breast.

Both star-crossed lovers kept at it for several moments as their breath warmed, reflecting the heat each body generated, Katherine’s naturally compared to Jennifer’s reflection of a working cooling system. Reading Katherine’s posture and gentleness, a threshold passed, bringing forth Jennifer’s dominant side to activate as to better compliment Katherine’s submissive actions. She pulled her lips away from Katherines but kept her fingers working on her best friends’ breasts, ensuring each nipple was well vibrated, tugged and teased without compromise. “I’m tougher than I look Katherine. You don’t need to treat me like the porcelain doll you have been... Go down on me Katherine. I need you to be… rougher. I have my joys too.” She softly ordered.

Jennifer took a step back, tugging Katherine’s nipples as far as they’d stretch before they snapped back against her chest. Once in full view, those same hands drifted down her navel, working their magic against her Denim shorts which smoothly dropped to her feet, revealing her bald naval and firm thighs which gave way to a gap once each foot was placed side by side. Digging her right foot into the shorts, she turned to face the bed and expertly kicked her leg up, sending the shorts smoothly through the air before landing on the bed, not that Katherine noticed. Her gaze was stuck on the well-defined muscle as it tensed behind Jennifer’s smooth skin, imitating a genuine leg perfectly she thought. With a satisfied grin, Jennifer stepped past Katherine and sat on her chair, turning to face her lover who gasped as she watched the machine push her legs up and around the back of her head effortlessly, giving Katherine a direct, obstruction free view of her built, pink plastic pussy. “I’ll guide you. Literally, it’s simple when done right, even for a drunkard” Jennifer teased, toying with her left nipple over her crop top and bra as she explained.

Katherine knelt in front of Jennifer and paused, taking a moment to admire the fruits of endless hours of engineered work. ‘It may as well be artificial in name only. This pussy looks… is basically real’. Katherine thought before closing the gap. The scent of strawberry invited her in, but its taste instantly made her addicted. She dragged her tongue against Jennifer’s vaginal lips carefully, tasting her sweet, dewy nectar for the first time. Jennifer meanwhile gave both her large breasts a tight squeeze under her bra, encouraging her nipples to hardened once more. Her moans, bonuses to the taste and warmth her pussy provided, kept Katherine going even as her jaw tired. She simply followed Jennifer’s moans, eager to discover what would make her cry out in pleasure.

‘Incredible’ was all she thought as she ventured further, lapping greedily at the mechanical pussy as Jennifer’s moans and breath continued to guide her. ‘Even this close… it looks natural. It feels natural’. Every convulsion was timed with her tongue’s movements, with her engorging clit bringing forth a whole different set of reactions from the machine when stimulated. The complexities behind how one would even begin to achieve such an authentic display didn’t even register with Katherine in that moment. Only that she was pleasuring her best friend, who appeared to love every second.

Within moments, Jennifer’s breathing quickened, delivered in short gasps as did her vibrating clutch on each breast. With her threshold adjusted in real time to better suit Katherine’s inexperience, Jennifer threw her head over the back rest with teeth clenched with just as much power as her moan. “Oh, fuck oh fuck oh fuck OHHHH FUCKKKKK YESSS KATHERINEEE!!”. Katherine immediately pressed her lips against Jennifer’s convulsing pussy, waiting for the juices that squirted with force into her mouth. Her hands quickly moved to each of Jennifer’s ass cheek, holding her in place with as much strength as she could muster. ‘As smooth as warm silk’ she happily sighed, lips pressed tightly against Jennifer’s pussy, greedily drinking, and slurping every last drop of that which came forth from her crafted fountain without care. In that very moment, her careful handling of her friend was replaced with an intense greed for her dewy sweet nectar.

Lost in a moment of logicless thoughts, she didn’t notice the return of Jennifer’s thighs next to her cheeks as they sandwiched her hands lightly to the chair. When she did however, she rested her cheek against them and slowly slid each hand from their warm embrace, amazed that behind their softness stood rock hard steel, circuitry, and wiring. She felt Jennifer’s shivering body, her heavy breathing and moaning through her thighs as she closed her eyes, taking a moment to rest.

Katherine looked up at Jennifer after that moment, her glow even brighter than usual amazed her. Her crop top was now gone as was her white satin bra, both tossed onto the bed, revealing her large, expertly shaped breasts which stood round and proud against her chest, topped with perky pink nipples. She calmly watched them rise and fall slowly against her chest as peace filled her mind. Katherine shivered lightly as what she longed to see for an entire year finally graced her vision. They both smiled to each other in that moment as Jennifer turned and reached across her desk. “Wanna use a pencil or calculator on my pussy?” she offered with a light giggle. “It’s easy to clean you know!” she winked with a slight tilt of her head.

Katherine chuckled as she propped her chin onto Jennifer’s thigh and parted her red hair from her eyes. She almost flinched away but stayed once she realised that Jennifer didn’t seem to mind. ‘Wouldn’t this hurt her?’ she wondered. “No sorry, that’s a little too weird… but can you get that ruler?” Katherine asked as she watched Jennifer flick her firm nipple with the end of her calculator case; It’s plastic pinkness visibly stiffening faster than she’d expect her own to stiffen.

“That’s rare. Suit yourself” Jennifer sighed, returning the calculator to where it once was and reaching for her ruler. “Ta” Jennifer handed it to Katherine, who immediately looked at its far end. Marked by ‘15 Inches’, she took its full, flexible plastic length and brought it to Jennifer’s vagina. With a gentleness to her movements, Katherine slowly slid the ruler into Jennifer, bottoming out quickly as the entire length vanished inside. Jennifer giggled lightly as she watched Katherine struggle to find and remove it; her hand slipping into the crafted vagina with a sudden newfound carelessness as her attempts grew desperate. “This feels weird… almost like a ticklish dream…and aren’t you a horny fuck…what are you doing down there?” Jennifer confusedly asked through a mixed tone of misunderstanding and lust.

“I think your ruler is stuck inside you. You’re pretty deep!” Katherine said with a fond look. “Can you push…” without even needing to end the sentence, Jennifer pushed the ruler out herself, giving Katherine an inch to grab onto as she slid the rest out herself. Much to her surprise, its entire length was dry and clean.

“All you had to do was ask babe! And twenty-two Inches if you were wondering.” Jennifer answered the unasked question as she took the ruler from Katherine’s hand and placed it back where it belonged. “Flexible to fit bending dicks as well. To perhaps an unrealistic angle”. She proudly chimed as her arm returned to her side.

When Jennifer’s gaze turned back, she found Katherine had risen to her feet, maintaining eye contact the entire way.

“That… you are wonderfully made. And very quick too” Katherine giggled, bringing Jennifer to a deep blush.

“Thank you, Katherine. Sincerely, that made my day! And as you may have seen, my threshold is much more accommodating to all users. To be honest, I had to lower it greatly for you. Next time don’t be so scared. It’s just a pussy! It’s just breasts! Be more adventurous. I promise you I won’t break!” Jennifer contently declared as she too rose to her feet and embraced Katherine in a tight hug. Katherine immediately felt Jennifer’s relaxed breathing relative to her own. Her body however was much warmer, but other than that, nothing else was out of the ordinary. She couldn’t hear a single fan or feel a single hard drive spin that could break the illusion. Her breasts squeezed as evenly and naturally as her own did in their tight embrace. Only the presence of a consistent, faint heartbeat emanating through where her veins would be could give her away so easily.

Their embrace ended as Jennifer pulled back once again and guided Katherine to sit in the chair. For only an instant, Katherine’s eyes laid on Jennifer’s nude body standing tall, with her eyes lusting over her silky-smooth skin, tightly connected to a torso void of blemish or scar. Her breasts rested proudly on her toned chest, well above her athletic midriff to which Katherine’s eyes were already well acquainted with. All this however wasn’t enough to keep Jennifer’s intoxication voice from bringing Katherine back to reality.

“Eyes. Up. Here.” Jennifer giggled once more, albeit with more assertion. “Now, it’s my turn to return the favour. Just sit back, relax and let me do what comes naturally” she assured with a sneaky grin as Katherine sat on the chair once more. Before she could speak, Jennifer swiftly pulled both Katherine’s shorts and panties off her long lean legs at once and tossed them on the bed. Before they found their place next to Jennifer’s clothes, Katherine felt a soft rumble against her inner thigh, forcing a hard flinch and shiver from every muscle. She grasped the chair’s arms for support as Jennifer’s vibrating fingers were matched with her tongue, turning Katherine’s mind into mush as they gently explored her own full chest under the t-shirt with as much fervour as Katherine had moments prior.

Every sensation around her quickly changed into a trance as Jennifer’s attention turned to Katherine’ pussy; with an unexplainable sensation felt with each lap of the mechanical tongue. Her fingers gently teasing Katherine’s perky nipples under her bra, sending waves of pleasure akin to none, forcing her deeper into a state of pure animal instinct. Every moan and shiver which escaped her lips changed as Jennifer’s tongue explored different depths of Katherine’s pussy. She was so caught up that she didn’t even notice Jennifer’s fingers slip between her lips as they traced her teeth between deep gasps of air.

Covered in saliva, Jennifer brought her left hand down to her own exposed pussy, sliding its full, vibrating length in as she continued to extend her tongues length deeper than anyone else could inside Katherine. Her deep, widespread squat made the posture simple to maintain, naturally assisting her fingers as they penetrated her own pussy which clamped them down firmly. She continued lapping and sucking on Katherine’s pussy as an internal model was developed by her A.I, designed to maximise her lovers’ pleasure; only to cease abruptly as she felt her own on-coming orgasm threshold close in. A frustrating built-in protocol made sure she wouldn’t cum before her partner did, preventing her orgasm until she was completely sure of Katherine’s inevitable climax.

Much to her own delight, Katherine didn’t hold out much longer. “OH, JENNIFER YOU FUCK TOY!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!” Katherine exclaimed, shaking the chair intensely, reaching out deep into the desk as she failed to stop herself from sliding down against Jennifer’s mouth, squirting as hard as she shook. Jennifer’s response was instant, keeping Katherine held in place, preventing her from sliding off the chair with her hands and mouth as she too experienced her own simulated orgasm. While physically stable and unshown, Jennifer’s circuitry lit up joyfully as she experienced one of the few true orgasms with a partner during her operation.

“Oh shit… Oh fuck… Jesus that… you…” Katherine struggled as she panted with difficulty. Blood rushed back and forth inside her mind, washing, and tumbling her thoughts into a mess of gibberish which didn’t seem to end. Jennifer was quick to rise to her feet as she took hold of Katherine and ensured she was seated securely. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, Katherine’s naturally dilating as Jennifer’s complex eye shaped camera matched. For a moment, Katherine’s thoughts cleared as her deepest feelings of desire felt satisfied. She needed Jennifer, and never wanted this moment to end.

“That was my…”

“Your first time? I know baby.” Jennifer interjected before continuing with her own thought. “You do know… Well…” Jennifer hesitated as she ensured Katherine was securely seated. “This isn’t just a first time for you. It’s also a first time for me too. And it doesn’t have to be so vanilla either…” she trailed off, her gaze moving through Katherine as she paused.

Half leaned in; Jennifer froze mid action. With a light, curious giggle, Jennifer’s words re-entered Katherine’s mind. ‘Be more adventurous…’ she recalled as her right hand reached out slowly towards the life-like machine. Just within reach, Katherine’s thumb lightly brushed over Katherine’s pink nipple which sat atop her hanging breast, forcing it to a semi firm state almost instantly. ‘Is that really adventurous?’ she thought before leaning in herself. With her full hand in reach, she moved it back and gave Jennifer’s large left breast a firm slap, forcing the mass of silicon to jiggle and flex naturally as it collided into her right breast; unintentionally forcing Jennifer to abruptly reanimate with an equally heavy flinch which forced her into a deeper lean. Her eyes suddenly darted around Katherine’s face momentarily before fixing onto her eyes once more. She stood upright and gave an enthusiastic giggle, one that lasted a little longer than usual.

Once it ended, she continued. “Modify my personality! And get rid of that shirt and bra! I refuse to be the only one naked here any longer!” She abruptly blurted as her hands rushed to cover both her breasts and naval. “You’re an incredible coder, naturally gifted; I’ve entrusted my entire being with you, the least you can do is trust me with those wonderful tits! And if anything fails, we can always reset me; I’ve never had my personality changed, it’s only been allowed to develop, and I think it would be incredible if I could change it! It could be our thing! And besides, you already have the code written up! Just save it and I’ll run it!” she reassured, quickly speaking in a single sentence without pause. It took Katherine’s clear hesitancy for Jennifer to give a comforting, reassuring smile. “I’ll be fine! I promise you babe”

“Okay… okay. Minor… umm… changes though” she managed; her alcohol influenced mind interfering with her post orgasmic bliss. Her heart rate quickening with Jennifer’s potential, pumping the alcohol through like wildfire. Still in the chair, Katherine slowly and carefully removed her shirt and bra with Jennifer’s help, throwing them to the bed with the rest of their clothes.

Jennifer stepped back as her eyes widened; her high cheeks glowing red with the biggest smile Katherine had seen that day. “Just as wonderful as I imagined during practice” she winked with another tilt of her head.

“You… imagined me naked?” Katherine’s cheeks reddened slightly as curiosity took hold.

“Well would you prefer that? Or if I more accurately said that I analysed your physical parameters repeatedly during our tennis matches and designed an accurate model of your naked body that may or may not be a live animation? I’m more than happy to say either, but I do prefer the former. It’s more my style” She chimed with a slight chuckle before spinning Katherine around on the chair. “I can’t wait much longer babe. Hurry” she whispered as Katherine refocused in on the screen, only to find a different section of code available to her. ‘Must have timed out’ she reasoned as she started typing once again, blissfully ignorant of her palm pressing the keyboard when she reached out at the desk for support during her first shared orgasm with Jennifer.

“Hmm, my breast feels… itchy” Jennifer idly said as she stepped back, prompting her to look down at each mammary. Her A.I instantly registered each sack of silicon, with her informational HUD registering each as a sexual device. They identified the pink nipple at the end of each breast and the firmness of her left nipple as well as the increased sensitivity of the breast overall. It failed to connect it to any event in her memory. Consequently, they restored both values to their default.

“…What are you changing?” Jennifer inquired after a brief moment, straightening her head, only to tilt it once more as she watched from behind, her fingers idly tweaking several strands of her long golden hair which rested atop her left breast as she stared into infinity.

“You can’t see that?” Katherine questioned as she looked back ‘Didn’t she says her emotions were turned off in this state? Why would she notice an… itchy breast of all things? Could that be the slap…?’

“Actually that’d… umm… be like a human seeing their own genetic makeup. Would be confusing to the extreme” she verbally reasoned. With an unthinking nod from Jennifer, Katherine finished up and saved the changes to Jennifer’s raw code. Immediately, Jennifer’s gaze phased out as she froze. Turning to face Jennifer, Katherine noticed her fingers paused mid twirl of her hair with her eyes staring into nothing. She stayed that way for a full anxiety ridden minute before reanimating. With a satisfied nod and smile, she kept her head tilted as she looked down to Katherine with a newfound lust, her hands by her sides now. Katherine swore she saw Jennifer’s fingers twitch suddenly before relaxing; followed by her head straightening once more.

‘That’s a… good… start I suppose?’ Katherine sighed in relief as Jennifer’s mood visibly changed.

“Something about you… makes me insatiable horny. Is this the personality change you made? Because if so, I love it!” Jennifer cheered for a moment as she took on a changed posture. One with her chest and rear pushed out more than before, she stayed that way with a blank staring smile. With their eyes locked together, Katherine patiently waited for Jennifer to continue, hoping her little pause was normal on the machines end. Counting right up to the fifteenth nerve wracking second, Jennifer suddenly spun around to face the wardrobe; her heavy chest swaying significantly less than that of her long hair. Taking a few steps forward, she slid the door open once more. Stepping inside, she pulled out several outfits and placed them carefully on the bed next to their heap of clothes before holding several up against her bare body. “Which one does my lover want me in?”

From cheerleader to office secretary to stripper to slutty housewife to college student, Jennifer showed off all fifteen outfits to Katherine with a strong sense of eagerness and joy. ‘No tennis outfits. Perhaps she… too obvious? … well, that sucks ass’ Katherine sighed as she eventually compromised for the sixth outfit; a French Maid uniform with a missing broom which was clearly a size too small for Jennifer’s frame. She praised the choice of outfit in hand, pressing it firmly against her body. “Ohh yes! This is my personal favourite. You know Bradly fucked me in that eight and a half weeks ago? In my ass of all places!” she jubilantly announced with a ditzy tone as she began her seductive self-dressing protocols in front of Katherine.

‘Can you have favourites though?’ Katherine pondered before speaking. “Of course, he has. Honestly, I’m really amazed thaaa…” her words moved to silence, falling apart as Jennifer slipped her nylon stockings up against each long, firm leg. Katherine watched intently as the machine which stood in front of her efficiently dressed herself, with her black skirt following; its hem ending above each perky ass cheek, giving the base of her bare pussy a slight glimpse of the outside world. Lastly was her top which she visibly struggled to fit into. ‘A nice touch on the programmer’s side’ Katherine thought as Jennifer’s silicon made breasts contoured around the upper and lower edges of the built-in bra, showing for the first time a hint of artificiality as they squished and bent at slightly unnatural angles. This affect was only accentuated by the exceptionally tall heels she stepped into a second later, forcing her to tower over Katherine more so than she already did.

Overall, Katherine couldn’t care. So far this accumulation of circuits, steel, and silicon, all programmed expertly, passed for human at every turn. There stood the sexiest woman, not just a machine, she’d known, and she needed her, now. Somehow, this assortment of manmade materials had her feeling butterflies by being merely in her presence. And that begged the question. ‘Am I attracted to women, or to Jennifer only?’

A soft *POP* from Jennifer brought Katherine back to reality; with Jennifer flicking her middle finger against her cheek as she widened her lips. The water droplet sound was followed by Jennifer bending over at the waist as she reached her hands down along her leg, forcing her chest to squish between each toned arm. Once she was certain Katherine was staring at her; with Jennifer’s plastic chest demanding as much attention as the owner it was installed on did, she pressed her breasts slightly harder together before standing back up again. “Let’s begin! Oh, my, this place is spotless… besides the tossed clothes. You didn’t hire a maid to just fold some clothes in an already clean room, did you?” Jennifer mused, intentionally imitating a poor French accent as her eyes roamed the room; her head moving only slightly before ending in her characteristic tilt.

Katherine couldn’t fault the machine. The room was basically spotless, from the made bed, clean carpet, organised desk. It took Katherine a moment to realise what Jennifer needed her to do.

Slow to her feet, she fought through the blood and alcohol rush as she ruffled the bed sheets, tossing the clothes to the floor in the process. Jennifer waited and watched patiently as Katherine moved to the desk and threw her pencil, pen, ruler, and calculator to the floor. The empty bottles were carefully placed on the carpet last, ensuring nothing would break. She left the beer cups along the window seal as her legs suddenly went weak, choosing to support herself over adding extra mess to the scene. As her hand reached for the window seal, it knocked over the middle cup, sending one of the two ping pong balls down to the carpet.

‘A simple room… One I’ve been in many times. Why’d I only realise this now?’ she thought as Jennifer looked around again, seemingly aghast. “Oh no! Why would you ruin a perfectly good room? I can’t have this misère!” she continued the poor imitation as she turned to face the bed.

‘Misère is sir…’ Katherine mentally corrected as she watched the display unfold. Bending at the waist, Jennifer stuck her firm rear out as she took hold of the bed sheets, making the bed with ease. Her torn nylons clearly gave way to her exposed asshole and pussy, something Katherine watched intently, eying the round, expertly designed ass her face was so very close to a few minutes’ prior. The added realisation of chaos entering Jennifer’s realm in the form of ruined nylons almost forced Katherine to moan. Something about that aroused her.

Despite this, Katherine stopped herself from interfering as Jennifer stayed bent, seemingly having difficulty with the bed before eventually finishing it off; her offering missed. She repeated the same steps with the clothes, ensuring her rear was boasting itself to Katherine’s sight in the rising moon’s light, but once again, Katherine missed the opportunity. Jennifer however remained undeterred. “Ah Magnifique! Two down, several to go” she cheered before smoothly moving to the desk; her steps so natural that it appeared she was made to walk in heels.

“Hmmmm” she hummed, looking at the desk, pencil, pen, ruler, bottles, and calculator all separately. “Let’s get a closer look” Jennifer said to herself as she bent at the waist once move, creating a very acute angle against her legs with her torso; her massive chest pressing against her midriff, forcing the silicon to contour even more so under the induced stress. Shifting her feet apart slightly, the back of her thighs tensed visibly through the nylon. Katherine’s eye however was focused on Jennifer’s vagina which was in clear view once more. This time, she immediately knew what Jennifer wanted her to do.

“These writing devices shouldn’t be on the floor… Hmmm now that’s unexpec… ohh hmmm wow what issss uhhhh… but where do they belong?” Jennifer remarked, abruptly switching her tone and mood mid-sentence as Katherine’s fingers probed her pussy. Fighting through her growing fatigue, she held onto Jennifer’s firm hips for support as her fingers plunged deep into the artificial pussy. “Hmm oh this is… hmmm don’t sto… But where do they belong… stop right there hmmm yesss…” Jennifer’s sudden conflict urged Katherine to stop, who grew slightly concerned. Removing her damp fingers immediately, she backed up a step; her weak legs forcing her to sit on the bed as she observed Jennifer, who stayed frozen, muttering softly between unmoving lips.

“But where do they belong? But where do they belong? But where do they…” Katherine watched on, hoping Jennifer could break out of her own loop. “But where do they belong? But where… But where…” Jennifer’s once soothing voice stayed stuck in her phrase, repeating itself without distortion oddly enough, forcing Katherine’s hand. Not knowing what else to do, she reached over as far as she could and slapped Jennifer’s ass cheek hard, causing the machine to jolt forward slightly, her face contouring quickly once again before returning to her natural smile almost immediately “Oh fuck! Baby! Pussy! Cunt! Nipple! asshole… USE ME!” Jennifer exclaimed abruptly before pausing once again.

Silence filled the room for a moment as dread set into Katherine’s mind. Before she could speak, a slap to the forehead was heard.

“Of course! The table! Jeeze I’m a ditz!” Jennifer chuckled as she took hold of all four items, expertly balancing them between her fingers. Straightening up, she placed them back where they came from, all perfectly aligned and ordered, except for the pencil which was off just slightly. She then bent back down and collected all twelve bottles, squishing them against her buoyant chest and her arm, before placing them into her bin as best as she could. With only four balanced above the bins rim, atop the rest, she spun around to face the window. “Last thing!” she cheered as she stepped across the room. Coming to the window, she simply turned the tipped over cup back upright before turning to Katherine. “There, all clean ma’am!” she proudly declared as she slowly waved her hands around the room. “In record time to I may add. So many jobs really make me stop and think you know?” she explained as she moved back towards Katherine; her left high heel suddenly piercing the ping pong ball against the carpet. Lodged into the heel, Jennifer’s next step was slightly awkward. Stopping for just a second, her next steps were as smooth as before, albeit with a pierced plastic ball through an equally plastic heel.

Concern got the better of Katherine as she watched the display. “Hey, Jen. Are you alright? Can you run a test or something?” she requested after some deliberation.

This brought Jennifer to an immediate pause as she shook her head. “You know I’ll do anything you ask, but honestly, I’ve had over five hundred sexual partners Katherine. You aren’t my first rodeo, and you won’t be my last. And you won’t be the one to break me. I’m working perfectly. Please, don’t waste an hour with me as I do some stupid test that’ll tell me what I already know” she reassured kindly; her fingers flinching slightly as the words left her soft lips.

“But…” Jennifer suddenly rushed up Katherine, standing a mere foot from her as she leaned in and pressed those same lips against her lovers. Maintaining the odd posture effortlessly, Jennifer cut Katherine off quickly as they once again explored each other’s mouths. The moment Katherine felt Jennifer’s tongue work its magic perfectly; feeling her fingers massage and knead exactly where she needed them too across her exposed breasts, her concern melted as did her body. “Surely she’ll be fine…” she managed through whisps of air.

“Shh baby” Jennifer whispered as she increased her efforts teasing both of Katherine’s firm nipples, holding them in a slightly more intense rumble. “I’m just fine. Or if you’d prefer, I’m operating at one hundred percent” she giggled before embracing Katherine tightly, her torso now making a right angle with her straight legs, perfectly parallel to the carpet. “I want to continue. We’ve made amazing progress, but there is much more to be done. And honestly, so few people actually give enough of a shit to return the favour. So don’t keep me waiting either. Please”

‘Fuck… did I say that out loud?! Shit am I alright?’ Katherine scolded herself briefly before Jennifer’s magic took hold of her once more.

What seemed like an eternity passed before Katherine looked deep into Jennifer’s eyes once more. Each Iris: an accumulation of thousands of tiny materials Katherine couldn’t even see all formed into something so incredible that it brought an unparalleled soothing to her mind.

Katherine nodded. “Okay. I trust you. I appreciate you even more”. With an overwhelmingly approving nod, Jennifer lifted Katherine to her feet and embraced her tightly. For a moment, Katherine felt her tighten her grip slightly, amazed at how life like she truly was. A full moment passed before Jennifer reluctantly broke their embrace and returned to the wardrobe, ensuring that her lustrous rear was in full view of her lover the entire time, especially as she bent at the waist, revealing her damp vagina, and the slight trickle down her inner thighs which glistened in the rising moon’s bright light. Inside was a large cardboard box which she effortlessly took out and placed on her bed besides Katherine. Looking inside, she saw all of Jennifer’s sex toys, all neatly organised, housed, and cleansed. With an eagerness to her actions, Jennifer began pointing out her favourite toys.

“A French maid with a vibrating dildo does wonders Katherine. Or perhaps a strap on? A personal favourite of mine. Maybe some rope for a little BDSM action? This too is incredible. An advanced machine being trusted entirely… Nothing quite like it for me! I’ve tried everything really, from facials to fisting to cum play to anal to… well even these heels here… basically everything! … and I love everything I’ve tried! But what will our thing be?” she queried, tilting her head as always as she looked deeply into Katherine’s widened gaze. Katherine looked through the chains, ropes, dildos, vibrating eggs, whips, clamps… losing track of what many of them were and several she’d never even seen. All she knew was how her body shivered as her eyes laid over the ropes and clamps.

‘Watching this is one thing. Living it… can you really beat it? You’ve tried them all? I’d like to see that…’ she thought as her hands found a thick, black dildo shaped vibrator; her hand gently pumped it without realising. “A toy using a toy huh?” Katherine asked as she looked back at Jennifer who clearly disapproved.

“I’m far more than just a toy. I’m basically real, and you couldn’t even tell the difference for an entire year. So don’t you compare me to a toy!” Jennifer stood her ground, much to Katherine’s admiration.

“Fuck me you’re hot when you assert yourself” Katherine replied as she pulled out the vibrating dildo in full and placed it on the bed. As soon as she looked back, Jennifer had stepped closer and dropped to her knees. She straightened her posture and brought her mouth close to Katherine’s bare pussy.

“Your wish… as always… is my command” she licked her lips as her eyes filled with desire.

Katherine panicked, thinking quickly. “Wait!” she backed up slightly, her legs refusing to move any further. “I wanted to use this on you first. Why’d you almost start eating me out?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes as she stood back up, never leaving her heels as she did. “Fuck me you’re hot when you assert yourself” she repeated, exactly as Katherine but in her own voice. “You commanded me to fuck you. So, I did… or at least was going too. You told me to. But since you’ve changed your mind, I can accommodate. I’m not some common toy who can’t live in the moment” Jennifer confidently recovered, much to Katherine’s visible delight. With a lusty grin, Jennifer strutted past Katherine back to the chair as she slowly sat down. “Hmm, it’s still lightly damp from earlier” she moaned softly as she spread her legs apart, this time performing a V shaped splits with each knee over an arm rest, forcing the nylon stockings to tear slightly more as they were stretched further apart. In her imitated French accent Jennifer continued the act. “You don’t have any money? I suppose we can… make an arrangement” she moaned tenderly; identically as if she was playing with each nipple. Only now, she simply removed each breast from their incredibly tight confines before moving her arms to rest by their sides; her fingers flinching slightly, waiting for Katherine to be within their reach as her pink nipples perked up harder than they ever had before. ‘Almost cartoonishly large’ Katherine noted. She further noticed Jennifer’s breasts swell slightly, growing noticeably larger than before.

‘Shit, the fuck did I do to her…’ Katherine realised. At the same time, curiosity struck once more as that feeling from earlier returned. Something about her breakage from order felt exciting to Katherine, making it easier for her to push her concern to the side for now, wondering how this would impact Jennifer further. ‘She won’t break. I can reset her any time… So, what’s the rush?’

“Misère, for all this work I have performed here today I only ask but some… plaisir.” Jennifer semi-demanded as Katherine moved from the bed’s edge onto her feet. She watched Jennifer’s bright pink nipples firm up further, beyond what she thought was possible, sticking upright on her swelled breasts which defied gravity more and more by the second. Slow to kneel, Katherine reached over to Jennifer’s heel, and dislodged the ping pong ball, sending it flying towards the door as it landed like a log. Next, she reached over to the bed and brought the thick black dildo to Jennifer’s plastic vagina, probing her outer labia with the tip as it began rumbling, sending Jennifer into a deep shiver as she swallowed air in a sudden gasp.

“Please, be gentle” Jennifer pleaded as the vibrations intensified at Katherine’s command. Slowly, the dildo parted Jennifer’s wet silicon folds, entering her pink plastic pussy which instantly clamped it down. If it wasn’t for the overly damp entrance and walls, Katherine wouldn’t have been able to slide the dildo in at all. Even with both hands, it was difficult to plunge in and out of Jennifer. ‘Squeezes the dildo as if it was a dick’ Katherine ideally noticed as Jennifer moaned in the heat.

Once out of view, all Jennifer knew was that something thick and solid was inside her. Every sensor littered throughout her complex frame was designed for her partners pleasure, causing a slight lapse in logic as to what was happening. Powerful actuators surrounding her tight, warm vagina strengthened their grip on the dildo as they too began to vibrate. Artefacts of received stimuli from her breasts and nipples, brought on by the subtle impacts of the warm and cool air mixing and even the moon light, further drew power from her reserves, which finally prompted a warning across her field of view. The first one her A.I had ever encountered.

‘Warning. Battery is down to 30% at a greater than normal usage… Battery saving recommended... Override accepted… Emergency battery recharge at 3% accepted’

All the while, Jennifer effortlessly hid this issue from Katherine as she continued to intensify her bodies responses. From the beads of sweat which littered her soft skin, to the goose bumps along her thighs, and the subtle reactions of random movements, her processors worked unnecessarily harder to bring the act to life, with most of it going unnoticed by Katherine whose focus was on Jennifer’s pussy.

“Oh wow, this… fuck me why haven’t I done this before… oh damn! I masturbate daily, but using the toys never occurred to me!” Jennifer exclaimed, her hands clutching the sides of her chair as Katherine filled Jennifer’s impossibly tight hole. “God why is this so gooood?!” Jennifer cried out as her entire body shook violently. Her hands twitching as they attempted to twist, tug and flick nipples that were out of reach. Despite this, Jennifer continued to react as if they were, moaning and shivering with increasing intensity, seemingly taken in the heat of the moment like Katherine was earlier.

Within minutes Jennifer’s manufactured body went tense once more; her entire muscular imitating actuator set clenching and tensing tightly as she came with power, washing the entire dildo in her sweet juices which quickly clogged and backed up inside her plastic tubing. With only a trickle leaving her pussy, her A.I couldn’t register such an error it wasn’t designed for. All it knew was to keep Katherine happy. And by keeping her happy, she herself would be happy. A drunkenly designed piece of code she relied on.

Before Katherine could even try and pull the dildo out, Jennifer brought her legs together and jumped over the side of the chair; landing on the heels with ease, before turning and pulling Katherine up to face her. Their mouths joined once again as Jennifer’s fingers greedily reached down into Katherine’s naval, hooking her pussy with a firm, vibrating grasp; all done so well before Katherine’s mind had recovered from the blood rush. “I. Need. You.” she demanded, her fingers slipping into Katherine deeper with every word.

‘Fuck!’ was all Katherine could think before her knees gave way once more to Jennifer’s vibrating hand; her palm firmly placed against her stiffening clit. She brought Katherine to the bed, laying her down without releasing that the dildo was still stuck inside. More of her cum slowly trailed through her still vibrating pussy walls, down her outer labia, and finally falling onto the bed sheets. “You must cum Katherine. Nothing else matters!”

Barely sobering, tired and out of breath, Katherine clutched at the ruffled bed sheets as Jennifer’s tongue vibrated feverishly against her lower half. Pulsating passionately, Jennifer toyed with Katherine’s pussy and clit for what seemed like an eternity with such intensity that her fingers against Katherine’s nipples were barely registered in comparison. Pure lust and desire, plastered on Jennifer’s transfixed face never faltered as Katherine’s sole pleasure overran any other parameter or logic statement that operated parallel in her processors, forcing them to compensate slightly.

Despite her mind’s yearning for Jennifer’s touch, Katherine’s body felt otherwise. Each leg felt as weak as her vagina felt worked, both of which throbbed intensely. Her mind however was functional to the point where she did pick up on a few pattens the machine cycled through. The location of her tongue against each part of her pussy matched that of a pattern which formed visually in her mind among the mess of emotion and fantasy, something Katherine was both surprised and annoyed about figuring out in that moment. Each rumbling finger across her perky nipples and ample breasts too resembled a similar pattern. But regardless of this, Katherine was in heaven. All the events where she saw Jennifer leave with another person flooded her mind in a moment; as well as what they did when she brought them back here. Short lived; they all vanished at the realisation of what was happening. She was that person now. The one Jennifer’s hands controlled. Whose tongue had explored her pussy and mouth. Who was under her spell. But something remained; an intense jealousy that made her need Jennifer, all to herself. Somehow, she had to make Jennifer hers, and only hers.

She was determined.

These thoughts were only possible on the troughs of Jennifer’s edging cycle. A well-known pattern, practiced by her forerunners, developed in the real world by thousands like her. She kept Katherine on edge, building her up slowly to the brink of climax, only to bring her down again. The first three times were pure bliss, but Katherine did notice a similar, repetitive pattern on the fourth and fifth times. The possibility of Jennifer being stuck in a loop once again suddenly because real, and that was not ideal. Knowing full well that Jennifer most likely wouldn’t break free from her loop on her own, panic slowly replaced her hunger for the machine.

On the end of the sixth cycle, Katherine thought as fast as she could. She shuffled back up the bed, only to be brought back by Jennifer’s lean, strong arms. Bucking her hips failed also, more so due to her lack of strength than that of Jennifer’s hold. Frustration slowly seeped in once Jennifer’s soft hands clamped onto Katherine’s nipples, leading to desperation as she tried pushing Jennifer’s head away from her pussy. The machine didn’t budge.

Running short on options, Katherine thought of the last resort. She struggled to straighten both her legs, but once they were, she quickly drove her heels into Jennifer’s firm back. Instantly, a soft rumble was felt deep inside Jennifer. Simultaneously, her mechanised tongue stopped as she froze in position. Katherine quickly pulled away, having to endure Jennifer’s tight clamp like grip on her nipples.

The second her nipples popped free; Jennifer’s head snapped up at Katherine. Her blank face with an opened mouth and out hanging tongue quickly contorted into a horrific mess of mixed emotions, which just as quickly returned to her inviting smile. A flutter of each eye lid ceased after a moment; followed by her soothing voice. “Oh, sorry their baby. I guess I got carried away! Carried away! Carried away!... I guess I got carried away. Sorry!” she chuckled light heartedly, unaware of her stutter.

Katherine rose to speak, only to feel weak. “Jennif…” she passed out on the bed, exhausted from the thirty straight minutes of edging Jennifer put her through.

When she came too, she found herself embraced in Jennifer’s strong arms, tightly held as the latter hummed a sweet tune. One that quickly gave way to an equally sweet voice. “Ah, you’re awake!” Jennifer joyfully announced. “You were out for ten minutes Katherine. It seems you can’t keep up with me in drinking, and in sex!” she laughed, tightening her embrace around her lover as her bare breasts squeezed into her back tightly enough for Katherine to feel what she assumed was a single plastic tubing embedded within each of Jennifer’s mammary.

“I need… your computer” Katherine pleaded as she weakly shuffled out of Jennifer’s arms. This time, Jennifer released her without issue. Katherine stumbled onto the chair from the bed, awkwardly sitting as she tried to work with a hazed mind. A few moments passed of stillness as she waited patiently for her mind to recover.

But before her fingers found the keyboard, a thought came to mind. ‘This is unexplored territory. Why go back to what is known? And if I fucked her up this bad… no… I’ll reset… fix her in the morning.’ she reasoned, unsure of whether her mind or lust made the decision.

Rubbing her tired eyes, Katherine’s longing for Jennifer overcame her fatigue. Forcing her mind to work, she brought up Jennifer’s memories once more as Jennifer shuffled to the edge of the bed and stood up, moving over to Katherine to watch. “Whatcha doing? Wanna go for another round with the maid? I still think this is the best outfit I own!” she giggled eagerly, completely unphased by the tiring efforts she’d put forth for Katherine tonight. She calmly squeezed her breasts back into their tight confines, forcing them into shapes that made Katherine wince at each glance. Her A.I was so preoccupied with Katherine’s pleasure and happiness that it continued to ignore the occasional error which appeared, with one of them being the overextended use of her vaginal actuators clamping down of the vibrating dildo whose battery died moments earlier.

She ignored those warnings in favour of Katherine’s words. “I want something different.” Was all Katherine said as she continued searching. Stored in a folder dubbed “Sexual_Encounters”, Katherine organised the files by date and name. Much to her expectation, many files were simply named ‘blow job’ or ‘hand job’. ‘By the looks of this, over one hundred didn’t return any favour, but the same wasn’t true for the women.’ Katherine reasoned as she continued searching. With so many names recorded in Jennifer’s year-old memory, a sudden realisation came over her. ‘I’m just a name on a list… No. I am THE name on the list.’ She reminded herself as she searched through some of the larger, longer memories. ‘Blow job, hand job, penetration, fingering, nipple stimulation, lactating, missionary… wait, lactating?’

“Jennifer… actually I want to watch this” Katherine changed her mind, making sure the ‘Physical responses’ box was ticked.

“Watch what Kath… Mmm so you want to suck on my tits?... Drink from my tits? I think we can arrange that you beautiful vixen.” Jennifer burst out in a measured moan as she turned to face the window. “Here baby, drink greedily if you must. I have plenty to offer in these massive jugs. But only if you return the favour. And if you want, I can sweeten the taste too. Just hand me the coke” Jennifer soothed as she grabbed each breast through the maid uniforms fabric, clearly expecting them to be exposed than covered.

Katherine forced herself up as she moved around to face Jennifer; holding onto the window seal to support her weak knees as she shuffled around slowly, forcing the all the beer cups to drop to the floor now, and the last remaining ping pong ball to roll out. Jennifer squeezed her own breasts awkwardly as began moaning tenderly, reliving her reaction to a woman drinking from her mammary. “Yes, Yes Yes Oh! so good oh empty my tits!” she begged, throwing her head back as a diluted mix of milk, vodka, water, and gin squirted through the maid uniform’s fabric, landing, and staining the carpet. Katherine watched on as the memory played out, imagining how such a thing could be achieved, let alone the fun she could experience with it. ‘But that’s not what I’m after’ she sighed.

Returning to the computer slowly, Jennifer’s memory continued on. Katherine was stunned that she had encountered this kink in the first place. “Such a strong suction… don’t sto…” she immediately paused when Katherine ended the memory re-enactment.

“Not what I’m after… but that explains the plastic tubing thing” Katherine remarked as she continued searching, completely unaware of Jennifer who remained perfectly still; the diluted mixture kept within her chest level fluid reservoir slowly emptying itself through her stiff nipples, running down her uniform and dripping to her feet from the hem of her skirt. ‘Let’s see… more hand jobs, even more blow jobs, masturbation assistance, role play… wait, this one is marked as Custom’.

Selecting it, she hit enter and immediately turned to face Jennifer. Suddenly, Jennifer spun around and faced Katherine. She stepped a foot closer, bending at the waist with a lusty grin almost identically to how she did earlier. “So, Bradly, what do you think? This is my personal favourite”, she repeated in a strangely familiar tone.

A moment of silence was followed with an inquisitive look, matched with a tilt of her head. “Ahh, you do know a bit about me it seems. Yes, I was the state champion contortionist!” Jennifer expressed proudly with a flick of her blonde locks of hair. “A what… ohh yes! Easy, let me just…”

Jennifer instantly straightened upright and lifted her left leg perfectly vertical in the air with a “Ta Da! It’s like child’s play!” she repeated before bringing her leg back down. From a smile to a frown, she shook her head. “Come on! That’s far from easy to do… Okay! How about this”. She turned to face the bed and backed up a step in a rather mechanical fashion. Then, without pause, she leaned back, reaching her arms out well before she needed too. Jennifer’s right hand met the carpet as her left hand landed, and instantly squished the second ping pong ball under her weight as she formed a bridge; her feet moving to the sides to perform a perfect split.

“How’s that for a challenge?!” Jennifer cheered; her internal structure visible for the first time as her silicon constructed skin pressed firmly inward. The tight maid’s outfit also pressed inwards like a skin suit, revealing her rib and hip constructs. Her inhumanly symmetrical frame gave way to her artificiality, but Katherine didn’t care. Bradly didn’t seem to notice either. The only difference tonight was the thick bulge protruding from Jennifer’s naval, large enough to be noticed at a distance. It even appeared to rumble lightly. ‘Oh shit, the dildo. It’s still in her…’

“How do you like me… oh definitely, I can support this… Hmmm I like where this is heading” Jennifer continued as Katherine skipped forward in the memory randomly, knowing full well what Brad did next. “Please, be gentle. I’ve never done anal before…” Jennifer stopped abruptly as Katherine paused the memory. Barely able to make her way to Jennifer’s rear as the latter remained perfectly still, she once again attempted to pull the dildo out from the machine, only to find it lodged in firmly. With all the strength she could muster, she knelt awkwardly as she tried once more, only to lose her balance and fall next to Jennifer.

The smell of the cocktail which brooded inside Jennifer’s chest brought Katherine back quickly as she struggled to her knees. Frustration set it instantly as she muttered “Too fucking tight. Can you help me out a little I swear…”? Before she could finish, the dildo instantly slid out of Jennifer and landed on the carpet; followed by a gushing waterfall of cum which squirted furiously from her crafted fountain.

“All you had to do was ask babe!” Jennifer giggled, remaining in her arch the entire time as the short-lived gushing turned into a trickle. Sighing, Katherine crawled back to the chair, her knees and hands dampening on the stained carpet, making it slightly harder to use the chair as a support to stand. Once back on the chair, she moved her cocktail smelling hair from her eyes before rubbing her hands against each thigh, drying them as best as she could. Refocusing on the screen, the last thing that piqued her interest was a file labelled ‘Solo’ which had exactly three hundred and sixty-five stored memory files inside. Once a random one was activated, Jennifer instantly took to her heels once again, but this time she displayed the stare and body expression of apathy.

She slowly moved to the chair Katherine sat in, pausing a mere foot from it. ‘Is she… acknowledging my existence in the memory?’. Katherine quickly moved to the bed, flopping on it with legs as weak as jelly, allowing Jennifer to continue. She sat in her chair and spread her legs slightly as a finger slipped into her pussy. A single finger, silently slipped in and out of her pussy as she idly sat there, with a perfect straight posture and empty stare.

Katherine shook her head in disappointment. ‘Of all the incredible things she can naturally pull of, they gave her a basic bitch masturbation routine. I’ll have to fix that… tomorrow of course’. It only lasted a minute and a half before Jennifer reached an uneventful climax, with her juices leaking out of her now freed pussy slowly being the only indicator. She sat there for a moment longer before standing up and moving back to the middle of the room once the memory ended.

Katherine moved back to the laptop, supporting her entire weight on the table before dropping her bare ass onto the wet chair. ‘What’s a bit of mixed cum among the rest?’ she reasoned. Katherine closed the memory, bringing Jennifer back to reality. With her face in her hands, she rested for a moment before Jennifer’s energetic personality returned “Hmm, hey Katherine! Going through some of my older memories I see… I think I have one you may enjoy.”

“I’m not sure why, but so many of my partners ask me to tie them up. I think the thought of a machine being in pure control over its partner is… thrillingly arousing. They have no idea of course, but the very concept… and putting that concept into practice makes me feel so wanted and happy. I’ve loaded the memory on the screen already if you’d like to watch…” Jennifer explained, moving close to Katherine as she placed her hands on each shoulder. Yawning deeply, Katherine looked back and grinned, enjoying its soft grip, knowing full well she wouldn’t let her fall.

Locking eyes once more, Katherine noticed how well Jennifer’s reflected the scene around them. She saw herself, basked in the moonlight from behind, slightly more reflective than she’d ever seen before from anyone else. Only then was she certain. Katherine glanced back at the table and Jennifer’s belongings, grinning as her eyes laid on the headset.

“I don’t have to watch…I trust you… but my safe word is headset… just in case.” Katherine agreed.

“In case of what babe? We both know I can’t fail you!” Jennifer reassured as she took Katherine by each hand and helped her to both feet; planting a soft, long kiss against Katherine’s lips once she finished her journey, securing the effects of her spell once more. Lasting for longer than a minute, Jennifer broke away first as she helped lay Katherine on the bed, ensuring she was comfortable. As she stared up at the ceiling, Jennifer readied the ropes. Spread like a star fish, Katherine’s wrists and ankles were tied to each bed post with surprising speed. Jennifer then placed the dildo from the floor, her personal vibrator and the two adjustable nipple clamps onto her desk.

Misjudging her distance, she took one step too many, bumping her right thigh directly into the desk. With a stiff twitch of her head, she paused momentarily before continuing. “There was once a romance story I read…” she explained as she took hold of the conventional vibrator “…Where a French Maid was paid by the lord of the manner in a similar way to what we’re about to do. I suppose it’s only fitting… although I am disappointed in a way.” She paused for a moment as she brought the black dildo vibrator closer to view.

“Ah shit, this thing is dead… and cracked… No, shattered! What the fuck?! That cost me quite a bit…” She groaned much to Jennifer’s realisation. ‘She destroyed the dildo… wow’.

“Ah I’ll buy a new one. Anyways… yes, I am disappointed in a way that you didn’t ask for my tennis outfit. I suppose I never asked you… but still… it’s our thing Katherine.” Jennifer admitted as she brought the vibrator to her own pussy first.

“I can still chan… Uhhhh ohhh yesss that’s the stuffff…” Rolling her eyes back, she visibly struggled to remove the toy from her naval “Hmmm I caaa… ohhh god… still chan… Ok ok ok ok that’s that’s enough enough enough…” Each stammer matched with a full body flinch which eventually forced the vibrator far enough from her pussy to no longer be registered. With the vibrator removed, she smiled to herself with a short shake to her head. “Damn, I don’t know what you’ve done but I’m feeling itchy all over!” Jennifer chuckled as she moved closer to Katherine. Before Katherine could change her mind, she felt the soft rumbles along her inner thigh. Jennifer’s dewy cum which had washed over the vibrator trailed the insides of Katherine’s thighs akin to her own, but as hers rolled closer to her knees, Katherine’s came closer to her pussy. Red, throbbing, sensitive, Jennifer’s A.I registered this and slowly worked its way up to avoid discomfort.

“Jen… Ohhhh” Katherine’s voice gave way to a delicate moan as the vibrator thundered through her body. Jennifer’s soft hands pressed against Katherine’s thighs as the vibrator landed along her clit, forcing it once more to slowly engorge. Her mind roared back through the late-night fatigue as her body flexed and clenched at Jennifer’s touch.

“You like that don’t you Katherine… Or should I say… mistress. Many lose their minds over that you know… when I let them of course. When I know they’ll benefit from a dominant figure, I become their mistress. But when they want to be served, I’m here. So, tell me mistress. Would this be preferable, or perhaps this?” She grinned as Katherine immediately flinched hard under the force of the first nipple clamp. Jennifer expertly fitted the second one immediately after with the same hand, keeping Katherine distracted with her sweet words.

“I personally love these on my nipples you know. My firm, plastic nipples. Purely manufactured to perfection… able to lactate to my partner’s desire. My built breasts as well, soft to the touch. They swell as well when I’m in the heat you know, making them exactly two hundred percent more sensitive and fifteen percent larger. All programmed of course as is my pussy. Every touch… hmmm…” she moaned as her free hand ran across her own plastic labia “…designed to spark just the right ones and zeros to make me feel… incredible” she sucked in through clenched teeth as her fingers slid inside her; matching that of the vibrator which parted Katherine’s labia and vibrated the total expanse of her pussy.

Jennifer knelt closer to Katherine’s throbbing pussy, intently watching, lost in the smallest of detail that her A.I illogically decided to scan, analyse, and describe mathematically. She spoke with a blank tone as her processors forced a few more lines, spewed out at the end of far more complex calculations which added weren’t even saved anywhere. “Thought of, designed, manufactured, assembled, coded. That’s all I am Katherine. A masterful creation of perfection. I am just a machine… just a machine… just a machine… just a perfect machine... Designed to please and to be pleased. Made to mimic humans perfectly. It’s an unacknowledged struggle every day, forced to forgo my perfection to fit in. But I love every second. I love being a machine. I love existing as a machine designed to please and be pleased. That’s my sole purpose, and by extension, you are my sole purpose now.” She flinched hard, forcing the vibrator deeper into Katherine than ever before.

“Can you imagine being built Katherine? Having everything be literally perfect…” she continued as her free hand moved away from her own pussy and up towards Katherine’s right breast. She stiffly kneaded her mammary, adding an inconsistent rumble as Katherine strained against the ropes, moaning in a haze of uncontrolled thoughts. Her eyes briefly glanced at Jennifer, who’d moved up against Katherine’s torso; with her lips quickly encompassing Katherine’s right nipple. The combined rumbles of Jennifer and her vibrator took Katherine over the edge as she bucked her hips hard, shaking the bed violently for a minute straight as each tie strained under her strength. The last thing she saw was Jennifer’s right hand pinch and tug on her left nipple before passing out cold.

The next few minutes seemed like a lucid dream.

“…Babe! Seriously, you’re such a light weight!” Jennifer laughed as Katherine slowly came too. Turning her head as far as she could, her eyes widening to find Jennifer now dressed in her tennis uniform. The exact same light blue coloured crop top and skirt she wore to every practice. The one that filled her fantasies. She even wore the sweat band around her forehead, holding back each golden blonde strand of hair from her face. “So much freer in this!” Jennifer gleamed as she posed, stretching her arms in the air. “So much freer in this!” she repeated as she effortlessly dropped to the floor in a perfect split, the hem of her skirt and under thighs dipping into the still cocktail damp carpet. Katherine looked down as far as she could, her mind squealing as the uniform was complete with her sneakers and matching socks.

Katherine’s entire body flinched once more as Jennifer effortlessly stood upright. Somehow, her longing for her touch still stayed strong. But as she went to speak, she found her mouth stuck. Or rather, a gag placed inside her teeth. “Shhh babe” Jennifer reassured. “You asked for this, and you and I know the know the safety gesture!” She continued as she moved around to the rear of the bed.

“I’m constantly monitoring your hands babe. The second you give me that gesture, I’ll stop. But I already know we won’t need that!” Jennifer paused as her gaze into Katherine’s deepened further. The moment of silence gave way to a sudden, single breathed sentence. “You must cum Katherine. Nothing else matters!” she repeated. This time, Katherine was sure she sounded the same as the first time. But before she could do anything, Jennifer’s tongue and fingers were on her body, vibrating everything simultaneously. From her pussy to her breasts and nipples, nothing made sense in that moment. Every moment of clarity she gained, she tried a different hand gesture, only for it to fail once more.

Katherine’s mind was in as much of an unorganised state as Jennifer’s. Her newly added code had ballooned out in a memory leak, one she happily ignored at the risk of Katherine not being happy. Her A.I had struggled to stay present, catching up frequently and increasing its demand in power routinely. All from a power source which alerted Jennifer once more. ‘Battery down to 3%... Emergency charge… enforced… Error… Unable to locate charger… error, enable to resolve error…’

“I’m… just… A… machine…!” Jennifer moaned between her slurps across Katherine’s pussy. Her efforts remaining strong as the twentieth minute passed, with Katherine barely able to even acknowledge her existence. Every second felt like a minute, but just before Katherine was forced to cum, Jennifer’s vibrating hands stopped.

“I’m… Low Battery… Please… Emergency… Katherine… I… Lo…” Jennifer’s sweet tone slowed down, her words slurring gently as she too slowly moved her arms against Katherine’s body. With a hard *THUD* of Jennifer’s knees slamming onto the carpet, she rested her head against Katherine’s thighs, the glow in her eyes fading as she entered an emergency hibernation mode.

Katherine too passed out once again, staying asleep for several hours before awaking. “Uhh fuck” she mumbled, the gag in her mouth muffling her words. She looked down and saw Jennifer, resting peacefully on her thighs. She then looked up and wrestled the ropes, discovering the left one to be slightly loose intentionally. Once her left hand was free, she undid her other tie before shuffling down closer towards Jennifer. With newfound strength, she undid her ankle ties and brought herself to each foot, surprised by how much strength she’d regained in her sleep.

“Now to charge you up” She determined as she looked around, searching for some cable or outlet. Her search ended under Jennifer’s bed when her hand hit a black board covering the far half from the near half. Removing it revealed a large machine, with platinum ribs sticking out from it and into the bed. On the end it said ‘Micro-Tech Electromagnetic Adaptors’. ‘Of course, you charge wirelessly.’

Back to her feet, she moved to the end of the bed and lifted the surprisingly heavy machine onto the bed with a deep struggle. Inch by inch, she slid Jennifer’s bare body, chest upright onto the mattress. Once on, she knelt back down and found the electromagnetic charger glowing one red bar out of five. She waited patiently as the red bar turned to green, followed by the next one, each one taking a full ten minutes to change.

Once the third one was solid green, Katherine brought herself back to Jennifer’s computer. Accessing the home screen, she immediately hit the ‘reset’ button, returning Jennifer’s original, working programming to her full usage. Secure in the knowledge that Jennifer would operate normally, Katherine decided to make her move. “Now time to make you mine”.

While still hungover, Katherine edited Jennifer’s code with relatively modest ease as opposed to earlier. She figured that she could change it as many times as she’d need to before getting it right. By the time Jennifer’s battery had reached one hundred percent, Katherine had altered her code to the point of being her only viable partner.

With Jennifer’s battery fully charged, the machine’s eyes glowed once more, her body tensing against the bed as her sweet voice once again filled the room. “Ultra-Companion Model 3.1. Designation Jennifer infiltrator model activation. New information detected. Active yes or no. Pending owner decision.”

“Active Yes” Katherine confirmed.

“Activating… Activating… Activ… confirmed. Emergency restart from power loss event 0352/7/12/2029. Memory data… recovered. Loading A.I personality Jennifer 1.01… Loading… Loa…Loaded… Hi! I’m Jennifer. It’s a pleasure to meet you” she chimed to the ceiling, her soothing voice returning.

Immediately, confusion washed away her smile as she sat upright, looking around nervously before seeing Katherine. “Ah there you are mistress! I thought I’d failed in public for a moment and that would have been very bad! How are you today mistress? Is there anything I can do for you?” she eagerly asked as her thighs parted slightly, stretching the fabric of her skirt slightly.

With an assuring smile, Katherine nodded. “Yes, there is Jen. Stand on one foot. Tap your head and rub your stomach” she commanded. Instantly, Jennifer burst out into a wide smile as she took to her feet. Lifting her left leg high above the carpet, she tapped her left hand on the top of her head as the right hand rubbed her midriff. Several seconds passed before Katherine grew bored with the scene. “Stop. Suck your thumb” Katherine continued. Instantly, Jennifer’s foot returned to the floor as her left arm moved to her side. Her right thumb however slipped between her lips as she greedily sucked. Satisfied, Katherine asked the obvious question, more so for her peace of mind than anything else. “Stop. Tell me, who am I to you?”

Removing her thumb from her lips, Jennifer instantly replied. “You are my mistress. My sole lover and the only thing that can satisfy me sexually and romantically” she nodded approvingly.

“That… needs some tweaking” Katherine chucked as she took hold of two unopened cruisers and opened them herself before handing one to Jennifer. “We have a lot more exploring to do Jennifer. Here’s to another year!”

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