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Jamie parked her Lamborghini right wheels on sidewalk, not even bothering to drive into the mall’s garage, not paying much attention to the passers-by. There was an audible squeak of gears and brakes as she stopped. She tossed a glance at paper and plastic bags at the back seat of her SUV, and reached for her purse. Just one glance at the car mirror was enough - she puckered her lips covered with pink lipstick and seductively smiled at herself. Wonderful.

She jumped out into hot California sun, dressed in a simple pink halter top and a pair of short cut-off jeans, exposing her perfectly flat stomach. Nonchalantly, she waved her pink handbag and marched into the Tiffany’s jewelry store.

Inside, she looked expectantly, lowering her sunglasses. “Helloooo?! Important customer here?!” she intoned with her best pretentious accent. No one answered. Jamie realized that the sales ladies were mostly busy… with a foreign-speaking group of women.

“Ughhh!” Jamie waved her arms. “For fuck’s sake!” From her handbag, she pulled out a wallet - and from it, a shiny, jet black credit card, waving it around. When that resulted in little response, Jamie walked over to the counter and pushed aside a middle-aged customer. “Move over, Euro-trash!! A real American customer here. A PAYING one.”

“Ma’am, I’m serving this lady at the moment”, a tired, dark haired sales assistant protested. Jamie looked at her name tag. Olivia. “Would you kindly wait a moment, please?”

“Oh, no, no, no, no NO. I’m not gonna wait for like a dozen illegal aliens to pick the best ear-ring off. You’re going to serve me now, then you can speak German or French to these old matrons.”

“Ma’am! I must insist, this is Tiffany’s! We pride ourselves on the best customer service available, but this lady came in first…”

Jamie waved her black credit card in front of Olivia’s face. “Do you even KNOW what this little piece of plastic means? Do you even KNOW who the fuck am I? I could have you fired at any moment, so shut up and let me browse the goddamned diamonds!”

Olivia closed her eyes and counted to three. “Ma’am, please, go on browsing, we have catalogued, I’m very nearly done with…”

Jamie smirked. In that very second, her wireless connection established a link with the cellular network, while her higher personality protocols quickly composed an insulting, vicious, somewhat misspelled and full of CAPITAL LETTERS e-mail. It took her processors another second to resolve the SMTP and confirm that the e-mail was in fact, read. The mail got into Tiffany’s regional manager - who was well aware who was the owner of a heavily modded fembot KK-6, known as Jamie DeVere. It took him a considerably longer time to write an e-mail… and then forward it. But then again, he had no advantage of Jamie’s 4 yottabyte processors.

Jamie used this time to calmly put her credit card back in her purse, and pull out a stick of chewing gum. She sure as HELL wouldn’t buy anything from Tiffany’s now.

The other customer was, indeed, taken care of quite quickly, and Olivia, well trained, smiled radiantly at Jamie. “I’m very sorry for the delay, ma’am… But now we have all time in the world.”

“Nope!” Jamie smirked again. “You got your cellphone? Check it, bitch.”

“Ma’am?” Olivia looked puzzled. “I could serve you now.”

“Bitch, you’re not serving anyone soon. See for yourself.”

The store manager ran to Olivia and discretely pulled her away from Jamie, who nonchalantly leafed through the catalogs. The salesgirl looked at her phone screen incredulously.

“You!”, Olivia’s eyes opened wide.

“Yep.” Jamie grinned. “This blonde bombshell is one of the most developed gynoids in this city. Fired by robots. Since we’re both leaving this shithole forever, you can hold the door for me.”

“I… You… Do you even know what this job meant for me you dumb machine!? Jesus, no wonder… Oh Lord.”

Jamie shrugged. “Why do you assume I’d care? It’s not even that I’m programmed to not care. It’s just… my advanced AI does not really care about caring about caring about you.”

Olivia narrowed her eyes. “So I’m fired starting now. So hey, robo-girl. Guess what, I don’t work here anymore. Guess what’s the worst thing that could happen to me if I do this.”

Olivia reached for Jamie’s belly-button - pierced with a diamond pin. With a click, she opened a stomach panel… with the elastic, tanned cover falling on the ground.

“Stop it! Hey! My owner…”

“Your owner will briefly lose access to an expensive toy. I bet he or she could replace you in any time, you plastic bimbo.”, Olivia muttered as she randomly slid her hand across Jamie’s controls and switches. "What? You'll just be fixed and free to destroy someone else's life."

“Stop... “ Jamie twitched her stiffening neck. “You don’t…” her body jolted again. “It’s.” Her knees gently gave in and the blonde started to collapse. “That’s not over… Bitch, I’ll fin… I’ll find… I’m not… not over…”, Her chewing gum fell on the floor… and Jamie followed, face down.

Olivia smirked, picked up the gum and stuck it in Jamie’s hair.

“Not over? I don’t think so.”

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