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Olivia eyed suspiciously her new date. Donny was reasonably handsome, his life seemed interesting enough, but his choice of venue was odd… Olivia wasn’t the clubbing type and she was now stuck for over an hour in a line for a major nightclub. She was nervous - and even thought that maybe this was what Donny was counting for. She let go of his hand and reached for her cell phone. They were about fifteenth in line for the bouncer to consider letting them go…

Olivia’s musings were interrupted by a massive Lamborghini SUV parking on the sidewalk, wheels squeaking. After a long while, a perfectly poised, tall blonde jumped out, flickering through her long hair, delighting in the attention of a small group of paparazzi - though honestly, most of them backed off after a few shots, shooting only out of reflex at anyone blonde enough.

“Oh God…” Olivia realized. “It’s SHE.” The blonde was Jamie, a pushy and loud-mouthed valley girl fembot that cost Olivia her last job at Tiffany’s. Despite - or maybe because of - her artificial origins, Jamie was utterly convinced to own everything in her nearest vicinity. Olivia stepped back, hiding behind Donny, avoiding Jamie’s notice.

Jamie popped a chewing gum, and looked with disdain at the throng of paparazzis getting away from her. She might not be a major celebrity… yet. Passing the line, as if she hasn’t noticed it, she approached the door… just to be stopped by a massive, burly bouncer, throwing her off-balance. Jamie lowered her sunglassed, and looked at the man disappointed.

“Excuuuuse me! Do you even KNOW who the fuck am I?” Jamie started off.

“No ma’am.” The guy answered. “Are you on the guest list?”

Jamie stopped for a second, emitting a barely audible beep. Her personality protocols told her to insist; but the agenda she had planned for the night conflicted with her usual self. Luckily for her, she was not under stress, and could calculate a decent solution…

Which was a sudden smile and a reach into her purse.

“Well I might not be… but President Franklin and his four twin brothers are!” Jamie pouted, trying to be cute, and tried to slide her hand into man’s pocket. He sighed and nodded, taking the money. Jamie, twirling her butt, disappered inside.

Olivia just sighed silently. Maybe they’d find a different club?

About twenty minutes later, though Olivia and Donny could enter the club. Donny wanted to dance from the start, though Olivia wanted to relax at the bar. This wasn’t going well. Olivia wasn’t too keen on actual dancing, but she did enjoy alcohol and it was nice to get out once a while.

Olivia looked for the blonde bot concerned that she might recognize her, but Jamie was nowhere to be found, maybe she boobed her way into a VIP room? Good. Olivia sipped her drink and turned back to find Donny.

Jamie was of course, sprawled comfortably on a bar stool, leaning her back on the actual bar, and chatting up Donny… who, to the enraged Olivia seemed way too much fascinated with the blonde. There probably was a better way of solving this, but Olivia stopped caring.

“Hey! You! Bimbot! Remember me?”

Jamie turned slightly to her, and smiled, showing her perfect, pearly white teeth. “Can’t say that I do, sorry, but I don’t remember all the little people.” She turned back to Donny. “Do you know her, hun?”

Olivia sighed and turned back. She didn’t like it here anyway…

“Yeah, run, bitch!”, Jamie giggled. That was it. Olivia turned in place. No robot would tell her what to do.

“Shut up! I kicked your plastic ass before, and I’ll pound you again, if you don’t shut up!”, she screamed, just as the ambiance level in the club dropped slightly. Jamie chuckled. “Kick my butt? I don’t think so, sister. But please…”


Olivia’s uppercut hit Jamie straight in the jaw… and with the sudden click blonde’s facemask flew off, revealing a mass of plastics and small, twirling cogs, with white eyeballs still stuck in the middle.

“My~trrtk~face! my beautiful~beautiful~face!”, Jamie cried, her electronic voice starting to glitch. Olivia finished her drink, put it on the bar near Jamie’s body, jolting with invisible electric charges, and disbelieving Donny, and left, smiling.

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