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I’ll start by writing that this is not a diary entry. This will read more like the work of fiction. Hell, I still don’t believe it. I have to write it down though so I can read it and try to figure out what I’ve been through. This isn’t the future that I am writing about, and that is why I am still trying to recover from this. A few hundred years from now, I could have understood what happened. Today though - no way in hell. Fuck, but it happened.

I’ll start by writing that I was reading a forum similar to this one. I had a gentleman, I guess we’ll call him that for now, as what he is I am still figuring out, wrote to me via a pm and asked me questions about modeling. He wanted to know about my fembot fetish, the fact that I am bi, and asked me crazy questions like how I’d like taking photographs of parts of me I wouldn’t have even thought about, orifices like the curvature of my nostrils. I’ve been asked to take pictures of me before, but nostrils? What kind of kook have I started a discourse with? He said those things are needed for detail, and that of course those things would be needed by an artist such as himself since those things are not usually found in common photographs of models. He tried to explain to me that it was all necessary for the type of art he does.

Then he took the next step. He asked to meet with me. I know what you must be thinking, this guy is a predator; the rebirth of Jack you know who. Yeah, that’s what I thought too. He tried to set me at ease though. We’d go to a public place and he’d also bring a female friend of his so everything was safe. The clincher though was the money. He said he’d give me 250 GBP just for meeting him at this public place and 1000 GBP to do a one day photo shoot where anything goes. If it didn’t work out, I could keep the 250. Yes, I am a model and usually the pay is great, but lately, the shoots have been few and far between. Besides, wouldn’t you be a bit curious? Curious I am, but I’m not stupid. I packed my mace (who says a diamond is a girl’s best friend?) in my purse and for good measure took the closest weapon that doesn’t look like a weapon handy, a sharp metal letter opener. Since this was a modeling job, and artists are guys too, I’d have to sell myself a little bit. We all do it in all interviews; this is no different. I admit I didn’t wear a conservative outfit. A loose blouse with a sweater and a too short skirt to show off my legs basically blanketed my body. It was almost like I didn’t have anything on at all. I liked it.

A meeting place was decided. We were going to meet at Ed’s Diner. It’s a small joint in the Soho province of London. We were to meet at 8pm, and I had to admit the darkness of the night, what with the neon that lit up the Americanized fast food joint, on the way up there with the dangerous element of meeting these two strangers almost had me high tailing it back to my apartment. The whole point of the place was to be there with people. Hell, I didn’t think much about the time of day we were meeting, did I? Everyone was heading home! The place though was open for another hour. I had a description of him, blonde hair with a light cyan jacket with a gal in a previous century hair style with a tight just below the knee black skirt and an off white blouse and dark business type over jacket.

I found them. They weren’t sitting at one of the stools at the bar, but at one of the few booths which I prefer as they have better back support, and I was wearing a short skirt. Crossing your legs is only comfortable for so long. He got up, and said his name is Rob, and reached out his hand. I presented mine. He grasped my hand with a firm shake. He looked to be in his mid thirties, fairly good looking, though not especially memorable. By the time he let go, his friend got up and said that her name is Rachael, Rachael Sing.

“Rachael?” I asked her after I had a glimpse of her. Rob caught my quizzical expression. He had to know that as a person who has an interest in female androids, the resemblance was uncanny. This was much more than a coincidence. He smiled, as if he had this as a surprised all planned out.

It was Rachael, however, that responded with a bit of a glib smile, “Do live sheep dream of androids?” I swear to you to this day, she is a perfect match for Sean Young. Her hair done up in the same way as the movie, though the outfit had a more modern look than turn of the century outfits the character wore. If Ms. Young had an identical twin, this person would be much deader on. Her voice had exactly the same American inflection. She even had that smile down pat - she was giving it to me at that very moment! I caught myself with an open jaw and closed it, thinking to myself how rude I was being, just gawking at her.

Rob tried to save me, “Don’t you love that flick? I have an explanation.” He gestured at the table to me, “Have a seat.” I sat down while he waited for me to finish sitting so Rachel would follow. When she did, he took his seat opposite us.

Rachael and I were close, and I noticed that her leg had gently settled and touched mine. Both of our legs were naked. I could tell neither of us was wearing hosiery. I shifted my leg away from hers so they were no longer touching in a self-conscious move. Rob began to speak, making me forget for the moment our touch.

“First things first. I’m sorry, if I don’t do this now, I’ll most certainly forget,” he said, leaning a bit and his left hand reaching into his back pocket. He pulled out a wallet and thumbed out some cash and laid it on the table.

If I wasn’t embarrassed before, I was now. I took the cash and stashed it in my purse determinedly, though not hurriedly.

Both Rob and Rachel had their hands on the table. Rob seemed a bit nervous, you could tell by his mouth turning from a smile to an expression of uncertainty, but Rachael, it seemed could have been having these types of meetings every day for years the way she acting so calm. Myself, I was meeting basically a fantasy of mine and if I knew I was going to meet Sean Young’s doppelganger, would have done it for free.

Rob spoke up, a bit more nervous now, “Her appearance I know is difficult to explain. It is necessary though to show you her first so you will be able to believe something a little more difficult for you to accept.” I looked at Rachael, then Rob. I gave my best, “What gives?” expressions.

Rob continues, “For the last few months a time machine has been in use in London by a prominent scientist. I don’t know if you know anything about physics, but by this year most people who read the papers know that time travel is possible, though not probable. It is only possible to travel back in time to the point that the machine was invented. Once it starts and keeps running, it is possible to go to the point of its inception. Once such machine has been in operation, it becomes, well, not simple, but very possible to travel back. That’s what I and Rachael here have done. You see, the internet has changed much in our time. I was able to go back and write to you, a much simpler process than showing up here physically, and much less painless through your equivalent of and its way back machine. Then when we were able to set up a meeting, we took the time to figure out and get here to your time.”

I was beginning to feel more than uneasy at this point. He was beginning to speak gibberish to me. If I had thought this guy was a kook before, I thought he was a nutcase at this point. I asked, “What are you after?”

Rob shifted uneasily and Rachael looked expectantly at him. He replied, “Pretty much what I was asking through the forum. I thought though that you’d like to do it with Rachael here.”

I had enough and said so. I started to shift my weight in the direction of Rachael as an indication that I wanted out of the booth.

“Hear me out. I know this is hard to believe. Your fantasy was to make love to a woman robot, an android, what you’ve been calling a fembot, right?”

“Yeah, but…” I began to protest. I really wanted out.

Rob’s expression became one that was tight lipped, glanced around as if to see that the coast was clear, nodded at Rachel. She turned to me. She gave me another quick smile. Despite the circumstances, I felt the need to smile back. I didn’t think this her fault. She then opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue about a quarter the way out. Then something quite amazing that I could never have imagined and still find hard to believe, even with everything else that was demonstrated to me later. Another tongue came out as far as the first. It was the same size and identical but upside down from the other. She gently took my hand gently; I let her, more stunned than anything else. She curved all of my fingers back except for my index finger with her hands. She brought the remaining finger to her mouth with one hand. I was now more curious than afraid. Who could be afraid of Sean Young, the sexiest fantasy woman that ever lived? Her tongues wrapped my finger completely like only two tongues could and she moved my finger with her hand gently back and forth, the warmth from her saliva (was it artificial?) cooling as it withdrew and warming as it went back in.

Rob must have noticed what was going on, and I was then just wondering how hard he must have gotten watching what we were doing. I flushed. Rachael at that point withdrew my hand and covered her mouth while she closed it. I must admit, I had gotten a bit overwhelmed and felt my warm juices between my legs begin to seep into the cotton of my panties. He spoke up, “Coming up with the money wasn’t easy, not when such money exists from the time I come from. But I really do need a model for us to work on the latest production model. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that Rachael is indeed a replicant.”

I was feeling a bit woozy by this time. I protested, “But how?”

It was Rachael this time who explained, but more than that, calmed me. Her leg once again touched against mine. She took the finger of her right hand, and gently ran it from my knee to the inside of my leg, ignoring the skirt completely. It was a touch like I haven’t felt before. It wasn’t so light that it was a tickle, but wasn’t so firm as to be rough. It was a sensual touch that I felt now that only she could perform. She did this while explaining to me some things about herself, “I was not designed for pleasure as it is only one of my many attributes, just as you were not born to model. Rob is simply helping me as a human. As Rob told you, my name is Rachael Sing. Sing stands for Singularity. I am the first android to be able to construct more androids, only better. However, I still need the help of an artist, like Rob, for certain creative aspects and to better progress the human form. After all, we are made in mankind’s image to serve them, and that will never cease. He has picked you because you seemed the best choice. You are a model with a near perfect body and have no issues with working closely with a robot, since you dream about making love to them. Woman in our time have a skin problem caused by genetics that makes it necessary for us to visit you. Your skin can also help us cure the problem that faces our women.”

I hesitantly put my hand on Rachael’s inner thigh, trusting her. It felt warm to the touch. My palm grew warm as it stayed there, her arm over mine, still stroking me. I felt hypnotized, this was all so surreal.

Rachael’s deep eyes looked into mine, hypnotically; it seemed as if she wanted me through those eyes. Her pupils grew large; though I saw a reflection in them I wouldn’t see in a human’s. In a gentle, loving voice, she spoke again, “Want to see something else I can do? I think you’ll end up enjoying this trick much more.”

I nodded, numb with shock and ecstasy at the same time. Her hand was inching toward my lips and my legs started to spread apart, it was almost unconscious, but I had no resistance to her. I was so hers.

She looked at Rob, then around, and indeed, the place had been cleared out, the waitress who was at the booth a moment ago gone back to the kitchen. She opened her mouth again, and then the two gorgeous tongues came out again though her sensuous lips. This time, however, the head of a penis poked out between them. She quickly retracted all of this then closed her mouth and looked at Rob.

Rob explained proudly, “That was modeled after mine. There is one down below that retracts as well. There both pieces of equipment down there, vagina and penis. To tell you the truth, I am a purist and use only the feminine equipment, but I thought you might like it.”

I could only nod, I felt stupid in retrospect at my reply, “I am bi.”

Rob smiled and took Rachel’s free hand on the table, said, “I know. When do we start?”

To be continued?

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