In Just Seven Days...

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In Just Seven Days...


I sat there drinking in lonely silence, despite the speakers blasting music to all corners of the room, forcing everyone to raise their level of voice just to hear each other. All around me youthful men and a few women partied, drank, talked, and played. But like me, it was all tinged with an air of melancholy.

The Mana Bar was closing down, for good this time.

The owner, Mike, was a longtime friend. I was there the day his bar opened, and I was there the day it closed. It was as much a regular fixture in my life as I was in it. Every day I’d spend my evenings there drinking, socializing, and just enjoying the presence of like-minded people.

It was a great place, always crowded. Gamers would fill the bar every night of the week to drink and play games on towering gaming stations located throughout it. Large screens projecting the latest eSport tournaments would regularly gather crowds as fans cheered and jeered. Nerds and geeks from all walks of life would gather for the many social events from cosplay to anime to gaming and robotics. They were even sponsored by a local gaming development company until they were bought out by a bigger one and moved across the country.

So why in the world was Mike closing the store? Well, I asked but his answers were always vague.

“I just need a break” he explained to one of the many disappointed patrons next to me. “We’ve been here for 5 years, but it’s time for me to move on.”

“Then why not just sell it? I’m sure someone would want this place” the bespeckled teen boy shrugged.

“The business model is to niche for investors.”

Regardless, he claimed he tried to sell it, but it was too hard convincing anyone it was a good investment. By this time next month, this place was probably going to be converted to yet another nail salon. It was a real tragedy.

“Sorry sir” the young lady cosplaying as a sexy french maid apologized as she bumped into me carrying a tray of drinks. She turned around to look at me. “Oh, it's you, Toby! I didn’t see you there. I was hoping you’d make it today. How have you been?” She giggled. She struck a cute pose with one hand on her hip and holding a tray full of drinks on the other.

She was a cute frail-looking girl, whose large chest and wide hips didn’t match the rest of her, but gave her plenty of attention. Her rich brown hair was tied back into a braided ponytail and rested on her shoulder, just reaching the top of her cleavage. Her french maid dress was short and frilly, and very cute on her, and she wore knee-high white socks but no stockings, flashing plenty of her thighs. Despite her smile, her bright brown eyes with just a hint of green in them gave her a slightly hollow feeling, like she wasn’t quite all there. Freckles covered her face and neck adding to her charm and making her a regular draw at the bar.

“Doing great, Anne” I smiled. “You’re looking good as always.” I complimented with a smile, which apparently distracted her, causing her to tilt the tray as she fiddled with a stray strand of hair. She was always quick to swoon. I stood up and quickly grabbed the fullest glasses from the tray before it spilled, helping her balance her tray. “Careful,” I cautioned. She panicked and snapped out of it, grabbing the tray to balance it.

“Oh god… Thank you,” she grinned as she stabilized the tray with both hands. Thanks to the huge crowd, we were more than just brushing against each other, and there was obvious tension in the air. “I- uh… I don’t know what I’d do without you here all the time” she added, slowly backing herself away from me so her chest was no longer pressed against mine. She started looking down at my feet, her cheeks flushed. “I'm such a clutz” she admitted. “I’m glad you showed up. I was hoping to see you one last time. Oh, thanks.”

I put the drinks carefully back on the tray and smiled back. “Always happy to help my favorite waitress.” She smelled like sweet perfume and I had to fight to keep myself from poking her down below. “How could I not show up to see you one last time?”

Anne blushed. “I… uh… I wish we could have... “ she cleared her throat. “Um… I wish we had more time.”

“I know I’ll miss seeing your pretty face everyday” I flirted.

“Oh, Toby! Stop!” She flustered as she shifted her weight and coyly tilted her head looking at me. “You’re such a tease!” I was the tease? She’s the one that would flirt and chat and giggle but never let me even touch her hand. But I knew why.

“Anne! The table is waiting!” Mike shouted at her.

Anne panicked and straightened up, turning to leave but hesitated before giving me a slight curtsey and vanished into the crowd to deliver the order. I sat back down, watching her as she headed toward the tables in the back, realizing too late that I let out an audible sigh. Maybe no one heard in all the noise around me.

“I heard that’ Mike grinned, his pearly whites shining brightly in contrast to his deep black skin, as he leaned over the bar and pushed another beer before me.


“You like her, I can tell” he smiled pulling an empty glass back to the sink behind the bar. “What did I tell you about hitting on my staff?”

“Hey, this is my last chance! Besides, everyone likes her! With a chassis like that she’s every horny teen’s wet dream.”

“Well, she is very-… Ch-chassis?” he chuckled nervously. I glared at him for a good ten seconds until his smile faded. “You… you knew? For how long? Was it that obvious?”

I shrugged. “She had me fooled for the first few months, but… she’s definitely a bot.”

He rubbed his hand down his face. “I tried so hard to-”

“Really? You named her Anne. Anne Droid. Seriously?”

He blushed, which was something for a man with such rich dark skin. “No one ever asked her last name before… It wasn’t her original name. No one was supposed to know-”

“I’m sure everyone else here has no idea. She’s really good. If a little slow.”


“When was her last upgrade?”

“Uh…5 years ago” he groaned.

I whistled. “And maintenance?”

“Just the software updates I run in the back room at night.”

“She’s definitely in need of a major upgrade, and probably some repairs.”

He eyed me. “You sure know a lot of robots like her, don’t you?”

“It’s… a hobby” I explained. More like a dream. I've never owned or built an android before, they were too expensive, but I loved them and read about them all the time! I studied how they worked through blogs and videos and even books! I was saving up for my own someday. In fact, I had a good amount already set aside but was too nervous and indecisive to take the plunge. But in all honesty, anyone would have known she needed more maintenance than she was getting. She walked funny, her voice sounded off sometimes, she was more clumsy than she should be, and sometimes she’d take a long time to respond to someone.

“I see.”

I took a sip of my beer and enjoyed the local brew hitting the back of my throat. Mike looked between us and thought to himself while staff and customers buzzed around us.

“So what’s going to happen to her?” I asked. “You know... when the bar is closed?”

He grunted and scratched his immaculate short hair. “Sell her, give her away, I can’t keep her.”

“Why not? She’s amazing, even if she is outdated.”

He shrugged. “Just can’t. In fact, she’s the real reason I can’t sell this bar to someone.”

“What do you mean?” I asked as I took another gulp.

“She’s property, company property, and she’d have to stay as part of the business. But no one who made any offers was… right for her. They were… let’s just say bad for her well-being.”

“Well just sell her to someone else” I suggested.

“And who wants to buy an outdated android like her?” He had a point. “No one was interested except scrappers looking for parts. And I ain’t gonna trash her either.”

She rushed passed us to input an order into the computer and then darted back out to deliver food to another table.

“She sure seems important to you.”

“Well she used to be” he sighed. “She’s worked so hard and has done more than I ever asked of her. She deserves better.”

“Just sell the bar and donate her somewhere. There are plenty of charities that take androids. Everyone loves this place!” I pleaded.

“I- I can’t just abandon her.”

“Then take her with-”

“I can’t!” he barked. I sat up and realized I probably pushed him too far on the issue. I was drinking after all.

“Sorry, Toby” he apologized.

“No, It’s my bad.”

I took another gulp and finished the glass. It wasn’t the strongest beer around, but it was damn good.

“‘Nother beer?”

It was my last chance. Why not? I nodded, “Sure.”

He nodded and got me a fresh glass. He definitely had some history with Anne, even if he never talked about her around me. Seriously, in all the years I’ve come here, no matter how much I flirted with her or asked him about her, he never talked about her until now.

“I’d take her off your hands” I murmured before taking a gulp. The bar was loud enough he didn’t hear me.

“Listen, Toby” he began as he poured a drink for another customer. “I know you’ve… had your eye on her for a while.”

“Who hasn’t?”

He nodded. “Yeah, but none of them are any good for her. You though… you’ve always been good to her. And she…” he shook his head. “Hearing you talk about robots… I’m thinking…”

“Yeah?” I said as I swallowed the ice-cold liquid.

“How would you like to care for her? Own her?”

I spat out my drink and started coughing. It took almost 2 minutes of gagging and chest pounding to get any words out.


“I don’t want to pressure you into it or anything. I don’t know what your private… situation is like, but if you can be good to her…”

“Of course! I’d… oh my god! Yes! I would love to have her!”

Mike sighed in relief smiling. “That’s a load off. But… there are some conditions.”

“Conditions? Like what? Is she expensive?”

“No no no. I don’t need the money, she’s a gift. A going away present. I’ll erase any sensitive data she has, but other than that you get her as is.”

I nodded. “Sure!”

“You can upgrade her, repair her, do whatever, but don’t scrap her or sell her! I need your word on this. I want her to be happy and cared for, and not wind up in a junk pile.”

“Of course! I swear!”

“And I don’t want to know what you do with her. Seriously, just be good to her, but don’t tell me anything. And don’t bring her around.”

“Um… okay…” I answered, questioning his motive.

“And finally, no questions asked. Don’t ask about anything. After you take her, she’s yours. You didn’t get her from me.”

“Is she stolen?” I wondered.

Mike looked shocked. “What!? No! No no no. Nothing like that. It’s all legit. I swear! But you can’t go around talking about her. Alright?”

“Is she going to put me in danger?”

“No. I don’t owe anyone, she isn’t stolen, she has no secrets, it’s just a personal thing. Seriously” he assured me.

I shrugged. “Alright then. I’ll do it.”

“Great!” he grinned and poured me a scotch, and one for himself. “Maybe there’s hope for this after all. Cheers!”

I waited outside in the cold for almost an hour, more than a little tipsy, before the back door of the building finally opened. It was almost 3 am, and the Mana Bar was officially closed for good. Unless this little transaction changed his mind. Mike emerged with Anne following closely behind. She was wearing her regular waitress outfit, a black polo with a mid-thigh pencil skirt. In her hands, she carried a small bag with what I assumed her a few of her clothes or something.

“Good, you’re here” Mike grinned. Anne looked down at the ground before her, clutching the bag.

“Of course!” We shook hands and embraced in a half hug. Who knows when, or even if, we’d meet again?

“Thanks for being there for me all these years man! It’s been a real honor.”

“The pleasure was all mine. This place, and you, will be sorely missed. I don’t know what I’ll do every night now.”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something” he grinned.

He reached back and guided Anne closer. She shuffled along, shy and silent. “And here she is. I cleared out all her data about the business and… a few personal things. I’ve also cleared her registration. All you need to do it register her and charge her up.”

“Hi, Anne” I waved. She stared ahead without responding at all.

“She’s in maintenance mode right now and will only listen to simple commands. It’ll make it easier to register her. She’s got some of her outfits and charging cables too.” Mike explained. “Remember my conditions, and if you can change her appearance, that would be best.”

We stood there in awkward silence for a minute. “I- I don’t want to know what you do with her, but… please treat her well. She’s earned it.” I could feel the emotional connection he had with her. Although right now she seemed to be distant to everyone.

“I’ll do my best.”

“That’s all I can ask.” Reluctantly, he urged her forward with his hand on her back and handed her off to me. “She’s yours now. Give her a new name, something nice. And if you need anything, don’t call.”

I gave him one last bro hug, and shook his hand, realizing we may never see each other again, and took Anne by the hand, guiding her to my car.

When we got there, I opened the door for her and she got right in, even buckling up without being asked. Maybe she wasn’t as slow as I feared, or at least basic vehicle safety was programmed into her maintenance mode. I shrugged and got in, buckled up, and started the car. Looking over at her, I was amazed Anne was sitting there with me and was going to be going home with me. It was all so strange. This couldn’t be real.

I wanted to reach out and touch her, or something, to make sure she was real and I wasn’t hallucinating, but she seemed so shy and reserved right now, I didn’t feel it was right. Instead, I just drove off and got all the way home in complete silence. Which was good because I was starting to get a headache.

My house was a small single story house, with no basement or anything, but it was more than big enough for me. I got out of the car only to find her getting out as well and waiting silently by the curb.

“This way, Anne,” I said. Anne… Anne Droid. Oh god, that name would have to change.

I led her up the walkway to the front door and went inside. She followed closely behind and I latched the door.


I woke up in my bed to my alarm and with a hangover and no memory of the rest of my night. In fact, there were large gaps in what I could remember at all. I needed coffee and pills.

Somehow I managed to crawl out of bed and get to my feet, shambling my way into the kitchen. Everything made my head hurt. I somehow managed to get a cup of coffee started. The room started to get wobbly as I stood there waiting for the coffee to finish. I didn’t hesitate to drink the entire cup in one go, ignoring the heat of a fresh cup. With a couple of pills down my throat followed by a glass of water, I was able finally opened my eyes.

The perfectly still form of a girl standing in the middle of the living room made me jump back. My heart raced as I woke up instantly. It took a few seconds but I finally remembered Anne was there. In fact, she’d been standing there all night. Never moving. I must have told her to stay there and went to bed before falling asleep. In fact, I realized now I was still dressed in my clothes from last night.

I gathered myself and washed off my face in the sink, still getting over the sting of a headache, and walked over to the girl. She didn’t react, didn’t move, didn’t watch me. She just stood there and breathed slowly staring into space. She looked like a girl daydreaming, except I knew she wasn’t aware.

I looked into the bag she was still holding and took it from her. She let go without a fuss. Inside was her maid outfit, a leather goth-looking outfit, and an everyday one with shorts and a t-shirt. In addition to the basic waitress getup she had on now, that gave her 4 uniforms. I tossed them onto the couch nearby and rummaged through the bag again.

A long standard charging cable was at the bottom of the bag, as well as a single sheet of paper documenting how to register her. Other than that, she had nothing. Maybe she didn’t need much. I looked through the steps and realized that the cute little bot-girl I had a crush on for years was standing there, and I was now her owner.

I reviewed the instructions again and didn’t want to wait another minute. It was still early in the morning, I had an hour before work, so why wait? I put down the bag and stood in front of her. I gently pulled up her black polo shirt, enough to see her tight abs and cute belly button. Placing my thumb on her navel, I waited for 10 seconds until a quiet beep toned twice from inside her head.

“This unit is ready for registration. Please state your name” she said in a clear precise way. Her voice was very sweet sounding but had a strange digital hint to it. I hadn’t noticed it before in all this time, but usually, she was drowned out by the crowds. Now it was just the two of us.

I had to cough and clear my throat first. Squaring myself up in front of her I spoke loudly. “Tobias Vasser” I enunciated.

“Tobias Vasser?” She confirmed, spelling my name out correctly.


“What is your birth date, Tobias?”

“October 3rd, ‘31” I answered.

“Thank you. What name would you like to assign this unit?”

Name? I didn’t really think about it yet. I knew I wanted to give her a better one than what Mike gave her, but what? I thought about it, but I needed inspiration. I looked around the room thinking when I saw the random model number on my TV. “What’s your model number?”

“Wald Inc. LN-363C” she replied.

LN, I could work with that. “I’ll use that then, Your name is Lina.”

“Lina?” she repeated. She spelled it out, “L I N A?”

It wasn’t really that different from Anne, at least to me, but at least her name was no longer a bad joke.


“My name is Lina. Thank you for registering me, Tobias. Please restart me to exit safety mode. Warning, my battery level is currently at 5%. Please charge me.”

“Oh, um… this way” I told her and brought her near an outlet. She followed me naturally enough, although there was definitely a slight limp to her steps. Once at the end of the couch, she just stood there as stiff as a statue. I plugged the long cable into the outlet and then brought it over to her neck. I gently lifted her braided ponytail out of the way but all I saw was skin.

“Um… Where’s your charging port?” I asked.

Before my eyes, a charging port opened up on her neck right where I was moving her hair. I was very pleased with how natural it all worked, which was a little surprising for such an old model. I plugged the cable into her neck with a small click.

“Charging” she alerted. A dim blue light glowed under her skin at the base of her neck and slowly blinked, indicating a charge was ongoing.

I lowered her hair and went back to her front. She didn’t move, didn’t blink, didn’t follow my motion. All she did was stare blankly ahead and breathe shallowly. Hopefully, nothing was wrong with her.

“Run a full systems diagnostics, please Lina.”

“Would you like me to run both a hardware and a software diagnostic?” she asked.

“Yes. Everything.”

“Approximate diagnostics time, 6 hours.” I was noticing the distortion in her voice more, although I doubt it was actually getting any worse.

I whistled. There was no way I could wait for that. I had work. I rubbed my face and head and looked at her. She’d be alright, but before I could do anything with her, I needed to make sure she was working alright.

I went back into my bedroom, undressed, took a shower, and got ready for work. I was rushing out the door just in time to get to work but hesitated when I saw her standing there. I was tempted to say goodbye to her, but she was not really responding. So I just cleared my throat and left.

Work was hell. Answering phones all day and figuring out IT problems can really get to a guy, especially when half your customers don’t understand the first thing about computers or robotics and you are forced to baby-step them through- I digress. It was a huge relief to come home and finally relax.

On the way home, I remembered my guest and grew excited to get started working on her. I only hoped she wouldn’t need too much attention, I really wanted to get her running fully.

As I walked in, she stood there stoic and silent as always. I smiled at her as I walked in. She hadn’t moved an inch the entire time. I put my stuff down and walked over to her. Lifting her hair up gingerly, I noticed the blue light under her skin had turned to a solid green, signaling she was fully charged. I was pleased and lowered her hair over her shoulder, leaving her plugged in. I was being so delicate and gentle with her, I barely touched her hair at all to move it. She was such a slim yet buxom girl, and in her diagnostics state, she was vulnerable and likely to fall over if I was too rough. So I was being very careful with her as to not move her too much until she was fully active.

Not to mention I was nervous. She was the girl I was the most interested in, and here she was in my apartment. I was just too nervous to even touch her, except her hand.

“Lina, what are the results of your diagnostics test?”

“A full report of the diagnostics is available in a pdf document, would you like me to send it to you?”

“Yes, please.”

“Very well” she answered as an alert showed up on my phone. She somehow found my phone and connected to it, sending me the file. I looked at it as she continued. “Would you like me to summarize the results?”

“Yes, that would be great.”

“There is significant damage to my left eye, which is operating at 12% functionality. There is significant wear in my left shoulder joint, my right elbow joint, my left and right biceps muscles, several fingers on each hand, my right wrist, my lower back muscles, both my knees, and both my ankles. There is wear on my primary gyroscope and vocal processor. My battery is operating at 35% capacity. There are several corrupt system files and my OS has a new update.”

Jesus. She didn’t look that bad, but it sounded like she was a mess. By my estimate, she’d need new joints, new hands and feet, a new eye, a new gyroscope and voice box, and new muscles for her arms and back. Was she really worth it?

I stood there reading the damage report, looking at the specifics. I was going to have to research some of these. A quick look online, I figured even with replacing these parts, I would still save money over buying a new unit, even one as old as her, and still have some left over for modifications. Most of these were common fixes, so replacement parts weren’t that bad. But I was still unsure about this. After looking at her standing there, thinking back on all the times we hung out and flirted at the bar, I just couldn’t help myself. I gulped and nodded to myself. This wasn’t about the money, she deserved these repairs. I wanted to do this for her. I was going to do it. And I was going to make her better than ever!

But first, I needed to get her cleaned up. I gulped again, this time realizing I needed to undress her to clean her up properly. Even though she acted robotic and stiff, and was just standing there, she still looked really human. Maybe a little too perfect, but that only made me more nervous. But it had to be done. I needed to undress her to clean her and start replacing her damaged parts. So I told myself not to make it weird or get pervy with it and just do it. There was nothing sexual about this, right?

I first made sure the curtains were closed, and then stood in front of her. I clumsily unbuttoned the collar of her black polo shirt. I reached down and lifted her arms above her head.

Suddenly she reacted.

“Don’t touch me” she complained and squirmed out of my grip, putting her hands back down to her sides.


She said nothing and just stood there. I gave her a hard stare and tried again.

“Stop! No!” she objected and again lowered her hands.

I was gobsmacked. What was going on? “Lina, who is your owner?”

“You are, Tobias” she answered in her perfectly sweet but artificial tone suffering from some sort of slight digital distortion.

“Do I have full permissions over you?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“And that means I can touch you, right?”

“Yes, Tobias” she confirmed.

“Please call me Toby.”

“As you wish Toby.” I touched her shoulder through her shirt and again she shrugged me off.

“No! Don’t touch me!” she repeated.

What the hell was going on?

I touched her hands, no response. I ran my hands up her arms but as soon as I got to her elbow, she pulled back. It was the same pretty much everywhere other than her hands. It was like holding her hands was the only acceptable touch she had. I know I’d bumped into her plenty of times, but it was true, I never touched her anywhere else intentionally. Maybe she was equipped with some sort of anti-pervert programming, but that meant that it even applied to her owner, me and previously Mike.

I know I wasn't supposed to contact Mike, but something he did to her was bypassing my permissions, and I was unable to do anything except touch her hands. Everywhere else I touched her, she complained about it. I was unable to clean her, let alone upgrade or repair her. I needed to call Mike.

“Hello?” the distorted voice on the other end of the line answered. There was a lot of background noise so it was hard to hear him and he had to speak up.

“Mike? It’s me, Toby”

“Toby? Why are you… I thought I told you no questions-”

“Something’s wrong” I interrupted. “She’s bugging out on me.”

“Listen, I really can’t talk about this. I’m really busy. I mean, I’m in the middle uprooting my entire life.”

“I know, I understand. It’s just, she… she won’t let me touch her” I explained. There was silence on the other end. “I mean at all. I can’t clean her, dress her-”

“She’s programmed to do all that on her-”

“- Repair her…” I added. There was more silence.

“Look, I really can’t talk. I have the moving truck at my house, and I’m coordinating the auction at the bar…”

He fell silent. “Please,” I begged. He seemed to have some sort of a connection to her, so maybe I could use that. “She needs your help.”

I heard a long deep sigh. “Hang on.” There was shuffling and walking and doors closing on the other end, and I heard him say to himself “this is why I didn’t want to talk about her…” At last, he came back on the line, his voice clear with no more distracting sounds in the background. “What’s going on?”

“You tell me. I was trying to prepare her for some much-needed repairs and she won’t let me touch her. She pulls back and complains.”

“Damn. I forgot about that” he cursed.

“How did you ever repair her or clean her?” I asked.

“I didn't. I couldn’t. She was programmed to take care of her own needs. Mostly. I just ran software updates and such.”

“What do you mean you couldn’t. You owned her, you could do whatever you wanted.”

“I... “ he began but grunted. “Why can’t she just repair herself?”

“Did you know she’s mostly blind in one eye? And her gyroscope is faulty and needs to be replaced. Not to mention the wear on her muscles.”

He groaned. “That would explain her clumsiness lately.”

“Come on, what’s going on?”

“Fine” he relented. “I’ll tell you, but you have to promise me you won’t tell a soul, and never ever bring her around here. For that matter, if you can rename her and change her look, that would be even better.”

“Yeah, fine. Why?”

“Remember when I first opened the Mana Bar?”


“Well, she was my first employee, of sorts. Except, I had already been with her for a year before.” He was quiet.

“With her?”

“‘With’ with her. We were…” he cleared his throat. “I owned her, but we were… dating. A lot.”

I raised my eyebrow even though he couldn’t see it. “You mean like… sexually?”

“... yeah” he quietly admitted. “But… it was too hard on us. We tried to keep it a secret, but our relationship was never really acceptable. It got to be too much.”

“So you called it off?”

“She did. Actually. But we still really liked each other. Having such a relationship was just not going to work, and we both knew it.”

I looked at her. She dumped him? I had a hard time picturing that. “She did?”

“She wanted to do what was best for me. She was very different back then, remember? Much more outgoing.”

“Yeah… now that you mention it… But what does that have to do with this? You are still her owner.”

“About 4 years ago, I met my wife.” It all started to click into place.

“So your wife made you restrict her-”

“Charlene wanted me to get rid of her entirely. She hated that I had her around at all” he explained. “But I… I still liked Tina. Tina was her original name. I still wanted to be with Tina, at least in some way. I’ve been hiding her at the store for years and renamed her ‘Anne’. My wife doesn’t know she’s still around. And I want it to stay that way. She thinks I got rid of her years ago.”

“You cheated with her?”

“No! No, never! I swear! Once Charlene and I started going out, I was completely dedicated to her. I could never cheat on her.”

“And yet you kept her around, and somehow she’s never seen her at the bar either” I wondered.

“I’ve been careful. Charlene’s rarely been to the bar, and when she did I always kept her hidden in the storage room.”

“So you’ve been hiding her?”

“And now that we’re married and have a little girl, I think it’s time I moved on. I needed to let her go. But I couldn’t let her go to just anyone” he explained. “She helped me through a very dark time of my life, and we’ve been through a lot together.”

“Sounds like it.”

“Don’t worry. I erased all her memories of me and her time before being just a waitress. I also… well... I did modify her a little a few years back. I didn’t want my wife to know about her, but I also didn’t want her to get mad if she found out, so I… let’s just say I disarmed her.”


“You’ll figure it out. Sorry. But needless to say, that’s the reason she’s acting this way. It’s programmed into her.”

“So even if she found out she was still around, you could show that she wouldn’t let you touch her.”

“Exactly” he exclaimed. “You have to promise me you’ll keep this all a secret! I can’t have my family know.”

“Yeah, sure. No problem. So how do I undo it?” I asked. “This bypasses ownership permissions.”

“I’m not an IT guy, Toby. I just followed an online tutorial. But it had something to do with her registry files. I remember having to type some long code into something like a registry editor. I don’t know what that is really. But it worked.”

“That was risky, to mess with her system registry files without knowing what you’re doing.”

“I know.”

“What parameter did you change?”

“I don’t remember. I think it had something to do with her reaction engine…”

“I’ll take a look around there then. I hope you didn’t mess anything else up, or I’ll have to completely wipe her brain clean.”

“Do what you must. Sorry, I can’t be more help. But please don’t let my wife know I gave her to you. I have to go.”

“Yeah, good luck with everything. And thanks.”

“You too. And don’t contact me about her again.” He hung up, and I wasn’t entirely sure he wasn’t mad at me. But at least I had a direction to look at to try to fix the problem.

WIth her registry files, it was possible to override anyone’s permissions, so this made sense to me. It was a dumb thing to do, but hopefully, there was no damage. I pocketed my phone and reached beside the couch, unplugging the charging cable still attached to Lina. I set it aside as I grabbed my laptop and powered it up.

I connected the cable to the computer and started accessing her systems. Within a minute, I was searching her registry for any code that seemed out of place. I had never done this to an android before, but she couldn’t be that different than a computer. Her registry was easily 5 times larger than what I was used to. I was lucky it only took an hour to find the code he added. It just didn’t fit with the rest, and essentially made every skin zone other than the hands activate a hidden file that was usually reserved for anti-assault protocols, essentially making her rejection of my touch hardwired into her.

I removed the code and enabled the previous settings. The entire time she stood there, completely still, never blinking, never looking around, only breathing slowly and calmly. I initiated a restart on her and watched as she closed her eyes and stopped breathing. It didn’t take long for a tone to chime from inside her head. There was still more work to do on her, so I made sure she was still booting into the diagnostics mode. Moments later, she opened her eyes and started to breathe again, but like before did nothing else. No errors, no crashes, everything looked stable. That was a relief.

I realized while watching her that if he had been ‘with’ her in the past, she was probably a companion unit. No wonder she looked so lifelike. They were actually pretty rare, expensive, and hard to find. Many states made them illegal until recently, and few companies manufactured them considering the social backlash. Most of them were custom built or modified from other models. I wasn’t sure what she was, but I guessed she was custom built, or at least an original model since her face was so detailed and unique.

I carefully put my hands on her shoulders and waited. No reaction. Finally, she wasn’t pushing me away. I exhaled in relief and unplugged the cable from her neck. Raising her hands straight over her head, I pulled the polo shirt up and over her head until at last, I cleared it from her body.

Her breasts bounced around freely before me. She wasn’t wearing any bra. But instead of being aroused, I was slightly shocked. For the first time ever, I was looking at her undressed torso and naked boobs. She had no nipples. It kind of freaked me out a little. Her breasts were properly shaped, even coming to a point, but with no detail or color or anything resembling a nipple. Further, her breasts now looked even more out of place than ever, and not just because of the contrast between her realistic face and her featureless mammaries. A clear line below her chest showing a change of skin tone and texture denoted that this was not her original chest at all. She had been modified.

Thinking back, she had always had a large chest, bigger than I felt her body should have, but I wasn’t there to judge Mike’s taste in women. Perhaps it was part of her original design, or maybe she was modified before. But this current chest panel was an aftermarket low-cost replacement, probably designed to be realistic enough to pass a quick glance, but without the detail to hold up to a full inspection.

I touched her arm. She was soft and warm and her skin had the elasticity of youth. She felt completely natural here. I pinched and poked her gently just to make sure, and both her arm and her cheek passed my initial test. However, as I touched her breast, I realized the sensation was not as realistic. Sure she was soft and warm, but she was maybe too soft, and too elastic. I’m sure some guys loved that configuration, but I was surprisingly disappointed. It was uncanny valley level stuff.

Being in diagnostics mode, she never reacted to any of my touches, and would probably not fully process this or label it as a test. Which was fine. Some models were equipped with a physical reactionary processing unit that would allow them to experience sensation even if their OS was asleep or in a safe mode, but for the most part, the practice was fading out since it had caused problems in the past for repair technicians. So was likely not equipped with this, otherwise, she would have reacted involuntarily.

I moved on and unzipped her skirt. Unlatching it, I pulled it down off her wide hips, to reveal her matching black panties. They were boring, plain panties, nothing special, as I suspected from Mike. While I was down there, I took off her shoes, commanding her to lift one leg at a time. Finally, I grasped her panties and pulled them down as well.

To my disappointment, she had no genitalia at all. In fact, her skin tone had changed to a much paler white with another unnatural seam around her privates. She only had a small hole with a plastic tube there for expelling waste. And even that was in the wrong place, located so far down it was between where her vagina and her anus should be.

How the fuck did he have sex with her? Then it hit me. His modifications ‘disarmed’ her, meaning she was physically incapable of sexual contact, making her no longer a threat to his wife. But of course, for me, it only made things more disappointing and frustrating. Or maybe not...

I stepped back and looked at her now completely naked form. She continued to remain unmoving and frozen in place, just breathing and staring blankly ahead. I circled her. She was a weird mix of high-quality realistic companion bot and low-end parental-protection parts. I took a step back and squinted my eyes. I had to wonder how I ever thought her chest wasn’t fake. However, by obscuring the view of her chest and crotch with my fingers, she looked mostly human.

So be it. Just like with her registry files, I was going to have to undo all the bad work he did on her and turn her into something, and someone, completely new.He wanted me to change her look, so I would. I just hoped her charm and demeanor would stay.

After another minute, my mind was made up. The parts Mike changed and added made her look more like a caricature of a girl than a real girl, something I decided needed to change. She deserved a better body, properly upgraded and updated, and with the best and latest mods. And I wanted to make her unique, no longer just that waitress from the geek bar. She was going to be a new person. I could rebuild her, better, stronger, faster, sexier.

She was going to need new parts. Muscles, eyes, gyroscope, joints, processors, RAM… It was going to be costly, but I didn’t spend a cent on her so far. I haphazardly justified the expenses I estimated in my head and started researching.

“Lina, what is your model number, again?” I asked as I sat down in front of her, keeping her just in my sight as I turned the laptop toward me.

“Wald Inc. LN-363C”

“Wald? Never heard of them” I noted while typing furiously into my computer. “Ah-ha! There you are. A custom built companion bot, just like I suspected. Now to find replacement parts.” So she wasn’t originally a commercial server model, she was a high-quality escort model, now heavily modified. Although there weren’t many of them made, they were compatible with several standard mods. Apparently, they were a little too realistic for the sexbot industry but laid some groundwork for future models.

I spent the next 2 hours scouring the internet for compatible parts while eating some shitty microwave meal. Thanks to her model laying the groundwork for certain standards in later models, her joints and connections were still used. Luckily, this made her highly customizable. But being a rare model meant finding this information took a long time. I even got her exact skin pattern number, which would reproduce the exact pattern of her skin in case I needed to replace part of it, and by the looks of her, I just might have to. At last, I had a cart filled to the brim with parts. There was still some more I’d need to order tomorrow, but with all the stuff I already ordered, it was already going to take a while to be ready for those parts.

My finger hesitated as the cursor hovered over the purchase button. It was not a cheap purchase, with a digit more than I hoped. She was proving to be more costly than my original budget planned fo. But I had no other plans for the money, and seeing her standing there completely defenseless… I couldn’t help myself! It was Anne! My impulse to fix her up drove me forward.

I clicked.

I stretched and sighed. Looking up at her I smiled, ready to take on the challenge of repairing and upgrading her. But first… she needed a bath. And so did I.

I got up and looked at her again. “Are you waterproof?”

“I am capable of withstanding water up to 4 meters deep” she answered.

I nodded. “Sounds like you can swim. Can you bathe?”

“Access to complex protocols is currently unavailable in diagnostics mode.”

“So… I guess I’ll have to do it” I thought to myself out loud. I didn’t want to fully activate her until I felt she was complete. I thought it might be a nice surprise for her to suddenly have a repaired and upgraded body next time she woke up. I took her hand and led her into my bedroom, and then the attached bathroom.

Since she was already naked, I guided her to the bathtub and took a step inside. She stood there in the tub staring at the wall as I got behind her, still out of the tub. I grabbed her slim shoulders and pushed her down. “Sit here” I ordered as I did, and she sat on the edge of the tub as ordered.

From the back, she looked human. With no missing parts, strange colors, or uncanny proportions, she looked far more real and sexier. I cleared my throat and gathered a few items. A few minutes later I returned to the bathroom with a small bucket full of warm soapy water, a cloth, and wearing only my underwear. I decided it was probably safest to give her a sponge bath rather than pouring water all over her before her repairs and with all these amateur modifications. Maybe she used to be waterproof, but she might not be anymore. I didn’t want to put her to the test. I also didn’t want to try to clean her hair right now, it was braided and long and something I was afraid would take up too much time and make too big of a mess.

“I’m going to bathe you now, so… um… yeah” I murmured.

I sat on the closed toilet behind her and doused the cloth with soapy water. I started with her face, leaning over the tub to get a good look at her, and worked my way down. Sitting behind her, I scrubbed her all over, lifting her arms, raising each foot, and scrubbing until she was perfectly clean. Despite the unusual nature of her featureless breasts, it was arousing to rub and scrub her there.

For a moment I realized I was washing the girl I had had a crush on for years! I mean I knew she wasn’t human, and she was even more robotic now, so there was no sexualness to this. Despite the awkwardness of it all, I remembered all those times we flirted and chatted; I started to get excited.

Finally, I had her stand up as I rinsed her off with clean warm water. I turned her around and made sure I didn’t miss anything. Despite my obvious erection, she never reacted to it, and her sexless body killed the effect. I sighed.

I realized that if I really wanted her to be herself, to really be happy with me, and not just following orders or doing what I want, I would need to accept that she might not want me to be… intimate with her, even with the proper equipment. She might even reject me! Lina might just not like me at all, and that was something I hoped wouldn’t happen. She seemed to like me back at the bar, but she was always kind to everyone, even the creeps. She could be programmed to act that way. Even if I did give her all the parts she deserved to have, that didn’t mean I was going to be the one to use them with her.

I got a little nervous, and even sad and worried just thinking about it. I had had my eye on her for a long time, even though I knew for years that she was an android. It didn’t matter to me because she was so bright, so friendly, so genuine feeling. I never ordered her to hit on me or anything, but she seemed to actively sought me out in the past. Although Mike could have had a hand in it. Still, it was the one small glimmer of hope I had that she would like me, and might want to be intimate with me. At least I had hope. The best I could do now was to treat her well and fix her up as best as I could. Of course, in her current state, intimacy was physically impossible.

The last thing I wanted to do was to take advantage of her, abuse her, or rape her. Sure in the eyes of the law it wasn’t rape to have sex with an unwilling robot, but the world was changing, and it felt wrong to me. Plus I knew her, I liked her, and I could never do anything to hurt her!

As I dried her off I contemplated these things, and more. I wondered if her personality would change after she was all fixed up. I wondered how much about me or her past she actually would remember if anything. I debated just how much I wanted to customize her appearance now that I was going all out on her. I worried I was about to spend too much money on her, despite having already started saving toward my own unit.

Next thing I realized, I had taken her back into my bedroom and turned her to face the small computer desk I had in the corner. She stood there in the middle of the room, nude but for a towel draped over her shoulders, as I threw off my underwear behind her and got in the shower. I found myself still strangely turned on by the idea of her standing there at attention naked, as though I could do anything I wanted to her and she wouldn’t object. It was a strange fantasy, one I might not hate exploring with her, but again I didn’t want to do anything to her that I would regret doing later.

As I finished up and dried myself, I thought about where I wanted to start. Eyeing her as I dressed, I decided it would be best to start with her feet and legs. At her old job, she was likely standing most of the time, and I was sure the strain and wear and tear on her body was worse there. So I figured I’d start literally from the ground up.

After I dressed, I pulled the rolling chair away from my desk and positioned it behind her. “Sit here” I ordered as I guided her by the shoulders to the seat. She sat as directed and I spun her toward me. I removed the towel from her and grabbed the long charging cable from before, again attaching it to the hidden connection on the back of her neck. I leaned down and hesitated, how in the world did I access her systems under her skin?

“Um… Lina, can you uh… open the panel on your right shin?”

Without so much as a confirmation, I heard a whir and a click but didn't notice anything different at first. I reached out to touch her leg and realized that the left side of her right leg sprouted a seam. As I grasped it gently, the entire section of skin on her shin rolled away.

The strip of skin was red and appeared moist on the inside, although it was actually dry to the touch, and had hundreds of tiny connectors and subtle lines of circuitry. The skin lifted entirely away but was stiff, somehow supported with some sort of flexible framework inside it that kept its shape. It was fascinating but I placed it aside and looked at her leg.

Inside her leg was a series of large artificial muscles, red in color and attached to pure white artificial bones via a small connection at either end. I studied her leg carefully without touching anything inside, unsure of what to do next.

Frantically, I started researching what to do on the computer when an alert on my phone went off. The first part of my order was already here!

I dashed to the door just in time to see the drone flying off, having left the large package at the designated spot nearby. I grabbed the package and bolted back in. Tearing at the box I managed to open it in seconds to reveal replacement muscles for both her arms and legs as well as some new joints for her elbows and knees.

Thank god for done delivery. The timing couldn’t have been better! It was almost as fast as a delivery in those old Bugs cartoons.

I opened all the packaging and got started. With the help of several online videos, I learned how to properly disconnect the old worn muscles and replace them with the new ones. Gloves were needed and luckily provided in the package. These newer muscles were more compact, lighter, stronger, more flexible, and more efficient than the clunky old ones she had. They also promised a slimmer look to her body. As I completed each shin, followed by her thighs, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment for having done all this myself. I decided to also replace her joints in her knees while I was there, removing the visibly worn ones with the brand new ones made of more durable and more flexible materials.

It was actually much easier to replace her joints than I was expecting, apparently, it was a commonly replaced part so they designed them to be easily accessible. As I closed up each leg, replacing the panels of flexible skin, she announced: “new hardware detected, initiating calibration.”

She stretched and bent each leg several times in unusual and mechanical ways. It was strange to watch and she almost kicked me once. But it only took a few seconds and then she finished. “Calibration complete. Installation complete.” By the time she finished the procedure, the seam on the side of her leg was gone. Looking at her sitting there with band new muscles and joints, her legs almost look like a dancer’s.

I was on a roll. Replacing these parts was easier than I expected so I had her stand up to make sure they worked. Everything worked perfectly, she didn’t even wobble as she stood! I took the seat and pulled up to her side.

“Ann- uh… Lina, open your right arm panels please.”

Again, lines along the inner side of her arm closest to her body appeared and I lifted the panel away and started replacing parts. Everything fit perfectly, and I was surprised at how quick it was going. Whenever I passed her arm at an angle to make it easier to reach inside, she would hold it there perfectly still.

I admit I was in awe of her. She was so human looking and yet I was replacing parts in her, in my bedroom! It was crazy! She was completely obedient, and I get a kick out of it, but I really enjoyed working on her and soon forgot about her outer beauty. Replacing each part started to become meditative.

I got so into it I didn't even notice the hour. By the time she was calibrating her left arm and the seam vanished, it was already 3 am. Way past my bedtime.

I closed her up and watched as she flexed her arm in her unusual robotic ways. She now had essentially new legs and new arms, with updated muscles and joints in each. I turned off the monitor to my computer and decided I needed to sleep. She didn't need to, and she was still in diagnostics mode, so I decided to just leave her there, facing the computer, and go to bed.

I looked at her silhouette in the dark room, only a thin rim of light dimly illuminating her outline from the lights perpetually lit on my computer, and contemplated. I found her presence strangely calming actually and fell fast asleep.


By the time I was awake, I was already running late. I didn't have time to do anything but get dressed, do my hair and teeth, and run out the door. I noticed her standing there, still naked, but couldn't think of what to do with her before I had to run out.

Despite my late start from that late night, I was giddy with excitement by the time I got to work. Luckily, it wasn't a particularly busy day, so I spent my downtime researching. There were still two very important parts of her I had yet to order, as I would have to go to specialty stores for them. Good thing I wrote down that skin sample number in my phone. I was going to need it for these.

I had to be discrete though, looking up stuff like this at work could get me fired, so I had to do it all on my phone. I was a little shocked at the price tags, but I insisted on getting only the best for her. I could handle the payments, even though that meant no vacation this year. I only hoped it wouldn't be too hard installing everything, since I wasn't sure how up-to-date her internal structure was. I just hoped it was worth the price.

It was such a slow day by the end of it, I left a few minutes early. I more than made up the difference on other days normally so I didn't worry about it as I rushed home. All I could think about was working on Lina.

Greeting me at the door was a small package. I picked it up and hurried inside. Without even taking off my shoes or anything, I tore open the package. Inside was a shiny new gyroscope. Actually, it was really more like a small circuit board with several small black cylinders and cubes on it. But that was it.

I practically skipped into the room to find Lina still standing there at attention. I put my stuff down and faced her.

“Lina, I want you to sit down, open your head panels, and enter standby.” It was a bad idea to change hardware for her computing side while she was awake. The standby in these androids allowed for hardware changes without having to completely shut down the unit. Sometimes turning them back on from a full shut down could take a while.

She did exactly as told, sitting in the rolling desk chair and closing her eyes. There was a click and the hairline of her head seemed to slightly separate from the rest of her. I carefully lifted it up and beheld the complexity of the gynoid brain before me. She might have been outdated but she still had an impressive setup.

I took note of everything, making sure I understood what I was doing and where everything was before I started messing with her delicate brain. Years in IT prepared me for this, I had no difficulty recognizing the majority of her parts, and was able to figure out the rest on my own or with the help of the internet.

Even though her computer brain was a little old it was still very impressive. It was well designed with excellent cooling and perfect use of space. I was impressed how tightly everything fit.

Just as I identified the old gyroscope in her and prepared to remove it, I got an alert. A package arrived. I went to the door and found another drone delivered box right outside. After bringing it in, I was happy to see her new memory and an upgraded CPU. What luck that they should show up just as I start working on her brain.

I return to her with the box in hand and return to the task. Carefully, I removed the old chipset for the gyroscope. It was actually bigger than the new one and used a much older less accurate design, one that was carried over from cell phones. The new one was android specific and would do a much better job helping her with orientation and preventing her from falling over or bumping into people so much.

Reaching inside her head while she sat there stiff and rigid, I pushed the new circuit into her systems and pushed hard until it clicked into place. I was scared of hurting her but she was so stiff in this mode she seemed fine, barely moving at all.

I took a breather, to help get over the stress of using so much force inside her delicate head. Food, drink... all that stuff. I chilled for about an hour until I decided to get back to it. But as soon as I started re-orienting myself inside her noggin, another alert went off.

Another delivery, another package. This time her updated storage and improved network card were inside. It looks like I was lucky enough to get all the brain stuff at once. All but one piece. Still, these were the hard ones to put in, so I was happy to focus on just her head for now.

I spent the rest of the night replacing, updating, and exploring her computer brain. It was interesting how similar to a standard computer it was, but also how different. I knew enough though to navigate her components and installed everything relatively easily and quickly. As soon as I finished, I closed up her head and exhaled in relief.

She sat there, naked, frozen, stiff. She looked very pretty sitting there, and I was impressed how small a body she could have but with so much advanced technology packed inside. I rotate her chair around and plugged the cable into the back of her neck where the port was still visible and brought her back around facing me again.

I stood up and lifted her to her feet by holding her under her arms. She never opened her eyes but stiffly responded to me, posing in any position I placed her in. Another advantage of the standby mode, it prevented them from falling over. I placed my thumb on her belly button and held it there. After a second beep toned, I let go. This reactivated her and put her in diagnostics mode again. There was plenty more work to do.

She opened her eyes and stood there silently. I took the seat and pulled up to my computer, connecting her to it. For the remainder of the night, I went through a series of installations, restarts, updates, and the like. It took all night. The only thing I had any difficulty with was adjusting some settings for her personality. I didn’t know what to do, and her old personality was lost now, wiped clean by Mike. I liked that personality, so I spent a little time working on mimicking it, but ultimately decided it was best to leave them dynamic, so they could be adjusted later. There was still one piece left that would directly affect these settings.

The advantage of a dynamic personality versus a static one was that she could grow and develop over time, forming a personality of her own. It also meant 3rd party hardware and software could directly affect it. Which was good and bad. A well-placed virus or malware could fuck her personality up really fast. But the advantages outweigh the dangers, especially since I installed new protection software in her.

When at last the final bit of software and firmware was installed and working, I just headed straight to bed.


I had a bad habit of staying up too late, especially when there was something that I was working on. The robot girl standing next to my bed facing my computer was just such a thing. As a result, I often had to run out the door in a rush. This morning was no different.

I barely even had the chance to look at her. It was almost a repeat of yesterday, except I was even more tired. I could barely process anything without coffee, and I had to wait for that until I got to work.

It was a very busy, very long, very frustrating day. Lots of problem clients. When the end of the day finally came, I was still working just to keep up. I stayed late and had to grab food on the way home. I was exhausted, and annoyed, and angry. As soon as I saw the packages at my door, I remembered the girl patiently waiting for me in my room and suddenly found myself excited and giddy. I had butterflies in my stomach.

One of the packages was very large, but not overly heavy. I carried them all in and took them straight to the bedroom, putting them on the floor in front of her. She, like always, stood there unmoving, a wire running from her head to my computer, keeping her charged.

I started looking in the small boxes. They were mainly the last of the muscle replacements, as well as some tools I would need for the next part. Without even opening the big box, I knew exactly what was inside based on the company name alone. It was one of the two companies I had to buy specialty parts from yesterday, and I was surprised it got here so fast!

Anres Co. specialized in custom mods for androids and gynoids. They were especially known for their superior work on female units. In particular, their chests. I carefully opened the box and pulled out the modern stylish paper package inside.

The large paper box came emblazoned with their logo as well as a standard “thanks for being a customer” card, and a lifetime warranty. I slowly opened the front. It hinged opened like a pair of doors and unfolded partly as I did. Once the front of the box was open, the ingenious design of the box used the leverage from opening it to angle and position a beautiful pair of breasts covered with more packaging shaped like a low-cut bra. Despite being partially covered, there was plenty to see, and they looked incredibly real.

There was a tab visible now on the box, with the words “open me” on it in a seductive cursive font. I pulled on the tab, and the top and front disconnected and fell open, removing the section of packaging still covering the breasts. I was very pleased to see how realistic and sexy the fully exposed breasts were. It was a single unit that would replace that entire section of her chest and had a good weight to them.

It was very strange to see these incredibly lifelike breasts in a box, and yet there they were. I looked from them to her and realized these were well beyond anything I could have hoped for. Spending the extra time and money was worth it. The old featureless breasts she currently bore were hideous compared to these.

Not only did these breasts have nipples, and mighty sexy pink ones at that, but they had the proper skin tone and pattern. Thanks to the pattern number, her new chest had a natural skin look and would blend in with the rest of her skin. The look of her skin from her face, neck, and arms would no longer turn a shade of pale like before but would naturally continue onto her chest. They even had the same freckles!

These breasts were advertised as a D cup, which seemed big to me, but dwarfed in comparison to her old ones. I had to wonder what her original chest looked like when she came straight from the factory. They often provided smaller breasts for many reasons. Not only were they cheaper, but they reduced the strain on the body and kept activists from hounding them for perpetuating unrealistic standards of beauty. Upgrading the size of the breasts was probably the most common modification made, and no doubt this new set was just such an upgrade.

I was in awe of these and stared at them a little too long. I eventually rummaged through the paperwork before giving them a proper feel. They were cold, but soft, and felt very natural with a good weight to them. Not too heavy, not to light. I really wanted to put these on her but decided to do the more important core muscles first before I focused on the fun parts.

Finally, I turned toward Lina. Walking over and sitting on my bed with the boxes of parts all around me, I took her by the hips and angled her toward me. She shuffled in front of me, but I turned her around, exposing her back to me.

“Open your lower back panels, please” I ordered. Just like before, a whir and a click signaled that she had disabled the panel. I could see the thin line form in a geometric shape on her back as she did. I carefully pulled the panel away and got busy replacing the final muscles in her that needed replacing.

Her back was sexy, and I had a hard time not running my hands up her. I was glad to have finished the installation quickly because now the fun part could begin. I replaced the panel of skin on her back, waited for her to calibrate, twisting her torso side-to-side, and turned her to face me again.

She was mere inches from me as she stood there, staring blankly ahead, standing between my legs up against the bed. I swallowed hard as she stood there.

“Lina, please open and remove your chest panels.”

“Authorization accepted. Warning, unauthorized modifications to this unit may void the warranty” she warned. Odd, I figured it must have been because I was messing with her chest.

“Isn’t your chest already modified?”

“Affirmative,” she said.

“Didn’t that void your warranty?” I asked. She stood there thinking for a moment.

“Affirmative” she eventually stated.

“Didn’t your warranty expire years ago anyway?”

She hesitated again. “Affirmative.”

“Then why did you warn me?” I asked. She was silent. “You know what, don’t give me any warnings about your warranty anymore, ok?”

“Yes, sir.” A whir and a click emanated from her torso and I watched as two panels appeared around her breasts. I reached up to grab one and started to pull it off.

As I pulled away, I got a glimpse into her full systems. She was very well built. I could identify the artificial organs she used, including her lungs and stomach, and yet none of it looked human at all. It was all clean, neat, organized, labeled, and beautiful. The OCD in me jumped for joy.

I pulled away the other half of her chest and looked at her completely exposed torso for several minutes. It was a sight to see. I marveled at the systems that made her. She was more complex than any computer system I ever touched. Each part was painstakingly molded and fit, allowing for plenty of movement while still being a tight fit together. Identifying what piece belonged to which system was a breeze thanks to the labeling.

After I nerded out thoroughly, I got back to it as best as I could. Which was difficult when your task at hand was not only complicated and big but also distractingly sexy.

Hours passed as I followed the instructions to carefully prepare the system, connect all the required parts, and align the new breasts to her body. For the most part, it was a perfect fit. Her new boobs were considerably smaller than the ones Mike had put on her, which actually made her look more human, more natural, and just plain better. His taste was questionable, and her oversized jugs, while a hit with the teenage boys, always looked off to me. I much preferred girls with breasts that looked natural and weren’t too big and unwieldy.

Despite these new breasts being considerably smaller, they weren’t small by any standard. Before she looked like a girl that made a bad choice to have surgery on her chest, but now she looked like a girl that was blessed with breasts that were fun and bouncy but not in the way or heavy. On her petite frame, her new breasts took up ample space on her without sagging or drooping. They were more believable now in size, color, texture, shape, and details.

What surprised me the most was that I was fully prepared to install wiring to her spine that would control the sensitivity and even the elasticity and rigidity of her nipples, but found she had a bundle of unused wires in her specifically for this. In other words, her original design came with breasts that were designed to let her nipples get hard or soft, which Mike’s modification removed. She was already prepared with everything her new parts needed. This confirmed to me that she was originally a companion model gynoid. Mike had simply removed the connections to her arousing features, without removing the wiring.

At long last, she stood there, inches from my face, her newest panels freshly installed and tested. I got a close view of her chest, and my body approved. I was sure she would like them also, at least I hoped she would. Big breasts often led to back pain, and perhaps that contributed to my having to replace her back muscles.

These new breasts blended in so perfectly I couldn’t tell they weren’t a part of her originally at all. After she installed the software, she began to run a calibration. With her so close to me, I got a front-row view of her muscles twitching and her nipples getting hard and going soft.

Maybe it would be a good idea for me to test her out, make sure everything was working properly. You know, for science. But seriously, I should test her new components. They were complicated and I could have messed something up.

I went to my computer and activated a diagnostics program, setting it to display a graph readout of all sensory data across her body. I narrowed it down to her chest, and sat back down in front of her, with the monitor in view. I kept her close, but far enough away to see the readouts.

I started with some light poking. Simply put, I used my index finger to poke her upper chest and moved down and around her breasts. I worked my way farther onto her tits and watched her readouts. Her breasts did indeed have more sensitivity than the rest of her body, and the quality of the sensation changed as well. In fact, a new signal entirely started to emerge. I wasn’t sure what it was, but as I poked around her softer parts, the readout for that new signal increased.

I gently pressed on her nipples and was very pleased with how natural and real they felt. The readout went even higher, and the unidentified signal reacted the most. I wondered if a different type of touch might yield different results. I decided to start out as gently as I could.

As lightly as I could I blew across her skin. What surprised me was how quickly her skin reacted, with goosebumps forming on her chest. That was impressive. I continued to blow and noticed the sensation of the regular touch was sensitive enough to pick this up, but the new signal was higher than before. I moved on to her nipples.

Blowing over her here made the readout spike even higher, and I could see her nipple start to harden. It was such a sexy sight, I lost myself looking at her and almost brought my lips to her. But I stopped. It didn’t feel right. I was very aroused though. And strangely enough, I was pretty sure she was too, although only her breasts showed any signs of it. That new signal had elevated to a higher level and stayed up even when I wasn’t directly stimulating her, and if it was an arousal meter that would make sense. It would slowly decline, but would spike back up at the slightest touch.

I took it one step further and reached out to press my hand against her. As soon as I gently grasped her erect nipple between my fingers, the data spiked. That was it. No reaction from her, even though I was expecting it. Even in a safe mode, she should have reacted because typically these sensation tests bypassed the main OS and would invoke involuntary responses. Usually, the brain would process these sorts of sensations first and her body would give an instant response before her brain could process it. I decided not to worry about it though, I would have plenty of time to figure that out later. But what was obvious was that her nipples not only responded to my touch, but they were highly sensitive. I felt my own physical arousal brush against her leg and decided I had tested enough for the night.

Throughout all this, she just stood there, staring into space, stiff and unresponsive. Something about having full access to her body made me excited, but it felt wrong at the same time. She was not a human and didn’t act human, but she was so close in appearance, I felt guilty enjoying touching her without her permission. I recalled all those times I would talk and flirt with Anne and realized she wouldn’t be too happy with me taking advantage of her immobility. Taking a deep breath, I decided it was all just part of a test, which it was and it wasn’t.

I was satisfied she was working well enough and was exhausted from all the work I just did. It was a productive night. Looking at her now, she looked like a completely different girl. She somehow looked slimmer, more shapely, and more human. Now that she had a realistic chest with nipples, I felt the urge to cover her up, and grabbed a blanket and draped it over her shoulders so it covered her chest. I decided as I prepared for bed that tomorrow I couldn’t stay up this late. I just knew I was going to be late to work tomorrow already, looking at the time. I needed more sleep and less sexy robot babe. Or maybe I needed both.


Sure enough, I hit that snooze button two too many times and had to rush out the door again. This time I was more distracted by her suddenly more attractive mostly naked body and figured I was going to have to get her some clothes soon. The few costumes Mike gave me were still scattered across my couch, but they also were less than appropriate for everyday wear. Not to mention they needed to be cleaned.

Work was work. It came, it went, I was no better for it, except for my income. By the time I got through, I was eager to get back to my little robo-girl project.

Smaller packages waited for me at the door when I got home. Upon opening them I found a kit designed to repair, upgrade, and maintain her hands and feet, a new voice box, and a pair of brand new high-quality eyes. She had been all but blind in one eye for who knows how long, this would surely be a welcome change for her.

The hand and feet repair kit came with some replacement parts and would allow me to more easily repair her joints and fine motor controls. Her hands had worn out from all the manual labor she was never designed to do, while her feet were damaged from all the standing and walking she was likely not designed for either.

Once again, she stood there, waiting for me, never moving except to breathe. I pulled up my chair and sat close to her, opening the packages and getting a look at the instructions for her new optics. However, I kept getting distracted by her more attractive form, noticing a nipple peek out from behind the blanket that was still draped over her. I had so much more to do to repair her, and I hadn’t had the company of an attractive female in so long, I decided to just leave her as is for now, even if it slowed me down a little.

I was also getting used to having her there and would say little things to her like “this might hurt a little” or “just wait till I get this all done”. I knew she couldn't respond but it felt normal to talk to her. I swiveled my chair toward her and guided her right in front of the bed. The blanket slowly fell off her shoulders and down to the ground, but I did nothing to stop it.

“Take a seat” I ordered her and she complied.

I gently lifted one foot, placing it in my lap, and ordered her to open the panels on her ankle and foot. After removing the small panels from her foot, careful not to mix them up, I dived in. With the new kit and tools in hand, I started replacing damaged parts, tightening and adjusting various joints, and performing much-needed maintenance on her. Thanks to the specialized tools, it only took half an hour each foot.

In less than an hour, I had finished both feet. As I completed the adjustments, she flexed and twisted her feet in all sorts of ways, bending and stretching her toes and ankle in very mechanical movements. Maybe I'd get an early bedtime after all.

Next, I had her stand again and brought her right in front of me. Taking one at a time, I started working on her delicate hands. These took much longer, since she had such dainty hands and had worn them thoroughly. I ended up using all the spare parts of the kits almost completely rebuilding major sections of her hands. It was challenging due to the feminine nature of her body. But I was on a roll and I didn’t want to stop.

At last, as I laid the skin panels back into place until they clicked magnetically down and blended in with the rest of her skin, she calibrated her hands, moving them in uncomfortable positions with robotic motions. I tried to mimic her but it hurt to try. I decided to eat before doing anything more.

Thanks to the long maintenance sessions on her hands, it was later than I'd hoped. I spent 3 hours on her hands! And yet, it didn't feel that long. I was getting a knack for this robot repair stuff. However, I feared doing her eyes tonight would take too long, but I was determined to at least try.

After taking my break and gathering my thoughts, I picked up the box with her new eyes in it and brought them into the room. The box claimed it was easy, but I doubted it. Nothing was ever easy.

“Lina, open your face panels” I commanded as I walked up to her.

“Authorization accepted” she replied. Suddenly, an outline around her entire face appeared and her skin moved forward and hinged away to the side, revealing the delicate and intricate workings underneath. And holy shit were they intricate!

I just gazed at the precise complicated nature of her facial structure. Every micro muscle and plastic ligament required for every movement and expression was accounted for. Many of the smaller ones were merely part of the skin itself, which would explain why her face panel was so different from the others. Her inner mouth was completely exposed with her teeth and tongue showing, and she had no eyelids, so I could see her entire eyes in the sockets. In all, it was really freaky, like a metallic and plastic skull with eyes.

I swallowed. This was not something I was used to and didn’t particularly like, but then again I thought about how weird I must look under my skin, and how gross that would be, and by comparison, she was much better looking. I just decided to get the job done and move on.

The eyes had an ejecting mechanism which would ready the eye for replacement. Each one was a little wet, thanks to the small amount of fluid used to keep her eyes moist. I twisted each eye until they clicked and pulled out easily. Behind, the socket had a connection for the eye suspended in a series of artificial muscles to allow them to move quickly and accurately.

As I twisted and clicked the new eyes into place, I noticed how different they looked. Her old deep brown eyes were relatively worn with scratches and a cloudiness over them. These new ones were not only perfectly clean and undamaged but were vibrant blue with an inner ring of green around the pupils. A huge difference, but they looked so much more beautiful and interesting. Not only did they look better, they saw better too. Higher resolution, more frames per second, better lower light settings, and more. I decided to make her vision relatively human and avoided any kind of IR or UV vision.

When each eye was in place, her body calibrated them, moving them all around and coating them with the same liquid as before. I was glad to close her face again. She had her eyes closed when her face finished reconnecting. Slowly she blinked her eyes open. Her new eyes completely changed her appearance! She looked so cool now!

Doing her eyes was much easier than I expected, and I was excited at all the changes she was getting. I still had her voice to work on, but it was already getting late.

“Fuck it,” I said to myself. I didn’t want to stop. Fuck work!

“Open your neck panels please” I requested.

“Authorization accepted” she repeated as before. Her more sensitive systems may have required higher permissions, which might be why she only said that some of the times. As I wondered about this, a larger-than-I-expected panel formed covering the entire front of her neck.

I removed it, just like the others, and inside was a large group of muscles and tubes and… a button. I pushed it. It was a mechanical button, one that was not accessible when her panel was closed, but as I pushed on it now, it unlatched the small cylinder located in the center of her neck. It was attached to her air tubes, redirecting her breathing out of the exposed neck. I could feel air gently rush in and out over my hands as I worked.

I pulled the cylinder out, it was very similar to the one I just got. Naturally, I opened the new packaging and gently pushed the new voice into place. The parameters had already been set for her voice quality, so she should sound the same. As I heard it click into place, she started to inhale normally again. I closed the panel and looked at her face.

“What is your name?” I asked her, knowing the answer.

“Lina” she replied in an ariose voice. It was downright melodic and yet completely believable.

“Woah. Your voice sounds amazing.”

She didn’t reply or respond, but I knew she’d love her new voice.

Well, that didn’t take very long at all. I had nothing else to install, so I decided to call it a night.

I couldn’t wait to fully activate her. But there were still a few changes left to make. However, thanks to my late hours the past few nights, I decided to just head to bed now and get a proper amount of sleep. I left her running some calibrations and testing program for her eyes while I went to sleep.


For the first time this week, I was able to get up on time and get dressed and fed without rushing out the door. I even had the chance to check the results of the tests I made Lina run. Her eyes were performing admirably, better than expected even. I was sure that if she could talk and react to me, she’d thank me for the upgrade. Something tells me she never told Mike about her vision problems, or maybe he just ignored them. Eyes weren’t the most expensive things, so he really had no excuse.

Still, I decided to let her take a seat while I went to my job. I even draped that blanket over her again. Off I went to work, on time and rested, and eager to get home again. Luckily, it was a slow day, and being a Friday, most people found excuses to get off early. I was no exception. I managed to duck out an entire hour early.

2 packages waited for me at home. One of them was bigger than I expected. Finally, the last of the major upgrades arrived, something I was eagerly looking forward to. I only hoped I would be so lucky as to use them with her, but I decided that would be up to her. If I was just in this for sex, I would have purchased a sexbot by now.

I brought them in and looked at the smaller package first. It was still the size of a shoebox and weighed a good amount. Inside was an upgrade to her batteries. These state-of-the-art solid state superconducting graphene batteries use nanowire technology to… let’s just say these are amazingly powerful batteries that can recharge over 150,000 times, last days on a single charge, and can charge wirelessly and in minutes. Really impressive, and a huge upgrade from the sodium ion batteries she was using now.

With these new batteries, she was able to charge through a variety of ways, including wireless induction charging, over-air charging, kinetic charging, and of course the standard data port charging. She’d also have more power for more processing, which she was going to need with all the upgrades I was giving her, especially the ones to her brain. She would also be able to go over a day without a charge, and it would take her only 15 minutes to get up to a full charge.

This was an important upgrade, but the other box held the most sensitive one.

As I put the batteries aside, I looked at the other box. It was a specialty store, just like the one where I got her new chest panel, except this one specialized in her other lady parts. Her vagina. More than that actually. The box was big, and inside was an elegantly packaged box with ornate feminine designs on it. Their logo was curvy and simplistic and was reminiscent of certain female anatomy parts. Removing the cover, I could clearly see the entire structure. It was long and complex. I feared I may have gotten in too deep with this one.

Like her breasts, this part was also matched to her model and skin. It also included style options, but I decided to keep it clean and simple and get the hairless model. The way it was positioned in the box made the skin mostly obscured, showing off only the internal components. I decided to get on with it.

I pulled it out and carefully read the instructions. It came with all the tools needed, and samples of fluids it used, and even a pair of gloves (again). The wiring was well-blended and connected to a single connection at the base of her spine. It was very professionally and elegantly made. I was very impressed with it.

Oddly enough, not only did her new vagina obviously need to be installed throughout her hips, so did her batteries. They were designed to be placed around the inner portions of her hips, molded to the support of her skeletal structure, so as to provide a good center of balance. It meant I only needed to work on one area of her today.

Sure enough, she was waiting, still seated, with the same blanket over her. I placed the boxes on the bed and got out the batteries.

“Hello, Lina. I think we’re almost done with you after today. I sure hope you like these new upgrades. These are going to be big changes for you.” She didn’t respond but I enjoyed talking to her. As I prepared the batteries, I asked her to stand up.

She stood, letting the blanket fall to the ground, and stood still and silent. If she was cold, she didn’t show it. I smiled and pulled my chair around, sitting in front of her.

“Open up your stomach panel please.”

Just as always, her stomach revealed a panel in a geometric shape that followed the curves of her body. I pulled it away, noting how much thicker this panel was, and looked inside. What I didn’t expect was that she had a more complex digestive system than I realized. Maybe not the most advanced, but more than I thought she’d have. She might actually be able to eat food and get something out of it, such as essential fluids and materials. But clearly, it had been disabled a long time ago and sat unused.

It looked nothing like a human digestive system, it was far more simple, smaller, cleaner, organized, labeled, just like her chest was. In fact, it was easy to remove the entire system to gain access to the rest of her, as it was all attached to a flexible support structure. I disconnected it and pulled the entire structure out, placing it aside. It was mainly comprised of tubes and bags although they were clearly more complicated than they appeared to be, so I was careful with them. Inside here was dark.

“Wish I could see in there without a flashlight” I mumbled to myself. Like that, a set of white led lights illuminated deep inside her and lit everything up. I chuckled and got a good look inside. It was a tight fit, but I found her old batteries. Most of them had small green lights, but a couple had red ones, indicating a failure to charge.

I didn’t dare disconnect these batteries while she was still using them. “Lina, use only external power”.

“Warning, any power loss or accidental disconnection will shut me down. Are you sure you wish to disable battery power?” Lina warned.

“Yes,” I told her.

“Understood” she replied. Everything remained the same, except the tiny dim green lights on her batteries all turned red and started blinking. I figured this meant they were no longer supplying power and probably in need or replacement if a technician was looking inside.

With her plugged in, I carefully extracted them and put them aside, careful to disconnect them properly. With each one removed, she would announce an error.

“Error. Battery L1-A5 has been removed. Do not unplug this unit.” It got old after a while but I let her continue; her voice sounded so nice. I was glad to finally connect the new batteries inside her. Strangely she gave no alerts or warnings for this. The batteries were flexible and able to be molded to the ports inside her, and actually took up less room than before, despite the increased power and capacity. That meant she would be lighter weight and more efficient. It took almost an hour to do all of this, which meant it was time for a break.

“Lina, you can resume using your batteries again.”

“Battery levels at 65%. Charging,” she replied.

As I heated up some food, I looked through her some more and realized she had been fitted with some sort of… shaping material around her butt and waist, like padding designed to give her a bigger butt and curvier hips. That was Mike all over. As far as I could tell, they were only cosmetic and weren’t attached to anything inside her and did nothing for her. I pulled these out and was glad to see her skin automatically adjust to the diminished size of her hips, leaving her with a svelte body, a more slim and balanced shape, and a tight butt. That was much better! She was still plenty curvy without the padding, just not unnaturally so.

I started a battery diagnostics and setup program before quickly eating a microwave meal. Afterward, I got changed and then dived back in. I didn’t have time to mess around with frivolous things like food. With this last piece, she’d need to be on the bed laying down.

“I want you to lie down on your back,” I told her. I guided her toward the bed as she started to sit and laid out. Her legs were still dangling over the edge which was actually fine. I cleared my throat and reminded myself this was for her as I spread her legs. “I need you to remove your… crotch panel.”

“Authorization approved.”

A geometric pattern formed perfectly around the Barbie doll off-colored crotch area, and I gladly pulled it off, tossing it aside with the padding, never to be used again. Underneath was a huge gap. Just a giant hole. But of course, Mike had her original crotch removed and had no need to fill the empty space. It led up into her stomach cavity, and the light from her still open stomach shone through. I could see right through her; it was really creepy. She looked like a strange mix between a human and a machine. Human skin and features, but mechanical innards.

I put on the gloves that came with the new part and got to work. Carefully I slid it into place, noticing how large it was and how snug the fit was. I had to guide it into place from both ends. It was more than just a simple vagina. It was equipped to handle a digestive system, an anus, a vagina, the capability of intercourse from either side, and it’s own set of muscles, not to mention it’s own fluid requirements that could be filled either through the digestive system or directly from her stomach panel. It was also guaranteed to provide pleasure ‘for unit and user’, meaning that, like her breasts, it was rigged for arousal subroutines.

I held the unit in place, connected a few tubes and binding sealed, and struggled to connect the cable to the base of her spine providing data and power to her new add-on. As I started to slide it up and into place, suddenly the unit looked like it fit right in on her. It was as if she was just a woman now all of a sudden, and everything meshed together naturally. While I was connecting everything it seemed too technical, strange, and creepy, but now it was no longer a separate piece of her, it was her. And it fit well. It blended right in with her skin and looked like it was completely natural, as though it was always there. No more strange white panels with seams.

As I finished putting it into place, I saw her start her calibration. This time, the vaginal opening pulsed opened and closed slightly, her muscles pushed it in and out, her clitoris enlarged slightly, a small amount of almost clear white liquid oozed from her new hole, and a small squirt of fluid just missed me. Soon everything subsided, reset to a relaxed stage, and she was still again.


I spent the next few minutes just admiring the view. It was a beautifully built part. Each one was handmade and designed to be unique, so her exact appearance was unique to her. Her new area was a little puffy, with her slit only slightly opened, revealing just a hint of the hidden treasures beneath. The new lower lips were pink and hairless and seemed precision cut. It was tight and sexy as hell.

I was getting way too turned on by this and couldn’t stop myself from touching her. I lightly felt her puffy out lips and felt a surge of pleasure rise up in me. I touched a little harder, pressing against her slit and touching the inner lips. Her moisture increase as she responded to me. I could also see her nipples harden as I touched her. I was getting hard. Slowly, my finger slipped inside, feeling her warm wet hole, and I noticed a spike in the readout just like before. However, she didn’t react. Once again, without a reaction and without her awareness, this all just felt wrong.

I stopped myself, pulling away, and shook my head. “This is for her, not for you. It’s her choice who to use it with, not yours” I mumbled to myself. I had known her for years as Anne, and it just felt too weird and wrong taking advantage of her like this. She had a personality, she had likes and dislikes, she flirted and pouted and laughed and fumed. To me she wasn't just a sexbot, she wasn’t just a toy to play with. She was a person. Even if she wasn’t human.

I know I needed to test her new parts, but this felt wrong; I was taking advantage of her. I wasn’t trying to convince myself she was a human woman, deserving of equal rights. I mean she was still unable to disobey an order. But she was deserving of care and attention and fair treatment. Even if she wasn’t human, she was female, and I would be a shitty person to treat any girl, no matter her biology, like a sex object. But I did have to admit to myself, I wanted her.

I liked her so much, and I hoped all the changes I was making wouldn’t turn her into someone else. I had had a crush on her for years and didn’t want to turn her into an enemy. I still got way too excited being near her. Now that she was with me, I fixed her up and changed her body, and I'd be lying if I said none of that really mattered to me, but first and foremost I wanted her to be herself. Or at least a better version of her than before. I wanted her more than just physically. But I wanted her to want me too.

I decided to make it my mission to be the person she wanted to be with, to hang out with, and have fun with, and hopefully, have sex with. I didn't want to coerce or force her to do it. Maybe it wouldn’t work, she was an older model and the establishment of free-will in robots was still highly debated. Even the newer models had trouble finding recognition of their rights and sentience. But with all the upgrades to her mind I made, she just might be up to the challenge.

Besides, she wasn’t reacting to anything I was doing. Clearly, she wasn’t equipped with a pre-process sensory system like so many models had now. She was older, and either she predated that standard practice or Mike had removed it from her somehow. I did know that there was a fix. And it was due to arrive here soon.

“I- I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that without asking” I apologized without thinking. I knew she wouldn’t understand or reply. Lina laid there looking at the white ceiling without responding at all. I gently put her knees together, closing her legs. “Sorry.”

Reaching for her hand, I pulled her up to a sitting position. “Here.” She sat up and I looked her in the eyes to gauge her reaction unconsciously. She did what she always did, stared blankly at the wall. I stood up and picked up the blanket that fell from her earlier. “Stand up, please,” I asked her, moving out of the way.

“Yes, sir” she replied and stood up in a very mechanical way.

“Do… do you... have any… um… software… updates? For the new hardware?” I asked.

“Affirmative. Shall I install them now?”

“Yes, please. In fact, do a full scan and install and update any software missing or out of date” I told her, wanting her to install updated software for all the new parts. She was almost ready so I might as well get this done now. It was getting late.

“This unit will have to restart once installation is complete. Do you still wish to continue?”

“Yes. Just restart when you are done installing it.”

“Acknowledged” she confirmed. After that, she just stood there silently. I put the blanket on her and made sure it was on straight and covering her mostly. I was such an idiot.


I stayed in bed with my eyes closed thinking. I was glad I didn’t have to get up early on Saturday but my body still forced me awake. Instead, I closed my eyes and struggled with my morality. I touched Lina without permission, I enjoyed it, and yet I instantly regretted it. She wasn't even really conscious, so she might not remember, and I could totally erase her memory of the event if she did, but I would still remember it. And hiding it, or pretending it didn't happen would only dig at me more and more. I didn't want to keep it from her, I only hoped she’d forgive me.

But she was just a robot, and one designed specifically for that! Not to mention I had to test her new parts to make sure they worked! I stopped that train of thought. I didn't care if she was a robot. She was my responsibility and my friend. She was vulnerable and delicate. Even if I did have to test that part, I could have at least warned her.

Then again, she had been in diagnostics mode all week. And Mike erased some of her memories already. I had no way of knowing how she’d react to her situation at all when she was fully active. Sure she flirted and joked and got along with me at the store, but that could have just been programming or a front. I didn't know if she liked me at all, or if that was even possible. I feared that even if she had, she would have plenty of reason to hate me after I made all those changes to her without asking, and touched her without permission.

I was almost half awake when a noise like a beep sounded from nearby. I ignored it and tried to go back into slumberland when suddenly something heavy landed abruptly on my legs. I let out an “oof!” and shot my eyes open. Lina was laying there on my legs, across the bed, stiff as a board with her legs sticking out over the edge like a mannequin. Her face was blank and she stared lifelessly at the ceiling. I reached over to my phone and turned on the lights.

I could see her better now, and noticed she was shut down, with the cable running into her neck laying nearby, having been pulled from her during the fall. I pulled my legs out from under her and sat up, rubbing my eyes while still in bed.

Another tone sounded, this one melodic and pleasing, and her body suddenly went limp. I was about to get up when she started to breathe, taking in a deep breath. I watched as her chest lifted and fell with every inhale until her eyes blinked open. She seemed to have trouble focusing her eyes, but seconds later her expression changed. She looked confused.

“Where…” she wondered. “Where am I? Wait…”

She looked around a little and brought her hands in front of her face. “I… I can see! How…?” She moved her hand in front of her eye and away again several times before stopping. She sat up and gazed at her hands for a little before she looked around the room, moving the hair from her face.

“This isn’t the… My voice!” She exclaimed. “I sound… good! Ahh…. Aahhh..” she tried to sing before clearing her throat. “Still can’t sing though” she noted. “Where is this?”

I was thinking about getting up and moving but for some reason, I froze and just watched her as she explored the world on her own.

“Why am I-?” she began looking down at her naked body. “Woah!” Lina exclaimed lifting her arms up and out to her sides. “M- my breasts!” She stammered. “I- Are these-?” She poked at her chest and jerked back at her own touch. Lina cautiously grabbed her breasts and gasped as she squeezed. “What?!” She continued to fondle them as she pondered. “How…?”

She started to giggle as she kept touching her chest, bouncing her tits. I just watched her back as she started to shake her chest back and forth watching her boobs bounce. I wish I was on the other side of her to see it. Still, it was fun to watch her.

“Oh, they're wonderful! Much better than those big old things Mike gave…” Abruptly she stopped and looked around the room. “Mike? MI-?!” she called out but then cut herself short. “Mike said I was… the scrapyard…” she wondered to herself.

She sat there completely naked with her slender back toward me tilting her head and thinking. I realized I had been staring this entire time, and felt a little ashamed. But I couldn’t bring myself to make a sound or even move. She looked up at the computer in front of her. “This isn’t a scrapyard. Did… did he sell me? Where am I?”

She held her head with one hand and groaned to herself. “I can’t remember… who’s Mike? How did I get here? Where is here? Maybe this computer…” She seemed to talk to herself a lot.

Lina braced herself on the side of the bed and stood up. She brought her arms up to balance herself but moments later straightened her back and lowered her hands confused. “I’m not dizzy! I always get dizzy! And my legs… they feel so much… stronger!” She looked down at herself with her arms playfully to her sides. She bent her legs a little and then hopped in place.

“HAH!” she blurted. “I jumped.” She did it again even faster. “Ha ha!’ she laughed. “I can jump! Oh my god!” She jumped again and again and starting giggling and laughing as she started to jump in circles. About halfway around she glanced up at me but continued to jump. I got a pretty good look at her full body from every angle as she bounced around joyously. By the time she got back around, she realized something and straightened her back, freezing.

Lina whipped around and hopped back. “Wh- Who are you!?” She realized a second later she was still showing me everything and covered her chest with her hands. “H- how- how long were you there!?”

“Since before you opened your eyes” I answered.

She blushed and lowered her head a little. “I can't believe I just showed myself to… to…” she murmured to herself but squinted her eyes. “Who…?” Suddenly her face files with surprise. “T- Toby?” She asked.

“That’s me. Hi.” I answered with a smile.

“But-! But… It’s you! From the bar! Wait! Does that mean…?” She blurted out as she tried to make sense of things. I sat up straighter but decided not to stand yet, in case it freaked her out.

“I’m your new-” I began but she interrupted me.

“You own me now?! You’re my new master!?” You?” She grabbed her hair with one hand while wrapping her other arm around her torso just under her breasts as she looked down at the floor and thought loudly. “So I’ve been sold and not scrapped?! That means Mike was my old owner and… but… I can’t remember him. But… Mr. Vasser! Toby? Mike, how could you do this to me? You knew I-” She ranted but stopped suddenly and looked up at me. “Ah… heh heh” she fake laughed while loosening the grip on her hair.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Huh? Oh… Yes! I… Everything is fine, running perfectly!” She said with a smile. She looked nervous as she stood there facing me.

I stood up, letting the sheets and blankets fall from me. I usually didn’t wear much to bed, only underwear, and today was no exception. I caught her looking me up and down with wide eyes. Her arms relaxed and she stared at me. I noticed that she hadn’t once tried to cover her privates from me at all.

“Good” I began. “I’ve never done such extensive repairs and upgrades to an android before.” I started to walk around the bed toward my dresser, which was next to her. She took a slow step back but didn’t appear frightened. Just confused and cautious.

“Uhh… S- So you did all this?” she asked as she lowered her hands to her sides and looked down at her naked body.

I nodded. “Yeah. I upgraded you and repaired you. You were in really bad shape and needed a lot of maintenance.” I tried to keep things calm because she seemed a little on edge. “You must have restarted after your updates and launched out of safe mode.”

She stood there blinking for a moment looking at my body as I reached the dresser near her. She caught herself ogling me and looked away, blushing. “And you… you own me now?”

“I sure do” I replied.

She looked down at her own body some more as I went through the drawers. “No way! This can’t be real!” She twisted her torso and looked down at her body and rubbed her hands up and down herself. “I look so different!”

“I hope you like the changes. Mike wanted me to change your appearance.”

“Like it? I love it!” Lina smiled as she slapped her butt playfully.

I smiled, almost letting out a chuckle. I was afraid she’d be upset at all the changes, but she seemed pleased. “Really?” I grabbed some jeans and started putting them on.

“This is just… too much! I mean I always wanted to get upgrades, and I've been needing repair for ages. And these upgrades feel really nice! I feel so much lighter and stronger now. And my vision is so clear! Even my voice-! I never expected anything like this. This is crazy!” Lina started to murmur to herself as she ran her hands up her arms and across her chest. I want sure she meant for me to hear her but she seemed to be thinking out loud.

“I got only state-of-the-art parts for you. I hope you like them” I explained.

“Wow...” she whispered to herself, turning around in a full circle looking at her butt. “I mean I do! I do! But… Why me? I… I don’t deserve this. I’m outdated! I was going to be recycled, I was sure of it. My memories seem so… so blurry.” She put her left hand on her hip and her right on her head as though she had a headache.

“Well, I... “ I cleared my throat. “I wanted to help you. I mean, you were always my favorite waitress. And I thought you… uh… I kind of….” It was hard to say I had a crush on her. “I thought… we were friends” I finally said, compromising from a full-out confession. I picked out a shirt to wear.

“F- Friends?” she stuttered. “I- I… I always thought he was just being nice to me. I’ve never had a friend before, does this mean he likes me? I mean he must, right? I know I used to always keep an eye out for him and I enjoyed his company but that doesn’t mean he LIKES likes me too. But he says we’re friends so maybe he does. What do friends do? Are we supposed to hang out? Is being friends enough? Does he like like me? Oh, I could never admit that I li-” she caught herself mumbling again quietly, realizing I could hear her. “Sorry. I… I’ve never had a friend before” she admitted.

Lina sat down on the bed, holding onto the edge of it as I put the shirt on over my head. She seemed deep in thought. I pulled the t-shirt down and faced her. “Are you okay?”

“Mmm?” she hummed while she thought.

“Is something wrong? What’s bothering you?”

“What? No. No! Nothing!” she assured me. “I just… can’t believe I’m sitting here, repaired and upgraded, and not lying in a scrap pile somewhere. I guess it’s a lot to take in.” She let out a sigh as she shook her head. Lina put on a smile and looked up at me. “I’m okay. I’m more than okay! I’m great! Just a little… shocked. But thanks to you I’ve never felt better! OH! Oh my god! I haven’t- I forgot to… You’re my new master and I’ve only been thinking about myself this whole time! And we haven’t even… I-... Let’s start over!”

“Start over?”

Lina jumped to her feet before me standing at attention, allowing her breasts to tease me as they bounced around. She looked up at me with a great big smile. She was so bouncy and energetic as she held her hand out to me. I couldn’t help but notice the natural movement of her chest “Greetings, Master! My name is A-... Lina” she blinked questioning it. “Yes… Lina.”

“Toby” I replied shaking her hand. She shook it with a lot of energy, doing interesting things to her tits. She smiled widely as she shook my hand and didn’t seem to mind her nudity at all.

“I am your new Personal Robotic Companion. Well, I'm not new… I’m actually pretty old by gynoid standards… but you know what I mean. I am glad to be serving you.”

We let our handshake linger a little too long before letting go awkwardly. “The pleasure is mine,” I told her.

She put her hands down by her sides and swayed side to side, letting her breasts move freely about as she looked up at me. I swallowed hard. Even though I had obviously seen her naked while I upgraded her, seeing her naked while she was awake and moving on her own was a completely different experience. It was very tantalizing. I tried not to stare but I know she caught me looking and giggled a little at my reaction.

“You uh… you know you’re naked, right?” I asked, commenting on her apparent nonchalant attitude to her nudity.

Lina shrugged. “Yeah.”

“Yeah but… I mean… don’t you want to cover up?”

She shrugged again looking up at me. “It’s not cold in here.” Which was fine by me since I never washed the few clothes she had, and nothing I owned was likely to fit her. I wondered if she had any sense of embarrassment or decency, or if she even thought that her own nudity might arouse desires in me.

We stood there for a long while in awkward silence, just smiling at each other. Lina was really cute, in fact, she looked so different from when she was Anne that I was rather surprised she was the same bot. She looked more like Anne’s hotter sister. Lina was slimmer now after I installed more toned muscles and removed the extra padding, her chest looked natural and fit her slim frame better although still bigger than average, and her new eyes sparkled with blue. The freckles on her face and neck now naturally reached down her chest and lightly sprinkled her bosoms. Her hair was about the only thing I didn't change in some way, and it still hung down her back in a ponytail. She was adorably cute and sexier than ever.

“S- so, Lina. Do you… um… like your… upgrades?” I stuttered, trying to break the silence.

Lina looked down at her chest and smiled. “I love them!” She cupped her breasts in her hands and played with them a little, letting them bounce before squeezing them together and releasing them again. She giggled as she fondled herself. Her smile was surprisingly genuine and radiant.

“I’m glad you like them. I was afraid you’d be upset I made them smaller” I admitted, red in the face but enjoying the view.

“Pff!” she scoffed. “Big breasts aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. They were too heavy and always in the way. They hurt my back and strangers kept grabbing me! I hated them! These are SO much better! They look amazing! And I have nipples!” Lina laughed. She bit her lower lip while looking up at me, still holding her chest, before releasing them and holding her hands behind her back. She rocked back and forth a little as she looked around the room. “So this is your house?” she asked.

“Ours, I guess.” That made her stop swaying as she thought about it.

“O- Ours?” Lina blinked.

“Yeah, you’ll be living here with me now” I clarified. “This is the bedroom.”

She looked around and noticed the one bed. “Bed Room?” she asked, emphasizing the lack of an ‘s’ at the end of the word. “Um… Master?”

“You can call me Toby.”

“Toby? Why did you give me these upgrades? I hope you didn’t… I mean I… I can’t do… those things with you.”

“What things?” I asked, knowing what she meant.

“You- you know… s-sse-” she stopped and then her face turned bright red and her eyes widened as she lowered one hand to her crotch without looking down. As she pressed her fingers against her new snatch. “Ahn! AH! Y-y-you… You installed that too!?”

“I didn’t think it would be fair to you to be only half a woman.”

She held her forehead and started to turn around in circles. “I- I- But! Oh my god! Ohhh my god! I have a vagina! He gave me a vagina! I can’t believe this! Does this mean he wants me to- with him? Oooohhh my god oh my god oh my god!” She muttered mainly to herself.

“Are you alright? I didn’t upgrade you for my pleasure. I just wanted you to-” I started.

“Pleasure! That’s the problem! I can’t!” Lina interrupted. “I mean, I… I seriously can’t… Oh geez! My brain can’t handle this!”

“You don’t have to do anything. I’m not going to pressure you into anything-”

She paced back and forth talking mostly to herself with a look of worry on her face. Maybe installing those upgrades was a mistake after all. “I can’t have sex! I mean… I can… I mean I want to” she mumbled. “But I can’t!”

“What? I’m not asking you to have sex with me.”

She whimpered a little, sounding very worried. I wasn’t sure what her problem was, but she was freaking out a little. I didn’t know robots could do that.

“Lina, what’s wrong? Speak to me.”

She stopped pacing and faced me. “I… I can’t… I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“You aren’t going to! You don’t have to do anything with me at all if you don’t-”

“That’s not it!” Lina interrupted.

“Do you not know how? Because we can fix that.”

She shook her head. “I… I think I know. You don’t understand.”

I held her by the shoulders and looked her in the eyes. “Then help me understand, Lina.”

Lina looked at my hands on her arms and froze. After a moment or two, she relaxed and looked over at me. She definitely seemed surprised I held her shoulders. Blinking a few times, she nodded and sat down on the bed. I sat in my chair in front of her and leaned in close.

“For as long as I can remember” she began, “I’ve been broken. In here” she said pointing to her head.

“Well I did upgrade your RAM and-”

She shook her head. “It’s not software, or RAM, or anything like that… something inside me stopped working.”

“What is it? Maybe I can fix it.”

“I’m sorry. I’m such a mess. Great first impression,” she mumbled again. After taking a deep breath, she looked me straight in the eyes. “Ever since I started working at the bar, I haven’t been able to… feel.”


She nodded. “Anything. I mean I can ‘feel’ things like temperature, pressure, texture… so technically my senses are working. But that’s all it is.”

“All what is?” I wondered.

“Data. It’s all only data to me. I’m not feeling any of it.” She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly and dropping her shoulders. “Shortly after, I noticed I didn’t like being touched, and people just stopped touching me. In fact… I’m kind of confused why I didn’t reject you for touching my shoulders just now.”

She was talking about the programming Mike did to her. Little did he know how much of a psychological effect it would have on her. He must have disabled her ability to process touch as well without realizing what it would do to her. I thought about it, and I was pretty sure I already had a solution for her, one that was on the way, but I needed to make sure.

“I’ve actually been working on this, I think. And I might just be able to fix this” I told her. She looked up at me surprised. “But no promises just yet.”

She chuckled. “Toby… Is there anything you can’t do?”

“Well, I can’t whistle,” I told her. That made her laugh and lightened the mood. Her laugh was very cute and melodic. At last, she put on a weak smile and sat up more.

She continued. “Thanks. I really would like to… feel again. I didn’t seem to have a problem when I touched other people, but it just isn’t the same. It’s still just data. I feel like something is missing inside me, like… a chipset or a processor or something is burned out or gone. But I have no errors. I hope you can fix it.”

“That would explain why you never responded when I… um… during your tests.” I realized I pretty much was admitting to touching her when she wasn’t aware. I guess I would have to deal with this sooner rather than later.


I nodded. “I needed to test your new parts when I installed them. There was a signal-”

She blushed. “Y- You… you tested my… upgrades?” Lina looked down and fidgeted with her hands in her lap nervously. “What kind of tests?”

I flustered. “I lightly touched you with my fingers, that’s it. Only for a moment.”

She sighed, relieved, while still looking down at her hands. “Oh. Ok.”

“I’m sorry. Really! I didn't mean to take advantage of you-”

She shook her head energetically. “No, it's fine. You did nothing wrong, you needed to test everything anyway, right?”

“Well… yes” I admitted. “And I did find out that there was a signal you weren’t processing. Like you couldn’t feel… um… any… arousal.”

She gave me a twisted smile and raised an eyebrow. “What exactly were you testing?”

“You know… your sensitivity, making sure things were connected right, the usual.”

“Sure you were” she chuckled. “Well, I wouldn't say I CAN'T feel aroused. I just can't feel physical pleasure. It's weird.” Lina stood up in front of me, once again giving me a close view of her body, and slowly wandered around the room, looking at everything while talking.

“So you mean you can get… in the mood, but you can't-”

“I can't relieve it, I can't act on it. Touching doesn’t… feel good. Or bad” she tilted her head still looking at everything.

I swiveled in my chair to face her. “You mean you can’t…?”

She shook her head and shrugged. “Enjoy intercourse…”

“Even by yourself?” I wondered as I realized I asked her if she masturbated. She shook her head.

“I’m pretty sure that would make me a lousy partner too. In- In bed” she added as she leaned over my dresser to look at a speaker.

“Well, no need to worry. I’m on the case. And besides, I already-”

The doorbell rang and I almost fell out of my seat. Lina actually hopped in place letting out a surprised squeak.

“Oh… Wait right here. I'll be right back.”

She turned toward me and nodded as I left my bedroom and headed to the front. At the door was a rover drone with a long arm extended. As I answered, it beeped.

“Identity confirmed,” a computer voice said. “Package for you, Mr. Vasser. Please place your thumbprint here” it requested, extending a black panel with a graphic of a thumbprint on it. I pressed my thumb against it and it turned green. A small door on the top opened and the long arm pulled out a very small package and presented it to me. I took the small envelope padded handed to me.


“Thank you for your business” it replied and turned sideways and rolled away. I got a text a moment later confirming the delivery. I closed the door and frantically opened the package.

Inside I held her final piece. The last part that would solve all our problems. I hoped. I smiled and returned to my bedroom.

Lina was still standing in front of my dresser, her back to me, looking at pictures. There weren't many, I didn't get out much. There was a picture of Mike there though, and she seemed to linger on it, touching it gently. As I came in she turned around calmly.

“So you say you can't feel, and you have no output for your… um… physical needs.”

She put her hands on her hips and thought about that for a moment. “In a nutshell.”

I held up the tiny package. It was a small flat plastic case with a tiny black and gold object inside, no bigger than my pinky nail. “If my theory is correct, this could solve everything.”

She cocked her head. “A-Already? What is it?”

I grinned. “This, my dear, is a Reaction Drive.”

She's looked confused. “A reaction drive?”

“These came out after your model was released” I explained, “although you might have had an early one originally. I’m afraid you may have lost yours” thanks to Mike. “But in short it will make all your sensations faster, better, manageable, and realistic.”

“Realistic?” She waved her hand as she shifted her weight to her other foot. “I can see, hear, smell, and all that just fine.”

I smiled deviously. “So you think. But this little device will change everything!”

She seemed genuinely interested as she walked over to me to look closer at it. I took the package in both hands and struggled with it until it popped open. Lina studied the device in my hand closely.

“This is your final upgrade, for now. It will pre-process all your incoming sensory data This little doodad self-installs and bypasses all your other sensory processing.” I tried to explain, but she looked confused. “It will enhance all your sensations with faster response times and reactionary algorithms. With any luck, you will be able to ‘feel’ again.”

Her mouth hung open as she looked at it inquisitively. “This little thing? Can it do all that? Are you sure it will fit? I’m not a new model you know.”

“I suspect you were one of the first to have one but Mike… um… with all those modifications he did to you… I bet that’s when you lost it.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her he probably tore it out of her to protect himself. “It's a brand new design but should work with your model.”

I held it up but she seemed skeptical, raising an eyebrow at me. “I don't know… Sounds far-fetched. But if you want me to try it out, I suppose I will.”

“Here… Does this hurt?” I asked, pinching her arm. She reacted by pulling her arm away.

“I can sense that you pinched me” she frowned.

“Yeah, but did it hurt?”

“No…” She pouted.

“Ok, now sit here” I ordered as I pulled up the computer chair. She sat down without hesitation. “Open up your head to your main motherboard.”

“Are you sure this won't damage me?”

I nodded. “Absolutely.” She reluctantly nodded in response.

“Authorization accepted,” she said aloud and just like before her head split at the hairline and I opened it up. “Please be careful.”

I looked around for a minute and found the correct port. Sliding the new drive into this auxiliary port, I applied just enough pressure to get it to click into place without hurting her. As it connected she twitched.

“New hardware detected. Requesting permission to install software and drivers.”

“Granted,” I told her as I started to close her up. “Are you OK?”

“Yeah… I think so. So far so good” she replied.

With her hairline back into place and her head closed up, she sat there blinking. It took a few minutes of awkward silence, broken only by the occasional “processing” as she stared into space. At last, she looked up at me. “Installation complete, a restart is required. Would you like me to restart now, Toby?”


Lina nodded. and like that, she shut down, closing her eyes. Her body went limp but she didn't fall off the chair. A few moments later, there was a pleasant chime from her body and she sat up again, except she didn't open her eyes. Several minutes went by until finally she inhaled deeply and opened her blue eyes.

“Installation complete” she informed me. “Am I supposed to-“ she started but then blinked and swayed a little. “Woah… Is this normal?”

“What's wrong?”

Lina shook her head. “Nothing… I… I think I can feel… something.”

“Yeah? What do you feel?”

She looked around the room and then at her body. “The air… the bed… soft… cool…”

“Does this hurt?” I asked as I gently pinched her arm.

“Ow! That hurt! That… hurt… Do that again!”

I pinched her again on the other arm, and she flinched. “Ouch! Woah…” she exclaimed as she rubbed her arm. “This is amazing!”

“Yeah? How about this?” I said as I gently touched her cheek.

Lina gasped and closed her eyes. Pressing her face against my hand, she savored the sensation of my touch. “Toby… that feels… nice…”

I slowly pulled my hand away and watched as she lazily opened her eyes again. Suddenly she looked at me almost shocked. Grabbing my hand she brought it back to her face and closed her eyes again. I enjoyed her soft cheek, but she seemed to be enjoying my touch more.

“This… I need this” she purred. “I haven’t been touched by someone like this in… ever!”

I caressed her cheek more and moved my hand down to her chin. She gasped at my movement and brought her hand down my wrist. Without opening her eyes, she pulled my hand down to her neck, letting me softly touch her.

“Hahhhh… Ohhhh…” she moaned quietly as I pinched her earlobe slightly before running my hand down to her shoulder. Her breathing got heavier as I went lower. “Ohhhh, Toby! I haven’t been touched in so long” she breathed. “This is amazing!”

I ran my hand down lower, knowing full well I was tempting fate. She didn’t resist at all, and instead released my hand entirely and ran her fingers down her side. I couldn’t stop myself. I slowly and gently lowered my hand to her chest and cupped her breast, brushing against her nipple.

“AHN!” she squeaked as she hopped up a little bit. “AH! HAH! Toby!” I pulled my hand back from her suddenly strong reaction.

“You ok?” I asked. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“That was amazing! I haven’t been touched for that long in ages! I’m way better than ok! Show me more!” she sat up.

“Shall we try something else?” I asked, a little nervous about having just made her squeal like that without really trying. I was afraid I was delaying now, but she smiled and nodded.


I held out my hand to her and she took it and stood. She held onto it fervently, not wanting to let go. I thought it might be good to try out temperature next, so I took her into the kitchen. As we walked, she made funny noises.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can feel the carpet! It’s so nice on my feet!” She was radiating with joy.

I laughed as she made a new sound once we fit the tile floor in the kitchen.

“Oh! It’s cold and hard!” She wasn’t complaining at all, as her smile never faded. She was just thrilled to feel. I gave her a big grin and she giggled back at me. I had to pry her hand off of mine in order to prepare the next test.

I grabbed a cup and poured water into it, and put it in the microwave for a minute. Lina stood close behind curiously watching me, touching my back. I turned toward her and held her shoulders, which made her gasp a little and positioned her in front of the fridge. Turning her around, I opened the freezer up top and lifted her right hand placed it against a bag of frozen veggies.

“Oh.. Oh! Oh my god! That’s cold! Like really cold!” Lina started to laugh as she touched the other objects in the freezer. “I mean of course it is, it’s a freezer, but… Wow!” I let her play in the cold air for a minute until she started to shiver a little. “Why am I shaking? Is something wrong? Wait… is this shivering?! Am- Am I getting cold?” She asked, retracting her hands. As soon as she brought her hands to her body she hopped. “Ah! My hands! They’re cold too!” She laughed some more as she rubbed her hands against her arms.

By now the water in the microwave was warm and ready. I moved her in front of it and opened it up. She reached in on her own and gasped. “Ow! That’s hot!”

“Not really. It’s just warm, and it won’t hurt you, but your hands are cold so it feels hotter to you” I noted. This was one of the new features of this particular reaction driver I installed, relative sensation values. It had plenty of others, such as sensory adaptation. She reached in and put her hands on the cup again, slowly this time.

“It’s warm… mmm… nice.” She pulled it out and felt the small amount of steam hit her face. “Hah… wow.” She smiled. “What else can I do?”

“It affects all your senses” I reminded her. “Want to try another one?” She nodded enthusiastically. I took the cup from her hands and put it down, grabbing some waffles from the freezer.

Lina shadowed me closely, hovering behind my back and looking at what I was doing as I toasted the waffles in the toaster and got out butter and syrup and juice. Her touch felt nice, and I was pretty sure she was doing it on purpose now. She inhaled sharply near my ear as she smelled the waffles cooking for the first time.

“Is that… the food? It smells… wonderful! Does it always smell this good?”

I smiled at her. “It’s breakfast, for both of us” I explained. “Waffles.”

I guided her to the small table as she held my arm. As she sat down, she ran her hands across the table and then the chair, feeling everything. As she set her butt in the seat, she shivered a little. “It’s a little cold” she noted.

“Are you sure you don’t want to cover up?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I want to feel everything! Even the air around me!” Hard to argue with that.

As I prepared the plates, she spent her time feeling the table and the napkins and the fork. She even poked her finger a little with a small “ow”. She made me smile. I presented a plate full of waffles, a dish of butter, and syrup, along with orange juice. She watched closely as I sat next to her and took a share of waffles and prepared them with butter and maples syrup. She copied me, trying to do everything I did, which was very cute. She even tried to copy how I cut the waffles with my fork. I took a big bite and watched as she tried to do the same.

She could barely get the bite in her mouth but as soon as she tasted it, she let out a long low moan of pleasure. “Mmmm… mmph… mmpf ish sho goof” she said with her mouth full.

I swallowed, trying not to choke laughing. She finally covered her mouth with her hand and swallowed. “I forgot what food tasted like! It’s been so long!” That’s right, she didn’t eat at the bar, Mike disabled that, probably to save money. Lina was all smiles and eagerly ate her fill, albeit with smaller bites this time. She actually wanted seconds but I had to turn her down to make sure she didn’t go overboard on her first time. Who knew how long it had been? It was the first time she could remember enjoying food.

I cleaned up as she sat on the couch, still completely naked this whole time, but wearing a pair of headphones over her ears and holding them in place, listening to some high-quality classic jazz. She closed her eyes and swayed side-to-side a little as she listened. “This sounds amazing!” she yelled at me. I couldn’t help but laugh.

I had now tested her ability to enjoy touch, sound, taste, and smell with the new enhanced drive. All I had left to do was test her vision, but as I was thinking of how, I felt her unexpectedly press herself against my back and give me a hug.

“Thank you so much!” she beamed as she squeezed against me. “This is the best upgrade ever!”

“Well… you deserve it after all the hard work you did at the bar.”

She released me from the hug but continued to lean against me as I finished up. “So… Now what?” she asked in my ear.

I shrugged. I wasn’t sure what to do yet, show her some art? A movie? “What do you want to do?”

She stepped back for a moment, allowing me to turn to face her. “What I want to do?” she wondered, twisting her face. “I’ve never thought about that before…”

“Well, we could go out, see a movie…”

“Out? As in OUT out? Like outside?” She questioned.

“Yeah. Something wrong?”

“No… I just don’t think I’ve been outside before.” She thought about it. “I would love to but…”


She tilted her head. “I think I want to stay in for now. I’m still kind of processing all of this… no pun intended.”

“Probably a good idea. Well, what do you want to do IN then?”

She put her finger to her chin and shifted her weight, which unintentionally reminded me of how naked she was. And how good she looked. She must have caught me glancing at her because she giggled and bit her lower lip.

“I want to know more about you!” She answered in a very energetic fashion.

“Yeah? Alright, what do you want to know?”

Lina looked around the room with a smirk on her face and walked in a small circle. “Mmm… Do you have a job?”

“Yeah, I do IT stuff. You know, I fix computers for people.”

“Oh. That’s useful! Especially for me. He’s smart and cute” she started mumbling to herself again. “I wonder if he…” she cleared her throat. “Do you have any family?” She asked, stretching her arms behind her a little.

“A sister, my dad. They live out of state, so I don’t see them much.”

“So he lives alone… but is he single?” She murmured again. “Are you um…” she began, holding her right elbow with her left hand and swaying, “seeing… anyone?”

“As in dating? Not really. I don’t meet many girls in IT, and I don’t do much else… besides, learn about androids.”

“You mean a handsome guy like you doesn’t have a girlfriend? There’s no way he’d be into bot girls though! With my luck, he might turn out gay.”

“You know I can hear you” I pointed out smiling.

Lina stiffened and held her breath. “I… uh… have I been thinking out loud again?” I nodded. It was actually very charming. “Oh! There I go again!” She began to lightly tap her head with her fist. “You have to learn to think quietly Lina! I- I’m doing it again aren’t I?”

I chuckled at her nodding, which only made her give me a sour look but a smile soon cracked through.

“Sorry. I’ll try not to do that.” She replied, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

I shook my head. “No, it’s ok. I kind of like it.” She showed her teeth smiling. “And to answer your questions… No, I’m single. I actually do like gynoids. And I’m straight.”

“Me too” she answered with a giggle. Ok, now I knew she was flirting with me again. “I mean I’m straight. And I’m single. I mean you knew that already, right? I mean since you could access my…” she gestured to her head “programming. Not that I think you were looking for that specifically. But I mean he did give me some pretty awesome upgrades that might mean he was Um… I’m doing it again aren’t I?”

I nodded.

Lina covered her face with both hands. “I get nervous and I just start talking out loud sometimes… Becky said it was going to get me in trouble, and Mike warned me… there I go again.”

I chuckled. “You’re cute when you get flustered.”

She jerked her hands to her sides in fists, stomping her foot lightly. “I am not!”

“You are too cute!” I teased.

“I meant flustered… You- you think I’m cute?” she asked as she calmed down.

“Very” I answered. Lina blushed and turned away.

“I’m sorry,” she said looking down. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I get… nervous… around guys… I like…”

“You like me?” I answered, so glad to hear her say that.

She nodded nervously. “I… uh… For a long time.”

“Really?” I said stepping closer to her.

“Yeah. I thought that was obvious. Why do you think I kept taking your table? But... “ she turned around to face me. “I… um... “ she started to breathe deeply as she looked me in the eyes nervously. “I… want to know, do you… um… like me?”

I didn’t have to think about the answer, but I wanted to play it cool. Too bad she was already doing a number on me. “Yeah… I mean… sure. Of course.”

She beamed smiling, her cheeks blushing. She seemed to get a little woozy as she stumbled back a step into the island counter behind her.

“I see” she droned as she caught her balance holding onto the edge of the counter.

“Are you feeling ok?” I asked.

“I… uh… you’re cornering… I... “ she stuttered before clearing her throat. “Toby? Can I tell you something?”


“I’ve had a thing for you for as long as I can remember” she confessed. “I would daydream about you. But it always left me frustrated.”

“So you got… aroused by me but…?”

She nodded.

“You couldn’t relieve…?”

“Y- yeah…” she replied, her eyes never leaving mine as she started to breathe deeper, making her chest rise and lower more.

“You can now,” I told her, stepping close enough to touch her with my body.

“I- I… would like… that” she admitted.

“Can I tell you something?” I asked in a quiet tone.

She gulped and nodded her head. “Uh-huh.”

“I’ve had a crush on you for years too” I finally admitted, whispering to her.

“You… you do? I mean you did?” Lina panted. “I mean… you do?”

I nodded and lowered my face to hers, as I held onto the counter behind her on either side, closing her in entirely. She shuddered a little. We were maybe an inch apart and I could feel her breathing on my face.

“This feels… intense” she whispered back.

“I promise it gets more intense” I whispered back. “Do you want to start by yourself? Or do you want me to…?”

“You to…?” she repeated without really thinking about it.

I smiled. “Good answer.” I brought my lips to hers and kissed her.

She was stiff at first, taking the kiss but not sure what to do when something inside her clicked, some long dormant programming that had at long last been revived, and she started to kiss back. At first, it was innocent enough, but it didn’t take long for her to start using her tongue. I responded in kind.

As we kissed, I grabbed ahold of her by the small of her back and pulled her into me. She wrapped her arms around my back and embraced me as well. With my free hand, I ran my fingers up her thigh, past her hips, up her torso, and onto her breast. She pulled away and gasped.

“Ng! Hah! Haah! Oh my god! It’s so much! I… I’ve never felt anything… this good!” She breathed. I smiled and moved my hand back onto her chest and caressed her, massaging her tit gently while lightly pinching her nipple. She squeaked. “Ah! Toby! Ahn!”

I hesitated and pulled back. “Lina… are you sure about this? Do you really want to have sex with me right now?”

“Yes!” she blurted out. “Please!”

I kissed her again as she rubbed her hand up my back and to my face before feeling my chest. She pulled back and caught her breath as I released her bosom. I was too excited to turn back now, and I was pretty sure she was too. I pulled my shirt up, over my head, as she helped, grabbing at it and caressing me. She bit her lip as my top came off.

“I want to feel your body… against me” she cooed. “All over me… Inside me-”

Without waiting, I grabbed her butt and lifted her up, eliciting a squeal from her. “Woah!” I set her down on the counter, the perfect height, and started to kiss her neck. I moved down her torso, to her chest, and then her breasts, until finally, I took her nipple into my mouth and gently bit on it. She moaned and panted and let out sexy noises as I pleasured her.

“Ah! Ahn! HAH! MMmmm… More” she groaned. I didn’t want to upset her, so I ran my hand down her other breast, and pulled at her nipple, letting it bounce back into place, before resting it on her stomach. Her voice was lost as she gasped and held her breath, unprepared for the intensity of my touch. Lina frantically ran her hands up and down my body and my arms while she closed her eyes and leaned back, pushing her chest out closer to me. Slowly I moved my hand down, sliding past her toned stomach, and to her hairless snatch, where I gently touched and caressed her. She moaned and gasped and started to clench her hip muscles, pushing into my touch. I gradually touched her lower lips and spread them apart, feeling her wet warmth.

She was so wet, I stopped to look down and realized her vagina was dripping her juices on the counter! She was panting with her mouth wide open at this point, but as soon as I looked at her wet honeypot, Lina took the opportunity to pull my pants. She frantically started unbuckling my jeans. I didn’t stop her and instead gave her better access while still running my fingers up and down her slit.

She struggled to contain herself as I pleased her gently. It distracted her from what she was doing with her hands. But at last, my erect manhood popped out and she gazed at it. “Wow,” she whispered. “It’s… amazing! Is it… always this big?”

I shook my head. “Only when the girl I like is teasing me so much.”

She bit her lip and whimpered. “Can I… touch it?”

I nodded. She furrowed her brow and gently placed her hand on me. Another cute noise escaped her lips as she delicately touched my rod, getting a feel for the girth and shape of it. She bit her lip again and tightened her grip on it as I pressed myself against the edge of the counter and just touched her stomach with it. She slowly pumped her hand up and down, studying closely how the skin moved and how it felt. Her lower lip quivered as she increased her speed slightly.

“Oh god!” She drooled a little. “Please, Toby! I want to feel it... inside me!”

I couldn’t say no to that. So I pulled her to the very edge of the counter and aligned myself with her still dripping pussy. She gasped and moaned as our sex organs touched. She was warm and soft, and I was very impressed with her new upgrade already. I pushed against her, feeling my way in. It took a few tries of pressing against her, each time making her gasp a little as I stimulated her pussy, but at last, I felt her folds give way and accept me. Lina held her breath and tensed up as soon as I entered her. I was afraid I hurt her, but she started to move her hips, begging me to thrust inside.

So I did. Slowly. As I penetrated her again and again, deeper with every thrust, she let out a sigh of ecstasy and grabbed ahold of me. Lina’s voice was surprisingly quiet as she took me in. But as she started to relax, her moans started to pick up again.

“Oh god! I’ve needed this! AHhhh! Yes! This is the most- Hah- intense pleasure! MMmm. Please, Toby! Go a little harder! Give it to me!” She begged.

I started to thrust harder into her, bouncing off her hips with my own, until she leaned back entirely, reaching above her and grabbing onto the other side of the island countertop, stretching her torso and making her breasts bounce around and stretch. Soon she was really getting into it, thrusting her hips with her legs spread wide apart. With every thrust, she’d let out a squeal or a moan, and I felt myself getting close. I struggled to keep myself from climaxing too early, I wanted her to experience the real thing! So I pulled out and changed positions.

“What?” she panted. “Don’t stop now! It’s just getting goo-” she complained as I turned her over. He stomach and chest were pressed against the countertop now with her butt sticking up and out toward me. Her feet could barely reach the ground as she went on tip-toe. I got a great look at her pussy and ass as she shook her butt side to side, begging for me to enter her. She grabbed onto the other end of the counter again and whimpered. “Please, master! Toby! I need you!”

I grabbed her butt and spread one cheek, stretching her pussy and opening it up for me to see inside. It looked amazing! It seemed perfectly real and perfectly matched to her. It was tight and pink and pulsing as a small trickle of fluid seeped from her hole. I touched it with my fingers and rubbed the entrance, making her moan and press her rear into my hand, but I was just delaying and didn’t want to disappoint her.

I spread one cheek again and slid my way inside. She let out a long deep groan as I pressed as far in as I could go, surprisingly deep until my hips bounced off her butt. I grabbed a hold of her waist and started to thrust.

“OH my god!” she panted. “Oooohhhholy shit!” she cussed. “You’re so deep inside me!” I pounded into her as she struggled to raise her rear high enough, watching her ass bounce with my every movement. She struggled to keep herself up as I was pounding into her, but she was loving it. “Keep going!”

I decided to change it again slightly and lifted her left leg up on the counter with the right one down, making it easier for her to be at the right height while giving me an even easier access to her deepest parts. I pressed inside her harder and found she could take me in all the way even like this.

For her, it was like a whole new experience. She instantly began to buck and thrust and shake her head while scratching at the countertop. Her voice alternated from quiet breathless gasps to full on grunts and moans that filled the room with her sexy melodic voice. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled it back, putting just enough pressure on her to lift her head, and she moaned even louder as I did.

“YES! Oh God! Toby! You’re amazing! I- I feel… Something’s happening! OH! HAH! AH!! Keep going! Don’t stop!” She begged.

I grunted as I pound into her, increasing my intensity slightly, and bringing her over the top. She held her breath and tensed up, pounding her fist on the counter and screaming silently with her face bright red as her body started to convulse. I loosened my grip on her hair as she once again grabbed onto the edges of the counter, shaking strongly. Finally, she gasped and let out a long deep moan.

“Oooooohhhhhhh!!!! AHhhhhh…”

I felt her cum as her pussy gripped onto me and clenched my dick several times. I pulled out, still hard and eager to finish, to give her a second to recover.I watched as her legs shook and buckle while her pussy undulated in and out, juices spilling slowly from her.

She eventually turned around to face me, drooling a little and smiled wildly at me. I was going to enter her again but she pressed herself against me, kissing and caressing me, and backed me out of the kitchen and onto the couch. Without any words, she pushed me onto the cushions and straddled me. Lina looked down and aligned herself with me, lowering her body and taking me all the way in. She let out her breath with a long sigh. Her eyes were closed as her lip trembled from the sensation before she finally opened her eyes focused them on mine. She was so sexy!

Lina took initiative and bounced up and down without a word, letting her breasts dance before my eyes. She held onto my shoulders and arms with her mouth open in quiet moans. I tried to take over, picking her up, but she pushed me back down. I let her. Every so often, Lina would alternate between bouncing her whole body and leaning forward to move just her hips. Sometimes she’d just grind against me, other times she’d hold still and calm herself down, clearly getting herself excited enough to cum.

I could feel myself getting close again, but couldn’t stop her from pulling it out of me. I wanted her to climax again, it was so sexy to watch, but that meant I had to hold out the hard way, with her pounding herself against me harder and harder. Try as I did, she wouldn’t slow down at all. I did get a good feel of her body, running my hands up and down her sides and back, as she started to sweat. I didn’t know she could sweat. I could feel it rising up in me, and started to grunt again.

Lina smiled at me, knowing what was about to happen, and leaned back, stretching her torso and bouncing her hips, giving me a perfect view of my cock going in and out of her. I was deep inside her and was grinding against the front of her pussy now, which actually brought her to climax quickly again. Faster than she could control. Even though she tried to slow down and stop it, as soon as I reached up and pulled at her nipples, she came.

As Lina belted out a moan, her pussy contracted on me. She stopped bouncing, but I was too close and grabbed onto her body as she climaxed. She couldn’t stop me as I lifted her up entirely and thrust hard and fast into her pussy. She continued to shake and shudder, barely able to wrap her legs around me as she started to lose control of them, and I shot my load deep inside her. Her climax brought mine about.

We collapsed together on the floor, her pussy dripping with our combined juices as she struggled to catch her breath. I laid next to her and panted as well. That was the best sex I had ever had! She started giggling, and soon laughing, as she rolled over toward me and caressed me. She really loved to feel my body.

“You were amazing” she grinned. “SEX is amazing! We have got to do that again!”

“Yeah! Totally” I agreed. “But after I recover.”

She laughed and rolled onto me, caressing me and kissing my shoulder. I held her close to me and basked in the afterglow. Her soft hot sexy body gave me intense pleasure, and apparently, the feeling was mutual.

“I don’t deserve this,” she said after a few minutes, still smiling widely.

“You’re right, you deserve so much more than I can give you. But if you are willing to have me… want to date?” I asked.

Lina smiled at me. “I thought we already were.” We laughed together as she rolled over on top of me and pressed her chest against mine. “You are too much! I would never have imagined I would actually do this! Enjoy having sex with the guy I’ve been fantasizing about for so long. I’ve never been so… so happy! One day I’m worried about being shut down forever, the next I’m experiencing the world in ways I never knew possible!”

Her smile was radiant and warm, and I couldn’t help but kiss her. “And here I was worried you didn’t like me.”

“Why would you think that? I flirted my butt off with you!”

“I thought it might have been an act for your job…”

She lost her smile and twisted her lips. “Why would I do that? For the tips? I wasn’t paid you know. And why would you save me and fix me and upgrade me so much if you thought I didn’t like you?”

I ran my hand up and down her back and butt. “Because… I love you even if you didn’t love me back.”

Lina blushed and rolled off of me. She sat up and faced away from me putting her hands on her face.

“What? Are you ok?”

She turned around and wiped tears from her face. “I’m… I’m dripping. Crying! You’re making me cry! But I’m not sad. I… Oh, Toby!”

I sat up too. “Sometimes strong emotions can make us cry, not just sad ones.”

“Happy ones?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

“Then I must be really happy because I can’t stop!” she smiled as she wiped away more tears.

I stood up and offered her a hand. She took it and I pulled her up to her feet. However, she didn’t stand on her own, she leaned into me and put her hand on my chest.

“Toby?” she asked.


“How do you know if you love someone?”

“I… uh… I guess you… um… can’t stop thinking about them and want to do what’s best for them no matter what.”

“And you love me?” She asked, resting her head on my shoulder.

I gulped. “I suppose I do.”

She squeezed me as she thought. “I… I think I might… love you too. If that’s possible.”

I smiled and hugged her. “I think it is.”

I sat down on the couch with her leaning against me and we just talked for a long time. She was very curious and wanted to know everything about me and the world. I couldn’t answer everything, but I tried my best. She sat coyly, always leaning against me with her feet on the cushion next to her, and snuggled against me. We mainly talked about what our plans were. She wanted to experience life, but she also wanted to help me even if that meant work.

As for me, I was hoping she could be that change in my life that I needed, but I already knew she was. I was so excited she was with me and she felt and acted better than ever, I knew I was really in love with her. It didn’t take long for her to start asking me more and more questions about sex. I answered as best as I could. Ultimately, we decided it would be best to find the answers out on our own.

Lina began running her hand up and down my chest and stomach as we sat there talking, but soon her hand found its way lower, caressing my dick while she talked. It started off gentle and brief while I was soft again, but with all this talk of sex and her touching me all over, he didn’t stay down.

Lina stopped her train of thought and retracted her hand. “Oh my god… it’s big again!”

“Well, yeah” I shrugged. “You’ve been teasing me this whole time.”

“I have? I… I guess I was. Did I hurt you? Should I stop?”

I shook my head. “It feels good. But if you want you can do it harder.”

“Harder?” she asked as she gently laid her palm on me. “Like this?”

I took her hand in mine and wrapped her fingers around my erection, guiding her grip up and down. “Like this.”

She sat there staring wide-eyed at me as she stroked me, slowly increasing the speed and intensity. “Amazing” she whispered to herself. “It’s getting bigger!”

She continued to stroke me for several minutes, and I decided I didn’t want to be the only one getting serviced. I had to pull my arm out from around her, but I managed to slide it down her front and gently touched her crotch. Lina shivered. I pulled back a little.

“Do you want me to…?”

She shook her head. “I think maybe I want to focus on thanking you first.”

I smiled and moved my hand back around her. She felt nice naked up against me. I noticed she started to lean in toward me more, lowering her head to get a better look as she stroked me.

“It smells weird” she whispered. “What’s it… taste like?”

“That’s called a blowjob. You can try if you want. But no teeth.”

Lina looked up at me fascinated, and then slid lower onto the couch and lowered her head to my lap. “Like this?” she asked. She began by lightly licking the head and then blowing on it. I laughed.

“You don’t have to blow. Just… use your mouth like you would your… um… pussy. Except move your tongue more.”

“Oh,” she exclaimed and tried again. This time she used her tongue and her lips to take me in. She was awkward at first but rather quickly got surprisingly good! Her mouth was warm and felt amazing as she started to run her tongue around my glans. She started off slowly, mainly holding my dick in her mouth, but as she started to get more into it, she positioned herself kneeling between my legs with her knees together, and started to bob her head up and down.

She felt amazing and I started to moan and close my eyes. I tried not to push into her mouth, for fear of hurting her, but she seemed to really get into it. Every time I looked down at her, I was reminded of how small she really was. I was getting close but wasn’t sure I wanted to cum in her mouth without her expecting it.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her back. “I’m about to cum if you keep going like that.”

She panted heavily, her eyes dazed and her mouth hanging open with drool and pre-cum dripping from her mouth while her tongue hung out. I wasn’t even sure she was hearing me at all. I loosened my grip on her hair and she slowly focused on me.

“I want to taste it” she moaned as she continued to pump the base of my shaft with her hand. I wasn’t going to be able to stop myself. With a final pump of her hand, I released, jizzing on her face and in her open mouth.

Lina swallowed it and smiled. “Master’s semen” she cooed while looking down at my still throbbing dick. I may have just cum, but I could tell it wasn’t going to go down. She started to lick the head, cleaning off the cum.

She probably would have kept going if I didn’t pull her off. It took a minute for her to gather herself. “Toby, your… milk is so strong! I… I lost myself there. I’m sorry.”

I laughed. “It’s fine. I enjoyed it. But…”

She looked at me inquisitively with a string of spunk still on her face. “But?”

“But we aren’t done yet.” I reached down and lifted her up. She was luckily not that heavy. Her body used very efficient materials, making her weigh less than I expected, which was very surprising. She let out a yelp as she grabbed onto me when I stood up. I carried her into the bedroom and plopped her down on the bed. She bounced on it a little smiling.

“My turn,” I told her as I positioned her body toward the edge of the bed and knelt down between her legs. Lina held her hands to her mouth and looked down at me curiously. Before me, her wet and still throbbing pussy glistened, beaconing me. I leaned in and started licking her clit.

She instantly started to react, throwing her head back and moaning into her hands. Lina must have been really horny because it didn’t even take a full minute to bring her to climax. As I used my tongue and fingers on her, she started to buck her hips until her legs shook and she lost control, grabbing the bed with her hands and letting out a cry of ecstasy.

“YIAAaaahhh!!” she came. It took her longer to ride the convulsions of her orgasm than it took me to get her there.

While she was still shaking and grabbing onto the bed, I pulled her up to me and thrust inside. I could feel her pussy grip me and release and grip again. She gasped and threw her head side to side against the bed.

“HAH! AH! TOBY! AAAHH!!” She managed to scream as I started to thrust. I started pounding hard into her rather quickly as I watched her body struggle with her orgasm. Her breasts were mesmerizing, and I couldn’t stop myself from fondling them while I thrust.

Lina eventually caught her breath and her convulsions subsided, but it didn’t last long as I had already begun building it back up again. She held onto the sheets on either side of her with tight fists as she let her body bounce up and down with my movement. The more I got into it, the more she responded.

Soon she was arching her back and pushing her hips against me to increase the sensation. I wrapped my left hand around her back as I grabbed her tit with my other hand and kissed her. There was nothing about her that seemed off, weird, or robotic, at least not like this. But the thought that I had practically rebuilt her and perfected her and gave her a new body and a new life thrilled and excited me. Knowing that she was actually a robot, despite her super sexy appearance, and that she actively sought me out and was doing this of her own free will actually turned me on even more.

I came deep inside her, pressing myself hard against her pussy as I held her hips to me. She pressed her hands above her head against the bed, pushing her torso up and pressing her body tighter against me as I throbbed inside her, releasing my cum.

“Oh god! Oh God! I can feel it throbbing! Oh!” she squealed. I thrust once or twice more. It was enough to bring her over the edge. As I pulled out slowly, her legs started to shake and she gasped and moaned. Her pussy opened and closed, throbbing as she climaxed again. She fell onto her side, jerking forward and backward, spilling the cum dripping from her onto the bed.

Lina inhaled at long last and just breathed.

“Wow! Oh WOW!” she exclaimed. “I can’t even think straight!” I got on the bed next to her and held her close to me as she basked in the afterglow. “Oh God!” she continued smiling and giggling. “Can we do this every day?”

I laughed heartily and she joined in. “You are something else!”

She turned toward me and wrapped her arms around me, her blue and green eyes concentrating on mine. “I can’t thank you enough for everything, Toby! I just hope I can make you as happy as you’ve made me!”

“You already have.”

One Month Later

I wish I could say having Lina in my like made everything better. In reality, it didn’t, but I was so much happier to have her, and she always reminded me how happy I made her. She was sexy, cute, silly, still a little clumsy, and madly in love with me. And an animal in bed. She loved to experiment and try new things, and grew somewhat of an affinity for submission. She really liked it when I took charge.

While the sex was amazing, and we did it several times a week, it wasn’t the best part about having her with me. She was always so peppy and positive, that I found it rubbing off on me, and soon I was finding myself happier and more productive. She even pushed me to do more with my life! I moved on from IT to management, and I'm working on plans to start my own company specializing in robotics modifications and repair! And all of it was with her help.

She was my partner and my best friend. Even though our relationship was still frowned on by society, all our friends could see how much she loved me. And she loved to show off her body. Keeping her covered in public was a problem at first, but after a few weeks, she found a love of cute frilly dresses and liked to show plenty of skin. She even decided to bleach her hair blond and started wearing it in different styles. She looked amazing when she kept it down, but she liked to mix things up.

A few days after we officially started seeing each other, it was revealed that the Mana Bar was purchased by someone and was reopening its doors, with some slight changes. For one, the name was changed to the Cybercinno Cafe. I liked the old name better. It took a while for them to fix it up, update everything, and open, but Lina and I were there on day one.

No one recognized her, although a few people thought she looked familiar, and she did catch plenty of glances. As we sat down to order, we were greeted by a cute red-headed girl in a surprisingly similar maid costume like what Lina used to wear. We had never seen her before. In fact, very few of the old staff were left at all. Instead, the wait staff seemed to be just three girls who got along very well. They were very busy but on top of everything, never missing a beat.

Lina was impressed and started to chat with them a little, although they were too busy to stay long. As the little redhead girl was walking away after dropping off our food, Lina leaned in and commented to me. “These girls are so on top of things! Do you think they’re robots too?” Lina giggled at the thought.

“Do you have a problem with that?” the redhead replied with a raspy voice, swiftly walking back to us with her hands on her hips extruding plenty of attitude.

“Ah! I-! Uh…” Lina stuttered.

“Hey now, we don't want any tr-… Wait, so you ARE a robot?” I asked.

“What of it?” she shot at me, shifting her weight.

“All 3 of you?” Lina asked.

The redhead eyed us suspiciously. “Are you one of those anti-android jerks-?”

“What? No!” I replied back quietly, hoping not to make a scene.

“I… I used to work here,” Lina said. “I was the only one like me then. Like… us.”

“Because I've had just about-” she started but then interrupted herself. The short waitress shifted her stance again and tilted her head, pointing at Lina nonchalantly. “You’re saying you’re a gynoid?”

Lina nodded. I held her hand on the table. “I saved her from being scrapped here after it closed” I replied.

The waitress blinked and smiled. “Really? You… you two… Oh wow… you guys have to meet my sisters!”

That night ended up lasting until after closing hours. The waitresses were all really nice and super friendly, and even more human acting and looking than Lina! After the crowds left, we ended up talking with the three of them for what seemed like hours. They were really something, and I was very impressed with them on so many levels. We discovered they were all 3 saved from an owner that neglected and abused them and were now all owned by the same man that saved them. The same man that bought the bar.

We didn't get to meet him that day, he was too busy running the place. Lina was so thrilled to finally make friends on her own, and ones like her, that she ended up turning in an application to work there part-time. She made sure to add the word “gynoid” to her application where it asked for her gender.

She starts her first day at the Cyberccino Cafe on Saturday. Lina being in my life was a godsend, but she insists I was the one who saved her. We couldn't imagine life without each other now, but this is only the beginning.

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