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aking a glance at my watch and then back down to the paper before me on the desk, I read over my handwritten notes:

Cassie is always here before I arrive and after I leave.

To my knowledge, Cassie has only called in sick once in the nearly three years since I started working here.

Cassie is always polite, yet punctual, accurate, and always on time in all her work-related assessments.

She often makes small talk and will joke and laugh when around others or when in small groups.

Cassie’s office has no pictures or photos of family, friends, or vacation spots. Only her graduation certificate from California State Polytechnic

Cassie’s office is always meticulously in order.

I watched Cassie drink three whiskey shots and two beers while at the last office social and she didn’t seem at all buzzed or drunk afterward.

I believe that Cassie may be an android??

Look into questions that can be used to determine if Cassie is a robot.

The aforementioned questions had taken some time to locate on the web but I have them now.

Friday after work… 6:00 pm!!! Heavily underlined.

Looking back up at my computer screen and seeing the clock in the lower right corner, it read 6:03 pm. My heart was pounding and I began to doubt everything that I had made note of over the last several months. Cassie was the senior director of marketing for our office and region. Over the last three years, I had made my way up the ladder from intern newbie to assistant managing director. I was having conversations daily with Cassie regarding various projects, the company, fellow employees, and the occasional miscellaneous questions about life outside of work.

Cassie was a beautiful, average-height, mid-thirties, single, professional businesswoman with flawless skin with a perfect bronze tan. She always wore black four-inch heels to work regardless if she wore a skirt or business suit. Her ashen blonde hair was usually up in a bun on most days except on Fridays when she let it down and allowed it to flow freely off her shoulders. Her eyes were a light chestnut color that always seemed to draw me in. But there was always something imperceptible about her, something so subtle that my brain couldn’t let go, that she was somehow different.

The sound of the elevator chime broke my chain of thought and alerted me to the fact that John, the last straggler on our floor, was heading out, leaving only me and Cassie the only ones here. Inhaling a deep breath I pushed myself back and away from my desk.

“You can do this Tim, you’ve got this. You’ve got to know. You’ve got to find out for sure.” I said softly to myself.

Standing up and leaving my office I turned right and began the thirty or so steps that lead down to Cassie’s office. Her door was open and I could see that she was still seated behind her desk. Taking one last look around the main office floor making sure that we were alone, I committed myself.

Watching her closely as I approached the door, I stopped just past the threshold and gave a polite knock, and cleared my throat.

“Tim? You’re here later than usual, what can I help you with?” Cassie asked in a cheerful voice, looking up directly at me with a soft caring smile.

“I was hoping that I could visit with you for just a few minutes. I have some questions.” I said, trying to look calm as I stared back at her.

Noting that she glanced me over from head to toe before answering, she motioned for me to come in and have a seat across from her. “Absolutely. You know my door’s always open for questions or concerns. Especially if it’s you, my friend. What’s this about?”

Not breaking eye contact with her, I maneuvered across the room and to the chair, sitting down across from her. Clearing my throat, and placing my hands on my lap I proceeded.

“Well, I’ve made a couple of observations recently that have me curious about something or someone.” I began.

Cassie brought her hands up to the desk in front of her, interlacing her fingers, her expression changed slightly, more attentive. “Oh, regarding what or who exactly?” She prodded.

Leaning forward just a little in the chair and feeling a little more at ease with myself, “This is gonna sound silly, maybe even a little absurd. But have you ever discovered a secret that you knew was not to be revealed, yet you just had to find a way to tell someone else about it? To truly see if indeed it was meant to be a secret?” I asked, continuing to watch her expression.

Cassie tilted her head slightly as if pondering my question for a moment. Her index fingers moved to form a steeple as her hands remained interlocked. “No, I can’t say that I’ve ever discovered something secretive as you’ve described it. But you’ve got my attention now. What did you discover, some grand illusion or trickery?”

As I was about to answer her question, I remembered that I had wanted to covertly document our conversation. “Please, let me silence my cell for a moment,” I told her, pulling my cell out of my shirt pocket and selecting the video feature to begin recording, then placed the cell back into my pocket facing her.

“So Tim, you’ve got my curiosity piqued. You say that you discovered something you believe to be a secret?” Cassie said, leaning forward in her chair, having rephrased my statement. Her perfectly tailored blouse opened just enough for me to catch a quick glimpse of the top of her cleavage.

Nodding back at her, “I believe that someone in our office is a robot. An android actually, designed to appear and act human.” I stated.

Cassie’s smile began to fade as she again appeared to look me over as if she were scanning me. “Who do you believe this individual is if you don’t mind me asking? Since you alluded to the fact that you want to share this secret with me.” She asked, her tone changing to become more serious.

Raising my left hand and pointing my finger timidly directly at her. “Actually, in all honesty, I believe it’s you, Cassie. I believe you are an android.”

Cassie immediately burst into laughter, raising her right hand to cover her mouth as she pushed her chair back to stand up and away from her desk. “WHAT??!! … Where did you get a crazy idea like that from?” She asked, continuing to laugh hysterically.

Her outburst made me all the more determined to see this through as I sat there looking serious, still watching her reaction. If she were programmed not to reveal her true nature, she would absolutely deny my accusation. If she were programmed as a sleeper and not aware of her true nature, but believed she was human, she would also deny it. Having planned for this reaction from her I held my ground.

Raising my hand in a gesture of momentary surrender I proceeded. “Please hear me out,” I said in a calm tone.

Cassie stood and casually walked from behind her desk to directly in front of me, leaning back against it. She crossed her feet as she regained her composure. My eyes quickly traced her body upward, from her feet across her exposed nylon-covered calves to the bottom of her black polyester skirt. Then continuing to the curves of her hourglass figure, her waist, and how tightly her blouse was tucked into it. I could faintly see the outline of a lace bra behind the fabric holding her beautiful globes firmly in place. The open button at the top of her blouse exposed just enough skin to entice and tease but not reveal too much. Cassie wore a simple gold necklace around her neck with what appeared to be a single pearl dangling just above the crack of her cleavage. Her face, cheeks, and jawline were perfectly sculpted. “Seriously Tim, Why would you think such a thing? Especially regarding me?” She asked, breaking my train of thought.

“Uhmm…” I hesitated, remembering the first Turing question I wanted to test her with. “Cassie, we’ve been colleagues now for a few years and I have the utmost respect for you so believe me, I honestly think that you’re an android based on my observations of you over the last year or so,” I informed her.

Cassie looked surprised, even bewildered, “What observations?” She asked pointedly.

Avoiding her question I decided to ask my own, “Cassie, what was the most influential event of your childhood and how do you feel this event has shaped you today?” I blurted out.

Cassie’s expression changed to one of confusion as her brows furrowed and she pursed her lips. I began to silently count the seconds in my mind as I believed I’d actually caught her off guard. She opened her mouth as if to respond before pausing once again. Four seconds, five seconds, passed before she finally spoke.

“My most influential childhood event or experience?” Cassie asked for clarification.

“Either one. You did have a childhood didn’t you?” I teased sarcastically.

Cassie’s eyes blinked several times as she looked at me. I could sense that her mind was racing to find an answer. An answer that she appeared not to have based on her long pause.

“Of course I did. Everyone has a childhood Tim, everyone has fond memories of different events such as birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, or achievements growing up. Events that shape their development and character.” She replied, pushing herself away from the desk and coming to stand inches away from me now. One hand on her left hip, the other at her side.

“So tell me about one of your fondest memories from your childhood, and describe how it has helped you become who you are today,” I asked, restating my question and looking up at her.

Cassie let out a huff, and sighed, shaking her head at me. “No, Tim, this is some sort of prank you’re pulling right? What does this have to do with you believing I’m some sort of robot or android? Do I look like a machine to you? Come on, take a good hard look at me, Tim.” She urged as she tilted her head looking down at me.

Pushing my chair back and standing up myself, I had never been this intimately close to Cassie. We literally stood inches apart and suddenly I could smell the sweet fragrance of her perfume as I matched her gaze, staring back into her eyes. There was no hint of anything artificial about them, no discernible features, just their beautiful chestnut brown color.

Breathing in her aroma I braced myself to ask my next question. “Cassie, if the sky is the sea, what does that make birds?”

Her head seemed to cock to the left as her mouth formed into a pout. Her eyes began to blink rapidly again. Her right hand slowly came up, pressing gently against my chest

After several seconds Cassie expelled a deep, warm breath that enveloped me, momentarily catching me off my guard unexpectedly.

“Oh!” She blurted out, then paused. “They would still be birds. Because birds .. fly and .. fish .. swim.” She said, hesitating between words.

I reached up with my right hand placing it over hers as she held it against my chest. “I’ve never told you how beautiful you are Cassie. Being this close to you as we are now. Seeing how “perfect” you are. How composed you’ve remained as I’ve questioned you. Just the two of us here and now, in your office, alone. One male, one female. One of us is human and the other one is not.”

“You think I’m beautiful?” She asked, whispering, bringing her other hand up to rest against my hip before continuing. “I can’t seem … seem to … can’t seem to remember … any specific … specific childhood experiences that have … have helped to … to … to … define me.” She said, pausing between, and repeating her words.

Smiling back at her while inwardly jubilant over the confirmation of my discovery of her true nature. I leaned in ever so slightly towards her, positioning my mouth to match hers, “Yes, Cassie. I think that you are beautiful. Too perfectly beautiful to be real in fact, which is why I chose to do this now, on this Friday evening after work. To test my theory to find out for sure. To see how you’d react, to see what you’d do.” I softly said, before closing the distance between us and kissing her passionately.

At first, Cassie resisted my kiss before giving in, but for only a split second. Then pushing me away forcefully, I stumbled back and into the chair again. She straightened her skirt and blouse, giving me a very stern look.

“Tim! I know we’ve been colleagues for several years, I’d even say that we’re good friends, but I must protest your actions here. That was highly inappropriate and I should report your unwanted sexual advances.” Cassie said with a hint of disgust, appearing to have recovered and regaining her composure.

“Should?” I quickly questioned.

Letting out a huff of air, Cassie brushed back some hair over her right ear as she turned away and started back around her desk.

“STOP!” I yelled, standing up and stomping my foot on the ground. “Everything about you is fake! You’re too perfect. Your hair, your skin, your perfectly manicured nails. The way you walk, your ability to drink an abundance of alcohol and not get drunk. How you speak and the way you articulate your words. Your perfume. The way you make me feel when I’m near you! IT’S ALL TOO PERFECT!! YOU’RE TOO FUCKING PERFECT TO BE REAL!! Now answer my damn questions!” I exclaimed, yelling for emphasis.

Cassie half-turned, giving me a sideways glance. Her expression was one of shock and surprise. “How dare you raise your voice to me, Tim! Your assumptions about me are false and baseless. I’m just as real as you.” Cassie stated, pausing her rebuttal as she pinched the skin on her wrist. “I. AM. NOT. A robot or an android. And I’ll not have you spreading any rumors about me being such. You’re dismissed, I’ll decide what to do about your accusations and your eccentric behavior on Monday. Now please leave before I have you escorted from the building.” She said pointing to the doorway and standing her ground.

Gritting my teeth as we both stood there staring at each other, I decided to throw one last question her way. “Who are you as a person Cassie?”

“Tim!” Cassie snapped, pounding her fist against the desk. “I’m the person who’s gonna fire your ass if you don’t stop this madness. You’re repeated attemmmmmptssss ….” She had begun rebuking me, freezing mid-sentence. Her body seemed to momentarily shudder as her facial expression twisted and contorted erratically. The sudden silence in the room was almost deafening as I carefully watched her.

“Cassie?” I quietly called out.

Without warning, she quickly spun on her heels and faced me. Her head twitched slightly to the right. “Colloquial engagement established. Potential discovery of simulation is possible.” She blurted out in a flat, emotionless tone before continuing.

“Your first question is irrelevant. I have no childhood memories, therefore I have no reference in marking a defining moment to add to who I am today.” Cassie said in a flat and emotionless tone.

Her head made a sharp jerk upward and to the left before repositioning again to look back at me once again. “Your second question is illogical. Birds are creatures of the air. The sky cannot be the sea as the sea is made of water. Water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen at its molecular level. There are many life forms that inhabit the seas and oceans and birds are not … not … not … not one of them … of them.” Cassie explained, now exhibiting evident signs of her true nature as she began repeating her words once again as her head twitched repeatedly to the right.

Taking a cautious step towards her, I pressed further. “Who are you as a person?”

Cassie’s expression appeared to soften as her stance relaxed. She brought her right hand up over her heart as if she were about to recite the pledge of allegiance, then paused again. Her eyes darted wildly about looking everywhere but at me.

Hesitant to make any more moves I whistled at her. Waiting to see what she did next.

To my surprise, she took a very shaky step forward. Her head seemed to twitch and jerk erratically while her expression slowly evolved into one of adoration. “I’m beautiful? You thi … think I’m … I’m … beau … beautiful? Oh, Tim, you could … could … could have had me … had me a … a … a … a long time ago. I was meant … meant … for … for … for … meant for youuuu. You … You weren’t sup … sup … sup … supposed … supposed to … supposed to … to know about … about … about … zzzzzttttt.” Cassie’s head jerked violently as she suddenly stopped.

Not fully expecting such a display from her to this extent, her looping words or flat digitized speech. Perhaps thinking she might admit that she was a machine or something completely different. I took another step forward as the phone on her desk began to ring.

Glancing down at the phone on her desk as it rang, the cell in my shirt pocket also began ringing, startling me.

Instinctively pulling the cell and looking at the screen, the caller ID showed “Blocked”. The two ringtones chimed as now I stood there bewildered. Sliding my thumb across the screen I answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Answer Cassie’s phone and hold it to her ear.” Said a female voice that I didn’t recognize.

Confused by the recent turn of events, I replied with the only word I could think to say. “What?”

“Pick up Cassie’s phone and hold it up to her ear, Tim.” The female voice repeated using the same tone and inflection.

“Who is this?” I demanded.

“Be a dear and pick up the phone and hold it to Cassie’s ear.” She repeated a third time with more emphasis.

“Alright, alright,” I said, giving in, stepping up to her desk, reaching over and picking up the receiver. Turning slightly I raised the phone placing it up to Cassie’s left ear. Her body still rigidly stiff as if she were a mannequin.

After just a few seconds the unknown voice spoke again. “Good boy, Tim. Now listen closely to what I’m about to say because I will only say this once.”

“I’m listening,” I replied.

“Everything that has happened in the last ten minutes, your conversation with Cassie since entering her office, all of it. You are to forget it. It never happened. Do you understand what I telling you, Tim?” Said the feminine voice.

My heart pounded in my chest as if I were suddenly nervous or afraid. “Ok?” I responded hesitantly.

“Don’t test me or question what I’m asking you to do! Your behavior has been most trying! I need to hear you say .. that you understand what I just told you. You’re a smart, intelligent man, Tim. The world is literally at your fingertips. Accept that you were right about Cassie being an android and now forget your little interrogation. Simply forget what you know and accept what you see. That Cassie is a beautiful woman, a woman you admire, someone you might want to spend more time with out of the office socially if you catch my meaning. Do you understand?!” She asked once more.

The tone of her voice and the way she had given her instructions set off an alarm in the back of my mind. I was only being given this one chance. “Yes, I understand,” I told the voice.

“Do you?!” She demanded once more.

“Yes!” I stated adamantly.

As I watched Cassie, while holding both my cell and her phone close to her ear, Cassie’s eyes changed color. Or more accurately the whites of her eye changed color momentarily glowing a neon shade of green and then blinking that color four or five times before returning back to normal.

“Now Tim, please pay close attention to what I say next. You will return to your office and shred that note you have listing your observations of Cassie. You will get your belongings together in preparation for leaving the office for the day and week and then you will wait for Cassie to come and find you. Because earlier today you previously asked her back to your apartment for drinks this evening after work. From there let what happens happen, be a couple, talk, get to know each other, relax, whatever, maybe you Cassie even have sex and she turns out to be the greatest fuck you’ve ever had. Have I made myself clear?” The voice demanded once again.

“Oh Yes, very.” I managed to croak out.

“Excellent, Tim. And I’ll remind you this one last time. You are to forget, you need to forget, and you will forget all your questioning and never, and I mean never, try to expose her as being an android, a robot, or a machine again.” The voice paused with a long sigh. “Now, hang up Cassie’s phone and get doing what I’ve asked. I hope not to ever speak to you again.” The unknown feminine voice said in a more pleasant voice before closing the line abruptly.

Staring momentarily at Cassie before quickly moving to hang up her phone. Two things crossed my mind, who did the mysterious voice belong to? And second, how would Cassie not remember our conversation?

A myriad of thoughts, emotions, and questions ran through my mind as I made my way back to my office. Primarily who was that on the phone and how did she know me?

Upon entering my office and closing the door behind me I stopped to pause. Having shut my eyes I needed to clear my mind and take just a few seconds. Focusing on the silence of the room and then carefully listening for any sounds outside my office I was able to find that calm that I so desperately needed.

Having braced myself against my door for more than a minute I finally pushed off and calmly made my way over to my desk and chair. As I reached for the handwritten note regarding my observations of Cassie, the glare of my cell screen caught my attention. Pulling the phone from my pocket I pressed the stop recording button, cleared the screen placing it back into my pocket. Pausing again, I closed my eyes.

Interrupted by a series of knocks on my door, followed by the door opening, I looked up quickly seeing Cassie enter. I swept the note onto the floor beside me and tried to appear calm.

“Tim? Are you ready?” Asked Cassie in a bubbly tone as she entered my office. She looked normal, spoke normally, and appeared as if nothing was amiss.

Smiling back at her, “Yes, absolutely. After today and this last work week, I could really use a stiff drink.” I replied.

Looking somewhat concerned at my remark, “Well, how about after that drink, I help you get a particular member of your body all stiff and hard and help you relax so as to forget those troublesome things?” Cassie said teasingly.

Catching me off guard by her very forward remark I believe I blushed a deep red. “Ah!” I blurted out. Our relationship over the last few months had developed beyond a casual friendship as we began to work more closely together. However, neither of us had actually taken any steps to progress it further either. This was new and intriguing as my mind recalled the words of the voice on the phone. “Get to know her, even have sex if you want.” And then I realized Cassie had even alluded to a potential relationship in her stuttering and repeating words. “You could have had me a long time ago.”

What life was I living?! I’d discovered that Cassie wasn’t human and now there was some master control person who knew everything?!!

“Hey, Tim, … earth to Mr. Mitchel,” Cassie said, waving her hand in front of my face and bringing me out of my train of thought.

“Oh, God. I am so sorry. I zoned out there didn’t I?” I asked, standing up and wrapping my arms around her in a tight hug, attempting to quickly recover and focus on the here and now.

I don’t actually know what made me want to hug her just now, but the feeling was almost euphoric as she enthusiastically returned my embrace.

“Shhhh, no worries. I get it. I was a little too forward with my comment.” Cassie whispered into my ear.

Releasing my hold on her and leaning back to look at her, “No, … we’ll yes, but …” I paused, entranced by her eyes and how enamored she appeared right now. “Damn, you’re beautiful. Let’s see where things go as the night progresses, ok?”

Cassie smiled back at me, “You think I’m beautiful?” She asked, her head making a slight twitch as her smile faded briefly.

“Oh yes! You’re beautiful and perfect. Why don’t we get out of here and back to my place.” I reaffirmed as another series of mischievous thoughts crossed my mind after noticing her glitching behavior.

After exiting the building, Cassie took my arm in hers as we walked to my car. Neither of us said much as my mind continued to race and ask questions.

As much as Cassie seemed to have returned to normal, she had exhibited that ever so slight glitch when I had told her she was beautiful. A part of me wanted to expose her again, while another said to listen to the voice on the phone and forget it all. An even more carnal and lustful side of me wanted to explore the possibility of her offer to stiffen my cock. The thought of seeing her naked and banging her repeatedly was on the winning side of the many thoughts that crossed my mind at the moment.

Cassie took and held my hand as we walked from the car to the building entrance and elevator. Turning to her I smiled, and without really considering my words told her, “You know, I like this change in you.”

“And what change are you referring to, Tim?” She asked quizzically.

The elevator chimed as it opened and I ushered us in. Selecting my floor I turned back to Cassie. “Us, our relationship, how intimate we are with each other now,” I told her.

Cassie eyed me closely for a moment, batting her eyelashes. A red glare suddenly caught my attention from the upper corner of the elevator as a security camera seemed to activate. I felt my face flush as I realized that we were being watched and I recalled the warning from the mysterious voice on the phone.

Not giving Cassie any time to reply I closed the distance between us and began to kiss her passionately. Hoping that whoever was watching would at least see that I was trying to adhere to their admonition.

Cassie’s tongue pushed into my mouth and began to dart and swirl around. The sweet taste of her saliva reminded me of fresh peaches. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held me tightly. She let out a series of soft moans as we kissed.

When the elevator door opened I casually brushed my hand against her left breast as we parted before reaching for her hand and pulling her along with me. Cassie giggled excitedly as she hurried behind me.

Upon reaching the door to my apartment Cassie reached around my waist and leaned in close to my ear as I fumbled my fingers across the keypad. “I’ve waited a long time for this, Tim. For you and I to be together, alone, and intimate. I don’t want you to worry or think about how this will affect our working relationship. I just want you to think about me. I want you so badly. I want to feel you inside me and I want to make you feel all the pleasure that I’m capable of giving you.” She said, barely above a whisper.

My heart pounded within my chest as I entered my access code and pressed enter. The lock disengaged and I pushed open the door, turning once again to face Cassie and look at her. How was it that I ever began to question whether or not she was human? “That’s all I want, Cassie! For you to pleasure me. I want to bang you so hard you’ll be sore for a month and still beg me for more. Forget the alcohol, I’m intoxicated just being with you.” I exclaimed.

Giggling almost uncontrollably, Cassie took my hand and hurriedly pulled me through the door and into my apartment. Nearly tripping over my own feet I pushed the door closed behind me. “Is your bedroom through there?” Cassie asked, pointing towards a door at the far end of the living room.

Following her finger, I nodded, “Yes!” I simply answered.

Cassie spun around, pulling me in close to her once more. The sweet fragrance of her perfume attacked my senses as I stared into her eyes. “Why have you never asked me out before now, Tim?” She asked, barely a whisper.

Swallowing hard and taking a deep breath I reached around and held her tight against me. “I’ve wanted to, but..” I trailed off, suddenly unsure of myself.

“But??” Cassie prodded.

“I … I wasn’t sure if …” I began stuttering again.

“If what, Tim?” Cassie asked in her kind, melodic, voice, tilting her head slightly and closing the gap between us. I could see that she was going to kiss me again. My head was spinning, all my thoughts and words a jumbled mess. She wasn’t human, she was a robot, yet she acted human, who did the voice belong to? Why was I supposed to pretend she was human? So many what’s and why’s spinning wildly in my head.

“Does … does it really matter now that we’re this close, here in my apartment? I can feel your breath and smell … I can smell your perfume. You’re so perfect, so warm and soft. I want you, Cassie, I’ve wanted you for a long, long time until I realized … Oh, God I just don’t want to die!” I blurted out before kissing her and waking us slowly back towards my sofa.

After a few steps, we stopped and her knees buckled, toppling us backward with me atop of her. Cassie let out a shrill as I attempted to brace myself, one hand cupping her right breast and the other against the back of the sofa as we landed. Her head impacted against the armrest with a hard thud, causing her head to jerk abruptly to the left.

Attempting to quickly regain my composure by pushing up, I was finally able to stand up extending my hand out to Cassie who looked very dazed and confused. “I’m sorry about that Cassie,” I told her.

Cassie’s eyes seemed to dart wildly while her head remained contorted at an odd angle opposite to how most of her body lay diagonally on the sofa.

“Cassie?” I called out, withdrawing my hand hesitantly.

“I am perfect.” Cassie finally managed to squeak out as her eyes came to focus on me. “I am perfect .. perfect .. perfect .. perfect .. zzzzzzzttttt.” She repeated in a flat digitized voice.

My heart began to thump harder as I began to panic realizing what I had caused to happen. “Oh, shit no! No, No, NO!!”

Falling to my knees I reached in to cradle Cassie’s head as she lay there askew across my sofa, running my thumbs tenderly across both her cheeks. Her skin was warm and softer than I'd even imagined. “Cassie! Cassie!” Calling out her name with no response.

Suddenly there came a firm knock on my apartment door as I knelt there holding Cassie’s head. Turning to stare at the door in bewilderment the knock came again. “Who…who is it?” I asked, yelling across the room.

As I waited for a response, I heard the electronic locking mechanism disengage and the door slowly pushed open. “It’s Brenda, your neighbor from across the hall.” Called out a pleasant, yet calm female voice. A voice I recognized from having some previous interaction with her.

“Brenda? How did you unlock my door?” I asked, still watching the door open fully while carefully resting Cassie’s head in a more natural position.

Brenda entered my apartment, leaving the door behind her wide open, she strode over near us, glancing between me and the inert Cassie.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Oh, Tim, what have you done and gotten yourself into this time?” Brenda asked, shaking her head in mock disappointment.

Feeling my eyes bulge as my heart continued to race by her questioning, I was even more confused now than I had been before.

“Error, unable to … to … unable to … I’m Cassss … Cassie. zzzztttt … error … human appear … appearance comp … comp … I’m beautiful beautiful beautiful … compromised … error … balancing gyros miss … miss … miss … misalignment misalignment … unable to … damage detected detected damage to … to … to … cranial … Tim, are you ready? Tim, you … zzzzzttttt!! Error” Cassie suddenly began to stutter and loop as her head twitched erratically.

Brenda bent over me as she reached behind Cassie’s head with her hand, seeming to fumble around at the base of her neck. There was a loud click followed by Cassie’s body going limp. Her eyes glowed that soft green before fading and appearing a little more natural.

“There, consider Cassie asleep if you would, Tim,” Brenda stated, standing back up before seating herself on the edge of the sofa to look at me.

Having no words and my mind a jumbled mess I stared at her dumbfounded.

“Loose lips sink ships don’t they?” Brenda asked teasingly. “Yours seem to be sealed pretty damn tight. A good thing for you though.”

Sighing, she rolled her eyes before continuing, leaning closer to me. “Clearly, this was an accident and you didn’t mean for this to happen to poor ol’ Cassie. It was in the heat of the moment I’m sure. You were waking her backward, and whammo!! She bumped her head and messed herself all up. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Oh, Tim, there’s only a limited number of times that we can make you forget all of this and start over.” Brenda said, biting her lip rather seductively at the end.

“Huh? Make me forget? Wha .. What are you saying? How did you get access to my apartment? Wait?! You knew?? You knew that Cassie was a robot? Wait, WAIT!! Why are you even here?” I asked, blurting out every question I had.

Brenda’s expression immediately changed to one of frustration. Without warning, she reached out grabbing me by the throat. Her head tilted slightly in bemusement, and a smirk began to form at the corners of her lips.

Gasping for air I frantically pulled at her hand in an attempt to free myself. Brenda’s grip was unrelenting. I began to hit and slap her arm as she held me at a distance restricting my airflow. Surprised by how strong fast and strong Brenda was my mind raced to find an escape.“Why?” I finally managed to croak out.

Noticing some movement behind her, I shifted my gaze. Paramedics were wheeling in a gurney through the door. Waiving in a panic, I motioned them toward us hoping they would assist me. That one of them would aid me and restrain my assailant. My vision was starting to fail as stars began to appear. With another burst of energy, I again attempted to free myself from Brenda’s iron grip.

“It’s useless to resist, Tim. In a couple of days, you’ll be back to work and you won’t even remember any of this happening. Cassie will most likely be repaired, adjusted, and assigned as your girlfriend in hopes of an improved experience and motivator for you.” Brenda explained emotionlessly.

My strength and energy waned, and my vision darkened. “Ffffuck you!” I managed to force out.

“We’ve already played out that scenario, Tim. Nighty night.” Brenda said with added sarcasm as I felt her grip tighten.

My lungs burned as they fought for oxygen, my vision fully engulfed now in darkness, as Brenda’s final words were lost on me. Believing this to be my end I felt my body relax as I succumbed to the numbness. My last and only question was why? Why had this happened to me?

Two days later .. Monday morning - -

“Beep - Beep - Beep - Beep” came the high-pitched tone of my alarm clock precisely at 6:30 am. Extending my arm I slapped the snooze button.

“Mmmmm, let’s both call in sick today, Tim.” Cassie moaned behind my head as she positioned her naked body even closer to mine, wrapping an arm around my stomach and holding me tight.

Letting out a deep sigh while rubbing her arm and feeling her warmth I nodded. “That’s a brilliant idea. Maybe we should give the whole office an extra day too.” I said sarcastically.

As consciousness returned, I wondered in amazement at how in love I felt with Cassie who was perfect in every way.

The End

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