I Did Astro's Mom

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Written by Mirage

I did Astro's Mom!


"Yes? Can I help you?" the woman asked me at the door.

"Yes, Miss, I work for the Ministry of Science and I am going door to door to every house with robots to make sure they are using the new batteries LL17, as the older ones were recalled due to chances of exploding inside robots and damaging their inner systems. Are there any robots in this household?" I explained to her.

"Oh my...yes, yes, we are all robots living here!" she quickly said.

"May I come in?" I asked her, holding my large suitcase. "You are a robot?" I asked, as I put the suitcase on the table in the living room.

"Yes I am, as is my family." she explained.

"Is everyone here?" I then ask her.

"No, I am alone, the kids and my husband are at school until 3:00pm."

"May I say, for a robot, you are a real beautiful robot woman?" I smiled to her.

She blushed a bit, surprised at my comment.

"May I see your batteries?" I asked her.

She directed to me to the house battery storage unit. I inspected them and deemed them all dangerous.

"Sadly, all your batteries do need to be replaced, simply go to the nearest battery depot and exchange them for the new ones." I informed her"

"Thank you very much... I am glad you came." she said in a nice tone.

"As a professional, I can't leave your house before at least knowing you are safe. May I replace your battery inside you myself?" I told her, as I removed the new replacement battery from my suitcase. "May I see your main panel?" I then asked her.

"I... you seem so nice, but I can't... Only the Doctor is allowed to touch my panels" she mumbled out.

I grabbed her left hand, "I understand, but I promise, I only want the best for you, as you are such a lovely woman." I smiled to her.

She hesitated, "I... why are saying this to me? I... you are confusing me.." she pulled her hand away from mine.

"Do you have a mirror?" I asked her.

"Yes, in the bedroom...Why?" she asked confused.

"Please show me, you will understand, I promise." I then told her.

I followed her to her bedroom, to her big mirror. I stood behind her as she looked inside the mirror with me.

"Does your husband ever told you how beautiful you are?". I asked her, as I came closer to her back.

"Nn..no... never.." she replied, trembling a bit, feeling my body getting closer to hers.

"And does he ever touch you like this?" I asked her, as I wrapped my arms around her waist, and started kissing the back of her neck.

"I..I.. no..we are robots, we don't show any affections toward each other.. it's not purposeful for us.." she gasped, feeling my kiss on her neck, my hands now slowly going up, my fingers feeling to curve of her robot breasts.

"You might be a robot, but you are a female robot... and a sexy one at it." I whispered to her, now grabbing both her breasts hard.

She gasped as she closed her eyes, confused at my actions "I’ve never been touched like this.. I’ve seen it many times on TV, and deep down, I always craved it."

"May I undress you?" I asked her softly.

"Yes.. yes.. here, let me..." she said, as she removed her dress, and got fully undressed.

Her breasts and body were very robotic, browned metallic colored, apart from her head, which looked very human.

"I hope this is okay?" she asked, very shy.

"Of course, here, lay beside me on the bed." I told her.

I caressed her robotic breasts and she giggled "I’ve never felt anything like this before."

"Can I do something to you that will make things more pleasurable for you?" I asked her, opening my suitcase and removing a circuit from it.

"Yes, please.." she smiled, as she laid on her stomach, her head resting on her folded arms, as I open her main back panel, on her upper torso.

As my fingers touched inside her circuits, I asked her, "Do you like being a robot?"

"I.. guess.. Why?” she respond.

"Do you want to feel what it is like being like a real woman?" I then asked her.

"Of course." she smiled back to me.

"May I insert this inside you? It's a special circuit." I told her.

She nodded, curious.

"This will only take a second." I told her, as I open the panel, exposing her main computer systems and inserting the new circuit inside her computer brain.

"... What is happening to me? I.... I feel strange…what is happening to me?" she asked as she felt as if the new circuit was somehow taking over her mind.

"What is your name?" I asked her.

"Bb..bb.Beverley.." she responded, having a problem answering the question.

"Beverley, can you please suck my dick." I asked her.

"Yes... your wishes are my commands.., master." she smiled, as she sat up and grabbed my dick.

She put my penis in her mouth and I felt her lips wrap around it and she started sucking it good, as best a robot could give a blowjob. I came on her face, as I pulled it put when I was coming.

"Please do a sexy dance for me, Beverley." I then asked her. She smiled and started dancing sexy, rubbing herself on me.

We started kissing each other, as I grabbed her in my arms and rolled in the bed with her. "Please command me more, master!" she said, rubbing her robot tits on me.

"Can I see your true face?" I asked her.

"My robot face? Anything for you.." she said, as she slowly removed her human face like a mask, from her head, revealing a very robotic face.

“Do you still find me sexy?" she smiled, with her robotic grin.

I studied her eye cameras moving, the motors and circuits, controlling her facial expressions.

"Kiss me." I ordered her.

She paused for a second, and closed her robotic eye lids and we kissed. I felt her cold robotic lips on mine, and even felt a robotic tongue on mine.

"I am sorry." she quickly said, after we kissed.

"Sorry about what?" I asked her.

"That I am not human.." she replied, putting back her human face back on.

"Bev.. don't be... I like robots... especially robot women like you.. Here, lay down, let me study you a bit" I told her.

She blushed and laid down on her back, straight as a board "Yes, master."

As I studied her naked robotic body, and was surprised to find a small panel above where would her pussy should be.

"Beverley, can you open this panel?" I asked her.

She nodded and then the small panel open. A red blinking button was behind the panel, and I pressed it, of course. To my surprise, between her legs, a hole opened, forming a vagina, and on her breasts, nipples popped out.

"Naughty Doctor!" I laughed out. I inserted my dick inside her robot pussy, and licked her new nipples. Beverley yelled out in ecstasy. She came quickly, as I did.

"Oh... my battery is getting very low... can you replace it with the new one?" she then asked.

I reached for the new battery and she smiled to me "That circuit you put inside me…what it did to me? Did you made me your robot slave?" she asked.

"Nope, only loaded certain sex programs inside your brain... it never removed or affect your will. You choose to be my sex slave." I laughed with her.

"I feel so dirty!" she laughed back.

"You will go offline for a short moment, when I replace the battery." I told her, as I reached inside her.

"I trust you." she smiled, as she became deactivated as I remover her power source. Before I replaced the battery, I removed her human face from her head, exposing her robotic skull. I reached inside my suitcase and got a small tool and managed to open a small panel in her forehead. I then inserted a small circuit inside in her head.

"There Beverley, now I can control your will, without you even knowing it." I smiled.

I reactivated her with the new battery, as I removed the sex circuit from her back, after putting her face back. I then pressed the red button, deactivated her sex parts and cleaned her up and got her redressed.

"Thank you for everything..." she smiled, as I closed my suitcase and got ready to go.

"Do you think you can come back soon?" she asked, blushing.

"Yes, Beverley…What time is it?" I asked her.

"2:30pm... why?" she asked.

"Still have 30 minutes before your family comes back...please suck me more, robot." I commanded her.

She paused and answered, "Yes, master." in a robotic voice.

She reached and unzipped my pants and pulled down my pants and underwear and started sucking me hard. As I came in her mouth, the front door opened and heard from behind me "MOM!, Honey! SCHOOL FINISHED EARLY!" as her robot kids and husband came in.

The end

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