How I Ran Into Roboko

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For those who seen the anime Paniponi Dash, or don't, there was a girl named Akane Serizawa, and she plays a robot named Roboko. FYI, Serizawa's in the Drama Club, and she cosplays alot. Plus, she hates the Film Club.

If you haven't seen the anime, check it out. YouTube, CrunchyRoll, Veoh, you name it.

Which brings me to a very short story about that particular robot:

***Note: This story is purely fictional, but you know that already.

Once, I went to a downtown mall, and I ran into a street performer. She was small, petite, had blue hair, and she was doing the robot on the street, and people enjoyed her work, they gave her money. Well, one day she hold out her hand, after she performed for me. I was like, "Should I give her money? I have to save for lunch."

So, I gave in, and gave her a dollar.

As I walk away, feeling hungry for a chicken sandwich, the girl looked at the dollar, in a blank stare. Well, it last 30 seconds, until her eyes were flaming red, like she was mad.

"That cheap bas**rd!" She said, "He will pay for this!"

In an instant she transformed into Roboko. She then nabbed every person on the street, and went Cell-like absorbing everyone for energy. One by one, she was getting stronger and stronger, and soon...

"Kill the Cheapskate, Peeko!" She cried out.

Meanwhile, I came out of a local diner, where I finished my lunch, when... POW! Roboko's feet slammed on the pavement.

"You will die! Peeko!!!" She said to me.

I asked, "Why? What did I do?"

"Robot... PUNNNNNNNNCH!!!"

She punched me in the face. I fell into the ground in pain. As I got up, I wonder to myself, "How can she punch me that hard? Does she have superhuman strength?"

"Now you will die at the hands of the most-powerful robot developed by NASA! Peeko!" She said to me as she charged right at me. I leapt out of the way, and...

"Crazy fembot!" I yelled, "What's gotten into you?!"

Roboko glared at me with her one infra-red eye.

I got up and pointed at her and said, "It's on!!!"

And so, a fight progresses.

I gave her a left uppercut, she gave me a right hook.

Fists landed, kicks landed, blood everywhere (my blood, exactly).

"Robot... KICK!!!" She kicked me in the downstairs area!

As I fall to my knees, with my hands in my groin, in pain, I said to her, "What will you do to me?"

She said, "I want you to..."

Suddenly, she started to glow and transformed into a sleek and sexier Roboko.

"I want you to take me home, Peeko. You have simply surprised me in a fight, but I wish to be with you."

"Oh, please!!!" I yelled, "Go on, kill me!"

"I wish to kill you, but I choose not to." Roboko said. And she held out her hand for me.

I got up and grabbed me. And then she lunged into me, and caressed me very lightly. She started to go near my face, and said, "Kiss me."

I was shaking in fear and felt nervous. I tried to resist, but...

"If you cannot kiss me, then I will make you kiss me!"

She let go of me, and stepped back. She started to strip in front of me. She took off the metal skirt, then her metal blouse, and started to come near me again.

"Make love to me, Peeko!" Roboko said sexily.

That was when her sexual prowess was her undoing. As she grabbed me, from out of nowhere, a car drive by, and splashed through a puddle, with the water drenching both me and Roboko from where we stand.

"Pee...ko! Peeko!" Roboko started to malfunction. I stood by and see what happened to her.

"Danger! Danger! Error in my circuits! Danger! Danger! D-D-D-D-Danger! Malfunction! Malfunction! System Overload! Overload!"

I ran behind the trashcan.

"Error! Error! Error!!! Peeko! Peeko!" She began to smoke. "Overheat! System Error! Erro- Erro- Erro-!"

Electricity crackles, and then...


I came out and saw Roboko destroyed. Her entire body was in pieces. And as I approach to her exploded body, the last words she said were...

"I... want you. I... I... (Slowly)I... wannnnnnnt... yoooou..."

I walked away, and was like, "What the heck is going on? Was she trying to make a pass at me? Or was she trying to seduce me?"

I talked to my sister about it, but she never believed me.

That was the end of story.

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