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Housewife By BA

Jenny was in her front yard tending the pink roses her husband liked so much when a large transporter pulled up outside the empty home next door. Several work bots began to bustle in and out carrying large packing crates and furniture into the building as a tall slim woman ticked items off on her tablet notebook.

“Good morning Mrs Green. A new family coming to town I see.” The pretty little housewife felt obliged to be friendly; after all it had only been a year ago that Mrs Green had overseen Jenny’s own move into a Company living quarter. She was the housing officer for Dome Four, which probably made her a terraformer’s wife’s most important contact.

The tall lady looked up from her work with a cold smile. “Hello Mrs Wilde; yes, the Andersons are moving in today. Mr Anderson is working an outstation shift but Mrs Anderson will set up home while he’s away.” Jenny’s husband was outstation too at the moment. The menfolk from the domed estates typically spent several months at a time living in the gruelling poisonous fog outside, mining the elements to make the planet habitable before returning to the comforts of the dome for rest and family time.

“I’ll be sure to look out for Mrs Anderson when she arrives, it’ll be nice to have a neighbour again!”

“Very good, then,” Mrs Green’s curt response was followed by her disappearing into the house leaving Jenny glad to alone with her roses once more.

Lottie started unpacking early. There seemed to be endless boxes, none of which corresponded to the rooms they had been left in. She trekked back and forth through the big house with armfuls of kitchenware, ornaments, electronics and plastic packing, trying to impose some sort of order on her new home.

The door chimes were drowned by the angry buzz of a power driver as she struggled to pull apart an empty six foot packing case to add to the mountain of trash, so Lottie was surprised to look up and see a very pretty little dusky lady tapping on her patio doors as she worked. She smiled and let her visitor in, glad of a distraction.

“Hi, I’m Jenny Wilde from next door. I saw you moving in so I thought I’d say hi!” Jenny took in the statuesque figure in shabby jeans and old shirt. She was tall with long legs and broad shoulders; her pretty face framed in auburn curls with freckles patterning the soft white skin of her arms and face. She looked cheeky and fun, about thirty years old.

“Hi Jenny, I’m Charlotte... Lottie, good to meet you! Do you fancy a coffee?”

The women sat in the kitchen and got to know one another. Jenny told her all about life at Dome Four; all coffee mornings, child minding and housework while their men were away. She was glad to see Lottie had no children either; they could get up to some mischief together. Lottie explained that her husband, a mining engineer, had been relocated from Pole Station where the domestic setup had been pretty similar, though much bigger.

“I’m looking forward to making the most of this place. The houses here are a lot larger than back on Pole, not so many people to fit under the dome. I think I’ll make the dining room into a studio and I’ll definitely be ripping out that ghastly pond to make the most of having a garden; I’ve never had one before. I just hope I get everything sorted out before Brian comes home…”

“You’ll need approval for changes from the housing officer, she’s a bit ‘efficient’ if you know what I mean. Don’t get on her wrong side!” They laughed at shared experiences of the petty bureaucracies that were a part life to a terraformer’s wife: oxygen quotas, spacing bills, emergency drills…

The women looked up from their gossip at a key turning in the front door. A slim figure entered the kitchen and looked at them in surprise, Mrs Green.

“Oh! I wasn’t expected you to be around yet Mrs Anderson.” She seemed both surprised and annoyed in equal, half-hearted parts as she looked at the two ladies enjoying their coffee amongst the mess of packaging and possessions. Jenny sat in her pretty summer dress at the table and Lottie leant on the counter top in her shabby work clothes.

“Well, I started straightening out the house as soon as I got up this morning. I didn’t see any reason not to get started, I hope that’s not a problem…?”

Mrs Green put her tablet down next to Lottie, “Nothing that can’t be put right easily enough I’m sure.” Without hesitation she grasped the relaxed housewife’s head, fingers jabbing through her messy curls, and pressed her sharply behind her ear. Lottie made no attempt to protest or withdraw, obediently letting herself be deactivated. With her programmed personality suddenly offline she simply continued to lean motionless on the counter staring vacantly ahead as the official woman unbuttoned her checked shirt for her.

“I’ll need to upload the local procedures and set Mrs Anderson up for her residence here so you might as well run on home, Mrs Wilde.” She gave a tight emotionless smile to the younger woman, “I assume you knew she was a ‘bot…?”

Jenny muttered a quick, “sure” as she hastily let herself out through the back door, leaving her half finished coffee on the table. In fact she’d had no idea that Lottie was just an android, the perfect replication of soft womanhood and lively programmed personality had fooled her completely. She was a little embarrassed at Mrs Green’s casual undressing of her pretty new neighbour, even if she was just a machine inside. As she left she caught a glimpse of the official plugging a cable into an open panel in Lottie’s body, the shirt hanging open to reveal her pale soft belly and round breasts cupped in a thin lace bra with controls uncovered just below.

That afternoon Jenny was startled by a gentle tapping at the garden gate as she lay on a lounger glancing through the latest Earth magazines. Lottie peered through shyly. “Hi Jenny. I just came by to say I’m so sorry about earlier. I would have told you, really I would since you’re my neighbour…”

Jenny swung herself off the lounger and beckoned the pretty android wife from next door into her garden with a friendly smile. Now over her initial surprise she had decided to take her new neighbour at face value; machine or human, it didn’t bother her. Lottie continued with the sheepish air of someone with something to get off their chest, “It’s not a secret or anything but I’d be really grateful if you could maybe keep this to yourself? Brian and I don’t want everyone to know I’m just a robot; please? Can we still be friends?”

Jenny laughed and pulled Lottie in for a hug. “Your secret’s safe with me Honey, I’ll not tell a soul. Of course we can be friends, come on in!” Lottie laughed with relief as Jenny pulled her into the kitchen by the arm.

“Now,” said Jenny once the coffee was on, “your secret deserves one in return: I’m just like you!” Lottie was taken aback; did her dusky little neighbour really mean what she thought? “You mean…?”

“My serial number is ANX6007, I’m a Company 600 Series companion unit, married to Allan Wilde since I was activated eighteen months ago!!” She beamed with pleasure at finding something so in common with her new friend. “I know what you mean about keeping things discreet; I’m not sure how many people here know I’m a robot, some do for sure, but I’m new and very realistic so most people probably think I’m real…”

Lottie was lost for coherent words but shrieked with delight as well as relief. When she calmed down a little the two women hugged again then shared their innermost secrets over another coffee; a redundant beverage that both were programmed to enjoy as part of their role as substitute human beings.

Lottie revealed she was a 400 Series unit. Although she had no memories of previous usage she knew she had been operational for seven years, the last two with her current ‘husband’, Brian Anderson. Never having been refurbished herself Jenny was fascinated by the idea of Lottie’s previous existences.

“It’s no big deal, I would have worn out a long time ago without some major overhauls. I guess they just upload a new personality application when it’s time to move me on, I don’t have access to a lot of memories stored before I was upgraded to Charlotte 3.1.2. No refurb will ever bring me up to your spec though! You’re really a state-of-the-art robot girl, I’d love to see your design data: I just can’t believe they managed to fit all your systems into such a petite little package as you!”

The girls chatted enthusiastically, their Company personalities were designed for easy compatibility and they were very soon the best of friends, agreeing to look after each others’ technical needs until their husbands returned from shift. “I so hate the Company repair shop, they treat you like a groundcar in there… Lottie, once you’ve settled in would you like some help getting rid of your pond? I’ve got plenty of time to spare to help with your studio idea too if you need.”

“Get rid of it? No Honey; I love the pond! The whole house is just perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing; you can help me unpack though…”

“Sure, Lottie, um… whatever you say… How was Mrs Green this morning by the way?”

“Oh yeah, what a square! She was pissed that I auto-started before she installed my local programming; it was her had me shipped with my daily timer still set after all! Anyway, she insisted on re-loading my whole system which took hours out of my day, I should really get back to unpacking to make up for it…”

“I know what you mean, nobody likes her, even the real wives. Just out of interest, Lottie, what software were you running when we met this morning?”

“Charlotte 3.1.1, why do you… Oh! Am I really different?” The redhead looked downcast.

“No, Honey, you’re just perfect; don’t worry about it. Now, shall we get some of your boxes moved?”

A few days later, when Jenny popped next door for morning coffee as usual, she was pleased to see Lottie’s house looking much more shipshape. With some help from herself most of the boxes were now in the right rooms, the downstairs had been unpacked and boxes and padding all broken down and stored in the basement including the big crate that Lottie herself had been packed in.

Jenny had let herself in through the kitchen but her new friend was nowhere to be seen. She wandered through the lounge, study and dining room and called down to the cellar with no response. She guessed Lottie was busy with the upstairs rooms and put the coffee on before going up in search of her.

“Lottie, Honey, time for a break!” She found the other robot fetchingly bent over a large crate of books in the spare bedroom and admired her curvy white legs and ass inside tight cut off jeans before she realized her friend wasn’t moving.

“Lottie…?” Jenny walked around the heavy looking box and sure enough the other woman’s face was gazing blankly at the floor. “Aw, bless; what have you done to yourself?” The smaller woman prized Lottie’s fingers from under the box and pulled her upright, straightening her back against her knee with difficulty. The inert robot would not balance so Jenny dragged her to lean face up on the bed, arms sticking out awkwardly.

“Lets see what’s wrong with you then…” Jenny gently unbuttoned Lottie’s shirt, an old one of her husband’s that she wore for shifting furniture and boxes, and peeled it back. Lottie’s body was milky white under her freckles and highly detailed as required for a fully functional companion. The only give-away to Lottie’s mechanical nature was a ghostly rectangle outlined in the delta of her ribs, just below her lace bra; the only straight lines amid a landscape of soft white curves.

Jenny pushed hard with her fingers below the inert Lottie’s sternum and pulled the artificial flesh covering away from the control panel nestling just below her bra. The small square of status lights and ports was dim, showing her to be fully shut down. Jenny pressed the power button and waited for her friend to boot up.

“ACX4739 powered on…” Lottie’s back and shoulders twitched hard bouncing her breasts and throwing her lifeless face to one side, “Systems check complete – hardware malfunction in motor system isolated… Initialising Charlotte 3.1.2 – improper shutdown detected, retrieving backup files… Error 1602.” The redhead’s freckled face came to life and she blinked in confusion, “Oh! What… what’s happened…?”

“You silly thing, are you okay? You’ve malfunctioned.”

“I can’t move! What’s wrong, Jenny? Can you fix it, I don’t like this…?!”

Jenny turned Lottie’s head gently to face her and pressed her finger to her friend’s soft lips, “Shh there Honey, we’ll soon have you fixed up. You should be more careful, you’re not built for heavy lifting; now tell me what you remember.”

With her worried face cupped in Jenny’s hands and her useless body still lying akimbo on the bed, Lottie explained what had led to her unexpected failure. “What with moving all these boxes I’ve tripped my strain limiter a few times; you know the thing – go limp for a moment, a loud beep and status alert saying ‘you have exceeded safe working limits’. I normally just straighten up and wait a few moments for the alert to finish, then just carry on. This morning I lifted that box half way and my motors tripped out again, I just slumped back down to the floor and stayed there. My motors didn’t kick back in and I was there for ten minutes or so trying to move before my system crashed and I must have shut down. I guess that’s how you found me... ass in the air?”

“That’s about right, Honey! It sounds like you’ve worn something out, where do you keep your service gear?”

Lottie directed the darker woman to her en-suite support room, a mirror image of Jenny’s own next door, where she found the tools and products Lottie used to keep herself running smoothly, or at least as smoothly as could be expected for a well used refurbished android. Jenny grabbed the servicing laptop and returned to plug her friend in and investigate the fault.

After a while tapping keys and reading into Lottie’s innermost functions, Jenny was able to identify the fault in the damaged robot’s power distribution board. The old component had been strained by the many times Lottie had pushed it to its working limit and had finally shorted, crippling the pretty wife unit. “The fatal error was just an AI crash, apparently your programming doesn’t cope with hardware failure very well! We can sort that with a simple reload once you’re body is fixed and it’s your lucky day because I have a brand new power board in my spares box which should fit you just nicely! See you in a minute!”

“Thanks, Jen…” Lottie called after her neighbour as she bounded down the stairs leaving her ‘patient’ lying helpless on the bed. Lottie was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable; it was more than just the embarrassing malfunction which riled her fiercely independent programming. She was also programmed to be bisexual and slightly sub once suitably overpowered, she was beginning to get off on Jenny’s well-meaning attentions. The malfunctioning Lottie was helpless to hide the growing flush across her chest and the hard points pushing through her bra at the thought of being opened up for repair by the delicate little android wife from next door.

Soon enough Jenny was back with a small bundle of electronics and a sophisticated toolset. She wasted no time in rolling Lottie over and opening her back to work on her main power bus. Just as her sighs were deepening into moans of pleasure which would be hard to ignore, it was time to swap out the damaged robot’s shorted board. “Sorry, Honey, I’ll have to turn you off for a bit…” Lottie’s signs of life cut out as Jenny pressed the power button again, turning her from a realistic horny housewife into a lifeless half-dismantled machine in an instant.

Some time later Jenny reactivated a repaired Lottie in her support room. “Hi, Honey, all fixed up! I’ve hooked you up for a full system test and reload, see you later.”
 Lottie had re-initialised in the same horny state and wanted nothing more than to slip into her bed and relieve her feelings with fingers in her hot wet plastic pussy as soon as Jenny had gone. She was frustrated to find that her support computer was running a non-interruptible test sequence which overrode her internal control signals. She had no choice but to endure patiently for the next hour before she was automatically rebooted.

Several weeks after her malfunction Lottie and Jenny had established a routine of servicing each other every Tuesday and Thursday morning; Tuesdays for Lottie and Thursdays for Jenny. A few hours of regular careful maintenance was far superior to self-support and a monthly strip down to the repair shop, so both girls were in peak operating condition. It was Lottie though who really benefited from the attention, Jenny’s new and more modern systems being rather more reliable.

Lottie benefited in other ways too. Jenny often teased her friend about getting horny while being serviced, assuming it to be just a little bug in the older unit’s programming. She didn’t suspect that after each of their sessions, but especially after she had dismantled Lottie and worked on her internals for a period, the redhead would masturbate herself into a steamy private orgy at the cached memories, often pushing her processors to the very limits for a final stuttering, twitching climax that left her needing to plug in for unscheduled software repair.

She had even made herself come in Jenny’s en-suite touching her petit friend’s pert little breasts while she was in standby mode. The only thing that stopped Lottie from taking things further that Tuesday had been the fear that she might get so worked up that she’d crash in Jenny’s house and she had no idea what the consequences of that might be!

Lottie was disappointed to find that, when she checked out the details of Jenny’s programming, her friend was straight. While she appreciated Lottie’s cuteness she wasn’t attracted to her as more than a friend. Lottie had no qualms about programming a few adjustments, Jenny was just a machine after all and designed to please, but unfortunately Lottie did not have the administrator password to the object of her desire’s AI. Only their husbands and the Company officers who provided housing, welfare and companions were authorised to reprogram the androids.

Jenny had fixed several annoying faults in Lottie’s ageing hardware and, with the regular servicing, she was now functioning perfectly for several days at a time between minor glitches. The one time Jenny had malfunctioned since they had become neighbours, Lottie had corrected her pretty little loop error with a simple restart, no repair needed. It would probably have timed out of its own accord if she had not been there to help.

Tonight the girls were attending a small party at one of the Team Leaders’ houses; hosted by the senior man’s wife, it would be a good opportunity for Lottie to get to know some of the other wives in Dome Four. Jenny had dragged her to another neighbour’s for lunch where they had stayed most of the afternoon chatting and playing with the, most certainly human, wife’s children.

As she stood in her lingerie making up her face in the wall length bathroom mirror, Lottie felt as horny as she could remember. Already programmed to be highly sexed, her regular maintenance with Jenny seemed to be becoming an obsession and she could think about little else. An objective programmer would have quickly spotted an AI glitch and made some corrections but Jenny was unaware of any problem to bring to Company’s notice and Lottie’s automated software maintenance sessions simply cleaned damaged or superfluous code and ignored this correctly formatted but destructive personality trend.

Lottie inwardly cursed the lunch appointment that had prevented her from her customary alone-time after the Thursday morning service from Jenny. This week, following the 400 Series maintenance schedule, the petite android had laid Lottie face down on her bed in knickers and T-shirt while she carefully opened her leg and foot panels one by one to clean and lubricate the moving parts inside. Lottie had lain in heaven feeling the delicate, intimate touches working their way up as each concealed panel was opened serviced and closed in turn all the way up to her ass which Jenny spanked in protest at Lottie’s ill concealed excitement.

The pretty android yearned for more attention, the thought of a quick finger flick before she finished dressing just wasn’t enough for the waves of frustration piling up in her system. She wanted the other sexy android to enter her, to operate and control her body dispassionately, to treat her as a mere machine, a woman-object, while her inner programmed AI ran helplessly inside.

A trickle of wetness escaped down Lottie’s white thigh, as she stood, statuesque, staring into the mirror. The freckled face that glared coldly back was immaculately made up, her hair neat for once, her white skin contrasting with the bold black lace of her double D bra and tiny thong and the black sheer of her hold-ups. The tall black stilettos that shaped her calves to perfection completed her look. An ever present myriad stream of ones and zeros flitted through the robot woman’s solid-state electronics; combined from memory files, real time input and pre-programmed algorithms to generate ‘Lottie’; they took that moment to produce an idea.

Spurred into action, Lottie strode from her en-suite bathroom to her en-suite service room where she quickly removed her soft white belly revealing the power packs and other complex internal systems which kept her functioning. She plugged in to external power and removed her left battery, swapping it in the charger with a nearly dead one from that morning which she carefully fitted into the void in her belly. She unlatched the right battery and pulled it free, leaving it on the shelf with several spares in various states. She made a careful check behind her, measuring the room with her eyes to finalise her plan.

Lottie bent down and carefully looped her power cable around her spike heel leaving just enough free to stand up again; with only one nearly empty power pack the external supply was now essential to her operation for more than a few minutes. She was unsure exactly what to expect but was pretty sure that by doing everything her self-service procedures warned her to avoid, she could get the desired result. Lottie unlatched her one remaining battery, leaving it unsecured inside her belly then deliberately took a step back.

The android’s heel caught in the power lead, as she’d planned, causing her to stumble and fall back. She caught at the shelf beside her and pulled down a roll of tools as she measured her length on the floor. The cable pulled taught and snapped free leaving the connector still firmly plugged into the power socket in her belly and as she hit the floor hard, unable to break her fall, the remaining battery bounced free and fell back, misaligned with the connections. The snapped bare ends of the power cable fell across Lottie’s open belly and sparks arced across her delicate circuitry making her body jerk violently before the current tripped.

Lottie’s desire to cause a malfunction had succeeded beyond her expectations, rather than a simple loss of power, the fall had somehow resulted in her power cable frying delicate internal systems and it still lay across her exposed boards causing shorts and overwhelming surges throughout her electronics. The helpless robot continued to twitch and jerk on the floor, emitting a spark from time to time as she gradually expended the little power remaining in her battery. Her processors were soon overwhelmed by the extent of the malfunction and she was only briefly aware of her situation before all conscious processing was overtaken by stacked error messages and broken code.

As her twitching died down she continued to read out error codes vacantly, stuttering over the words as her sub-systems glitched. Gradually her voice slowed and died to a whisper and she fell silent, lying face up with arms and legs in disarray, magnificent in her best lingerie and gazing blankly upwards with her final error frozen on her pretty lips.

Lottie lay nude on a steel trolley in Dome Four support centre where Jenny had brought her. She was smartly arranged with arms at her sides and legs slightly apart; several gaps in the densely packed systems inside her open belly revealed where fried components had been removed. Her face was still fixed in wide-eyed surprise with her lips parted, she looked like she was just about to speak but hadn’t moved since her malfunction several hours before.

The serious looking tech had tried to contact Mr Anderson in vain; he would be out of communications for several days so she was picking Jenny’s mind for guidance; the repair bill for Lottie would be significant. The tech suggested that Mr Anderson might prefer to right-off his pretty wife and wait for a newer model to be shipped in as a replacement. Lottie might yet be to be salvageable and programmed for some undemanding role as a shop assistant or teacher but it made little sense to bring her back to full functionality, superseded model that she was.

Jenny had never met Brian Anderson herself but had got to know Lottie very well over the weeks since she moved in next door. She felt sure that her husband would want to salvage his wife if at all possible; she had a unique and loveable personality, something that had developed over her operating period with the underpinning code taken forward from update to update, something which a shiny new android would lack.

The tech was dubious but reluctant to scrap a senior worker’s robotic perk on her own authority so the two debated the matter in circles over Lottie’s still form. Jenny gazed forlornly at her friend, so vulnerable on display between them. She had an inkling of what might have happened, Lottie had become more erratic recently and she clearly felt a strong desire for Jenny herself; perhaps she should have brought her in for reprogramming earlier but what was done was done.

“How about a complete overhaul? Couldn’t Mrs Anderson be brought up to 500 specification? Surely that would make her a worthwhile investment?”

“No, this is a 400 chassis. I suppose we could upload her directory to a new unit but it would be a waste not to utilise the full potential of a more advanced unit. Anyway, they don’t produce a Charlotte body or face type any more.”

“Well I’m certain that scrapping her is not the right answer…”

They looked up as the service room door opened and Mrs Green walked towards them past the rows of deactivated android women under repair. “Hello Mrs Wilde, what is a brand new unit like you doing here?” The tall official was cold and severe as ever and Jenny merely indicated Lottie on the trolley.

The tech spoke up: “Mrs Green, this 400 unit has had a catastrophic malfunction. I’m considering writing her off but can’t contact her husband for authorisation. The 400s are not really up to modern standards for autonomous operation anyway so full repair seems wasteful…”

Jenny didn’t know what had brought the official here right now but she was fully aware of Mrs Green’s power. As the housing officer the tall woman allocated and maintained all the welfare facilities in Dome Four including the robotic partners like Lottie and herself; her word was law, subject to the contractual entitlement of the workers using the ‘facilities’.

“Mrs Green, I really think that this unit is worth repairing becau…” The tall woman barely glanced at Jenny as she reached past her cheek to switch her off. The dusky little 600 Series immediately fell silent, standing passive and expressionless, her Company programmed opinions utterly irrelevant to the cold hearted official.

“I agree, Tech Three, the 400 Series should be retired from use as companions.” She peered at Lottie’s serial number printed below her exposed controls, “this unit is an early one too, Company has already recouped our investment in her, any further repair represents waste. Unfortunately the spacing route for replacements is nine months minimum and I doubt Mr Anderson would forego his entitlement to specify his new wife’s design so I can’t divert a unit already in transit. …No, I think you will have to return ACX4739 to full operation. I suggest you install some robust control limits to reduce the chance of anything like this happening again, we can’t afford to keep rebuilding these robots. Program her to return here for regular maintenance too.”

“Yes, Mrs Green, if you say so. I’ll get started on her right away” The tech was obviously not enthusiastic but did not argue with her boss.

“Not quite, I have a more important task for you first.” Mrs Green slipped out of her smart jacket and skirt without ceremony, leaving them along with her ever-present tablet computer on a chair. She wore nothing underneath, smooth skinned without features or blemishes; a typical utility chassis, the nipples on the small mounds of her breasts were simple unresponsive mouldings, her vagina was no more than a slight cleft in her plastic skin, the outlines of body access panels were clear to see and the complex control panel on her abdomen was uncovered.

The housing officer swung herself up onto the trolley next to Lottie, her doll-like plastic body looked like a cheap toy next to the full figured and highly realistic android wife. Even dismantled and turned off Lottie looked like a real woman from the delicate pink lips exposed between milky thighs and auburn curls to her pretty freckled face and deep empty eyes; no plastic toy.

“Certainly Mrs Green, I’ll review and correct any faults as usual, I also have a personality update to install.” The tech reached over and deactivated her boss to get to work.

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