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Advanced Hotbot example, Juanita Alvarado.

Hotbot is a type of robot from the videogame series Ratchet & Clank.

They are an all-gynoid type of machine; They are all hard exterior Metalic plating robots with exposed joint mechanisms.

They have certain unifying characteristics such as two-digit hands and glowing eyes with no pupils that are either blue or red-yellow hue.

They normally have plating resembling clothing that cannot be removed and a torso segmented in three axial sections. Footwear is also permanently built into the leg design.

The dermis like plating of the Hotbot is always pearl-like with a hue that goes from a fading blue, pale silver to orange gray.

Their facial plate (facemask) can be either a single continuous piece from the forehead to the chin, with plasticity for facial expressions; or it can be rigid with a segmented jaw.


Example of mass-produced civilian Hotbot suffering damage overload.
Help desk girl from Gadgetron corporation, either employer or asset. Was the first Hotbot introduced in the game.
Casino owner" a Hotbot like robot with deviant features from the common Hotbot design, pupils and an actual body behind clothing."

Hotbots belong to the fictitious Solana galaxy where they coexist with numerous types of biological civilizations on an unknown quantity of planets, moons, asteroids and space stations. They are one type of robot among several, including robots meant for comedic purposes such as ghost pirate robots. Hotbots appear to be sentient and their purpose seems to recreate feminine roles in society while being visually attractive. Hotbots are apparently programmed with pleasing personalities unless confrontational. Hotbots likely possess free will and are considered citizens on the larger part of the inhabited worlds, with apparent rights and duties. Yet it is implied, rather for comedic purposes, that Hotbots can be mass-produced and be considered property, be rented and sold while also being able to own property, marriage, divorce, and generate income for personal use.

Hotbot behavior is rather social in anthropocentric terms, as they never behave robotically, using expressions of "self" and refer to their status with biological terms such as "feeling sick or feeling in love". Even mass-produced Hotbots have an individual status such as "Melissa", that was Courtney Gears' best back up dancer despite being indistinguishable from the other back up dancers to the player in Ratchet & Clank 31

There is little to no explanation of the inner workings of Hotbots or the specific corporation that manufacture and design Hotbots; but extrapolation with other Ratchet & Clank robots, suggests they are filled with gears, nuts, bolts, circuitry, transistor-like structures, artificial heart, electronic brain and miniature silicon like circuit boards. Canonically, artificial beings and technology in general, are the product of "microscopic" organic beings called the Technomites, that naturally have the inclination of build and maintain "technology" in the opposite way of folkloric Gremlins. Technomites are considered "fairy tales" as no one has ever seen them and were meant to be an explanation for how technology works for small kids until the events of Ratchet & Clank 52. This might imply that besides fabrication, some robots might be "naturally" occurring in the Ratchet & Clank universe. Artificial "Nanomites" also exist inside robots, weaponry, and machinery made by large industries and corporations and have the appearance of tiny stereotypical workers living inside technology such as cops for security or a miniature version of the robot to exemplify its mind.

Model or term

Hotbots in culture.

Despite the recurrent use of the term "Hotbot" for some gynoids in the Ratchet & Clank games, it is not specified if Hotbot is either a way to refer to the two types of gynoid model described previously (segmented jaw and full faceplate) or a term to describe attractive robots independently of their characteristics.

The term has not been used on non-gynoid robots, and other gynoid robots in the game with different body shapes are identified with other terms such as Valkyries and Infobots. Hotbot is likely then, both slang and classification for a type of female robot in the Ratchet & Clank games.


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