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Sarah was in her kitchen checking through the contents of her briefcase while she spoke briskly down the phone. She perched at the breakfast bar, the earset nestling in the dark blond hair that hung, straight and smart to her mid throat. She wore a powder blue business suit, skirt hemmed at the top of her light golden knees and jacket cut to an expensive fit hugging her trim figure.

“Yes Gordon… Yes, I’ve got the papers here and the case is clear cut so you needn’t worry. I know… Yes.” As she spoke she pulled a memory card from a pocket at the back of her case, checked it and dropped it in her suit pocket. It was an inch square, flat and with a gold label – a multi terabyte series.

She pushed a thin folder of legal documents into another compartment, nestled her palmtop and a couple more memory cards snugly and closed the lid of the slim brown executive case, shoving it across the counter with a sigh. Her skin below the suit cuffs was of the same even, glowing tan running around her wrists and up her slim forearms. Her nails, immaculately finished and clear glossed, glinted as they flicked efficiently through her work. Neat but feminine.

“I really am sorry to postpone but something has come up, I’ll be there at two o’clock, that’ll be just as good, now relax!... No I can’t really but perhaps next week? Okay… Look, you know I wouldn’t let you down if I could possibly avoid it…”

There was a tuneful double chime from the hallway making Sarah look up with relief. “Look, I really must go, sorry again but this really is no problem… yes, yes, see you at two then. Bye!”

She plucked the phone from her ear and, shutting it off, tossed it to slide over and bump gently against the glossy brown leather side of her briefcase as she strode out of the kitchen to the hallway of the big house. She shook her hair, flicking away the slight rumple from the phone to leave a glossy curtain of pure straight gold which she pushed back behind her ears. As she passed the full length mirror she made the automatic gesture of smoothing her already immaculate suit down over her chest and thighs and briefly admired what she saw.

Sarah was proud of her appearance with good reason. She was a dream blond with a perfect complexion: her skin belonged on a pampered teenager evenly tanned and free of any wrinkles or blemish. Only the finest traces of tiny golden hairs and the sparse supply of delicate of little freckles broke up the clear smooth skin that showed on her legs, hands and neck. Her face was surprisingly mature given the minimal impact of the years on her flesh. She had the confident, intelligent and efficient but not officious face that fitted a successful business woman perhaps thirty one or two years old. Her athlete’s hard, toned physique was accentuated rather than concealed by the cut of her clothes and the overall impression was of a lady who must spend every spare hour perfecting her appearance. This pampered impression seemed at odds with the strength of character in her face.

She turned away from the mirror after the briefest pause, admiring the shape of her ankle at the base of her tight muscled calf and the top of her foot in its neutral brown court shoe. Even in these low heels her legs were defined and athletic, glossy and smooth as silk.

Sarah had been expecting a visitor this morning and had put back her work as a corporate legal advisor in spite of the short notice. This was more important. Expected or not she was always meticulous about security and carefully inspected the vision screen and weapon-scan display. A young woman, perhaps five years Sarah’s junior waited in the porch. She carried a large black case but the scan showed clear.

Security technology could be tricked as Sarah well knew. Few people opened their door to strangers these days but Sarah reached for the latch with confidence. In spite of her beauty she knew how to handle herself, any burglar or worse arriving at her door was in for a shock, of that she was certain. She opened up and took a proper look at the girl before requesting her ID. The girl introduced herself.

“Good morning, I’m Kathy Smith from Hreftech Systems service department. We had a call out request last night…”

“Hello”, Sarah was cold as she took in her visitor face to face. She was a little shorter than her own five feet nine inches and fuller in the chest by a generous couple of sizes. She wore a plain charcoal trouser suit over a cream blouse with an ID tag on a cord around her neck. She looked smart and brisk, with her long dark hair pulled back sharply into a pony tail with only the smallest wisp over her forehead softening her ivory white features. She was beautiful, Sarah noticed, and did not seem at all nervous at the close examination.

She presented her card on its leash with a pretty smile and Sarah had to lean forward to check it properly. It appeared to be in order with Hreftech’s discreet logo embossed across it, Kathy’s holograph and name, contract number and the tiny blue glow of the electronic tag winking on the corner.

“That seems to be in order”, Sarah relaxed and smiled. Her suspicion turned abruptly to acceptance and her visitor suddenly a trusted friend. “I’ve been expecting you. Please come in.” She turned and led the way down the hall leaving Kathy to admire the sway of her firm hips and the poise of her back with a knowing smile in her eyes. She hefted the heavy black case and followed her client into the huge kitchen. The front door swung quietly closed behind her and the security systems resumed their watch.

“Hello Kathy, I’m Mrs Sarah Ross, thank you for coming out.” The two women shook hands warmly now that trust had been established. “My husband told me he’d called the service department out for this morning so I’ve put my appointments back. Now, please call me Sarah, and can I get you anything, a drink maybe?”

“Thank you Sarah, but I’m fine right now, shall we sit down?” For all her outward friendliness the younger woman’s pretty brown eyes were cold and hard. She went through the motions but there was no empathy with her host as their eyes met.

At her gesture they moved over to the table where Sarah pulled a chair out for Kathy and sat down herself, the two women facing each other with the table at their elbow. Kathy opened the case on the floor at her side and removed a grey metal laptop which she began to start up on the table.

“I have the outline of the problem from your husband’s call; initially it sounds like a simple processor failure. Do you have a current backup for the unit concerned please?”

“Sure… here.”

Sarah handed over the memory card from her pocket. Her fine tanned fingers touching tip to tip with Kathy’s pale porcelain digits for an instant. Kathy looked at the huge capacity card, nothing unusual in her line of work, and turned it over to read the neatly hand printed label: “SARAH”. Unsurprised, she pushed it into the reader slot on her machine and brought up the status page.

The screen showed a software and hardware report with links to logs of all physical actions performed on and by the unit, all upgrades, programming and malfunctions over its 3 year history. It was dated this morning and included a small front and rear view of the subject, standing straight and naked with arms and legs spread. The left breast on the picture was highlighted with a flashing red link which Kathy selected.

A closer view of the malfunctioning unit’s head and torso opened with a synopsis of the problem and many links to detailed reports and data. At the top of the page the title was the same as the previous window: “36104 HRSYS – FEMALE ANDROID UNIT SARAH HALL 2 BACKUP LOG.” The picture clearly showed the face of the tanned lady sitting smartly in front of her. Kathy smiled, not with surprise but with a knowing satisfaction, her initial instinct confirmed.

“Sarah, just a formality really but can you confirm that you are actually Hreftech Systems female android unit 36104, currently known as Sarah Hall 2?”

“I am, yes”, not something she would normally be prepared to admit to a stranger without embarrassment. Although not a covert unit Sarah lived and worked as a human and the truth would have gone down badly, especially with some of her male colleagues! With Kathy she felt nothing odd and responded as if the question had been “is this your car,” or something equally mundane.

“Good, I’ve seen the glitch record and I’m sure it’s not too serious. You’re due servicing next week and it could safely wait until then but I’m sure I can sort it out now for convenience. Before we start, what time do we have available?”

“I’ve got a meeting at two this afternoon so I need to go at one thirty, latest. If it takes longer then I’ll need to phone and postpone again…”

“That should be plenty of time to investigate your malfunction, Sarah. You’ve already accepted the e-tag from my ID card, you now accept me as a system controller, so please don’t be alarmed when you react directly to my commands, I don’t see any need to take you offline at this stage.”

“Thank you Kathy, I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

“Now, firstly, on a security issue, most units are fire walled so as not to recognize a new controller until physically initiated. Outside the workshops you should really be blocking the e-tag, it’s not very secure! I’ve made a note on your backup for a security review next week and I’ll remove my status from your system before I leave.

Sarah nodded, the conversation between the two women was still polite and civil in its manner but the content had quickly re-defined their respective status. She was no longer the high class home owner accepting a commercial visitor; she was the object of technical advice, an appliance in need of repair. She seemed un-aware of the change, the e-tag causing her basic drivers to accept Kathy without question. Her manner remained the same though her will was now passive, quiet and obedient.

“On the plus side we’ve saved a lot of time and effort accessing your protocols this time so we can get along nicely. Now, Sarah, please open your shirt for me.”

The smart business lady obeyed instantly. She reached up calmly and undid the crisp white cotton under her open jacket, unfastening the four buttons without fumbling or delay, her perfect fingers moving from top to bottom. She pulled the open halves aside and looked up, unembarrassed into the other woman’s face as she bared her body, leaning back in her chair to expose her naked torso. Kathy appreciated Sarah’s form for a moment. Her hard stomach was gently sculpted with simulated musculature: feminine, delicate and an even golden brown colour. Her body tapered up and out towards her chest where her B-cup breasts stood out firmly without support tipped by smooth, dark glossy nipples. Her chest sloped up in a clean curve to her delicately defined collar bone and the graceful pillar of her neck. Her icy blue eyes met Kathy’s with a slight smile, no trace of uncertainty despite the situation, her programming maintaining the deceptive interactive details of human contact even now.

“Well, you look in pretty good shape! Lets see what the problem is… how does this feel?”

“Kathy, this is socially inappropriate contact, please…”

“Physical input Sarah, how does this feel?”


Kathy switched from the right nipple to the left, soft and flat in the warmth of the room, they did not react.

“Also normal, Kathy.”

“Good, now disregard social input and raise physical parameters to reflect, um… forty percent sexual arousal.”


Sarah’s breathing jumped to a deeper rasp, her face took on a distracted look and a gentle shine accompanied a deep pink blush spread over her chest, neck and cheeks. She looked up at Kathy, standing over her with one hand inside her open shirt and the other resting gently on her shoulder. Eyes meeting she drew breath and arched her back a little, pushing her small pert breasts up and forwards for attention.


“Now what does this feel like?”

Kathy repeated her gentle caresses, stroking first the right then the left nipple with her finger nail, drawing it slowly across the now stiffening flesh.”

“Mmmm…. Both normal response. Feels good Kathy. Oh… please don’t stop!”

Kathy laughed acsently as she turned to her big case. The left nipple response, as expected, had failed giving the beautiful chest a slightly lopsided look as its twin grew pale and hard, pushing out from the soft curve of the android’s breast.

“I’m here to fix you, not get you off, Sarah! Now please sit still for me.”

She consulted the laptop, looking up Sarah’s software options.

“Okay, run program: Hreftech femgasm 3.14.ex please Sarah.”

Sarah’s head twitched very slightly as she loaded the program cold, her normal control measures giving plausibility to her realistic behaviour were overridden by the control status of the service tech’s instruction, her body obeyed without needing stimulation. Her lips parted with a shaky sigh as her eyes widened. She wriggled her hips on the chair, pressing her thighs together and leaning forward to squeeze her warm crotch. She let out a gentle groan which caught in her throat as her eyes widened, then sighed and relaxed back into her chair.

“Sequence completed”

Her recalcitrant nipple remained soft and smooth, her building passion having no noticeable effect.

“Thank you Sarah, now let’s see…what other software do you have on board? Wow! There’s some expensive bedroom software here. Let’s try one of the custom programs… Run program: Robosoft Passion-suite Quake.ex please, Sarah.”

After the briefest of twitches again Sarah’s whole body jerked hard, breasts bouncing and her shirt fronts pulling out of her hands. She jerked again and again, sliding down the chair as her back arched, her mouth gaping wide, eyes blazing and golden hair flicking with every spasm.

“OHH!! Oh YES!.... Fuck yesssss….. ohhhh mmm…ERROR – program cannot execute at current arousal level. Program closed.

Sarah straitened up, flicked her hair back behind her ears and straightened her shirt with neat smart movement and sat passively upright again as if nothing had happened. The only changes to see: a fresh sheen making her bare torso and face shiny and her previously smart blue skirt ridden up to mid thigh exposing a length of silky golden skin. Two little dark moles sat high inside one leg, a tiny artificial imperfection added to her perfect form when she was designed.

“Thank you. Well there’s clearly no problem with executing your sexual responses, software runs okay, sorry about that error by the way, my fault. Definitely a hardware issue here…”

Kathy was a little disappointed about the failure of the Robo-soft program, she hadn’t seen their latest suit in action but it was supposed to be an awesome piece of software, pushing the bounds of android performance for maximum pleasure. Sarah’s husband clearly spent a fortune on to her sexuality. She selected a power driver, probe and small tool wallet from her case and turned to the passive robot cooling down opposite.

The service technician laid her hand back on her Sarah’s shoulder and applied the shiny metal probe to her sternum. She pushed hard and the probe point slipped into the flesh and clicked home. With a twist a trapezoid panel of tanned flesh popped out and Kathy pulled it free of its connections and laid it on the table. It was a couple of inches thick, the top layer of tanned skin backed by the thicker layer of soft, warm flesh and plastic ribs that gave the illusion from the surface of flesh and bone.

“Service panel open…”

“I know babe, I know.”

Sarah’s personality had shrunk by degrees as she accepted Kathy’s control until now nothing of the confident business woman remained beyond her expression, only a responsive automaton, volunteering nothing.

Kathy used the driver to buzz open the six screws holding the white plastic panel set into Sarah’s chest. Placing the screws aside she eased the panel free to hang down over the robot’s breasts, suspended by a tangle of wires and cables running back into her open body. The panel itself had three sockets; two for data transfer and control and a larger power connector for recharging. Several status lights blinked amber and green, a row of push buttons and a single black switch completed the interface. A metallic label was fastened in the bottom centre giving details of the unit’s identity and specification and the words: “WARNING! Only to be removed by Hreftech approved technician.”

Sarah sat still and patient, looking past Kathy’s shoulder as she carried out her repairs. Her breathing had calmed down almost to normal and her right nipple had subsided to a semi erect pertness. She had an air of patient expectation, like a woman in a quiet waiting room, her mind far away.

Kathy reached into her client and gently extracted a complex circuit block from its cushioned home, the umbilical wires uncoiled behind it as she tugged it free. Using a fine set of plastic nips she pulled a chip free from its holder and dropped it on the table.



The open chested Sarah spoke calmly with no trace of personality or feeling. She continued to sit still and patient as Kathy reached into a compartment in her tool case to remove a board of replacement chips.


Kathy selected the appropriate chip and carefully removed it with the nips. She held it up to the light to check the legs and confirm the serial number corresponded to the cosmetic actuation control unit required.


Sarah did not move or visibly react as her higher functions shut down, she stared unblinking ahead, face set unchangingly in the patient, aimless expression she had adopted as she was stripped down. Kathy appeared unconcerned. She removed the replacement chip from its holder and inserted it into place, confident that this would rectify the fault. The chip family used on these models for cosmetic control had given a lot of problems in the past and was no longer in use for current units.

She carefully replaced the circuit block, ensuring it was secured into place in Sarah’s open chest, cables properly stowed with no snags. Before replacing the control panel she swapped the dehumidifier bag in Sarah’s chest cavity for a fresh one then buzzed the screws home. All the while the android sat still, staring like a posed dummy, perfectly realistic in every way but without animation.

Rather than reboot her immediately, all too used to the hazards of rogue ‘bots, Kathy hooked Sarah up for a systems check. Linking a fine cable from her laptop she clicked the other connector into the unresponsive woman’s control port and set the diagnostics running.

In the few minutes to wait Kathy scrolled through the program specs listed in Sarah’s sexual response folders. She was impressed. As well as the complete Passion-Suite she was loaded with Hreftech’s enhanced response drivers and two huge orgasm packages that she had never heard of at all: Hall Climax 1 and 2. Few units in her experience were this well equipped for genuine passion as opposed to basic simulation techniques.

The diagnostic program announced its result with a ping and reported all systems functioning normally. As expected there was a long list of errors caused by the direct manipulation of Sarah’s system but nothing that couldn’t be sorted out by a quick re-programming. Kathy selected direct control and checked the off-line units’ nipple response, causing them both to rise hard, crinkling the skin of those flawless breasts and then to soften and sink back to normal.

Up until now confident and positive in every action, a change now came over Kathy’s manner. She gently bit her lip as she looked at the inert repair job waiting to be rebooted in front of her. She looked from her tool case to the program specs on the screen beside her and back to Sarah’s exposed body and open control panel and reached her decision.

“Oh what the hell…”, she muttered, pulling another, thicker cable from the case. She plugged it into the android’s data port, causing no response whatever in the passive unit. With a furtive glance around Kathy undid her dark grey suit to show the soft expanse of her large creamy cleavage. She wore a simple sheer black bra through which the hard points of her nipples pushed insistently. She gave them a gentle stroke; although she hid it well, Kathy enjoyed her work very much indeed. The sight of Sarah being put through her paces, a helpless sexy puppet was a huge turn on but sex wasn’t what she was after right now…

Kathy took up the probe and, tucking her chin down to see, she inserted it into her own chest. With the confidence of her own body she showed little of the delicacy she had used with Sarah as she pulled out the cosmetic flesh cover concealing her own control panel. This mirrored Sarah’s in every detail but showed a little more wear with tool scratches around the screws and smudge marks on the plugs and controls. The data panel showed, to anyone who knew Hreftech’s products, that she was an older model, a Series Four to Sarah’s Six, but recently upgraded to a similar capacity. She disconnected the covering layer of flesh from its links and laid it aside.

“Control panel open”

She spoke clearly into the empty room, automatically following her maintenance programming without thought or choice, though it betrayed her furtive manner. With another glance around, Kathy connected the data cable into her own port. Nothing happened for a moment then she began to speak again, clearly and calmly announcing her status, though no one was there to hear.

“Link established with Hreftech Systems female android unit 36104. Control protocols approved, 36104 system slaved. Initiating program search: “Robosoft Passion-suite…. Searching…. File found, preparing download…”

As her operating system overrode her mouth to speak Kathy had moved close to Sarah and begun stroking her hair, she toyed with her own breast with her free hand and let out ragged gasps, long and slow between her impassionate announcements. Abruptly, as her thumb and forefinger delicately pinched a nipple, she froze, eyes open, glossy lips parted in another wavering sigh. Her pale, smooth face still and her body as immobile as her companion’s except to utter the single emotionless word:




She stayed stock still for four minutes, announcing her status to the still air every ten seconds as she copied Sarah’s Passionsuite software into her own system. Each time she spoke her face returned to its former pose, frozen in the instant the download had begun. Looking unseeing toward the kitchen door, anxious to remain undisturbed, helpless to see or respond to any intruder.



With no trace of feeling she repeated the procedure three more times, copying data from the other unit’s system for almost fifteen minutes, helpless, exposed and still. Finally Kathy’s body straightened up, arms at her side, her jacket flapping open showing her own gently toned marble smooth body. Her head straightened to stare straight ahead, her fixed expression finally dying from her face leaving her a blank and empty-eyed doll.

With a falling whine at the very edge of hearing the dark haired android shut down, her head fell to her chest and she stood silent and still, status lights in her chest dark. After a few seconds the quiet that had filled the room for so long was broken by a harsh beep. Kathy’s head came sharply up again lights blinked and she reeled of a string of start-up coding as her lights flashed complex sequences. Finally her mouth gaped once in surprise and she was online again.

“Control panel open…OH!”

Her little exclamation came as she looked around the room to get her bearings. She smartly disconnected herself from Sarah’s chest, replaced the cover over her controls and fastened her suit. All traces of her arousal had vanished, replaced by her former efficient confidence as she quickly packed her equipment away beside the still offline Sarah.

Kathy reached into the other units’ chest and pressed a blinking yellow button.

“Sarah, online... Control panel open… ERROR. ERROR.”

Sarah was not her old self; she was now clearly not functioning as an elegant and classy female executive but as an obvious robot.

“Sarah, I’ve replaced the malfunctioning component and tested your systems, you should have no further problems. I’m afraid the fault was the manufacturer’s so all costs are covered by your warranty. I’ll leave the paperwork here for your husband to sign and return.”

Sarah took this in.

“Thank…Thank you Kathy. I… I… ERROR.” Her mouth worked wordlessly in confusion, her head cocking a little to the side.

“Of course this maintenance has left your system all screwed up; let’s go to your home servicing unit to get you sorted out.”

Kathy led the error ridden Sarah to the study at the back of the house and gestured for her to sit at the desk. As she stood and followed in a sleepwalker daze she still held her shirt open exposing herself both sexually and as a machine. Kathy selected two of the many cables from the house mainframe interface and connected them into her client’s data and power ports. She put the flesh slab of her cover panel on the desk in front of her and ran up the appropriate android service programs to put the beautiful but now utterly helpless woman back on form.

“I’ve set you up for a complete re-load and re-charge. You will be right as rain in an hour, see you around Sarah, and take care!”

As Sarah struggled to reply, gaping and twitching while the computer began to erase her system errors, the dark haired technician reached into her chest one last time to shut her down. Her face froze and the stream of garbled words cut off. Sowly her head sank to one side, staring unseeing at the wall.

The beautiful technician, now enhanced by her pirated copies of Sarah’s sexuality waiting to be tried out, collected her case from the kitchen and quietly left.


Kathy left the house, a little less than an hour after arriving. The door closed behind her and she followed the path to the driveway where she had parked the big company SUV in front of the garage doors. It unlocked as it sensed the smart-key in her pocket approaching and she heaved the heavy repair bag into the luggage bay between boxes and crates of components and equipment. Slamming the rear door closed on her kit she slipped around and into the front seat, swinging the door closed and vanishing behind the black glass.

She had been on the road for three days, stopping in motels overnight and travelling between service visits during the day. This was her favourite time, away from the labs and workshops in Main Building where she was (literally) just another part of the big production and repair machine. She spent her time at Hreftech working day and night on robots and androids. She corrected faults, serviced and upgraded, reclaimed components from scrap and stopped only for scheduled maintenance to her own systems. The need to download diagnostic data and be programmed for task after task meant that most of the technicians’ controls were left exposed under their lab coats; panels of flesh removed to reveal their electronic and mechanical bodies. Other service units were free to modify her system as required, shutting her down without warning just as she, when necessary, did to them. Kathy’s periods of working “in-house” passed as a blur, her character swamped by input and control. Looking back it seemed that they spent as long setting each other up for their work as they did servicing the customers’ androids!

It was always a relief when the time came for her to be reprogrammed for a stint on the road. This job was rotated to allow for maintenance requirements and to give all the department’s androids the chance to personality building benefits of operating in the real world, they were after all the ambassadors for the product.

She smiled as she sat in the driving seat. It had been quite an eventful night making the best use of her week of freedom. Like Sarah back inside the house Kathy was not a covert android but she was sophisticated enough to pass as human, even on very close inspection. Like many units she did not advertise her nature and, if no body asked then who needed to know? She had explored her sexual capabilities in some depth with an unsuspecting guest at her motel last night. Unsurprisingly she had an unlimited tolerance for alcohol that, combined with her fine pale beauty, ensured that she seldom wanted for company.

She popped up the car’s computer and brought up the next appointment, a multiple upgrade of some basic commercial units. Tedious work after servicing a high grade android so much like herself, even more advanced in fact in Sarah’s case. The journey would take a couple of hours but there was no hurry.

Kathy leaned over to the glove box and pulled out a thick black power cord. Her batteries would not last the day; she hadn’t had the privacy she needed last night to charge up in her room so the journey time would not be entirely wasted. She unbuttoned her jacket, safe from prying eyes behind the dark windows, and used the plastic probe hanging from the car charging cable to twist open the panel of white flesh above her breasts, exposing her controls as she pulled it free. She hooked herself up to the dash with a little quiver as the light below her power socket turned from red to winking amber.

If only she'd had Sarah’s software last night. The experience was good but could have been unbelievable with the right programs to enjoy it. She thought of the beautiful and unattainable woman so recently writhing in uncontrolled ecstasy, responding to Kathy’s spoken command: when to reveal herself, when and how to climax. Her power over the other android, her status as system controller, would be wiped as she was re-programmed, perhaps had already been. The brief fantasy of taking advantage of the more advanced unit while she was helpless gave Kathy a thrill that set her more delicate sensors tingling. The woman had turned her on, and still would - she had cached her climaxing images for later use, but her home protection software and advanced design would make short work of the tech’ if she were caught out.

Kathy replayed a few scenes from Sarah’s repair, her eyes glazing as their input was replaced by memory files. The gentle buzz of power flowing into her battery and the experiences from last night and this morning built the dark android to the point where several response programs loaded and began to run. She cut the playback and looked down as she felt her sex moistening, warm and eager under the crotch of her smart trousers.

“Oh, what the hell…”

She had time and was eager to try her new upgrades. It was never wise to test software in public for the first time so why not now…?

Kathy slipped open the fastening of her suit trousers and slid the zipper down to let a hand slip under the black thong, the other sliding slowly up her body to caress her full breasts, then move on over the inset plastic of her controls to her lips and throat. Her back arched and eyes drifted closed as her pale fingers slipped up into her sex and her manicured thumb found its target on her clitoris, now begging for her touch.

The pale android woman masturbated, first gently, then with increasing urgency. She toyed and thrusted at her wet parts with one, then both hands as she sought out the stimuli that would execute one of her new sequences. Not able to launch her own programs directly as she had done with Sarah, Kathy experimented until she felt the program Hall Climax 1.ex load into her launch buffer. She drove her fingers hard up into herself, grasping at her breast with her other hand, grinding the hard nipple through the filmy fabric of her bra.

“Oh…. OHH… OH YES!! YESSS!!!”

She shouted out, careless of her loud voice in the small cabin of the car, as the program opened and threw her head back, eyes screwed tightly shut. She came, harder than she ever had, fingers thrusting in and out, spreading her fragrant wetness across her thighs and stomach in her frenzy. Even before the climax had begun to fade anther, stronger wave of ecstasy broke over Kathy forcing her body backwards, braced legs driving her deep into the soft leather of the seat. She was screaming now, not caring where she was, her breath coming in ragged gasps. Her hand flew from her breast and smashed as a sideways fist into the car’s door, again and again she pounded as a third great wave of feeling engulfed her.

The frenzied android became aware of a tiny problem, dwarfed during those earth shattering moments; she was drawing far too much power. A warning niggled its way into her awareness and with a cry of annoyance she grasped the power cord in her flailing hand and ripped it free of her chest without bothering to close the charge management program. There was a bang and a brilliant blue flash lit the vehicles interior as sparks flew from her chest, “SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” A hot metallic smell drifted from Kathy’s singed power connectors and a string of minor errors processed through her system as her passion finally seemed to have run its course.

“Oh… My… God!”, she whispered in the sudden silence. Her body quivered and twitched in her seat, from the aftershocks of her massive climax or from clearing power system errors was not clear. She sat stunned by the force of her experience and gently toyed with the hot slick juice across her white thighs, the thong now ripped away and hanging from her zipper letting her fingers play freely over her smooth hairless lips. She was a mess, smelling of sex and hot tin, drenched in sweat and quivering from head to foot. The program had not yet closed and Kathy waited, gently soothing herself with her hands until she could be sure it was over.

“Illegal program detected.”

Kathy registered brief shock at her own words before her glossy red lips were hijacked again.

“System suspended. Please reboot manually in next sixty seconds to prevent shutdown.”

She took control of her features again to show utter confusion, anger and fear. She struggled to speak but her voice was offline along with most other functions. Some hidden anti-pirate safeguard had caught Kathy in the act and, short of a helpful stranger pressing the blinking red button in her chest very soon, there was nothing she could do about it. She gaped in silent impotent rage at her predicament, pressed back into her seat with her juices slowly drying on her bare crotch, two fingertips just inside her aching pussy, her other hand clutching her stomach.

Humiliation replaced anger and her face was a picture of horror as she imagined being found like this, shut down and helpless. Betrayed by her own systems as she was caught breaking the rules. This was beyond the leeway the company would tolerate and she could not expect to leave her next programming session the same person she was now. Feeling bitter and stupid she announced two further dispassionate shutdown warnings in her clear calm voice before her minute ran out. On the dot of the sixtieth second Kathy’s power cut out, freezing her systems instantly mid thought, mid feeling, mid expression and silence descended on the vehicle as it had on Sarah’s study only a little while before.


The air in the study was warm and still. Late morning sunlight steamed in through the open blind making the room bright and cheerful, bringing out the strong colours of the books and magazines filling the shelves along one wall. Across the room the small 3V was dark, the cream sofa puffed up and un-sat upon. In the centre of the room a huge mahogany desk stood alone, centre of attention. Designed for an age of papers and ink, the two big flat-screen displays poised on their arms were a much later addition but tastefully worked into the antique piece with as little impact as possible. The right hand top drawer was open, filled with the connection ports for the powerful house system, cables and plugs overflowed in a typical jumble of added modules.

The bright sun reflected Sarah’s deep blond hair as she sat in the big captain’s chair at the desk. It picked up the dark golden sheen where it hung away from her face, her head a little to one side, puzzled. It scarcely shimmered, there was no breeze to stir it and not the slightest movement from the woman’s awkwardly poised body. She was a little slumped with her shoulder blades down to the chair back and legs untidily spread, knees only just under the desk from where she sat, chair pushed back. She gazed towards the empty far corner of the desktop, nothing to see but the elegantly carved edge and the closed door beyond. Her strong face was frozen in the middle of a question, forehead a little creased in the centre, lips open and forward, one arm raised an inch from the chair arm, fingers stopped, tanned and cold like the rest of her fine body.

Sarah’s smart blue jacket was open, as was the cream blouse beneath it. Towards the window it had fallen closed but the black and grey cables connecting the open drawer of electronics with her chest held the other side back. Her belly and small, pert breast were the same light tan of her face, crisp and fresh, perfect to the last detail. Set above her breasts, half hidden by her blouse was the inset white plastic control panel where the links terminated in a power plug and smaller more delicate data link. Little lights showed her systems status as the computer finished its work, re-programming the smart lady after her repairs.

On the screen nearest Sarah, pulled around for easy viewing from beside her, was the android setup window. Most of her errors had been corrected over the last hour as she sat unmoving and helpless. A lot of detail of Kathy’s visit had also been deleted; these memories served no purpose could interfere with her character programs. A dialogue window recorded the long finished conversation with her malfunctioning responses now corrected or deleted to fit her edited memory. The last entry was 74 minutes old and read:

“I’ve set you up for a complete re-load and re-charge. You will be right as rain in an hour, see you around Sarah, and take care!”

Abruptly the setup task bar jumped its remaining distance and the window closed. Sarah moved from her long freeze and straightened up smartly, back upright, knees together with her hands resting on them. Her skirt remained rucked up showing an improper length of smooth thigh and a now a hint of her small rump, which she made no move to cover. She looked patiently ahead, silent and expressionless as her startup routines ran through on the screen and eventually finished with a loud bleep.

She gave a mild little indignant huff and took the first breath for over an hour. Frowning gently she straightened her clothes and carefully disconnected the power cable, coiling it away into the drawer to be followed by the data link. She clearly announced her internal power and disconnected status to the empty room but in spite of this robotic response, was a different unit to the error ridden malfunctioning Sarah that Kathy had left earlier that day. Her confidence had returned and she was once again an immaculate independent businesswoman. Any recollection that could dent her confidence, which could bring home the vulnerability of her delicate machine self, was conveniently removed allowing her character to thrive. She replaced the cosmetic cover over her panel with a final status announcement and stood up to leave the room.

Sarah remembered the pretty young dark haired tech at her doorstep and inviting her in with a minimum of security checks. She was aware that she, sitting in the kitchen, had repaired her but the details were missing. Her internal clock told her she had been offline for 75 minutes since the final memory, Kathy’s last words before shutting her down, which seemed only a moment ago.

She noticed her slightly dishevelled clothes and felt a little grubby. She had perspired heavily into her blouse and the slight aroma of sex was about her body. Not bothering to fasten her clothes in the empty house, she went upstairs to shower and change. As she lathered her naked body she pictured Kathy’s lovely pale face, half remembered in her kitchen. She was well aware of the nature of the call-out. Her malfunction was in a sexual-cosmetic system so she imagined the tech would have tested her systems. The thought of her helpless body in the hands of the younger woman, her panels removed, repairs made, tests done excited Sarah. She was proud of her body and her android nature, she loved that she was a designed system, physically and emotionally to the required specifications; maintenance was the strongest reminder of this. He regular servicing appointments were a blank, either she was offline throughout or her memories were deleted, only the occasional glimpse of a sister unit, dismantled and helpless at the lab gave her some idea of what must be done to her. This was her first home service call-out and the experience was a good one.

Sarah spent a long time in the hot shower, finding and probing her most delicate sensors as she imagined Kathy probing even more personal areas. The falling water on her naked skin and the lusting thoughts in her electronic mind led her to load a huge, body convulsing orgasm. She cried out, gasping for breath through her gaping jaws, braced against the glass shower wall as her repaired systems gave her all the pleasure she could take, then cooled the water down, cleaned and dried herself and prepared for work.

Immaculate in a grey striped suit Sarah stepped down from her hallway into the big double garage and tossed her work case onto the seat of the silver roadster that waited there. She paced smartly around the bonnet, heels clicking on the plasticrete, and swung herself into the low bucket seat. A long smooth length of her golden athlete’s thigh showed briefly below the hem of her skirt before she pulled the door closed and gunned the engine, loud in the closed room. The house sensor responded by rolling the heavy steel security shutters up into the ceiling. A big black SUV was parked in the driveway where it narrowed in front of the doors, it blocked Sarah’s way out completely.

She pressed her lips into a tight, annoyed line and her forehead creased down the centre, she didn’t recognize the vehicle and was not expecting any more visitors. She cut the motor and sat for a few moments scrutinizing the black windows and closed doors to no avail, the license plate was commercial and out of town, giving no clue as to the owner. As she scanned driveway for anything else out of place she felt her power governor automatically surrendering control of her battery output, strength filled her limbs until they practically vibrated and her sensory inputs began to route through a tactical application that opened in her primary system.

Sarah was extremely valuable and was fully fitted to make best use of her hardware for self-defence and security in many circumstances. This vehicle was clearly out of place in her home and she was not programmed to take any chances. She opened the car door and flitted across the garage to the cover of the doorway in one perfectly poised and almost silent movement. From this cover she made another running bound to the rear of the SUV, thirty feet away. She kept the rear door pillar in line with the driving seat and crouched low behind the bumper. She was fast, graceful and skilful but she knew that a well placed bullet would wreck her internal systems in an instant. The bumper hummed gently under her touch, the engine was running! She adjusted her poise ready to spring clear in an instant; being run over wouldn’t do her any good either. She began to slink down the driver’s side of the vehicle, keeping below the line of the dark glass that hid the interior.

Taking an unexpected stance, Sarah positioned herself near the door hinge and yanked it open towards her. Wary of any attempt to use a knife or stunner by the mysterious occupant she would be able to use the obstacle of the open door to assist any block or disarm she may have to make. She took in the interior of the SUV in a photographic instant through the gap, just above the shiny black mirror pod. Seeing no immediate danger she moved around into the doorway for a closer look.

Sarah recognized Kathy immediately, her face was logged in her mind after this morning. Running under tactical control she put aside her surprise that the young technician was an android herself. This was clearly the case as her control panel was exposed and she was clearly damaged or shutdown, sitting frozen behind the wheel. From her posture and expression she had deactivated while alone and had suffered some sort of failure. A smell of hot metal filled the cabin along with another odour, one that Sarah recognized but did not yet react to. No one else was in the SUV though the cargo bay was filled with boxes and cases and the girl’s luggage was on the rear seat.

After only a moment to take in the scene Sarah allowed her tactical program to secure the situation: she reached in and scooped the switched off Kathy into her arms and dumped her in the passenger seat. Diving in herself she tapped the reverse and park buttons on the dash and pulled the door closed as the vehicle deftly backed itself into the garage beside her own car. She cut the engine and stepped out of the vehicle, calling for the garage entrance to close. She shut down her tactical programs and her system control reverted to normal settings; she was a perfect businesswoman again and still had enough power to last the day if she was careful.

So… Kathy was a robot like herself. She had come here and taken control of Sarah, opened her body and serviced her vulnerable systems, reprogrammed her as a mere machine should be treated and yet she too was just a machine. She had had no idea that Kathy was less than human, if she had known would she have surrendered herself? She did not know. She needed regular servicing and maintenance and, as a machine, accepted she would be turned on and off as required by her owner and other humans. Another android was not the same thing at all was it?

She opened the passenger door and scooped the frozen robot out in her arms. Power to her actuators now limited, she strained with the effort as she turned and dumped her onto the bonnet of the sports car. Kathy’s limbs were stiff, her servos powerless. Her back sagged a little under gravity and her head lolled sideways to rest on the car’s power bulge, her tight little bum sat on the wing with her spine still arched upwards, pushing her stiff cold nipples towards the ceiling between the open buttons of her suit. Her right arm was still clasped towards her crotch with glistening fingers poised, though they had slipped out of the sticky bald slit to rest uselessly against her white thigh. Her left hand had swung wide as Sarah lifted her, the elbow crooked up into the air and fingers splayed stiffly. Her black jacket and crisp blouse lay open to Sarah’s gaze; her matching trousers were undone, knickers gone to expose her bald white sex, still sticky but now cold. Her legs fell heavily against the car’s wing, one low boot caught against the tyre pushing her knee upwards.

Kathy’s face was china doll white with her glassy blue eyes wide, perfectly crafted but lifeless. She had her mouth open and was a picture of anxious anger, all passion frozen in an instant. Sarah leant over her and peered at the black plastic panel exposed behind her pale chest bone. This android, who had carried out Sarah’s own repairs, was a Series Four, not up to Sarah’s spec at all. Sarah Hall 1 had been a Four Series before she had been replaced by Sarah herself…

The old Sarah had not been a reliable model. In the week they had shared, while the replacement unit became familiar with her new life and sale was arranged for the old; re-programmed for a new life, Sarah 2 had frequently had to correct her malfunctions. She had uploaded the drivers and control applications necessary and they remained in her system even after six months. No memory pressure had yet required their deletion. With confidence she reached out and jabbed a slim finger into the tech’s chest pressing a round button on her panel. Kathy’s cold white limbs jerked once as she started to power up and reboot. The tone of the double bleep that sounded told Sarah that she would start in safe mode, unable to function until whatever failure had closed her down was put right. She turned to the vehicle in search of the items she would need to access the stricken android’s system.

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