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A two sided story about the darker side of Tinseltown...

1. Technician

I’m employed by a medium sized movie studio that specializes in soft core porn. To keep costs down, they rely heavily on androids and gynoids to act out the roles. Since this is the porn industry we’re talking about here, nobody really complains about losing jobs to these things

My job as the head cyberneticist is to keep these ladies running in peak condition. If you think it’s a fun job doing nothing but poking around in synthetic snatches, well guess again. My profession is held to just as high an ethics standard as any other doctor or repairman.

Recently, I hired Gina, an intern from the local university who was a cybernetics major to give me a helping hand around the lab. She was quite enthusiastic about her job to say the least. She was also a fast learner and in time, she became quite good at her craft as I taught her the ins and outs of fixing these mechanical maidens. She soon took a liking to working late hours and eventually she did so much work around the lab that I was even able to sneak out a few days of the week to work on my racquetball.

I had to work late one night while Gina took the week off to prepare for her mid-term exams. As I was busy cleaning up the lab before I closed up for the night, I found a couple of old CD-ROM’s that I thought I had lost weeks before.

Not wanting to lose the data on these discs should I misplace them again, I took them over to the lab computer so I can back everything up to the main server. I popped the first disc in, but instead of weekly log reports, I saw a directory for videos. Curiosity got the better of me and I opened one of the files. I had no idea what I was in for.

The movie opens with a view from the security camera of Gina guiding the android Skye into the room. Gina wore her traditional jeans and lab coat that I was accustomed to seeing her in. Skye looked like she was just pulled off the set of one of the films she was working on. She wore a long black trench coat that was cut away to expose her shaped abs, a pair of low cut shorts, and a pair of thigh high boots. Gina guided Skye to the center of the room and prepared her for inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the android is fully functional in her main sexual areas, vagina, breasts, and anus. I’ve been around these androids for so long that I’ve turned it into a mind numbing routine, but Gina managed to turn it into a work of art.

She started off by opening Skye’s trench coat, exposing a pair of breasts of significant size. I was mesmerized at the sight of them and of Gina’s small pretty hands all over them. She massaged them for quite a while before she slid her hands down Skye’s body and pulled off her shorts.

I can’t remember the last time I was so aroused by a robot like I was when I watched this video. Maybe it was because of how she stood on the platform. She stood erect, her shoulders and back arched backwards just enough to have her breasts stand out proudly. Her lips parted just enough to give her that look of being in need of fulfillment. But I think it was more than just how she stood, but that she didn’t move at all in her statuesque beauty. She remained still from the moment that Gina placed her on the platform and didn’t budge or stir for anything. Not when she was fondled, not when her shorts were removed, and not even now as Gina began inserting the probes inside of her.

The two probes, one anal and the other vaginal, are just computer controlled dildoes that simulate sexual intercourse by stimulating Skye’s sexual subsystems. I watched intently as Gina took one of the probes from the tray. With one hand she lifted Skye’s leg and started grinding against her body. She then took the probe and stuck it in her mouth, sucking on it as if she was performing fellatio to lube it up, I suppose. While she danced with Skye she pulled the probe out of her mouth and inserted it inside of Skye, and put her leg back down.

I wanted to pull the disc out immediately so I can show it to one of the executive producers, but my lust stopped me from doing it because I wanted to see how the rest of this session would turn out.

Gina slowly danced around Skye until she was right behind her. She pulled herself close against the gynoids and put her hands on Skye’s hips. Holding her steady, Gina proceeded to bend both her and Skye over until she was bent ass up in the air and lifted Skye’s trench coat to expose her lovely ass, and might I add both of them had very lovely asses to look at!

She then used her fingers to spread her ass cheeks apart with one hand while the anal probe was inserted with the same delicacy as when she put in the vaginal probe. Then in a move that can only be described as sexual beauty, she bent back over on top of Skye, placing her hands around her breasts and pulled her back up, her hands cupped firmly over her chest.

Now that Gina had her patient straightened back up she slid her hands down her body again, caressing it until I saw her thumbs move around to the small of her back. I saw a small rectangular panel that was right above her pubic line open up, exposing all of Skye’s intricate hardware. This is where the control and monitoring interface module would be inserted. Once Skye was under the full stimulus of the probe her reactions could be carefully monitored and adjusted from that unit.

With Skye still pulled tightly against Gina, she inserted the interface module into her lower abdomen, and then she slowly reached down to her vagina and activated both probes.

Skye reacted to the stimulation, coming to life immediately. Her sexual routines kicked in and she gasped slightly to the stimulation. Gina must’ve found this encouraging and began massaging Skye’s clit and the probe and rhythmically grinded her. Skye responded by rolling her head and eyes back and moaning and increasing her breathing rate. Soon, both Gina and Skye found a rhythm they could work with. The moans and groans continued (and I was getting quite a hard on too) and became more intense until Skye reached her peak and activated the orgasm subroutine. She let out one final moaning scream and collapsed into Gina’s arms. The suddenness of it caught Gina off guard and nearly toppled them both over. She recovered and managed to drag Skye over to a nearby couch. They both fell into the couch, with Skye still being cradled by Gina.

As they lay there, Gina reached down and removed the vaginal probe. It was dripping with the lubricant that Skye had secreted during the encounter. Just when I thought the excitement couldn’t get any better, I watched Gina lick the probe clean before setting it aside. She then put her hands to use massaging Skye’s breast with one hand and using the other to poke around inside of the robot’s simulated pussy.

I thought after the probing Skye had resorted back to standby mode, but as Gina inserted her finger, I saw her squirm and moan. Gina silenced her moans by sticking her tongue in her mouth, playing inside of her until she triggered the orgasm subroutine again.

I was overwhelmed by this. Who knew that there were people who found working on robots to be so sexy?

When Gina returned to work a week later, I told her about my discovery. She was horrified at first and thought that I would fire her, but when I told her of my idea to show this to the executive producers, she agreed surprisingly.

Since then, she’s managed to do about a dozen or so of the ‘Mad Scientist’ series and it features both male and female robots. I’ve managed to get a piece of the pie myself too, so to speak. I convinced them to give me Skye as my finder’s fee for discovering this unknown talent, so now I can perform my own kind of examinations on her. Now that’s a Hollywood ending!

2. Intern

I’m a student at the local university, majoring in cybernetics. Like plastic surgery, it’s one of those professions that can either be used to make the world a more beautiful place, or something to make you a lot of money. Anyways, as an intern into this field, I make do as an assistant to Dr. James Lexington, another cyberneticist who works at a movie studio with the big gimmick of using robots as their actors and actresses. Did I mention that they specialize in porn so their robots are constructed to be anatomically correct?

When I first got the job, all I did was tag along after Dr. Lexington. He’s handsome in that older gentleman way, but he never seems to show any interest in me. Maybe dealing with so much cybernetic pussy has turned him off to all women together. I mean, even when I drop obvious flirts towards him, he doesn’t even flinch. How weird is that?

Anyways, this brings me to what my story is all about. The robots and one in particular named Skye. Of all the robots I’ve seen in this studio, she’s the hottest one. Skye and I are about the same height, but she has this Amazonian look about her. I figured that in doing porn, you had to create these things to epitomize the perfect looking woman, but whoever crafted her is an artist!

Of course, working in the lab I’ve been able to get up close and personal with her, a slight squeeze of a tit, or running my hands over her ass when I do the exams, but I could never do what I want because the doctor was around. I’m sure he wouldn’t like one of his interns getting all freak nasty with his patients (or whatever he might consider them to be).

I thought I would be stuck with nothing but fantasies about Skye until I noticed that sometimes Dr. Lexington would come in only for his morning meetings and then he’d disappear for the rest of the day. It was on one of those days that I got the idea to give Skye an exam, Gina style.

I waited until it was lunchtime to make my move to pick up Skye. Armed with nothing more than a remote and a bogus diagnostic schedule, I headed to Studio 2C, where she was filming some kind of sci-fi movie. Most of the crew had just left for lunch so the only people there were the cleaning crew, me, and Skye.

The outfit she had was one of pure sexual allure. It was some sort of futuristic military uniform, but instead of a standard tunic, this one was full length, with the front of it cut away to reveal a very tasty tummy. She had tight black spandex briefs and knee high boots. Her platinum hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and her face had a severe look. I think she was supposed to be a high ranking officer or something from the way she looked, but I didn’t like how mean it made her.

I wasn’t too good at making micro adjustments with the remote like Dr. Lexington was, so my first few efforts of making her look less mean weren’t the best. I finally settled on a half-dazed smile on her face. Depending on how you look at her, you’d think she was either high or under someone’s hypnotic spell.

I punched in the command FOLLOW and made my way out of the studio. She fell in place behind me. By the time we got to the outer hallway, my heart was racing. I was thinking more about all the things I’d finally get a chance to do with Skye more than I was thinking about getting caught. Luckily everyone who saw me figured that I was sent to retrieve Skye. How little they knew.

We got back to the lab and I ordered her up on the platform. I had to take another second to admire her. I fiddled with the remote again and adjusted her pose until it was something fitting of her military uniform. With her shoulders pushed back and her back arched slightly, it made her tits stand proud.

I would’ve stood there forever just admiring her, but time was running short so I set out to finish what I started. I put in one of my mood music dance CD’s. As the music started up, I slowly unbuttoned her tunic. I was transfixed at the sight of her breasts in full view. I took my hands and wrapped them around each breast. They were firm, but not as firm that it felt artificial. I massaged them getting more of a feel on them. Skye just stood there, that half dazed smile on her face, unaware of what I was doing to her.

It was hard not to get lost in her beauty, and I had to constantly remind myself that I was supposed to be working too. Reluctantly, I stopped the breast exam and moved my hands further down until I was at her shorts. I pulled them down, revealing her pussy and pubic hairs trimmed in a neat little valentine heart. How cute was that?

As I got back up, I took her leg and lifted it in the air. It’s strange, but when I picked her leg up, it seemed as if she was helping me so I wouldn’t have to struggle against her. I picked up one of the probes that was on the table and licked on it to make it extra lubed for her. I moved her leg to the side and looking into her blue eyes, I gingerly inserted it into her. I felt it click into place.

Letting go of her leg, I danced around the platform until I got directly behind her. I took a firm hold of her hips and using my body weight, I bent her over. I lifted the back of the tunic to reveal her sexy ass. I picked up the second probe. I used one hand to spread her cheeks wide open and use the other hand to insert that probe just as delicately as I did the first one. That one clicked into place too. I got behind her again, bent over, grabbed a handful of her tits, and stood her back up. Then I ran my hands down her body until my hands were around her waist. I kept my thumbs at the small of her back. She had a strange touch to her. I could feel her artificial flesh, but it was nothing like when I grab my own body. Hers was firmer, and her skeleton was different. It was weird but cool.

In the small of her back was a small button that opens Skye’s diagnostic panel. I pushed it and it popped open right above her pubic line. I grabbed one of the diagnostic boxes that Dr. Lexington uses and inserted it into her. Then I took my other hand and ran it down to her pussy and activated the probes. That’s when the fun began.

Skye came to life immediately. She gasped as the first impulses of the probe hit her, activating her sex program. I grabbed her harder, keeping one hand on the probe while the other hand moved up to grab her breast stroking it. When she leaned her head back I began sucking on her neck like a vampire.

She moaned, bucked, and gasped as the probes must have been sending intense waves of pleasure through her circuits. It made me mad with pleasure. She started moaning louder and louder. We became one in rhythm.

Her moans got louder and louder until I triggered her climax. She gave one final scream and collapsed in my arms. She turned to dead weight so suddenly she almost took me down with her. I recovered and managed to drag her over to a couch where we both dropped down. I was still cradling her and still feeling hot over getting a robot to come. I reached down and pulled out her vaginal probe. Her artificial fluids were all over it. I picked it up and licked it. It tasted like a lifesaver candy. I licked the rest of it clean, but instead of reinserting the probe, I stuck my finger inside of her instead.

She squirmed, and I let out a yelp. I thought she had reverted back to her inactive mode, but I guess I triggered her sexual programs again. Taking advantage of this, I worked my fingers inside of her, kissing her to muffle her moans, and massaging her breast again. I had her squirming and wiggling in minutes. She came for a second time and collapsed in my arms again. I never felt so good to have this hot robot chick in my arms completely spent from a hard day’s fucking.

With minutes to spare, I got her dressed and returned her to the studio. The production crew didn’t notice a thing. It was only when I got back did I notice that the lab cameras were recording everything. I spent the rest of the afternoon looking at the footage from the cameras at all angles before I merged it into a movie and recorded it.

I made a few more movies that way with Skye. Some of them included other robots in a sexy threesome, and once I was able to have a full on orgy. I made an impressive collection of movies.

When Dr. Lexington found out about the movies, I was scared shitless that he would fire me. But instead he told me that he had awakened something inside him sexually and wanted to thank me by taking these tapes to the producer. He was going to convince him to make a movie out of this and make me the leading actress! Who said good endings were made only in Hollywood?

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