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“…And get YOUR GearGal today!”

The ridiculous infomercial had played every hour, on the hour on the Guilty Pleasures network, and Janet-1138 was starting to process no small amount of contempt for it. Unfortunately, her user Ben had left the viewer running when he left for work and without his permission she couldn’t change the channel. A very lewd movie started to play and Janet did her best to ignore it while she went through her list of things to-do.

Janet-1138 was what many considered an excellent starter model when breaking into the hobby of Artificial Companion Design. Units were bought as little more then frames, and it was up to the owner to sculpt and create the machine to their desires, much like model painting, but instead of using a base and paints to create artwork, it was malleable near-skin, crystal-fiber hair [that advanced designers often chose to ‘grow’ over the course of several months], and various attachments. Janet herself was designed rather well, her soft, creamy Near-Skin complimented her dark red hair. She was curvy, but not ridiculously so, and her emerald eye structure shone with a calculating, yet warm demeanor. Externally, the only thing to set her apart from a human being were the silvery ear-caps at the sides of her head that were the size of a palm, and acted as optical extensions Ben had installed to improve her ability to sense distance and recognize objects. All in all, a very well-crafted machine, if not a bit grumpy at times.

The mod-bot had finished cleaning up the mess Ben would leave every day before going to work, which, considering the modest apartment, wasn’t much of a mess at all. She didn’t mind cleaning the apartment daily, it was pretty much the only thing she was asked to do and was given free reign of her spare time. Janet had even escaped the monotony of the Guilty Pleasures network by ‘accidentally’ knocking the plug out of the wall when she was vacuuming behind the viewer. With her chores behind her, and a full day ahead of her, she plunked down on the small couch in the living room and started to calculate something interesting to do. It wasn’t long before a sultry smirk crept across her synthetic face and she made a beeline for her cabinet, which was kept in a walk-in closet she spent the night deactivated.

She rifled through her things, which amounted to little more then a few spare parts and some books she enjoyed reading and pulled out a eight inch long, dark purple phallus. The toy was simple in design, the most basic shape of a penis with a small hole at its tip. Janet pursed her lips and said, “Jerkins, activate.” A gentle, low tone emanated from the dildo, signaling the AI inside had awoken. Most things these days were designed to have a modicum of intellect, and Jerkins was no exception. “Greetings, user Janet!” It said in a gruff English accent. “How may I be of service?” Janet had always found this question to be rather humorous coming from an eight-inch long dildo. She stepped out of the closet and tossed the toy onto Ben’s bed. Jerkins landed on the soft mattress with a “My word!” but was otherwise fine.

“I want you… to warm up a little. Set vibe to intensity seven, too.” Janet said sweetly, a gentle twinge of artificiality carried in her tone. “Of course, madam!” Jerkins began to heat itself, ensuring it would be as warm as the real thing once she was ready. A quiet buzz also filled the room as it began to vibrate, shuffling gently on the mattress as it’s vibrations caused it to move. “Shall I prepare to simulate climax?” The phallus asked quizzically. Janet’s expectant smirk grew into a full, wide grin. “Ooh~! Yes, I’d love that.” With that, she sat on the end of the queen sized bed and pulled her shoes and socks off, tossing them to the side and eagerly tugging her brown slacks down, exposing her white lacy panties which weren’t worn for too long either. Next was her white dress shirt, which she unbuttoned and tossed aside to reveal her c-cup breasts being held back by a white lace wire bra. She snatched up the phallus and slowly traced it’s vibrating girth between her breasts, leaning back and humming delightedly at the sensations surging through the neural fibers imbedded in her Near-Skin.

She chewed into her lower lip as she traced the toy around her navel a few times and guided it over the folds of her artificial flower, which already glistened with wet, scented lubrication. She slipped the warm and gently throbbing shaft in between her legs, guiding it into herself slowly, arcing her head back and letting out a satisfied sigh as her sexual systems kicked on and set to masturbation protocols. Once she dipped it in to near it’s base, she allowed herself a stuttering sigh, a blush apparent on her face and her green eyes flickering with light as she processed the data. “Mmm… so warm…” She said to no one in particular. She started to guide the toy in and out of her honey pot at a slow pace at first, each push in being punctuated by a sultry moan. “That’s… haah… ahh… good… keep… keep going… f-faster…” Janet’s sexual programming was designed to encourage her partner, even when that partner was herself. The buzzing, heated toy continued to assault her sensors with data, and she started to thrust more eagerly, laying back on the bed completely now, her hips writhing as she pleasured herself. Her voice was high-pitched and needy now. “Yes! Oh, fuck yes! Fuck me harder!” Her curvy ass bounced off the bed as she thrusted her hips up to meet each downward push of her toy, her inner walls contracting and pulling in the purple girth and leaving it sticky with her honey-scented juices. It wasn’t long before her system had calculated enough stimulation of the proper areas to engage in orgasm. Jerkins detected this, and asked in the same tone someone uses to please, pass the salt, “User, I detect your climax is at had. Shall I simulate cumming inside you?” Janet pressed her head into the mattress. “Oh, yes! Fill me up, Jerkins! Mmmph!” Jerkins obliged, and let loose a torrent of hot, sticky substance designed to emulate semen into Janet’s waiting pussy. The mod-bot yelled as her own juices flowed forward, coating her thighs and making an unsightly spot on the bed.

Janet only laid in simulated afterglow for a few moments before suddenly realizing something was amiss. She didn’t detect any of Jerkins’ synthcum inside her vaginal catch-bag. The lights in her eyes flickered erratically for a few moments and she yanked the dildo away from herself and flung it across the room like it was on fire. Jerkins landed in the corner with a “My word!” but remained quiet as the bot stared down at herself in shock.

Now she remembered.

Last night, she had complained to Ben, rather noisily, that her catch-bag needed a change, and Ben said he would get to it as soon as he got back from work tomorrow. He must have removed it before he left, intending to get a replacement while he was out. Janet was in the middle of processing an expletive for the situation when a distinct fizzling was hard coming from her crotch. Suddenly there was an electrical -SNAP- that sent Janet reeling back into the bed. She forced her hips into the air as suddenly, she started to process pleasure. Intense, searing pleasure. Her nipples stiffened to the point where she thought they would burst and despite herself she grabbed at them, twisting her hard pink nubs in her finger and rolling her breasts as unbridled pleasurable data wracked her CPU. The sizzling sound grew in intensity, and another snap made Janet yelp, her face a mix of worry and sweet longing. “S-so… so hot! So… S-s-s-s-KSSHK-so… processing sexual descriptor… warning! Warning! Oh, God, warning! Over-over-overflow detected… attempting… attempting to stimulate to… st-st-stimulate to… Fuck, yes!” Her head twitched each time her voice caught, and her eyelids fluttered independent of each other. She slipped off the foot of the bed, and her hand dipped to her sex, two fingers pumping in and out of herself deeply, the occasional twitch wracking her body as her eyes blinked like broken traffic light and she continued to prattle in malfunctioning sexy-talk.

“Unnh-Unnh-unnh… so… so h-horny… Ooh, yeah baby go dee-dee-deeper… error, sexual systems… un-un-unsta-unstab-un… Ahh! You’re gonna make me cum so-sososososo-BZZZRT-error…”

Only a minute or so later, Ben returned home. Whistling quietly as he came into the apartment, his nostrils were greeted with the smell of burning honey and the sounds of lewd love making coming from his bedroom. When he went to investigate, he found his red-headed bot kneeling back, supporting herself with one arm and fingering furiously with her free hand, a thin trail of dark smoke wafting from her folds. “B-B-Ben!” She said with digitally skewed glee. “Mmm, why-why-why don’t you come join me-me-me and my friend here? Friend here? Fr-frie-friend. Here? Ahh! So… so hot…” Ben was beside himself. He wasn’t sure what was had caused her to malfunction this time [Even the most advanced Ais of this time were notoriously unstable and prone to break-downs.], and wasn’t sure how to fix her.

Janet continued to try and seduce the man. “Pl-please, -USER_NAME-, come over he-here-here and…” She let out a loud, sultry moan as another circuit burst in her systems, causing her body to shudder. “…touch my breast… my… my breast… so-hot-play with my-error-chest…” Ben quietly shuffled forward, despite his common sense telling him his investment was overloading it’s systems. He reached out with a shaky hand and pressed his palm into her warm, fleshy breast, turning his hand to caress her. “M-Ooooh… Th-that feel-feels-feels -DESCRIPTOR_NOT_FOUND-.” She bent forward now, supporting herself one one hand and her knees on the floor, her cream-colored ass presented to him, as she continued to finger herself furiously. “Be-Ben… I’ve been a Naugh-nau-naughty bot.. Spank me… Feel my soft, Near-Skin ass-ass-ass so nice Near-Skin-skin-skin crafted you crafted so well…” Her full ruby lips parted as she looked over her shoulder and up at Ben, her red hair falling messily over her eyes and giving her a disheveled, lusty look. Breathing heavily, the man slapped her rear firmly, leaving his hand where it landed, the spank causing her body to jiggle and stimulating her all the more.

“Mmm… Th-th-that’s right… squeeze-squeeze it… it’s all you-you-yours…” Her hips swung side to side jerkily, her body continuing to malfunction as she pressed her rear deeper into his palm. Ben gripped into her plush bottom with both hands now, giving her another spank that elicited yet another hot, digitized moan. Unfortunately for her already overtaxed CPU and ruined systems, the extra stimulation pushed her over the edge. Another, larger shower of sparks erupted from her pussy, startling Ben and causing him to jump back with a yelp. Janet suddenly straightened up, remaining on her knees as both her hands dove to her hot, malfunctioning sex and started to rub furiously, her head twitching and her eyelids fluttering.

“Warning, stimulation has-has-has reached critical levels! Pl-pl-ple-please allow this unit to cli-cli-climax-ax-ax -KSSHT- Overheating detected, please shut dow-error-Oh, fuck! Yes, yes, yes! Don’t sto-o-o-o-p now! Mm, I’m cumming so-so-so-so haaaard! -SNAP- Error, unable to cli- OH YES! Deeper! Dee-dee-dee-” Finally, a loud bang blew a panel above her crotch off, gouts of smoke flooding out, and setting of the alarm. Her lips her pressed together, frozen in an ‘Ooh’ expression, her eyes squeezed shut as her body remained motionless. Ben shook his head, thankful he kept memory backups of her updated daily. Still, the hardware was going to cost him a week’s amount of work to repair. She let out a sigh, shot Jerkins an accusatory glance and set to work.

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