Hide and Seek

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Part 1

Head of the 5th R&D division, that's what they were offering her.

Tara looked over the job offer from Zero Tech one more time, then sighed, folded it up, put it back in the envelop, and deposited it in to the top of her desk. Tara put her elbows on her desk and sighed again, and got introspective about her life.

This is Tara Roberts, Age 25, Graduate of Franklin Technical Institute, currently employed for the past 4 years as the assistant to Dr. Percy Franklin, president, and head of R&D of Franklin Industries (which owned the institute.)

Tara had been at the top of her class, and had been offered her current job at graduation and was delighted. It was a major career move, and Dr. Franklin was a genius, at least that's what she thought at the time.

True, Percy was a genius. He's what made Franklin Industries the 11th largest electronics firm in the world, but it wasn't nearly as big a career move as she thought. She had been his assistant for 4 years, both at work and in his private lab at his home (more of a mansion really) where he worked on his pet projects, and had even been provided a room there for her, but in 4 years she hadn't had one offer of promotion, never given any projects of her own to work on, and everything he had her do was so simple as to almost be insulting. 'get the coffee, find this in the data base, hand me that socket wrench, carry that for me.' A ten year old could do her job.

Tara opened her desk drawer and took a look at the letter again, Zero Tech was the largest electronics firm in the world, and if she accepted she would finally be doing real work, it was a chance of a life time.

There were however some complications to this matter. Firstly was that she was currently involved with Dr. Franklin. It had started shortly after she had started living in his house with him inviting her to dinner, and proceeded from there.

This however was also hardly ideal, true Percy could be sweet, charming, and loving. Once he had on a whim flown them both off to Venice for a romantic weekend. It was one of the best weekends of Tara's life.

The problem wasn't that he was cruel, abusive or possessive, he was none of this. Nor was he a flirt or a drunk. The problem was that he took her for granted. He would be outrageously romantic from time to time, but always on his terms.

He would totally ignore her for months then suddenly expect them to be all lovely dovy.

Tara didn't know why she put up with it. He would just show up and expect them to be intimate, and she would just fall in step with him no complaints, she could never deny him anything.

Tara blushed as she remembered this one night they were working late in the lab, and they ended up making love on the lab table, she was terrified that the security guards might have seen them on the monitors.

Tara sighed again. She didn't know why but she loved him, but did it even really matter?

In addition to everything else, he would sidestep any conversation about marriage. No matter how she looked at it this relationship was going nowhere, her job was going nowhere, he might just hired her because she looked cute given his regard of her skills. The sensible thing would be to take the job a wash her hands of him.

There was however another problem.

Tara unfolded the letter one more time, and scanned through in until she found the point she was looking for.

“Your background in Artificial Intelligence, and participation in the MFAS project will be of great use in our attempts at a similar project.” They only really wanted her for her inside knowledge. That was fine.

Tara grimaced at the mention of that “thing” in the lab.

The MFAS project or Multi Functional Android Servant project, was the latest project of Franklin Industries.

Evidently a few years back (before Tara joined the company.) Percy had been working on an android as a hobby and his father (who is chairman of the company.) had thought that he should make a mass-produced one for sale. Tara wasn't sure why, but there was some contention about it from Percy, but after some years Percy eventually agreed, but had insisted that the one he made was unmarketable and he would have to make a variant for mass-sale.

Tara had never known that Percy had made an android, nor why he had been refusing to make more.

Tara had helped make it's body, but Percy was the only one working on it's A.I., no one else could even look at the data, and that's what Zero Tech really wanted. He kept it on a lap top that he never let out of his sight.

They called it MFAS Model 2, though they had nick named it “Molly”.

Yes it looked like a girl and it was equipped like one as well.

“Servant?” Tara scoffed to herself, “More like Sextoy.”

The existence of such a thing annoyed Tara, and maybe it also made her jealous. Percy might just dump her and get himself a Molly.

“A robot would be perfect for him, they'd just do whatever whenever he felt like it.” Tara mumbled to herself. “Then again he was against making any, maybe this was a feature his father wanted put in, and that's what the argument was about, plus he had an android made for awhile, but still chose me.”

Tara leaned on her desk and thought for a moment, “Then again he said it was unmarketable, maybe it didn't work right and he didn't want to lose face so he said he made one when he hadn't and settled on me instead.”

Tara go up and stomped her foot, “Damn it! Maybe it was male?! Maybe it was ugly?! Maybe he's been using it all along, and that's why he ignores me?! Why the hell do I even care, I'm leaving him aren't I?!”

Tara turned to the letter on the desk, and asked herself quietly ”Aren't I?”

Tara had decided on something, whether she was going to take the job or not, she had to find that first model. Percy was dragged away on a business trip by his father, and wouldn't be back for three days, so she was on paid vacation. She'd never get at his laptop, but if she could find the first model she could analyse it's data then she'd have something to give to Zero Tech, and it might confirm or ease her suspicions. It was one of his hobby projects so he would probably be storing it in the house, she just had to find it.

To be continued...

Part 2

Tara started in the basement, it was the store room that Percy kept most of his pet projects, successful or not. She went through row on row of strange devices, that seemed to go on forever. After about 3 hours she was getting sick of looking.

“Damn it! How can he keep track of any of this junk?” Tara griped to herself, “ You'd think he'd have a retrieval system, or at least a record of where he put everything! Wait a moment...”

Tara had just thought of something, she rushed up to the lab.

She found the Molly unit laying nude on the table. Percy had requested that it be transferred so that he could do final tune ups and upload it's programming first thing when he got back.

It had black hair, and green eyes, it's breasts were a C-Cup, and a finely toned body, and a M2 tattooed on its thigh. Tara took a moment, to look at it with disgust, and maybe a little envy. Though it wasn't as if she was a slouch in the looks department, she had C-cups and a finely toned body to, she had brown hair she did up in a pony tail, and deep blue eyes, which she covered with glasses. What annoyed her was the damn thing didn't have to work for it at all.

Tara turned her eyes to the device laying beside Molly, it looked like a PDA but with a speaker in it, this was Molly's remote.

“You my mindless little doll,” Tara says as she picks up the remote, “are going to help me.”

The remote at the moment was totally useless on Molly as it was, Percy had installed all the necessary programs on the remote but the robot was still just an empty shell. That was okay Tara wasn't planing on using it on Molly.

Tara looked at the screen of the remote, it had “No Connection” scrolled across the top. Working under the assumption the first unit had a similar control system if she could adjust the frequency she could turn this into it's remote. Tara scrolled through frequency after frequency till finally...





Success! All Tara had to do now was order it to the lab.

Tara Tapped Command on the Screen and talked into the remote, “Come to the lab.” Words scrolled across the screen.



“What the?”a shocked Tara said. It was already in the lab? And here she had been looking in the basement. Tara looked around for it then decided to do it the easy way, she tapped command on the remote again.

“Move to the centre of the room,” Tara spoke in to the device.


Scrolled on the screen. Tara looked about to see anything moving, there was nothing, she moved to the centre of the room to get a better view. She looked down at the screen again.

“What do you mean command complete?”Tara yelled at the thing annoyed. Tara calmed herself.

“Okay, lets think about this, it says its in the lab, but it's not. how can this be?” Tara Asks herself, “maybe it's in another lab. The only other one I could think of would be the company lab and it would be out of range of the remote”

Tara thought about this, maybe there was another lab hidden in the house, or maybe it was just dumb.

Tara looked at the remote, there was more than just the command button on it, there was also an array on data on the unit as well as a number of modes, that could be accessed.

Tara tapped on Check Database, and asked “Where are you?” in to the remote.


Scrolled across the screen.

“Where is the lab?”


That was where the lab was.

“Damn It!” Tara swore, “Fine, if I can't find you then lets see what I can find out about you from this.”

Tara began scrolling through the screens looking for system data, when she found it her heart sank. The screen read as follows.




The screen read a lot of other things but these were the only parts she was paying attention to.

Tara tapped on the database.

“Has this unit ever been used for sex?”


Tara heart sank lower as she read this.

“Who was it used by for sex?”


“I get that stupid! who's it's fucking master?!” Tara yelled in the remote. There was a pause, then it printed to the screen.


Tara looked at the screen in disbelief, she then she tried her last small thread of hope.

“When was the last time it was used for such purposes?” Tara asked despondently.


Tara clutched the remote and cried, it was her worst fear. The jerk was cheating on her with a wind up doll.

Tara clutched the remote tighter accidentally touching command on the screen, and screamed at the remote “Go fuck yourself you stupid puppet!” Tara was about to throw the remote to the ground, when she froze. She felt weird.

“COMMAND ACCEPTED” scrolled on the screen. It was followed by a 

The remote fell from Tara's hand and said hand moved and slipped into her panties and she began masturbating furiously.

“What (pant) the hell (pant) am I doing?”

Tara sank to her knees, and her fingers moved deeper into herself. She let out a moan then orgasmed.

As Tara lay panting on the ground, she was filled with overwhelming confusion. She turned her head to the remote laying beside her, on the screen read “COMMAND COMPLETED”.

Tara's confusion turned to a panicked understanding. She picked up the remote and tapped database.

“What is the designation this Unit?” Tara asked in a strained


Tara looked at the screen in disbelief. This couldn't be right, she had memory's, she had a family. Her mother was Mary Roberts, her Father was John Roberts.

“And?” she asked herself, “What about them?”

Tara thought hard, but all she could remember about her parents was their names. No faces, no happy memory's. It was the same for all her memory's from before she met Percy. There was never any more than what you would find on a single sheet form.

“No, this can't be.” Tara muttered. Tara looked at her chest, and began unbuttoning her shirt. Molly had a panel that opened in her abdomen when you pressed a button in her navel. Tara looked a her now bare stomach, took a breath then pressed inside her navel. There was a whirr and a panel opened.

The robot she was so insecure about was herself, she couldn't handle this.

Tara started giggling, “heh heh Ha, Of course it all makes sense now Percy can neglect me because I'm his ever devoted robot slave, I'll love him and stay by his side forever cause I'm a robot.”

Tara started laughing more, “HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! I sorry Zero Tech I can't accept your offer, as I am a loyal robot sexslave of my master, and I must always be there to fulfil his every carnal desire cause I'm a robot.”

Tara started laughing even harder, on the remote the following appeared.


Tara looked at this. “HA!HA!HA!HA! Well that's okay HA!HA! master can just fix me cause I'm a robot, a robot, I'm a robot, I'm a robot, “ as she said this Tara began to get more erect, “I'm a robot, I'm a robot, I'm a robot, I'm a-”

“HA!HA!HA!HA! Well that's okay HA!HA! master can just fix me cause I'm a robot, a robot, I'm a robot, I'm a robot, “ as she said this Tara began to get more erect, “I'm a robot, I'm a robot, I'm a robot, I'm a-”

Tara suddenly stopped, and stood erect with an insane grin on her face. “EMERGENCY SHUT-DOWN” scrolled on the remote's screen.

This was Unit MFAS – M1

Alternative Designation Tara Roberts

Emulated Gender: Female

Primary Function: Sexbot

Secondary Function: Lab Assistant

Owner: Dr. Percy Franklin

Primary Directive: Loyalty to Master

Secondary Directive: Fulfilment of Persona sub-directives

Current Status: Non functional

The End?

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