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When the wind is howling and the rain is pouring down in sheets that could drown a man, that is the time that I decide to pull myself out of bed and go for a walk in the woods. I quickly get dressed in my multi-layered clothing, from the jeans and t-shirt to the wool sweater and rain slicks. As always when I awake, I hear them - the voices of my daemons, those who would see me throw myself over a bridge or a cliff. But as always, I am determined not to let them win. As often as the daemons may cry, and as hurtful as their words may be, I do not let them cut through my resolve as I pull on my boots and step outside my tiny apartment, turning to pull the door tightly closed and secure it. With a single rattle of the door I am satisfied and I turn to start running into the black night with no intent of direction, only that I wish to run and will return home when I become tired.

I am not running for long before the words of a daemon strike me. "She was with you last year," it says angrily. "But she couldn't accept you. She never will, and no one else either. You're a freak." My hands clenched into fists, and my eyes half closed as I ran harder against the rain and tears started to fall from my eyes. "She left me because she was unhappy with her job," I cry loudly into the night sky. "She needed to move away!" The wind whips around my face as I stumble over a log and roll down the hill in front of me. I see nothing but a blur of dark colors as I tumble until coming to a stop next to a river where I lay quietly weeping into the night sky. The daemon returns with his insipid words to taunt me about the love of my life, about Sarah. About her golden hair that shone so brightly in the morning sky, the softness of her touch, her smile that could launch a thousand ships and cause ten thousand men to die for her. The creature's words are aimed to hurt and finally they break through and I cry harder, my soul turning over to give up and die by that stream in the woods.

Fate has other plans for me this day. I awake from my blackness in a small cottage, though where it is located I do not know. I awake to the feeling of two arms wrapped around me and a warm female body - I can tell she is female from her scent - pressed against mine like a pillow. As I awake, she begins to run one of her hands over my chest and whispers a very quiet, "Good morning," to me as I turn to look at her. She is stunning. My daemons are chased to the shadows of my mind as she smiles at me and her sparkling white teeth and broad smile catch my eyes. I start to sweat a little and I find that my breathing has cought in my throat as I try to stammer out a weak, "Good morning," back to her. However, when I try to speak, my voice catches and I stammer - which only causes the woman to giggle and hug me closer.

"I'm Heather," she whispers, her eyes trailing down my body and back to my face. "I know you. You're Steven. You live alone in a tiny apartment with nobody to spend your time with. You've been with one woman and that relationship ended badly. You have a fascination with female robots and frequent the Fembot Central bulletin board. Am I correct?" My eyes widen as she describes a little about me, and I just nod breathlessly. Who is this woman, I wonder, and what does she want with me? She continues in a gentle tone, "Well my dear boy, you don't have to worry about being alone again." She runs my hand down her stomach to press a button just inside her navel and her face freezes as it splits open and she intones, "I am everything you could dream of and more. Stay with me in this cabin."

"I couldn't possibly do that," I cry, and slide backwards off the bed to scurry against a wall in fear. "I don't know you, or who created you, or where I am, or anything! I don't know how you know all that about me, but it is scaring me, Heather." I gradually gain my feet but she has moved to the doorway to stop me from leaving. "Please let me go. Please. I don't know what's going on or even where I am." Heather quickly interjects with a soft, "If you don't know where you are, and I let you go, where would you run to? A river again, to lay there and die? You were willing to let your past go just a day ago - willing to let it all go away while you laid down and died." I only nod, because there is nothing else that I can do or say to her - she is correct.

Heather moves to the bed and pats it again, and I move beside her to sit down with her and swallow, once, in nervousness. "Steven," her voice calls to me, "Relax. Know that you are safe. I am here to love you, protect you, and keep you safe and happy." Her arms, so soft, once again reach out to wrap around me and draw me close. "I have a suprise for you." She reaches down to stoke my penis gently. "But first," her voice lowers to a husky tone, "fuck me."

I happily oblidge to her request and have stripped naked - throwing my clothes to the floor - before the words finish coming out of her mouth. Well, her voice box, anyway. I may be nervous, but I havn't been laid in a year now and I want sex. My hands pull her close and for the first time I register that she is, and has been, entirely naked. Her pert breasts press against my chest as she draws me down to the bed and rolls me on my back. Her hands stroke over my shoulders and chest as she kneels over me and guides my penis into her already moist and warm vagina. She begins to slowly glide herself up and down, though occasionally she pauses in mid movement. Her moaning is quiet at first, and my breathing is steady. My hands run over her back and dig into her shoulders and she gasps a loud, "O-o-ohhhh," stuttering as if overloaded. I smile and thrust deep into her causing a moan of, "Give it to m-m-me, baaaby." Her head twitches to one side, and I thrust deeper as she rides me faster, her long black hair brushing against my chest and her nails digging into my hips. After but a few minutes, her skilled manipulations bring me to an orgasm that leaves me breathless and panting - though her orgasm has much different results. Her cry of extacy is broken and jittery, and her motions become jerky and rough over me. We do, however, come together and she falls to the bed with me as we both become unconscious for the rest of the day and to the next.

The next morning I awake to the smell of eggs and bacon, and I turn to watch Heather cooking. It is then, and only then, that I realize that I have already made the decision to stay. I stand and walk over to her to rest my hands on her shoulders and I whisper, "I'm staying." Heather turns to me and replies, "I know," before resting a hand behind my neck. "I have to show you something," she whispers, and her hand sinks into my neck. Then there is blackness, and I am aware in the blackness of the fact that I am, like her, a robot... and the knowledge destroys my demons and sets me free - free to live with Heather in the little cottage forever.

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