Happy Easter

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Written by Mirage

Happy Easter

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Sandra smiled to me and got naked. "Are you sure this is okay?" I asked her.

"Do you know how long I’ve waited for you to ask me out? Ages!" she said, as she removed my clothes and pushed me down on my bed.

"But if someone ever finds out I took you from the lab, I would get fired!" I mumbled out.

"Shhh.. no one will...now relax.." she growled.

We kissed deep, as we touched each other's bodies. Her perfect body rubbed against mine hard, both of us getting excited.

As I sat beside Sandra, I ask her one simple question. "Are you really a robot?"

She smiled and sat up naked "And if I am?"

"Well... it’s not weird for you, making love with a human?" I said, studying her lips.

"Same for you, in love with a machine?" she quickly laughed out.

"I guess not... can you show me.. you know.. some proof you are really a machine?" I then asked her.

"Would that turn you on?" she said, studying me now.

"Maybe…" I said quickly.

"Perv... fine, but you must do something for me then." she said, pointing to her chest, above her perky breasts.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked her, looking at the area she pointed.

"Wait..." she said, as I heard a clicking coming from her chest. Suddenly, a panel opened and reveal some circuits, right on top of the start of her breasts.

"Well? IS this what you wanted to see?" she asked me, with a sarcastic smile.

"Me like!" I nodded, "May I touch?" I then asked.

"On one request, fuck me good as you remove some of my circuits!" Sandra smiled.

"Won't that.. make you stop working or something?" I asked confused.

"Probably..." she snickered.

"It's my fetish, okay.. Robots have fetish too!" she quickly said, blushing.

"What?.. I don't understand." I asked back.

"Obviously, you have a robot fetish, well, mine is slowly being dismantled, until I become deactivated. But you must continue fucking me the entire time!" Sandra told me, with excitement in her eyes.

"Sure, but, how do I dismantle you without deactivating you right away, how do I know what to remove first?" I said, somewhat confused but also getting excited.

"I'll instruct you as we go. To simply reactivate me, simply undo the last part and reactivate me, and I'll guide you back at reassembling me. Are you game to try this?" she asked, with a horny look."

"Where do I start? I replied.

Sandra turned around and grabbed her left leg and opened a panel on her left tie. Some tools came out and she removed them.

She gave me a small micro electric screwdriver and pointed inside her main chest panel. But first, she motioned me to start penetrating her first. I inserted myself in her wet warm pussy and start fucking her.

"Yes... yes.. now.. remove that left red circuit... quick!" she told me excited.

As I fucked her, my left hand grabbing her left tit, as my right hand was removing the circuit.

"Yes... rip it out! Quick!" she ordered me.

I grabbed the circuit and pulled it out, wires ripping. Sandra's head twitched as the circuit was ripped out "Errror! damage! MALFUNCTION!" she blurted out.

As I continued fucking her deep, she said "More! now, the long one!" she yelled out, in ecstasy. I did, as she gasped out loudly, as the other circuit was removed.

"Are you okay?" I asked her worried a bit.

"Oh my God! I am so horny! FUCK EEEMM MMOOeerree!" she said, her speech starting to falter.

She then grabbed my left hand hard, and pushed it deep inside her open chest panel. "Grab the wires and pull them out... please!" she begged.

I closed my eyes and ripped out a hand full of wires and cables. Sandra jerked hard, almost pushing me off of her.


I got back on top of her back and continued fucking her hard. Her eyes were blinking quickly, her head twitching hard.

"Yes... more!!" she manage to say, in a robotic voice."

I then inserted almost my entire hand inside her chest, and grabbed her CPU unit. I then pulled it out quickly, Sandra let out one final gasp and collapsed, completely non-functional. Her pussy grabbed my dick hard and we both came good. She still twitched a bit, her left foot especially. I rested beside her deactivated body, still holding her CPU unit in my left hand.

I reinserted her CPU and she reactivated quickly, to my surprise. "Can I suck you, I always wanted to give a blowjob..?" she smiled.

I nodded, still hard as hell.

"But first, rip my head off." she mumbled out, "Twist my head until you hear a click and pull." she informed me.

I did and her head popped out, wires and cables still attached to it. "Pull some of the wires, please..." she begged.

As I did, I looked into her vacant eyes, still wide open, I pushed my dick in her wide open mouth. I then pulled some of the wires attached to her head as she was sucking me. Her mouth closed on my dick, but she maintained to give me the best blow job ever.

As I came in her mouth, I thrown her head on her torso. Her headless body was still twitching. I pushed myself inside her pussy one more time, to finish my orgasm. She managed to come too one last time, until I heard some circuits frying inside her chest panel. Some smoke came out of her and she became totally nonfunctional.

"Best fuck I ever had, Sandra..." I smiled at her broken, smoking, twitching body.

A few days later, at the lab, early Monday morning.

"Sandra, how do you feel?" I asked her.

"Functioning 100%. Thank you for asking." she smiled, her eyes vacant.

"Good, I'll see you next weekend?" I ask her.

"Of course..." she said, without any emotions.

As I come out the lab, the scientists came in. "Hey, I blocked the toilet again, go clean it!" one of the man in the lab suit told me.

"Yes sir, that's my job!" I answered.

As I left I heard the scientist say out loud to Sandra, "Hey Robot, get me some coffee, that's what we made you for,"

If they only knew what else she could do...

The end.

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