Halloween 2053/The One That Got Away

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In early October 2054 on an internet forum a thread was started “Share Your Wildest Halloween Memories.”

This was the 19th post on that thread-by Surferguy393.

Last Halloween I was at Carol’s party when SHE walked in. Her metal skin was polished to really shine. Five foot five and built compactly. Aquatic working bots wear long fins over all four limbs but no face mask as they don’t need to breath and one piece bathing suits for modesty (or at least to avoid sexualized reactions from others.) Her fins were so cheap looking to be obvious fakes, but on Halloween we wear costumes. I figured she was a factory worker bot with a social life. Right behind her a sultry pirate lass entered but I barely noticed her cause I’m really into the fembots.

I started with the eye contact thing. The smile from across the room thing. Ask what drink a robot like her would like me to get her. It went well enough for a few minutes of flirty small talk then her voice got more computer like then before. “Subroutine social-thirty seven. I’m sorry but I see now that you’re not the type of man I’m programmed to respond date-like too. It’s not you it’s me or more specifically my programming.” In a slightly softer tone she added “I hope we can still be friends.”

I let her go. Disappointing but the night was young. The pirate lass came up to me. She was 5’6”-average build. White skin but tanned. Brown hair. She sounded sympathetic. “That was harsh. Are you okay?”

I shrugged. “I’ve been rejected harsher.”

“I bet you have. But you look like a man who keeps going.” She said it jokingly and all smiles. So I took it well. We began to talk about the music, the weather…

Food was served. I ate. She held off. She wasn't sure it fit her self-described "Weird macrobiotic diet."

Someone started choking. Everyone looked concerned. It was the fembot. Urgently she took off a mask (underneath she had pale human skin and blonde hair) gulped some water, had a few deep breaths and then assured the concerned people she was OK.

The Pirate lass said “You look surprised.”

I said “Silly me. Her costume is so good I thought she really was a fembot.”

“I hope her being a woman doesn’t disappoint you?”

I immediately gave that woman the polite answer “Of course not.”

Maybe I lied poorly. She smiled knowingly “It’s nice of you to lie like that.”

So I wondered if I’d blown it with her too. She explained “Lisa has a problem being assertive. So on Halloween she makes herself someone who can be rude and pushy. It’s therapeutic.”

I responded “Interesting.”

She cut to the chase “So, do you have anywhere you need to be early tomorrow?”

That was a Saturday. I said “No.”

“Care to go back to my place? We could” she added just the right pause “watch the news together.”

She lived in a small apartment 3 blocks away. We sat on the couch and then turned the TV on but she preferred to run through a repertoire of kisses and ignore the news. I was game.

When I tried advancing the game she said “Not just yet.” So I waited. Then it came.

“Wait here. I’d like to change into something a little more comfortable.”

She emerged in a blue Teddy. I hopped up and she took a step closer… Then she paused, puts her hand under her chin and thought hard. “This still isn’t comfortable enough. But it would be rude to leave my guest alone any longer than necessary. Do you mind watching me change?” When I nodded she said “Okay but you have to stay in the doorway until I’m ready for you.”

She took off the teddy. She was magnificent. She opened her dresser sorted thru her underwear and took out a small blue briefcase. Then she took the skin off her left leg. Underneath her leg was dark red with a plastic sheen. She motioned me back as I advanced, then took the skin off her other leg. Then her arms. Then her torso. Then her head. Put it all in the case. (Her under face showed some expression-but less.)

Suddenly her voice was more machine like. “It is so much more comfortable to be myself. And the case’s cleaning feature readies my skin for next use.” She motioned me in. Didn’t take long at all for her to have me down to ‘something more comfortable’ myself.

The rest of the foreplay was abbreviated. We were both ready. As I thrust away she grinned and demonstrated that her model had muscles down there that could…

There was one intermission. During it I said “Baby if I’d seen you like this I wouldn’t have looked twice at Lisa.”

She replied “On Halloween I’m programed to try to hook up disguised as a human but then show my true self. I think my programmers liked the idea of Halloween costumes. Last year I was linked up with this girl in a sultry tiger costume but when we peeled down she left. That’s why I positioned myself to ‘vulture’ Lisa’s hottest reject. I knew you wouldn’t let me down.” She rubbed up against me just so. Intermission soon ended.

Much later we finished. We rested up against each other. I gazed at her happily. She looked back with a look of happiness (I prefer to believe it was real not simulated).

With an organic woman I would have known how to transition to sleeping together or being sent home. I wasn’t sure what the protocol was with a robot. So eventually I spoke lovingly “I sleep. Do you sleep?”

She said “I work better with nightly six hour shutdowns.”

“Can I stay or will I be in the way?”

“I am programmed to extend the intimacy if possible. But I need that side of the bed.”

We switched. We were both on our left sides. I faced her-she faced the wall. Her right leg moved to a 110 degree angle and her foot plugged into the wall socket. She seemed to be shut off so I drifted off.

I woke up erect. We had a quick rematch. Then we showered together and soaped each other.

She put on a robe. I’d almost hooked up three Halloweens earlier and realized that only striking out had saved me from an embarrassing November 1st walk home as a zombie. So this year I’d rigged my costume for smooth getaway. My shirt looked normal worn inside out. A bag in my cape held my cape and headgear and I went from “Ace of Diamonds” to “Nondescript guy.”

She offered me breakfast but admitted to limited supplies (her fridge was turned off and toaster non-functional. If she hadn’t had me too distracted to notice those details the other night I might have suspected the truth.) So I had room temperature blueberry pop tarts and a juice box. She sat near me and scrolled thru social media on her phone.

Her choosing to sit at the same table seemed intimate. It was time to roll the dice. I casually said “I’d like to see you again. Can I get your number?”

“I’m sorry. My programing only allows one night stands not relationships.”

I must have looked disappointed. She picked up my phone and said “I scanned your contact info in case I get an upgrade. But no promises. Don’t wait for me Stud.”

A last kiss goodbye and I walked home.

But I will always fondly remember the one that got away.

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