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Green Flag 1 - Bathtime By BA

Our Rescue Package includes:

  • Home, office and Roadside assistance
  • Local recovery
  • No callout charges
  • 30 minute national average response time
  • 86% of faults fixed at the the scene
  • All customers can benefit from our free Green Flag app featuring the unique 'Rescue Me' facility.

Tamara lay back in the deep bath, soft music drifted through from her bedroom and two candles burned low on the shelf beside the rows of expensive bottles, lotions and cleansers that fill any sophisticated woman’s wash-space. The water was near cold now, probably only her own body heat keeping icy the edge off. Goosebumps raised over all the pale skin of the fulsome woman’s shoulders and chest above the water. The expanse of her breasts floated so that her cold hard-crinkled nipples poked up through the dying bubbles. The larger candle flickered and died dumping her into deeper gloom and still she lay, uncomfortable, unmoving and cold.

She peered gloomily down her body, breasts and toes peeking above the dark water, freckled forearms floating loosely over her submerged thighs, goosebumps on them too. Irritably she blew at a strand of deep red hair straggling across her face for the umpteenth time in the last hour; another failed attempt to get it out of her eyes. At least her head was above the water she supposed, not that it would really matter either way. She smiled wryly at the thought that, even after hours in this cold bath at least she could be sure she didn’t have ‘prune’ fingers and toes.

“Finally”, she exclaimed as the doorbell chimed from the far end of her apartment. Of course she couldn’t let them in, she hadn’t been able to move her body for hours now but she felt sure the caller would be Green Flag responding to her wireless emergency call through the apartment's network. Again the bell rang and, after a long pause that made her worry that they might have gone away, a third time. Eventually, straining the audio receptors deep in her pretty flesh-like plastic ears, Tamara heard the code sequence as the caller let themselves in.

“I’m in the bath!” She called out, “Hello! Through here!”

“Hello ma’am, Green Flag Android Support at your service. I hope you don’t mind but we have your home access codes on file so I let myself in...” The man waited politely outside the bathroom, not yet sure of the situation.

“No, fine, fine. I’m really glad to see you. I’ve been stuck in the bath for hours now, can you help me please.”

“I see...” the man peered gingerly around the half open door into the dim room. “I take it you are an android ma’am?”

“Of course I’m a bloody android! D’you think I’m lying in a cold bath for the hell of it? Get me out please!”

“Sure, sure... Sorry ma’am but I have to ask. You’d be surprised...” He pulled the light cord and stepped into the room leaving his sentence hanging.

Tamara blinked up at a passably fit looking guy in green coveralls with the corporate logo. He looked down as he dumped his tool box on the floor and took in the view of a buxom freckled red-head, apparently late twenties lying nude and pale in a bath from which the modest bubbles had long since disappeared. She certainly appeared perfectly human, he could see the goosebumps on her realistic skin and caught a glimpse of auburn curls between her legs. The rescue guy looked around the room; pretty typical woman’s bathroom he thought, though looking more carefully at the bottles on the side he noted that there were a few expensive synth-dermal care products mixed among the human shampoos and conditioners. It looked like this was a top end robot, a female Ferrari; peak of female andronics. It made a nice change from the never ending succession of malfunctioning ‘housewife’ sex models that he was usually called to.

“Are you aware of any malfunctions ma’am? Any system warnings?”

“No, nothing. One minute I was in the bath, the next I just froze completely. I’ve run diagnostics and tried rebooting twice but still the same.”

“Right, that does seem very odd. First thing is to get you out of the water where I can take a look at you. It seems most likely to be a fluid ingress problem but that would usually be much more violent. I assume you are immersion rated?” He rummaged among his tools and produced a small digital probe which he gingerly touched to the water and then on several points on Tamara’s skin.

“Of course I am, I’m a swim model actually and I’d hardly take a bath with my covers open would I? This has never happened before and I’m really cold and pissed off, could you get a move on please?” Tamara was clearly rather annoyed but the man didn’t feel that he was the object of her snappiness. She seemed pretty well programmed, acting very like an annoyed young woman stuck in the bath, perhaps just a bit less bashful that a real girl might be...

Satisfied that there was no contact hazard the man unplugged the bath and they waited in silence as the water slowly drained and gurgled away leaving Tamara’s inert body to settle wetly onto the white enamel, she really was a work of art. Looking her over the rescue guy could see no sign of access panels, controls, ports or any other of the usual surface features of cheaper androids. He was secretly glad she was online to answer his questions if need be.

“Well, there’s no visible problem. I’m going to dry you off before I move you, just in case. To be honest I’m rather stumped at the moment, I can’t figure out what the problem might be. Like I said, water ingress would have had you sparking out all over the room and anything else should have registered on your error log.” He grabbed a big fluffy white towel from the rail and began to dry the helpless android girl, starting at her feet and working up her limp legs, inspecting for any sign of damage or dermal entry points as he went.

“Can you feel this?”

“Sure, I can feel you just fine. Still can’t move though...”

“I see you are sexually aroused, is that a demanded response?” He gently toweled between Tamara’s legs, brushing against the little clitoris poking just proud above her slightly glistening lips. “OH! I...!” Tamara’s body jerked hard once and fell back against the wet bath to twitch for a moment before going limp again. She exclaimed loudly and a look of surprised bliss passed over her pretty freckles.

“Oh... inter... I, Ohhh. Inter, oh Interrupted routine.... feels so good! Interrupted routine.”

A touch of colour filled Tamara’s face as she came down from her moment of pleasure. “Sorry...”

“That’s interesting, that was a clear sexual response. I need to get you hooked up” He continued to dry the limp girl before carefully lifting her soft frame out of the bath and carrying her through to the kitchen counter.

“Hey, that’s cold; I’ve got a bed you know!”

The man said nothing as he rummaged in his toolbox and began to scan Tamara’s naked torso from ample chest down to her neat red pubic hair as she lay exposed on the bare worktop.

“Okay, I’ll open you up now and we’ll see what the problem is.” He inserted a long probe deep into her belly button and turned it to unseal the android’s water-sealed access panel. The skin on her flat belly now showed the join clearly and he peeled the cover away carefully to reveal the complex electro-mechanical systems inside her.

Designed to function flawlessly as a human replica, Tamara took on a slightly distracted air as her internals were exposed. She seemed to not quite register what was happening to her and, as the man connected several cables to her internal ports she entered a daze.

“Lets see what your logs say…” the man muttered more to himself than to the android gazing over his shoulder at the ceiling. “Oh! Who’s been a naughty girl then…?”

He worked on the pretty machine for twenty minutes or so, downloading Tamara’s full technical specs and inspecting her recent activity and error logs. After identifying the fault he reached inside her to unseal the paplexus cover from the inside. Pulling on her red landing strip he uncovered the small access into Tamara’s sexual servicing port. “Here we go...” The technician gently removed several components to get to a small processor, which he replaced with a new part from his toolbox.

After checking the other delicate vaginal components the man re-assembled Tamara. He entered several complex programming sequences into the android’s boot sequence before removing the connections from her internals and replacing her large belly panel. He left the paplexus panel open and connected a diagnostic cable to the port exposed just above her perfect little clitoris.

He waited a few moments, packing his tools away as Tamara’s eyes slowly lost some of their vacancy. “Tamara, I’ve rectified the fault and need to run some tests. Are you operating correctly?”

Err, yes thanks. I kind of zoned out there for a while…” The android did not seem to be very aware of her own maintenance programming but this was not unusual in machines like this one.

“Okay, please just relax. You won’t be able to move until I restart you in any case.” The man smeared some lube over his fingers and began to stroke the android’s smooth pussy making her gasp in surprise. He slipped his fingers into her and made a generous exploration of her pussy while she failed completely to keep the pleasure out of her face.

“That seems to be fine”, said the man after looking at the readouts on his laptop. He reached out and pressed hard into the nape of Tamara’s neck, right at the base of her throat between her collar bones until he felt a distinct click and her pretty face went instantly glassy eyed and still. He waited for a moment before pressing again to begin the android’s reboot sequence.

After a short pause Tamara sat up smartly and reeled off her serial number and status. She then loaded her AI, blinked and looked the repair man in the eye.

“Oh, hello! Am I okay now?” A blush began to spread across her pale chest and cheeks.

“I think so, yes. I’ll need you to masturbate for me to verify all systems in the green though” He nodded at the cable still running into Tamara’s open body and handed her a shiny chrome vibrator.

“Oh! I, erm…” Tamara was clearly embarrassed now but took the toy from his hands. He could see her pussy was already wettening at his gentle command and her clitoris stiffened as she took a hold on the shiny metal cock. Although consciously reluctant to humiliate herself, Tamara was no more than a machine under repair, programmed to obey an authorized technician without question.

Now her motor systems were functioning normally the pretty robot lost no time in spreading her legs wide and thrusting the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Her rhythm quickly grew and she found herself unaccountably aroused, she could not tell if it was the unquestionable authority of her repair man’s commands or merely a programmed test sequence but before she knew it her breasts were bouncing, head thrown back and she came with a loud cry and a gush of hot wetness.

“Freeze”, she obeyed instantly, toy poised between wet legs. The man carefully wiped excess juices away from her exposed electronics and replaced her red-pubed cover. “Okay, you’re free to move now; you can go and get covered up while I do the paperwork.”

Tamara walked back into the kitchen wearing a white bath robe and a haughty expression; fixed, she did not seem keen to dwell on her embarrassing malfunction. The man had packed his things and talked her through the callout paperwork which she signed without question.

Do you have a number I can call your owner on please? I have some concerns about your future operation which I feel he should be made aware of.”

She dialed the vidphone number for him and perched on a stool as he spoke to her mistress for a few minutes, explaining the nature of his emergency call-out.

“Yes, the sensor load caused by masturbation under the bath water exceeded sexual data capacity. It seems that Tamara has a programmed priority override for sexual function; she will accept loss of function in order to complete sexual actions… Yes that is not unusual in partner machines.” Tamara’s face clouded as the repair man discussed her intimate details.

“As a result of her overrides she continued to attempt to climax in the bath until her motor power tripped out. She should not really be programmed to prioritise masturbation otherwise this sort of failure will occur more and more often; the override should be restricted to accompanied sex only.”

“Yes… unfortunately the changes required are to the android’s AI which I cannot adjust myself, you will need to have her reprogrammed… no, no, the changes will hardly be noticeable at all. Yes, certainly… Yes, I think that is a good idea. Okay, my pleasure. Yes, goodbye.” The man disconnected and added some final notes to the repair form on the counter top.

“I don’t need reprogramming, I’m functioning perfectly…” Tamara sniffed in disapproval.

The man reached for the robe and slipped his hand under the collar. “What the fu…” He pressed her activation switch and she instantly ceased all movement, freezing on the edge of her stool with a surprised and angry expression. As he pulled his had away the man dislodged the robe to hang loosely over the soft pale breasts underneath. He quietly let himself out of the flat and silence settled over the shut-down figure. The scrawled note at the end of the repair receipt beside her read:

‘Unit deactivated to prevent recurrence. Recommend reprogramming to amend sexual override fault.

With compliments, Green Flag.’

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