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There’s a point when I’m hunting where the world shrinks down, until all that’s left is me and my prey. You’d have thought that natural selection would have bred out such obviously flawed behaviour. But then, there is precious little that’s ‘natural’ about me anymore. Besides which, I’m a tough little bugger.

Anyway, that tunnel vision was in full effect as I stepped up behind my target. Tall, blonde and ‘mousy’, she clearly had no idea that she had made anyone’s wish-list this Christmas. Using my boosted ‘flexes was complete overkill, but I did love the buzz. She never knew what hit her, not even when the cold chill of my ‘immobiliser’ played up and down her spine. I let the neural white-noise wash over her, disconnecting mind and body in a manner that would have made Descartes proud.

We slipped into her apartment, before the door could swing shut again. I had to carry her suddenly limp body across the threshold, but even as dead-weight that wasn’t an issue. A second burst of interference, this time centred on her forehead, was enough to send her frightened mind off to a happier place. It was all part of the service, and it gave me the time I needed to strip off her clothing.

It wasn’t entirely unprecedented to discover that my victim had been aroused by my ‘assault’, but she certainly seemed to have enjoyed her treatment so far. I couldn’t help but wonder how she might respond to what I had planned. My limbic system had been rewired so many times that there were hardly any emotions left for me to feel. But, as I saw her blissfully dazed smile, I realized just how easily jealousy came back to me.

Once she was deliciously naked, I used the remaining few minutes to arrange the tools of my trade. The first needle slipped delicately over the upper border of her collarbone. I carefully drew back the plunger, until dark crimson flushed back into the syringe. Once I knew that the needle was in place, I pushed hard, forcing the syrupy liquid into her bloodstream.

On cue, her eyes flickered slightly, and I took a moment to watch as the drug took her into its silky embrace. Her pupils gaped wider, while her gaze turned glassy and blank. A single defeated groan managed to force its way through the chemical restraint, just before it locked her down completely, and I could almost feel her arousal increasing.

“That’s my girl,” I told her softly, “Just lie back and enjoy. Trust me, sweetie, if you think it’s been good so far … you really ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

I picked up the next syringe and began to gently infuse its contents into her firm calf muscles. Smoothly, I massaged her leg, noticing the gentle heat as it built. With the sedative onboard it was unlikely that she would notice anything except how good it felt. But I knew that her body had already started to change, plastic polymers and myomar fibres replacing skin, muscle and lacing through her bones.

By the time I had finished with her legs, my little captive was juicing heavily. The skin becoming unnaturally smooth, as the process continued. Blemishes faded and were replaced with a perfect lustre. I dribbled the contents of two more syringes into her abdomen, and watched her stomach tighten.

Her lips gaped a little more widely, and I had to fight the urge to plunge the final needle into her already swollen clit. But, I knew that I couldn’t get ahead of myself, and part of me was certain that she would thank me for allowing the anticipation to build.

Each breast warranted its own injection, as did the thickened skin of her dark nipples. It was mesmerising, seeing her modest assets slowly swell and expand. Both nipples grew taut and stiffened into shivering cones. Lightly I flicked first one and then the other, letting her pussy spasm with each contact. After that, it was almost an anticlimax when I applied the treatment to her arms.

I stroked her cheek, eager to feel the change, as I clipped another syringe to the impromptu central line. The chemical worked quickly, forcing her flesh to literally stiffen under my hand. I moved quickly, knowing that there wasn’t much time. With a dexterity born from long hours of practice, I swept up that final syringe and jabbed in ruthlessly into the sensitive tremulous nub of her clitoris.

Her orgasm was truly an awesome thing, born from the long slow build up and culminating in the shock of transformation, as her nervous system was replaced with molecular circuitry. Her cunt gushed, and her clit became a red-hot button of agonising pleasure. I could only watch, vicariously enjoying the pleasure I had inflicted. It was a pale echo of the memory of my own rebirth, but it was still enough to make me moan.

My fingers probed behind her ear, feeling the hard plastic shell begin to crack. I picked away the broken fragments, revealing the interface socket and then carefully inserted the fibreoptic cable. My eyes drifted shut, and I felt myself expanding outwards. In a moment of shocking clarity, as my programming penetrated her mind and body, I realized that this was now the closest thing to sex that I could ever experience.

She welcomed me, expanding to accept my intrusion and I fucked her mind, just like she wanted me to. New instructions grazed the surface of her brain, before sinking into the virgin circuitry. And with each stroke, both of us came, electricity burning upwards from our conjoined clits and into the silver tracery that marked out our g-spots.

It took thirty seven minutes, forty four seconds to overwrite her personality and install the imperatives that the client had requested. In all honesty it shouldn’t have taken that long, but I hardly ever got to indulge my proclivities. So, I milked the process for all it was worth, drawing it out one stolen orgasm after another.

In the end, my core programming had to step in to stop us. It dragged me kicking and screaming from my pleasures, leaving me staring at the crisp digital beauty of my formerly mousy conquest. Her face was impassive, and I envied her moment of helpless passivity.

“I have to go now, little ‘bot,” I grinned, kissing her shiny silver lips, “But, thank you for giving me a genuinely unique experience. I’ve never had to work directly on a client before, and I can only hope that this is everything that you wished for.”

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