Getting off on the wrong foot (Gloria's conversion)

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"Hello, I'm Rachel your caseworker so please have a seat." The silver skinned robot behind the desk said.

As Gloria sat down she spent a moment summing the silver skinned robot female up. Gloria quickly estimated that the beautiful silver skinned Rachel, who had long flowing purple hair as well as non-standard black eyes with green pupils and large perky breasts, was about five foot nine.

Taking a seat across from Rachel, Gloria smiled a warm smile.

"I'm Gloria."

Gloria was a rather plain looking 28-year-old woman, about five foot nine in height herself, she had tired blue eyes, smallish breasts and brown hair that was slightly matted from lack of care.

"My optical sensors have noticed a change to the blood flow in your skin as well as a change in your heart beat indicating curiosity so before we get started do you have a question for me?" Rachel said.

"You are a modified ESM-005 model aren't you?"

"That is correct." Rachel stated with a slightly tinny voice caused by a misalignment in her vocal processor.

"My body is a highly modified ESM-005 unit."

"If it's not a rude question, why is a ESM-005 working as a data verifier at Oceanic- Pacific Robotics?" Gloria questioned.

Still being human enough in her core to suffer the folly of needing someone to talk to Rachel smiled a little.

"It is because I am rather unique or I was at the time."

"Unique how?" Gloria questioned.

"Ten years ago when I was converted I was the first of my kind and you see because I didn't have the money to pay for my conversion I signed myself over to Oceanic- Pacific Robotics who were willing to convert me so long as I was willing to become a ESM-005 unit who was intended as a gift for a wealthy backer of the company."

"So what happened?" Gloria said rather interested in the story Rachel had to tell.

"What happened..." Rachel stated. "What happened was I agreed and got what I always wanted, to be converted from a useless human into a beautiful device."

"So something went wrong?"

"Yes, the one I was meant to be a gift for rejected me because of the stock I came from."


"The truth is I was the first ever male to be converted into a female robot willingly."

Shocked because she hadn't heard of that happening very often Gloria just sat there with her mouth open.

"It's true I was rejected because the old man couldn't reconcile the fact I wasn't male, the point is, I have an ESM-005 body, large metal breasts, the standard 05 oral, anal and vaginal pleasure unit. On top of that I have the same female overlay code that all female robots have and seeing there is no part of me that is organic, how can anyone claim I'm anything but a female robot." Rachel said sadly.

"Anyway with me not being able to be used as a gift I was given a job as a tea bot and over the years I've worked my way up to this job, which I'm rather happy with because it helps me help other women become just like me."

"Men can be idiots." Gloria yelled out of the blue.

"What?" Rachel questioned.

"Oh sorry I was thinking about your predicament and I was thinking how some men still think with their cocks so the idea of a guy who wants to be a girl is offensive to them."

"What about taught views, they play a huge part as well."

"No doubt, it's just a shame that a male who wants to screw a female robot or a female who has fantasies about being one, could be so narrow minded not to understand that any fetish has a wide spectrum and often blurs into other fetishes."

"I know as an ESM-005 with a thing for humans trapped in costumes from Japanese animation, I've never understood why people can't be accepting of other people's fetishes even if they don't like them."

Giggling at that point Gloria smiled.

"Maybe its because most human's are still knuckle dragging cave dwellers from the dark ages or just not as advanced as we robots."

Hearing that caused Rachel to raise an eyebrow.

"But you are not a robot yet."

"No that's true but I see myself as one and I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you unless I had already gotten clearance for the conversion."

Realizing Gloria's logic was impeccable Rachel smiled at her.

"You will make a wonderful robot."

"Does that mean I'm really cleared?" Gloria questioned.

"Yes." Rachel smiled as she touched the touch screen of her computer. "You were cleared before you came to talk to me, I was just a final check to see if you had grown cold feet."

Hearing that caused Gloria to giggle again.

"You know I can't wait till I have cold feet, cold metal feet covered by poly-latex."

"So tell me." Gloria said becoming more serious. "Would I be able to visit you once I am converted?"

"Why would you wish to do that?" Rachel asked in confusion.

"Because I like you, you are honest and you are nice a feature seldom found in anything in this era."

"I think I would enjoy having a friend." Rachel said. "Yes you may visit me when ever you want and I'm not busy helping people."

At that moment two young male orderly's entered the room and stood there.

"Miss Gloria Candy would you please come with us for final processing."

Five minutes later Gloria found herself lying naked on a cold surgical bed with two sets of medical lights shining on her body. As Gloria scanned the room that was full of medical equipment she noticed two female robots dressed as nurses standing off to one side with a male doctor.

Feeling an odd coldness in her left arm and wondering what it was Gloria remembered she was allowed to ask any question she wanted during the whole process.

"Why is my arm going cold?"

As the doctor stepped forward so it was easier for Gloria to see him he gave a smile.

"I'm glad we have a talker, I always prefer it when my clients talk during the process, it's less creepy that way."

"Anyway." The doctor said. "The coldness you are feeling is the side effect of the trans-state viral fluid."

"I don't remember reading anything about that in the book I was given." Gloria said as the numbness reached her left fingers and shoulder.

"You wouldn't have, we don't release information on it because it is something our competitors would kill to understand."

"So can you tell me what it is doing to me doc?"

"Well I can but the whole process is rather complex so let me boil it down for you."

"At the moment you are full of soft fleshy tissue that would rot and calcium bones, which will be useless to you in your new life, you also have a nervous system that is incompatible with your future."

"The first thing the trans-state viral fluid will do is target your nervous system and begin to remove it so it can be converted into a micro-wire digital network."

"Also while the trans-state viral fluid is targeting your nervous system it is also working to adapt your calcium bones into something more useful."

"How, I mean I can understand how my skin can be converted to poly-latex because it isn't so far fetched but how can bone be converted to light metal alloy 48?"

"It can't, the truth is your bone is dissolved bit by bit and replaced with metal." The doctor stated."

"How?" Gloria asked as she felt the coldness of her shutting down nervous system spread to her face and her upper back.

"What you may not have noticed yet." The doctor said. "Is the drip line in your right arm and the waste disposal tube connected to your waste disposal opening."

"The drip line carries vast amounts of light metal alloy 48 into your blood stream where the trans-state viral fluid grabs it from to use to replace your bones."

"Of course the trans-state viral fluid is only a pre-curser to the full treatment as it can only do a limited amount of what is needed."

As Gloria lay there in silence she slowly felt the coldness spread across her whole body until every nerve she knew about that relayed information like heat and coldness as well as joy and pain had stopped doing anything. Just lying there waiting excitedly Gloria watched as the doctor ran a scan on her with a device.

Analysing the output of the device the doctor smiled.

"Nurse Eve please bring me the skull opener and nurse Jill prep the 3D light neural drive seed please."

At that moment Gloria watched as the two identical petite yet buxom five foot eight female robots went to work. Just lying there Gloria became aware of the doctor doing something to her forehead.

"What are you doing?" Gloria asked out of curiosity.

"Oh nothing much." The doctor said. "I just cut the top off your head and am now installing your new 3D light neural drive seed."

A few seconds after that Gloria heard a strange little electrical beep deep in her mind then she realized she felt very dizzy. Shutting her eyes Gloria waited for the dizziness to stop but it didn't, instead it increased.

Gloria wasn't sure how long it was but all of a sudden she felt something change, it was like her mind was clear again and the dizziness was gone.

"Wow my brain feels itchy."

"Oh that's just a side effect of your organic brain being adsorbed by your 3D light neural drive." The doctor said as he worked at a fevered pace. "The itching will pass in a few seconds."

Gloria soon realized the doctor was right the itching had passed but now something else was different, her eyesight was far sharper then it had ever been before and it seemed to be able to see things that she couldn't before."

"Doctor, what's up with my sight?" Gloria asked as confusion set in.

"Oh that's nothing to worry about, you see the 3D light neural drive replaced your limited organic eyes with advanced optical sensors and once we have installed your overlay you'll be able to use them much better."

For a few minutes nothing else was said as the doctor worked on something. Out of the blue Gloria heard an urgent beeping noise, which she knew, wasn't in her head. Beep, beep, beep, went the alarm as the doctor looked at the timer on the wall.

"Very good, I'm glad I just finished sealing your cranial infrastructure" The doctor said. "Now Gloria I should warn you with what is about to happen you will find yourself unable to talk for about the next hour but don't worry you'll be fine."

Directly after that was said Gloria felt a tightness in her chest like it was being crushed. Gloria gave one last massive breath out, which was haggard and broken then in the silence she realized nothing else was happening.

"Nurse Eve, Jill note the time of biological cessation as 2:04pm January 26th." The doctor said.

Having read Gloria's medical profile as well as her psychological workup the doctor knew what he had to do next so he turned to face his client.

"Congratulations Gloria, your biological functions have ceased, your human form is dead."

In reflection the doctor knew that sounded creepy and bordered on being sick but as he saw the huge smile on Gloria's latex lips and the gleam in her glassy eyes he knew it was well worth it.

Knowing he had to hurry with the next part of the process due to Gloria's desire of what should be done with her still healthy but useless organs the doctor placed a device over her torso. The device in question looked like a pair of simple metal rectangles welded together but the truth was they were more then that, they were a guidance system for a set of powerful micro lasers that would cut into Gloria for a specific reason.

Gloria watched on in awe as the small but powerful laser cut a line across her chest above her breasts before cutting a line that ran down both her sides to just below her belly button. Gloria also watched on as the device cut a return line across her body below her belly button before cutting one about two inches above her belly button. With a smile on her now silent lips because she knew what the cuts were for Gloria watched as the device made one more cut from the top line to the bottom line and between her breasts.

Smiling because the poly-latex had done it's magic and had sealed the cuts the doctor quickly moved on to the next phase. Placing his fingers on Gloria's abdomen just above and below the centre cut the doctor pushed inwards until there was a small clicking noise.

Seconds after the clicking noise the doctor watched on as a set of cracks appeared on Gloria's chest, which quickly expanded as the earlier cut marks became gaps that formed the edges of four door panels.

As the doctor folded the four doors back so he could access Gloria's organ’s, which were still viable, but useless to her, Gloria noticed how her 'ribs' were now shiny silver metal and that made her happier then ever.

Setting to work quickly while also being careful not to damage any of the organs he was extracting because it was Gloria's wish that they be used to save lives. Feeling the pressure of the time frame he had the doctor mumbled something under his breath.

"Nurse Jill please bring me an organ status pod, one that can take all these organs at once."

After nurse Jill had vanished the doctor began cutting away at the remaining soft tissue that was connecting Gloria's human organs to her now mostly converted body. Soon enough the nurse robot returned with a cart that had a large tube full of green liquid sitting on it . Gloria knew the tube well she had studied one once so she knew it was a rather new technology that could store human organs for up to twenty years while keeping them viable.

Forty minutes passed as the doctor worked then suddenly he stopped and Gloria watched on in amazement as he lifted her former internal organs out of her now empty torso. Watching on Gloria saw the doctor place the organs into the tube before pressing in a code, which started the tube.

"Now Gloria." The doctor said. "There is still a lot of work for me to do but right now I will connect your pleasure unit's as per your request and then your new vocal processor."

For a good ten minutes Gloria knew the doctor was working on something at the bottom of the cavity where her organs had once been and she guessed he was connecting the nx106 vaginal system she had ordered plus the mc62 anal unit with exo-charge function. The reason why Gloria had picked the mc62 anal unit was because while she knew the internal power cell she would be given would give her over 10,000 years of power she wanted a backup just in case.

Gloria soon found the doctor cranking her empty mouth open before he inserted something into it, which she couldn't see correctly. Soon after inserting the device Gloria watched as the doctor began to work on the device he had inserted into her mouth via the open cavity of her chest.

After a while the doctor stepped back and wiped his brow.

"Nurse's Eve and Jill before I start on the next phase of the process I want you to start the reshaping process."

"Yes doctor." Came the response from the two identical robots.

Gloria watched on with growing excitement as the two robot nurses stepped in and plugged a pair of suction cup like needles to her nipples. Seconds later Gloria watched on as the two robot nurses began to pump a liquid gel into her breasts, which she knew was to augment the poly-latex and make her breasts larger like implants would in a human.

Having finished with her breasts Gloria watched as the two nurses who could move at phenomenal speeds compared to humans began to heat and reshape her body in just the way she wanted so she was slenderer and far more curvy.

As the two robot nurses stepped away the doctor stepped in and smiled.

"So Gloria, unit Ro-126646 how do you feel?"

Thinking about how she felt Gloria heard something pop in her neck cavity.

"I feel happy." Gloria heard a tinny robotic voice like one, one could find in twenty and early twenty-first century science fiction, say.

"I can talk again?"

"You sure can, I attached your voice processor earlier and it just finished booting while my nurses were working on you."

"What's wrong with my voice processor?" Gloria asked with a hint of worry in her still tinny voice.

"There is nothing wrong with your voice, you are still missing your central hyper processor unit , which means the connections between your core components are at a minimum level to allow you to function." The doctor said.

Gloria was soon watching as the doctor carefully lowered an object from a hoist system above. Looking at the object as it came into the light Gloria realized it was her power core designed to sit in her chest along with her central hyper processor unit, which was to go into her abdomen.

As the unit was lowered towards Gloria she could see all the wires and cables that would interface all her systems together and that bought her only more joy because once they were in place she would be a fully functioning robot.

With the unit lowered into the empty non-organic cavity of Gloria, which use to house her organic organs the doctor bent over the device and began to lock it in place. With the locking process completed rather quickly due to the way the unit was designed the doctor started connecting the many wires to their respective connectors. Becoming a little un-nerved by the silence the doctor began looking for something to say.

"So what did you think of unit 01A1E1?"

"Who is unit 01A1E1?" asked Gloria who noticed that her voice processor was working better.

"Unit 01A1E1 is more commonly known as Rachel." The doctor stated as he connected the first batch of Gloria's micro-wire digital network nervous system to the central hyper processor unit.

"Oh she is really sweet and nice, I really like her."

"Yes she is nice, an early unit but one of the best we've ever made."

Connecting Gloria's movement system sub-processor, which was embedded in her artificial spine, to the central hyper processor unit the doctor found himself wondering if Gloria would say anything else seeing his two nurses had gone off to aid some other doctor.

"You know if I didn't have obligations to my human life still I would have picked the same casing as Rachel has." Gloria stated.

"You would?" The doctor questioned.

"Yes, the chrome skin is so perfect in everyway."

"You know you could have the chrome skin, just remember your conversion was gold level meaning you are entitle to all necessary upgrades you may need as well as ten free cosmetic updates. With that in mind if you want chrome casing when your obligations to your human life is at and end, we can do it for free."

Smiling because she liked that idea Gloria felt the doctor connect her pleasure units to the central hyper processor unit, which she knew was the last thing he needed to do before the test phase began.

At that moment the doctor grabbed the two upper doors, which had Gloria's breasts on them and shut them because he had no need to access her power core, just her central hyper processor. As the doors swung shut hiding the truth of what Gloria now was she was amazed to watch how the poly-latex edges bonded together to hide the seam totally.

Soon the doctor had taken a long rainbow wire cable and had connected it to a connector inside Gloria while the other end connected to a computer. Loading up the computer the doctor began to type some information into it's keyboard.

"Now Gloria I'm going to upload the overlay so just wait and it will all be over."

"Okay." Gloria said with a voice that again sounded human.

The doctor suddenly hit the enter key on the computer, which sent a signal to Gloria before it started uploading the overlay as it was commonly called. As the overlay program downloaded into Gloria's central hyper processor unit, it quickly spread to all her other systems including her 3D light neural drive.

Once the overlay had rewritten Gloria's 3D light neural drive she stopped smiling as her face went blank and her eyes really became lifeless. With the overlay having done it's job the doctor smiled and started the diagnostic of the new robot's systems.

"Unit identify yourself." The doctor said.

"I am unit Ro-126646." Gloria stated in a flat tone.

"Any other alias on record?"


"State them please."

"One record found, designate: Gloria Candy."

"State your function?"

"My function is to fulfil desire of human Gloria Candy to be made into robot."

"Extended data and compliance with function?"

"To continue existence of Gloria Candy via 3D light neural drive, compliance 100%."

Smiling because everything seemed in order and all unit Ro-126646's diagnostic tests were coming back green the doctor poked a few keys on the keyboard.

"Any other functions." The doctor said.

"Yes... No... Error... Error.., 01000101 01110010 01110010 01101111 01110010 00100001." Screamed Gloria in a flat tone.

"Why is there an error..." The doctor mused for a moment, "Unit Ro-126646 define error."

"Error found, Error: no secondary function found... Error secondary function upgrade to metal skin."

Realizing at that point that a conflict had occurred between Gloria's need to continue to emulate her human life and her desire to have metal skin and thus forever be known as a robot, the doctor knew he had to do something.

"Unit Ro-126646 override code Epsilon Omega Sigma Two-Six-Six-Four." The doctor said.

"Override code accepted, opening input buffers." Gloria said in the still monotone voice.

"Accept new commands, primary function is to fulfil desire of human Gloria Candy to be made into robot and to continue her commitments until completed. Secondary function hidden mode: when human commitments are finished commence conversion to full metal case and full robot function."

"New primary and secondary function accepted."

Not wanting anything to go wrong with the new robot the doctor keyed in a few more tests and waited.

"Unit Ro-126646 scan all memory and personality files plus all command systems for errors."

After that was said Gloria or Ro-126646 just lay there for a very long time as the command she had been given played out in what was commonly called debugging mode.

"0.00% errors found, no conflicts found, all systems are aligned and working at 100% of standard rates as defined by diagnostic systems." Gloria said.

Deciding everything was as it should be the doctor typed the exit command into the computer shutting down it's diagnostic link to Gloria.

"Unit Ro-126646 commence one minute reboot to primary function, starting now." The doctor said.

Walking back to Gloria's side and her open doors the doctor quickly removed the computer cable before shutting the doors and watching them seal so there was no way to even till they were there unless you knew what you were looking for.

Gloria's eyes suddenly came into focus as she began to smile.

"Mmm I feel wonderful."

"You should." The doctor said. "You are now what you always wanted to be."

Sitting up to take stock of what she had become Gloria realized she was so very different from even what she expected she would be. In Gloria's mind before the process she had thought she would be a human mind in a robot body but now thanks to the overlay she knew differently. Gloria now saw that the human Gloria had been broken down into nothing and in her place she had been built. In Gloria's mind she already saw herself as just being a robot and that was the ultimate job of the overlay.

Smiling as she put her cold feet on the floor Gloria looked at her stunning robot body and gave an excited little noise before she looked at the doctor.


"Ah yes." The doctor said, "We had a new set of clothing gotten just for your new body."

With that being said the doctor handed Gloria a bag, which her optic sensors extrapolated contained a pretty black strapless dress designed to show off her shape, a pair of heels designed to define the shape of her legs and a short jacket to go over the top of the dress to make it look dignified.

Once Gloria was fully dress she smiled at the doctor.

"Thank you for building me as I wanted to be."

Having said that Gloria was shown back to the main foyer of the complex where she was left alone. As Gloria looked around the room with her optical sensors she realized the world was so much more lovely then a human could ever see it to be.

Processing her options on what to do Gloria wasted 6.2ns before she headed towards a door. Knocking on the door that was marked data verifier: Rachel, Gloria waited.

"I'm not expecting anyone, who is it?" Came Rachel's misaligned voice.

"It's me, Gloria." Gloria said.

Once Gloria was inside the office she could see Rachel was looking at her intently.

"Are you sure you've been converted, you've only been gone for 4 hours, 28 minutes and 44 seconds." Rachel said.

Destabilizing her voice processor with a single command so she would sound tinny when she next spoke Gloria smiled.

"I am now unit Ro-126646 otherwise known as Gloria." Stated Gloria who was ever aware that she was now unit Ro-126646.

"Wow, that's so hard to believe, when I was converted it took over 38 hours and six teams of doctors to finish the process." Rachel stated.

"So Gloria, how do you feel?"

"It feels wonderful, to know I am a robot, just a device, to have all the data flowing from my sensors being channelled into my central processor, it makes me feel so much like what I was built to be."

After talking with Rachel for over two hours she had another appointment with a client so Gloria thanked her and then headed for the exit.

Stepping out onto the street Gloria saw the world in a way her memory files had never seen before. Taking a few steps forward Gloria smiled because she found she was in her own secret world, a world where human's thought she was one of them but the truth was she wasn't she was a robot.

Smiling as she realized how liberating the whole notion of being a robot was Gloria walked down the stone steps ever aware of her heels on the stone. Gloria was also ever aware that four percent of her processor was being used to emulate scenario's of what it would be like when her human mode was over and she could fully convert so she had metal skin.

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