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Most people call Gallinax the Pleasure Planet. This means that people have this image of an entire planet that does nothing but have parties all day, all night long. It is true that the holovid industries are concentrated here, as are a lot of the virtual games. It is true that there are more theme parks here then most planets have. There are many legitimate businesses here. The famous InterStellar Law Corporation has its home office here, since they started as Stanley, Isaac and Drummond law firm to help the holovid studios with legal matters pertaining to hiring actors and crew from different planets in the human sphere, distribution and so forth. I suppose that I'm trying to explain why there's a naked girl standing in the middle of my room. She was flawless. She stood at about one-point-six meters tall with long, golden-blond hair and blue eyes. Her breasts were large and almost defied gravity by not sagging at all. Her waist was small, but not as extreme. She was standing at an easy attention, taking deep, even breaths. She stared at the wall, her eyes occasionally blinking. "So, explain to me how you got her into my office?" I asked my friend on the other end of the opt call. "I just talked to your secretary. She was very cooperative, you know." "Considering that you built her too, I guess that she would be. So, what's the deal with this one?" "This is the one that'll break the backs of companies like Cyborg Inc. She's cheaper to build than any of the custom models, and higher quality than any of them." "So, what do you need me for?" I asked him. "I need you to give her a final shakedown, of course. I need someone to order her around, fuck her, and have her do the housework. I need someone to reprogram her with a home computer and forget to run virus checkers on her everyday." "I see, and is she going to stand there all the time I'm testing her?" "She's just in stand-by mode. If you give her an order, she'll obey it. Here, touch her stomach." I caressed her flesh. It was soft and smooth and I would be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and human flesh. "Now, order her to open her belly access panel." I still had my hand on her when I said to her: "Open your belly access panel." I felt her skin get hard under my hand. There was a click, and I felt something give under my hand. "Hey," I said as I drew my hand away. Her belly fell open, exposing her insides. "Do you like that? Morphing skin types. You don't have to individually disconnect all those sensor and power lines." "Very good," I said to him. I looked into her. She was a very neat package inside. Most of the really expensive models have all sorts of parts packed all sorts of ways. Expensive equipment taking priority over orderly placement. "You said she was in stand-by mode. Are there any other modes?" "Sure there are. Just look at your desk." Sitting on the desk was a plastic box the size of a large book. Inside were various cables, neatly bundled; a thin, black box covered with buttons; and a thin, black book. "An instruction manual?" I asked, holding the book up. "You got it. You might want to read it when you have a moment. For now, you can use the remote to put her into Normal mode, where she won't be such a mannequin." "Well, thanks. By the way, what's her name?" "She doesn't have one. I'll see you later."

He signed off and I spent a few moments looking again at my new android. "Close your panel," I said to her. She closed her panel and I heard a click. I touched her skin again, and it was soft and warm once again. I looked at the remote. Two mode buttons, Stand-by and Normal. I pressed the Normal button. She blinked a few times and then smiled. "Hello, Master. What did you want to do to me first?" You might not believe this, but while she was in Stand-by mode, I didn't realize that she was naked. Now that she was awake and moving, I suddenly realized that I had been handling and caressing a beautiful, nude woman. I kissed her and was delighted when she kissed me back. "I hope you're anatomically correct," I said to her as I began shucking my clothes. "Of course I am. My programming wouldn't allow me to do anything like this if I wasn't." In my mind, I was going to romantically go over her whole body and build up her pleasure along with my own. By the short time I got my shorts off and my dick free, I had pinned her to the wall. Instead of complaining, she spread her legs.

Jake looked up as I entered the room. He grinned as he saw the android on my arm. "So what did you name her?" "Minx. So, do I get to keep her?" "Of course you do dude. I take it she's working out well for you?" "She's working out so well, that I want to know if there's anything I can do to get into this act." "Yeah, dude. I was hoping that you'd say that. I have a lot of tech guys on hand, but I don't have anyone to help with distribution." "Well, consider me the help then." "All right!" They shook hands.

And so it was that Minx Inc. was born and the former big cyborg corporations were hard pressed to keep up with our low-priced, high-volume, high-quality products. Of course, in this day and age where more men are being born then women, there's a lot of market to go around.

I looked up at our flagship store. It was officially known as the Minx. Inc. Outlet Store. It did actually have a few modular production units inside, but it was locally known as the Doll House. The store front looked like an old-fashioned, two-story house cut in half. The various rooms were on display, and they were filled with our products. There was a bathroom where a female android would take a shower, take a bath, do her hair. There was a bedroom where an android would be sleeping or reading. There was a kitchen where another android would cook and clean. This one was on the ground floor with a partition that would let her hand feed some of the passer-bys. The other room was a living room with two androids in it. They would alternate between watching a holovid, having conversations, and sometimes, the lights would dim so that the passer-bys could get a glimpse of them making love. There was always a crowd in front of the store watching the action. "Someday," a guy said to me out of the blue, "I'm going to own me a model like that one." He was pointing at the model in the shower. She was naked and lathering herself all over. She noticed him watching and gave him a wink before going back to lathering. "You know," I said to him, "they're waterproof, but taking a shower all day long is rough on their systems. You could probably buy her cheap in a few weeks." He turned to me. "Really?" "Really. Why don't you go in and ask about it. I mean, the worse that'll happen is you'll find out that she's still too expensive for you." "I guess that's true. Hey, thanks buddy. I'll go in there and ask about it tomorrow." Gallinax is one of the few places we could get away with it. Its one of the few places that allows that sort of thing as long as no live people are involved and its not too explicit. Some people have complained, but we can afford very good lawyers. I walked down the short corridor to the front door. "Hello, sir!" the android at the front. "Mr. Jackobson is in the manager's office, waiting for you." "Thank you... Jamie," I said, pausing for a moment to look at her name tag. It was impossible to get to know the receptionist. They were sold so often that there was a new one every few days. I walked past the usual displays. A statuary displaying used models for sale and demonstration. The hologram room where the androids are designed to customer specifications. The repair and manufacturing labs. An android in a blue jumpsuit greeted me. She didn't look like much, but she was a security droid. "Right this way, sir," she said. I walked down the flight of stairs to the management offices. I walked into the manager's office. Jake was sitting down at the desk, the store manager was sitting down across from him on the sofa. Sitting down on the edge of a desk was a beautiful woman. She had long, dark-blonde hair in a pony-tail. She had green eyes and was wearing a white outfit. White T-shirt with a white jacket draped over it with white slacks and white sandals. "Hey, man!" Jake said to me. "Say hello to Darla." "Hey, Darla," I said. She surprised me by getting off the desk and holding out her hand. "Jake's told me a lot about you," she said to me. "I'm real excited to be here." This was unusual behavior for an android. "Are you...?" I started to ask her. Jake then pulled a thin, black box out and pressed a button on it. "Darla shell, disengaged," she said. She let go of my hand and stood at easy attention. "Isn't she great!" Jake said to me. "She's the newest model, Minx two-point-oh. Her brain and software are light-years ahead of anything, anyone else has. I need a favor though." "Let me guess. You need a few test subjects, and I won't do anymore because I've been in this business to long." He slapped his knee. "That's why I wanted you on board, you know exactly what's gong on." "I got a couple ideas on what to do. Are they difficult to make?" "It takes a little longer to makes these then the originals, but not much longer."

Max lifted his head. The knocking at the door grew more insistent. "All right, all right, keep your coat tails on. I'm coming." He got out of the bed and slipped a housecoat on. He shuffled to the door and looked through the peephole. "Hey!" he flung the door open and shook my hand. "Its good to see you." "Hey, Max. I was wondering if you could do me a favor." "Well, sure. Come on in. What sort of favor?" "Well, I need someone to help me with quality control." I kicked an empty box out of the way. "I guess what I'm saying is that I want to give you one of our new androids and have you tell me if its any good." "You mean one of those sexy, female androids you have on display at that store?" "She hasn't been on display, but yeah. An android like that." "Can I keep her?" I laughed. I remembered that feeling when Jake gave me Minx. "You can keep her. I'll send her over tomorrow. Or do you want to come down and custom make her?" "I think I'll do that. Will that take long?" "Well, it usually takes most people an hour to pick out things like looks, personality and so forth. You can get most of that done on our website. I'll have your computer tagged if you decide to go that route." "I'll see you tomorrow at the store then."

"So, what features did you want her to have?" "Well, I want her to have long, black hair. Really black. But, tanned skin. Not really dark, but tanned. And blue eyes." "Like this?" asked the interface android. She pressed a few keys on the board and a face popped up. "Yeah! Exactly like that." "What about the rest of the body?" "I don't know. Why don't you put something together and I'll see." "Right." She punched a few more buttons. The face shrank as it was placed on a body. Lightly tanned with even proportions. "Could you give her bigger boobs? But not too big." "I'll put on two cup sizes. That should do it." She pressed a few more and the breasts grew larger. Her waist flared out a bit to keep pace. "How's that?" "That's good. What size feet does she have?" "Feet?" "Well, I have to buy shoes for her sometimes, don't I? I don't want to go tearing around town or look up some obscure store on the net to find the right shoe size." "If I enlarge her foot size a bit, I think I can get some of the more available sizes." "Make her hair a little longer." Click, click. "That's it. That's perfect." "What about her personality? Voice type, hobbies? Any special skills? You can adjust any of these later." "Well, I'd like her to be a good listener. She should be able to do all the house work, and cook." "I'll insert a psychiatrist subset and add the basic, housekeeping skill-set." "Uh, okay." "Do you wish to give her a name?" "Yeah. Bambi."

I watched the production unit after Max left. On the surface, it wasn't much to look at. A flat, grey box a little smaller than a standard interstellar cargo container. The supply section was loaded with raw materials, and the internal fabricators made everything from the neural matrix to the skin.

Max awoke to the knocking on the door. He staggered to his feet and looked through the peephole. He saw a beautiful, black-haired girl through the lens. He opened the door. "Hi, I'm Bambi." "Ahh, come in," he said. She walked into his apartment. She was dressed in a simple white dress that was both modest and provocative. "Well, what do you want to do first?" she asked him. "What?" he asked. "Do you want to talk, or have sex, or do you want me to clean up?" That second statement made him pause. He stared at her breasts. The dress draped over them and she never flinched or reproached him for looking at them. Then his alarm started to ring. He opened his mouth, and she put a finger on it. "Tell you what. Why don't you get ready for work while I make your lunch. Then I'll try and clean up here. When you get home, I'll make your dinner, and you can have your way with me then. What do you say to that?" "What if I said no?" he said. "Then we'll do what you want. I'll do anything you say." He looked at her breasts again, then he dragged his eyes back to her face. She was smiling, waiting for his order. She then held up a finger. "Remember, anything you say." He then nodded. "We'll do that then. Make me lunch while I get ready. When I leave, get used to my apartment and clean it up. I come home at sunrise, make sure some dinner is ready for me before then." "Right," she said. If I don't take a cold shower, he said, I'm just going to march out and fuck this girl.

So, Max took his shower, brushed his teeth and put on his clothes. "Do you have enough time for breakfast?" she asked him as he exited. He shook his head. "I don't usually eat breakfast." "That's not good," she said. "Nothing can be done about this today, but we have to do something about that." She handed him a bag. "This is your lunch. When you get back, you're home will be clean and a hot dinner will be waiting for you." She kissed him on the cheek. "Now, go out there and have a great day." He turned her head slightly and kissed her for a good thirty seconds. "You know, I think that this is going to be good day." He walked out the door with a swing in his step for the first time in years.

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