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Episode 1: The Gift That Never Was

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentlemen, this station takes pride in presenting to you a new and exciting radio series, featuring the adventures of a fantastic and amazing new personality.

MAN 1: Look! Riding away! A girl of silver!

MAN 2: It's a statue come to life!

VOLTAIRE: It is the outlaw Galatea! After her! After her!

GALATEA: (in an echoy voice) Many thanks for the shards Captain! Till we meet again! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

ANNOUNCER: And now.....Galatea! A girl pure of heart, strong of will. And yet, she is a girl who is not human, but a robot, an android, a machine in the form of a human. Galatea....created to be the consort to a king, but now has devoted her exsistance to helping those in need. As our story begins, we ask you to come with us on a long journey. One that takes us millions of miles into space, and far into the future. Here we come upon the planet, Pangea. Back on Earth, it is the year 2345. But, here. Let a native of the mystery world, one Dr. Eric Tanner take the story from here.

(Music: Soft and slow)

TANNER: Pangea. It's the only home I've ever known. My great grandparents came here from a place called Earth one hundred and fifty years ago. I remember my parents telling me how they left a world ravaged by war, hunger, famine, over-population. They set out into space, not knowing they would find this place. But find it they did, and it was a paradise. It still is for the most part, even with our current troubles. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Pangea was one of 10 worlds those travelers discovered, but this was the largest. The name of our world came from a super-continent that was once the largest mass of land on Earth, before Mother Nature did her own dividing. A continent of a long long ago past. I suppose it was the past, a simpler time that my ancestors craved for so much, that made Pangea the way it is now. We've never had a...President.....or a Congress. I've only read about them in books. No, Pangea has a.....I guess the term on Earth was....Royal Family. One hundred and fifty years ago, a man named Phillip Aquarian was the man most responsible for getting the other settlers through it's first major crisis, a horrid wind and rock storm. And it was Phillip Aquarian who discovered the powerful crystal-like mineral that would power everything on this and the other worlds. He named it Pangeium. And in turn, the people named him King. King Phillip the first. His wife, Paulette, of course became Queen. And so it has gone for a century and a half. The Aquarians, along the the Elder Council has ruled Pangea, with all of its towers, and estates, and palaces in the cities, and even the peasants who live on the outer rims, the workers who mine the Pangeium, have lived like Kings in their own modest way......until now. Our current ruler, the man who has sat on that throne for the past twenty years, King Phillp the fourth, has taken gravely ill. No one is allowed to see him, save his most trusted aid; Minister Darrian Crane. I sincerly doubt that our good King Phillip truly knows how Crane and his right arm, the black-hearted Captain Kavos Voltaire, have turned Pangea into their own little playground, while peasant and noble alike break their backs serving them, paying tax after tax, all for "the health of the king". And those who don't pay.......their land seized.....families torn apart.....fathers and mothers in jail......childern sent to work in the mines or worse. And so it has gone on for six months now. And that is why I, Dr. Eric Tanner, scientist, have speeded up devolpment of my lastest AI project. After spending nearly half my life, two years ago, I finally made the breakthrough I had hoped for. An android capable of not only passing as a human being, but thinking and reasoning for itself. And for the past two years, I have taught this machine everything I know about what it is to be human. I've given......her, beauty, poise, grace, as well as all the emotions, good and bad, and will, that's most important, free will. And now at last I am ready to give his majesty a gift, a gift so rare, a gift to be called....

GALATEA: Good Morning Father!

TANNER: Oh! Galatea, you startled me. I didn't see you.

GALATEA: That's because you've been daydreaming in front of that window all this time.

TANNER: I was just making an entry into my audio-journal actually.

GALATEA: Well that can wait now. This day is too important. Come, I've made you breakfast.

TANNER: All right I'm coming (He begins walking, but returns to recording in his journal) She resebmbles a young adult woman who looks to be twenty years of age. Long blond hair in curls, rather pettie figure, her skin is a bit on the pale side. I never could give her a decent tan.

GALATEA: Now Father, put your journal down, and come eat, or i'll take that away from you.

TANNER: And as far as free will goes.......I seem to have gotten that in spades! (Sits down) Breakfast looks lovely. And did you do everything I asked Galatea?

GALATEA: Yes Father. I've had 12 hours of down time, and yesterday I practiced the curtsy and greeting I'm to give King Phillip IV 4,264 times. Will he like me?

TANNER: King Phillip? Oh I hope so. I'm hoping giving you as a gift will cheer him back to health. I'm afraid his heart has been broken ever since Queen Felicity was killed two years ago in a shuttle explosion on her way to Caprica, one of our sister worlds.

GALATEA: Yes, sister worlds. We have nine of them; Aquaria, Caprica, Liberty, Nebula, Pandora, Reyna, Sagetteria, and the twin worlds, Yin and Yang.

TANNER: Well, the King will certainly be impressed be your knowledge.

GALATEA: But Father, you said yourself, I'll need to be able to do more than just recite things like a trained bird.

TANNER: My, you do have a good memory. I didn't think you were active when I mentioned that. Now listen Galatea, you will be able to do great things. Now I don't know what they are, I only know they will come to you in time. I believe in you, Galatea. Always remember that.

GALATEA: Yes father, I will.

TANNER: Good girl. Now, I'm going to finish breakfast. You go down into the workroom, and bring up that dress I made you.

GALATEA: Yes father, right away.

(GALATEA gets up and leaves, and there is a knock at the door)

GALATEA: The door Father. Should I....

TANNER: No, you go downstairs. I'll get it.

GALATEA: Yes, Father.

GALATEA: (Thinking to herself) I feel so strange inside. I suppose it's what humans call.......butterflies in my stomach. Although there are no butterfiles here, nor do I have a stomach. Only a central processing unit, and many wires leading to and from it. I just don't know how this meeting...this.....presenting of myself as a gift will go. What if the King rejects me??.......(In a lofty voice)....Take this......creature away. How dare you insult the King with such a toy! (Back to her own voice) But King Phillip is not like he? Now you must not think of such things Galatea. This is for Father. Everything he has worked for depends on this day, on me doing my best. Well here we are back in the workroom. I shall miss this place. Perhaps the King will alllow me to visit from time to time. Ah, here is the closet (opens it) and inside....(gasps)....oh, Father what a beautiful silver dress you have given me to wear. Oh look, it seems such a perfect fit. I'm going to change into it right now. He'll be so happy. Wait a minute, what's that on the screen in front of me? Oh, Father must have left on the monitor to the house again. I'll just turn it off.....oh, but who are those men with him. They look like they have the uniforms of the King's guards. But it's too soon. The presentation is hours away. I'll just turn up to sound to hear what's going on.

TANNER: ...........and I've told you, this is a mistake! I am to see the King on personal busniess....alone!

GUARD: I'm sorry, Doctor, but I have my orders. We are to take possesion of whatever it is you intend to give to the King and present it to him oursevles.

TANNER: On whose athourity???

VOLTAIRE: Why, mine of course Eric.

TANNER: Captain Voltaire, I might have known.

VOLTAIRE: I'm so glad you know how to address me properly.....Doctor.

TANNER: What's this all about?? Why are these men here??

VOLTAIRE: You know as well, as I do Eric, the King is very ill. He can't just see anybody right now.

TANNER: He'll see me, or know the reason why he can't!

VOLTAIRE: Eric.....Eric. Is that anyway to talk to an old friend.

TANNER: Oh yes some friend. You take my work and twist it. Those robots you have serving as your "warriors" were meant to help the people of Pangea, not beat them senseless until they pay your tributes!

VOLTAIRE: Now Eric, you yourself put those.......what do you call them......Three Laws of Robotics.....into my troops. They've just been defending themselfs against the more...violent section of our population.

TANNER: Yes, I've seen how you forced those poor souls into a fight. You make them attack at the point of a sword. Well, your not getting your hands on her! Not now, not ever!

VOLTAIRE: Her is it......Well Eric, I see you have been busy. Don't I get even a little peek?? Hmmm?? No answer eh? Your just going to give me the silent treatment now eh? Well here is my answer to that!

GALATEA: That man all dressed in black, the one Father calls Voltaire, what is he doing?? (Gasp) He's drawing his sword right at....FATHER LOOK OUT, LOOK OUT!!!! OH HE'S BEEN RUN THRU!!! NOOOO.....FATHER....NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (Her voice begins to break) Oh no!! No no no!!!

VOLTAIRE: You men.....take as many bots as you can, and search the grounds. We're probably looking for a young girl, any girl you find on the grounds, bring her to me!

GALATEA: (Sobbing) Oh Father, what have they done to you??? And why??? Why have they done this??? What's that....Your.....your alive father, but only just. Are you trying to speak to me. I can....I can hear you ears can hear you.

TANNER: (in a gasped wisper) FOR YOUR VERY.....VERY....UGGHHHH.....LIIIIFFFEEEEEE!!!!

ANNOUNCER: And so Galatea does run. She's runs from the murderous Captain Voltaire who has just taken the life of her beloved creator, the man she calls "Father". But where will she go, where can she go? And with her Father lying dead, who in all of Pangea can she rely on now?? Don't miss the next thrilling installment of.......Galatea!

(Horses riding hard)

VOLTAIRE: There she goes! The outlaw Galatea!!! After her!! After her!!!

GALATEA: (echoy voice) I ride for justice, and the people of Pangea!! Till we meet again Captain!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

ANNOUNCER: Galatea is a copywrited feature of Fembot Central.

To be continued...

Episode 2: The Deception

ANNOUNCER: The Adventures of Galatea

(Horses galloping hard)

GUARD 1: Look! Riding away! A girl of silver!

GUARD 2: It's a statue come to life!

VOLTAIRE: It is the outlaw, Galatea! After her! After her!!

GALATEA: Many thanks for the shards, Captain!! Till we meet again!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

ANNOUNCER: And now....Galatea. The adventures of an android girl, made of synthetic flesh, but who discovers she has the heart of a hero. In our first episode, we learned that Galatea was the creation of one Dr. Eric Tanner, a kind, brilliant man, who wished nothing more than to bring happiness to the ruler of the world he lived on, Pangea. Galatea was to be a gift to the wise and noble King Phillip IV, who had taken mysteriously ill, and because the Queen had been tragiclly killed two years before, and Phillip had no heir, Pangea was being ruled by the greedy Prime Minister, Darrian Crane, and the black-hearted Captain of the Kings guards, Voltaire. And it is Voltaire who pays an unexpected call on the good doctor. His purpose; to prevent Tanner from seeing the King, and presenting Galatea to His Majesty by any means nessacary, even if it means killing the doctor. And that is exactly what happens. Without warning, and in cold blood, Voltaire runs Tanner through with his sword, as a horrified Galatea watches from the safety of the doctor's underground workroom, unseen by Voltaire and his men. And now, as our story continues, Tanner lays dying, and manges to look right at a camera that leads to a monitor in the workroom where Galatea is. With his dying breath, he speaks to her.

TANNER: (in a dying whisper) daughter....runnnnnnn.....RUNNN...UGHHHH....FOR YOU LIFE!!!

GALATEA: (trying hard not to cry) Oh Father.....oh he's dead! They've killed him!! But why...why???? I....I have no time to think of that now. I must carry out my Father's last order to me. I must run. But where?? Where can I go??

VOLTAIRE: (heard in the background) Take one squard to the north, and one to the south. Search the grounds and the house. Any girl you find bring right to me!!

GALATEA: They're looking for me. They will find me soon enough. I must do something. Those men who are not men, I know them. RUR 500s. My father helped design and build them before he made me. They will not rest until I am found. Oh what can I do?? Wait...yes, I know now. I shall wait until they pass. Good, they are away from the garden now. I must move quickly. (She begins to run) I'll exit though the secret back door of the workroom, and now (runs faster) through the garden. Oh, I hope they (pant) they don't see me. (She begins breathing harder). Faster, I must run faster (which she does). Here, here is what I seek. My Father's storage shed. Oh please, please hurry door, recognize me and open. (A BEEP and a SWOOSH is heard) I'm inside. (SWOOSH) I'm inside safe for the monent with my sisters, earlier versions of me my Father built that failed to function properly. (Calling out) Hello my sisters. I know none of you can hear me, but I still feel close to every one of you. That is why I regret what I must do now. (She's heard walking) You, my dark red-haired sister. Your face is almost like mine. You were the last to come before me. You'll help me now, won't you? Here, I'll just reach behind your right ear, and depress your activation (Click....Buzz......Whir.....CLICK...CLICK....CLICK)

GALATEA II: (In a very monotone voice) HOW-MAY-I-SERVE-YOU?

GALATEA: I'm going to open the door, and you are going to run. You are to run, and keep running, and you will not stop, until I and no one else tells you to. Do you understand?


(Door SWOOSHES open)

GALATEA: Go now, run!

GUARDS: Look, there's a girl running now. You there! Stop! Stop do you hear?? Stop, or we'll fire!!!

GALATEA: (In a quiet, almost whisper) Oh run my sister, run. Perhaps they will not catch you. Wait, the RUR 500s, they are after her now, but she still runs. Oh she's almost off the estate now. Oh, go my sister go. Oh.....those laser guns...too many of them....they are being fired.

(Several lasrer shots heard)

GALATEA: They've struck her! The lasers are overloading all her delicate circuts. She's still trying to run. Oh, she's fallen. I can see the sparks coming from everywhere. She's twitching, still trying to move. Oh forgive me my sister, but you have bought me much needed time. And while thay are busy with you, I shall cover myself with this grey cloak. I shall take these shards Father sometimes gives me to go shopping with and I shall book passage to Father's cabin by Lake Pangea. He's taken me there before, and it has re-charge ports. Here, here on the shelf are the keys to that cabin. And now I leave here, but I shall return, I swear to you my Father. Somehow, someway, I shall return here, and this.....Captain Voltaire will be made to pay for what he has done to you. And now.....I......I depart (she's heard running off)

GUARD: We have her sir! We have Dr. Tanner's android.

(Sparking and buzzing is heard)

VOLTAIRE: Yes, I see that.....and it's in several pieces too.

GUARD: Yes sir

VOLTAITE: You brainless idiots. I wanted it in tact!!

GUARD: Look sir. It still moves

(More sparking and buzzing)


(VOLTAIRE fires a laser shot into her and much sparking is heard then nothing)

VOLTAIRE: Useless!!

GUARD: Yes sir, it certainly was.

VOLTAIRE: I wasn't talking about the android you fool! I suppose it doesn't matter now. With Tanner dead, and the......King's gift destroyed, His Majesty won't be making any swift recoveries. Wait a mintue. That shed by the garden.

GUARD: Yes sir.

VOLTAIRE: Hmmmm...nothing now. But I thought I saw someone...have the RUR 500s sweep this place. See if they can't come up with something besides the dust specks.

GUARD: Yes sir.

VOLTAIRE: In the meantime, I shall attend the meeting of the Pangiean Nobles this afternoon. I must inform them of poor Doctor Tanner's......suicide. Yes. It sould be a very interesting meeting indeed.

ANNOUNCER: And so, Galatea escapes with her life. She escapes to a secluded cabin by Lake Pangea where she can ponder her future. A future without her beloved Father; a future without a friend in the world...or is fate about to take a hand. And what of Voltaire? What diobolical plans does he have for the people of Pangea now? Don't miss the next installment of....Galatea!!

VOLTAIRE: It is the outlaw, Galatea!! After her!! After her!!

GALATEA: I ride for justice, and the people of Pangea!! Till we meet again Captain!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

ANNOUNCER: Galatea is a copywrited feature of Fembot Central.

To be continued...

Episode 3: New Friends Are Made

ANNOUNCER: The Adventures of Galatea

(Horses galloping hard)

MAN: Look there, on a horse black as night, a girl of silver!

WOMAN: It's a statue come to life!

VOLTAIRE: It is the outlaw, Galatea! After her, after her!

GALATEA: Many thanks for the shards Captain Voltaire! Catch me if you can! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

ANNOUNCER: And now....Galatea! A mechanical girl who found she had a human-like heart of gold. Created to be a consort for a King, she now devotes her exsistance to help those in need. In our last episode, Galatea narrowly escaped the search for her by the black-hearted Captain Voltaire and his inhuman RUR 500s. She escaped by use of a decoy - an earlier version of her to run in her place. That duplicate was destroyed by the RURs and allowed Galatea to escape to a remote cabin on the shore of Lake Pangea, where she now hides. And as for Voltaire, he has made his way to the great Hall of Wisdom in Paradise City, where, as our story now continues, he addresses a meeting of Pangea's nobles, the kingdom's most prominet land owners.

(Much discussion by the nobles, followed by the banging of a gavel)

MR. WHITBY: Gentlemen, order, order....Voltaire speaks.

VOLTAIRE: My dear nobles, I know you still await the arrival of dear Doctor Eric Tanner, but I regret to inform you he will no longer be joining you, for you see, I just left his estate where, sad as it is to report this.....I and my guards found him dead.

NOBLES: Dead???.....Did I hear him right???.....Can it be true???

MR. WHITBY: Gentlemen, Gentlemen.......Hear him out.

VOLTAIRE: I had gone to meet poor Eric early in the day, and when I arrived, I found the man had jumped out the window, and had fallen on one of his garden tools. I know these pictures I now display on the screen are quite horrid, but these along with this note composed on his word pad comfirm Dr. Tanner's........suicide.

NOBLES: Suicide???......Not Tanner, surely not....No, not Eric, I refuse to believe it.

MR. WHITBY: (Banging Gavel) Gentlemen, gentleman, I am afraid the evidance here is clear.....Dr. Eric Tanner is no longer with us.

MR. HART: And what for us now, Mr. Whitby? Dr. Tanner told us he possesed the greatest hope for helping King Phillip recover.

MR. WHITBY: Perhaps something in that note of his?

VOLTAIRE: I am afraid not. Nothing here was mentioned about help for the King. I would suggest Mr. Hart, that you and the other nobles double your efforts.....monitarily, to help our good King Phillip recover.

MR. RANDALL: More taxes Voltaire?? To be paid by us??

VOLTAIRE: I see where we have little choice in the matter Mr. Randall. Well, since you gentleman have a funeral to plan, I'll take my leave. Good day gentlemen.

NOBLES: More taxes...I still don't believe it was suicide......Voltare's mad.....But who can stop him??? (Voices fade)

(Sound of Rain, followed by thunder, then more rain)

GALATEA: I am taking a grave chance coming here to my father's funeral, near the house. But I must be here. I must say goodbye one last time. Thankfully, no one is taking notice of me buried in this thick cloak, and uner this oak tree. I see the nobles gatherd around my father's coffin. Thay are beginning to leave now. But where is the one who conducted the service, I could not see him before. I will approach and ask that portly woman by my father's coffin. (Raises her voice and calles out). Excuse me please.

FRIAR MERRY: (An Irish woman in her 50s) Yes, my child? Oh do come closer, out of that horrid rain. Here, come under the canopy.

GALATEA: Thank you. You are most kind. I seek the one who conducted this funeral.

FR. MERRY: Why that would be me child. (Galatea gasps) Oh don't sound so shocked child. It's not uncommon for women to be in charge of a chruch in this day and age. Even on a far away planet as remote as Pangea. I am Friar Merry child. And who might you be?

GALATEA: I.....I am......I was an old......friend of Dr. Tanner.

FR. MERRY: Well, child, you can come out of that cloak now. It's dry enough under the canopy.

GALATEA: I.......I would perfer not to good Friar. If the King's Guards should see me...

FR. MERRY: Oh, you poor dear child. Say no more. Tis indeed a sad day when the citizens of Pangea must hide from those who are supposed to be our protectors.

GALATEA: Thank you good Friar. May I remain here a while to pay my respects?

FR. MERRY: Of course my child, of course. You may remain as long as you wish. I'll see your not disturbed.

GALATEA: Thank you good Friar. I shall remember your kindness. (Fr. Merry leaves) Oh Father.....I can see peace.....even with the coffin lid closed. Oh why did they do this?? What reason does Voltaire have to hate you so? And what shall I do now, without your guidence?? I only have memories now. And I shall remember everything you taught me father.....And somehow.....whihout you......(she begins to cry)....I.....I will go on.......And somehow.....I shall fulfill your last living wish....I shall present myself to King Phillip as his gift. Father......Goodbye. (She continues to quietly cry as she walks) What is to become of me now??? What shall I feel.......feel so......... tired? Oh, power......I lost track of time here at the.....the.....cem-e-tary. My.....pow-er lev-el......only.......only 3 per-cent left.'s so hard walk.....Per-haps is can no mind.............slip-ing........I......IIIIIII

(a motorcycle is heard, it gets closer, and comes to a screeching halt)

JASON RIVERS (Young man in his 20s) Hey.....Hey you in the cloak, I almost ran over you, what in the hell is the matter??.....Hey, hey did you hear me? I almost knocked you down.......Hello???.....Hello??? Fine, be a statue. I'll just get off my bike and move you myself.'re a girl....Are you ok.

GALATEA: (Very very soft): Help me, pow-er.

JASON: Power? Hey lady, you look pale. You need help. You're barly moving but your head seems to be nodding yes. Look, I'm going to get you into my motorcycle, ok? I have a side car I use for packages, and it's empty, so you can sit right here, and i'll get you to a doctor.

GALATEA (as long as she can but still soft)

JASON: Must go where? Hey, your touching my navigation screen, what's it doing? How did you do that?? It's a map of Lake Pangea. Is that where you need to go? Yes. Now look.....

SGT SPARKS: (A goofball blowhard) Hey you there, on the can't park on the road. (Horses clip-clop closer) Oh, it's you Rivers. What do you mean by stopping here?

JASON: Well hello there Sargent Sparks, I was just helping my sister in the bike. She's tagging along with me to make a delivery to Lake Pangea...see the screen?

SPARKS: Yes, I see it....another sister eh? Someday I want to meet this very large family of yours Rivers. You seem to have an endless supply of sisters. Just move on ok?

JASON: Yes, Sargent, I'm moving along. (They ride off) Well, sister....I guess I'm taking you to Lake Pangea.

ANNOUNCER: And so, a powerless Galatea is taken back to her late father's cabin by this mystery man, Rivers....Who is he, friend or foe? Don't miss the next thrilling installment of.....GALATEA!

VOLTAIE: There goes the outlaw Galatea!! After her!! After her!!

GALATEA: I ride for justice, and all of Pangea!! Till we meet again Captain!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Galatea is a copywrited feature of Fembot Central.

To be continued...

Episode 4: A Day of Discovery

(Horses galloping hard)

MAN: Look there, on a horse as black as night! A girl of silver!

WOMAN: It is a statue come to life!

VOLTAIRE: It is the outlaw, Galatea! After her, after her!

GALATEA: (echoy voice) Many thanks for the shards, Captain! Catch me if you can! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

ANNOUNCER: And now....Galatea! A girl of artificial construct, living among humans, and who has devoted her very exsistence to helping the most powerless among them. And today, as our story continues, it is Galatea who now finds herself powerless; her battery depleated after remaining too long at the funeral of her beloved creator, Dr. Eric Tanner. But just as all seems lost, our heroine is rescued by a mysterious stranger, and taken back to the cabin near Lake Pangea, where she has been hidden for the past three days. But....let us leave that scene for a moment, and turn our attention to the castle of King Phillip IV, where Prime Minister Darrian Crane, and Captain Voltaire meet in secret. Listen now.....

CRANE: (A very popmous and stuffy older man) And how did our dear nobles take the news of Dr. Tanner's.....unfortunete passing?

VOLTAIRE: There were a few who did not believe at first, but in the end, thanks to the....evidance I presented, they all accepted the fact that poor Eric died by his own hand.

CRANE: And what of Tanner's gift for Phillip?

VOLTAIRE: Destroyed, M'Lord.

CRANE: (chuckles) Excellent, Voltaite, excellent.

VOLTAIRE: Yes, M'Lord. Little do the people of the kingdom know that I have our dear King Phillip locked away in his own tower dungeon. And thanks to the special brew he's given every night, the King actually believes he's resting in his own bed, placing his hand print on decrees that...he he the people.

CRANE: Oh yes. His decrees of late have indeed helped the people....helped them make us more rich and powerful by the day, eh Voltaire? Heh he....heh he...hehehehe.

VOLTAIRE: Indeed M'Lord, and with Tanner and his toy out of the way, we can begin rule over all of Pangea. Both peasant and noble alike shall pay our taxes, and serve us without question.....all in the name of good King Phillip of course.

CRANE: Yes, and once all of Pangea is ours, we shall see that Phillip's illness overtakes the poor fellow, and with no heir, I shall become King!

(Both laugh very evil laughs as the scene fades)

(Sound of a motorcycle gets louder, and louder then screeches to a halt)

JASON: Well, here I am again. The cabin I brought that mystery girl....or whatever she I've never had to plug a girl in before. Well, I hope she's home. Up to the door and.... (Knocks a few times)

GALATEA: (from the other side of the door) Yes, who is it?

JASON: Ah, my name is Jason Rivers. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I brought you here yesterday. Can I come in?

GALATEA: Oh yes, one moment please. (Door opens) Why yes, I do remember you. Please come in.

JASON: Thanks (walks in)

GALATEA: Mr....Rivers, was it?

JASON: Oh, please call me Jason.

GALATEA: And I am called Galatea.

JASON: That's an unusual name, very lovely too.

GALATEA: Oh thank you. And...thank you for rescuing me. I guess you know that I am not human.

JASON: Well you did seem a little different. What exactly are you?

GALATEA: I am an android. A humanoid robot made to resemble a young woman. I was created by a man I only know to be my father. His name is...was.....Dr. Eric Tanner.

JASON: Tanner? You mean the guy who killed himself a few days back?


JASON: Yeah, it was in all the Pangean papers (Unfolds newspaper) Here, you can read for yourself. Says Doc Tanner committed suicide at his home.

GALATEA: That is a lie! My father did NOT commit suicide! He was murdered! At the hands of some man named Voltaire.

JASON: Voltaire? Captain of the kings guards?

GALATEA: Whatever his title is, he is the one responsile for my father's death. And I have proof. Let me show you on this vidslip. I'll just insert the card in the player here. Now watch. (Staticy sounds are heard)

JASON: Not much of a show you have there princess.

GALATEA: A power surge must have distorted the playback image. I'm afraid I used quite a bit of power recharging myself. Well, no matter. I will just make another vidslip from my memory, and with I present it to King Phillip.....

JASON: Hahaha.....oh brother, why don't you just ask for a million shards while your at it. Nobody sees the grand King Phillip. He just sits there in his bed chamber, while he's ill, finding more and more ways to make life miserable for those living outside Paradise City, and his castle.

GALATEA: But I was told King Phillip was good and kind. And my Father did not lie to me. You must be mistaken.

JASON: Is that so? You're ah.......fully re-charged are you?

GALATEA: Yes, both my main batteries, and my reserve battery are at near capcity.

JASON: Good. I make deliveries of all sorts on my motorbike out there. I have one more special delivery to make after sunset. Perhaps you'd like to come with me?

GALATEA: What, me? Ride on that thing out there? I perfer horses thank you.

JASON: Spoken like a true noble.

GALATEA: What is that supposed mean?

JASON: Well, your......"father".....Old Doc Tanner, was a noble. I guess he taught his daugher not to dirty herself on something as lowly as a motorbike. Anyway, you didn't object yesterday, when I brought you here on it.

GALATEA: That was different....I was out of power......alseep....I didn't have any choice.

JASON: Well I guess I understand. If you're afraid....

GALATEA: I am not afraid. (Pauses) I will go with you.

(Sound of Jason's cycle running on a sort of silent mode fades up)

JASON: There, that wasn't such a bad ride up, was it?

GALATEA: No, I suppose not. I still perfer horses.

JASON: Well have it your way. Keep you voice down now.

GALATEA: (In a low whisper) What is this place?

JASON: (Also in a low whisper) One of the Pangeium mines located on the outer rims. We're delivering this food in our arms to the workers inside that bunk house.

GALATEA: They do not have their own food?

JASON: Not enough to feed them properly. And wait till you meet the workers inside this house of horror.

GALATEA: Why do you call it that?

JASON: You'll see. Careful now. We're going into this underground entrance. Now up these stairs. And i'll make my usual knock on this trap door. (Shave and a haircut knock....trap door opens)

CHILD:'s Jason.

CHILDERN: Jason......Jason's here....It must be our real dinner time.....What are having?....Hope it tastes good.

JASON: Shhhhhh......keep it down kids. I have plenty here for all of you. Here Richie, hand it out to the others.

RICHIE: Thanks Jason. Did you bring the medicine for Ally?

JASON: I sure did. How is she?

RICHIE: Getting worse all the time. If not for the medicine you bring...

JASON: Yeah, I know kid. Ally, Ally.....wake up.....I brought you dinner.

ALLY: (In a very sweet, but weak voice) Mis-mister Jason?

JASON: Yeah, it's me. Keep quiet though. Don't want to wake up tubby outside. Here....take this. It'll help you get better. That's it, good girl.

ALLY: Tastes icky mister Jason.

GALATEA: Yes, but I'll bet this taste good. It's a bottle of Pan-Cola. Here you go.

ALLY: Who is this mister Jason? She's pretty.

JASON: Just a friend helping me tonight.

GALATEA: My what pretty pink knee socks. Even if they are a bit dirty.

RICHIE: You can't help but get dirty digging for Pangeium by hand all day.

GALATEA: Do you mean to say you childern work in this mine?......And dig by hand?? Who forces you to do this?

RICHIE: A man named LeClaire. He beats us until we work hard enough.

GALATEA: But where are your parents?

JASON: They have none. These are childern from the orphanage. They were brought here by order of your good and kind King Phillip.

GALATEA: But there must be some mistake.

ALLY: Mister Jason. You and your friend must leave now. LeClaire is sure to awaken soon.

JASON: I doubt that with as much as he drinks every night. But we need to go anyway. You kind finish your meal. I'll be back tomorrow night.

CHILDERN: Thanks.....Thank you Jason......Bless you sir........Please come back tomorrow.

(Trap door closes)

JASON: Now do you see what good King Phillip brings down on his subjects?

GALATEA: Yes. I have seen and discovered much this day, Jason. May we go back to the cabin now?

JASON: Sure princess, sure

(They ride away as the scene fads out, and fades back up at the cabin s the door opens)

JASON: Well here we are princess, safe and soud. Now tell me again about this...plan of yours?

GALATEA: I am now convinced that Captain Voltaire is the one behind the treachery I have seen, and that you have spoken of. And I read in this....Pangean paper of yours that he plans to take claim of my father's house in two days time if no heir makes claim to the estate. This must not happen. I must find a way to get back into house you hear something?

JASON: Yeah, it sounds like..a steady beeping.

GALATEA: Yes. It's coming room.....this way. (Low beeping gets louder) That steel box in the corner. I've paid no attention to it until now. It's beeping and a button on the base of the box is flashing. But what does it mean?

ANNOUNCER: What is the meanig of the strange steel box? And will Voltaire succed in his plot to take over the Tanner estate? Don't miss the next thrilling installment of.....Galatea!

VOLTAIRE: It is the outlaw, Galatea! After her, after her!

GALATEA: I ride for justice, and all of Pangea!! Till we meet again, Captain! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Galatea is a copywrited feature of Fembot Central

To be continued...

Episode 5: A Bargain Is Made

ANNOUNCER: The Adventures of Galatea

(Horses galloping hard)

MAN: Look there, on a horse as black as night! A girl of silver!

WOMAN: It is a statue come to life

VOLTAIRE: It is the outlaw, Galatea! After her, after her!

GALATEA: (echoy voice): Many thanks for the shards, Captain. Catch me if you can! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

ANNOUNCER: In our last episode, Galatea, the young android girl had discovered how mistreated the people of Pangea had become, especially young childern forced to work in the mines to dig for Pangeium, the fantastic crystal-like subtance that powers nearly everyting on Pangea, and the other worlds within this star system as well. And while her new friend, Jason Rivers, blames Pangea's current troubles on King Phillip the IV, Galatea believes that not to be so. She is convinced that Captain Voltaire is the man behind the tyrrany the people of this kingdom face. And what's more, our heroine has learned that Voltaire plans to take control of the only home she has ever known; the estate belonging to her creator, the late Dr. Eric Tanner. And now, as our story continues, Galatea and Jason are at a remote cabin also belonging to Dr. Tanner, off the shore of Lake Pangea. Also in that cabin, is a strange silver box with a flashing light at its base. The box gives off a beeping sound that is getting louder and louder........

JASON: The sound coming from that box. I'm having to hold my hands to my ears.

GALATEA: Yes, I am as well.

JASON: Are you sure it's not some sort of explosive device?

GALATEA: If it were, would I have us still standing here?

JASON: Good point. Well we have to do something.

GALATEA: That light. It's flashing in sync with the beeps. Perhaps I should press it.

(A click is heard. The beeping stops)

JASON: Well, that worked. Hey look, it's opening. It looks like some sort of refrigirated compartment. What's that cylinder in the center?

GALATEA: I'm not sure, but that mechanical arm beside ir is holding some sort of note. I'll just reach down and take it.

JASON: Be careful.

GALATEA: It is addresed to me. I wonder....(the note can be heard being opened) It is from my father. My dearest Gala...

ERIC TANNER: ...tea. I have programmed this safe to open on the Earth date, October 1, 2345. If you're reading this note without me there, then my deepest fear has come to pass. It must be assumed that I am dead , and that you are now alone. I can only imagine what you are feeling at this moment. You must be strong my dear Galatea. You must be strong in so many ways. And if he still lives, you must find a way to get to King Phillp, and present yourself to him. I believe you are his only hope now for his true recovery. And if he is not alive......well, I must admit, I don't like to entertain such a thought.

The cylinder your now see in this safe contains several thousand nanites; tiny living machines. I have created them to perform in sync with your own body and thought patterens, Galatea. Consider them your little guardians. Once inside you, they will operate on your command only. You'll notice the inside of the cylinder looks to be a silver liquid. On the verbal command that you alone can give, these nanites will bind together to give you're a sort of second skin, and a much denser alloy structure. So long as the nanites remain active within your body, you will be virtually indestructable. You'll be able to walk through fire. You'll body will be able to withstand at minimum 500 degrees fairenhieght. You'll have the strength of a hundred men. You'll be able to run as fast as the wind. You will indeed be able to do great things, Galatea. I know that if you choose to inject these nanites into your body, you'll use the powers contained within to aid not only King Phillip, but all of Pangea. Especially those oppressed by Minister Crane, and Captain Voltaire. But be warned, Galatea. The bonding of the nanites has olnly lasted two hours at a time in tesing. After that, they go dormat for at least twelve hours, and you return to normal. But this can work to your advantage also. You must return home, Galatea, but do not use that name in public. Choose another, and perhaps a false persona to go along with the new name. I believe in this way, you will able to get close to the enimies of our King, and discover their plots. Then, when the time is right, you can call your nanite guardians to foil those Galatea. I know this is so very much to ask of you my darling daughter, but I know what....

GALATEA: .....ever choices you make, they will be the right ones. I will always believe in you and be with you, even in death. (Sniff) All my deepest love, your father, Eric Tanner

(she cries just a bit)

JASON: loved him very much, didn't you?

GALATEA: Yes I did and still do.

JASON: That's amazing. You, a machine, being capable of feeling love.

GALATEA: Oh, amazing? I'm afraid you have not even seen amazing yet.

JASON: What do you mean?

GALATEA: I now know what my father had planned for me all along. The nanites, this "second skin" he wishes me to use. Then there is the hand held compact library he left for me on this desk. It's full of many interesting stories. Robin Hood, The Curse of Capistrano, about a masked man named Zorro, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, The Shadow, and of course, there are the very famous classic stories about the NVA female android named Nova. All these stories have given me much guidance for what I'm about to do now.

JASON: And just what are you planning to do? You do know all of these stories you've mentioned are fiction. You know, not real?

GALATEA: Yes, I am aware of that, but now I intended to turn fiction into reality.

JASON: And just how do you.....

(A horse whinny is heard from outside)

JASON: What's that outside the window? Hey, that black horse is bumping my bike. (He runs outside) away from there!

(Horse whinnies louder)

JASON: Go on horse, shoo, away, spilt.

(Horse grunts then whinnies)

JASON: Hey, whoa, take it easy. Ease up there. I didn't mean....

GALATEA: (Running after him) Jason, wait...that horse it sounds like....

(Horse whinnies loud)

GALATEA: THUNDERBOLT!!! Oh, Thunderbolt, it's really you.

JASON: You know this monster?

GALATEA: Shame on you, Mr. Rivers. This is no monster, this is my horse, Thunderbolt. My first year birthday present from my father.

(Thunderbolt neighs)

GALATEA: Oh Thunderbolt, I thought you had been taken away by that awful Captain Voltaire. What's that? You ran away before thay could find you? And you went looking for me?

(Thunderbolt grunts and neighs in answer to each question)

JASON: You actually understand this animal?

GALATEA: Yes, of course. I understand what he means by the different sounds he makes. You know if more of you humans took the time to understand animals, you might not abuse them so much.

(Thunderbolt neighs in agreement)

GALATEA: Yes, Thunderbolt, we're going back home. Very very soon.....that is if Mr. Rivers will agree to help us.

JASON: Who me? I'm just a poor dumb human who doesn't understand animals. What can I do?

GALATEA: (in a very soft tone) Oh please Jason, I truly do need your help. What I need to do, I can't do alone. You seem to have many connections that I.....that we can use to help the people of our kingdom. Help these people so desperetly need.

JASON: (sighs) Ok princess, I'm in one one condition.


JASON: The first ones will help will be the childern you saw tonight.

GALATEA: Mr. Rivers, you have got a deal! Now first, we're ging to need a carriage. As big and as fancy as you can get.

JASON: But why?......Oh yes, the note your father left. Your actually going through with his wishes then?

GALATEA: That's right. Tomorrow morning, the daughter of Dr. Eric Tanner is going to present herself to Minister Crane and lay claim to the Tanner estate.

ANNOUNCER: And so, Galatea and Jason strike a bargain, and make plans to return to Paradise City and reclaim the home of the late Dr. Tanner. But will the plan succed? Will Galatea's true nature be revealed before she can fufill her destiny as a champion of the people? Don't miss the next thrilling installment of.....Galatea!

(Horses galloping hard)

VOLTAIRE: There goes the outlaw, Galatea!! After her, after her!!

GALATEA: (echoy voice) I ride for freedom and the people of Pangea!! Till we meet again Captain!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

ANOUNNCER: Galatea is a copywrited feature of Fembot Central

To be continued...

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