G.O.D. - a vignette

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It was a pleasant spring night. All the trees and flowers were in bloom in a nice cul-de-sac. The moon was shining bright and full. While everyone in the neighborhood was asleep, one light remained on in a second floor bedroom.

A lovely young woman, most likely in her early twenties was working on her computer with a look of intense concentration on her beautiful face. After several minutes typing away on her computer, she finally finished and shut it off with a satisfactory smile.

She briefly looked out her open window, allowing the light breeze to flow through her long, dark hair. She took a deep breath of the fresh air before letting out a content sigh and closing the window.

The woman briefly disappeared from the view of the window, leaving her room and heading down the stairs. She returned moments later with a glass of cold ice water, taking a sip from it before setting it down on the nightstand beside the bed.

She appeared nearly ready for bed, but she made a quick furtive glance at the moon and then began disrobing, removing all of her clothes until she was completely naked. She shut off the lights in her room, allowing the moonlight to cast a pale light on her large breasts and pale complexion. She kneeled on the floor under the window and gazed up at the moon.

“It’s been a while since I’ve done this God, but could you please grant me your blessing and allow me to pass my exam tomorrow,” she prayed, briefly closing her eyes. When she opened them again, her once crystal clear blue eyes were now glowing a bright azure; her face went blank.

Sitting at a massive computer station in a covert surveillance station set up on the moon, a rather handsome looking man overlooked hundreds of monitors, each showing various locations on the planet and each quickly cycling through dozens of feeds.

A special monitor suddenly lit up, showing the lovely young woman, nakedly praying at her bedroom window; her name was listed as Rachel Meloner.

“Ah, I was wondering when you would contact me again,” the man smiled, focusing on that screen and listening to her prayer. “I see, you want to pass that chemistry exam tomorrow, well let’s see what I can do to help…” he muttered, tapping on the image of her head.

Suddenly, a new window popped up giving him uber control over all her systems. He accessed her mental processing algorithms, as well as he memory retention subsystems, and tweaked them a bit to temporarily improve her memory recall and processing speed by about 15%; it would eventually lower down to about 5%.

“There, that should do it dear,” the man said, saving the settings, “Good luck,” he added, closing the windows and getting back to the other monitors. He briefly leaned back in his chair and put his feet up, knocking over a name placard.

The man’s name was Geoffrey Oswald Davies, but since the name was so long, it was abbreviated to G.O.D. He was the overseer of the old planet Earth, now populated by highly realistic sleeper androids. The original population had left centuries prior to live on Alpha Centauri, as Earth’s sun was beginning to emit radiation too toxic for humans to survive.

They kept an android population on the planet to maintain it, but made them all sleepers as a sort of mass anthropological experiment. They had torn down all their advanced cities and rebuilt the planet to how it was at the turn of the industrial age; now, they were in the computer age.

Geoffrey was also an android, but he was programmed to be aware of his true nature and to oversee the planet’s weather modification nets, and to repair any unintended mechanical difficulties that may have arisen.

During one of the mass computer virus infiltrations, he had to transport several individuals to his base on the moon for repairs, and unfortunately, a few of the women encountered a slight malfunction in their sleeper protocols, allowing them to remember, amongst other things, the name on his placard.

Ever since, the human race slowly began to worship him, calling him God…an ironic coincidence as the organic humans had also worshipped a deity they called God centuries earlier. They also referred to the virus incident as the Black Plague.

Though the original Humans were displeased, they decided to keep the mythology going as part of the continuing anthropological experiment, though Geoffrey decided to milk it for all it was worth and told the sleepers that if the women stripped off all their clothes and prayed to the moon, he might answer their prayers; the men could still pray, but with their clothes on.

He laughed as he recalled this, because unlike the deity the original humans had nearly forgotten, Geoffrey basically was a god to these people. With his computers station, he could modify any of their settings, bring the dead back to life, and even alter their weather and climate patterns. Heck, he was even thinking of going down and impregnating one of them.

“Maybe I’ll even name him Jesus!” Geoffrey laughed out loud as he got back to monitoring the planet.

Back on the planet, Rachel was still staring up blankly at the moon, her eyes still glowing a bright azure. Suddenly, her face twitched as a low beep emitted from inside her head.

“New settings confirmed,” she said in a monotone, then she bowed her head. When she raised it back up, her eyes were back to their original state and her nice smile had returned.

“I hope you heard my prayer God,” she then said, getting to her feet and taking one last look at the moon before putting on her nightwear and crawling into her bed to sleep.

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