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Heather was gorgeous. Heather was also a bitch. And she was also Scott's boss. Tonight, they were working late at Fouraker Incorporated in the Headquarters department. It was an exquisite ultramodern two story complex in the suburbs. He was helping her put together a significant presentation she was giving next week. Scott sat at her large oak desk on the side opposite her in her spacious tidy, well-regulated office. He looked at the clock on her wall. 7:00- damn! He was sure no one was left in the building seeing how late it was and it being Friday. If she'd let him go right now, he'd still be able to go home, get ready and catch the next bullet train to Atlantic City where several friends would be meeting him. He watched Heather as she stood up, walked towards the window and lit a cigarette. She stood about 5 foot 7 and had thick, long, wavy blond hair, which settled below her breasts. Her bright sky blue eyes were warm and inviting. The maroon colored lipstick and light make up went well with her deep tan. She always looked as if she had just gotten back from a summer vacation in south Florida. Even her eyebrows were perfectly arched and sculpted. Her French manicured fingernails were trimmed with perfection Scott noticed as Heather took a drag. He wondered if she'd ever modeled in her 29 years. She'd been his boss for the last two months and he still couldn't get over her beauty even after seeing her day in and out. She was a stuck up witch most of the time though and Scott figured she'd grown up wealthy and had always gotten everything she ever wanted. Some days it was hard to be around her but it was worth it in the morning just to see what she was wearing. Today was no exception. She had on a rust colored two piece sweater set which consisted of a body hugging stretch cowl-neck sleeveless sweater and an equally form fitting skirt which came to just below her knees. The rust colored mules she was wearing had at least four-inch stiletto heels. Scott watched her feet bob as she got up and walked toward the window. The height of her shoes made her walk more carefully and sexier. There was no doubt that she worked out on a regular basis.

Heather stood and gazed intently out of the window to the street below, her back to Scott. She was definitely looking more classy than trashy, although it could be considered risqué in the workplace no one was complaining. Scott wasn't disappointed this morning when she walked in. All that tan skin she was showing and her busty perky chest under the tight sweater. Those toned legs in those sexy shoes. Scott snapped out of it when he heard those same sexy shoes turn around and begin moving towards her desk. He closed out the "Gynoid Gallery" on his laptop after checking the message board. She glanced at his laptop since it was at an angle.

"What the hell is a 'Gynoid'?" she sneered

"Huh? Oh, its like a uh, science fiction thing. Uh like a female android" Scott said thinking she hadn't seen it.

"A female android?" she looked confused

"So what do you think of the presentation?" he replied changing the subject.

Taking her seat behind her desk she said without looking at him, " I don't think I like the direction the presentation is going. I think we need to start from scratch." Scott's jaw tightened.

"Tonight?" he asked.

"Yes tonight!" she said turning her head to look at him. He tried to stay calm. Friday night's plans shot to hell.

"Doesn't she have a life?!" Scott thought. She did put in quite a few hours at the office. She was always there when he came in and there when he left. Like clockwork.

"Why don't you grab us both some coffee? We may need it." She said.

Scott mumbled under his breath. "Why don't you blow me?"

"What did you just say?" she said looking at him her face red with anger.

"I said 'Why, you know me'. I can always go for some coffee. Great idea Ms. Steele." He said with the biggest, phoniest smile he could muster. She watched as he left and she went to get started on reworking the presentation. Scott came back with two large mugs of piping hot coffee and handed one to Heather. Of course she didn't thank him.

Scott wondered if being drop dead gorgeous gave a woman to right to be so mean. He thought if she wasn't hot, he would have blown up a long time ago. Its not like he couldn't find another job either. At the end of America's successful war on terrorism a few years back the economy was booming and jobs were everywhere. He didn't need her shit but her playmate-like beauty was motivation to come to work the morning. Scott was trying to take a sip of his coffee but it was still too hot. Heather didn't seem to think so as she took a considerable amount in. Scott watched her drink as steam poured from the mug. Scott began to organize the files and paperwork that had been amassed since they began working on it last week.

"Give me the Hernandez file" she said. Scott gave her the file, which she began to skim over. He began looking over the old presentation to try to figure what was so wrong with it that it had to be reworked. She threw the file back across the desk.

"Get rid of this. What's in the Davidson file?"

He handed her the file. By now he was used to it.

"So what exactly do we need to do to fix this? I mean I think the one we had was going well-"

"You mean what exactly do you need to do to fix this? This is your job Scott! If say it's broken, you fix it!" she said in controlled anger and taking another healthy swig of coffee as if to keep herself from saying anything more.

Scott's face tightened up but by now he had gotten into it with her enough to know that he wouldn't win so he remained silent and began looking over the old presentation again on his laptop. He tried to take a drink of his coffee but it was still too damn hot. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Heather take another sip of her coffee.

After an hour of reworking the presentation she decided to do a test run.

"Set up the video camera. I'm going to do a dry run on the first portion to see how it looks and sounds." She told Scott.

He grabbed his DVD camcorder from his bag and set it upon the tripod that was with it. She began her speech and began to drone on for about twenty minutes before stopping.

"Have you ever done anything like this before?" she asked

"As a matter of fact I have done my share of presentations. Why do you ask?" he said

"Because this is starting to sound like your first one, that's why!" Heather shot. "Scott we need, and I want this to be perfect. Do you understand?" Her tone sounded like a mother scolding a child.

He nodded and they both sat back down and continued on. That was until Scott noticed an unlikely sound. It was akin to bacon frying in a pan yet muffled and sounded like it was coming from Heather's side of the desk. He looked at Heather who was focused on her monitor and didn't seem to notice it. Over her typing he heard a different sounding click and a light whir. Scott paused before he asked for her opinion on some material.

"What do you think about-." He stopped when he glanced at her, apparently catching her daydreaming. He continued, "About the inclusion of the Mitchell fiasco in the presentation?" There was no response from her end as she stared past her monitor past Scott. She was unmoving.

"Hello?" She didn't move an inch. Scott just looked at her and wondered if he had missed something. She looked like a display mannequin at a department store. It was silent in her office except for the faint frying noise. Scott looked behind him to see if there was something in the hall that she was looking at. He looked back at her, her lips slightly parted, eyes vacant and unblinking. Finally, her only response was another intermittent odd noise. It sounded just like his grandmother's out-dated bugwhacker; the device that zapped insects when they flew into the light. Her mouth was more slightly open now and she looked as if she was going to say something but couldn't. The sizzling and on off zapping got a little louder and Scott was sure it came from within Heather. She suddenly jerked backward, with a slight "Oh!", in her chair as far as it would allow her head and upper body to go. Her head was resting near the back of the chair face toward the ceiling her eyes wide and golden blonde hair falling wildly. Her mouth was still open and instead of words coming from between her maroon lips there was electrical smoke streaming out, as well as from under her hair, probably from her ears. Her arms flopped beside the armrests in no particular kind of way. She didn't move for a few seconds and Scott saw her lips moving, but just barely. The smoke began to wane as well as the frying sounds and Heather slowly began to sit up.

"Uhh bless you." Scott said assessing the situation. She tried to situate herself, as she fixed her hair and her sweater.

"Are you okay Ms. Steele?" Scott managed to say.

"Why wouldn't I be? Its just starting to get late I guess." She said, finally regaining her composure and getting ready to take another swig of coffee before putting it back on the table.

Scott's mind wandered, and it didn't take long to dawn on him. It seemed impossible but what the hell did he know about all the technology that was out there these days? Judging from the smoke and noise that had come from Heather, it wasn't rocket science figuring out that his boss was not human but a machine. He began to seriously get aroused. The closest thing to an android he had ever seen was the animatronic robots they had at Disneyworld New York and they didn't look all that real. He'd also read rumors about them in one of those trashy tabloids. The ones that on the same page had an article about Elvis being spotted working at a carwash- thirty years after his death. Scott wanted to try something. Heather was now looking at her computer screen.

"Yeah, it is getting late. You do work a lot of hours though Ms. Steele. More than anyone should. Sometimes you're like a robot." He said. Heather turned her head, looked him in the eye and tilted her head to the right a little.

"A robot?" she seemed to ponder this concept and was motionless except for her mouthing the two words. She then snapped out of it pointed a manicured finger at him and said, "I am not a freaking robot Scott and I don't know what the hell you are talking about so- POP! A noise from within her stopped her in mid-sentence and she was motionless while still pointing her finger at Scott.

"" she said as her insides fried. Each time she said it, her pointing hand bent at the elbow and dropped back down to the same position. She finished, "Get your ass in gear so we can finish this and go home." She was moving and acting more like a machine than a person each passing minute. Everything began to seem surreal and he tried to relax as much he could considering the sexy blonde malfunctioning android across from him. He got up and locked the door.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I just don't want anyone interrupting our work." Scott said with a sitting down with a smile.

"I'm not a robot, Scott. I'm a person. A human being. I am not a robot. I'm not a robot. I'm a human woman...woman...woman...woman...not a robot..a a robot. I am built and programmed to be the perfect woman. I am designed and programmed to be the ultimate sex companion. I am a sex android." she sputtered. He could still hear her circuitry heating up. Her voice was going from Heather's bitchy one to a computerized monotone. "...Sex android...Sex Android...error...error...liquid storage seal failure alarm...overheat detected...malfunction...unable to maintain appearance of human programming instructions...error...error...reboot Heather unit 04003." She said, her eyes had taken on a thousand-yard stare. Scott watched as she fell silent, except for the internal sizzling and short-circuiting. She was mainly motionless except her head and blonde hair bobbed a bit as she rebooted.

"What the hell are you doing Scott? You know we have work to do!" she snapped. Scott thought she was back to her old self.

"Why are you so damn mean?!" Scott asked the machine

"Because I'm programmed to be, asshole!" She smirked until her face went blank. "Error...error...unable to maintain appearance of human In.ter.course Pro.gram in.i.ti.a.ted." she monotoned. Scott smiled, as she got up and walked around the desk with the grace of a cat, seductively staring him down. She pushed him back into his chair and pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. Scott quickly dropped his pants and underwear and sat back down. Scott was as hard as a rock and he nodded to it saying; "Are you programmed to handle this presentation?"

"I'm programmed for sex. I'm a sex android." She said heavily and more humanly. She then got on top of him, put her hands on his shoulders and he slid into her with the greatest of ease. Scott was amazed at how real she felt. She was tight and wet. He had fantasized about this dozens of times and now here was his domineering boss, Heather Steele, a robot, giving him the best sex he had ever known. She moved up and down slowly at first, her moans at times sounding computerized and digitally distorted. Then this mechanical goddess began to move faster. Scott grabbed her ankles and used his fingers to push the slides off of her dainty heels and onto the floor. She was now fucking him like the sex machine she was programmed to be. Someone had put a hell of a lot of time into her design, manufacture and programming. He pulled her tight sweater up and did a double take when he saw an open square panel just beside her tan left breast. Inside was a connection port, chips and several red lights blinking furiously. That did it.

He could take no more and as he began to cum she arched her back and there was another POP! Her electrical systems began to sizzle and the smoke began to flow from her mouth again. Her head rolled back as well as her eyes. Heather repeated breathlessly in a malfunctioning orgasm frenzy as Scott exploded inside, "I am not a robot...I am not a robot...I am not a am a robot. I am a robot...I am a robot... a robot...a robot...robot." As Scott exhausted the rest of his supply, she seemed to be losing power as well as her systems crashed, and ever slowly she began to slump. Both of her arms fell and hung loosely to her sides. At the same time her head began to tilt back the same way a person's head does when they happen to fall asleep sitting up. Except her eyes were still open and her mouth was too, smoke coming out. Her legs slipped and there was a thud as her perfect size seven feet hit the floor, She had stopped moving again and Scott shook her. He waved his free hand in front of her face. No response, except her mechanical insides were still frying faintly he could hear.

Scott exited his robot boss and gently put her down, feet outstretched and her sitting up in front of her desk, pulled his pants up and walked around to her computer. He looked at the computer screen and saw she hadn't been working on the presentation. On the left side of the screen towards the top was a headshot of Heather. Underneath it said "Heather 04003 Model 7" Below that was a picture of the far wall of her office with the words "Central Malfunction" flashing in red. "Must be her point of view." Scott thought. He crumpled a piece of paper up and threw it over his broken down boss's head and saw it sail on the screen. "She's not totally out of it." Toward the middle of the screen was a series of scrolling information Scott couldn't begin to understand. On the right side was a nude picture of Heather standing, arms to her sides with circuitry and circuit boards superimposed over her. A red flashing circle covered her stomach area. "Liquid storage seal failure" is what it read on the bottom of that portion of the screen. Scott wanted to know more. He looked through her purse and found things that probably weren't used for putting on make up. There was some sort of laser device, which looked more like a pen light. A roll of "tape" that perfectly matched Heather's skin. A rolled up high tech cord, and a small cache of chips wires and screws. Scott opened up the heavy-duty drawer, which he knew she always kept locked tight. His eyes bugged out when he looked inside. There, wrapped in plastic were two arms and two legs. Must be spares. He took one of the legs out of the plastic and unbent it at the knee. Scott walked around the desk, kneeled down next to Heather and it was a perfect match right down to the lines on her feet to the French manicured nails. He looked in the top drawer and saw many parts he didn't recognize. Android innards he guessed.

"Maybe," he thought, "just maybe I can get my mechanized boss functioning...and give her an upgrade. I've got until Monday."

Scott called his friend Tim. "Hey Tim, I won't be able to make it to Atlantic City with you guys this weekend." He looked at the broken machine that, about an hour ago was his boss. He could see her mouthing the words "A robot...a robot...a robot" over and over, still lightly smoking.

"You don't sound too upset." Came the reply

"No. Not really" Scott answered. He hung up and picked up the immensely high tech sex android and laid her, supine style, on the couch that the robot had kept in her office. Scott knew he had a lot of work to do....

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