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Sarah's family had been supportive of her decision to keep the baby even though the circumstances of his conception she could have aborted the pregnancy. She had been brutally raped!

She knew her attacker. She had known him all her life. His abusive nature was well known. Still, this would have to be kept secret! Not for her sake, but her families sake as well. She would make the ultimate sacrifice for her son and she was determined that he would grow up to be a responsible, sensitive, and caring individual. Unlike the monster who so violated her being.

Sarah had just turned 16 at the time of her rape. She had gone through puberty quickly and at 16 she had turned into very much the teen goddess. Her long dark brown hair framed an exquisite face that suited her petit frame. She had curves that Aphrodite would have traded her goddess powers for. But her most incredible feature was the deep emerald green eyes which could reach into your very soul.

He hadn't cried when birthed but smiled at the nurse who was now cleaning him before she was to let his mother hold him for the first time. "Oh, he's absolutely just gorgeous" the nurse cooed as she handed Steven to his mother. Pure serenity surrounded mother and child as Steven attached himself to his mother's breast and she lovingly gave of herself to sustain his life. "I will always be here for you" she cooed to the nursing infant.

Sarah knew in her heart that Steven would grow up not needing. He would have the love, understanding, and a home that would nourish his soul. Unlike his father, her father there would never be another male to corrupt his mind.

Sarah was on her own. The endowment given to her, basically meant to keep her silence, was more than enough to maintain a large home with acres of woodland for Steven to play in. The nurse who helped in the delivery had initially stayed on with her as a part time nanny then progressed to a full time position. Kathy never knew about the circumstances of the rape but had her suspicions. The money was good and she had her own room on the premises where she could devote time to the raising of the child. This would allow Sarah some time to continue her studies and give a break from the rigors of child rearing. Sarah believed, to further herself would be a social and financial boost to her and Steven.

Kathy's children had grown up, did the college thing, got married, and had children of their own. She was also a widow, having lost her husband in an automobile accident. She was alone except for Steven who was proving to be a wonderful child to raise. Having lived a full life till now she saw no reason to stop. She gave Steven her full attention.

"Nanny!, Nanny!, look! I found it!" Kathy just had time to set her paperback novel down in time to catch the little 4 year old as he jumped into her lap to show her his discovery. "Why Steven, it's absolutely beautiful" Kathy said as she beheld his new found treasure. It was small crystalline rock with many facets. "So,your quite the geologist" she said to the bright eyed youngster. "Geogist,?" repeated the boy. "Yes" she countered. "You could be a great one, Let's see if we can find some more" with that said she scooted off the lounger, with the boy's hand in hers and they went off to explore for more treasures.

The phone call had shocked her to her very core! Steven's nanny was en route to the local hospital after suffering a major heart attack. The 8 year old had showed great bravery in staying calm as he talked to the emergency services operator while she mobilized emergency vehicles to scene. Now Sarah was escorting her son through the waiting room doors to get a progress report on his nanny's health.

Interland Robotics had been her second home since her internship at college. Sarah showed an ability from the very start to get things done. Her abilities did not go unnoticed as management had the foresight to move such an aggressive employee into a much more lucrative position in their R&D department. She had been discussing some of the programming flaws with the new prototypes when she had received the call. "Sexbots" she said to herself as she reached for the phone. "Damned males, such a waste of computing power to satisfy their libidos" "Hello, This is Sarah Blackcraft"

Interland Robotics had been producing human androids for 2 years now. Some were purchased by the wealthy for the prestige of owning such a creation. Others were sold to corporations desiring workers who would not tire easily and could do repetitive tasks without the risk of boredom. Then there were the expendables who, in a dangerous situation, could get the job done without loss of human life. The prototypes were the latest 'state of the art' AI models.

He watched his mom as she approached the doctor in charge looking for signal that would indicate the well being of his best friend and companion, His nanny. They would do homework, go to movies , listen to the latest music although she would tell him lightheartedly it sounded like just noise to her, and the frequent trips to the mountains to search for more geological treasures. They were always together. "She just had to get better" he thought to himself.

He saw the tears of anguish as the doctor did his best to console his mom.

" I said disable it!!!" she was now screaming at the frightened programmer. "But there could be a problem!" He was only trying to explain. "I will NOT have a nymphomaniac as a companion to my son!!!" " Now do your job! I expect it to be completed before the end of the week!" screaming again as she left the lab. "God damn iron ass bitch!" he muttered as she left the room. He looked at the fembot before him. "Sorry doll there will be no fun for you."

"Stupid programmers!" she was fuming. "I know what is best for my son! As she thought about the run in she had with a man. A male! She would make some changes. She would make sure of that.

***Boot Sequence Initiated***
***Loading Basic Programming OS***
***Candy Model 7xcvd Online***
***Active AI mod4 command mode***

Sarah watch carefully as the tests were run. This fembot was to serve two functions. One, as the flagship model for the corporation. Two, as the companion for her 8 ? year old son. It had been hard on both of them the last few months with the tragic loss of Kathy. Sarah, having to spend more time at home, away from work and Steven, as he retreated into an impenetrable shell even his mother could not breach.

Candy's looks had been tone down. She no longer had the high visibility makeup that made her attractive to the male of the human species. She had a more natural wholesome appearance. The face had been easy. A little airbrush work here and there made all the difference. But the body, now that was a different story! Candy's remarkable curves came from the marketing department as the most desirable and sellable attributes. Her 36D - 24 - 34 shape obviously was aimed at a male customer base and being a prototype there wasn't much that Sarah could do about it. Candy would be toned down by the clothes she wore. "With the special programming she'll be perfect for Steven" mused Sarah to herself.

The trip to the Blackcraft's residence had for the most part been uneventful. Candy had spent time in the Day Care Center provided to its employees to become acquainted with children near Stevens age. The oldest was six. The AI programming and young children's ability to learn were very similar with the AI being much, much faster. She had learned new games the kids had played and promptly added them to her own programming. All in a matter of hours. She was carefully analyzing the scenery as it flashed by the automobiles window. She didn't know why but her anxiety programming was in full swing as they drove down the long driveway to the front of her new assignment. She wanted so much to please her new masters.

The house was large, with early colonial style columns in front, it was very reminiscent of mid 20th century mansion though smaller. Sarah wasn't frivolous with money, more practical was her style. Such was her appearance. She very little or no makeup. She saw no reason to give a male a reason to lust after her. It reflected in her clothes, house furnishings, and choice of modest transportation. Candy took in as much input as she could process for future reference as she approached the front door of her new assignment.

Candy stood looking in the hallway mirror, making minor repairs to her blond, shoulder length hair. Her face, though void of obvious makeup, was exquisite in design. Her sapphire blue eyes being the most notable feature. She wore a long, ankle length house dress decorated in a very cheery floral pattern. Her shoes, were standard house flats. Definitely non standard for her frame. Standard would have been heel 3 to 6 inch high heels. As it was her gyros had made appropriate adjustments to her balance. She took one last look, "First impressions are very important" she calculated. She waited as Ms. Blackcraft rounded up some of the staff and Steven for the introductions.

He did not want to meet her. In his mind there was no one person who could replace nanny. But his mother insisted. Hand in tow they descended the stairs to the front room to meet his new companion. Mr. and Mrs. Applegate met them at the bottom of the open stairway. He hid behind Mrs. Applegate's dress fidgeting with her apron strings. "Candace, This gentleman is our gardener and groundskeeper, Mr. Bernie Applegate" his mom started the introductions. "Pleasure to meet you young lady" replied the sun hardened gardener as he reached out his calloused hand. "Hi my name is Candy." "It's a pleasure meeting you." replied Candy.

Now if looks could kill there would be a dead programmer! Sarah stopped the introductions to correct Candy in her proper name designation. "From now on use the proper form of the name Candy." "Candace is your proper name." Sarah corrected the fembot. "Candace, change noted and filed" came the automatic reply. "Good, let's continue." Sarah again started the introductions. "This is our cook and housekeeper Mrs. Alice Applegate". Alice only nodded her head in acknowledgement and she withheld her hand for the customary handshake. Candace quickly noted the unfriendly behavior. Feeling it better not to reply, she also nodded her head in acknowledgement. "And this here is my son Steven" Sarah quickly pointed out to Candace. He just stood there clutching Alice's apron. Candace studied the young human male. Was it fear, or shyness she was detecting. She crouched down to make herself appear less formidable. She calculated, more his size. In her best cheery voice, "Hi Steven, my name is Candace" His feelings were hurt "What was his mother thinking?" "She not even a real person!" his mind recoiled. "Your not real!, your not my nanny!" he spat as he turn tail and ran back up the stairs to his room.

Candace had anticipated a much warmer welcome. But the sudden rejection had caused her to frown. Her programming was rapidly executing possible reasons for such a reaction. Her primary function was to be this boys companion. How would this be possible if he rejects her. She felt sadness.

Sarah surveyed the scene. "This may take some time" she thought to herself. "Candace, please feel free to accustom yourself to your new home" she said as she studied the fembot's obvious confusion over the incident. "Very well Mistress Blackcraft" was the automatic reply.

Candace spent the better part of an hour surveying the house taking special note to document the recreational room in which Steven was known to frequent. She also noted the abundance of rocks used somewhat as decorations on various shelving units. She will have to ask the mistress about the significance of such decoration.

Later that evening there was a uneasy truce around the dinner table with Steven picking around his plate. Candace sat watching for body language from the boy to gage his mood. Sarah was the first to break the silence. "How was school today?" as she attempted to engage the boy in some kind of ice breaking chatter. Steven looked up from his plate with eyes wet to the point of tears. At that moment he bolted from the table to head in the direction he knew would take him to the solitude of his room. "Steven!!!" Sarah called out to halt his retreat. But she could hear his running continue on to his room. "Candace, I must apologize for my sons behavior." She spoke as she turned to face Candace. She felt she owed some explanation, even to a fembot. Candace had felt her mistresses need for conversation. Logic dictated it to gain more usable information. "No explanation needed mistress" was the automatic reply. "Candace, please call me Sarah" Candace quickly acknowledged her mistresses change in name designation. Candace also noted the same wet eyes in Sarah's facial expression as she had seen in Stevens eyes. "Sarah?" Candace had put on her best concerned facial expression. "Yes Candace" Sarah replied while standing to leave. "Would you like to talk?" Candace queried. "Not tonight, tomorrow" Sarah had replied with a finality in her voice. Risking a reprimand Candace spoke again, her AI programming running extreme over time. " Sarah, are the rock decorations in the recreational room yours?" Sarah turned to face the fembot wondering why she continued to talk after she had all but dismissed any conversation till tomorrow. Curiosity, that was part of the AI programming. How would it learn any other way. "The rock decorations are part of bigger collection that Kathy and Steven had collected over the last few years" Candace having solved an apparent puzzle smiled as she acknowledged Sarah's explanation. "Good night Sarah" Sarah smiled back. "Good night Candace" With that Sarah headed off to the study leaving Candace with new knowledge which could be beneficial.

Candace had returned to the recreational room to inventory all the rocks she could easily find. Most all had dates and locations where found, on them and all of them had their scientific and common names on them. She would have to wait till master Steven was at school to inventory the ones in his room. She proceeded to her room to charge her batteries and run through her logics the importance of this new data.

Her internal alarm had been set for 0500. She had a plan, but it would be best to maintain a low profile with master Steven till he was en route to school. She would make sure that she was available to her mistress for commands before her leaving.

Sarah had been deep in thought all morning, but it was odd to see Candace with that smile of confidence as she was leaving for the trip to Interland Robotics. Would she have frowned knowing she was going back for reprogramming and memory erasure?

As the house quieted down, and the present occupants were going about there daily chores, Candace took this time to inventory Stevens room. The first thing she noted was the text books and field manuals referencing Geological data. All 137 of them! There were storage boxes full of rocks of all colors. They all had the same tags as the ones in the recreational room. She also noted the posters with planets on them. It took her 01:57:53 to do the inventory. When completed, she left Stevens room to go to the study. She approached the computer terminal located there and proceeded to log on to the Internet. After a quick search she started a download of data. She knew she had one task to go. After the download, what she needed next would not be found in the house. Because of her programming she would not be allowed outside of the property limits. She would have to find it within. It was raining when she walked out the back entrance. Alice just stared at her mumbling, under her breath, "stupid machine".

On the way to school Bernie had tried to cheer up Steven, as always the boy remained as quiet as a church mouse. One of Bernie's lesser jobs had been to chauffer master Steven to and from school. The return trip had been no better. All Bernie could do was just sigh as the boy retreated back to his room.

Bernie and Alice both had been in the kitchen when she had walked in. Her hair had laid limp against her scalp. Her dress was soaked, clearly showing her charms from underneath and she was dripping on the kitchen floor. "Is master Steven in his room?" she had asked. The Applegate's just nodded wondering about the giddy smile Candace had on her face. After Candace had left the room, Alice turned to her husband and stated in disbelief, "Well I never!" "Most likely not" came the reply in which he was rewarded with a quick jab to his ribcage.

Candace had stepped right up to Stevens room. She lightly tapped on his door. "What!?" came a reply. "Master Steven can I ask you a question" Candace had used her best light and lilting voice. "No!, go away!" his was harsher. She had to check her programming to see if his command could be overridden. In matters of importance, this was allowable. She wouldn't be as free with the mistress. "Master Steven it is important!" as her voice changed tone to more of a pleading note. It was less than a minute later when the door opened. His first thought was she didn't know where the towels were. With her being all wet and virtually naked with her dress clinging to her skin. "Towels are in the linen closet" was his reply as he scanned her shape. "I know where the towels are master Steven, that was not my question" she almost giggled on every word. Steven just stared with his mouth all agape. "Are you a Geologist?" her tone a little more serious. "dhuh?" he stuttered. The visual was to much for him, he started backing up toward his bed. "A Geologist, are you one?" she inquired again. At this time she pulled an object out of a lap pocket on her very wet dress. Stevens dark brown eyes had grown to the size of baseballs. Most likely because in her hand, she was holding a baseball sized piece of rose quartz.

Sarah had decided to return Candace to the Interland lab to be reprogrammed to her original configuration. She was so sure Candace could help Steven. How could she have been so wrong. She entered her home to hear to the screams of laughter that only a child could produce. Her child! She follow the sound till she had arrived at the recreational room door. The Applegate's were there too, also laughing out loud! She peered into the room to see what was so funny. On the floor, sitting yoga style was Candace. Her hair was disheveled and matted to her head with a baseball sized crystal carefully balanced on top. On her outstretched fingers were pebbles, also balanced. Two larger stones, one on each knee. And lastly a small pebble balanced precariously on the end of her nose! Steven was on the floor just in front of her, just rolling in laughter! Sarah started laughing with tears of joy just streaming down her face! The next week Sarah enrolled Steven in a school for gifted children.

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