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Alex folded the creases out of his old suit. It had been a long day at Animetronics selling off different models of their fembots to customers. He moved through the automatic door to his home placing his coat up on the rack when he heard moans. A feminine voice could be heard from above the stares moaning indecently Alex recognized the voice instantly and rushed up the stairs practically kicking the door into his bedroom.

Alex looked in horror as his fembot. A young looking one in her 20 with smooth porcelain skin and black hair that rolled over her shoulders twitched and moaned against his bed.. She looked human but had the distinct animetronics style design with a pair of “fan blade” style protrusions that emerged from her ears and covered the sides of her cute doll like face. Her eyes were a similarly whimsical design as the company added in special lighting to show expression ranging from hearts to indicate love or as was the case now a bright blue error screen that were bright enough to reflect off her glossy fake body. She was wearing the matching bra and panties Alex had ordered her to wore when she cleaned the house. They were purple in color ,and and had bows and frills, a style Alex always felt that was sexy that popped against her tight body though right now that was the least important thing on Alex’s mind.

She withered and moaned in ecstasy, her voice occasionally giving off harsh static followed by a metallic tinged voice. Wires connected from her open stomach panel and spread across it down the bed to fixtures in the wall for power. Another was plugged directly in Alex’s laptop where on the screen was a readout of the fembots AI. threatening red pop-ups blinked on and off the screen as a red light showed in her panel.

“Oh hi-hii master-er-er, I was just down-dowwwnnlooooad-ing! Some files . I’m wearing my bra and panties like you said and i’ve clean-cleaned -clean clean me i’m a naughty girl!.. The whole house just like you said. How was work? “

Her eyes briefly turned into hearts then crashed, displaying a bright red ERROR message across her large eyes. Alex was a salesman, a company man with little experience actually maintaining fembot. He had only gotten May as part of a discount for buying his company's brand. Right now he regretted ever getting the stupid thing as he moved to his laptop and furiously began typing trying to prevent a complete system overload.

“Listen, May, What exactly did you download and can you delete it”

May looked at alex, a innocent smile on her face as her eyes and the computer screen continued to pop up with new errors. Odd sounds of banging and grinding could be heard from her panel, as her systems tried to deal with the bad data coming in.

“Nothing's wrong master! I’m- i’m wearing the pant-pant-panties you wanted me to wear! I love how they make me look sexxxxy for you-u-u-u-u-uuu. See i’m fine! Fine !”

May kicked her legs into the air, in a futile attempt to get up from the bed, Alex rushed to the side of the bed and frantically began typing on his computer.

“May it says that you got over a 100 viruss!”

May looked up at him and purred. Ignoring the urgency of his voice.

“ Master, you seem stressed. I I i’m wearing the bra and panties you wanted! Let me serve you! Error err lets have sex on the bed!”

“No, do you realize how much you managed to damage yourself?”

May’s smile did not seem to falter, She took one hand and gently stroked against her panties, moaning and writhing as viruses interfered with her systems. Scrambling her programming so that it went off all at once.

“Master I said i'm fine! I’m horny horny I so what if I got a few virus’s? Let's make love,! I cleaned the house in my bra and panties like you said”

Alex could tell that May was suffering from a massive error. She seemed unfocused, almost serene as she laid on his bed save for the occasional moan or twitch. Alex wondered if she would need a hard reset after all the damage the virus has done to her.

“May, you have to stop running these programs, there a virus!”

“Oops I got a vir-vi-vi-virus-us-us? I'm such a naughty girl real girlfriend! I’m weraring your fav set of pantties master! I love serving you serving serve? Sucking your dicckkk!”

Alex typed as fast as he could, May’s antivirus programs had managed to detect the virus . Checking it Alex was not surprised to see that it was mostly sexware or atleast virus pretending to be sexware. He had chastised May downloading programs without his permission Running the program though only caused the screen of the computer to flash bright red. The sound from her panel picked up as she moaned even louder.

“May! Your antivirus is down!”

“So what master? I I i’m wearing your favorite set of panties! Do you think they make me look sexy? Sex sexxxy? Let's make love!”

Moving towards her open panel, Alex clumsily pulled at the plug in an attempt to sever her connection to the infected computer. Either he was pulling on the wrong plug or his violent tug had damaged some of her circuitry as sparks shot out from her belly illuminating the room. May’s head twitched rapidly as her eyes flickered. Her voice was an automatic response that all her models said “Error errrr this unit has encountered a large erro large err large shove your nice banana into my fun fun panties sexy! Program installed Tampering with your may unit may void it’s warranty”

She punctuated the end with a moan as her whole body twitched, Her fingers plunged and played against her panties as she screamed out Alex’s names lustfully. Her eyes now dominated by pink hearts as her sexually circuits were fried . She let out one last digital cry as her panties become moist . Her juices spilled around her plastic legs as she cried out

“Mas-master! Wearing pan-pant panties! Lets make looovveeee wearing I love ANTIVIRUS CONNECTION ERR_RORR. Put your nice d-dicckkk inside my pantiesss…..”

Her body gave one finally struggle, her voice a digital moaned that seemed to last forever before finally cutting off. Her body collapsed on the bed as smoke emerged from her mouth and ears. Alex looked at the broken doll and sighhed. He dialled a number on his cell and after waiting a bit he stated.

“Yes..full replacement? good, “

He gives one look at his damaged fembot and pushed it off the bed..

“Cheap, doll”

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