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Written by Mirage


Tom sat beside Nancy, watching "Lost, season 17".

"Jesus! They still didn't explain about that bloody polar bear! And why now they are in spacesuits now?" Tom mumbled out.

"Because it was revealed that the entire time, they were lost at sea, in the Bermuda Triangle, captured by aliens, put on a spaceship designed to look like an island, of course!" Nancy explained.

"Man, this show is stupid!" Tom shouted out, out of frustration.

"Tom, what's wrong with you tonight? You are so edgy." Nancy asked Tom.

"Well, Nancy, we have been together for five months now... and well... I think... We should... You know... Go all the way," Tom said, in a whinny voice.

"Tom... You know... I am not ready... please just be patient with me..." Nancy said, somewhat disappointed.

"Fine... can we at least make out?" he asked her.

"My father is gone until late tonight... and we are dating each other secretly.." Nancy giggled.

She smiled and agreed and started kissing him deep. They pressed their lips hard and their hands started to explore each other's body.

"Whoa! Please stop!" Nancy said, pushing Tom away.

"What?" Tom mumbled out.

"You were reaching for my breasts. You know you are not allowed to touch them!" Nancy gripped.

"Christ, Nancy, how can we continue if you won't let me have fun??" Tom welled out angrily.

"What do you mean?? When we started dating, I warned you I was not sexually active... and you told me you were okay with it," Nancy cried out, tears coming out of her eyes.

"Sorry... it's just... it's so frustrating... you are so hot…and we can't do anything.." Tom explained, feeling sorry.

"It's not my fault that my father installed a safety chip inside me..." Nancy said, hugging Tom.

"Can we remove it?" Tom asked.

Nancy blinked and shook her head, "I don't think so," she said.

"Let me try, at least once," Tom begged her.

Nancy looked at Tom and took a deep breath, "Ok… Let's go in my father's garage, all his tools are in there. They both entered the garage and found the tools they need. Nancy sat on a chair and instructed Tom,

"Take this screwdriver and insert it in my ears and turn it until you feel a click." she told him. Tom delicately inserted the long tool inside each of her ears, felt it click on the inside and turn the screwdriver slowly until he felt the click that Nancy mentioned.

"Now, you have to pull my cranium out," she said, while Tom stood behind her.

He placed both hands in her long blonde hair and pulled the hair and he felt the top of her skull coming out.

"Holy shit... you really are a robot..." Tom mumbled out, seeing the open skull, full of circuits and wires blinking inside.

"Yes, I really am a robot," Nancy said in a dull voice.

"Sorry…When you told me last month you were a machine and not human, I thought you were joking... and I just played along with it... now, I see you were not joking..." Tom said quickly.

"Why did you think I was joking about it?" Nancy asked.

"I don't know, I thought it was a fetish thing or something like that." Tom tried to explain.

"No, I really am a machine... My father built me about a few months ago, replacing his dead daughter he lost many years ago." Nancy explained.

"So, you are based on a dead girl... that's creepy," Tom mumbled out.

"He tried to program me to be like her, the dead Nancy," she continued talking.

"Stop! You are freaking me out...Just tell me how to make you sexually active!" Tom quickly said.

"Sorry... This is the first time I am talking to someone about my reason for being." Nancy said in a cold voice.

"Sorry to snap at you... it's just... I like you for you... I don't care what, or who, you are supposed to be... I... do you understand?" Tom tried to explain.

"I understand...Thank you...Tom," Nancy smiled, looking at Tom.

"You look bald, missing the top of your head," Tom chuckled at Nancy.

She started laughing too, "Okay, let's do this... see inside my main microprocessor to the left. Beside it, you will see some slots. The third one, that's the mod-chip you need to remove. After, you need to reboot me by pressing the small red button beside my CPU on the right." Nancy explained.

Tom studied the inside and went to work. Pulling the chip out, he jumped a bit when Nancy said out loud, "Error! Error! Error!"

"Nancy, are you okay?" he asked her.

But she was frozen, repeating the error message over and over. Tom smiled and instead of pressing the red button, he reached inside his left pocket and pulled out a new chip. He inserted the new chip in place of the old chip he had removed and then pressed the red button. He studied Nancy's circuits while she rebooted.

"New programs installing... loading... installation complete... systems rebooting... Hello, I am Nancy, nice to meet you," Nancy said in a blank look. She then blinked and regained her old self, "Did it work? I feel different somehow," she said confused.

Tom smiled and grabbed her left breast.

Nancy let out a huge moan, shocked at the intensity of the sensation she was feeling for the first time.

"How does this feel?" he asked her, still massaging her breast.

"Oh my... my breasts feel so good... I am loving it..." Nancy smiled to Tom.

He walked in front of her and reached inside her lower dress and touched her pussy. To her surprised, she didn't stop him and let him have his way with her. Inserting a few finger inside her pussy, she gasped when he touched her clitoris. She grabbed his arm with both hands

"Oh my... I........please... don't stop..." she said, turning red from his touching.

He masturbated her until she came. She gasped and moaned hard, enjoying every second of it. Tom smiled to her, while she regained her completion.

"Let me close you up now," Tom smiled to her.

Nancy was lost in overwhelming sensation she was feeling "you did something to me..." she mumbled out.

Tom chuckled and finished screwing the scalp back in place and only whispered to Nancy, "Suck me hard, and ...naked..."

Nancy smiled and stood up. Slowly, she undressed herself and reached to Tom.

"How long I missed you, Nancy," Tom mumbled out, looking at the beautiful naked woman.

Nancy unzipped his pants and pulled down the pants and underwear and knelt down in front of Tom and started to suck him hard. Tom came quickly in her mouth and asked her to get up.

"You did something to me... can't thing straight no more... all I can think is about sex now..." Nancy said, confused.

"Yes, I installed a new chip inside you, making you a little sex-crazed now..." Tom explained.

"Why...?" Nancy said, trying to stop herself from rubbing and squeezing her own breasts.

"You see, I was not all truthful to you the first time we met five months ago. I told you I had never met you before, but I did... before you were killed by your own father," Tom explained to Nancy.

"What? I don't understand," Nancy asked now more confused.

"I was the real Nancy's boyfriend. Before her own father took her away from me. Me and her... we were secret lovers... She was full of passion. And so sex crazed... I guess being a pastor's daughter didn't help... When her father found out that she was not a virgin anymore and killed her in a fit of rage, everyone said it was suicide. But I knew she would not do this. Not Nancy... and then with time, he replaced her with you so no one would know of his crime." Tom cried out, tears rolling down his eyes.

"Luckily, her father had never met me and when I saw you at church, I knew I had to get you back... robot or not. So, I secretly seduced you and we became lovers secretly again... I must admit, you were a good copy of Nancy, sometimes, I forgot you were a robot...... but, you were missing something... and that something I just installed inside you..." Tom explained to Nancy.

“Nancy's sexuality..." Nancy said softly "I see now.”

"Come with me, my love...Let's run away together and live with each other like it was meant to be!.." Tom said to her, grabbing her in his arms.

"Yes... but only one promise." Nancy asked Tom.

Tom nodded, "Anything,"

“Just love me like you loved her," Nancy smiled to him.

"Even more...even more," Tom smiled to her.

The End

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