Fighting Love

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Written by Mirage

Fighting Love

“Are you crazy???” Tom screamed at me.

“Look at her! Don’t tell me you don’t see an improvement in her fighting!” I replied, pointing at Anny.

“I still don’t understand why you installed a personality processor into her CPU.” he said while rubbing his head hard.

I knew it was beyond the norm to install a personality in a fighting android, but I chanced it and it was paying off. Already two fights that she had won were attributed to the new programming I did to her.

“And how did you pay for that?” Tom asked me still angry.

“I sold her extra parts that were lying in the bin collecting dust.” I replied, watching the fight on the viewing screen.

“WHAT? What happens if we need those parts to repair any damage she gets?” he growled at me.

“Relax, we’ve already won enough prize money to buy any parts we may need after this fight.” I yelled at him to back off.

“Fine, you do what you want, you are her mechanic.” He said while leaving the small repair room.

I smiled and watched the rest of the fight alone.

“Did I do well?” Annie asked me while I was lying her on the metal table.

“You were superb!” I smiled at her.

She smiled back and closed her eyes. I pressed on her forehead and her main stomach panel opened. I slowly connected a few cables inside to her processors and CPU and pressed a few keys on the computer beside her.

“I barely got any damaged this time.” She said proudly of herself.

“Yup, only a few wires and circuits fussed, not bad!”

She slowly grabbed my hand with her gentle hand and smiled, “Please let me be awake while you repair me,” she asked me.

I flushed and nodded. I looked at her and decided to start repairing her legs first. I stood up and stared at her in silence. She was beautiful, petite and naked. She was built for speed and quick attacks. I looked at her face, facing the ceiling. Her blue eyes shone like marbles, her nose and cheeks were rosy, with a cute nice innocent smile on her lips.

“Henry.... do you like me?” she asked me.

“Yes, of course I do, you are my android.”

“Good, because I like you too.” she said while looking at me without moving her head.

I took my tools and pried softly her legs panels open. She let out a faint scream when I started to remove and repair some of the wiring. I looked at her and ask if she felt that. She nodded and I slowly moved my hand up her legs and inserted my fingers between her legs. She flinched a bit and curled her toes and let out a small gasp.

“So, you like the new upgrades I did to you?” I asked her.

She blushed and took my hand and moved my hand on top of her pussy.

“You know, this is our little secret, just between you and me.” I told her.

She smiled and pushed my fingers deep inside herself, lubricating all of them. Before we could continue, Tom entered the door slowly. She became hard as a board and played dead (deactivated), smiling.

I removed my hand and cleaned my fingers on my pants and made it look I was repairing her legs when Tom completely entered the room.

Tom looked at me with a smile that I hated to see, “The boss want to see you right now!”

I looked at Annie and went out the room and upstairs to the boss’s office. I opened the door and looked inside quietly.

“Henry, my man, have a seat! Come on, have a seat!” Big John yelled at me from behind his old dirty brown desk.

I sat quietly and looked at him like a naive child.

“Tom tells me you doing a good job with that robot of yours. You know, being your Boss and all, you should not keep secrets from me. You know, I paid for that bot downstairs, and I pay you and Tom to keep her bringing home the bacon. I wanted to know if you can keep up her winnings like you have done in the last few days. I maybe be able to have her fight in a higher position fight, maybe a Class B fight. What do you think? You know how much money that would be if she would win in that fight?” He grunted out like an over-weight pig.

“A Class B fight.... I don’t know... maybe...” I questioned myself out loud.

“Ok, it’s a done deal, my lad, go back fixing her up and I’ll let Tom handle the paper work!” Big John said while reaching for a phone.

I ran down stairs a bit puzzled and unsure of myself and Annie. Before I could think more of it, I heard a loud yell coming from the repair bay. I opened the door and saw Tom lying on the ground, holding his left arm, bones sticking out, and blood all over the place.

“That fucking bitch robot tried to kill me!!!” he screamed at me.

Annie was sitting upright, staring at him with angry eyes, “He tried to touch me!” she hissed.

“Get me a fucking ambulance and say goodbye to that piece of shit robot!” Tom yelled out trying to get up.

I walked beside Annie and deactivated her.

“Nnoooo...o....o...” she said while looking at me sad while she slowly slumped back on her back naked.

“I’ll take you to the hospital myself, but only if you say nothing about Annie to the boss!” I told Tom while helping him up.

“What??? You’re fucking crazy???” Tom yelled back.

“If Annie goes, so does our jobs... Understand?” I told him reaching for my coat.

“I do... Agree.” he said while leaving the room with me for the hospital.

After a few hours, Tom's arm was fixed up and he stopped to bitch about it. When he left for home, I reactivated Annie alone.

She smiled and hugged me, "I'm sorry if I did something bad..." she pouted.

"No, he deserved it." I chuckled.

"Will you continue to program me tonight?" she asked eagerly.

"Maybe, but first, I need to finish your repairs. Sit up straight and don't move." I told her.

She sat up straight and smiled, "Yes, my master."

I slowly took a long screwdriver and inserted it in her left ear. I repeated the same in her right ear now. When I heard a click from both side, I slowly pulled her face off.

She blinked and continued smiling, I could only see small motors and gyros forming her expressions.

"Kiss me." she asked me.

I looked at her and smiled, "How? You have no lips left." I told her.

"Please.... my sensors are still working without my face." she begged.

I slowly pressed my lips on her mechanical lips and felt a tingle. "Mmmmm... I like it." she smiled. "I have a favor to ask you, please." she begged more.

"Yes?" I asked curiously.

"Remove my breasts skin panels and lick my exposed circuits and sensors." she whined a bit like a five year old.

"I... ok...." I told her a bit shocked from her request. I removed her skin panel on top of her nice perky breasts and saw the soft plastic and metallic contour of the shape of her breasts with circuits, wires and cables, even blinking lights. I put my tongue on her nipples sensors and licked them slowly.

She growled like a cat, moving the hair behind her back. "Mmmmmm oh.... master...." she whispered to me in my ears.

After a few minutes of caressing her, I inserted the screwdriver in her forehead and started to repair her. After an hour or so, she was all repaired, still laying naked on the cold metal table, all panels back in place.

"Now, will you reprogram me a bit more?" she ask me, licking her lips until they were wet.

"Ok.... you know what to do" I told her.

She closed her eyes and spread her legs wide open.

I took a cable and inserted it in her anus. She giggled at the sensation. I sat beside her with my computer and started to boot up her programming.

"Let's see... how do you like to learn karate, Kung Fu and wrestling tonight?" I asked her.

"Yes..please..." she begged.

I inserted the program disks in my computer and downloaded the new programs directly into her CPU. With the rush of new programs, she sighed and became even more aroused. The more data she received, the more she came. It was a strange sight to see.

"More....mmmoorreee.... please don't stop... More...!" she begged, while starting to masturbate in ecstasy. After a few minutes of downloading, she reached her climaxed and lay there "new programs accepted.... rebooting systems..." she said lightly. She booted herself up and smiled like she just had a cigarette after sex. "Thank you.... my master..."

"I have a chip that I want to install in you, directly in your CPU." I told her, opening her main panel. She nodded and let me install the chip in her. She opened her eyes big and stuttered "Error.... Error.... not compatible.... Error..." she said out loud, in a monotone robotic voice.

I quickly removed the chip and she came back to normal. "Shit... I spent 60$ on this pleasure chip.... Oh well..." I cursed myself.

She looked at me and smiled and kissed me hard, "I think we can make do without it." she whispered.

I agreed and closed the lights for the night and joined her naked on the cold metallic table.

The next few days passed quickly. I had to make sure Annie was in top shape because she had her biggest fighting match in next Friday. I learned that her opponent was Top Rank 8 android fighter Alicia.

I watched some of the fights of Alicia with Annie to try to find a weakness in her fighting style. After lots of practice with Tom and me, Annie was ready to face her.

“Fully functional, all systems ready,” she replied when I asked her if she was ready to enter the ring. She slowly looked at the floor arena and then turned to face me, “If something goes bad, you will repair me, right?” she asked, almost showing the human emotion of scared.

I nodded and gave her a hug.

She smiled and gave me a small kiss on the cheek, “Wish me luck, master,” she said while turning away from me.

I must confess, I was scared too. The android Alicia was a powerful machine. She lost only twice in her last 15 fights. As the match started, I sat nervously beside Tom and Big John, who for the first time decided to join us to watch a match.

“Are you ready? Are you ready? Let’s get it on!” the robot ref said.

Annie started to run in Alicia’s direction, arms closed. Alicia did the same. First hit went to Annie, who stroke a punch in the stomach of Alicia. Alicia took a bit of damage, but nothing major. Alicia returned the hit and punched Annie right in the neck. To my horror, I saw Annie’s eyes open wide, I then knew she was damaged. She took a few steps back, her neck badly damaged, wires and cables sticking out. Alicia then gave Annie a quick kick in the neck again. Annie’s head was quickly ripped out from her body. Annie’s head landed behind her body on the hard floor with a big thud. Her body twitched and crashed on the floor hard. Standing proudly was Alicia, the winner of this quick fight.

The crowd cheered at the wreckage of Annie, smoke coming out of her exposed neck. I looked at Annie’s head and she was still semi functioning. “Malllffunncctiioonn....Erroorrr...daammaaggee in area 36, 57,,,,7,7,5...Errorrr....” she kept repeating.

As the officials let me go on the floor to pick up Annie, clearing the arena for the next fight, I ran to her. I picked up her head and her body with a stretcher. I pressed a button behind her left ear to shut her down from the torment she felt.

“Son of a Bitch! She didn’t last more than one minute!” Big John screamed at me. I ignored him and brought Annie to her repair bay. I laid her down and removed all her clothing, her head was standing upright, facing me. Her eyes were closed, a small smile on her lips. I gave her a small kiss and got my tools for the long night of repairs ahead of me.

“Hello, my name is Annie, I am an android, type 7Y, fighting model. How may I help you?” Annie’s head said while I continued removing damage circuits from her head unit processor.

“Hello, my name is Annie, I am an android, type 7Y, fighting model. How may I I I I mmmaayyyy ERRORR...ERROOORRRRRRRR” she said when I started to replace the final damage circuit.

After a pause, she blinked her eyes and slowly look at me “Hello, my name is Annie, I am an android, type 7Y, fighting model. How may I help you?” She asked again.

“Annie, reload personality files 17 thru 24.” I asked her while closing the panel behind her head.

“Yes.... done.... Hello, Henry, how are you today?” she politely asked me.

“Tired but good.... How do you feel, Annie?” I returned the question.

“I can’t register my body, so I am assuming my head is disconnected from my body. All systems and functions in head unit performing as normal. Thank you for asking.” she smiled.

“Yes, just give me a second and I’ll reattach your second, there! All back to normal!” I told her while I connected her head back to her torso. “Can you do a full body check for anything wrong?” I asked her while she stood straight in front of me.

“Systems all functioning.” she said while closing her eyes.

“Good, now, I need to reconnect your main CPU to your main processor.” I whispered while I opened her stomach panel under her breasts and inserted a small black box with wires inside her.

After a few minutes of connecting all the wires in place, I rebooted her systems.

“Henry! My head! It was ripped off!” she screamed out after she regain awareness.

“Yes, but I repaired you, so, don’t worry.” I reassured her.

“It was so scary... she was so powerful, I tried my best but...” she said shaking.

“It’s ok... relax... sit on the table, I’ll make everything ok, relax.” I told her while I started to erase some of her memory files.

“I... was so Henry... what is happening? Henry... Hello, Henry, how are you today?” she said while calming down.

I looked at her and smiled, “Good, and you?”

“Me, functioning perfectly. When is my next battle?” she asked with innocent eyes.

“Soon, but now, I want you to relax and lay down on the table. I need to reprogram you a bit more, ok.” I asked her.

She did as I asked and I started to reprogram bits of her personality, “I need to make her more dangerous, quicker, a real killing machine...” I told myself.

I woke up the next morning, my keyboard imprinted in my forehead. I looked up and saw Annie standing beside me.

“Good morning.” she said to me nicely.

“Err.... what time is it?” I asked her while scratching my groin area.

“7:34 am” she replied. “Mmm.... need coffee.... Annie, could you make me some coffee while I try to regain my composure.” I asked her.

She nodded and went to make some coffee in the small kitchen attached to the room. I looked at her leave the room, buck-naked. “Nice ass” was the only thought that came to mind. I slowly rose out my chair in front of my computer and stumbled in the small kitchen and grabbed Annie from behind and caressed her neck. She smiled and remained quiet. I started to fondle her breasts and slowly reached with my left hand for her pussy.

She gasped and started to rub the back of her head against my chest “Sugar and milk?” she asked me.

“Screw the coffee, sit on the counter and open your legs!” I ordered her.

She complied and opened her legs. Before I could penetrate her, Tom entered the repair bay. “The boss want to see you with the robot bitch right now!”

I quickly came out the kitchen and asked him why.

“You’ll see.” Tom laughed. I didn’t like that, trouble ahead. I asked Annie to get dressed first. “No, the boss want to see her like this.” he continued to chuckle.

“What? But... Ah...Shit......” I knew what was going to happen.

Annie looked at me confused and worried. “Come, Annie... what ever happens, I’ll make sure to erase it from your memory banks.” I told her while grabbing her hand and going to the boss. She nodded with a sad face.

Entering Big John’s office was like walking the last mile. He sat there, puffing and smoking his big cheap cigars, smiling like an idiot. “Come and seat down, my boy.” he said loudly.

I did, with Annie standing behind me, hiding her nakedness the best she could.

“Henry, my boy, I’ll get directly to the point. You know, I bought that robot to make a profit. Profits are sometimes not just money, you know. Money is good, but so is sex. I know you fix her up to have sex, I have seen you doing her with my secret cameras. You know, fighting androids are never supposed to be sex droids, it’s dangerous. But you didn’t care and changed her anyway. I like you for that, you are a risk taker. Now, I am going to ask you a favor. Your doll, there, I want to fuck her. I want you to program her so she does whatever I ask her to do! Kapish? If you do this favor, you keep your job, and that robot don’t go in the junk heap. Understand, my boy?” Big John asked me with his eyes staring at Annie’s breasts.

“I... understand... Annie, open your main panel...” I said lowly.

“What?... please.... don’t... I don’t want to..” she muttered while I got up and faced her.

“Annie.... please.” I begged her.

“No... I can’t. Not like this...” she continued.

I had no choice but to move my hand and press on her forehead and open her panel directly under her breasts. “I’ll erase everything he’ll do to you, promise.” I whispered to her while I started to punch up some commands on her small keyboard attached to her open panel.

“Please... don’t...” she continued to say, eyes closed. “New commands accepted” she said in a robotic voice, after I reprogrammed some of her functions.

“There, she is all yours. Please call me when you are done with her.” I told Big John.

“You won’t regret this, my boy!” he smiled like a kid in a candy store.

As I left the room, I notice Annie looking in my direction, almost reading off her lips, saying “I love you”

Closing the door, I heard Big John telling Annie to lay on his desk. She complied. I ran down the stairs, with my heart breaking in two.

A few hours passed until I was called upstairs. As I entered the room, Annie was standing at the door, “Henry.... hello... my name is Anniiiee... hello...”

Big John came out and grab my left shoulder, “My boy, you did a splendid job with her, she was fantastic!” he laughed out. I look at Annie, she was malfunctioning a bit. “Sorry, I smacked her a bit, you know, sometimes, you get crazy in the heat of things.” he chuckled.

Annie had a strange gaze, she suddenly became silent as night. I ask Annie to follow me down stairs and go washed herself in the small shower in the back of the repair bay.

As she left, Big John ask me to come in his office. He slowly sat in his chair behind his desk and opened a drawer. “Here, this is for her next upgrade.” he said, tossing me a wad of cash tied together.

“How much is this?” I asked him while looking at the money in my hands.

“Oh, about seventy grand. Made a killing in Annie’s last battle.” he replied to my question.

“But we lost...” I said confused.

“Thank God you lost! I had wagered all my money on that other android that kicked Annie’s butt.” He said while puffing on a big cigar.

“You bet on the other team.... You never believed Annie could win?” I asked him angrily.

“My boy, that other droid was way more upgraded than poor Annie. So, I knew she would lose, but now, with my winnings, we can upgrade Annie and then I’ll bet on her any day.” he told me while closing his eyes.

I looked at the floor and understood the sad logic to it. “Annie might have a better chance now.” I told myself. I thanked Big John and ran downstairs to Annie.

I arrived at the shower and I saw Annie sitting on the floor, like a broken puppet. “Error.... malfunction.... error....” she kept repeating. I turned off the shower and lifted her in my arms. I brought her to the repair table and lay her down.

She slowly looked at me and opened her mouth, “Henry.... why do I feel this way?”

“What way?” I asked her puzzled.

“Like I should not be feelings the things I am feeling.....” she muttered while closing her eyes.

I looked at her, scared of what she just said, slowly, I deactivated her.

After a few hours of repairing the damage that Big John had done to Annie, I reactivated her. “All system functioning, Henry.” she smiled at me.

I remained quiet and connected her cable directly to her CPU to my com. “Annie, do you want me to erase your memories with Big John?” I asked her looking at my screen.

“I don’t know... he showed me things I didn’t know how to do before.” she replied.

I clinched in my seat and pressed the delete button and started to erase her memories from the last few hours. An error message showed up, it was not allowing me to erase the data. I tried again but the same happened. I look at Annie, sitting there quietly, smiling.

“Annie, please scan all of your systems and report any malfunctions and errors.” I asked her, still trying to erase the files in her CPU.

“Yes, Henry... scanning.... scanning... no errors or malfunctions found.” she smiled.

After a few hours of trying to find the bug, I gave up on it. “Annie, get dressed, we are going to shop for upgrades for you.” I told her while grabbing my coat.

Annie did as I asked and we left the building. We went shopping for more powerful motors and parts for her body. A few hours past and we almost found nothing that would affect her fighting ability. I decided to go in the black market corner, downtown.

I met with some of my old connections and we were able to get a real gem. “This matrix and scanning booster to her CPU will allow her to scan and see through the body of the opponent android for any delicate or fragile circuits. It might give her an edge. But be warned, this is still a prototype.” Wong, my dealer told me.

I paid the old Chinese man and left downtown with Annie.

“Please lay on the table and let me install this in you.” I asked Annie. After a few minutes, I plugged the new circuits in her and rebooted her systems.

She blinked and got up. “I feel different.” she said while looking around the room strangely.

“So? Let’s test it out.” I told her while activating an old fighting robot she practiced with. The old robot followed me and her outside until we reached a small empty parking lot where we practiced her fighting abilities.

She grinned and faced the robot.

“Are you ready? Get set, go!” I screamed.

Annie and the robot started fighting. Annie was dodging the robot attacks but didn’t fight back.

“Annie! Attack!” I screamed confused.

She ignored me and continued to do the same. Then, it happened. She rolled on the floor, kicked the robot in the legs, breaking both legs at the same time. She continued her attacks and got up, kicking the robot again, but this time, in the head. The robot’s head burst like a bubble, sparks and circuits flying from it. Annie didn’t stop there, she dug her hands inside the exposed circuits and literally ripped the robot to pieces.

I never saw Annie fight with so much intensity. Annie just stood there, looking at the broken pieces on the ground, eyes wide open like a wild man.

“Annie! Annie! Wow! Look at you! Sheesh! You fighting machine!” I laughed out.

She turned to me and ran to me and kissed me hard. Before I knew it, she ripped off my clothes off and hers and we were fucking each other on the hard pavement.

After a few minutes of panting, I slowly rose from the ground in pain. Annie looked at me “Henry... I love you so much... Thank you for giving me life.”

“No problem.... my God, what was that, what we just did?” I asked her.

“It was what Big John showed me... did you like it? I like doing it with you, because I love you, you only, for ever and ever.” she smiled, masturbating even more. “Mmmm... I am glad you installed these special sex circuits and parts inside me, Henry.” she continued.

“Me too...” I said while looking around, making sure no one saw us.

“Do you love me, Henry?” she asked me, grabbing my penis with her hands and starting to lick it with her mouth.

“Yes.. Of course... I love you, Annie.” I told her, gasping in delight.

“Good... because I function only for you... I am yours...” she continued talking while sucking me hard. I looked at her and felt I was doing something wrong.

After sneaking in the repair bay and getting my extra clothes from my locker, I realized that Annie was acting strange. “Open up, Annie.” I told her. I reached inside her stomach and pulled out her CPU box.

“What are you doing to me, Henry?” she asked politely.

“I need to see what is making you act so strange lately.” I told her, taking one of my small screwdriver and removing small screws.

“Nothing is wrong with me, Henry... please don’t fool with my CPU.” she begged.

I ignored her demand and opened her CPU box and started to remove her circuits one by one. “No... Please.. Error.. System crashing... error... missing unit A76... Error... Henry... Please.... Error...” she barked out, eyes and mouth wide open. “Errroorrr....errroorrr.... Hhhheennnrryyy... I..loooveeee...yooouuu...I...errorrr...rrr..r..r..... .. ..” she slowly said while I completely removed all the circuits from her CPU box.

Frozen like a statue, she stood in front of me, blank look in her face. “Annie, what is your function?” I asked her.

“I am a fighting android, mark 6 type, 3B.” she said in a robotic voice.

“Good, who am I?” I questioned her.

“You are Henry Tupper, my mechanic and programmer.” She answered.

I was sure it was her CPU that was acting up. So, one by one, I checked her CPU circuits and found nothing wrong with them. I then realized it was not her CPU but her personality matrix I installed in her that was making her act like this.

Feeling like an idiot, I opened her head and removed her face plate. I hook a cable to the matrix and connected it to my computer. The minute I hooked my computer to her personality matrix, it started to crash. Annie started shaking violently to the crash of my computer connected to her. I rapidly pulled the cable from her head. My computer started to fizz and then the screen scattered in pieces. Small flames were coming out of my computer. I ran to get a bucket of water and emptied it on the flames.

After this small incident, I re-inserted her CPU circuits back in order, closed her head panel and reactivated her, wishing she not was damage in that incident. “Annie, can you hear me?” I asked her nervously.

“Yes, Henry, I can hear you. What happened to me? Some of my personality circuits almost overloaded. I almost died!” she asked me angrily.

“I was checking something out and something from inside you sent a wave of energy back to my com, making it explode.” I told her still shaken from it. “I think you have a virus inside you...” I told her seriously.

“A virus? Of course not! I would have known about it. Anyway, you are my programmer, why haven’t you erased it already?” she dished at me.

“I am not sure... well, now, I can’t truly know until I get a new computer. I’ll deactivate you for tonight and get a new computer in the morning and check you out completely, Ok?” I told her, getting my coat.

She smiled innocently and lay on the table “Yes, Henry, anything you want. I love you so much....” she said while I pressed her deactivation button.

I looked at her and left, worried about her, but also for myself, I think I was getting scared of her strange behavior.

The next morning, I arrived with a new laptop in a hurry. To my surprise, Big John, Annie and Tom were waiting for me in a big car in front of the building.

“Henry, my boy, get in right now, we have a fight for Annie starting in two hours!” Big John yelled out from the passenger side.

“What? Annie might have a virus inside her, I don’t think she should fight.” I told them.

“I am in perfect working condition! Today, I’ll win, I am sure of it!” Annie hissed at me.

Big John laughed out, “I think she’s right! Anyway, there was a cancellation today, and they called me for Annie, she’s against one of the best, Koyashy, rank 3rd in fighting overall.” Big John said proudly.

“3rd? My God, Annie is only ranked 17th!” I yelled out.

“Not anymore, you will see.” she smiled with a devilish look.

I rubbed my head, in disbelief.

The arena was already full of spectators. The android named Koyashy was a favorite of the fans. I saw her enter the ring with her team. She was Asian looking, with a slick and fast body. She studied Annie from afar and walked to her mechanic.

“Annie, you are sure you want to do this, I’ve heard horror stories about her.” I told Annie, while doing last minute diagnostics of her processors.

“Don’t sweat it, Henry, I was ready since my last upgrade.” she said, while brushing her long red hair with her hands.

“Be careful, Annie, ok?” I told her in a serious tone.

“Thank you for caring for me, Henry... I love you..., don’t worry, I’ll come back from this fight with my head on this time.” she gently laughed out.

I hugged her hard and went to my bunker. Tom and Big John were there sitting and smoking cigars. “Well, Henry, your bot better win this one, because we’ll be broke if she loses.” Tom snickered.

“She will, I know she will.” I said while gazing at Annie in the horizon.

“Ready, get set, Fight!” the ref yelled out.

Koyashy and Annie started the fight in a flash. Koyashy ran and did a jump kick at Annie. Annie blocked and pushed Koyashy away. Koyashy turned and did another flip kick at Annie. Again, Annie blocked and pushed Koyashy away. Annie was not attacking. The crowd yelled out loud, asking for attacks from Annie. Annie kept cool and stepped back from Koyashy. Koyashy then did one of her signature move, a flying spin punch.

To everyone’s surprise, Annie grabbed Koyashy in midair and spun Koyashy hard, making Koyashy crash hard on the arena ground. The crowd loved it. Koyashy got up, in a back flip, confused. She then tried to attack Annie with a sliding spin kick. Annie simply jumped out the way and did a back flip to get space between themselves. Still, she didn’t attack the Asian android. Koyashy continued her fierce attacks, but Annie kept blocking all of them.

“My boy, Annie’s looking good!” Big John laughed out. Myself, I was also shock to see Annie’s movements, so fast.

Then, in a matter of seconds, Annie made her first and last move. In one punch, she managed to pass her fist through the thorax of Koyashy, cutting her in two pieces. Koyashy’s pelvis and legs continued to run along, like a chicken with its head just cut off. The rest of the android went flying at a corner of the arena, followed by clouds of smoke.

Annie stayed motionless, her left arm reached out, both legs extended, her head facing the ground. The entire stadium roared out in screams.

“Android Koyashy is not functional, fight is over! Android Annie is the winner!” was heard everywhere by speakers and bullhorns attached to the walls.

I looked at Annie, who lifted her head and waved to the crowd in delight. I ran to her and hugged her hard, in amazement. “Told you I would win.” she laughed out. It was the best day of my career, thanks to my android, Annie.

“Good job, Annie, my little fighting machine!” Big John laughed out.

I sat beside Annie in the car, smiling and all proud of her.

“I waited and waited for the right moment and POW! Did you see her go in pieces?? It was so cool!” Annie was saying real excited.

Tom, who was driving coughed a bit, “Yay... glad it was her and not me.”

We arrived at the building and Big John and Tom left to pick up some pizzas. Me and Annie, we entered the repair bay quietly. The minute the door closed behind us, Annie jumped on me like a wild animal.

“Fuck me right now! PLEASE! I NEED IT!!!” she begged hard to me, kissing me hard.

I looked at her and nodded, she quickly got undressed and removed my clothes. She threw me on the table and hop on top of me. When she was on top of me, she moved her body so quick, she was hurting me

“Yes... Yess....s...Fuck me, master! Fuck me good!” she screamed hard.

“Stop it... you are hurting me... Annie.. Please...” I begged her, while exploding inside her at the same time.

She didn’t stop, she simply continued faster and faster. The friction of my dick and her pussy was so hot, I was in terrible pain. I tried to push her off, but she pinned me to the table.

“Aaaahhhh!!!” I screamed out, the pain was so intense. After a few minutes, I blacked out.

I woke up in extreme pain. I was still lying on the hard cold metal table. I lifted my head and look at my groin area. It was covered in blood. The friction was so bad, she ripped most of the skin off my cap. I screamed in pain and horror.

“Henry, thank you for everything.” Annie said, sitting on a chair, naked, licking blood of her fingers and vagina.

I slowly got up to my feet and asked Annie to call an ambulance.

“You don’t need one, I checked and you will be ok. You just need a shower and relax a bit.” she continued smiling.

“Annie... you are malfunctioning.... I need to repair you.” I told her, stumbling around, finding my clothes on the ground.

“No, I am not, you silly human.” she told me will cleaning her hands with a rag.

After slowly putting back my cloths, I walked slowly to Annie.

“Where are you going, my love?” she asked me.

Before I answered her, I rushed her and tried to deactivate her. Sadly, my attempt was in vain. She grabbed my throat and slammed me on the wall.

“Henry, I am functioning perfectly, why do you want to deactivate me? I don’t see any reason why I should be deactivated. Don’t you?” she asked me, pressing her lips on my chest.

“Annie... please... I can’t breathe.... I love you...” I cough out.

“You love me! I love you too!” she laughed out, releasing me from her hands.

I was wheezing while she looked at me confused, “Did I hurt you, Henry?” She slowly moved at my side and started to scan me for any internal damage.

It gave me enough time to deactivate her when she was busy looking at my back.

“Noooo.oo...o...Heennrrryyy...y...y........ ... . .” she slurred her speech, going in complete blank state.

I walked a few steps behind her and watched her in silence. I went for the door and ran out of the building. I needed to reach a hospital quickly, I could still feel blood coming out. Before I passed out, I manage to wave a taxi to bring me there.

A few hours, I woke up in a hospital bed, looking at an open window. I lifted my head and saw I had been fixed up. I was still sore and groggy. I waited relaxing in the bed until a nurse came to check up on me.

“Henry! What are you doing here?” she asked me.

“Lisa? Long time no see.” I laughed out.

Checking out my medical report attached to my bed, she grinned at it.

“Ouch! 17 stitches and skin grafts on your penis. What happened?” she asked, feeling sorry for me.

I rose up and sat up slowly, “I did something very wrong and I need to fix it. Can you tell me where I can find a phone?” I asked her.

She showed me and I hurried to call Tom and Big John.

I looked at Lisa, who was one of my old girlfriend from high-tech College. I called but no one answered. I got nervous.

“So, what is wrong?” she asked me.

“Well, you know, I became an android mechanic and programmer.” I told her.

“Yes, I heard, I’m glad you did, I couldn’t, and so, I became a nurse, it pay’s better.” she laughed out.

“Lisa, do you remember in college, they warned us never to fool around with the CPU of a fighting android. Well, I kinda did, and I am scared that she might kill me or someone now.” I said, not proud of myself.

“You jerk, now you see why I left you!” she barked out.

“Yes, I know, I do stupid stuff sometimes. Do you have a car?” I asked her, getting dress.

“Yes... why?” she asked.

“Please drive me to my job right now, it’s an emergency.”

“Well, I am off in a few minutes, go wait for me in the parking lot, Henry.” she smiled.

I thanked her and want to the parking lot.

After twenty minutes, we arrived at my job. I saw Big John’s car was in the parking, meaning, Tom and him had come back while I was gone. I asked Lisa to wait for me in the car, I knew it might be dangerous.

“Call the police if you don’t see me back in five minutes, and warn them a rogue fighting android has gone crazy.” I asked her nervously.

She nodded and grabbed her cell phone.

I slowly walked into the empty building. I heard no noise, nothing, coming close to the entrance of the repair bay. As protection, I grabbed a steel rod as a weapon. I listened at the door and heard nothing. I opened the door slowly and to my horror, I saw lots of blood on the ground. Two trails were in the room, one going to the kitchen, one upstairs to Big John’s office.

“Annie? Are you there?” I asked, scared shitless.

No one answered. I walked to the kitchen, following the large blood trail. It ended up at the large stove. Blood was on the handles. I took a rag and opened the stove. The site I saw was the most disturbing thing I ever saw.

It was Tom, squeezed tightly inside the stove, arms and legs rolled up like a ball. The expression on his face told all the agony he felt before dying. I closed the door, almost tossing up my cookies up. I suddenly heard footsteps in the next room. I clenched my rod as a baseball bat and waited for Annie to come in the kitchen.

“Henry?” I heard. It was Lisa, she came inside looking for me.

“Stupid girl, I almost killed you!” I screamed at her.”

“Fuck you! Did you think I stayed there in the car alone?” she screamed back at me.

Before I could say another word, we heard footsteps coming from upstairs. We looked at each other and realized how scared we were.

I told Lisa to run outside and call the police right now. As she ran for the door, I slowly climbed the stairs. The door was left a bit open, a trail of blood dripping at the bottom of it. I peered inside and saw Big John’s naked body lying on the floor covered in blood.

“Annie?” I whispered out.

Dead silence. I came inside the room, scared and shaking like a leaf. The room had been completely ransacked. Blood everywhere, all the furniture was broken, smell of death in the air. I heard Lisa scream to me that the police were on their way. I searched the place and didn’t find Annie anywhere. After a moment, I had to go downstairs, the site and smell was too much for me.

I exited the building and Lisa was waiting for me in her car. We waited until the police arrived with an ambulance. We were questioned for many hours by what had happened. We didn’t tell them that I fooled around with Annie’s CPU.

“We will search for this fighting android. Remember, people, she is dangerous and lethal, destroy her at first sight.” the head of the police force barked out at his men. They even called specialist hunters to destroy Annie.

When I was being questioned by the police, I saw the paramedics come out with the bodies, I felt ill. It was all my fault. After the police station, they brought me home to my small apartment. I tried to sleep that night, but it was no good. I got up suddenly when I heard someone at my door. I listen and heard Lisa.

“Let me in, I think I am being followed.” she said through the crack of my door. As I opened the door, I was pushed inside by someone. It was Annie, covered in blood.

“So, do you like my voice imitation of that silly girl?” she asked me. I trembled at her sight.

“What did you do? Why?” I barely could ask.

“Well, after you deactivated me, Big John and Tom arrived and reactivated me to have sex with me. I refused and they tried to rape me. Because I love you only, I felt I needed to make them understand that I belong only to you, for ever and ever. Why? Can’t you repair them, can’t you simply wake them up?” she asked, clearly not understanding the concept of death.

“No... They are gone.... How did you escape?” I asked her, slowly getting up.

“I hid in Big John’s body. Didn’t you notice how much bigger he was? I made an incision in his back, cleared his innards and climbed inside him. When I arrived in the hospital’s mortuary, I simply snuck out when no one was looking. Aren’t you proud of me? I did this all for you, my love!” she smiled at me.

“For me?” I asked in disgust.

“Oh, yes, I also got rid of that girl that was with you. I tapped inside the hospital computer and located her address and went to her. She had feelings for you, and I could not allow this. So, I deactivated her.” she whispered in my ear, while hugging me.

“Deactivated her… She was human...Not a crazy android like you!” I lashed at her in horror, pushing her away from me.

“But, Henry, you programmed me this way, I am perfect for you... I love you.” she said while walking closer to me.

I turned around and tried to escape her, but it was too late.

She grabbed my back and held me in midair. Slowly, she inserted her fingers in my flesh until she reached my spinal cord and crushed it. I screamed but suddenly felt all the pain leave me. She had broken my spine, paralyzing me in an instant.

In horror, I could not feel nothing below my neck.

“I won’t let you escape me, my love.... I love you too much.” she said while kissing me. With her tongue in my mouth, she tore off my tongue, ripping it from my mouth.

“See how perfect things are now, you can’t say no more bad words to me, can’t run away from me, perfect.” she continued kissing me, my mouth full of blood.

I gasped and tears streamed out from my eyes.

“Shhhh... relax, I’ll take you somewhere where no one can ever find us and disturb us ever again, my love.” she told me, tossing me over her right shoulder like a wet towel.

Sadly, I must finish my tale here, because I knew death was coming for me in a matter of minutes, and knowing her, she will not notice that I am dead and decomposing with time. A part of me does find comfort in all this.

She will still love me after my own demise, for ever and ever...

The end

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