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The time like an arrow, the school year ended. My result of final exam was not bad. I could relaxly walked into the summer holiday. In the first monday morning of the good days. I went outside to have a lunch in the cafe I favourite. When I back to home, I peeped on the mailbox. I didn't check mailbox, its my father is job. I was lazy. But today I check it myself. I open it, hey there was a strange letter. Haha, its for me. Returned home. I open it. Oh, I received a notice from the mail office. They said there was a big parcel waiting for me.Today my mom was at home, next monday with dad they went to next town. I take it monday. Monday, I went to the mail office, there was a large box wrapped in soil yellow paper. It was half tall to me.About 3 feet long, I took it to home. Tore away the thick paper, open the box. Oh, there were a pair of long legs! They were in office lady shoes. Is there a murder? Wait! The thigh, there was not blood. It was some machine! Look around. The legs were familiar. Is this Miss Chan's leg?There is a letter in the box. I open it. It wrotes:

Dear Jason,

Hello, Jason. I have been a long time not seeing you, how are you? I 'm fine recently. After leaving your school. I still have teach other school as part-time. Luckily, no one find me is a robot. When I was in the lab, dont have teaching job. I was broke into several parts, like here you see. This is not strange, I'm a robot, I need to do testing, maintanance and other engineering. I know your exam result is not bad. Also you are serious in the repair to my leg before. The lab think that you have potential to be a robot tech worker. So they send you my legs . You practice with my legs, observe it carefully. Then send a report to them. Also with your result. Dont ruin your schoolwork. When you scan my legs, remember remove the skin carefully, like take off socks, don't cut on it.

All the best,

Miss Chan

Deep Blue

After that I study the legs day by day, and I sent some detailed report to the lab regularly. 6 months later. They send email to me, told me that they accept me to be a part time worker.Then I went to the lab, and I meet Miss Chan again. In the lab, my job is test the human robots. Especially Miss Chan. She still had train teaching job, but more time she did some job like office work, reception. She need to went out frequently, and I need to repair her when she came back. As she walked many road. I repaired her legs usually. Her legs are long and her butts are big, she said that she was made for walking and standing , so her legs , butts , all the walking devices are strong. During the repair, she need to remove clothes, she was not afraid to stripped in front of me."You know my deepest secret, what thing I have to keep from you?", she said. She was completed simulated a human adult female. I learned many about ladie's body from her. Her body was in great shape, I felt excited from her. But I also admired her, we like brothers and sisters more than lovers. She was respectable. As I am a younger brother, the thing I can do is repair her seriously, let her went out to work in the prettiest.

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