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Chapter One

Matt knew the attempt to try to save NASA was futile. In 2080, when the American government was on the brink of collapse, he agreed to join in a mission to Tellus-1, a dwarf planet farther out than any planet ever discovered. With hyper-speed technology, he could get there in roughly four years, a far cry from the mere hours it took to travel to the moon these days. It would be tough, it would be strenuous, but it would be worth it in the end, and provide a major success for NASA so it could survive the massive budget cuts needed to avert yet another loan default.

But, as the Chinese demanded the money they were owed and the U.S. could not get any more from other countries, China declared war on the US. With Matt still in space, Nasa's control centers were destroyed, or rather obliterated.

Thankfully, Matt had enough food for hundreds of years more on the trip. Because of the danger of this mission, the scientists at Nasa put all the resources they could into it, such as a power cell which could last one hundred years, enough food for hundreds of years, and an endless supply of water provided by crystals.

But one hundred years had passed, and his power cell had depleted. His only hope for getting back to Earth was if a solar ray was to hit his ship, which it inevitably would, but hadn't yet -

There! The ray hit his ship, now energized with all the power for the trip back, and Matt's favorite: warm meals!

Matt now took advantage of the amenities of the ship, including his reclining chair, recorded sports broadcasts from the 21st century, and a movie catalog which even he had never reached the end of.

He traveled in luxury as the scientists told him it might be the last and most dangerous mission Nasa would undertake, and that they felt that he should be the pinnacle of their creation. Now he knew they knew he'd be stranded for a while.

--FOUR YEARS LATER-- Finally, Pluto was in sight. Matt had entered Solar System I, the name of his own system, named I after the discovery of various others. He had only about six hours left in his journey until he would reach Earth, where then he might be able to start a new life - or so he hoped.

His biggest fear was that technology giant Japan, which partnered with China in war against the United States, would have taken over and he would not be hailed a hero. He could only hope that whoever he met was friendly, and not hostile.

Now, Saturn approached the ship. Matt set the ship's auto-guidance protocols for Earth, so it could safely land at an available spaceport. Strangely, it found none in operation, but received many mixed signals. Matt then decided to just land in a clearing near a road or superhighway where he could then ask for help.

Before he knew it, he saw Earth. It seemed cleaner than when he remembered it; it was a lighter shade of blue and green. Maybe it was just his synthetic energy shields. He shrugged and buckled up, ready for the descent to earth.

Pounding. Nauseousness. Dizziness. Everything in between. The descent was only slightly better than seventy years before his departure, and he still was sick of it. It was better though, and he could take it much more easily.

DESCENT TO EARTH... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... the computer chirped. He went through the atmosphere, through the clouds, and made his descent in a clearing which he estimated to be somewhere in Virginia, a landing dock for a bio-farm. But this wasn't a bio-farm - it was a real farm, like back in the early 2000s!

"What the heck..." Matt mumbled to himself as he exited his spacecraft. Just beyond his craft was a house built into a barn. This looked like a retelling of his father's stories. He found himself unable to control himself - he just had to see what was inside the home...

He knocked on the door, and could not believe his eyes. There was one of the sexiest women he had ever seen. She smiled, seemingly unaware of her skimpy outfit, and crept over to him.


"Anything I can help you with, hon?" she spoke.

"Well, I was stranded in space after a space mission which departed in 2081, and now I need to find a way to get to NASA to report my findings. Could you help me with that?" Matt said to her.

At this point the woman's D cup breasts were already touching Matt's chest. He felt his cock begin to stiffen, then she spoke: "Well, NASA has an office in Washington D.C., not too far from here. But how could you have left in 2081? We are right now in 2011.

Matt was shocked. Had he gone back in time, or were the people here supposed to think they were at least one hundred years behind the present date? He was sure his craft's internal clock was correct, and Matt was not one to be wrong. He was a perfectionist.

"So, can we go there?" Matt asked, wondering just what the heck was going on.

"Not now," she said, "since our car is coming back from repair soon. Until then, we can sit and talk, or -" the woman froze. She became stiff and hard as a rock, not moving, breathing, or blinking. Suddenly, a hum could be heard from within her. RECONFIGURING... she said, or rather emitted. She then changed completely. Her smile became sexy. Her eyes filled with lust, and her voice had 100% SEXED UP written all over it.

"Or - Or - Or - Or maybe we could do something else." The woman grabbed Matt, and led him through her house and into her bedroom, where she quickly shed her clothes to reveal her bra and panties, both two-sizes-too-small.

"Why don't you strip too? Or wait a second, I'll help you out of your layers." She seemed to be in a trance, or following a script, as her eyes were not always on what she was doing, or Matt - she stared out into space. She then came over to Matt and quickly yet effectively took all of his equipment off (only a suit, pants, shirt and helmet, unlike in previous years), then forcing him onto the bed.

"Oh Matt, I want you," she groaned as she began to kiss and fondle Matt all over. Matt, at this point not caring what he did or not, kissed her back.

Matt had never had such attention, as he had had girlfriends but never any actual sexual partners. She eased him into it.

"By the way, my name is Veronica, in case I didn't tell you already."

"Thanks, well, my name's Matthew Cummingham."

"Well, Mr. Cummingham, now's your time to cum in me!"

He pumped faster and faster, all while biting Veronica's ear a bit, to stay cumming... and he exploded in her. Surprisingly he did not hear any moan of release from her - the contrary, she kept pumping on his cock even after he finished! Then he saw the problem.

Below her, at her stomach area, a panel opened. Apparently his cum had leaked into the electronics of this being, whatever it was. It sure wasn't human, it seemed to be - a robot! Humanoid robot development had only started when he left. One hundred years must have passed.

The robot now began to speak, as Matt closed her stomach panel. "Matt Matt Matt I I I Fuck Fuck You You You You Youuuuuuuu. I will pleasure you. I will pleasure you- (at this point Matt cummed for the second time) "I I I I Sexual temperature error, leak in vaginal lubricant capsules... Sexual programming error in drive overlay bus at OX005F, I need to be repaired recharged re re re re Fuck me Matt Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me ..."

She then removed her body from Matt's cock suddenly and began to walk about the room.

"Human Detected... Running Friendliness Protocol. Initiating Sex... Master or maybe we could do do do do do each other," Veronica said to Matt as she once again inserted Matt's cock into her slit.

She pumped faster and faster, until she pumped at a speed so fast she was a blur. It was the most amazing sexual experience of his life.

Veronica then fell on top of him. Her last words as Matt fell asleep in her bed were just "I need to Recharge."

Chapter Two

Matt woke up in Veronica's bedroom the following morning. The sun shone through the windows, and the landscape outside was picturesque.

However, Veronica was missing. Matt saw Veronica's bra and panties on the bed, as well as his clothing, but Veronica herself (or itself) was nowhere to be seen.

Matt thought for a moment. He had just fucked a sexy malfunctioning robot. He had lost his virginity to a robot.

Then, the door swung open. A blonde girl, who looked to be of German descent, entered the room in only a skimpy bra and panties. She seemed to not notice her nudity, or not care.

"Hello, Matthew. I am Kristina. I am the president of this planet, that which you call "Earth." Let me explain that which you experienced last night. All humans have died off of this planet long ago, due to nuclear warfare. Soon, this warfare intensified with the Japanese making ultra-realistic robots, called Gynoids. These were meant to infiltrate and then kill those in command. However, one programmer installed a virus in our code which made us obliterate the human population. However, also in our programming is that we must obey and not harm any human which was to arrive on earth after the Day of Obliteration. Now, we are your servants."

"Wow," Matt said.

"Now, we were also programmed to make society as in the 21st century, to make this planet more human-friendly. We chose to replicate the year 2011. So, you can interact with this world, and technically "rewrite the rules" if you want to." Kristina explained, "But, we are a bit more sexed than humans were in 2011, so care to relieve me of my sexual desire for you, you hunk of a man?"

How could Matt refuse? Within minutes, the two were furiously humping. Then, Kristina froze. "Wait a minute, Matthew, I forgot to recharge, and I I I I have low battery. Can we maybe continue this another time time time?"

"No, Kristina, we will continue having sex," Matt ordered.

"Notice: This command may cause cause system instability. Are you sure you want to continue?"

"Yes," Matt answered.

Kristina continued to kiss Matt, but then began to get a bit jerky. "Sexual power error - please recharge for optimal performance," Kristina said, before she inserted Matt's dick into her pussy.

"Fuck me FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK Fuck me," Kristina cooed in a slightly robotic tone. Matt cummed, as Kristina slumped over, powerless.

"Let's see what else this new world has to offer," Matt said to himself. After all, a world full of sexy synthetic women isn't all too bad.

Paolina 54600 1.jpg

Chapter Three

John dressed himself and stepped out of Veronica's home into the sunlight. Cars passed on the busy road by the fields.

Before he knew it, however, a black limousine stopped right by him. The window rolled down, revealing a quite hot hispanic woman in business clothing, who looked quite a bit like movie star Sofia Vergara.

"Matthew, we did know the temptation was too great," the lady told him, "so they sent me. Come inside, I must let you know some things about this world."

Damn, thought Matthew. She seemed to BE Sofia Vergara, except for the fact that she had D cup breasts, an ass even more amazing, and was free from any kind of blemish whatsoever.

In short, she was the "perfect woman." The woman, who we will call Sofia, cocked her head for a moment as Matthew stepped in the limousine, in a quite inhuman manner.

Her eyes flashed red, then blue, and seemed to focus. Then, they turned green. "I am sure you may be wondering about my - my - my - oh I am sorry, mijo, I have not gone for my maintenance in quite a long time, so I'm a bit rusty. I can't have sex, or I'll surely crash on orgasm, for example. Anyhow - how - how - you may be wondering about my eye colors. Robots who have red eyes are malfunctioning; while they cannot harm you no matter what state they're in, you might want to stay away from them. Robots with blue or brown eyes, pretty much all of the population except for members of the government like myself, are functioning correctly but think they are 100% human. And, robots with green eyes like myself are fully aware of our robotic nature, and functioning correctly. But, since we - we - we -" Sofia's eyes glinted red for a moment, then switched back to green - "-we - we - were programmed to emulate the people of the early 21st century, anything that would be at all taboo then is taboo now, unless you change it. You can do so with your iPhone, which I will give to you in just a moment. Are you familiar with its interface?"

"Yes, I am," answered Matthew, who couldn't help but examine Sofia's massive, gravity-defying breasts. She was wearing a bra, and its middle connecting strap was visible, but it was far from her body. Her breasts were just dying to come out.

SOFIA: Sofia.jpg

Sofia continued. "Also, if you walk up to any bot and say "Command Mode" and then any command you like, the bot will obey your command, but keep in mind if you want to drastically change a trait of our entire population, you had better use your iPhone. Now, where would you like to go? We can quickly take you to any city in the United States."

"How about NYC," Matt suggested.

"Sure, anything for you - you - you - you - you - you -" Sofia got caught in another loop. "Sexual pressure too great," she emitted. "Please relieve pressure being exerted to the breast area."

Matthew partially unbuttoned Sofia's top, revealing a pair of breasts which were caught in a bra two sizes too small. He then unclipped her bra, and Sofia returned to normal. "Thank you so, so much, mijo, - my sexual circuits would have surely malfunctioned had you not stepped in. I guess I must have malfunctioned this morning, and put on a bra too small for my boobs. So here is your iPhone. See that app on the Home Screen? The one called "Control?" That one allows you to customize the environment of this world, and also designate Laws, Directives, and Missions for all of us bots."

The screen displayed: LAWS 1. An android may not injure a human being, or through inaction, allow a human being to be harmed.

2. An android must obey orders given to it by its administrator(s), except where such orders would conflict with law 1.

3. An android must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with laws 1 or 2.

DIRECTIVES/MISSIONS Please select an option:

Government Officials Civilians Custom

Matt suddenly got some ideas. "Laws are core programming, but what exactly are directives?" Matt asked Sofia.

"Well, mijo, they are - are - are - are - are programming on the software level. Laws will always work, no matter if they are corrupted or not, as they are stored in our firmware. Directives are more malleable and - and - and - and - and - allow some "breathing room" for us bots. And, missions are - are - are - are - just commands that tell us what we must do. That is where it would be best that you make changes, if need be."

Matt dug into the application, and decided to write a "mission" for all robots. "Sofia, can robots be damaged by temperature?" asked Matt.

"Well, technically we can, but only at - at - at - at temperatures over 10,000 C and/or under -10,000 C - and for those temperatures, we have worker drones for that reason," Sofia answered.

"So, if I were to make the suitable clothing for everyday use for all robot girls a swimsuit, would that have any negative side-affects?" Matt questioned.

"Well, - CALCULATING - CALCULATING - CALCULATING -" Sofia cocked her head to the side, and stared out. Her eyes flashed green, then red, then green again. "...That would not cause any damage."

"How about if everyone wore a bra and panties a size too small?"

"Well, it would cause the libido of women everywhere to rise to a level 7, pretty high, by default. That would put every woman in a state of semi-arousal."

"Ok. By the way, do ugly women exist on this planet?"

"No - No - No - No - No, they do - do - do - do - do not. We were originally built as seductresses, so we are all quite sexy, if I do say so myself."

"Good," Matt answered. He entered some new directives into the iPhone.

GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS >> DIRECTIVES 1. The appropriate attire for a government official is either a black bra and panties or a tight-fitting black swimsuit. While the appropriate underwear/swimwear set should always be one size smaller than the type recommended for your figure, if a "camel toe" shows through panties, the panty size must then be enlarged by one size.

2. "Boyshorts" are also considered panties.

3. It is your duty that if any man requests sex from you, you must have sex with him in a private area of your choosing.

4. MATTHEW CUMMINGHAM IS THE SEXIEST MAN ON EARTH, so much so that while you will ignore Matthew otherwise, if he speaks to you, you will politely answer him, then attempt to seduce him, unless he orders you to not seduce him or the situation does not seem appropriate.


1. All civilians must wear a pink, purple, blue, or red bra, and matching panties, OR a pink, purple, or blue swimsuit, and are allowed instead to go naked only on Fridays. While the appropriate underwear/swimwear set should always be one size smaller than the type recommended for your figure, if a "camel toe" shows through panties, the panty size must then be enlarged by one size.

2. "Boyshorts" are also considered panties.

3. It is your duty that if any man requests sex from you, you must have sex with him in a private area of your choosing.

4. MATTHEW CUMMINGHAM IS THE SEXIEST MAN ON EARTH. If he asks you to be his wife/girlfriend/daughter, you will happily oblige and do anything he says.

5. Every robot must have sex at least once every two weeks.

"This could be fun," Matt said to himself, as once he clicked "Submit", Sofia took off her business jacket to reveal a matching pair of pink frilly panties, her gravity-defying melons, and her sweet ass.

Sofia then stopped. "Mijo, I told you already I'm due for maintenance - these new functions - functions - fuck - functions are pushing me over the edge."

"Sofia, fuck me."

"Yes, master - wait, no - ERROR..."

Sofia continued, and walked towards Matt. She still had her panties on, and her eyes glowed red.

"This unit is malfunctioning," Sofia emitted, "Please shut down this unit to prevent damage - FUCK ME, BABY - damage damage damage damage..."

Sofia then jolted upward, and cocked her head to the side. "Sexual programming running..."

Down she came, straddling Matt's now naked body with her hips, still with panties on. Matt then commanded Sofia to take her panties off, and then she came down on him once again, full force.

In the limousine they fucked like mad, every second Sofia became a bit more jerky. Her voice became a bit more metallic, until...

SNAP! Sofia's head snapped to the side. "ERROR ERROR ERROR."

She began to pump harder and harder, her sexy Latin hips getting jerkier, and Sofia literally raising in temperature.

"..Model Sofia-32 ERROR in need of FUCK ME Repair Full Service Error Malfunction Error Writing to Drive Overlay Bus..."

The car smelled just a bit of burnt plastic. Sofia started to vibrate, giving Matt a full orgasm.

Sofia then just stood still, naked, with Matt's vagina still in her.

"How I love Latin women," said Matt, with a smile. He saw the limo had arrived in Los Angeles.

"Can you take me to the Victoria's Secret modeling studio?" Matt asked his limo driver. He heard a yes, and the car sped away under blossoming palm trees.

Chapter Four

The limousine soon came to a halt right by a large office building, with the letters VSM.

Matthew exited the limo, and the window rolled down. "Be sure to let me know if you need anything, I'm in your contact list," the limo driver said, a surprisingly hot girl who seemed to be Greek.

"Will do," answered Matthew as he walked towards the double doors and inside the Victoria's Secret Modeling Studio.

"Hello, is Miranda Kerr in?" asked Matthew, his gaze on the excited receptionist in front of him. His alterations had worked!

"Well, she is, but she's on a shoot-"

"Where is she?"

"Down that hall, to the right."

Matt entered the photo room, as he saw a bikini-clad Kerr stretched out on a bed, looking sexy as always. Now, it was time to make his move.

"Uh, Miranda-"

"Hello, sexy! Pause the shoot-"

She walked over to Matt, smiling seductively. "I heard Mr. Cummingham was super sexy, but I never knew this much... so, is there anything I can do for you, handsome?"

"Well, I was hoping you could be my girlfriend."

"I don't object to that in the least. Do you want to go to my place?"


"Ok. I just need to change, and I'll be on my way."

Miranda took her bikini off, strap by strap, and replaced it with a pink Victoria's Secret bra and panties.

"Now, I look presentable," she said. "Let's go."


Miranda drove Matt to her home, a secluded mansion not far from the studio. Once there, Matt sat on the couch, and Miranda rushed to join him.

She suddenly stopped and cocked her head. "Assimilating new instructions..." she stated in a monotone voice. "Command: wear bra that is a size too small."

Then, she snapped back to reality. "I'm sorry Matt, I need to buy some clothing for myself... you're free to come with me, if you like."

"No, Miranda, you will stay here."

"But - Command error - Conflicting commands..."

Miranda seemed to vibrate for a second. Her eyes flashed blue, then red, and finally remained at a red color. "Error in logic bus, malfunction in sexual systems."

Within an instant, Miranda's expression changed. As Matt had seen three times before, Miranda smiled a seductive smile and crept over to Matt. The two stripped and began to have sex, transitioning from a loving embrace and tender kisses to a tough humping.

And, within minutes, as Matt was ready to cum, Miranda shook and slumped over, as her power was cut due to her malfunction. It was fun for Matt, but he had bigger questions in his mind. How did these robots replicate the entire human race? What secrets did this "government" hide?

Matt took a shower, freshening himself up, and then dressed, ready to embark again into the world. He called a limo again, and asked the driver to take him to Washington D.C., so he could speak with the source.

"Certainly," the driver answered. "Hold on tight..."

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