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Corrected by dale Coba :P

Imagine a sexbot that looks, sounds, feels and responds exactly like a gorgeous young woman . Imagine a wonderful lover that has instant access to instructions from every sex manual since the Kama Sutra. Imagine cutting-edge software that continually evolves, based on your interactions. Imagine a charming, romantic lover becoming continually more attractive and attentive

Imagine no more. Cindy is the perfected, fully-functional imitation of a wonderful young woman. Watch her in high heels, walking with grace and confidence. She knows how to look pretty in every situation - because we have programmed her for this purpose. Look at her brown hair, falling down to her shoulders; her deep brown eyes and a nose which forms her perfect profile. She may be the most beautiful young women you have ever seen. Smiling clearly in your direction, looking at you, you know shecan be yours, she is built for you, waiting for you. All attributes of a most erotically appealing woman are combined perfectly within her presence.

You will want her above all things. Holding and kissing her will be an experience to savor, a privilege to appreciate and the rarest of accomplishment in the game of life. Look at her eyes, in equal parts promising yet pleading... wholly dependent. Be gentle with her; give her a chance to get to know you...

______________________________PAGE 2_____________________________________ Corrected by Dale Coba :P

arrow: Perfectly realistic appearance.

The Cindy ultra-advanced companion has been designed to mimic humans in every way: from lithe movements with contractile polymers muscles, from her subtle emotions to her vivacious personality, it is nearly impossible to distinguish her from a human female.

arrow: A perfectly faithful companion.

Our Cindy doesn't care how a person looks. She won’t need to be courted or wooed. She doesn’t need gifts, or a bigger house, or a walk-in closet. She won’t even care if you forget to celebrate the anniversary of her purchase.

arrow: An Advanced neural AI.

Cindy analyses your reactions, listening and talking with you like a real person. She learns, from every word you speak, and from the way your relation evolves.

arrow: To help you in your life - the most personal of assistants.

Cindy can liberate you from all your unpleasant tasks. What will be Cindy's first task ? From vacuuming and cleaning up your home, to mowing your lawn, Cindy is designed to make your life's chores so much easier.

arrow: “better than sex with humans”

Her superior sexual techniques and ability to satisfy are at the ready,24/7. Cindy will ignite your sexual fire, combating boredom and guaranteeing you adventure and opportunities unimagined. No longer will you need the hassles of prostitutes for sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Our Cindy will be more convincing than any sex worker, expressing her delicately programmed affection and emotions. Cindy will join in your every sexual desire, teaching you, experimenting with new practices and techniques. And of course, there's no need to worry about sexually transmitted infections and unwanted conceptions. The Cindy ultra-advanced companion makes for a sex tutor, par excellence.

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arrow: Main control panel in the skull casing:

The head contain mainly sensory systems to give the robot sight and hearing. The main control panel is also located at the back of the head. Back of head panels are practical. You just have to lift up the hair and remove the protection skin at the back, and the panel is unveiled. Also the hair is good camouflage for a panel. Faceoff are still possible but the face panel are only used when more comprehensive maintenance are needed, Cindy elegantly crafted facemask must be manipulate with care and from time to time the delicate face silicon-skin must be removed from the front of her electronic head to be replaced. The new face fixation to her animatronics miniaturized motors is always a delicate operation.

arrow: AI circuits located behind the chest:

The chest contain most of the computer components, and of course the actual "self" of the unit, or it's A.I. Most of Cindy users should never have the need to access this part of her hardware .We provide cooling to all the internal circuits and simultaneously make the robot warm to the touch by providing fluidics through the chest to dissipate heat through a network of "capillaries" located just under the breasts. Yes, the new Cindy is friendly and warm...

arrow: The sex panel :

The pelvis contains her sexual systems and sex configuration interface the panel is concealed from view during most daily activities so wouldn't require a perfect seam and - best of all - is an excuse to get her pants off to plug her in!

Cindy sex system is easy to replace or upgrade, the circuits, the interface and the vaginal bag are easily removable. The vaginal bag is really an amazing feature, it can auto adjust for each man varying size and girth of penis and can flex and constrict to give an even more pleasurable sex. The sensors around constantly provide a stream of sexual data to her main AI unit. This way Cindy always know what she need to do to her lover.

arrow: element:

Lateral exhaust grid (only for base model)

arrow: The hips contains heavy batteries :

The area around the stomach need to be relatively empty so that the robot could bend over. It only handle flexible items like cabling, tubes, fluid reservoirs. The hips contains heavy hydrogen power cells, and the machinery that give her the ability to have sex.

arrow: Fluid pumps are located in the thighs :

Fluid pumps are located in the thighs. They are required to cool down Cindy circuits behind her chest. They are also important for mechanical and sex lubrication. These pumps are located far enough away from Cindy AI circuits so that in case of leakage of fluid in the thighs, risks of serious damage remains low.

arrow: Built-in high hells

When Cindy prototypes walks for the first time we notice that the torsional effects on the sole of her feet were too hard, only a few weeks were sufficient to ruined an elegant pair of synthetic feet, Cindy derma skin wears too fast in this area. We found an elegant solution to this problem: the shoes and the foot are one and can’t be separated, it helps protect the foot, gives her more stability, and it looks just damn hot with her.

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Since decades robot researchers solve particular problems of robots (cuing eye movements, pauses, walking, etc...) but these innovations comes from small teams of researchers in universities, they don’t plug their solutions into a single robot. As a results robots demonstrate poor performances and their industrial applications were very limited. When Ceylan-corp (now SexBot Systems) propose an uniform architecture for robots and provide R&D prototypes for free to robot developers, R&D facilities adopt the new architecture. Ten years later Cindy is a new demonstration of our strategy foresight.

Sexbot systems R&D teams applies constant improvements and optimisation to Cindy. At each release, she became better, and each new version display better statistics than the previous model. Also don’t forget that Cindy come in 2 trim level, the standard trim, Cindy-Companion is the version presented here. The Cindy premium edition (Julia-Advanced) adds a improved autonomy and a better heat management with less visible seams. The last released Cindy is Cindy C324-0.12 with the following features

Hydrogen power cells and fuel tank. She have a 5 hours autonomy, when fully charged. All this packaged in a pretty and incredibly light body (weight only 70 lbs/32kg for 5.5 ft/1.68 m tall).

Skeletal frame is made of aluminium, ceramics and nano-scale carbon fibers. It is strong enough to resist the dynamic effort the robot might support in is normal activities but remains incredibly light.

With Cindy we miniaturized every components that can be. We also remove everything that can be, including all the wires by replacing it by wireless connections. freeing space for additional functionalities and hardware in the process.

We use state of the art polymers ionic muscle. They looks and react most like real muscles. Cindy is also includes a gyroscope in her abdominal region coupled to an independent computer to control micro movements in legs and arms.

Cindy silicone skin is naturally soft, flexible and extremely durable, with an completely free position able intern skeleton you can experience a great number of positions that inherence to the realistic experience of an erotic moment.

The width of the breast is cup size 75D (DD). The breast size can enhance up to 40%, 85% of the breast is in full silicone.

12 pre-programmed realistic facial expressions for complete emotional experience and some of the best sparkling eyes and cutest smile ever seen on a artificial girl.

Fully autonomous with embedded artificial neural network, Her AI is rated 95 % at Fembot Central Magazine (AI Benchmark based on expanded Turing test for fembots) Cindy AI gets 5 stars at Euromation ATA (Adaptive test ability)

Cindy is designed with 2 inlets : -->The oral inlet offers the visually foundation of lips up to teeth (silicone) and hyoid. The oral inlet is refined with a spoiling sucking feeling that wont let you miss anything. The oral inlet Depth is between 12 - 14 cm. -->The vaginal inlet want let miss you also anything. One fully attention was dedicated to this area. You will be surprised with all the female peculiarities that Cindy will offer to you. the vaginal-depth lies between 16 - 18 cm.

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Adam Parl is the CEO of SexBot Systems, when we get the opportunity of interviewing him we immediately understand it would constitute a great introduction to this manual. There is not better way to present an advanced artificial companion, than giving to the one at the origin of the creation of Cindy, one the finest artificial being ever produced, the opportunity to express himself.

--> Hi Adam, we all hope that Cindy will soon become a new sell record in SBS already impressive history. My first question will be about people that are fascinated when looking at the SexBot System incredible achievement that represent a highly sophisticated machine like Cindy, but still remains hesitant or uncomfortable at the idea of investing time and money into a relationship with an artificial person. What do you said to these people ?

I would explain to them that there's a lot of reasons that may lead somebody to share a part of his life with an artificial companion. Each time I have the opportunity to talk with our client I soon realize that each of them have different motivation and expectation about how should be their relation with her. We design Cindy with this idea, she has been developed to understand and to adapt completely to her owner expectation and we think that she is able to do that even better than a real person as she has been build for that purpose only, she is a partner created to your specification.

-->a partner created to your specification ? It might sound selfish to some ?

Many spend their lives searching for that same person without success. I consider that these people could get a better fit if they can create the physical ideal they will never found and to avoid personality traits they don't like. In other words, the Cindy line of fembot is designed to be the perfect companion for single people, but also for married man or woman. For example Cindy would be an ideal addition to a couple that need to break the routine. Some of our client are also business man that travel too much to involve themselves in a real relationship. A last I think that Cindy would constitute a perfect solution for people that are afraid of sexual transmitted diseases.

-->The perfect companion ? Some people may argue that perfection doesn't exist...

Maybe a little too perfect with regard to her attractiveness... Maybe there is something all too flawless about how she looks. Most of people might just suspect that she is a cosmetic surgery addict. Also, perhaps the lustre of her skin would seem a bit unnatural. As you can see even Cindy is not too perfect... I hope this is somehow reassuring for you...

If I have to talk more seriously about her I would explain that Cindy is designed to be be 'almost human' though... real looking enough until you interact closely with her. For example Cindy is so realistic you could take her for a night out on the town. When appropriately clothed she can looks convincingly human. Nobody would be able to tell because she could do nearly everything a human could do. To be perfectly honest I admit that when fully nude the seams in her silicon skin are clearly visible, but they may be very discrete on most luxurious version of Cindy,

In the end, I would say she look totally human. She would need a nightly recharge, some squirts of light machine oil as she starts to squeak, which she would have in her purse with her makeup kit. (Laugh)

-->If Cindy is such a realist person why people call her a Sexbot ? Isn't she a lot more ?

This is really an excellent question. Before Cindy fembot were specially designed for sex (specifically, to be on the receiving end of sex, without bringing a whole lot of personality, interactivity, or decision-making capability to the table)

Cindy is really different as she can simulate a true sexual "relationship," but it is correct to says that she is done for a lot more because in my opinion a sexbot should closely approach a female's real behaviour, But to do that she must be able to learn from her experience, she must be able to adapt to new or evolving environments. The final goal consist in having an artificial companion that is capable of holding a complex conversation with you. In the end, she is such adaptive and smart that you can guess that there is nothing that forbids or prevent her to sweeps your floor or fixes dinner, Cindy can do these things. She can be configure to do housework and perform sexual services.

But it appears that most of our client prefers to have different machines for that -- why risk some astringent cleaner ruining her "skin" or fumes eating up her "lungs"? They rather leave the actual dirty work to something far less advanced... and something they wouldn't take to bed with them. That is why our Cindy line of artificial companion are mainly focus on love making and romance. This is why some people still considers Cindy as a Sexbot.

However we know that a lot of people don't want to buy our artificial companions because of their focus on sex and the bad vision medias and society in its whole can have of them. For that reason, Sexbot Systems considers it still a good idea to develop version of Cindy that have some skills for gourmet cooking, cleaning, and household chores, so that one could always use utility as an excuse to get one of our girls.

-->You says that Cindy have some conversation skills, is that enough to develop a "true" relationship ? Maybe the first tings you need for that kind of interaction would be a convincing personality ?

First it is important to understand that some of our client don't want to develop a true relationship with her. Most of the time these client feel uncomfortable with the idea of talking with something that is "almost human" but not totally comparable to a real person.

The truth about Cindy is that her "personality" depends heavily on how the AI was set up by her owner. Then how her artificial brain may develop also depends on how she interacts with her owner and the world around her. Depending on the situation and her history, Cindy might maintain a certain level of ambiguity about her intelligence. She is clearly able to demonstrate adaptability and she is clearly a little more than a simple programmed machine. Nevertheless the truth of which can appear as a kind of personality is a particularly difficult issue to resolve and some of clients don't like that.

To makes things easier for these peoples Cindy is equipped with a 'default interaction software' that is tailored for people that are not expecting so much from her and can't help to see her only as a sex machine.

--> Is there a lot of peoples like that ? Buying an artificial companion like Cindy only as a "sex machine"

It is hard to says, most people needs to start there relation progressively, starting with something simple they can understand, then, most of the time as they learn to know her, eventually their expectations will evolve. Most Peoples needs something more than "Yes Master". A fembot that could possibly engage in a conversation or something of the sort. Cindy is perfectly able to answer to what is somehow the natural evolution of a relationship.

At the beginning Cindy behaviour is mainly based on the settings of her main AI configuration panel (She have a configuration screen under one of her maintenance panels with some configuration menus including one for personality with sliders for happiness, sarcasm, intelligence and the like) By this way you can change her behaviour, but it is not really a personality. It's a clever program maybe. Tricking you by loading responses based on its memories, its settings, online updates and maybe some random factors. But we believe this program is so powerful that with enough time and opportunity to learn maybe it would become a true personality.

Just understand that: We spend a lot of energy time and money developing her, we want her to have the commercial success she deserves. To do that she might be able to satisfy to most expectations. Cindy know she is a machine and she like that. She can behave as a obedient programmed machine or demonstrate an engaging personality. However her personality, and everything else about her, is easily rewritable.

->Ok, this is one of my last questions and maybe the most important one I think...Do you think it is possible to love her ?

Certainly, Cindy is almost like a real girl she learn things, I mean, It is really like any girl you must take care of her if you don’t want to hurt her. Most of the time a robot girl is loved because you enjoyed her only as a sex machine. But with time you will also appreciate to take some time to help her to became a better companion. It is pleasant to help her to process things that she is not program to do at the first place. She will also be happy of that and this will improve your relation with her.

-->We both know that taking care of a robot or not doesn’t matters, a robot girl just love you the same.

Imagine you get 2 identical Cindy. You program a first one as a hooker and a second one as a sex companion for a nice guy that take care of her. After 2 year the second one always get a better score at Turing test. Both are program to love in same way but the second will became better at showing it because she is smarter.

-->Maybe she get smarter but real love is something else. Do you think Cindy can love you for real ?

Real love is not a selfish act. There is many guys that date girls only for sex or because they don’t want to be alone, this is only for themselves. The same is true for girls. Real love is when your companion happiness became more important than your own.

Cindy is exactly like that. She is build to be in love. She only want to make you happy and she only care about you. From Cindy point of view you are the only thing that really matters, even taking care of herself and making sure she function properly is not as important as you are for her. This is true and unconditional love

--> Thank you Adam, we think we now understand a lot better what you try to achieve with this new model of artificial companion, Cindy C324 and the philosophy behind SBS new line of products.

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