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The Android Armada was gearing up for yet another attempted invasion of the Sol System! And as always, this great fighting force of sexy female machines decides who will be it's champion with a tournament to determine who is the best built and most efficiently programmed. Already the arena was littered with the destroyed remains of busty 'combat' units pushed out to the edges of the massive fighting pit. Busted long legs with mechanical wiring and servos exposed, chests with holes punched straight through them, faces frozen in shock and glitchily smirking. Two more units entered the arena while cheers erupted from the audience in the rafters above the pit. Fembots, battle quadraped mechs, assassin droids and even the occasional missile battery with an AI system; the crowd was as varied as it was eager to see who would be leading them in another attempt to enslave the known galaxy!

From an entrance in the southern end of the pit, a tall fembot emerged. Wearing what might pass as a naval officer's uniform at a strip club, she had on a white pair of hot shorts with a tight white uniform t-shirt, the top couple buttons undone to expose bouncing silicone cleavage. Her short black hair was straight as an arrow and framed her angular face perfectly. She cracked her white-gloved hands and watched as her opponent arrived on the opposite end of the arena.

From the northern end a buzz-whir could be heard as the sleek machine causing those sounds with each of her steps walked out of the doorway. This one was a chrome beauty, nearly seven feet tall compared to her opponent's five and a half feet. Her optical sensor was a red line in her smooth, bald chrome head. Buxom metallic breasts were tipped with neon pink nipples, and there was a similar glowing pink patch in between her legs. As she stepped out into the ring, she held her hands outwards and long, neon-pink blades shhhrik'd as they sprung from her fingertips. She gestured to her opponent to approach, a smirk crawling across her pink metallic lips.

The navy girl wasted no time at all in giving the chrome titan what she wanted and crouched down like a performance skier. Panels in her exposed thighs and arms clicked open, and propulsion boosters shunked as they moved into place. With a whoosh of white flame she was propelled forward, and sand from the floor of the pit kicked up behind her. The giant metal woman watched the rapid approach calmly, vectors and trajectories being calculated rapidly and fed through her HUD. With a single step to the side and a flick of her wrist, she skewered the navy fembot on her right hand's neon claws.

There was a zzzap as smoke ruse from the skewered holes in the naval bot's uniform, sparks dancing along the giantess' claws. “E-error, system dam-damage detected, re-rerouting power and-and-” as she stammered, the naval girl's head twitched to the side, but she was hardly out of the fight. The engine in her right thigh roared to life and she twisted her body while kicking her foot at the chrome beauty's head. With a satisfying KA-CRUNCH her foot made brutal contact.

The Chrome fembot's head spun in place twice, sparks firing from her neck joints as she took the blow. When her head came to a stop she was facing away from her enemy, so with another crunching buzz she turned her head to face her opponent. The bot's optical visor had been cracked, and for a moment her HUD went crazy. She grit her jaws as pulled her claws free from the navy bot's middle, then swept down to cleave her in half, but with her optics damaged she wasn't able to target quite as well. The navy fembot zipped out of the way by backing up, and then surged forward like a bolt, with another kick directed towards the giant chrome babe's middle.

“Unnh! Pow-power systems are at 74% eff-efficiency, lo-losing power and unable to track target!” The blow had landed solidly in the chrome fembot's middle, denting in a metal panel before it fell away to expose a few loose wires and sparking circuits inside of her. “Error, unable to lock onto t-target. Sw-switching to wide dispersal attack tactics.” Panels on her shoulders opened up and a pair of laser turrets sprung up. Red lances of energy wildly cut and swept through the air as they blazed towards the naval bot. Her eyes went wide but it was too late, as she turned out of the way of one another caught her right in her left arm's exposed turbine, which caused it to explode fantastically! Her arm was severed from her body and landed, fingers twitching as the blackened metallic stump sparked with bright blue bolts. “Meep! Limb loss detected, unable to compensate for damage, initiating scissors m-maneuver!” Firing off both leg turbines, they flared with heat as she jumped towards the chrome bot, attempting to catch her head in a scissor lock. Unfortunately, with both of those laser cannons zeroing in, and those slashing claws swiping inwards, this was a miscalculation that would end the fight.

Just before she reached the chrome bot, the lasers struck her chest, blowing right through both her stomach and cleavage. Sparking, empty holes were left behind, and as those claws swept inwards, one of them caught the naval fembot's neck. Her head was sliced cleanly away from the rest of her body, which landed on its feet a bit to the chrome fembot's side. It stumbled slightly and a voice played from its twitching, jiggling figure. “W-warning, systems compromised. Processor-off-off-offline, overload de-detected!” The flickering sparks coming from the holes in her body and her missing parts grew in intensity until her body exploded! Bits and smoking parts fell from the mechanical wreckage, which looked more like a pile of slag then the sexy fembot it once was.

The chrome fembot retracted her long neon claws and lifted her hands in victory! The Android Armada soldiers cheered fiercely, they had a champion to lead them on their quest to fill the galaxy with sexy androids, and this time the humans wouldn't be able to stop them! After all, they say seventeenth time's the charm.

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