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Feeling a Little Peculiar… By BA

Mrs Amber H Swanson parked her little car carefully in the Service Depot lot, which was quite busy. She checked her appearance in the vanity mirror, taking time to look carefully as appearances are important. As usual she was immaculate, a tanned brunette with her dark locks tucked up to show off her slender neck; pretty but not spectacular face with a welcoming smile and deepest brown eyes. She folded the mirror away and quickly straightened her already perfect casual skirt and fitted white blouse. Demure but attractive might have been her aim but the tight white cotton across her large chest suggested a slight if innocent misunderstanding of ‘modesty’.

Amber took a smart grey case from the passenger seat and got out, closed the car door, blipped the lock, and crossed the busy lot to the customer entrance. As usual for a Monday morning, there were plenty of people coming and going, lots of pretty girls and smart looking women a few couples and the occasional solitary guy. Although she’d never know to look at them she was pretty sure that most of them, the females at least, were machines of various types; after all, Service Depot was the biggest service and maintenance provider in town.

She passed a couple of pneumatic bubbly blondes on their way out and unconsciously glanced away in slight disapproval at their obviously sexy design as she made her way inside. The receptionist was a slim professional looking brunette standing in a blue trouser suit beside her terminal desk. She smiled politely as Amber approached and, noting the other woman’s appearance, probably assumed she was a housewife unit here for maintenance.

“Good morning madam, how can we help you today?”

“Hello, I’ve come to see about a damaged android woman who was brought in over the weekend. I’ve brought her backups in…” Amber gestured with the briefcase in her hand.

“Certainly madam, I’m sorry to hear there was a problem. Could you give me the unit’s details please?”

“Of course, it’s Mrs Ferris; I’m Amber Swanson, I called earlier…”

“One moment please.” The receptionist turned to her terminal but obviously only for effect as the display flicked quickly through several screens while she stood motionless for a moment with her fingers resting beside the keyboard.

“Here we are: VR644-0918, Rachel Ferris, I’m afraid she’s still under repair. I see from the service log that her owner has authorised you as proxy admin, may I see some identification please?”

Amber showed the brunette her ID, “Here. Do you have any idea when she’ll be fixed?”

The other woman fixed Amber’s card with a brief hard stare then nodded, “I’m sorry, you’ll need to speak with the technical staff about that, but you can go through to the repair floor. Just follow the green signs and someone will meet you there, be sure to leave 918’s backup with them!”

“Thank you… this way?”

They exchanged smiles as the receptionist gestured the right way then turned back to a tall redheaded businesswoman who had just arrived. Amber left them to follow the green ‘Repair Floor’ signs away from reception through a couple of automatic doors and found herself in the busting heart of the facility.

All of the several dozen metal tables in the large room were occupied with robot women in various states of dress and assembly with many more standing still and vacant against the walls with inhumanly programmed patience. White coated technicians were bent at work over the tables or moving purposefully between the androids, computer carts and machinery with parts and tools. A calm hubbub of technical conversation flowed against the periodic whine of machine tools and beeping of electronic alerts.

Amber looked around curiously. Of course she was no stranger to Service Depot but the repair floor was new to her. The service floor, which she knew well, was very different; it had discretely divided booths for routine maintenance of the carpeted corridors with plants and art, very stylish. Any androids she saw there were either passing on their way to or from a session, standing neatly in a waiting area or occasionally turned off on a trolley but always fully and immaculately dressed and quite indistinguishable from flesh and blood women.

Looking around from the doorway Amber was surprised by the wide variety of female robotics exposed. She could only spot a few units that looked particularly convincing without their clothes on, many more had smoothly curved gloss plastic or matte rubbery synthetic bodies with no human marks, hairs or variations in their perfect skin-tone, joins and access panels obvious to see even when closed. She could see that the robot women would all look quite real once activated and dressed; attractive or cute or beautiful according to their aesthetic design; she probably wouldn’t know any of them from the real thing if they met socially. About half looked to be intimately functional. Who knew so many female androids were just Class 3's or even 4's under their clothes? Amber felt a bit funny thinking about it…

“Mrs Swanson?” Amber was brought back to the moment by a smiling technician who threaded her way through the work-floor to greet her. “Hi, I’m Louise. I’m the tech assigned to Unit 918’s repairs, is she a friend of yours?”

The technician was a short, skinny young woman with her mousy blonde hair pulled into a messy ponytail. “I’m afraid she still needs a bit of work on her but nothing that can’t be fixed! I gather you’ve brought the backups? I’ll need them to get her running again.”

“Hello, yes, I’m Mrs Swanson. Mrs Ferris’s husband asked me to bring this in,” Amber handed over the smart plastic case which had her friend’s serial number engraved above the latch. “It was a terrible shock when she started malfunctioning yesterday, really horrible, it makes you think…”

“Oh yes, you were there weren’t you? I’d like to ask you a few things if I may please? Fixing the hardware is straightforward but I can’t figure out what made her processor go banzai in the first place… come on, we’ll go over to my workstation.” Louise led Amber through the huge room; the visitor snatching a closer look at the work on the repair tables as they passed.

The curious brunette was surprised to see some of the robotic ladies were actually still powered up. An elegant blonde, maybe forty, turned her realistic head to meet Amber’s glance with a composed intelligent look as she passed. “Good morning, I’m Jane.” Amber opened her mouth to reply when the older woman turned calmly back to the distant ceiling with a thoughtful expression and said, “Protocol 6191 failure at root AI file.” The soft plastic body exposed through her open blouse looked to be modeled a couple of decades younger than her face and had a complex panel of controls set just below her bra linked up to a nearby computer where a bored looking technician tapped away.

The technicians working on opened up android’s at the next few tables barely noticed as Louise led Amber past, intent on their complex technical repairs. One immobile robot girl was stripped of most of her artificial skin, staring up blankly as a small team painstakingly reassembled her. Another, stripped to her jeans, and activated only from the neck up gaped in apparent confusion, her voice muted as a lab-coated man worked on the snapped plastic components in her realistic but damaged arm. A third was nude with her gloss-smooth torso open, a mess of wiring spilling from the open panel and a fourth was twitching and spasming under the tools of a frustrated looking maintainer.

Louise stopped at one of the work desks amid all the activity where she dumped the case she had taken beside her desktop. “Here we are, I’ll just hook this up… Now, could you tell me what 918 was doing before her malfunction? Anything unusual maybe?” The blonde technician popped the case open, plugged the desktop into the compact android support gear inside and sat to access the damaged unit’s backup data. She didn’t seem to think of offering a chair to Amber, there wasn’t another one around anyway, so the other woman simply stood where she was. Nearby a table held a motionless plastic blonde with no face and an open control cover above her bulging breasts. Next to that, a woman nodded to her briefly from where she was working carefully inside the open back of a baby blue and white hard plastic unit who stood ramrod straight but glanced around nervously with her realistic head.

“Mrs Ferris,” Amber said with emphasis as she finished looking around “is not just a serial number.”

There was a brief moment before her meaning sunk in to the distracted Louise. “Oh, of course! I’m sorry, I just get a bit blasé… you know, with all this…” She gestured at the roomful of dismantled and damaged robot women. I don’t mean to be rude, your friend is in really good hands, have you known her long?”

“Oh It’s quite alright, I’m sure you’ll have her fixed up in no time.” Louise seemed genuinely sorry so Amber let her brief inconsideration go, “Now, um, I suppose I’ve known Rachel for nearly three years now. She was one of the first android women I got to know in fact, our husbands are colleagues. It was Rachel that first introduced me to the idea of… well, of android women you know?”

“Yeah. Her record says she’s been online for four years… only a few failures… full service log from her local Service Depot. Her model is pretty solid on performance too, all of which makes burning out her volition board really odd. She overloaded to other systems too; sex bus, motor feedback, some sensors…”

“Oh yes, it was quite graphic I suppose but fortunately her husband was able to deactivate her quickly. The worst of it was actually waiting for the collection team with her shut down in a heap on the court. Of course all the other members were staring, I was really embarrassed for her…”

“’Court’… right, this was at your tennis club right? Was it a hard match?” Louise was skimming through the records from the collection team and Amber’s earlier call pulled up on her screen.

“No, not at all. In fact we hadn’t even started yet. We were planning a few games of mixed doubles as we often do when the Ferris’s visit; I was just helping Rachel put her hair up when suddenly she was kissing me! Of course I pushed her away, I thought it was a joke or something but then she just threw herself down in front of us all, spread her legs and… well, I couldn’t look away. She was talking gibberish and starting to thrash around and we all had to help hold her down so she could be turned off. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, it was just out of the blue really!”

“That’s fine Mrs Swanson, you never know what might help. How about earlier? This was Sunday morning – yesterday – right?”

“Yes, we had the court booked for eleven. It really was an ordinary morning; I made breakfast for the guys and then we talked some in the garden, mostly about their holiday I think. Rachel seemed just fine, I remember complimenting her on how realistic she looked in her tennis skirt…”

“I take it the Ferris’s had stayed the night then… err, anything…um… unusual?” Louise looked a bit uncomfortable with the question.

“Unusual…? What do… oh! My goodness no! She’s not a… well, she’s married, I mean that would be… No! In fact we had an early night, Rachel and I. The guys were geeking in the study with on the computers again like such nerds; I guess we just decided to turn in around ten o’clock. Nothing unusual. I keep a spare dock in the guest room for her I think she used that… Nothing unusual.”

Louise was clearly relieved at Amber’s answer, half expecting to hear about some marathon sex orgy with the busted up robot wife, “Okay then, so she docked in for an early night, had a normal morning then ‘bam’: she goes for you then sparks out. That about right?”

“Well, I suppose so, yes.”

“Hmmm, lets take a look at her backup then,” the skinny tech busied herself at the screen again, “I couldn’t get anything from her on-board files: totally scrambled. I’ll have to reload her from the last backup once she’s fixed but at least she won’t remember yesterday!”

Amber peered over Louise’s shoulder but the complex operating data meant very little to her at the best of times. The idea of looking into her friend’s digital soul, even if she couldn’t understand it, felt very weird indeed and gave her an unfamiliar butterflies sensation. She saw Rachel as a sort of mentor in a way. She was so experienced as a robot woman, so casual about being a machine yet so real seeming. Attractive and sociable in operation, Rachel was nothing like Amber had always assumed an android would be before they met. Now she thought about it, yesterday had been the first time Amber had ever seen her friend behave other than flawlessly human in nearly three years.

Louise tapped the screen, “This is weird; her data logs show several applications being installed on Saturday night. Here at eleven, here at eleven-fifty, one here at ten past one, someone was tinkering with her settings too for half the night…”

“Oh? I guess her husband must have made some changes for some reason, she never said she felt peculiar or anything… Anyway, is that all you need from me?”

“Yes, thank you for your help Mrs Swanson. I’m sure I’ll find the problem in here somewhere, can you find you own way out?”

“Sorry, one thing before that: Mr Ferris did ask that I pick up Rachel’s engagement ring. It’s quite valuable, he doesn’t like to leave it unattended but he left it on her in all the confusion… I did say it would be fine here but anyway…”

“Oh, right. No problem I suppose, I’ll put a note on her effects list, just help yourself.”

Confused, Amber looked where Louise pointed. There was only the faceless plastic blonde there with her ridiculous doll body and… she stepped closer. A scuffed white tennis skirt and shirt hung next to the deactivated android. Looking down past the complex mass of exposed optics and sub-facial systems Amber saw the ash blonde hair, now mussed up and coming free but still caught into a pony tail with the white scrunchy she’d helped her friend with just the day before.

“It’s Rachel! My God, I didn’t recognize her! She’s so… so plastic!” Louise just laughed, it was perfectly true but didn’t seem to stop Rachel’s model being the single best selling domestic android for six years in a row, “yes, I guess her face is the only convincing part of her!”

Amber put her hand gingerly on Rachel’s bare shoulder. The plastic skin was cold but soft, perfectly smooth with a thin seam running around the joint. She traced her fingers down her friend’s slim arm towards her ring finger, feeling the smoothness that betrayed the lifelike details on her forearms as no more than clever surface printing. Pausing before removing the ring, she felt her eyes drawn up to the robot wife’s chest as the tap-clicking of Louise on her computer faded from her attention.

Amber obviously knew her friend was a busty woman as she was herself, but in the flesh - the plastic as it were - her smooth glossy curves were nearly cartoonish. She almost wanted to reach out and squish the robot’s big plastic breasts, the way they still held their slight point, remaining full and proud even with their owner flat out on her back. Amber could hardly believe she was gazing down at the android’s body like this, that she even wanted to, but something fascinated her about its fake beauty now she knew it was her friend. Even without her face this was still Rachel, obviously just a robot but still Rachel. These were Rachel’s naked breasts. “Volition trigger object confirmed.”

“Hmm – what was that? Do you need a hand there?” Louise stepped over to help Amber. “Is that the ring?” The busty brunette didn’t seem to be that interested any more. In fact she was looking intently down at the damaged robot’s chest where Louise followed her gaze, “Yes you’re right I suppose, they’re not actually that realistic up close but these models are very popular.”

Amber’s attention drifted back a little dreamily, “Yes Venus Robotics. Rachel recommended them very highly, and of course she wears that body very well…” Amber traced the manufacturer’s logo, running a finger over the bold lettering embossed into Rachel’s plastic torso around the underside of the right breast: ‘Venus Robotics’. She unconsciously mirrored the motion passing her other hand briefly across her own tight blouse, “What model is she, a 400?”

“No! She’s a 644.”

“A 644? She can’t be I’m… I mean look at her; she’s not much more than a sex toy! She may be my friend but really… 600's are very realistic. They’re near human real, that’s why they’re so popular. Rachel’s obviously an older model, maybe a 500…?” Amber squeezed the inert android’s shiny breast to emphasize her point, stroking her other hand down the firm plastic of the lightly toned belly.

“Sorry Mrs Swanson, your friend’s definitely a 644. It’s right there on her serial number, look,” Louise pointed into the open control panel above Rachel’s bulging assets where Amber could lean over and read for herself: ‘VR644-0918’. Her hand absently continued to gently knead the naked fake chest as her brow creased into a pretty frown.

“’VR644…’” she read, “well yes, that is odd. But you see the 600 series are much more than simple sex bots; the 600 is… Well, my husband says my body is absolutely per… I mean, well, I mean he thinks the 600 models are completely realistic. Hmmm, yes, the 600 series is near human real…”

Amber continued to paw unconsciously at the motionless plastic body as she patiently explained about Venus Robotics’ fabled 600 series. Louise suddenly noticed that the busty wife’s nipples had hardened into two prominent points poking through the previously taught and smooth white cotton across her chest and the penny dropped, perhaps she should have been paying a bit more attention!

The pretty brunette seemed to be getting rather flustered, “She can’t be a 644 because I’m a… I’m… I’m sorry, I feel… I feel a bit… She… I…ohhh…”

Louise took Amber gently by the elbows and turned her away from the obvious distraction of the blonde Venus unit on the worktable. The tech wasn’t born yesterday and guessed at a pretty good idea why 918 had malfunctioned now. Amateur coding is never a good idea but that didn’t stop the constant supply of glitching wife-bots brought through Service Depot’s doors full of kinky DIY sex programming. A couple of husbands loading some crude directives to get their hot plastic wives on with each other was far from the worst or weirdest thing she’d seen. She maneuvered the now heavily distracted Amber over to her desk.

“I’m… Oh, she can’t… Unexpected response to volition trigger object. I. sex… I… Oh, I feel a little peculiar…”

“I’m sure you do…” Louise rummaged in a desk drawer for a moment.

“I’m not a sex bot you see. I… I feel a little peculiar… I… I’m now a Venus Robotics model 647 fully functional robot wife. Not like… not… I’m near human real, ohhh – oh mmm!” Amber stood quite passively where Louise had guided her but her breathing deepened and her expression became very far away as she began to loose the last of her fragile composure, “I… I feel a little peculiar… I think I’m… oh! Yes, I’m a fully functional robot wife. My uploaded personality is… is… oh!”

“Just try to relax Mrs Swanson, hold still,” Louise found the long cable she was looking for and fumbled with the buttons over Amber’s heaving chest, “It’s lucky you came in when you did otherwise it could be you on the table!”

“Volition tree corrupted, I feel a little peculiar. Fully functional… mmm… I… I… mmm… Oh my goodness – my nipples have become fully erect. Fully erect. Fully. Erect. Erect. I’m I’m I’m Amber Swanson version 1.2. I feel little peculiar.”

“There,” Louise exposed the wife unit’s ample plastic cleavage cupped in a wisp of bra that was more decoration than support. She popped a warm flesh-toned cover free to reveal the little panel of switches and ports set into Amber’s upper chest, differing only by the serial number from that on her blonde near twin unit on the table.

“I cannot… I… I feel a little peculiar. I feel… I feel fully aroused. I feel fully… fully…fully functional robot wife. I… I am fully aroused.” Amber continued to stand passively while announcing her very personal excitement at growing volume between gasps of fake breath and through a distant look of concentration, which was growing quickly more urgent. A vein stood out on her realistic forehead and her deep brown eyes grew wide. She took no notice at all as the skinny technician fumbled around her soft chest and plugged her in to a service tablet.

“Oh! Ohhh! I’m… I think… Oh yes, I’m Ahhh… Ah! Warning orgasm is a restricted function. Oh! Oh my… Warning orgasm is… orgasm is… or-or Oh! Orgasm! Or! Or! OR! ORG! ORGASM IS A RESTRICTEDFUNCTION!! ORGASM ISARESTRICTEDFUNCTION!!! ORGASMISARESTRICTEDFUNCTION!!!! ORG-Ahhh!!!! Restricted function restricted func-”

Louise finally brought Amber under control before she blew any components. The loudly vocal peaks of the buxom wife’s rolling digital climax abruptly ended and she stood silent and calm faced. The blonde tech blushed pink as she realized dozens of her colleagues were staring at her and Amber, even from right across the big room. This sort of thing wasn’t particularly unusual but it’s still kind of hard to ignore a beautifully designed woman screaming in ecstasy during the working day… especially if mostly what she seems to be screaming is the word ‘orgasm’. That was definitely a first! “Venus units eh?” she shrugged her explanation at the tech in the next bay.

After a brief minute of Louise working on the tablet Amber’s eyelids fluttered a few times, “Oh! Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me!”

“Its fine Mrs Swanson, no problem. You’ve experienced a slight malfunction that’s all,” Louise unplugged the tablet and carefully replaced the cover over Amber’s controls as she stood patiently waiting for the tech to finish. Closing up restored the robot wife’s human appearance, such as it was with her smooth plastic chest, and prevented anyone tampering with her without consent. Next Louise buttoned up the tightly fitted blouse and carefully smoothed it into place to complete the technological illusion of womanhood. She noted the still hard bumps on each warm cotton covered globe.

“A volition aberration was caused in your selfware by, erm… don’t worry about what actually… which caused an un-demanded arousal response and triggered that involuntary climax you just had. Looks like the same coding fault that busted up your friend so I’d say you were lucky!”

“I see. Thank you, Louise.” Amber seemed a bit less talkative all of a sudden. She didn’t seem embarrassed at all, more like it was just difficult to have this conversation without having to refer to herself as a robot. Louise grabbed a couple of dermal swabs and hitched up the robot’s skirt to clean away the inevitable hot wet mess between her legs; thankfully these units were all doll-smooth from the head down but the panties were sopping. She chucked the swabs and grabbed another.

“I see you’re still pretty aroused, would you like me to get that for you before you go?” Louise knew full well that a robot like Mrs Swanson would have no programming for masturbation. She didn’t particularly relish fingering the soft and curvy plastic woman off at her workstation, especially in front of the whole room, but it wasn’t Service Depot policy to let their customers to leave ‘frustrated’.

Amber laughed, “Oh no, I’m so sorry you poor thing. You’re very pretty but I’m afraid I’m just not interested in you that way. I’ve only got eyes for my husband. Oh and ‘object not found’ of course!”

Louise rolled her eyes and smoothed the skirt back into place while Amber stood patiently, “Right then, we’re all finished here; thank you again for your help with Mrs Ferris. As owner proxy you’ll be contacted when she’s operational again, we can activate her here or have her shipped to her local Service Depot as you prefer.” She peered at the subtly etched serial number on the android housewife’s plastic chest just above the faint outline of her control cover.

“Amber Swanson, err, VR647-0003: resume normal function now.” The brunette’s body jolted slightly as the programming that digitally reproduced her consciousness was reinstated in control of her robotic systems. She moved experimentally for a moment and seemed satisfied.

“Thank you so much Louise, I can see Rachel is in the best of hands and I’ll be sure to give you the best customer review!” She shook the younger woman’s hand firmly, once again every inch the attractive and confident wife.

Louise, careful to stand blocking Amber’s view of her friend, fumbled briefly on the work table, “Mrs, Swanson, don’t forget this!” She handed over Rachel’s ring with its chunky rock.

“Of course, so silly of me! Thank you again, goodbye!”

Louise watched her latest ‘fix’ thread her way through the repair floor to the exit. Amber moved elegantly between the repair tables on firm and shapely legs, maintaining perfect poise despite her top-heavy figure. She looked quite human again now in her ‘modest’ clothes even from close up, with her realistic face and manner.

“Hey Suzie, I’m off for a coffee, don’t let anyone fuck with that 644 while I’m out right?” She didn’t bother offering the neighboring technician anything; Suzie was just a robot.

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