Family Life

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Written by Mirage

Family Life

"What is your name, mister?" the little girl asked me.

Looking at her with a puzzled look, I answered her question.

"My name is Max, what is yours?" I returned her question.

"Mine is Annie." she smiled at me.

"You just moved beside us last week, didn't you?" she quizzed me.

"Yes... I just did."

"Welcome to our neighborhood, Max." she laughed out.

Still a bit confused by her, I looked at her and asked one last question before heading for my porch. "Aren't you afraid of me?" I asked her.

"Should I be?" she asked back at me.

", no.. You just surprise me a bit, usually kids are afraid of my face. That is why I moved here... I was tired of everyone looking at me as if I was a freak." I explained to her.

"Why a freak?" she asked nicely.

"Don't you see my scars, my skin? It's all burned and scolded. I was in a fire accident a few years ago.... my wife perished in it, along with my daughter... I... was rescued by a fireman...That is all I know..." I mumbled, the memories coming back to me.

"I don't care, you seem like a nice man to me." she grinned.

I smiled and let out a laugh. Been a long time since I felt like doing that. "Well, Annie, I must go home now, see you tomorrow." I said while waving goodbye to her.

She waved back and ran into her house.

I entered my new small house and dropped my equipment on the floor. I sat on in front of the TV and turned it on, slowly drifting to sleep. "Nice kid!" I told myself.

"Max, Max, are you there?" she yelled out loud from my front door.

I woke up and look at the time. It was 7:00pm.

"Annie? What are you doing here?" I asked confused and groggy.

"I got a surprise for you!" she smiled at me through the screen door.

"Come in, come in... what is the surprise?”

She entered and looked around and saw my welding mask and tools. "Wow! What are those?" she asked quickly.

"This is my wielding mask, I am a welder. It's one of the few jobs I can get because I need to wear a mask to protect my face, or hide it."

"Ohhhh..." she smiled, “Oh, the surprise is at my house. Come on!" she said while grabbing my hand.

I got up and followed her to her front gate of her house.

Slowly, the entrance door opened slowly and a tall beautiful woman came out of it.

"Annie? Where were you? It's almost time for bed!" she scolded the child.

"I invited my new friend Max for supper, since Daddy is not here right now!" she said loudly.

"What? For supper?" I grinned, "I am sorry Madame. I didn't mean to intrude. I'll go home right now." I laughed out, trying to hide my face from her.

"No, no, it's ok.. Come on in." she smiled at me from afar.

I slowly took a step back, hoping she would not see my face.

She came down the main entrance and came beside me and held my right hand. "Come on in, you are welcome here. Don't be shy." she said so softly to me.

Suddenly, my heart started beating so fast, I almost threw up. I wanted to escape her. Please don't see my wife. But it was too late, she was looking at me directly in my eyes.

"Hi, my name is Alice, nice to meet you, Max." She didn't cringe in terror, like most women do when they see my horrible face.

"Err... same...same here... thank you... Thank you.." I told her, tears coming at my eyes.

"Max, what is wrong? Come on in and eat, Annie already prepared a big plate for you.”

I slowly followed her, thinking I was entering the twilight zone or something too good to be true.

Still bewildered, I sat at the dinner table silently. In front of me was a big plate with a steak, potatoes and veggies. I looked at the woman who sat in front of me.

"Are you going to eat too?" I asked her feeling strange, the only one at the table with food.

"No, don't worry, we ate already." Alice smiled at me.

I looked down at my plate and started to eat the food quietly. Annie and Alice were both just watching me like they were analyzing my every moves.

"So, where is your Daddy, Annie?" I asked casually.

"In Japan. He's an electronic specialist. He won't be back for a while. Work, you know." she frowned.

"Oh, you must miss him a lot." I told her.

"Yes, we do, very much... It's nice to have a man around the house sometimes." Alice laughed lightly.

I chuckled while finishing my plate. "Thank you, it was delicious, Alice." I told her politely.

She grabbed my plate, with her fingers making contact with mine, I blushed. She went to kitchen and started to watch my plate right away.

Annie sat beside me and whispered to me something strange "You know... she is not my real mommy..."

"What do you mean?" I whispered back to her.

"I think she is a robot." She hushed at me.

"Why do you think that?" I asked her, bemused by her imagination.

"Because one day, I saw Daddy open her dress in the back and press a button on her neck and a panel opened and inside her, lights and things were blinking like a Christmas tree. Daddy did something to her and then, they went upstairs for many hours." Annie continued.

"Really..?" I smiled at her.

Before she could continue, Alice came in the room and looked at Annie. "Time for bed for you!" she barked out.

Annie gave me a hug and ran upstairs.

Alice told me she'd be back in a second and followed Annie upstairs. My imaginations took the better of me and I started to think Annie's story might be true. So, I waited until Alice came back downstairs and sat with me.

"Oh, I forgot to give you my fork." I smiled at her giving it to her.

"I'll go wash it right now, if you don't mind. I am a bit of a clean freak." she said while going to the kitchen sink.

I followed her and she was there, scrubbing the fork hard with soap. Then, something inside me that I could not control happened. I slowly moved very close to Alice's back and I kissed her exposed neck from her dress.

She simply smiled and continued cleaning. I slowly reached my arms under her waist and squeezed both her breasts. Again, she simply hummed and continued cleaning. I stopped fondling her and took a step back.

To my surprise, she reached back with her arms and pulling me close to her from behind, "You don't need to stop... I can't remember the last time my husband touched me like that." she said softly.

I tried to apologize, but she simply smiled and ask me to continue what I was doing to her. "I guess my daughter said I was a robot, right?" she lightly laughed.

I nodded and continued with her demands. The next thing I knew, I was with her in her bedroom. Gazing in her eyes, I was star struck.

"What I am doing here?" I asked her, shaking.

She simply whispered one command to me, "Gimme one number between 50 to 100." she asked me.

I looked at her and smiled, "75."

She smiled and laid naked on her back, spreading her legs, inviting me to go on top.

I slowly climbed on top of her, after removing my clothes. I slowly inserted myself inside her and she growled lightly. "I... I haven’t done this since my wife died..." I told her, freezing up.

She smiled and kissed me on the lips and then bit my left ear delicately, "I haven't had sex in four years." she informed me.

I gasped at this, such a beautiful woman, it's a crime,” I told myself. Slowly, I started lightly to press myself up and down inside her vagina, scared to wake up her child.

"Fuck me harder, ppleasee..." she demanded me.

"But what about Annie?" I asked her.

"Annie can't hear us, don't worry about her, now, please.... don't stop... I need you.." she begged me.

I could not refuse her request and penetrated her the deepest I could. After a few minutes, I could not stop myself but to release myself inside her warm pussy.

"Don't stop.... almost there.... only 13 to go...." she slurred, in the heat of passion.

"I...I.." I continued to do what she asked for.

The closer we reached the last penetration, the louder she came.

"3, 2, ONEEE!!!" she screamed out loud, reaching her full climax. She remained motionless for a few seconds, her eyes wide open, not one single breath out of her.

"Alice?" I said, nervously. She stayed that way, for almost 30 seconds until she slowly closed her eyes and smiled.

I was so exhausted, I simply laid beside her, half asleep.

"Thank you.u.u.u....u.." she mumbled.

I was so tired, I could not reply to her. Slowly, closing my eyes, I started to drift into sleep. The last thing I heard was a strange clicking noise followed by a humming noise. It was not important, so tired. Sleep now...

"Max, your breakfast is ready!" Annie yelled at me, directly facing my face.

"W..What???" I said, opening slowly my eyes. "Annie! Where is your mom! You should not be in here!" I scolded her, noticing I was buck naked, no sheets left on the bed, to hide myself.

"Mommy is outside, cleaning the garden, like every morning, at exactly 10:00am." the child smiled, not being offended by my naked body.

"10AM!! Shit, I am late for work! I must go right now!" I screamed at her and myself, jumping around, looking for my clothes.

"Here are your clothes, Max." Annie said while giving them to me.

"Your mom washed them?" I looked at my fresh cleaned clothes.

"Mommy is a great wife, don't you think?" she asked me.

Finding the question strange, I nodded yes while getting dressed. I ran downstairs and left the front door. Standing there, was Alice.

"Max, please come see us tonight." she asked me.

"I... yes.. Of course!" I smiled at her, running to my house to get my stuff for work.

Just after getting in my car, I noticed Alice looking at me with such a nice look of proudness that I didn't think I would ever see again since the accident. I smiled and turned off the engine.

Slowly, I look at my hands and disfigure face in the mirror, sadly only seeing the monster I had become. I simply started to cry.

"Helen... why didn't I die with you and Rachel. Why? God...Why...? ." I sobbed until I could cry no more.

"Max...What is wrong, my dear" I heard, said so softly.

I turned my head, wiping my tears away, I saw Alice had entered the car and was sitting beside me. "Why are you so nice to me, like my wife was... I am a monster now, how can you act like this to me..!" I barked out at her.

"I don't understand... Please tell me.... what is wrong?" she asked me with her eyes with tears forming.


Then she did something that surprised me. She actually slapped me hard. Yes, slapped me in the face. "Damn you, Max! YOU ARE NOT A MONSTER! God saved you for a reason! It is your reason to live and find out what the reason is! Your wife and daughter will always be waiting for you in heaven, no matter what you do here on earth!" she cursed at me.

I was shocked. This woman that I just met only 24 hours ago, changed my entire point of view of life in one phrase. I sat there, quietly, looking at my hands, not knowing what to say next.

"Max, I know you are a good man inside and outside, no burned flesh could ever hide this from me." she said, grasping my hands with hers.

"Why are you so nice to me, Alice?" I asked her, shaking like a scared child.

"Because... because I want to... Because I choose too, on my own free will." she said, surprised at herself.

We both hugged each other, left the car, I called in sick and spent the rest of the day with Alice and Annie.

The next few weeks passed quickly. Things were so Like things were like when I used to have a family. I felt alive again, because of Alice and Annie. Alice was a fresh breath of air for me.

I, being not a religious man, Alice forced me to read the Bible every morning and night. I didn't mind it too much, it made her happy, knowing I did believe in something greater than all of us. Sadly, like many things in life, perfect happiness never lasts forever.

It happened one Sunday.

"MAX! MAX!" Alice screamed out loud to me, while I was outside, raking the leaves.

"What is it???" I screamed back at her, running to see her distressed.

“It's Annie! She was running down the stairs and she lost her footing and she fell!" She cried out to me, grabbing my arm thigh, pushing me in her house.

"Oh my God! Did you call the ambulance???" I asked her quickly, running in the house.

"I can't!!! I can't!!!!" she cried out.

"What do you mean????" I asked her confused.

Turning my head, looking at the end of the flight of stairs, I saw why she couldn't. Annie was lying on her back, sounding like a broken record.


What was most shocking was seeing that her head was ripped out from her torso and sparks were flashing brightly right underneath her neck.

"She's a robot...?" I asked Alice.

“Yes... my husband built her because I was barren. I always wanted a child, so, he built me one.... never getting old or sick... she is perfect to me." she said, crying, grabbing Annie's head and lifting it.

Alice then pulled a wire from Annie's exposed circuits and Annie's head stopped functioning. "Can you fix her?" she asked me.

"What?? I am just a welder...I.. I can't!" I told her, scared a bit of what I was seeing.

"Please!! Please! I need her!! Fix her! She loves you!" Alice cried out to me, pushing Annie's head in my arms.

Looking at Annie's deactivated icy eyes, I dropped her on the floor and I ran for the door. Alice, crying just grabbed the head and cradled it like a little girl holding a broken doll.

"I'll try... I'll try, Alice.." I told her, helping her get up.

We brought Annie's broken body to my house where I spent hours repairing all the wires and cables that had snapped in two from the fall.

"How do I turn her on?" I asked Alice, who was sitting beside me the entire time.

"Place your fingers right inside her anus and press hard." she said to me, directing my fingers.

"Strange place for a button." I told myself. I did what she told me and suddenly, a panel opened on Annie's chest.

"Holy shit... Look at her, your husband is a genius!" I said out loud.

"Press the red button there. That will reactivate her." Alice smiled, hopping that the repairs where good.

"M..MMmommy..Mommy, what happened?" Annie asked her mother.

"You got hurt, but Max here fixed you up!" Alice said with tears of happiness.

Annie hugged me hard and kissed me on my nose, "Thank you, Papa!"

"Papa???" I asked quickly.

"It must be a glitch in her system, I can fix it." Alice said, quickly deactivating Annie.

"No... let her call me Papa... I like it." I smiled at Alice.

Since it was a rough day, we decided to reactivate Annie tomorrow. Me and Alice were lying in bed naked.

"It doesn't bother you Annie is a droid?" Alice asked me, nervously.

"No..." I told her, surprised at myself.

"I am glad you feel that way, because I need to tell you something, Max... Please insert your penis in my anus." she asked me, moving her buttocks close to my penis.

"What?...I..ok.." I said, while doing what she asked to me.

Slowly, she moaned out loud. "Mmmm.... deeper, please..." she begged me.

I was a bit scared, pretty sure what Alice was going to show me, that she was an android too.

After a few more minutes of penetration, she left a big moan and then turned to me and told me "I like it in the ass, sometimes." she laughed out.

I laughed out loud and kissed her hard.

She smiled and took my left hand and inserted my middle finger inside her pussy. It was so warm and wet. "Press here." she said with a small smile on her lips.

“Sure." I told her, doing her bidding. My fingers pressed close to her clitoris, but just above it, I felt something moving. Suddenly, I heard the same noise I heard the first night I slept with her.

Slowly, right under her breasts, a large panel opened and exposed her circuits. "I hope you are not ashamed of me.." she asked me.

Looking inside her, lights and circuits blinking, only made me hornier. "Alice.... Fuck me with your panel open!" I growled at her.

"Ok, but first, you need to reprogram me, make me your wife..." she begged me.

"My wife??...I.. I." I mumbled, not sure what to say.

"Please, you only need to plug me to a computer and I'll guide you." she continued to begged.

"Ok... I'll get my old laptop. Wait here." I told her, running like crazy to my house, fully naked. I didn't care who saw me anymore. Running back up, I saw Alice, who was sitting there, her stomach fully open, a cable sticking out, waiting for me.

I plugged the cable into my laptop and her schematics appeared on my computer. "Go to programming icon... Yes, there, scroll down until you see my husband’s name. Now, simply erase it and type in yours." she simply smiled. "And then press enter and that's it." she said with a small laugh.

"That's it? Anyone can reprogram you like this?" I asked her in disbelief.

"Yes... I guess, but I broke many of my programming firewalls he had installed in me. That is how I became more self-aware and wanted to be more human. For four years, he left me for Japan. I wanted to become more than just a robot maid for his house and his robot child. When I saw you, I fell in love with you...Now, I am your wife.." Alice cried out, so happy.

“Let's see your other settings." I told her, clicking on other icons.

"Anything you want, my love." she hugged me hard from behind, her warm breasts pressing hard on my back.

"What is this?" I asked her, clicking on an icon named "SEX DRIVE”.

"I don't know." she lied deviously to me.

I pressed on it and it was all the sex programs she had installed in her CPU.

"Ahhh... you know 368 positions... you perverted machine." I laughed at her. “What does this do?" I asked while pressing a strange icon, looking like a big "G".

Suddenly, Alice moaned hard in deep orgasm. "That's my "G" point!" she moaned out.

"Of really." I chuckled.

I continued clicking on it, each time, making Alice moaned louder and louder. "Please.... don't stop... please..." she begged.

I clicked more and more, getting more and more aroused each time. Alice screamed so loud, the entire house was filled with her moans.

Suddenly, my computer screen turned all blue with error message.

"ERROR!!! ERROR!!!!!! ERROR!!!" Alice suddenly said out loud, replacing her moans of pleasure.

I panicked and pulled the cable out of the computer.

"ERROR!!! ERROR!!!!!! ERROR!!!" Alice kept repeating over and over.

I looked inside her and saw things were flashing quickly. I suddenly saw a big red button and pressed it hard. Suddenly, everything stopped. I had deactivated Alice. I got up and walked around and sat back beside Alice and reactivated her. To my prayers, she was ok.

"It was only a crash." she laughed out.

It was in the middle of the night, I was woken up by a sudden noise. I opened my eyes and saw a dark figure towering over me. Then, all I saw was the end of a lamp coming directly in my face quite quickly.

"Ohhhh..." I said, waking up with a big headache.

I realized I was tied up completely, lying on the carpet beside Alice's bed. I tried to look up but I could not see much. I heard someone walking around the room, pouring some liquid. I smelled it and realized that gasoline was being drenched everywhere.

"Who are you???" I screamed out loud.

The figure came at me and stood there.

"Freak... you are going to die now with my cheating android!" the man screamed angrily at me.

"You're Alice's husband?" I asked quickly, panicking with the situation at hand.

"Yes, and her creator! I finally arrived after months of being away and I find her sleeping with a monster. Bitch! She will never function ever again! How dare she! I created her!!" he kept yelling, emptying the gasoline tank on the bed.

I slowly managed to look on the bed and there was lying Alice and Annie, both deactivated.

"No! It's my fault! Don't destroy them! Alice's is alive!" I screamed my turn.

"Alive? She's a robot, she can be replaced!" he growled.

Taking a match, he lit it and dropped it on the floor beside me, starting the flames. I screamed in horror, struggling to break free from the ropes. My sensitive burned skin ripped around my ankles and wrist, enticing my pain. Sadly, my efforts were in vain. He did too much of a good job with the ropes and knots, I could not break free. Knowing my fate, I closed my eyes and waited for the fire to consume me.

Images of my wife and my daughter came to my mind, happier moments for me. To my surprise, image of Alice and Annie came too.

"Goodbye, Alice, Annie, thank you for showing I was still human." I cried softly, while I felt the heat of the flames consuming the entire room.

Then, something happened that I can't describe. I felt small hands untying my ropes and a strangely lit figure standing in front of me, completely emulated, and pointing to the bed. I got up and looked behind me. I saw there was nothing but the darkness of my shadows against the wall, to my surprise. I got up and looked around. I saw nothing but fire everywhere. I jumped on the bed and grabbed Alice and Annie. I reactivated Alice, who smiled at me and kissed me softly.

She then looked around and stayed calm. Grabbing my left arm, she turned and dashed through the fire, carrying Annie like a rag-doll. She then jumped over the flames at the door and ran downstairs with me in her arms with Annie. We got out of the house and she dropped me on the grass. Her husband was nowhere to be seen.

The house was a total loss, but it didn't matter, I had my family with me. I knew then my reason to still be here on this earth, alongside Alice and Annie.

A few days past and Alice and Annie moved in my house. I was reading the newspaper and saw an article, with a picture of Alice's decease husband that shocked me.

"Troy McMan was killed four days ago when he lost controlled of his vehicle and crashed into a tree. Professor McMan, who had won many international awards for his android technology research, just came back from Japan two days before his death. It was rumored he had finalized the first fully sentient android ever created. Sadly, we will never know if he did in fact finish his project. He left behind his uncle who will miss him greatly."

After reading it, I got up and went in the kitchen, where was Alice preparing supper for me.

"Max, are you okay?" she asked me, caressing me face.

"Yes, everything is okay... not just okay, things are great!" I said, while grabbing her from behind and laughing.

Annie came in the room and hugged me hard from behind too. We were a real happy family now.

The end

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