Family Breakfast

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Family Breakfast

The sun filtered through the kitchen window, casting a warm glow on the Smith family's breakfast table. John Smith, a tall man with broad shoulders and a neatly trimmed salt-and-pepper beard, sipped his coffee while scanning the morning paper. His blue eyes were sharp, though softened by the smile lines that etched his face, hinting at a life filled with laughter.

Across the table sat his wife, Margaret, a woman of average height with a large bust and curly auburn hair that she wore in a loose bun. Her green eyes sparkled with warmth and intelligence, and her fair skin had a natural, rosy hue. She wore a simple, elegant blouse and skirt, ready for a day at the boutique she owned downtown.

Their two adult daughters, Amy and Katie, sat on either side of the table. Amy, the elder at 28, had inherited her father's height and her mother's hair. She wore it down, the auburn curls cascading over her shoulders. Her brown eyes, hidden behind stylish glasses, were focused intently on her laptop. She was dressed in a crisp white blouse and black slacks, ready for her job as a marketing executive.

Katie, 25, was slightly shorter and more petite, with straight, dark hair that she usually wore in a sleek ponytail. Today, she wore a light blue dress that brought out the deep blue of her eyes, a perfect match to her father's. As an art teacher, her attire was always vibrant and expressive, reflecting her creative spirit.

"Can you pass the orange juice, please?" Katie asked, glancing at her sister.

Amy nodded, not looking up from her laptop. "Here you go," she said, sliding the glass pitcher across the table.

Margaret poured herself another cup of tea, her movements graceful and practiced. "So, what's on the agenda for today, everyone?" John folded his newspaper and leaned back in his chair. "I've got a meeting with the new client this afternoon. Should be interesting." His voice was deep and reassuring, a perfect match to his steady demeanor.

Amy finally looked up from her screen. "I've got a presentation at ten, so I'll need to leave in about an hour." "Good luck with that, honey," Margaret said, giving her daughter an encouraging smile. "How about you, Katie?"

Katie shrugged, a playful grin spreading across her face. "I've got a pottery class this morning. We're making vases, so it should be fun. And messy." John chuckled. "Just make sure you don't bring the mess home." "Can't make any promises," Katie teased, taking a sip of her orange juice.

Margaret stood up and began clearing the plates. "Well, let's all do our best today. Now Katie, please activate your sister’s programs.” Katie sighed and took out her phone. Amy continued to type on her laptop, unaware of Margaret’s command. Katie tapped on her phone and Amy reached up absent mindely and undid her blouse, exposing her 38C chest. “This always feels so weird, why do I have to do this?” whined Katie.

“Because I said so,” said Margaret who took the dishes over to the sink and began washing them as John watched with a smile on his face.

“Amy should be extra excited for her presentation today and collect extra data” said John.

“Fine.” Katie sighed and pressed the button on her phone. A small panel on Amy’s chest appeared and Katie tapped the green button. Amy’s head dropped down and she stopped typing as her new programming synced with her sister’s phone. After a moment, Amy’s head rose back up and the panel slid back into her chest. “I can’t wait to show Steve my presentation and make sure he’s really excited for what I’ve proposed!” Amy exclaimed as she took off her blouse and walked over to John. “Can I show you, John?” “Of course, Amy. I’d love that.” John said as he pushed his chair back. Amy quickly sank to her knees and unbuckled John’s pants exposing his penis which she stroked quickly and popped into her mouth and began to suck quickly.

Amy was a Virgo 3800 unit, one of the finest in human emulation and was currently being beta-tested for espionage and cyberdata collection. When she was engaged in sexual programming, she could also wirelessly connect to devices and collect data that might be useful. Her ascent at her current company had been rapid because Amy was extremely skilled at extracurricular activities and she had also managed to collect extremely sensitive data from her coworkers and clients.

“My she’s extremely good at that” said Margaret who watched with glee as her robot daughter was pleasuring her husband.

“It’s my programming that makes her so good” said Katie with a pout. Katie was not just an art teacher but one of the finest robotic programmers on the planet. “Yes dear, it is.” Margaret said as she put the dishes away to dry and walked back over to the table. “Now come here and help me release some of this tension.” Margaret hiked up her skirt and hopped on the kitchen table with her legs in the air. Katie sighed again and leaned into her mother’s crotch and began pleasuring her mother with her extremely long tongue that extended when Katie's sexual modes were activated.

In Katie’s mind, this was normal and she began to ramp up her efforts as her mother squirmed. Katie didn’t know why she was always used like this. All she wanted to do was improve her sister’s programming so she could be the best emulation of a human possible. She heard Amy continuing to pump away at John and sped up her efforts with her mother. After a few minutes, she took one finger and shoved it into Margaret’s rear, which led to a squeal and “new input detected! error!” as Margaret suddenly came in Katie’s face and went limp. Katie removed herself from her robotic mother’s crotch and reached for her phone to reboot her mother. A panel appeared below Margaret’s stomach and Katie pressed a blue button to restart her mother.

Meanwhile, John was receiving one of the best blowjobs of his life. Amy was expertly edging him and trying to connect to every device in the room. He had watched her connect to Margaret’s system, which had led to Margaret’s horniness, and Katie was permanently linked with her sister. Using three robots to cross-program each other had been a brilliant idea as he could effectively network their unique personalities to generate new programs. Margaret was by default a maternal caregiver to all who loved everything but anal.

Katie was set as a sleeper who thought she was a free-use teacher who could program robots, and Amy was a professional honeypot designed to seduce as quickly as possible. John began to come and Amy shoved herself all the way down his penis, expanding her throat and engaging her plastic muscles along her throat to extract as much cum from John as possible. As John released himself, Amy began to revert into her own sleeper programming and pulled herself off of John’s dick. “Well, it’s time to go to work!” Amy said as she stood up and swallowed John’s cum. She walked by Katie and Margaret who was still booting up. “I’ll be back a little late tonight possibly. Don’t wait up!” Amy picked up her laptop and bag and walked out the door as she buttoned up her blouse.

Meanwhile inside the house, Margaret gasped as her programming came back online. “Katie! Don’t try that again!” she scolded the young sleeper as she sat up and got off the table. “I’m sorry but I just wanted to get this over with,” said Katie as she watched her mother’s panel close up. “It’s just weird to always eat you out while Amy is engaged. I prefer cock anyways.” Katie said, looking dejectedly at John as she stood up. “I know you do but Amy has to get better so that we can finish this mission.” said John as he zipped up his pants. “Margaret, make sure to set up Katie with her new programming before she heads out” John said as he walked upstairs.

“New programming?” Katie said with a questioning look as she turned to Margaret who had a large smile on her face as she grabbed her younger daughter and pushed her over and lifted up her skirt.

“Yes! New programming!” said Margaret with glee as she plunged her hand inside Katie’s exposed rear-end and began to transfer new programming into Katie through the small wireless port in her rectum. “Whaaa are you doing?” Katie cried. “I’m not a robot!”

“Your sleeper programming was starting to create issues. You’re going to be set up now as an aware unit” said Margaret.

“Yes mommy” said Katie as her old life vanished in seconds. Katie was now fully aware of who she was and what she was meant to do.

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