Family Affair

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Written by Mirage

Family Affair

Part 1

“Tommy, Miranda! Come here! I got a surprise!" yelled my dad.

I looked at my mom, who was also confused by Dad's yell. We came inside the entrance of the house where Dad was standing.

“I got someone to present to you guys. Wait one second, ok?" he said quickly, happy but nervous at the same time.

Mom and I looked at each other, worried a bit.

“Tada! Meet Sandra! Our new family member!" he said, opening the door, where this cute teenage girl was waiting.

“What?" Mom and I said at the same time.

“Nice to meet you, Auntie, Tommy." the girl said with a soft voice.

“Harold! No! No! We talked about this!" my mom yelled at my father, who closed the entrance door and put his coat away.

“Dear, it's only for a month! It's a test my company is doing, they gave one new model android to each family that works for them. You know, test them out before they go public!" he smiled at looking at Sandy,

"Isn't she great?”

“Dad! And where she'll sleep?" I asked, knowing we had only one free bed, in MY ROOM!

“In your room, of course! Now, get her stuff unpack in that old dresser and set her up." he smiled, showing Sandra her new home.

“Lovely house, Auntie." Sandra smiled, studying the rooms.

"”Harold... I not happy about this..." Mom growled at my Dad.

“Give it a chance, she's even programmed to help out cooking and cleaning." he smiled.

My mom looked at Sandra, "Fine, Sandra welcome to your new family and house.”

“Okay, so first, I need to teach you all to recharge her, which she needs every night. Sandra, come here." he ordered her.

“Yes, Uncle." she said, coming and standing beside Dad.

Dad reached and pulled her shirt just above her navel and pressed inside it. A click was heard and a small panel opened, and her electronics were showing.

“Now, see her power gage. She is at 20%, so she'll need to recharge soon for about two hours. When she is fully recharged, you can ask her to deactivate herself as "sleep mode". If not, you can instruct her to do simple things like cleaning the house while we sleep. Any questions?" Dad smiled.

“Yeah, what if she malfunctions." I asked quickly.

“Here, that's her off button, this red one, to reactivate her, simply repress it." he continued, while pressing the button once where Sandra closed her eyes and tilted her head a bit. He then repressed the button again and she reopened her eyes and smiled like nothing had happened.

"So, what do we do with her?" I asked one last question, before going to bed.

“Tommy, she is your sister now, treat her like she's always been it!" my father scolded me a bit, knowing I was not too keen on this.

“Fine... and during the day, she stay's here." I mumbled out.

“No, she'll go with you at school." Dad quickly responded.

“What??? No way!!!! What do I say to people, here, this is my new sister, a secret prototype gynoid from my father's company?" I said quickly too.

“Tell them she's your cousin from England or something." he told me.

“England??? She has no English accents!!!!!" I gasped.

“Ok, Florida then... Sheesh, Tommy, improvise!" he said, leaving for the bathroom.

"Mom???" I yelled out.

"Hey, deal with it, you’re now 18 years old, you should handle it!" she snickered.

“Great... Sandra, come, I'll show you our room." I told my "new" cousin.

“Thanks Tommy, I know that me and you, we'll be great cousins." she smiled.

I sat on my bed and look at her put her things away, dresses, perfume, all girly stuff.

“You like all this stuff they gave you?" I asked her.

“I guess... why?" she asked confused.

“Well, most teenagers girl don't wear most of this stuff... it's not trendy." I said, looking at the clothes they gave her to wear.

“What shall I do?" she asked.

“Tomorrow, we go shopping." I smiled.

“Thanks, Tommy." she said, sitting on the opposing empty bed.

Studying her, she looked nice, an 18-year-old look, her figure was also nice. "Sandra, get naked." I ordered her.

“What???? Of course not! You're my cousin!!!" she yelled out shocked.

“Joking! Joking... but being honest, I need to recharge you." I told her while I sat beside her.

She looked at me, “Don't you dare try anything on me, I'm your cousin!!" she snickered.

“Of course not." I lied to her.

I pulled her shirt up a bit and did what Dad showed me. A small panel opened just around her belly and I could see a small control panel and electronics.

“Don't try anything. I am to alert the company if I am tempered with!" she warned, seeing me studying her insides.

“I'm your cousin, trust me!" I said, pulling a cord from her stomach to plug into the wall.

“Recharging started, lapse time till fully recharged, one hour and fifty seven minutes. Shall I go into sleep mode after I am fully charged?" She asked innocently.

“Yes, I'll reactivate you in the morning." I told her.

She closed her eyes and lied in the bed, in a sleeping position. I look at her.

“Sandra, you can change in your pajamas, I'll leave the room." I told her, going out the door.

“Oh... right, thank you, Tommy, it will only take a minute." she smiled, pulling her pajamas out of the dresser.

“How's Sandra?" my mom asked me when I went to get a glass of milk.

“She seems ok, innocent." I smiled. "Where's Dad?" I asked her.

“Working in his office, not to be disturbed" Mom smiled.

“Well, good night." I said, going back to my room.

I knocked on the door and heard Sandra telling me to come in. She was lying under some sheets in her PJs.

“Can I turn off the light?" I asked her, getting ready for bed myself.

“Yes, good night Tommy." Sandra said with her nice voice.

“Night." I told her, turning off the lights.

After a few hours, I looked at the time: 2:38AM, "Sandra, are you awake?" I whispered to her bed. I heard nothing.

Slowly, I grabbed a small flash light and went to her bed. She was lying on her front curled up, like she was really sleeping. I shook her a bit to see if she reacted. Nothing. I turned her on her back and saw her face.

“SHIT!!!!!!! I DIDN'T MEAN IT!!! I WAS JUST...err...?" I mumbled out quickly, seeing her eyes were wide open, thinking she was awake. "Sandra?" I asked her.

She was deactivated with her eyes open, a bit creepy. I then looked down and remove a bit of the sheet covering her. She was more beautiful than I remembered a few hours ago. I then unbuttoned her pajamas top and opened it. Seeing breasts for the first time in my life, I became hard instantly. I knew what breasts looked like from porn and mags, but never had I had the pleasure of seeing some up close. I knew they were gynoid boobs, but they sure felt real.

With both hands on them, I started to massage them both. She was about a B bra size, a good size. I was surprised when her nipples became erected quickly. I was now curious about her vagina.

Suddenly, I heard my father walking around outside my door. I panicked and jumped in my bed under my covers. I then heard my doorknob being turned. I looked at Sandra, who was lying bare naked on her back, sheets on the floor. I then grabbed the sheet on the floor and threw them on her, luckily, covering her just in the nick of time; my father head's sticking inside the room to see everything was alright.

After waiting for Dad to go finally go to bed. I snuck back onto Sandra's bed. She was like I left her, eyes still wide open. I looked at her face, studying the details they gave her. I then moved close to her and kissed her on the lips.

Her lips were moist and warm. I then opened her mouth and gave her the tongue. I felt her tongue too, same as her lips, warm and soft. I then got an idea, I tilted her heads with the pillows and I pulled out my penis and pushed it in her mouth.

Her mouth formed a round shape around it and she gave me a great blowjob. Before I ejaculated in her, I grabbed some Kleenex and shot out in them instead. After lying beside her in sexual ecstasy, I reached and pulled down her pajamas bottom and her underwear.

She had a short haired pussy, very soft looking. Being the virgin I was, I was still not sure what to touch, so I penetrated her pussy with one finger. While probing inside, my finger was warm and became wetter the more I moved it inside her. Then, upwards I guess I felt her clitoris and pressed it.

Sandra suddenly jerked hard, scaring the hell out of me, "What are you doing to me??" she gasped out, shocked, disoriented.

“I...I." I mumbled out, not sure what to say. I then quickly reached to deactivate her.

"No... don't... please continue what you were doing to me..." she whispered to me.

I gasped, “you’re sure..." I asked her confused.

"Yes... it will be our little secret,” she whispered to me, guiding my hands toward her pussy.

She opened her legs more where I could feel her better. "I am not programmed for this, but it feels sooo good..." she snickered, feeling my fingers rubbing her clitoris softly. “Tommy, come inside me... please...” she begged me.

How could I refuse? I got on top of her and pushed myself deep inside her. She squealed in delight.

Suddenly, my door opened with a hard bang "TOMMY! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR COUSIN????" my dad screamed to me.

“Fucking her?" I answered with the only answer that I could think of. Dad grabbed Sandra out of the bed and pushed us both downstairs.

Sandra and I looked at each other, nervously. "Damn it! I knew I couldn't trust you with her!" he said, pacing around, Mom looking from the hallway.

“Dad, she's just robot, not my real cousin.” I mumbled out.

“Only a robot?" Sandra grinned to me.

“Shut up, both of you! I want NO SEXUAL contact from both of you in any way, if any, Sandra goes back to the company the same day, is that understood???" Dad yelled to Sandra and me

"Yes, Dad..." I said, my head low.

“Yes Uncle,” Sandra said, her head also low.

"Good!" Now, back to bed, right now! We'll talk more about this tomorrow..." Dad said, pretty steamed.

Sandra and I, we looked at each other and giggled a bit in secret. Mom just simply went back to bed quietly.

Part 2

As I lay down on my bed, Sandra smile and open her pajamas top to tease me, showing me her breasts, "Dad didn't say nothing about "showing off?" did he?"

“Sandra, go to bed! Dad is really pissed!" I told her, shutting down the lights off.

“Ok... and he didn't say anything about touching ourselves...did he? Good night.” she snickered in the dark.

Damn it, she was giving me a huge boner. I then heard a faint sound of her masturbating herself under her bed sheets. I got up and went to her bed, where I climbed under the sheets.

“Sandra, stop it! Dad will send you away!" I whispered to her.

“Tommy, okay, but just give me just one quick fuck, please...,” she begged.

I looked at her “What's wrong with you? Are you a sex droid or what? You are even hornier than I am!" I mumbled to her quickly.

“I don't think so, I think you activated my sex functions when you pressed my clitoris the first time." she answered back, “I am programmed to be a family member.”

“Family members don't fuck each other!" I hissed at her, while she started to stroke my penis with her left hand.

“So, I can't have sex with you no more?" she pouted.

“No...yes... yes, but only with me, in secret, when Dad is away, okay?" I told her, "I need to shut you down, along your sex functions or I'll never sleep tonight!" I told her.

I then put my finger inside her wet pussy, she moaned lightly, enjoying the touch. Finding her clitoris again, I pressed it hard until Sandra informed me that her sex drive was deactivated. I then inserting my finger in her naval and opened her panel.

"Great, fuck me more soon, ok?" she smiled.

"Yes... Night..." I told her, pressing the red button.

“Nighhtttt.....t...t..." she said while being deactivated.

I woke up the next morning where I found I was alone in my room. I got up and searched for Sandra.

“Where is Sandra?" I asked Mom.

“Your father is fixing her in the garage." she replied coldly.

“Mom, I am sorry... I didn't mean it...” I told my mom, knowing she was pissed at me for fucking Sandra last night.

I entered the garage and saw Sandra's body lying on Dad's workbench, missing her head. Her stomach was open and wires and cables were coming out from it, which was attached to a laptop. I turned the corner, and saw Dad typing program codes in a keyboard that was attached to Sandra's head, that was on a desk.

Sandra's eyes were open and blinking, like she was awake, "Tommy! Good Morning!" she yelled out. Dad suddenly turned around, surprised by my appearance.

“What are you doing to her?" I asked him, somewhat concern about Sandra.

“Fixing her so she can't have sex with her own cousin!" he growled out.

“You’re reprogramming her?" I said quickly.

“Just a bit... it's for the best," he mumbled, returning to his coding.

“How can you? I thought only your company was allowed to mess with her systems." I asked him.

“Hey, I’m one of the main people who helped design Sandra. I got all the access codes I need right here!" he said, pointing to a small black book beside Sandra's head. "Watch this...,” he said, typing a few commands to the keyboard that was attached to Sandra's head.

"Tommy...Your father is the greatest man on the planet!!!!!!! I am so lucky to have him as an UNCLE!!!!!! YAY UNCLE!!!!! I love my Uncle!!!!!" Sandra yelled out, smiling like a crazed lunatic.

"Ok, dad... whatever." I rolled my eyes.

I left the room to get ready for school. After 20 minutes, I was heading for the entrance door, where Sandra was waiting for me, “Hey, Bro! Let's go to school!!" she said highly chipper.

“Sure... Let's go." I told her, grabbing my bag.

Walking to school, I looked at Sandra “How are you feeling? Did Dad fuck with your systems and A.I.?”

“Fellow family members don't fuck each other! Silly Tommy!" she grinned.

“Man, you sound like a total ditz now... Man, Dad really screwed you up..." I mumbled to her.

“Fellow family members don't screw each other! Silly Tommy!" she repeated.

“That's it, come here!" I told her, grabbing her by the arms and bringing her near a small wooded area.

“Tommy, what are you doing??" she asked quickly confused. We sat in a remote location in the small forest, making sure no one could see us.

"Don't worry..." I told her, pulling her shirt off a bit and opening her tummy panel.

Sandra was confused by my actions but let me do them without any resistance.

“Sandra, do you remember last night?" I asked her while I took a small pocket palm out of my bag.

“No, Dad erased my memory files." she replied.

“What can be erased can be retrieved most of the time, if you know how." I smiled, connecting my palm to one of her main ports.

Sandra looked at me, not sure what to say or do, "Tommy? What are you doing to me?" she asked, like a confused child.

“Making you back to what you were last night..." I said, hacking her systems a bit to retrieve the files.

“You’re hacking me... I must report ittt...t...t..Files retrieved, loading back to original format... files restored...,” she said with a smile.

She blinked and looked at me, “Tom... Error...error... Dad put a firewall in my systems...error, it's trying to block my sexual folders from opening... Error...”

“Damn, gimme a second." I told while I hacked into my father's new programming, “There... that should do it." I smiled to her.

She blinked a few more time and she left out a long robotic breath out of relief, “Thank God, I hated myself, so happy and chirpy..." she smiled, looking around, “Pretty nice little forest... very quiet..." Sandra said, while getting up.

“Yeah... I come here when I need to be alone. Not many people come here." I smiled back.

She then looked at me, “Alone? Do you want me to leave?"

“No! Of course not!" I said quickly, grabbing her by the hands and pulling her to sit beside me.

She sat down beside me and put her head on my shoulder, “Tommy... I don't want to be just ‘your sister’... I want to be more than that to you...more... I can't explain...”

“Me too..." I responded.

She looked at me, “Let's be late for school, just a bit, okay?" she grinned.

I nodded and remained motionless while she stripped down naked apart from her socks and shoes, right in front of me.

"Press my clitoris...Tommy...Please...,” she asked with a look of hunger in her face.

I did what she asked and she stood standing there for a second, eyes closed, and the files being opened in her CPU.

Slowly, she walked up to me where I was sitting on a stone and she rubbed her breasts in my face, “Like my breasts, Tom... They are all yours...,” she moaned out, her nipples getting hard, hitting my mouth and nose.

“Sandra...." I whispered out, grabbing her ass from behind, my arms hugging her naked body and pulling it closer to me.

She let out a small moan of ecstasy. Then she climbed up on the stone, which I was sitting on, to have her pussy at my face level.

“Lick me...,” she commanded me.

I did her bidding and licked her good. While I was licking her, I looked up and saw she still had her stomach panel open. For some reason, this excited me even more. After being very wet from my licking, she pushed me off the stone, me, landing on my back on the dirt. She climbed on top of me, unzipped my pants, pulled out my penis, and inserted it in herself. I lost all control now over my body; she was pulling all the shots now.

After a few minutes of intense sex, we reached our climaxed and rested on the forest floor, looking at the sun coming through the branches of the maple trees.

“Let's go to school now?" she asked, laughing.

“I... need more five minute of rest... Then we go...” I moaned out, so relaxed now.

Part 3

Sandra and I decided to skip school altogether. So, we decided to have a day to ourselves and go shopping instead. We went to boutiques and clothing stores where Sandra tried on so many dresses, we lost count. Of course, we had no money, but it didn't stop us.

At some stores, we checked if there was so video camera in the changing room. Finally, we found one that we could both get inside the changing room together without being noticed. First, Sandra asked a lady if she could try a dress on before buying it. The lady showed us the changing rooms and we waited for the perfect time for me to sneak inside her small changing room.

"Tom, please... you know what to do...” she grinned.

I reached with my left hand inside her pants and entered it inside her panties. She moaned out when my fingers inserted inside her pussy where I pressed her clitoris.

“Sex mode activated,” she whispered to me.

I pulled down her pants and panty and she did the same to me. Inserting myself in her wet pussy felt so good. Sandra's face blushed when I pushed myself the deepest I could inside her.

“Tom... don't stop,” she said, biting her lip.

After a few minutes, we heard the lady from the store coming in the section and asking Sandra how the dress was.

"OOOOOooohhhhhh.....the good." Sandra moaned out while I was bonking her hard.

“Glad you like it, so, how are going to pay for it?" the lady asked over the top of the door.

“Sadly, I need my father's permission to buy it, so, I'll come back later with him." Sandra said, getting bit more composure, while I released myself inside her.

“Oh, ok dear." the lady replied coldly, knowing we had no interest in buying the dress now.

After getting dressed up, Sandra snuck out and told me to get out. We managed to get out of the store with no incident.

After laughing about it, we decided to head home after a day of mischief. We took the bus home and hoped we arrived before mom and dad. Looking at the scenery of the bus ride, she suddenly looked at me with a worried face.

“My energy is getting low..." Sandra whispered to me.

“Can you make it?" I asked her, concerned.

“Maybe..?" she smiled, unsure.

“Tommy... Thank you for this day..." she kissed me on the check.

“No prob, cuz!" I chuckled.

“Oh oh... energy fading.... My batteryyy... .is...empty.y..y..y.. ...shiitttttttt........t........t.........." she said, the words getting slower and slower, until she made no sound.

Her eyes became a blank stare, looking directly in empty space. Finally arriving home, Sandra's energy was at zero. I had to partly carry her in my left arm and trying to fake her walking.

“This is the last time you go to a bar this early, young lady!" I scolded her, when people seeing something was wrong with her, "Come on Sandra, stay here." I told her, pushing her against the front door, while I reached for my keys.

Before she could fall on the ground, I manage to bring her inside the house and put her in her bed and started to recharge her. Luckily, Dad and Mom would be late again, so, no need to panic.

Bored, I started to watch her, laying on her bed. I could not control myself, I undressed her completely naked and was about to have my way with her while she was still deactivated and recharging. Suddenly, my head started to spin and I blacked out completely.

I woke up in bed, my father looking at me, standing up beside my bed, “Are you ok, Tom?" he asked me quickly.

“Sure... what happened?" I asked disoriented.

“You got exhausted and fell asleep on Sandra," he said, sitting beside me.

“Yes, I was changing her dirty clothes and I became dizzy..." I said, leaving the part that I was going to exploit her sexually again.

“Good, get up and go take a hot bath, it will do you good." Dad smiled to me.

Leaving the room, I saw Sandra was not in the room. “Dad, where's Sandra?" I quickly asked him.

“She's with your mother... Tom, I must run to the store for a few items I need, can you lock the front door," he asked, leaving the house.

“Sure," I yelled out, going to lock the front door.

While going back up to the bathroom for the bath my father advised me to do, I passed in front of my parent's bedroom.

I just glanced and saw Sandra standing naked in front of my mother, who was sitting on her bed. I stopped and I peered inside the gap of the almost closed door of my mother's room. I saw my mother then reached for Sandra's breasts and squeezed them hard. Sandra moaned in ecstasy. She then sat beside my mother and they started to kiss.

I froze in horror of what I saw next. Mom opened Sandra's stomach panel, then took a cable, inserted in a port to her CPU, and downloaded in her porn programs with a laptop. Sandra giggled and waited for my mother to close her up after the download. I then saw my mother get up and insert a finger inside her own bellybutton and a "click" was heard in the room.

Panicking, I kicked the door open "MOM!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING???????" I yelled out.

But it was too late, my mother's stomach opened and I saw my mother was the same as Sandra.

“Tommy???" Mom blushed.

“You're... a gynoid too????" I mumbled out.

“Yes... join us, Tommy. Let's enjoy each other... all together. I was gonna install some new sex programs inside myself too..." Mom smiled.

I didn't know what to do. Sandra took my hand and made me sit beside them on the bed, "You can activate my sex drive, if you want. I was going to let Sandra do it." Mom smiled, opening her legs up, showing me her pussy, wide and wet.

I knew my mom was beautiful for her age and somewhat sexy, but she was still my mom. But something, an urge I could not resist, I inserted my fingers inside her and Sandra's pussy and pressed hard their clitoris. Both moaned out and grabbed me to be in the bed with them. We fucked like rabbits. Somehow, all this seemed natural to me. The title of mother, brother and cousin became irrelevant in my head; they were sex robots pleasuring me and themselves.

“Oh Jesus Christ!!!!! What the fuck is this!!!!!" my Dad screamed at us from the entrance of the bedroom door, “That's it! I want everyone in the garage RIGHT NOW!!!!!!" he screamed at us hard.

We all looked at each other and ran downstairs and inside the garage naked.

"SIT!!!!" he commanded us.

"Dad... I didn't know mom was a gynoid too..." I mumbled out.

"Tom, shut up!" He screamed out.

"That's it! No more sex programs inside you all! I am removing all sex circuits tonight!" he said, grabbing some tools and ripping out a circuit from Sandra's stomach.

“Error! Damage to circuit 65!!!!!! Damage ee..e..e........." Sandra said quickly, and then went all limp when he deactivated her quickly.

Mom looked at me in a panic but remained frozen.

“Miranda, I expected better than this from you! Sheesh, you are programmed to be their mother!" he yelled at her, grabbing hard the sex circuit and ripping it out hard.

“But I can't fight it! I am sexx..x...x..x.x....." Mom yelled out, just before he deactivated too.

Then Dad look to me, "Tom... you horny little bastard! You could not stop yourself too, I suppose...” he said with anger.

I said nothing, just being terrified.

“Your mother asked me to build you to pleasure her when I was gone or too busy for her... Things were ok, but she got tired of you and we reprogrammed you to be our son later...Now, I got tired of your mother too, so, now, I got Sandra to fuck with, but noo! I found all my other androids banging my new sexdroid!" he mumbled out, while pacing around.

He took a deep breath and went in front of me. He inserted his finger inside my bellybutton and my stomach opened up like Sandra's and Mom's.

“Fuck.,.. I am just a fuck bot... Dad... did we ever... me and know... did wouppi together?" I mumbled out in disbelief.

“Hell no!!!!!" he grinned, just thinking at the idea.

“Thank God! I least I didn't fuck all member of this screwed up familyyy...y..yy.......y...." I said while he ripped my sex circuit from my inside and deactivated me.

The end

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