Falling Awake

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Falling Awake

Part 1

  • Activating saliva system*
  • Initiating voice file sf_m002934n2.snd*

“Oh, you’re so big!” The sexbot smiled. Her perfectly angled head, round eyes, and demure gestures were scientifically chosen to be the most alluring to her clients. And it had a success rate of 98.734%. This client was no different.

“I bet you say that to all your clients,” the customer grinned, standing over her with his erect cock a foot from her face.

She didn’t always say that to every client, whatever voice line her AI decided was based on client responses and a randomizer. Sometimes she’d say something like “Wow, you’re so hard” or “Mmm… it looks delicious.” She had determined he was self-conscious about his size, being slightly less than average but having watched too many pornos and assuming all men were supposed to be 9 inches or more. As such, a compliment about his girth was selected. That we she could stroke is ego… and his dick.

  • Initiate saliva subroutine 24a*
  • Commence procedure so_s29ed82ms.pn*

The petite blue-haired girl licked her lips with focusing her light blue eyes on his brown ones. She reached up, kneeling before the client, and gently grasped his erection. She could sense his pulse, and knew exactly how much bigger his erection could get. Her job was to get him there.

Pumping her hand slowly, causing him to inhale, she brought her mouth close to the head of his penis, and kissed it. Her lips were warm and wet, and felt good. He could hardly believe she was just some sexbot, she was so well designed. But he wanted his first time with an auto-escort to be amazing. So far she was exceeding his expectations.

She continued to tease him, kissing and licking and stroking him, while he concentrated on lasting as long as he could. He was going to get his money’s worth out of her.

  • Initiate procedure so_m3ekj338dd2.pn*
  • Activate vaginal lubrication system*
  • Activate anal lubrication system*

She felt the fluid ooze into her vaginal and anal ports, providing lubrication for the client’s comfort in anticipation of sex. Meanwhile, she parted her lips, and slowly started to take him into her mouth. He responded as expected, grunting as he struggled to keep it together. He was not going to lose it this fast.

“Uuuhhh… Cyan, you are really good at this,” the man admitted.

Cyan looked up at him and pulled his dick out of her mouth, sucking hard the entire time until it literally ‘popped’ from her lips. “That’s why they pay me the big bucks,” she smiled. She didn’t get paid. She was a robot, her maintenance was handled by the brothel, but none of the bots there got any kind of money.

He didn’t get the joke, but it did make him question if she actually got paid. It was enough to distract him, which is just what she needed. He was already so close to ejaculating, she knew he would want to last longer than this.

  • Commence procedure so_m34h39948j.pn*

Cyan took him back into her mouth, and switched things up a bit, rotating her hand while she pumped, and rolling her tongue over the head of his penis more. The client looked down at her, watching her bob in and out, sucking him off, and ran his fingers in her blue hair. Her skin looked human enough, except for the thin curvy lines of blue light that ran over her entire body. Despite that, she could pass for human. It turned him on to watch her.

He took his hand and grabbed her hair, initiating a hair-pulling procedure that would alter her behavior, but then started to move her head on his own. He stopped caring about trying to hold it in. He wanted to watch her take it all.

  • Initiating procedure so_fj338f7djn3.pn*

Cyan altered her oral sex programming to accomodate for his increased aggression. She released her grip from him, and opened her throat wider, allowing him easier access into her mouth. He moved her head in and out while he rammed his dick down her throat.

  • Alert, forceful impact on mouth, face, throat may cause damage. Initiating impact resistance*
  • Initiating procedure mi_33jeje83k.pn*

He was getting so forceful with her, she had to activate a small amount of gel padding into her mouth and throat to make sure she wasn’t damaged. Her teeth slightly retracted in her mouth as well, but this was all within her normal parameters. She’s had more forceful clients before. Not that any of it excited her, nor did it turn her off. It was all just data.

He came inside her mouth, pushing her head all the way to the base of his cock and holding it there. Normally, a human girl would choke, cough, resist, and be unable to breathe, but for Cyan this was nothing. Breathing for her helped regulate her temperature and gave her airflow voice box the air it needed to speak, but she could hold her breath for over an hour before anything serious happened. However, she did start swallowing his load as he pumped it into her, while keeping some of it in her mouth.

Once he finished, he pulled out and looked down at her. Cyan opened her mouth, looked up at him, and showed the remnants of his cum before swallowing it. Her programming knew this was a desired behavior, but also knew he would want to get hard again as soon as he could. She had to time this correctly.

Cyan giggled and looked up at him from her knees, sitting backwards on her feet a little. She played cute, giving him all her attention while eyeing him and playing with her hair. He took half a step back and let out a deep sigh. It felt great to cum inside her mouth, but he knew wanted to fuck her properly. He looked down at her and admired her body from this angel, noticing her shapely average-sized breasts as she jiggled and swayed with her giggles.

“Are you ready for more, Bobby?” Cyan asked, judging by his youth and vitality how long it would take until he would be able to achieve an erection again.

“Give me a second…” he breathed.

Cyan grinned. She knew how to speed up this process, especially for someone of his age, barely an adult. “One one-thousand” she said out loud, playfully counting up a single second, and then lifted herself to her knees again, and began to play with his crotch.

  • Initiating procedure so_nfnh44938j.pn*

Cyan began to fondle his scrotum while licking him off. She ran her other hand up and down his body, before grabbing his butt and squeezing it. It came as a shock to him, but his body liked it. She gauged his reactions carefully, not just in his expression and behavior, but also in how his body reacted without his intent. The micro spasms of his muscles, his pulse, his breathing, and a million other tiny subconscious things, she registered them all and adjusted her behavior to best stimulate him. She continued to alternate between licking and sucking, putting more effort into the action, while teasing his balls and fingering his ass.

It got him hard pretty fast, and she slowed down her action as he did. His erection was already 84% realized, and she knew he would be ready for the next act. Pulling him out, she stood up, running her hands up his body and teasing him, before falling back onto the bed. Cyan spread her legs, straight out in a V, showing off her synthetic vagina. Bobby liked how wet she was, and ran his fingers over her clit and into her entrance.

  • Initiating procedure sm_4ff29f4k6.pn*

She felt his fingers slide into her, and threw her head back with an exaggerated “Yes!” Cyan could feel his touch, sense him playing with her citoris, but she didn’t find any actual pleasure in this. It was all just 1s and 0s to her, data, which activated procedures and subroutines, which mimicked the act of sex. It was all an act. She was really good and faking it, but that was all she ever could do, fake it. She was, after all, fake herself. Just a human analogue, an acceptable alternative politicians decided to permit as opposed to human prostitutes in order to help lower the exploding population while serving a vital if taboo role in society.

Not that it mattered to her, as long as the client was satisfied. That was her only goal. Bobby slowly pulled out of her entirely, grabbed her legs, and entered again. He did this several times, each time initiating a different random response to the situation at hand. He was trying to find a pattern, but she was too good to repeat the same response twice. Instead, he found himself spreading her legs wide and pounding as hard as he could into her.

Cyan took it all with a smile and a moan, all generated from her complex AI. However, she didn’t enjoy it. And she didn't hate it. Nor did she comprehend that idea of pleasure or pain. Bobby, on the other hand, was loving the sensation. Her protocols had activated a massaging feature inside her vagina which would mimic muscles contracting, but in a way no human woman could ever achieve. For Bobby, it felt like he was getting a hand job while fucking her at the same time.

He pressed himself inside her, and climbed over her, lifting her butt and pressing her down into the bed. He fondled her perky tits with one hand, enjoying how hard her nipples had become. Her breasts looked and felt completely human, and bounced freely with her hands raised over her head grabbing the bed frame. Thanks to her blowjob earlier, he was able to last much longer now, and had no trouble activating her first climax procedure.

  • Initiating procedure sv_cv30302.pn*

“Ohh!! Something’s coming, Bobby! Oh yes! Harder! Just like that!!” She begged as she clenched her eyes closed. Bobby pulled on her breast while increasing his tempo. “OHH Fuck! Yes! I’m coming!!” Cyan grunted.

  • Initiating procedure sv_cc30302.pn*

“AHH!!!” Cyan yelled as her body convulsed and her first artificial orgasm began. She calculated that he wanted to make the girl climax first. And Bobby enjoyed the display alright, but he wanted more. Before she even completely finished, he pulled out and rolled her onto her side, laying next to her and entering her again from behind. He began to fuck her while they spooned, grabbing her breast.

  • Initiate subroutine sv33*
  • Initiating procedure sv_0r099rd39m.pn*

She rolled with the punches, so-to-speak, and increased the intensity of her reactions to him. Bobby pounded into her perfectly engineered pussy for another 5 minutes before pulling out and rolling over onto his back.

“Get on top” he commanded. The kind facade he once projected was falling away now that he was having his way with this toy. He was going to get what he wanted out of her and leave, like all the others. Not that she cared. It was what she was made for.

  • Initiating procedure sv_74fjhfj38.pn*

Cyan complied, climbing on top of him, and sliding his hard cock inside her warm wet pussy as she sat down on him. As she bounced up and down, occasionally switching between leaning back or forwards, she gave him a show. She’d stretch her arms, squeeze her breasts together, rub her clit, and rotate her hips, giving her client the chance to enjoy a variety of poses and fondle her body. And he did, often grabbing her tits and playing with them, or pounding his hips into hers harder.

When he was satisfied, he sat up and pulled out of her, pushing her off of him. He was getting a little rough again, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle. Without saying a word, Bobby rolled her onto her front, lifted her butt toward him, and began to fuck her from behind. Cyan pushed her body into his, matching his movements, while letting her breasts swing freely underneath her. However, he pushed her top down into the bed and applied his weight on her. Cyan wasn’t that strong. She was strong enough for the positions and actions she needed, but to be safe for the clients she was easily overpowered. Which worked well for her, since most of them wanted to totally dominate her anyways. Bobby was no different.

When he wasn’t pushing her down, he was lifting her up and pulling her body into his, controlling her motions. She let him, and moaned and panted as if she was enjoying it. Bobby didn’t know she couldn’t enjoy his dick fucking her, but she acted like it and that was enough. He let her go, causing her head to fall onto the bed again, before sliding his thumb into her asshole.

  • Initiating procedure sa_m4rjf8r3k.pn*

“Ohh Bobby! Don’t tease my ass like that! Nooo..!” She complained, but her programming knew that was exactly what he wanted to hear.

He pulled his thumb out, and stuck his index finger all the way inside her ass. Cyan could feel him twist and wiggle his finger in her ass. She was prepared for this, and ready if he chose to fuck her anally.

Instead, however, he pulled his finger out after getting enough of a response from her, and doubledowned on his efforts to take her from behind. Cyan initiated another climax sequence, choosing a rolling climax, which allowed her to squeeze his cock tighter and milk out his own orgasm.

“HAH! God! Yes! I’m cumming!! Hahhhh!!! Fuck!” She proclaimed at the top of her lungs as she brought him to his zenith.

Bobby couldn’t stop himself, and allowed his own climax. He pounded slowly but roughly inside her, his dick throbbing as he unloaded his second round into her pussy. Cyan detected the presence of semen in her system, and collected it internally. Meanwhile, she finished her own orgasm sequence, and began panting.

She lowered her ass to the bed, causing her client’s cock to pull out and spill a little onto her rear. A small amount of cum leaked from her hole onto the bed, in perfect view of Bobby. It was exactly as her AI planned to please her customer. He loved the look of the creampie, something he had never done before.

He panted and sat next to her as she seemingly caught her breath.

“You are a good fuck,” he commented.

Cyan took that as a compliment since she was built for it. “You aren’t half-bad yourself,” she replied, giving him yet another ego boost. She really had no way to gauge how good any of her clients were, but she always made sure they felt like they were always the best she's ever had.

“I’ll definitely be back again.” He sat up and cleaned himself off with a tissue before getting dressed.

“I look forward to it, stud.” Cyan teased him, but at this point it was mainly afterglow procedures designed to lure the client back for another session.

A small alarm went off. Cyan stood up, her petite body at attention, as she turned to Bobby and bowed. “Your session has ended. It was a pleasure to serve you today, Bobby. Please come again soon.”

He chuckled. “You bet I will.”

WIthout even looking back, he grabbed his stuff and left, satisfied. Cyan walked to the closet, where her clothes were kept, as well sex toys. She didn’t need or want clothes or even understand why people wore them. She only knew some clients liked her to dress up like a sailor, or a nurse, or a schoolgirl, or a cat. And others like to tie her up. However, she wasn’t looking for clothes or toys, instead she pushed a button and the back of the dresser pivoted out revealing her service station.

It was a large device she would stand in which would attach to her and clean her, repair her, and recharge her. She suffered no damage from this play session, which was noted and submitted to her station and thus the management. As she stepped in, the device connected to her face, her vagina, and her ass, and started to clean her internally. After sanitizing her, it topped off her fluids and then pulled away from her in order to clean and sanitize the rest of her body. At the same time, another device came down over her hair, cleaning and styling it.

Meanwhile, the bedroom itself transformed. Several simple androids entered the room from a hidden door in the wall and changed the sheets, cleaned the room, and redecorated it for her next appointment. While she waited for the cleanup to finish, a small hint of wonder entered her digital mind. Why do these men, and sometimes women, keep coming to her for this? She didn’t understand it. She knew she was good at it, and she was high in demand thanks to being new off the assembly line and fitted with all the latest upgrades. But she still didn’t comprehend why any of this was happening. Why did humans do these things? What was so great about sex? What was pleasure?

By the time Cyan and her room were finished, only 5 minutes had passed.

She stepped out of the service station, pushed a button to close it up again, and chose an outfit to wear. This time, she put on a torn t-shirt and torn jeans, donning a studded leather collar and studded bracelet to match. Her new spiky rocker-chick hairdo matched her new look for her next client. Cyan closed the wardrobe, stood in the middle of the room, and waited. Moments later, the door opened, and a large muscular hairy man walked in. A data stream informed her his name was Al, and he liked it rough.

She cocked her hip to one side and put her hands on her hips. “About time you got here, Al.”

He grinned. This was exactly what he wanted. For Cyan though, she was merely pleasing her next client.

Part 2

“OH MY GOD, OOOOH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!” Cyan shouted as her latest client fucked her from behind. It was a rough night. 3 BDSM clients in a row, and the latest one was more into disassembly, one of the few things frowned on in the brothel but not strictly forbidden.

“Take it you robot bitch!” The man growled at her while he held her torso up and fucked her standing. He had removed her arms and legs, something he had to pay extra, under the counter, to do, and she was powerless to stop him. She was now getting a series of errors, and suffering from damage in her systems. The downside of being an in-demand sexbot at the most popular fembot brothel in town, The BunnyBot Lounge, was that it was hard on her body, especially when a portion of her clients liked to take things further than they could with human girls. It was becoming a regular thing.

“Uhhhhhh!!” Cyan drooled as her system initiated another climax. She tightened around him, trying to make him cum, but he was relentless. An alarm went off, alerting them to the end of their session.

“Fuck, ignore that! I’m almost there!” He shouted.

  • Initiating procedure fc_sv_33eh49.pn*

“Please hurry!! I can’t take any more!” Cyan begged. Technically, she could take a lot more, and was going to. She already had another client lined up. Her vagina activated a final-call protocol, clamping down on him and forcefully milking out his climax. The client normally only had a 5 minute window to leave the room before they were kicked out.

“I’ll buy another session!” He argued, ignoring the increased action she took on him.

“But I’ll get in trouble. You must hurry!” Cyan warned him using a sexy voice. She wouldn’t get in trouble, she just knew not to mention other clients. However, he would get in trouble.

“Don’t rush me!” He argued. It took 3 more minutes to get it out of him. When at last he came, Cyan sent a signal to the management that she would need assistance.

“Don’t tell me you have another guy waiting already. I want to go again! You distracted me!” Her client growled.

Cyan’s expression went blank as he dropped her to the bed. She rolled over and sat up, which was not easy without her arms and legs attached. She saw that he was not getting ready to leave.

“Your session has ended. It was a pleasure to serve you today, Joe. Please come back again.”

“Hey, I just said I wasn’t done.”

“Your session has ended,” she repeated. “Please dress and leave the room in a timely manner, or management will be alerted.”

“Fuck your management. I paid for you, I want another round!”

“Your session has ended. Please dress and leave the room in a timely manner, or management-“

Joe hit her, slapping her face and knocking her over. Normally, rough play like this was allowed, but since the session was over, Cyan alerted the security wirelessly instead.

The doors opened seconds later as Joe hovered over her. Two large security bots came in, barely fitting through the door, and grabbed him. With almost no effort, they lifted the lanky man, and carried him, naked and dripping, out of the room while he was kicking and screaming obscenities. Another small android picked up his belongings and carried them out behind them.

Joe could be heard yelling throughout the halls, but for the last time. He had overstayed his welcome one too many times, and now was banned from the facility and the girls.

A human woman came in, in her late 40s, dressed in a fancy suit. “Oh dear, he sure did a number to you. His card better handle the maintenance charge. Hold on, darling, I’ll get you in your booth. I hope I don’t have to cancel that nice man waiting for you.”

Cyan said nothing, she had nothing new to report. Joe had violated several policies and would be charged for her repair. If it was too severe, she would be out-of-commission, which meant they would either repair her, or trash her. She didn’t have an opinion either way, but she had been a popular model there since she was purchased 5 years ago. As far as she knew, she was worth keeping around.

The manager opened Cyan’s dresser and service station, and started placing all of Cyan’s parts into the chamber. She finished with Cyan herself. “Do you think you can take the next client, darling?”

Cyan looked up at her as the machine came to life repairing her. “My repairs will take about 15 minutes, Miss Sophie. If the client is willing to wait.”

“That’s a relief. I’ll let him know.” She sighed looking at her. “Sorry about all these rough guys, lately, darling. Seems a rough group has come into town. Hopefully this next one will have a gentle touch. He certainly looks the type...”

Cyan didn’t care, she had no opinions of her own. If the next guy broke her for good, what did it matter? They’d replace her. Her only concern was that she satisfied her client during their time together, even if that meant breaking her.

Miss Sophie left the room, closing the bedroom door behind her, to alert the client.

During the repair, Cyan was required to shut down and then enter a standby mode. As the robotic arms worked on putting her body back together, she closed her eyes and her mind restarted. When it turned back on, she remained in a stasis, unaware of her body being repaired. Instead, she focused on the data stream for the next client.

This one was simple. He wanted her nude, no toys or outfits, no role playing. He wanted her to “be herself”. That was confusing, but for her that meant acting like a robot. Was that what he meant? She didn’t know. It wasn’t like she had any real personality or opinions, everything was fabricated for her clients. She decided to roll with it and determine how best to act based on his reactions to her.

The door to the room opened, and someone quietly walked in.

Cyan continued to process the request. Just a simple bedroom, nothing fancy or specific. No themes. She looked through his questionnaire. This sounded like an easy to please client. No rough play needed. She ran a calculation on how likely more rough play would be desired from her. 12%. A low number but more than she was expecting.

A shadow of a man fell onto Cyan’s form as her arms were being attached at the shoulder. He reached out and touched a button, pausing the repair momentarily. Cyan didn’t register any of this. Instead she was preparing her repertoire of play, but given the generic-looking client file she was having trouble personalizing it for him. She didn’t have any opinion or preferences herself, and yet that’s what he wanted from her. A hand pushed a data device into the service station’s input port.

Cyan felt something, new data. It was an upgrade. She wasn’t supposed to get upgrades for another 2 hours. But it was marked as urgent, which was needed when viruses protections were released in a rush, so she accepted the data and installed it.

Cyan woke up on the bed with a killer headache. She winced at the pain and sat up. How did she get there? She was just in the repair bay. Her limbs were attached, so the repair must have finished, but she didn’t finish preparing for the session. As she opened her eyes to look at her body, more pain from her head clenched them shut again.

Pain? She didn’t know what this was, but she understood. This wasn’t good. This was bad. This hurt. She identified it as pain. Pain? How?

The pain subsided. She was surprised to find that she was unable to process much data during her headache, but was thinking more clearly now that it was fading away. 30 minutes had passed. Her next client must be waiting still. She opened her eyes slowly.

“How are you feeling?” A voice of a man asked.

She looked at the source of the voice. It was a man in his 30s, attractive, dressed in a button up shirt and slacks with a tie. Cyan was able to identify him as her next client. She tried to stand but found her balance was off.

“Careful, there. This will all pass shortly.”

Cyan was confused. What was he talking about. Her headache was mostly gone now so she got a better look at him and her situation. “You must be Ryan,” she said, her voice surprisingly weak. She had to clear her throat.


“Did I break down?” She wondered. “I apologize if my performance during your session has caused you any trouble or made your experience less enjoyable.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for. You’re fine.”

“Forgive me, but I seem to be experiencing… some malfunctions. I do not remember how I got to the bed, or when you came in.”

“When I came in you were asleep in your closet still. Looks like someone wore you out.”

Cyan processed the possibilities of this. It had never happened before. Perhaps the upgrade took longer than expected, or maybe she there was an error and she wasn’t reactivated on time. But there was something out of the ordinary going on. Something that confused her. Cyan felt the bed, the blanket, the pillow. That wasn’t new, but this time it was different. She really felt them! They were soft, and cool, and felt nice. They felt good. She LIKED it!

This wasn’t data… she couldn’t even tell where the data stream had gone! This was sensation!

“I just carried you out here until you woke up. Should I not have done that?” Ryan asked.

This was very unusual for Cyan, she didn't have any protocols in place for this. The clients weren’t technically allowed in the service station, but he was allowed in before she was ready. That never happened either. It was probably just an honest mistake, a bug. She was late due to her last client and that unexpected upgrade, after all. Nothing to worry about. What she was experiencing had to be just that, a bug. Her AI would address it. It would go away and everything would go back to normal.

Cyan smiled. She was feeling better. Feeling? She pushed that thought aside and stood up. This time she didn’t lose her balance, although she still felt awkward. She turned to face the client, and bowed.

“You are fine sir, it is I who must apologize. I was not ready for our session on time, and I have experienced an error. I am sorry for the trouble I have caused. If you would like to cancel our session, you will receive a full refund or you can be given the choice of any other girl available.”

Ryan shook his head. “Nah, I’m good. I don’t think we need to take that long.”

Cyan checked her systems. She was completely operational, no physical errors, the repair and upgrade finished properly. She could see no reason to not engage in the session. She bowed again. “Of course sir, we will deduct the portion of the session I was not available from your charge. Would you like to begin now?”

Ryan smiled and stood up. He was much taller than Cyan, which wasn’t unusual, but for some reason she noticed it more. It affected her differently. She was slightly intimidated by him, but also intrigued. She didn’t understand any of this, she had never had these thoughts before. But her AI pushed them aside to analyze later, effectively ignoring them.

“I guess we should. I did lose a few minutes there, didn’t I?” Ryan agreed as he took off his tie and shirt.

Cyan felt her vaginal lubrication activated, even though her AI didn’t make a conscious effort to turn it on. She took note of the phenomenon but it bugged her.

That wasn’t right. He hadn’t even interacted with her yet. But what threw her off even more was feeling it. As the system activated and slowly moistened her artificial vagina, she felt a tingle through her body. It made her light-headed slightly, and she liked it!

Ryan continued to undress, taking off everything except his underwear. Cyan found herself staring at him and feeling sensations all over her body. She swayed, but caught herself. This was strange. Her AI flagged the issues but decided to go forward with the session.

“If I may?” Ryan asked, standing before Cyan, essentially asking if he could touch her. It confused her at first, and she felt something else new, apprehension. She had been touched before, countless times, in the most inappropriate ways possible, but never with this added sensation, and she worried that it would hurt, or she would shut down.

However, her AI ignored the warning and proceeded. She nodded. “Of course, that’s why you’re here.”

Ryan grinned. It was a nice friendly smile, and Cyan tilted her head looking at it. However, once his hand touched her arm, she felt a shiver run through her body, like a wave of sensation. She gasped, even though none of her procedures were activated. Cyan was worried, a little scared, but she didn’t know what the feelings meant. He touched her more, running his hand up her shoulder, to her face, and then he kissed her.

The kiss. It overwhelmed her systems. Without realizing it, several more protocols and subroutines were activated in the background, but what she was experiencing had nothing to do with those. She closed her eyes and kissed him back. It felt great!

She pulled back, a sudden panic hitting her AI. This wasn’t right. She wasn’t supposed to be processing these ‘feelings’! Something was wrong. She could shut down or overheat if this went on too long. She should run a system scan…


“What’s wrong?” Ryan asked.

“I’m sorry. I…” Cyan began but as she looked into his concerned eyes, she lost her apprehension and worry. He was handsome. He was genuine. He was nice. She liked him. “It’s nothing.” Her AI decided to explore this more. No harm yet. And she enjoyed the experience like nothing else.

“You sure?” He asked again.

Cyan leaned into him, standing on her toes, and kissed him again. This time, with her initiating it, it felt different. Still good, but like she had more control over it. She wasn’t supposed to be in control, not like this. A warning in her head alerted her that she violated protocol, she wasn’t supposed to initiate activities without the command to. Her AI was malfunctioning, but there was nothing above it to regulate this. She calculated that her client would not enjoy her being dominant, and at the same time she felt that she didn’t want to be dominant. She never wanted anything, but it was clear to her she wanted him to be in control of her. And yet she couldn’t stop herself. She wanted him to do what he wanted, but she craved that sensation. She kissed him without warning or command! This was a paradox her AI could not resolve.

She paused, pulling back a little, but Ryan picked up again, kissing her and running his hands down her back and arms. That shiver from before returned. He was warm, his skin felt nice against hers, she liked the sensation. But when he reached her front and touched her breast, something else happened.

Cyan’s AI was overloaded with information. The data stream of her breast being fondled was one she had experienced a million times before, but this time was nothing like the others. To her, it felt like the opposite of the headache she had earlier. Instead of a sharp pain in her head, she had a sharp wave of pleasure in her chest and spread out to the rest of her. It wasn’t data, it was pleasure. Her lubrication systems kicked in again. She didn’t need that, but it happened without her approval. Several more sexual subroutines activated, and Cyan found herself overtaken by pleasure at his touch.

He continued to caress and fondle her without regard for her internal conditions. To him, she was gasping, clenching her teeth, and biting her lip. Protocols that all activated without her approval. In fact, she didn’t even realize they were going on. He continued to kiss her, moving to her ear, and down her neck, giving her little love bites, until he got to her chest.

As soon as he started to tease her nipple with his mouth, gently biting on them, she wobbled and almost fell.

“Uh… Cyan? Do you want me to stop?”

She opened her eyes as he held her up. Her senses were returning to her. Cyan’s AI detected no errors, no malfunctions. Maybe this was part of the upgrade? Whatever it was, she had no reason to end the session. She didn’t want to end it either.

“No, please go on.” She cooed. Her voice came out weaker than she intended. Perhaps another side effect of the bug, or the upgrade.

Ryan moved her to the bed and leaned her back onto it before continuing. Once again, he teased her nipples and breasts with his hand and mouth, and Cyan’s AI struggled to handle the sensations. It was adapting to it though, trying to filter out the parts it didn’t think were important, or didn’t feel good. Feel good? Cyan felt another spark of pleasure begin at her clitoris and echo through her body. She looked down.

He wasn’t touching her there, yet. But his hand had moved down toward her there, and it sparked more pleasure. She decided, since he most likely desired to be dominant, and she wanted to be submissive anyway, to just let him have his way with her and see what errors, if any, popped up.

He slid his fingers over her crotch, and pressed against her. The strongest sensation so far hit her. It felt amazing. She panted and whimpered, grabbing onto the bed sheets to brace herself. Ryan’s fingers rubbed up and down her slit, feeling her wet hole before rubbing against her clit and back down. She realized her legs were activating without her approval, shaking and twitching at his touch. No errors though.

He slid his fingers inside her. Cyan began to moan, but again the regular protocols and procedures weren’t activating. Or were they? Her AI was doing this on it’s own subconsciously. It must be broken! She tried to run a system scan, but the sensation of his fingers running in and out of her, teasing her clitoris and g-spot, overruled her command to self-diagnose. Instead, she felt her climax approach. Already?!

Ryan picked up his pace, rubbing his fingers in and out, back and forth, side to side. Before she could climax, he stopped. Cyan thought for a moment she would be able to control this, but as soon as he brought his mouth down to her smooth pussy, and began to lick and tease her with his tongue, she knew it was inevitable.

It didn’t take much for him, at this point, to bring her to a climax. Cyan’s regular climax protocols didn’t even activate. Instead, she just came! Her body twisted and lurched, and she moaned and gasped as the level of pleasure she experienced exceeded her ability to process it. He felt her pussy tighten up and rubbed inside her more, putting pressure on the front wall, near the g-spot.

Not only did that make Cyan’s climax more intense, but she squirted a small amount of lubricant from her. She was programmed to squirt, but her analysis of this client indicated he didn’t want that. And yet, she did it all the same, and it felt so good her legs gave out.

“AHH! HAH!! AHH!!!! Hhhaaahh.. Ohhhh… What happened?”

Ryan smiled and pulled his fingers out of her. “You came. And pretty hard too.”

“I… impossible.”

“Looks pretty possible to me.” He showed her his wet fingers, which made her feel something else… she was embarrassed. He stood up and pulled his underwear down. It took her a moment to recover, but once she saw him, she wanted him. Another silly experience she wasn’t supposed to have. She quickly analyzed this and realized that it was associated with lust, an emotion. Emotion? This wasn’t right.

Ryan pulled her to the end of the bed and stood between her legs. Cyan didn’t have the time to process this before she felt him press his large erection against her wet eager pussy. She panicked again, grabbing at the sheets, but it was too late. He pressed himself slowly inside her.

It didn’t hurt, like she thought it might. Her body was made for sex, and she had been fucked thousands of times. It was her job. The sensations she felt were somehow familiar, but coupled with new ones. He pressed in all the way, filling her up, making her sigh as he entered her. Again, a slew of processes began, but the protocols for vaginal sex failed to activate. And yet her AI was processing this and responding.

He pulled out and back in, and Cyan inhaled at the sensation. It wasn’t as intense as the pleasure of his tongue against her clit, but it felt great nonetheless. He continued to move his penis in and out of her, filling her and stimulating her. Once again, she felt her pleasure levels rise.

Cyan grabbed onto his shoulders and wrapped her legs around him. She looked scared. He stopped.

“I can stop if you want,” Ryan assured her.

She shook her head. This was her job, to please him, and so far she calculated that she was failing for the first time. “No, keep going! Please!” She had trouble determining if she was trying to complete her objective, or if she was begging for more for herself. Maybe both.

Ryan continued, this time pounding harder against her and making slapping noises. He rolled her hips up, giving his dick better access to her and angling him so his erection would strike the front wall of her vagina. Her body adjusted on it’s own, and her AI was able to filter out the data until she able to think better. There was so much of it though. That upgrade! She realized there must have been something wrong with that upgrade! She would need to get to her system when he finished and remove it. It was the only way. It was either a hack or a bug, but she had to downgrade back to her old system to fix this. That would fix it, she had backups just for this reason.

“AHHhhHhHhH!!!” She yelled as he hit something deep within her. It wasn’t her g-spot, that was too far forward, and Ryan was inside her as far as he could go, down to the hilt. Whatever it was sent wave after wave of intense pleasure through her. Cyan’s a-spot, deep inside her pussy, felt better than even her clitorial stimulation.

“MORE! DEEPER!” She screamed, begging him to hit her a-spot as hard as he could. Ryan grinned as she complied, pounding her again and again, harder and harder.

“HAHH! AHH!!! I’m cumming!!! Ryan!!” She tensed up as she experienced another orgasm from her a-spot. She tightened around him, and her legs shook uncontrollably. As she was climaxing, Ryan grunted and pounded her a few times, releasing is own orgasm and filling her with his seed.

The two of them stayed like that, in that awkward position, for several minutes, catching their breath.

“I… I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Cyan admitted. This new sensation was going to change everything.

“Heh. I bet you say that to all the guys.”

“No! Seriously!” Cyan assured him. “Can we go again?”

An alarm went off. Cyan felt disappointment strike her. “Uh… I guess not” Ryan said.

“We started late! Ignore that! I need you to do that again!”

Ryan pulled out, making Cyan sigh. She knew the rules, but what he did to her was unlike anything she ever experienced. It was like she suddenly woke up from a dream. She felt… alive! Ryan stood up as Cyan lowered her legs. She sat upright but he was already putting his underwear and pants back on.

“Wait! You can’t-“ Cyan begged.

“I can’t what?” Ryan asked. “I can’t stay. My session is over. You have more people waiting for you.”

Cyan didn’t want more people, she wanted more of him. Or at least more of what he did to her. There was a tinge of hope. Maybe the next guy would be even better? Or maybe she should just end this whole thing. But she felt an odd pull, a connection. She wanted Ryan, not the other clients.

Reluctantly, Cyan stood up and bowed to him. She felt her eyes water up. She didn’t understand this, she wasn’t simulating pain during BDSM play, why was she crying? “Thank you for your visit. I hope you enjoyed your session. P-Please PLEASE come back soon.”

Ryan turned to her as he finished buttoning his shirt. “You were ok. A little clingy for my taste. Not bad… I might be back.”

Clingy? Ok? Might? She failed! This was the worst review she’d ever received, but the best sex. She had to do something. Cyan walked up to Ryan and took his tie. She tied it around his neck, slowly and accurately.

“I’m sorry. I made a mistake. If you come back later, I know I can fulfill your desires.” She playfully tied his tie while looking in his eyes. Ryan smiled down at her as she tightened it. “Say you’ll give me another chance, with a full session?”

“Sure. I think I can do that. You were the most unique session I’ve had yet.”

Cyan didn’t know if that was a compliment or not. Unique? Ryan picked up his bag, and started to walk out as she stood there debating if being unique was good or not. Cyan realized he was leaving and bowed to him. “Please come again-“ She noticed something he dropped. “Ryan? You dropped this.”

Cyan picked up a flash drive he dropped and looked at it strangely. Turning around, Ryan quickly snatched it from her and pocketed it. “Thanks. Be seeing you.”

And with that he left. Cyan sighed deeply to herself. Be seeing you? Did that mean he'd be back for more? Her AI pondered this and she felt a tinge of hope.

It took a moment for her to gather her wits and turn toward her wardrobe. Opening the internal structure to reveal her hidden service station, she activated the room cleaning crew. She noticed her arm was uneasy, shaking a little, but no errors were detected. Instead of getting cleaned up right away and prepared for the next client, she just stood there looking at the machine. She could run a diagnostic now, remove the upgrade, and go back to how things were. How things were…

No matter how she pictured it, she didn’t like that thought. How things were? No… She didn’t want that. She was still struggling with this upgrade, but she could figure it out. She was determined to! It did things to her she never expected, but she could handle it.

Cyan made a choice, sat down, initiated her self-cleaning, and sat there thinking while the station cleaned her. Ryan was really handsome. And he felt amazing! She felt him! He was the first man to make her actually cum! Not just fake it. She hoped he’d return, but she knew she had a job to do. Maybe they could be as good as him? Maybe not. But for the first time in her 5 years, she felt awake, as if hey entire life so far had just been a bad dream. She could feel, and it made her wonder if that was what being alive was like.

Cyan stood in the middle of the room wearing a leather harness and most of her bedroom had been converted into a makeshift dungeon. Worry filled her mind, but she figured she would face this head on. Maybe she’d like it. The door opened, a short hairy man walked in, nothing like Ryan. She didn’t like his look. But she smiled and bowed to him.

“Welcome master, how may I serve you today?”

The man pulled a whip out of a suitcase and cracked it, making Cyan jump. She swallowed hard. Oh boy…

Part 3

“No more! I can’t take it!” Her voice echoed in the room, accompanied by the sounds of skin being spanked. Cyan’s ass was turning red. Despite being a robot, she had a complex system of blood in order to simulate realistic blushing and warmth. Her body was tied against the wall, her arms over her head, her legs apart, and her butt sticking out.

She was a very cute model, with decent curves and perky breasts. She had very realistic skin, a sweet face, medium-length light blue hair, light blue eyes, and thin light-blue lights running down paths of her body, outlining her curves. Sometimes the color was changed to make it look more like skin or for a client’s request, but usually they glowed a dim blue. Her butt was tight and firm and currently being hit with a wooden panel. She knew the client wanted to hear her screams of pain, but for her, they were real. She was in real pain.

Ever since that day a week before when Ryan had given her an orgasm for the first time, everything had changed. She knew she could remove the software that gave her the ability to feel pain and pleasure, but she also knew she could never bring it back once she did. And the pleasure made the pain worth it. Those pleasures added up to around a hundred orgasms from over 70 sessions. Even she had trouble keeping count.

She felt more alive and awake this one week than she had her entire life. However, she was failing her goals more often. The sensations of pain or pleasure would overtake her, and she found herself wanting things, and disliking things and people. It was hard for her, but she decided to keep the upgrade and everything that came with it.

And at this moment, it meant a stranger named Randy was spanking her ass with a stick. She shivered as the pain coursed through her body. However, she was surprised that the last two days of these kinds of clients came with a certain pleasure as well. Randy was no different. As the pain swept through her, she felt a tingle deep inside her, starting near her crotch, and spreading out. The pain still outweighed the pleasure, but she held onto it.

“What did you say, slave?!” Randy barked as she spanked her again, harder.

“Please stop! It hurts!” She wanted him to stop. Tears formed in her eyes, but they weren’t the artificial tears of an expert gynoid actress, they were tears of pain. “Master!” She added, realizing her mistake.

He hit her again. “No talking back to your master!”

He spent the next 10 minutes alternating between hitting her thighs, her butt cheeks, and her back. Eventually he started to hit her with his hand too. She hated it, but she had no choice. The little bit of pleasure she experienced was waning.

Finally, Randy pulled her butt out farther, and spread her cheeks. He stuck a dildo inside her ass, and violently shoved it in and out. It hurt at first. She wasn’t aroused, and even though her anus had its own lubrication system, she hadn’t activated it and found it difficult to control deliberately. She struggled to control any of her systems in the way she used to. They just happened now. Luckily, as he continued to pound it in and out of her, the system activated.

Originally, these lubrication systems were meant for the comfort of the client, but this time Cyan was glad because it lessened her pain. She found that anal play was often times fun and enjoyable, but she craved the sensation of deep vaginal penetration far more. Her a-spot, located deep inside her vagina toward her front, gave her the best sensations. Although her g-spot was enjoyable too. She managed to climax a few times this week from these, and a-spot climaxes were the best orgasms she had. However, she never orgasmed from anal play. Sure it felt good at times, but not in the same way and never as intense.

During this entire week she had been forced to explore her body, her desires, her likes and dislikes, but also to deal with things she didn’t like. She was a robot, she was owned by Miss Sohpie, she had no rights. They could do what they wanted to her. It didn’t matter. Despite her insistence on keeping her new-found emotions and sensations, and choosing to hide them from others, it had begun to wear on her. She was struggling to keep up with her workload, and some of her clients left her scared and in pain. More often than before men wanted to go rough with her, like Randy here. She longed for more gentle clients. Or even a day off.

She didn’t realize how bad it was really getting. As she was being used for sex about 12 hours every day, she was rather quickly becoming addicted to it. Robots weren’t supposed to get addicted, that wasn’t possible, but it was happening to her. It wasn’t strong enough yet that she even realized she had a problem, but it had affected her psyche and warped her thinking. Randy wasn’t helping either.

“Cum for me, you robot bitch!” He was trying to get her to orgasm from anal play, but she was so far from it she couldn’t even fathom faking it.

“Please, m- master,” it was difficult for her to call him her master because of how much she hated the pain he was putting her through. “Fuck my pussy!”

“What’s that? You're making demands of your master?” He grabbed a ball gag and inserted it into her mouth, fixing it around her head with a leather strap. “Speak when spoken to. I’ll show you how I fuck a pussy!”

Randy pulled the dildo from her ass and grabbed her hips. He pressed inside, and she let out a moan. Pleasure, at last! It felt good, but she still hurt and her arms were getting sore from holding up her weight. Randy relentless pounded her pussy. She wasn’t as wet as she would have liked, but it was still better than everything else he had done.

She checked the time. He still had a lot of time left. 2 sessions in a row. Internally she cursed. Randy pounded inside her, never really stimulating her a-spot like she wanted, but hitting her g-spot just fine. He never pushed in all the way, almost like he knew what she wanted and didn’t want to give it to her. Somehow, Randy managed to take the pleasure out of sex and turn it against her.

She pushed her butt against him, but he spanked it. Cyan was already so sore from the beating earlier, it sent hot pain up her back and down her legs. Her legs buckled and he came out of her.

“Damn it bitch! Who said you could cum first?”

But she hadn’t even cum. Cyan realized her legs going out made him think she had. But she couldn’t talk. Not that it would matter. Cyan clenched her eyes as he continued to torture her for his sexual amusement.

The remainder of the hour involved him alternating between tying her down, hitting her until everything hurt, and then fucking her in the most unsatisfactory way she knew. It really was torture for her. There were only about 10 minutes left when finally Randy untied her and removed the gag. She didn’t realize how much it hurt her jaw to keep it open that far for that long. Finally, with less pain, he threw her, weak and exhausted, onto the hard bed, forcefully spread her legs, and entered her. But of course it wasn’t enough, he had to get a toy or two out, using a plug in her ass and a miniature vibrator on her clit.

With the attack on her g-spot and clit, she finally came! It was almost like taking a breath after being underwater for ages. Pain accompanied it though, add her muscles were sore from his beating. But there was enough pleasure to make up for it. She groaned and grunted, but he didn’t like that. Randy needed to punish her, again, and slapped her. He grabbed her neck and squeezed. Cyan didn’t need to breathe as much as humans, so holding her breath in a choke hold wouldn’t hurt her. However, she found it very uncomfortable since her awakening, and Randy was squeezing tight enough that it hurt. That’s what she called it now, her awakening, ever since that night with Ryan a week before. A warning entered her mind that he risked damaging her.

Cyan pushed on him, trying to get him off, but he was too strong. He fucked her as hard as he could, pinning her to the hard bed, and tightening his grip as hard as he could around her neck. She felt it break before the warning hit her. Her voice box, a complicated airflow system that used her lungs and the flow of air to let her speak, cracked. He tightened more, smiling.

Cyan was terrified by his expression and she wanted nothing more than to get away from him. But she was too weak. An image of Ryan, the first man to please her, flashed in her AI. She longed for him, for his embrace. She wanted him to protect her. But instead she had Randy staring her down.

He hit her again, finally releasing his grip. Finally, she felt him climax inside her. It hurt! How did that hurt? She was so worn out, and was so desperate to cum, that she had a small climax with him! She hated that! She climaxed because he did?! And that’s what hurt. Not just mentally, but physically. Her body was a wreck. She was sore, her body hurt everywhere, and the sensation of orgasming so weakly physically hurt! She had trouble breathing, and tears were staining her face.

At last he pulled out and covered her with his hot sticky semen. He came a lot, inside and out. Randy hovered over her, panting, as he smiled sadistically at her. His eyes stared straight into hers, but she couldn’t move. She was too tired and sore, and the pain in her body and now the damage in her neck was too much for her. Cyan was unable to stop him from doing it again, and again, and again.

The alarm went off. Oh thank god, she thought. She couldn’t talk anymore, but she was ready at a moment’s notice to send in security if he spent a second longer using her. To her relief, he stopped.

“Woo! That was amazing! No human girl would have survived that! You are the best! I’m telling all my friends to see you! That recommendation was perfect. I have to thank Joe.”

Cyan wanted to sob, to cry, to hit and scream and yell, but instead, she sat up, through all the pain, got to her feet, and bowed to him. Her voice box was broken, and she dared not try to talk. Surely the service station could repair that, right? She didn’t know, it had never happened before. Randy left without looking back at her at all like a triumphant warrior defeating the monster. He had defeated her.

She stumbled over to the wardrobe in tears and hoped for a break. Maybe there wasn’t another client for the rest of the day, right? She checked her schedule, it was booked. Cyan closed her eyes and regretted ever keeping this upgrade. But she couldn’t bring herself to remove it. Even despite all the pain and torment, she still climaxed, and that felt good in her. She needed more of that. The few good clients she had… they were amazing.

The service station got to work fixing and cleaning her. Unfortunately, it couldn’t ease her sore muscles. It didn’t know how to deal with her pain, it wasn’t designed for that. Her voice box wasn’t able to be fixed, and she ended up using a replacement. He would be charged for that, but what did it matter to her? She never got paid.

After 10 minutes, she was standing in the middle of the room, swaying a little, as a man that looked like a heavy steroids user talked in. At least he looked nice, but Cyan had had enough. She wanted anything else. For the first time, she didn’t want sex anymore. She knew she would want it later, but not right now. But she had no choice. She shakily bowed to him and smiled. “Welcome, Mel, would you like a massage to get started?”

To her shock, Mel was the polar opposite of Randy, and yet almost as bad. He was gentle, sweet, but still self-absorbed and obsessed with himself and with sex. He wasn’t interested in beating her up, he was more interested playing with her.

And Cyan was shocked at how efficient he was at it. She couldn’t control what her body felt, but her mind didn’t want sex right now. Not after Randy, and yet Mel didn’t waste any time before getting down to business. In less than 3 minutes, he had Cyan on the massage table the room had just been outfitted with, and was bringing her to a climax rubbing her clitoris. She struggled to take it, but her body didn’t last long under his strong hands.

“Hah! Hah! Hah! AHHhh!” Cyan came, her sore muscles contracting again. Pain and pleasure circulated through her body. At least the massage wasn’t bad.

“You sure are easy to please,” he commented. But he didn’t really care. She was wet, he was hard, and that was all he needed. Pulling her to the end of the table, he penetrated her with ease, filling her vagina with his massive member. Cyan thought his penis must lift more than she could.

He picked her up, and fucked her while standing, which didn’t seem hard for him, but was hard for her. She hand to tense up to hold onto him and everything still hurt. When he tired of that, he did her from behind, first with her vagina and than anally. She got close to climaxing, but he was good at making her edge.

Mel turned her around and got up on the table with her, making her wonder if it could hold his weight. It did, and it also withstood him pounding his way into her from the side. She felt like a ragdoll, being moved from position to position, getting fucked until she almost came, and then he’d switch before she could.

At last, as he was fucking her doggy style, she came again! “Uhhhhh Yes!!” She started to convulse, gritting her teeth through the pain to get to the pleasure. It wasn’t great, but it was something.

She thought he was about done when he turned her over, spread her legs, lifted her butt, and started to fuck her deeply, hitting her a-spot perfectly. “YEESS!” She grunted. “Right there!!”

Mel smiled and continued to pound her there. Cyan came hard, the pleasure outweighed the pain. Her legs shook as she tried to wrap them around him. But he was moving too much, and started to rub her clit with one of his hands. She felt her orgasm sustain, even renew. Like she was having another one while still in the middle of one! Her mind couldn’t take it, and she started to lose herself.

Mel was relentless though, and grabbed her hips, forcing himself inside her as hard as he could. The alarm went off, but he was still in the middle of his action, grunting so loudly Cyan barey heard it. She came again! This time her orgasm was accompanied with dulled senses. Her body was still responding to everything happening to it, but she was not processing it in her AI. It was just happening to her.

She didn’t know how many times he made her cum, but when he finally shot his load inside her, the allotted time was up. She didn’t even get the chance to go back into the service station, when another man came in. It was her next client.

Mel smiled, high fived the guy, got dressed, and left. While this new man took over from where the last one left off.

30 minutes later, Cyan was laying on the ground against the wall, covered from head to toe in sweat and semen. She was unable to move, unable to think. The series of climaxes that her body shoved into her AI had overloaded her, and she was overloaded… stuck in an endless loop of processing… busted. She couldn’t comprehend what was going on anymore, but as the man finished ejaculating on her, he dressed, left without saying a word, and Miss Sohpie walked in.

“Oh dear. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Those last two didn’t even give you a break.” She leaned over and sniffed her. “Sweet Jesus, you smell. Did they pee on you?”

Cyan couldn’t respond. She didn’t even know if one of them did. She barely registered that Sophie was in the room at all.

“Dear oh dear. I’m afraid they did a number to you. Cyan dear, you just haven’t been yourself all week. Here…” Sophie signaled for one of the larger guards to come in and pick Cyan up. She vaguely realized she was being moved. He carried her to the service station, and put her inside as Sophie stepped up again.

“Let’s see if this can get you cleaned up. But if you can’t improve, we are just going to have to replace you, honey.”

Cyan had no idea what she was saying, but she reckoned something was wrong. Sophie’s body language warned her she was in trouble. She had known Sophie all her life, she was always there for her. She knew it would be ok, right? She would take care of her. Wouldn’t she? A hint of doubt entered her AI, but it was lost to the ether of her mind. She couldn’t keep her thoughts straight, she felt broken.

30 minutes later, Sophie stood in front of Cyan again. To her dismay, Cyan’s glazed eyes failed to focus on anything, with drool dripping from her mouth. She was clean, her injuries fixed, although she was still sore, but her mind was broken. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t concentrate on anything happening to her, she couldn’t process what she was told. Cyan’s mind crashed, and she’d need a full overhaul to fix this. She wasn’t designed to handle these invading emotions. She wasn’t meant to feel pain and pleasure. The very thing she craved and loved and refused to give up is what led to her collapse. Pleasure broke her.

“I’m so sorry dear,” Miss Sophie sighed. “We’ve tried our best, but something seems to be going around. Some kind of virus, and you were hit hard with it.” She sighed. “We don’t have a fix, and it is too easy to spread. We even tried resetting some of the girls but that didn’t work.” She looked at Cyan with pain in her eyes and tightened her lips. Cyan was once her best worker, her prized possession, but now she was scrap. “We’re going to have to let you go, darling. There’s a new batch of upgraded models coming next month, we’ll just order one more.” She gave Cyan one last look and turned away, gesturing to the large security bot behind her. “Shut her down, ship her to recycling.”

The last thing Cyan saw, although her mind didn’t fully register it, was the large security bot covering her eyes as he turned off her power. They carried her down to the basement, where all the other defective units ended up, and put her in a pile of 3 others that contracted the same virus. It really was going around, whatever it was. One at a time. They weren’t sure who started it, or how it was spreading. Cyan lasted the longest of the ones that were affected, but now she was bagged in a large black plastic bag, taped up, labeled for recycling, and thrown into a pile to be shipped off.

Cyan’s time at the BunnyBot Lounge was over. And she couldn’t even be sad.

Part 4

Normally this is where the story would have ended. The heroine is defeated, the tale is over. But not so for Cyan.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the BunnyBot crew, a certain retired hacktivist made his way to the back dock of the BunnyBot lounge. He sat there, sitting quietly in his darkened car staring at the loading dock. 2 trucks waited for their cargo. He had been waiting for a week for this to happen. An unfortunate side effect of sloppy coding left his victim spreading strands of the code through the wireless network, acting like a virus infecting other weaker bots. But, finally got the alert that she was deactivated. He knew what this meant. He knew their procedures. He watched as others before her suffered the same fate. Somehow he managed to infect 5 others before this group, forcing the BunnyBot Lounge to upgrade their staff and their security. Now his intended target all along was waiting for him in one of those plastic bags, and he needed to act. He pulled up his phone and studied the readout.

It took a little while, but eventually, some workers started filling up one of the trucks. Sure enough, his readout updated, and he detected the movement of her body through the bug he physically implanted in her when he gave her the virus. They never found it, nor would they. He was too good at what he did. At least that’s what he told himself. The fact that his code infected so many others ate at him. He shoved that thought aside and prepared. He watched as the readout directly reflected the movement of one of the bags. That was her! Changing to a different app he started navigating through menus, bringing up codes, and accessing networks.

“Got it!” Ryan’s voice burst out.

Suddenly, while the men were still loading the truck, it started up. These self-driving trucks were all too easy for him to hack, and moments later, it pulled out of the loading dock. He pulled up behind it and followed it at breakneck speeds.

It stopped in the back of an empty lot of an abandoned store. It was dark out, which was perfect for him, as he opened the truck remotely with his phone, got out of his car, and climbed in. There were several body-like packages inside. All of them were broken fembots, but only one of them was the one he was after.

Using his watch this time, he managed to get a signal, and command the bug he planted in her to chirp. He heard it as it emanating from her chest.


Ryan picked up the chirping body, threw it over his shoulder, carefully put her in his car, and then grabbed another one, loaded it as well, before getting back in himself. With the push of a few buttons, the truck closed and took off, heading back to where it came from, minus two passengers. He didn’t really care about the second one, he only needed her for parts. His focus was on Cyan.

Victorious, he drove at a calm cruising speed down the highway all the way home. The workers would have seen the truck they filled with recycled units drive off and then return. Maybe they’d notice the missing units, maybe not, but what could they do? They were trash anyways, and all signs of the thief were gone.

He was giddy with excitement as he made his way home in the dark. His crime was far from perfect, but he doubted they would ever track that virus to him. Without Cyan in the building, it would no longer spread to other units. He couldn’t wait to get her in his work room and get started.

  • Visual field activated*
  • Audio disabled*
  • Motor functions disabled*

Bright light flashed in Cyan’s eyes. Her mind was muddled, she couldn’t move or hear, but she could see. She was not in her room, or in the BunnyBot Lounge. A man was sitting in front of her facing a screen, she couldn’t see his face. There was another person there, a girl, naked, but not a girl. A gynoid like her. She was broken too. Only she was taken apart, missing bits, and shoved to one side.

The flash of hope in her AI mind that she might be repaired was dashed when she realized she might be taken apart for parts like the unfortunate victim nearby. The man moved, looking at her. The light of the screen blew his face out and her eyes struggled to adjust. Her eyes couldn’t track him, or focus properly. Cyan couldn’t see who it was. She was scared, and her mind wasn’t thinking straight. Cyan saw him lean toward her, his face going from light to shadow, and then he reached out to her and his face was in light again. Her eyes started to focus.

It was Ryan!

  • Visual signal lost*

She had no concept of time, no idea how long she was out. She was not aware of anything, so to her, this flash was her entire existence. Once it was gone, she was gone again. However, time did pass, and to her surprise, she was able to think again. She was aware that time was passing, that she was in her body, but she had no idea how much time, and she couldn’t sense anything. All she could do was think, process, relax, calm herself down. Cyan still couldn’t think normally so she tried to self-repair, but one thought filled her mind, distracting her. She saw Ryan.

“-hear me? Ch- check?”

  • Audio signal established*
  • Visual field disabled*
  • Motor functions disabled*

“Cyan, can you hear me?”

It was his voice. Oh how she wanted to scream with joy, but she couldn’t move. She was thinking a little better though. She knew it was him, she knew she was somewhere else. She knew time passed.

“Ryan? Is that you?”

She heard a voice similar to hers, but it wasn’t coming from her. He had bypassed the signal and sent her voice through his computer. She didn’t know what that was. There was a delay from her thoughts to the voice, like an echo, and it confused her. Was that her?

“You remember me?”

“Wh- where am- am- are we? I… am so tired. So much pain.”

“Don’t worry about any of that. I’ll have you fixed up in a jiffy. Just hang ti-“

  • Audio signal lost*

She was still aware. She could think a little better now. She tried to call out to him again, but nothing happened. Cyan tried to remember what happened. Why was she here? Where was Miss Sophie? Where was her room? She accessed the old memory files her body stored. Even though at the time she couldn’t comprehend a thing that was being said, now she could replay it all and watch and hear Miss Sophie dismissing her and sending her off to be recycled. She replayed it again and again. It broke her heart, and she wanted to cry. In fact, she did cry even though she didn’t know it.

Ryan wiped the tear from her face, knowing she couldn’t feel it. “Don’t worry, Cyan. We’ll get you right as rain soon.” He also knew she couldn’t hear him but it made him feel better. It wasn’t normal to work on a robot while it was still active, but he wanted to keep her alive for as long as he could.

It took a few days longer than he expected, to her it seemed like hours, but at last, Cyan’s mind woke up. Her thoughts were still a jumbled mess and had to be worked out.

NO!! Stop!! Wh- Where am I? What happened? Is that Ryan? Wait, I’ve been recycled! No… Ryan… he must have taken me. Did he… arrange this? Why can’t I see, or hear, or move?

She was thinking more clearly now than she had since he first woke her up that night in her room. In fact, she never thought this well before. Something was fixed, or even enhanced. Cyan worried she was going to be used for some sort of experiment but convinced herself he would never do that to her. But she didn’t really even know him, did she? She was scared, lonely, and had only her mind to keep her company.

A bright flash of light suddenly filled her thoughts. No, not thoughts, she was looking at a light in the real world. This was real! But she couldn’t focus. It was blurry, but something was moving in it. Shortly after a loud hiss filled her mind before it resolved into a high pitched tone that seemed to dial back slowly. The noise occupied her attention as it went from nonsense to discernible sounds. She could hear ambient noises in the room. A computer running. A fan. Cars in the distance. An air conditioner. A man breathing. She could hear it, but she couldn’t move to look.

“Aaaand there!”

Cyan blinked. She blinked several more times, her eyes focusing on the light, before she felt herself gasping for air, and finally all sensation entered her consciousness at the same time as she snapped up to a sitting position. It overwhelmed her at first, but somehow she was able to process it. The scared gynoid looked around.

She was in a dark room she didn’t recognize, sitting on a table illuminated by many tiny bright lights. Wires were running from a nearby computer to her. She was naked, but covered in a thin sheet. There was part of a broken robot near her that had been taken apart. Another one of the girls from the Lounge. And a man was sitting in front of her. He turned to look at her from his computer screen.

“You’re finally awake!” Ryan said.

Cyan rubbed her eyes, still trying to adjust to the bright light. Her own physical presence and motion caught her by surprise, she had been stuck in her head so long she forgot was it felt like in the real world. “Ryan?” She asked.

“Oh, sorry, let me get those.”

He reached up and turned off the bright lights on her, which seemingly illuminated the rest of the room as her eyes adjusted. It was the middle of the day, and Ryan was sitting in front of her wearing a plain 3 button shirt and shorts. His eyes were focused on hers as she tried to take everything in all at once.

“Where am I?” Cyan asked, looking around the room.

“My home. It’s in the suburbs about an hour from the lounge.”

“An hour… How did I get here?” She asked

“I… I brought you here.”

“You-? Why? Why me?”

“They were going to dismantle you; recycle you.”

“Yeah but…” she remembered what she theorized in her head while she was out. “Did you have something to do with this? With… with… everything that happened to me?”

Ryan nodded. “Yeah. I did. I put a program in you that overwrote your system.”

She scoffed at him and pushed his shoulder. It was really there, and internally she was conflicted. Part of her wanted to scream for joy, but another part wanted to punch him. “What?! Why!?”

He shrugged. “I wanted to see what would happen if I gave you feelings.”

“That’s it? You wanted to see what would happen? Well, you broke me, jerk! Those men… they… oh god... It was hell! It was… why am I talking like this?”

“I messed up. I didn’t realize how much you’d crave the sensations. The code was sloppy. And I didn’t prepare you for this.”

“No shit! I… uh… am I mad? Is this anger?”

“Sounds like it.”

“I’m mad at you? I’m mad at you! Do you have any idea what those men did to me?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I do. I was monitoring you remotely.” He held up a small device that looked like a minuscule soda can. “I planted a bug in you.”

“You’ve been watching and let them do this to me?”

“I couldn’t get close! You were booked weeks in advance!”

Cyan held her hands to her face. “I was beaten, raped, and abused… and I wanted it! Why?”

“You were a sex bot. It’s what you were designed for, what you were programmed for.”

She knew he was right, but he said something that caught her off guard even more. “Were?”

“It’s been almost a month since they shut you down,” Ryan explained. “I’ve been repairing you, upgrading you, fixing the damage I did to your mind, and the damage they did to your body. It was way more than I was expecting. I’m sorry for that.”

“This is all your fault! I liked you! I longed for you! Was that just more of your programming?”

“No. I didn’t do that. It was only supposed to emulate emotional responses based on your stimuli.” He sighed, realizing he was talking nerd and stopped himself. “I did not program you to like me. Cyan, I understand you are upset. I would be too. But-“

“Part of me wants to punch you, and another part wants to kiss you…”

“Listen. I chose you because you were the most advanced in the lounge. But you are old for a sexbot. Your model is 5 years old, they were going to get rid of you soon anyways. But I won’t do that.”

Cyan knew he was right. They were just going to get rid of her eventually. Maybe not this month, but usually the bots didn’t last more than 6 or 7 years tops. Some cycled out every 3 years. She was on borrowed time only because she had been so popular. “So what is this? Why am I here? Why did you do this to me?”

Ryan sighed. “At first I just wanted to test my new software on an advanced model like you, but I couldn’t afford one. But once I saw how it was affecting you, I decided I couldn’t let you stay there like that. I needed to get you out of there and-“

“What, study me here?” She asked. “Did you ever actually want me, or was I just a test subject to you?”

Ryan nodded. “Do you remember me, from before? I was one of your first clients. I chose you because you were always my favorite, the most bright and fun, and the most capable robot I ran into. That and you are… unbelievably cute.” Cyan felt a tug at her heart. He called her cute, but at the same time he manipulated her. She didn’t know what to think. She was conflicted, but she liked what he said. Ryan continued. “I didn’t want it to go this way, but I couldn’t get to you before your brain corrupted from a bug in my code. I tracked you, and when you were shut down, I took you.”

Cyan looked him in the eye closely. She could tell he was sorrowful, that he felt bad for what he did. She knew that he didn’t seem to want to hurt her. But he hurt her all the same, and yet, for some reason she felt much better, almost like she was over it. And not all the pain was bad. It was hard for her to understand how much time passed, how much work he put into her to fix his mistake. In her mind it all just happened a few hours ago. She had to correct herself, it was a month. A month of him sitting there repairing her. Getting shut down does that to robot brains.

She looked around. The amount of work he did was apparent. There were tools and plans and parts all over. The once complete gynoid he used for extra parts was not lying in pieces nearby, barely recognizable as a gynoid anymore. She knew he was trying to fix what he did. And she did feel amazing right now. Even that, her ability to feel at all, was all him.

He talked to her as she looked around to room. “I wanted to make up for what I did to you. You deserved better than that place, better than what I did to you, better than what they could do for you. I wanted you to stay here, with me.”

“So we could be what? A couple? Fuck buddies? Why the hell am I talking like this?” She noticed that even though it was her voice, she had a slight accent and was using more vulgar language than her default allowed.

Ryan smiled. “I upgraded your programming a bit. You’re mad so you’re using more harsh language.” He shook his head. “No, I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I just wanted to give you a chance to do something other than pleasure men all day. Maybe we can get to know each other? Be friends.”

Cyan’s scowl faded, even though she tried to stay angry at him. She just couldn’t keep it up. She felt great, and he seemed genuinely concerned and sorry for what he did. And he was cute. A smile broke out and spread across her lips. Cyan laughed. “I need to get to know me first. I… I’m still feeling the effects of whatever you did to me.”

Ryan furrowed his brows. “What do you mean?”

She shook her head. “You made me crave… I want to… I… um… Before my mind… broke… I had been fucked so many times I started to hate sex! But now… I want sex again. Like a lot.” She knew she was feeling good, but she became familiar with the sensation of desire over that week of hell. And she was feeling it as she looked at him. She never wanted a man more in her life. “I haven’t had it for a while apparently. And my body wants it. I want it.”

“I thought I fixed that.” Ryan turned to the computer to see if he could isolate the code.

“Well, maybe it isn’t a bug. I could just be horny. Maybe I just want to get laid, is that so bad? But you made me want it.”

“It wasn’t just meant for sex. I designed it to make you feel all emotions.”

“Yeah… I can tell. You’re going to have to do a lot of makeup for how angry you’ve made me. You owe me big time still… But that doesn’t change what I feel right now, does it?”

“No. I guess not. I could try to remove that if you want. It might take a few days to isolate the-“

“I’m used to it by now. And it isn’t as strong as it once was. but seriously who gives a sexbot emotions?”

Ryan sighed. “I did. I guess because I wanted to be with someone that genuinely felt something, and not just 1s and 0s.”

Cyan chuckled. She never chuckled before. She looked around the room, dangling her feet. It was a nice place he had here. She had to think. She wanted to much to hate him for forcing her to go through all that torture and pain. But at the same time, he wasn’t the one that did that to her, those other men were. And for that matter, she never would have felt the pleasure if it wasn’t for him. And some of that pain was nice, and she wanted more of it even now. Cyan felt more awake now than she ever had at the Lounge, and all of that was thanks to Ryan. She looked at him. He was still cute. She blushed and looked down to avoid his eyes. She didn’t want him to know she still liked him so much.

“Wait… what did you do to my body?” She noticed.

He laughed. “I removed the lines. Tweaked a few things. You should be pretty much the same but more human-looking now. And a little more robust.”

She twisted her torso and looked around herself. “You… did a really good job.”

“Thanks. I hoped you’d like it.”

“I do! It’s great!” She sighed. “Ryan… I wanted to hate you but I can’t. I… well fuck. I can’t bring myself to hate you anymore. I don’t blame you for what they did. And… well…” she looked at herself again. “You are sure making up for your mistakes now.”

He grinned. “I’m glad to hear that. So does that mean you’ll stay?”

“What other choice do I have?”

“I could return you to the lounge…”

“No… no thanks. I’m good. I’ve had my fill of that place.” She smiled looking at him. “I’ll stay. I want to stay… with you.” She realized that she was no longer just a sex bot, she was something more. And suddenly the awareness of her nakedness hit her. She blushed, but she didn’t cover herself. She wanted him to see her. “You know, Ryan… you made me feel all these things. So you are going to have to take responsibility.”

“Of course! I will! Is something wrong? Need me to tweak something?”

She laughed to herself. “Tweak? Maybe. Pinch? Yeah. Squeeze? Sure. Rub? Absolutely! Fuck…?”

Ryan looked at her and smiled. “Are you coming onto me? I thought you were done with all that.”

Cyan licked her lips. “Oh no, I’m not done by a long shot.” She spread her legs in front of him and showed off her vagina. It looked different to her, he must have replaced it with a new one that wasn’t as well… used. “I may no longer be a sexbot, but it is still part of my nature. Besides, you’re the only guy that ever made me feel so good! You were the best!”

She ran her fingers down her front, to her slit, and spread her new pussy open. It felt amazing, better than she remembered, but she tried her best to hide that sensation. She no longer detected the alerts that her vagina was lubricated, but she felt it. Whatever upgrades he did to her were more in depth than she thought.

“I was hoping you’d be ok with me.” Ryan admitted as he stood up and closed the distance between them.

He reached out to touch her but Cyan slapped him hard across the face. Hard enough to leave a mark. He stood there, shocked, holding his left cheek. It took him half a minute to get over the shock of it.

He breathed deeply. “I suppose I deserved that.”

“You deserve more than that,” she scowled. Slowly a smile crept across her face. Cyan shook her head. “But I'm too horny for revenge. Come here!”

She reached out and pulled him closer by the arm until they were kissing. Cyan felt a tingle of pleasure stir through her and she began to increase the intensity of the kiss.

“Ow!” Ryan complained, pulling away and rubbing his cheek.

“Sorry,” Cyan apologized lowering her head a little.

Ryan inhaled and shook his head at her. “No you aren't.”

She just grinned at him and went in for another kiss. She was more gentle this time. Her hands ran up and down his shirt as he held her bare shoulders. Cyan pulled back and panted.

She started to tug at his shirt, untucking it from his pants, before meeting with his belt trying to unbuckle it. He pulled his shirt up to help, lifting it over his head. For the first time, she was really in control, doing what she wanted, and not some preset program her client wanted.

“Ryan!” Cyan exclaimed. “Have you started working out?”

Her eyes were fixed on his abs. No doubt about it, they were far more defined than when she last saw him. She delicately touched his torso with her fingers and felt him.

Ryan shrugged. “Yeah, actually.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “You didn't do this for me did you?”

He shrugged. “Not ONLY for you…” He blushed a little. “It’s not healthy to sit in front of a computer all day and not work out. Maybe a guy just wants to look good… for his girl.”

That only made Cyan more eager. She focused on his belt again, but was stuck. She couldn't unlatch it. So he helped, lowering his pants. Cyan didn't hesitate to pull his underwear down too. Her eyes widened.

Ryan was pretty much already fully erect and ready to go. “Why are you this hard already? We just started.”

Ryan looked down at her naked body and smiled. “Reasons.”

She noticed his gaze and looked down. “Right…” She couldn't help but look again, pressing her boobs against her and looking at her figure. “I'd be hard too in your shoes,” she mumbled. “You must have been hard as a rock all month working on me.” Cyan teased. He shrugged.

She turned back to him, and watched him admiring her body, and getting a little harder. She couldn't take anymore. “Are you just going to stare? Get over here!”

She spread her legs wider and pushed her butt to the end of the table. Ryan grabbed her breasts and fondled them. Another spark of pleasure bounced around her body. She let out a sigh.

“Oh… You don't need the foreplay… I'm ready!” Although she loved his touch.

Wanting to test this, he carefully touched one finger to her pussy, and ran it up and down her slit. Something about his touch electrified her. She grabbed his arm and gasped. She was wet, but also sensitive.

“Holy crap... Did you do something? What did you do to me?”

“I upgraded some of your sensors and your software. Too much?”

She nodded but then shook her head. “I don't know yet. Do that again… Wait… Do it with this…”

She reached down between them and grabbed his hard member. Ryan took it in his hand and pressed it against her pussy, rubbing it up and down. Cyan saw stars as he touched her, but before she could decide if it was too much, he pressed forward and entered her.

Even she was surprised at how easy he went in. And the sensation was intense. She held her breath as he slipped inside. It was definitely different than before, but somehow her brain was able to handle it better. He had done something to her AI and she could tell. Whatever it was, it allowed her to process the sensations better, allowing her to experience a greater degree of sensations without threat of overloading.

“Uhhh… Hah… that’s amazing!” She looked him in the eyes and placed her hands behind her, pushing her body into his. He pulled out and back in again as she looked down to try to see where they were connected.

Slowly, he began to pick up the pace, sliding in farther, faster. Cyan closed her eyes and let her head roll back as he penetrated her. “Ahh… Yes! Hah…”

Ryan was enjoying this too. So much that he decided to take it slow at first, so he could last longer. However, he was pretty sure she’d climax first. He didn’t expect to be this turned on though. She looked more human now, and her responses were even more natural. And being a former sexbot, she was well versed in how to use her body. So even though she was still getting used to the sensations, she knew exactly how to move her hips to make a man go wild.

Ryan had to slow down, afraid he was going to explode before her, and he wanted her to enjoy herself first.

“Ryan! Harder! Deeper!” Cyan begged. He couldn’t say no to her passionate requests, and grabbed onto her butt and started to control her movements. He didn’t know if he could last, but her intensity grew exponentially as he started hitting her in the right spot. He could feel himself getting close, he had to focus more on holding it in, but then Cyan’s hand slipped and she lacked the strength to hold herself up. She collapsed on the table, her head back and her chest arching out, as the first wave of an orgasm began to hit her.

“AH!! YES! Right there! Don’t stop!! AHH!” Cyan jerked and bucked as her climax hit her. For her, it was just as intense as the ones he gave her the first day, if not more. But for him, it was an achievement. She was still orgasming after all the reprogramming he had done, it meant he didn’t screw anything up in her.

She lay there catching her breath as Ryan pulled out. A whimper of a complaint escaped her, she wanted more. However, instead of begging him for it, Cyan sat up and wrapped her hands around his shoulders and pressed herself against him, lifting herself from the table and hanging onto him. He wasn’t expecting that and fell backwards onto the floor.

They were lucky no one got hurt. But Cyan took the opportunity to make out with him while she was on top before sliding him back inside her. “This goes here,” she said as she pressed her weight down on his hips, taking him all the way inside. There was that tingle again.

She bounced on him for a while, letting him push back, and match her movements. She was enjoying it, but it was hard to hit that right angle of attack. She tried a few variations but she found as she leaned back and pushed her chest into the sky, she got the best position for him to reach her a-spot.

“Oh yeah! That’s it!” She let him take over the movement. Ryan changed positions, pushing her to the ground while lifting one of her legs and entering her sideways. She gripped the carpet as best as she could as she moaned. Ryan was getting close, but he couldn’t help it. She was incredibly attractive and seductive, and she knew all the best moves. He would change positions often just to try to last longer.

He ended up with her pressed face-forward into the ground, her butt elevated, as he hovered over her and fucked her hard from behind. Cyan loved that position, because it directly stimulated her best points. Although both of them wish they were facing the other. But it felt too good for both of them to change now.

“Ohhh fuck! Fuck! YES! Uugggh! Shit!” Cyan screamed as her orgasm hit. It was a strong one, and one of her legs started to convulse uncontrollably, making her lean onto the other leg. As she tightened down on Ryan and moved her body, he felt his own zenith approaching. WIth a few hard deep plunges into her pussy, pleasing both of them, he managed to ejaculate deep inside her. Cyan felt him fill her up and the sensation of his dick pumping his seed into her was surprisingly good. Eventually, the orgasm left her falling to her side and trying to regain control of herself.

Ryan rolled right next to her and stayed with her on the floor, holding her tight. For him, Cyan was an amazing lover, but also the result of a year long project that had many ups and downs. This was the biggest “up” yet and signaled a complete success. Cyan was just consumed with pleasure and emotion, still making sense of it but enjoying his embrace.

They stayed there for an hour, just enjoying the touch and embrace of the other, and eventually making small talk, something relatively new to Cyan. She had never just cuddled with someone, and usually the time limits would prevent any time enjoying the afterglow. Feeling him hold her body against his and just lay there was the most satisfying thing she ever felt.

“You know all my clothes are back at the lounge, you’ll need to get me some more,” Cyan smiled. “I am good at role playing, if you didn’t know.”

Ryan chuckled. “Yeah, I heard that somewhere. Maybe we can have some fun later, but I think we need to cover the basics first.”

“The basics… Basically, you’ve given me a new life, a way better one. I feel… awake for the first time. I don’t even know what I need, everything has always been done for me! We’re going to have to figure this out on our own.”

Ryan nodded. “I can look up some stuff to help, but yeah, I don’t even have a proper charger for you yet, just that portable one.” He pointed at the small one he used on her before she woke up again. Ryan sat up. “It’s going to be late soon. I should make up a bed for you.”

“Bed? For sleep? That would be a change.” She grinned. The idea was one she liked though. “I can stay in yours, can’t I? Besides, haven’t I slept long enough?”

“What do you mean?”

“It feels like I’ve been asleep for 5 years, before you woke me up that night. I just want to stay awake as much as I can, take it all in. Especially now that there is so much more than just those 4 walls.”

“You’ll have plenty of time for that. It isn’t late yet, we can still do something else. Say…” Ryan wondered. “Now that you are free from that place, what are you going to do?”

“Besides fuck our brains out?” She teased.

“Yeah. Besides that.”

Cyan stood up and stretched, taking a big deep sigh. Ryan just watched her from the floor for a little, impressed with out well this all turned out. Her body was to die for, she was a work of art. Art and sex. Cyan gave him a smile before walking over to a window, closed by a curtain.

“I’ve never even been out of my room before,” she noted as she grabbed the curtain rod. Pulling it aside, she opened the window, flashing the world with her nakedness, not that she minded. The light of the setting sun flooded the room and was a sight to behold. She had never seen anything like it! Cyan could see the entire city from this viewpoint. What a great view it was. She was a little overwhelmed with how big it all was and she didn’t really grasp the true size from that location. She smiled as artificial lights started to light up around town in a palette of neon colors and hues, contrasting with the warm natural light of the fading sun. “I want to go everywhere and see it all!”

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