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'Put it somewhere here, Tammy.', Ryan ordered the small, brown haired girl. She looked puzzled, and laid the can right next to black metal head of android being constructed. She looked at the robot with hesitation. Ryan was attaching its legs now, but he spotted Tammy's look. 'Yes?', he asked. 'What's up, Tammy?'. "Well...', she hesitated. "Are you jealous? Remember, your emotions are just developing. If you feel so, tell me." "Well, I don't think it's jealousy. I'm unsure... about her..." Technician did not stop his work, but continioued talking with robot. "What do you mean?" "Uh... I'm afraid that she'll be like Maria. You know, mean and stuff." "You don't like her?" The chassis of fembot was now complete. Ryan now begun to cover her with touch-sense net. "No. I'm sure of that. She's..." "Mean?" He made a mental note to give Tammy some books to read. "Yeah! And evil, too." Ryan took the can brought by Tammy before and begun to cover the bot with some strange liquid. "Well, Bunny will not be like this. She'll be based on your... She'll be like yourself, more or less. Give me a hand with that, will you?". They both began smearing the synthetic skin over robot's body, sculpting in forming it into really voulptuous woman. Her breasts were notably bigger then Tammy's and she felt slight touch of jealousy. "Why Maria is so mean?" "It's neural net, Tammy. She was initially hard-coded to be assertive, effective businesswoman, with few moral inhibitions. She developed, she's been online for almost six years. But I don't really think she's evil." "Uh, but she's so mean and bossy..." "She's meant to be bo-warning, not smear it over the nests-ssy. She's programmed to be, such as you are made to be nice. It's hard coding. We'll need them to interface with her programming." The faceless woman on the table was now tall but pale, with really big breasts, and sick, pale body. It'd turn tan by next day. "Faces are the hard thing. We'll start around six...", ryan said. "I'll clean up!", Tammy cried. Ryan watched as fruit of his genius cleans his lab, when suddenly the phone rang. "Who's that, Tammy?" "Guess who.", the small android answered. "She said she'll be here in an hour. Discuss some business you have with her." Ryan sighed. "I don't have any business with Maria. It was long time ago, and I refused, anyway." Maria is acting more and more independently, thought the inventor. 'I built her and other robots... well, to prove my genius, and earn some dough' He smiled. 'But when Maria one day asked me to build weapons for her, I had to reprogram her. It served her well... But how could I not have noticed that she's involved into mafia...' Tammy was checking developed and getting firm breasts of Bunny, and asked Ryan when she would get online. "Well, we could start preparations now. You could install inher your software..." "But I don't know how..." He walked to Tammy and made her turn over. A control panel was hid in her back, under blade, and engineer opened it with a single click. Synthethic skin moved, revealing mass of ports and circuits. Ryan plugged a little chip from pockets of his lab coat. *click* "You know now." Tammy was now taking care of setup, even connecting herself to the onboard computer. Ryan awaited Maria anxiously

To be continued?

A luxurious limo drove under the suburban villa. There was a lot of mud in the driveway, and when the red-clad woman had stepped in it, smearing her boots, she got even more annoyed. Impatiently, she knocked. Ryan heard the knocking, and he knew that was her. He opened the door, to see tall, beautiful woman wearing red cloak, matching her dark complexion. Behind her, two younger girls stood, one fair-skinned and pink haired, and another shorter and darker, chewing gum. He knew them, of course. He had built all of them. "Finally", the most mature woman said. "We've been waiting for hours". Without invitation, she walked into Ryan's home. The girls followed her. "Maria." "Well, hello Ryan." She smooched his cheek briefly, smelling some expensive perfumes. "Girls, say hello to Ryan", she said, undoning her gloves and fur cloak. Girls - Geri and Candy - got closer, but inventor backed off, so they simply waved. "Tammy said you wanted to see me, in business matters." "Why, yes. I also wanted to meet her in person. My girls are dying to meet her." "She's busy". He answered coldly. "We can wait." Maria smiled. "Girls, go to the kitchen and bring us some wine.", she commanded. Maria must have tinkered with their "daughters" programming, otherwise she would have told them where the kitchen was. She copied at least part of her knowledge into their programming, namely the years when she lived with Ryan and his other robots. Not that she had cooked a lot back then.

Tammy finished copying basic programming into Bunny's memory. She looked at tall amazon robot and turned on the UV lamp in order to get her plastic skin tanned. Her newly installed chip told her that basic programming will enable Bunny to move and interact but her personality and intelligence will have to evolve. She looked at herself, and thought of having a quick shower to wash off herself pieces of artificial body. She didn't lock the door to the lab, leaving. Candy, the shorter girl, the one that resembled her 'mother' snucked in. Her eyes empty, like Bunny's eyes, she pressed her own bellybutton, and ther spit out a computer chip. Completely dry, as robots control their salivation. She then installed it in Bunny's brain, and got out of the room.

"So, you have any contact with other... ladies?", Ryan asked his first work. "Why yes! Becky invited me to her wedding, Marge's buying a new ranch... We girls got to keep together. How about you?" "That times are long gone. I only take reports form Dr. Arneson now. She's one of 'you girls', now?", Ryan asked. "She also wanted to live on her own." He could have added - after meeting you. "She moved to my place, but as you know she rides a lot...", she puffed a wisp of smoke from her cigarette. "Ah, here are the girls with the wine. What did take you so long?" "Sorry mom." they said in unison. "You have any trouble with them? I could change some subprocedures, transfer some personality circuits..." "No, I prefer them as they are - loving daughters." She smiled, but Ryan no longer remember this smile in her database. That was the problem. She was a learning computer, and he lost control over what she learned. "So, about that business..."

To be continued...

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