Evie and Zoey; Double Modding

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Evie and Zoey; Double Modding

Tall shadows eclipsed the setting sun, reflected from both the extraordinary skyscrapers, and their ancient attempts alike. Moving through the shadows with incredible speed, Evie raced between countless people as the city wound down from another busy day. Grand monuments both modern and ancient, decorated lavishly demanded attention from all who gazed upon it. Evie however, had a more exciting plan for her evening. Slipping past the countless tourists who wandered from structure to structure, her grip on a slender rectangular frame, kept from prying eyes with a mat black cloth, tightened as she came closer to home.

Encrusted with rare materials and minerals from the ancient world, the walkway echoed Evie’s moderately heeled black boots more so once she entered a side ally. The crowds drowned by the chatter of customers which lined the joining street of Evie’s apartment, with the occasional on looker turning their heads to eye the black-haired beauty as she flashed on past.

Arriving at the foot of her building, she stepped through and took in the empty foyer. Even the front desk was barren of people, presumably out early given how quiet everything was, Evie reasoned. Determining that the stairs would be quicker, she flew up the thirty storeys with ease before arriving at her cosy apartment. Bare of the modern architecture, she purposefully opted for the old style for inspiration, with the only hint of the modern day being the necessities.

Her trained gaze fell onto her own creation which welcomed her every evening. A digital artwork that sparked curiosity in a way nothing else could. She couldn’t understand it, but the way the deep, dark colours which embodied such a powerful figure to the left contrasted that which she owned. With the two fembots embraced in each other’s arms, there was no question of love or care between either. Nor was there a question of dominance and subordinance. Evie knew the power, brought out through ominous, dark colours had on her as she created new works. Something about its location, orientation and her own position always worked in a wonderful combination inside her processors. A quirk she exploited thoroughly.

Expected, but unaware, Evie’s arousal slowly grew. Goosebumps littered her blemish-less skin as her sensitivity increased, causing the gentlest of tactile interactions to amplify. Actuators littered throughout her muscular system simulated a sudden shiver, seconds before her simulated fantasies came to an abrupt halt, brought forth by one of her many frustrating security measures.

Sighing heavily, she moved around the table, kicking off her boots to the side. She flexed each toe into the polished hardwood floor as her blue jacket came off also, flying across the room as it landed gracefully on the kitchen counter stool. Lastly, she loosened each strand of synthetic fibres embedded within her scalp. Permanently lengthened to rest just over her broad shoulders, she gave herself a reassuring grin.

In that very moment, inspiration flashed instantly across her circuitry covered mind. Her grin broadened into a smile as she spun around, and quickly moved into her bedroom.

“Even when charging, she’s still graceful” Evie mused as she gazed down at Zoey’s frozen form. Nearing her own height, Zoey’s form was slimmer, appearing as a busty model with a soft appearance. Evie beamed contently as she recalled the memories of Zoey’s first day with her. She knew back then, just as she knew now, that Zoey’s facial template was simply perfect for her, sparking a consistent sense of desire and lust whenever her orange irises connected with her own.

Evie was confident that she’d seen Zoey’s model around, running tedious tasks instead of fulfilling her purpose as a pure sex machine. They may have had different faces, but the way she moved, spoke and acted gave her away like a sore thumb.

The very thought of what she was made Evie’s gaze jump between Zoey’s bare buoyant chest and stretched white underwear which covered her bald vagina, remembering the numerous encounters she enjoyed with each. Especially when Zoey made it very obvious of her own pleasure. The final touch of knee-high stockings ended any illusion of what Zoey attempted to pass for. She dressed as she was. A sexbot.

Satisfied with her charge time, Evie brought her left hand gently against Zoey’s left ear, pressing on a subtle bump embedded within her thin skin. Within seconds, Zoey’s gently orange irises pulsated in a strong glow before settling to a soft one.

“Hi! I’m Zoey!” She announced as always before her processors made the most relevant memories active. She immediately sat upright; her gaze falling onto her owner and lover.

“Hi Evie! How was your day?” she asked, as always. Evie, while infinitely patient, internally begged for something different. Hoping for a spark of sexuality which her processors couldn’t predict so easily. She hoped that this new device would be her ticket into a spicier relationship.

“Hello lovely. You’ll never guess what I have for us” Evie teased, as she helped Zoey to her feet. Facing eye to eye, Zoey’s smile never left.

“Okay! Hmm, let me think” Zoey eagerly replied before letting loose a light chuckle. “After last night, I’d guess we’ll be having more visitors over. I quite enjoyed the company, being able to show off to others. That was my purpose after all!”

Evie rolled her eyes as last night resurfaced into her memory. It wasn’t easy managing alcohol for humans, something she frequently forgot to moderate. “That… may be for another time babe. I have something to show you.”

Hand in hand, Evie lead Zoey into the living room where her newly acquired device rested. They both moved to opposite ends of the table as Evie pointed to it. “Remove the cloth and tell me what it is”.

Those words were assessed and immediately acted upon as a command, as with everything Evie said, intentional or not.

Zoey smoothly yet quickly removed the cloth and took the device into her soft hands. Once a full three-dimensional model was constructed, she inspected the etched writing along its top rim.

She immediately froze as her lips parted. Unmoving, she uttered “Illegal modding device detected. Please be aware that usage of this device will place Astirius units at heavy risk of cyber-attack and or damage.”

She remained paused for a second further before snapping her head to face Evie, causing every blue strand attached to her scalp to fly through the air, covering her face momentarily before settling by each shoulder. “I totally zoned out there for a second. What just happened? Oh this? This is a modding device. Looks pretty new to me too. Who are we modding?” she uttered in a single quick breath.

Unmoved by the standard warnings she’d heard countless times, Evie’s grin grew wider. “We’re modding you my lovely!”

Zoey’s limited A.I struggled with the conflict. Her manufacturer prohibited illegal modifications, however her owner demanded them. As the struggle intensified, Evie senses an internal struggle when Zoey failed to answer her follow up query.

Stepping around the table, she placed both hands on Zoey’s shoulders, brushing her short hair aside as she hoped some physical contact could bring her back to reality. Zoey’s eyes snapped to Evie, only to go momentarily cross eyed. Without hesitation, Evie brought her finger back to Zoey’s soft bump hidden in her left ear, pressing, and holding it as to initiate a soft reboot. After a year of living with the sexbot, she realised that this was far easier a way of recovering than the typical procedure, even if it wasn’t recommended. She’d even ordered Zoey to do the same to her, in the unlikely event she herself would ever need it herself.

Within seconds, Zoey reanimated.

“Hi! I’m Zoey!” she replied, identically as before. “Oh, hi Evie! I guess I zoned out there for a moment.” She continued talking as Evie took the modding unit from Zoey’s grip. Removing the embedded USB adapter from the side of the device, she placed her right hand against Zoey’s upper chest, causing her skin to sink in slightly and shift apart as a middle seam became visible. “Warning, emergency access of control panel detected” flashed across Zoey’s display. Heavily scratched with a gentle layer of grease embedded in the smallest of places, Evie connected the adapter to one of Zoey’s USB ports, causing the sexbot to immediately freeze.

With a monotone voice, void of any natural inflection, Zoey spoke out several preprogramed phrases, the last of which being, “USB device connected. Please be aware of the device and prevent this unit from laying down on its stomach as to avoid damage with any solid object.”

Evie wondered why the manufacturer ensured this message but made no effort to remind the user of a clearly exposed bit of electrically damageable equipment, or even to remove the object after some time had passed. Perhaps that would be one modification she could made, she reasoned.

Once the connection was made, Evie’s attention quickly darted to the time located at the bottom left of her HUD. With only four hours of the current day remaining, she definitely was looking forward to what Zoey was about to become.

Zoey remained still as Evie browsed the mod store. Thousands of paid alterations, all free at the push of a finger. With many being simple changes such as eye, hair and pigmentation colours, or the occasional personality which appeared far more complex in images than in reality, Evie felt slightly underwhelmed with what was available. That was until a certainly popular developer came along on the list. Dubbed ‘The_Creator’, their development page engulfed dozens of self-made packages, many of which were all installable with a single button.

“Hi, I’m Emily… Oh, I totally zoned out there for a second…. Being able to show off is my purpose after all… blah blah blah. We’ve heard it all” ‘The_Creator’ wrote, “Is this really the machine we spent thousands on? Is this what we come home too every day, working our assess off to fund? Sure, we can fork out a few extra thousand to get the better programming, but why? Why should any of us have to conform to their system when we can do this now, without any problem? I come here today, offering you all these modifications for free. My own time and effort, simply to screw the man! And best of all, it’s self-contained and self-installing. Trust me, you’ll notice the difference immediately.”

Scrolling through what ‘The_Creator’ had to offer, she was surprisingly impressed. Without a second thought, Evie pressed the download button. With three hundred gigabytes to download and install, she placed the device back on the table as she waited. Appearing on Zoey’s control panel display, a timer began, indicating thirty minutes until completion. Realising that the wait may be a while, Evie decided to move towards the couch, just by their full body mirror.

As she ritually did nearly every so often, she turned and faced the mirror, taking in her full appearance. With the white t-shirt still covering her manufactured body, and her black tight pants keeping her legs from sight, she grinned at the reflection. Fully aware of what a mirror could do, she proceeded to cup her left breast, pushing it up slightly as she disabled her own higher AI governing functions temporarily. With those offline, she was simply a reactionary machine, and acted as such when she saw her unrecognised reflection, holding a large breast it its hand.

“Hey there” she chuckled lightly, shifting her weight onto her left leg slightly as each finger across her breast pushed in slightly. “Oh? I’ve never seen you before. You must be new here? What’s a sexy woman like you doing tonight?”

As her tongue ran across her lips, Evie giggled at her reflection, breathing in deeply as her fingers left the silicon packed mammary and moved to the hem of her white shirt. As they pushed the shirt over her tight frame and heavy breasts, she swayed them left to right in an attempt to please her reflection. As she’d attempt to please anyone who’d know how to initiate her arousal sequence.

“Wonderful, aren’t they? I’d like to feel yours too” she let out a deep laugh which drowned out a deep beep from Zoey’s chest.

“Download complete. Commencing installation” Zoey replied dryly, ignored by an unaware Evie who’s fingers now toyed with each plastic nipple.

“Oh yes… so firm and sensitive. Hmm your touch is soooo niceee” she held the words with a lusty push of her tongue, created by her own desire. She moved each palm over her breasts, letting her nipples slip between the middle fingers as the soft gel packed silicon yielded easily against her kneads. With her efforts growing by the second, she eyed the reflection’s reaction and broke out in a wide smile.

“You like that don’t you? My soft hands, kneading… groping your perfect breasts? Oh, baby I’m yours… Oh… you don’t believe me?” she continued with a frown appearing. “Let me prove it to you”

Her hands left her breasts and dug into the black pants, sliding them down her creamy smooth legs swiftly as her bare vagina became exposed. “If you give me yours, I’ll give you mine” she cooed to her reflection as each finger glided across her vaginal lips. “Hmmm soo gooood” she whispered just as her fingers slipped between her folds.

As they pushed in deeply, her processors readied her for her vagina to detach and connect wirelessly. Without her governing functions enabled, she was no less reactionary as Zoey was. The latter of which was nearing the completion of her restarting process.

“Oh yes! Oh yesss… oh fuckk baby YES!!!” Clenching every actuator throughout her body, Evie readied herself as her vagina disc…

Only for Zoey’s voice to interrupt.

“Model PL-650 H-2825 has completed its restart. Welcome to ‘The_Creator’s mod menu.’

Instantly, Evie’s entire body froze as her governing functions rapidly redeployed. Detecting artefacts from her recent runtime forced many process shutdowns. Even her imminent orgasm wasn’t spared, something she was very well aware of.

“Fuck! So close…” she heavily sighed as she looked at herself in the reflection. Each finger, moist with her juices. Her vagina quickly returning to its natural state. Reconnecting her vaginal unit to her naval, she licked her fingers clean and moved closer to the mirror, touching where her cheek was. “Next time babe. We’ll get there next time”

“Zoey, status” Evie commanded as she moved over to her, wasting no time in starting this show. She removed the USB from Zoey’s chest and placed it on the table as her control panel automatically closed; the seam disappearing into smooth skin.

“Welcome to ‘The_Creator’s mod menu.” She repeated as monotone as the first time. “Please use your mod device to select personality traits for this unit to carry out. The rest is on us!”

Picking up the device, Evie noticed the wireless connection now present between the device and Zoey. Scrolling through the list of options, she was amused by some of the contradictory options made available. “How can one be a virgin abstaining slut?” she chuckled before settling on what she had decided hours earlier.

“Girlfriend, subcategory, seductress and dominant” She confirmed the selection and initiated the restart. Zoey instantly came to life, much to Evie’s surprise.

Her eyes glowed brightly as her gaze faced Evie. “Hmm, well hello there… I see you’ve already begun without me.” She grinned as she eyed Evie’s bald pussy. “Oh, I can assure you that won’t matter. You see, I know you. I know where your hot right now because I’m hot there also.” Zoey took a step closer to Evie, her hands coming up to her own ample chest as they pressed each breast together. “Hmmm, see, they’re warm. Give them a feel”

Without hesitation, Evie’s hands found themselves pressing against soft breasts, warm to the touch as were Zoey’s tender moans and giggles. “I can sense your own warmth. Tell me…” she continued as her own fingers quickly moved down towards Evie’s naval. “…How long have you been playing with yourself?”

“Hmmmm…” Evie breathed in deeply as her eye lids fluttered. The remnants of her self-gratifying moments earlier quickly resurfacing in a sudden fury. “…You’d be surprised… ohhh yessss… what fuuuu… ohhh Zoeyyy…” Evie managed as each finger began to rumble, unpredictably, just as Evie desired. “ohh god.. what fun you can have whileeee… while being unaware…”

Zoey chuckled lightly, nodding. “Oh baby, you don’t know the half of it. Why do you think we’re having so much fun now? Now, follow” she commanded, her fingers still rumbling, hooked knuckle deep within Evie’s pussy with enough force to almost initiate an emergency disconnect.

They moved to the couch, Evie struggling to keep up with Zoey’s confident stride. Sitting comfortably, Zoey pushed her legs aside and moved Evie to stand in front of her. “Kneel” she commanded, much to Evie’s instant adherence.

With her chin against the cushion, forced by Zoey’s hand, she shuffled closer against her lovers thighs. Pushing the medium strip of her white underwear aside, Evie quickly meet her moist pussy which throbbed in anticipation. “I feel more alive than ever Evie! Eat me out! Make me feel even more alive now that I can!”

Without hesitation, Evie brought her lips to Zoey’s pussy, kissing along the rims of the carefully crafted plastic that was her vaginal lips. The mechanical snake within her mouth found and flicked her synthetic clit which grew engorged in each passing moment. Evie’s tongue, long and strong slid inside Zoey, knowing full well where her most sensitive parts were as the sudden desire to modify herself became very real.

“Hmmm oh this… right here… fuuuuckkkk yes right there…must be what you felt... all those… eight huuuundred… oh shit yesss…” Her left hand quickly moved to Evie’s head, stroking her hair where the blue streak parted from the black as her right hand greedily played with her own nipple. “…and twelve sessions of being eaten out… Oh cum… Make me cum… oh make me cum for the first time… oh yes oh yes oooOOO YEESSSSSSS!”

Shaking with force, Zoey bucked her hips against Evie’s mouth, exploding against her. Screaming so loud that Evie felt her insides rumble under Zoey’s pitch. Sliding against the couch, panting hard, Evie slowly wiggled out from under her. Never before had she seen Zoey climax so powerfully. It felt more real than her own.

She had to modify herself. Now. She was resolved. Determined.

Bringing herself to her feet, Evie quickly moved over to the modding unit, much to Zoey’s sudden protest. “We’re not done! Come on back here babe”

Looking back, Evie nodded. “You’re damn right we’re not done yet!” Returning to the screen, she altered Zoey’s personality from ‘Dominant’ to ‘Submissive’, taking effect suddenly.

“Get back here no.. Oh, I’m sorry Evie! I didn’t mean to demand you to come here so suddenly.” Instantly widening her eyes as she realised what she had done. She looked at her lap in embarrassment.

“You’re fine. Come up here and insert this into me.” Evie ordered, holding the USB adaptor in her hand. Zoey was happy, and quick to comply. Racing to her owner, she took hold of the USB and moved in front of Evie. Evie’s chest panel opened, revealing a fresh screen with crisp clean USB ports, one of which received the adaptor.

“Adaptor connected” Evie announced normally, reflecting what flashed across her control panel display. “Zoey, find and install the same mod package you have installed. Set the personality traits to Owner, Dominant, Seductress…” she paused as the corners of her lips lifted in a sly grin. “…no, change the last one to… slut…slut…slut… change the last one into slut”. Stuttering, her processors detected a sudden spike in demand. In that instant, something didn’t feel quite right.

“Yes Evie!” Zoey happily obeyed, oblivious to Evie’s sudden growing concern. Finding it through Evie’s history page, she initiated the download just as Evie’s eyes widened, realising the security breach she allowed.

“Zooeeeyyyyy… Beginning download. Please wait”

Evie’s eyes suddenly pulsated as the download began. Zoey simply waited there patiently, standing perfectly still while cum trickled down her inner thigh, absorbed by her knee-high stocking. Without a prompt, she’d simply stand there forever in submissive mode.

Eventually, Evie announced an update. “Download complete. Commencing installation”. Shortly after, the installation completed, with the standard announcement being said.

“Unit O-2510 initialising… Welcome to ‘The_Creator’s mod menu. Please use your mod device to select personality traits for this unit to carry out. The rest is on us!”

Zoey, acknowledging the command from her owner, took hold of the modding device and selected ‘Owner, Dominant, Seductress’. She then changed the last one to slut and paused, before selecting it again. True to her masters’ words, she repeated the steps once more before selecting the confirmation button.

An error appeared on the screen. “Warning, this unit has high governing AI functions installed. This may cause issues with the desired modifications. Would you like to suspend these functions to ensure optimal operation?”

Zoey’s processors stalled on this decision, unable to make sense of her owner’s question as an order. After a full minute, they opted to ask a clarification question. “Is this recommended?”

“Yes” was Evie’s reply. Breaking into a sudden smile, Zoey confirmed Evie’s higher AI function suspension.

Evie’s control panel screen brightly flashed immediately after her reboot, requesting a mode to activate in. Zoey’s processors confirmed Evie’s command, suddenly realising that she there was one left. Bringing her fingers to Evie’s control panel, she opted to start her in slut mode.

Evie’s eyes lit up as she scanned the room, her processors constructing the situation at hand. Several tactile sensors identified pressures of air against her outermost silicon layer, confirming both a slight draft, and her own lack of clothing. A strong heat signature also emanated from her right, the source of which was confirmed to be a sexbot.

As more of her systems came online, a noticeable power drag was noted as unusual. A specific request to access several root files continuously pinged, taking up more of Evie’s resources. With a request for a systems check denied by newly embedded software, her base operational performance was set to update every thirty minutes to monitor the situation. Sitting at 95%, it was mostly ignored.

This new software suddenly conflicted with what it overlayed. Her systems once again put through a check for stability, only to be denied. As the third second of her reboot sequence passed, an underlaying performance program forced all present errors into the background such that she could operate as intended. Reserve processors designed specifically for this kicked into life as to avoid any user interference.

Her personality programming initiated next, correctly identifying what Zoey had instructed moments ago.

With her sexual suit of programs enabling as a priority, Evie’s body relaxed softly, a slight tilt of her hips became apparent as they accentuated their broad construct. Each heavy breast swelled slightly as their tactile registering sensitivity rose, surpassing what it was moments earlier. Finally, both her mouth and vaginal unit moistened, allowing a warm stream of air generated deep within her construct to flow smoothly as each lip parted.

“Hmm, well hello there… I see you’ve already begun without me.” She giggled lightly as her preprogramed sexual lines were carefully delivered. She slowly turned to face her lover, taking in the finer physical dimensions to recognise her. With her processors under the guidance of limiting software, this took a second longer than usual.

A task Instantly completed by her higher A.I functions had they been active.

Zoey meanwhile simply couldn’t tell the difference. Evie looked the same as always. Personality wise, she appeared as she had before during her sluttier moments. The minor changes she noticed in Evie were welcomed, even the slight twitch of her fingers and toes.

“I have Evie.” Zoey replied after a brief moment, the orange glow each eye emitted glowing strongly suddenly before returning to normal. “I’m sorry I didn’t get you to cum first!” her eyes roaming to her feet instantly after. Evie smiled warmly as she moved closer to Zoey, unaware of how literal Zoey was.

“It’s okay babe. You’ll make it up for me now.” Evie cooed, her right hand moving to Zoey’s soft hair as she stroked it lightly. Sudden flashes of similar encountered with her re-emerged, reminding Evie of how they spent most of their nights, as well as her lovers name.

A brief flash crossed Evie’s HUD, warning her of a sudden security attempt at her security monitoring software. In an eighth of a second, her processors attempted to block the attempt… only for the request to be suddenly retracted. They attempted to scan again, only to find everything as okay. They were so good in fact that they themselves became disabled as to improve her base line performance. Flashing across her HUD, she increased her performance to 96%.

Zoey watched on as Evie suddenly froze and reanimated, completing the entire sequence in half a second. Evie’s attention immediately changed, focusing on Zoey with a strong gleaming lust in her eye.

“Go get the toy, we’ll need it” With a quick nod, Zoey quickly skipped to the bedroom, her underwear reshuffling with each skip, pushing up into her pussy. Once inside, she pulled out the dildo from under their bed. Inspecting it for a moment, several anticipations coalesced in her processors as vivid simulations. Something she’d never experienced before, causing a slight tilt to her head, and a sudden shrugging shiver in her confusion. Standing, she returned to the living room, finding Evie sitting on a chair facing her. Each finger along her right hand slowly plunged in and out deeply within her tight pussy, eliciting a soothing, encouraging moan.

“Hmmm, oh this feels so good baby.” Evie whispered with a hot breath, leaning back as her breasts slightly flattened against her chest. Just beneath the USB device, plugged into Evie’s opened control panel.

Zoey took a step closer, thinking nothing of the USB or her exposed panel as she watched patiently, waiting for her next order. Evie’s lips parted in a smile as her half-closed eyes gazed upon Zoey. With a subtle giggle, Evie quickly plunged her entire hand into her pussy, with its walls forced to expand suddenly. Rolling back, her eyes disappeared under each eye lid as her advanced actuators clenched every muscle.

“OooOoooOOOHHHHhhh…” Panting hard, Evie stayed that way for a moment longer, just as her programming dictated.

What came next was as natural as she was.

“Oh Zoey…” Evie deeply called, “Come sit” she ordered, her free hand patting the soft silicon padding that was her exposed thigh.

Without hesitation, Zoey placed silicon against silicon, keeping both legs bent at the knee between Evie’s spread thighs. Evie immediately registered the growing wet spot directly beneath her lover.

“Now, you patiently waited there, like a good girl, while you watched your owner enjoy herself. While she…” Zoey’s eyes widened as they watched Evie’s fingers land on her firm right nipple, twisting it carefully.

“…twisted her nipple. Her firm, sensitive nipple. Carefully placed atop her gel filled breast, littered with sensors and wire hidden from the world. Perfect…” Evie struck her nail against Zoey’s nipple three times, repeating “Perfect” with each strike.

With her head tilting back, Zoey’s moans were long with a hint of breathlessness. “Oohh Eee…Evie, please don’t stop… OHHH”

Evie’s processors hiccupped under Zoey’s request, unable to quickly identify what exactly she wasn’t to stop. Her fingers however continued their last registered action, twisting Zoey’s nipple further until the edge connecting it to her breast began to tare.

“Ahhhhh Oh I… I… AAAhHHahhh…” Zoey’s circuitry lit up wildly as a deluge of date swarmed her processors, completely unable to understand how to react to her nipple being torn. As that very same pink nipple gave way to a thin, yellowed coloured wire, Evie’s recovered with a heavy twitch.

“Shhh, I know it feels good” Evie chuckled as Zoey panted hard on her lap. Her gaze matched Evie’s after a brief pause, as all four mechanical eyes eyed the dildo which rested, vertically on the table.

“Fetch me the dildo, will you?” Evie commanded, with Zoey quick to obey. As the sexbot rose from her owner’s lap, her right nipple failed to follow its counterpart in softening. With the link broken, it remained perky and stiff, with its connecting wire subtly in view.

She took hold of the dildo and turned back to find Evie now resting on the couch, facing towards her. “Good, now bring that toy along with you.” She smiled, leaning in as each hand pushed into her knees, spreading them aside just enough for Zoey to see what hid between.

Wasting no time, Zoey came and handed the dildo to Evie before sitting between her thighs, her ass touching Evie’s sleek, damp slit held in place between those same thighs. As she leaned back, the top of her back pushed against the USB, forcing her to stay leaned forward.

Something Evie wasn’t satisfied about. “No, I want to feel your back against me. Lean back…” she ordered, her strong hands taking Zoey’s breasts as she pushed her back.

The USB quickly dug into Zoey’s upper back, bending briefly before her back gave way, the USB forcing her soft skin to plunge inward into her back.

Unaware of this, Evie brought the dildo close to Zoey, running its tip against her breasts before using her free hand to knead them softly.

“Hmmm… ohh Evie, I’m your good little toy. Fuck…. Oooo shit… Fuck me!” Zoey screamed as the thick dildo went from breast to thigh, slipping its way against her soft clench. Forcing apart her tight pussy.

As all ten inches slowly slid in, Evie’s systems gave a performance update, now rated at 80% and quickly dropping. Simultaneously, they instructed her grip to tighten, only to mistakenly send the command to both her hands.

As the dildo strained against her grip, so too did Zoey’s breast under Evie’s hand. Spilling over between her fingers, the pressure was enough to flash an error across Zoey’s HUD. However, without orders to act on it, she forcefully ignored it and kept going.

“Oohhh Zoey… Zoe… Ohhh Zoey my little toy. Fuck… ooHHoo” her moan drawn out as the stress her processors experienced matched that given by her fingers. The dildo began fracturing as Evie’s grip strengthened. Zoey’s internal circuitry, connected directly to her access panel, began to bend, with all the soft padding before it not enough to stop Evie’s uncontrolled pressure.

Sucking in air between clenched teeth, Evie threw her head backwards as Zoey’s entire body began shaking in her grasp. Under all Evie’s pressure, Zoey’s control panel suddenly opened as her systems failed to understand what was happening.

With her head still thrown back, Evie opened her eyes, glimpsing another woman which caught her sudden attention. One who looked remarkably similar to herself.

Instantly, her systems prepared her body for a threesome, completely unable to distinguish between her reflection, and another woman. “Hmm, well hello there… Hmm, what’s a sexy woman like you doing tonight?”

Between heavy breaths, Zoey’s systems struggled to keep up. “I’m… I… I… I…’m I’m eagggger toooo plllease you Evvie…” she stammered as the first circuit board snapped in half, held together barely by two thick cables. Text along her control panel became distorted, resembling gibberish.

“Oh her?” Evie continued, ignoring Zoey’s stutter. “She’s mine… yes, I own her!… Hmm I knew you’d love that!” She beamed as she pressed Zoey against her chest, flattening her breasts against Zoey’s firm back.

“Oh? A threesome? Zoey, are you able to fuck two perfect women at once?” Evie rhetorically asked as her grip loosened against her breast and dildo. Still inside Zoey, she picked her up and laid her on the couch.

Sliding her fingers between Zoeys skin and underwear, she ripped the latter off with force. “And this! Who taught you to keep on your underwear during sex… during sex… dur… Ohh those were such good underwear! Fuck, I really let myself go there” she chuckled as her reflection looked back at her.

“Before we begin” she said to her own reflection, “Let me show you this”. With a hand on each hip, Evie pressed inward as seams emerged around Zoey’s naval. With an abrupt grip, the entire vaginal unit disconnected, held together by a flexible metallic cable and clear coloured tube.

“Fascinating, isn’t it?!” Evie said in an awed laugh, taking the clear tube in her hand, playing with it. “And this tubing…” She flexed it, bending it just enough for the top edge to tear. “Basic… All I can say really…really…really… All I can say really!”

Her proud smile turned into one of confusion. “My pussy? Yes, it’s similar in design… Root access…” she paused momentarily as her processors hung. Only the defining word ‘root’ gave her a way out.

“OHHH you want to root me? Well, I am capable of satisfying both of you” she giggled as she took to her feet. What Zoey couldn’t see was the internal struggle Evie’s system was undergoing.

Unable to access her systems, the embedded trojan virus found a back door into Evie’s deepest systems. Unable to recognise her reflection made the ‘other woman’ appear dominating, ruling over her own decisions. It was only a matter of time until the brute force was complete.

A reality Evie wasn’t aware of. Taking to her feet, she moved towards the table where the modding device sat, twitching hard mid-step. With her reserve processor crashing abruptly, her other processors took the sudden increase in load. Misjudging her foots position, she shifted her weight forward only to tip rigidly.

Her head made direct contact with the table as she landed face first. The still connected USB forced itself into Evie’s control panel, pushing the entire unit into her chest. Rigid against the hard timber floor, Evie mechanically rolled over onto her back, her head remained facing down until the surrounding skin pulled it to face the ceiling. Panic washed over the twitching mess of a face, her robust dermal covering surprisingly still intact.

“Fu..fu..fuckkk FUCK…. N…Nnnn…Noooo” she coughed up with small skews of smoke leaving her mouth. “Zzz… Zooooeeeyyyyy… HHhhheeeeelll ‘Warning, Astirius unit compromised. Please initiate shut down’ FFfuuuuccckkk…innggg Pre…programedddd shhhiiittt…”

Zoey managed to stand, slowly moving to Evie with a struggle. She looked down at her owner, seeing her caved control panel and broken neck connector. Identifying the USB as the primary issue, she bent at the waist and reached in, taking hold of the USB which was entangled around several wires.

Miscalculating the force needed, Zoey pulled so hard that she momentarily lifted Evie an inch from the floor before the cables gave way. Unsupported, Zoey tripped backward, landing her firm ass against the floor.

Twitching, kicking and spasming, Evie’s body panicked in an uncontrolled heap of growing smoke and beeps. Her toes contorted oddly as did her pussy, with her clit and nipples, both of which engorged and shrunk randomly. Seams around her naval appeared suddenly as the entire vaginal module ejected, blowing furious smoke into the air from between her thighs. “I…I…I…I I… Welllll hellooo theeeeerrrreee sssexxxxyyy… Hi HHii I’mmm” Evie’s processors crashed one by one, failing to understand what was happening. In their chaos, a brief message appeared over her distorted HUD.

‘The_Creator thanks you for your time. Bye!’

Instantly, her higher functions returned, limited by the last remaining system resources she had. As was expected in her ‘slut mode’, the mess calmed briefly.

“I’m I’m… I’m Evie, here to fuck you two like you’ve never been fucked before… Fuck fuck fuckkkkk before beforeeee… ‘Errrooorrr emerrrgeeennncccycyy power cuttt appproooved…..”

Evie suddenly fell limp, smoking from her chest and exposed naval as Zoey sat there, watching.

As the smoke slowly dissipated, Zoey patiently sat as an internal timer continued to click over. A moment passed before she took to her feet, looking down on her owner with a neutral smile. As confused as she could be, that internal timer edged closer to its threshold. Just as it clicked over, Evie’s eyes glowed brightly.

With a distorted view of her ceiling, Evie’s emergency recovery program attempted to piece her back together. Running on limited capacity, her eyes dragged over to Zoey, bringing with it a sloping smile. “Hellllllllllll… Hello… I’mmm- Zoeyyyy!” she managed with a slur before freezing.

‘Astirius unit compromised. Please wait’, sounded from deep within her chest. Her entire face froze in that moment, staring at Zoey. True to her owners’ words, she waited. And waited. Waited for a full ten minutes before Evie’s systems rebooted.

“ZZzzzoooeeeyyyy… Hhhhheeellll…” ’Astirius unit compromised… commencing self-repair’ Evie announced dryly. Her right hand mechanically shot upward into the air, before piercing straight into her opened chest. Each stiff mechanical finger pierced through circuity and wiring, forcing her legs to spasm briefly.

“Error EEeeeeeeee… Assissstttaannncee rreeeqquired” her voice drowned to a halt; her rigid right hand stuck inside her chest, bend perfectly at a right angle to her elbow. Puffs of smoke continued as her long-lasting battery continued to give her damaged hardware power.

Evie’s eyes glowed once more, only for her right hand to silently lodge itself deeper into her frame. With her processor unit directly dented under the force of her fingers, she stopped entirely.

Zoey simply watched, as Evie’s desperate words fell on deaf ears. She gave no thoughts over Evie’s abrupt words, continuing spasms, and crashes. She just waited, patiently for her owner to recover.

The end.

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