Ever Lasting Smile

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Written by Mirage

Ever Lasting Smile

“No! NO!” Grandpa was screaming at the doctor and nurses.

“Mr. Sampson, we have no choice, we can’t give you the 24 hour care you would receive in a retirement home.” the doctor said frustrated.

“I want to stay here!” he grumbled.

I looked at the doctor and asked to talk to him alone.

“I know, you can’t keep him here in this hospital and he really doesn’t want to go in an old folk’s home,” I said to the doctor.

“Why not get a nurse for him then?” he smiled at my dilemma.

“A nurse?” I questioned him.

“Not a real one, an android one. We have some here for sale and they are a great help to anyone who needs them.” the doc said.

“Mmmm... great idea! Thank you!” I thanked the doctor.

A few days later...

“Her name is Sara, she’ll be your nurse. Say hi, Grandpa.” I smiled at my grandfather.

“Holy shit, she’s a fucking robot, ain’t she?” he yelled out with his can.

“Yes, I am an android, but I am fully programmed to take care of all your needs,” the nurse smiled to us.

“Can you clean my undies too?” Grandpa laughed out, being the old fart he was.

“Of course! I am programmed to do any tasks you ask for,” she smiled.

“George, she freaks me out! She’s too nice... I don’t trust machines!” he barked out.

“Relax, just try to enjoy what’s rest of the time you have left,” I smiled sarcastically.

“Sara, please come with me, I’ll show you around his apartment. “ I told the android.

“Yes, George.” she said nicely.

“Sorry about him, he’s a bitter man...” I told her.

“It’s ok, I am programmed not to care about any rants my patient says to me,” she simply said.

“Good...” I smiled to her.

After showing everything, I left them and told my Grandpa I’d visit tomorrow.

The next day, I stopped for my visit and found him in bed smiling.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him, knowing he never smiled.

“Sara is exactly what I needed.” he smiled more.

“Good..” I said to him, “Sara, is everything okay?” I asked her.

“Yes, your grandfather is a nice old man.” she replied.

Confused, I left the apartment.

The next day, he was still smiling.

“Wow, Sara must be a great nurse!” I told myself, “I’ll be out of town for a week, you’ll be okay?” I asked him.

“Go, I’ll be happy here with Sara…” he snickered.

Sadly, the next week, I found him, dead in his bed with the biggest smile he ever had. Sara was beside the bed, busy doing something.

A days from this past and I just came back from the funeral...

I was sitting at a bar with a friend talking about the funeral.

“At least he died happy...” I mumbled out.

“How did he die?” he asked.

“I bought him an android nurse and she was programmed with routines. At 3:00 o’clock every day, she would give him a bath, at four, his supper... Being the old pervert he was, he asked her to give him a blowjob every day at 5:00pm. Everyday. Being an android, she followed his commands. He commanded her to stop the blowjob only when he goes limp after his erection.” I explained.

“And?” my friend asked, knowing there was more to the story.

“Well, he died on Monday night, according to the doctors, and I discovered him dead only on Friday,” I moaned out.

“And she was still giving him a blowjob even after four days of being dead?” my friend asked, being shocked.

I nodded a yes.

“It was not her fault, she was just doing her programming.”

“Man, that is sick.” my friend said disgusted.

“You don’t know the whole story yet...” I told him.

“What?” he smiled confused.

“I just came back from the funeral and the android and the doctor were there,” I told him.

“So?” my friend asked quickly.

“The funeral started at 4:55pm...” I responded.

The end

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