Errors And Glitches

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Written by Mirage

Errors And Glitches

I finally got my gynoid today from EBAI today!

Sure, it's used, but I got a really good price on her. I waited to the last second to make my bid and I won! Anyway, I just finished opening the box, smaller than I thought it would be. Removing some plastic wrappers

“What??? She's in millions of pieces!!!!!! Ok, not a million, but a lot. Let's see her face panel...NICE! I wonder if she will truly look like the same on the pics of her on the auction I won. Fuck... Where is the instructions??? SHIT! SHIT! The guy who sold it to me forgot the instructions!!!!!!”

“Let's email the dip shit... Ask him nicely where the instructions....are waiting.... Oh, send me back an answer already... NO INSTRUCTIONS, SOLD WITHOUT ANY!!!!!!!! FUCKING SHIT! I didn't see that on the listing!!! Think...think... Oh! Maybe I can download some copy of it from a site.. Let's look... yes!!!!! Downloading... Printing... YES! WE are in business...”

So, where to start... 11:40pm already... start tomorrow, need some sleep...

Ok, it's Saturday morning, I got my tools, the instruction, and a thousand of pieces to make a robot woman. ..Mmmmm...Let's eat breakfast first... Need to watch my cartoons also... man, it's already noon! Let's start on the robot... ok.... Must go for a pee first... Aaaaaaahhhh.. Much better... let's start with her torso.. RING! RING!!! Fucking phone.. Hi mom... yes mom... (a few hours later) bye mom.. Love you too, mom... bye, mom...bye... click.. Where was I? Of, yes, I was starting her pelvis... I think... Man, this is confusing...

Sunday night.. 10:34pm..

Well, finished assembling her, let's try her out.. Pushing her "on" button on the back of her neck.

"Hello, my name is Gary, are you my master?"

“Gary?? What the fuck?? Hey robot, erase that name, you are now EMMA, ok.”

"Yes, master, new Data accepted."

“Well, Emma, can you get up?”

She slowly got up, but something was wrong.

“Emma, can you walk?”

"Yes, master." she started to walk, but she kinda pivoted on one side.

“Jesus! You got a longer leg from your other one! Maybe I can stretch your left leg a bit.. Now walk a bit more... Better.. Emma, dance for me. Not the fucking "robot dance!" I hate that one! Dance slowly, something sexy... NO! Not the "Robot"again!!!! Don't you know more dances?”

"No, master."

“Anyway, come kiss me. Mmmmmm... OOWWW!!! OOOOOWW!!!!!!! LET ME GO!!!!! What the fuck are you doing??? Were you giving my tongue a blow job??? Fuck! That was painful. Let's see you breasts.. Nice size... What??

They are harder than wood??? Even the nipple are so hard, you can stab me with them!”

“Emma, get on my bed and open your legs, I want to see if your vagina is working. I'm coming inside you, ok? "Yes, master, please insert you penis inside me." Mmmrrmrrrggg.. A bit tight.... OWW! OWW!!! OWW!!!! Feels like sandpaper!! OWW! OWW! My poor dick! It's so red and painful!!”

“YUCK!!!! What's that huge glob of mucus coming out of your pussy???”

“It’s my lubrication, master."

“Now, it's lubricated, after I ripped the skin off my cap! SHIT!!!!! It's staining my bed sheets!!!! Emma! Get off my bed!!! AH SHIT!!! Can you stop your lubrication??? It's like your peeing everywhere on the bed and carpet with your sticky lubricant!!!! For fuck sacks!”

"Sorry, master."

“Call me Eric. Emma.”

"Yes, Yeric" No! ERIC! "Yes, Yeric" NO! NO!!! ERIC!!!! MY NAME IS ERIC!! "Yeric?" AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

A week later....

“Emma, I'm home!”

"Darling! My love, how was your day??? How I missed you?? Let me kiss you so much!!!!" Mmmmmmm....

Okay, so, I spent a fortune on repairing her and removing all her glitches, even though it would have been cheaper buying a new gynoid directly from the factory, I just love her too much, she grew on me!!!!

No woman is perfect, even artificial ones!

The end

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