Encounter with Emily

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Emily pirouetted on her toes and craned her neck to look over her shoulder. She was standing in front of a full length mirror in her bedroom. Although, bedroom might be stretching the word a little. There was a twin bed with clean cream coloured sheets and a dresser nearby. On the back of the door to her room hung the full length mirror that she was looking into.

Neatly folded and stacked on the dresser was a sun dress and panties. Emily stood nude bobbing her head, trying to get a proper viewing angle on her lower back. As she was looking at herself her hips suddenly thrust forward, nearly knocking her off balance. If not for catching herself at the last moment she might have tumbled to the floor.

"Mark! Mark come here please!" Emily called from the room. She took a step back from the mirror and her hips once again jerked forward. The door swung open gently and Mark, a well groomed thirty something man walked in. As soon as he did Emily's face dropped all emotion and she intoned "I appear to be malfunctioning." Her hips slid forward again.

"Alright, what seems to be the problem?" Mark said, looking Emily up and down. Not necessarily looking for problems, but definitely enjoying the view.

"An unknown error is causing some of my motor systems to malfunction."

"Ok, can you run a scan on it or something?" Mark was no tech genius, he knew a few tricks, but thats about it. Emily was an android companion he had leased from Digitronix, a robotics company that specialized in making companion and domestic robots available to the working man.

"Yes, surface scan commencing." Emily said.

Emily was Mark's leased companion droid. Tall and classically beautiful with flowing auburn hair. Her Medium breasts tipped with nipples that were always perky and ready. Everything about her was geared towards bringing Mark any pleasure he wanted, without question.

After a few moments of Emily staring blankly into nothingness she suddenly straightened and blinked rapidly.

"Scan complete. My sexual systems are erroneously activating. It may be a fault in my sensory subprocessor, or a program flaw in my artificial personality. Please serv-serv-service me. Me. Me."

"alright alright, hold on a second." Mark left the room and came back a minute later with a tablet with a white cable connected to it. Emily took a step forward and Mark stood behind her and plugged in a cable to the open port. He thanked his lucky stars that most androids these days came with a self diagnostic and repair protocol. Mark started up the management app and tapped through a few screens before reaching the repair section. He tapped for a more in depth scan to run.

After several minutes of standing stock still Emily finally blinked once and swiveled her head to look at Mark who had been pacing around the room.

"Hardware check complete. Artificial personality 'Emily' active. Lower dorsal access panel is open. Technical access link established. Password accepted. This unit is fully enabled for maintenance. Power cells currently at 29% capacity. Synthskin, undamaged. Support gel packs, undamaged. Arousal at 63%. Motor systems functioning normally. No structural damage detected. Error: sensory submatrix malfunction. Pelvic module malfunctioning. Attempting diagnosis. One moment please."

After about ten minutes of waiting Mark finally picked the tablet back up. There was a message for him saying that the diagnostics had failed. Luckily it also gave him instructions on what to do next.

"Ok, uh, Emily?"

"Oh, hi Mark, I didn't see you come in. Whats up?"

"um, could you detach your head module and run a complete neural scan locally then uh..." Mark looked back at the prompt on the tablet "then open your chest cavity and removed the damaged sensory core." Mark said with a tone of someone reading words that might as well have been alien.

"My head? But I'm not a, I'm not a I'm not a, I'm Emily I am a human I am a female I am...I am a female android. Primary function: pleasure. My pussy is wet for you. I love my tits. I love my panel. I love my circuits. I -am am flawless." Emily's hands glide smoothly to both sides of her head. With a slight tug her head disconnects from its mount points.

"I j-just took off my head. I am only a machine. I can be taken apart. I am so hot. I a-" Emily convulsed once and her mouth curled into a grin of pleasure while a speaker nestled in the stump of her neck made the sound of a moan of pleasure. Her hands and fingers twitch involuntarily causing her to drop her head to the floor. It hit with a crack but dutifully Emily reached up and rest in front of her breasts. A seam had split down the center and moved apart about a quarter of an inch. She pressed her fingers into the seam and pulled it apart. Her chest swung open revealing a complex array of fiber optic cables and circuitry running criss crossed inside of her. small rubber tubes and hoses carried fluids all over her body and all of it was mounted onto a hard plastic frame.

Emily then reached inside of now open chest with both hands. She used one to unfasten a clamp on a circuit board attached to a larger motherboard and used her second hand to smoothly tug it out of her. As soon as the connection was broken Emily said "Sensory core removed, this unit now has limited functionality. This unit will now shut down." Emily's eyes slowly drifted close and her breathing stopped. Mark took the circuit board from her still hand and looked at it, sure enough there was a slight smell of burnt silicone and some blacked area's on the board. He tossed it onto the bed and walked over to the dresser. He opened the top drawer and took out a wooden box and opened it. Inside were several spare parts, one of which was another sensory core.

Mark walked back over to Emily'd body and stooped down to pick up her head on the way. He tapped the remote activation button on his tablet and immediately a cooling fan began whirring inside of Emily. Her eyes fluttered open on her head and her arms fell to her sides as she powered back on. Mark placed the new core in her hand and her self repair protocol must have taken over because she then reached inside of her open chest and replaced the core and locked it into place. Once done her arms fell back to her side.

"Hey! Wh-wh-what's going on? Why can I see-see-see my body?" Emily said as Mark was watching her body move back to attention.

"Huh? oh, shoot! You aren't supposed to know you are an android!" Mark said as he looked down at Emily's head cradled in his arms. A look of shock was plastered on her artificial face.

"I'm a what? No, that can't be! I'm not a robot!"

Mark thought the irony of her mouth moving but the sound coming from her neck was rather amusing. He set her head down on the bed facing her own body.

"Emily, you can plainly see that you are an android. You are a pleasure droid to be specific. You we only built about 3 months ago." Mark said as he ran his hands over the inside of her open panel. As he did her body shivered at his touch and he heard a soft sigh of pleasure coming from the speaker in her neck. He only assumed her head made the matching gesture. He swung the two halves of her chest back into place, hearing a soft click as they closed. When they were sealed shut he gave her breasts a slight squeeze making Emily once again sigh with pleasure.

Mark turned back around to see Emily's head was flabbergasted. Her mouth was moving as if she were trying to form a word but it wasn't happening. Mark briefly wondered if she was once again malfunctioning but a quick look at his tablet showed that all systems were green. He shrugged and picked up her head and walked back to her body. He handed her head back to herself. She did not however, reattach it, which Mark had thought she would. He looked down at the tablet and everything looked as it should. He tapped over to her status page and saw that her arousal level had risen to 88% and a message flashed on the screen 'Sexual system active' it said. Mark lifted an eyebrow and looked back at Emily's head. He expressing was switching between a lusty grin and utter confusion. He guessed that her cybernetic brain was trying to decide which command to obey more, please her master or resolve her discovery of her robot nature.

Mark took matters into his own hands and tapped a few more screens and finally enabled her self realization protocols. Thus eliminating the conflict, Emily for now knew that she was a machine. As soon as the command completed Emily took a step forward and raised her head and pressed her lips into Mark's. Mark placed his hands on the side of her head and held it in place. Emily's programming then moved her hands down to Marks pants and quickly dropped them to the floor. She then took her head back from Mark and lowered it to his rock hard member.

Emily's mouth wrapped around Mark's dick and her she began moving her head back and forward. As her arms were moving she lowered herself to her knees, making her arms bend slightly just in front of her. Mark let out moans of pure pleasure as Emily's head moved up and down his shaft. He could hear the soft whirring of the tiny motors in her neck. Apparently this sort of thing was not common and so she had not been programmed to realize her head was removed. Her software was still trying to move her neck back and forth. Before long Mark was about to burst and took a slight step back. Doing so caused a slight pop sound as her mouth broke away from his penis.

"Arousal at 93%. User has not orgasmed. Is something the mater sir?" Emily said.

"No, why don't we put you back together and we can finish this."

"Confirmed, replacing cranial module now." Emily stood back up and mechanically placed her head back on her her neck. With a slight hiss and a click it was back in place.

"Resuming sexual function" Emily said and began to kneel down.

"Hold on a second babe. Lie down on the bed if you please." Mark said and tapped a few more buttons on his tablet. As much as he enjoyed Emily being a robot, he wanted some personality in his fuck toy. Emily was just resting her head on a pillow when the command reached her processors.

"Confirmed, resuming human emulation software now. Self realization protocols enabled." Emily took a breath and smiled up at Mark.

"Hey sexy, thanks for replacing that core earlier, it really gets me going when I get to see inside of myself."

Mark was spreading her legs and planting soft kisses up her thigh. He reached her artificial womanhood and pressed his face into it, lapping and licking at her vagina. Emily immediately began letting out raspy moans. Her hips thrust forward as Mark continued to dart his tongue in and out of her pussy.

"mmm, ohhh yes! Lick my artificial pussy, ungh! It was designed and assembled just for you." Mark mentally smiled that he had requested that she be programmed to be turned on by robots. It made dirty talk so much more fun for both of them. Before long Emily was squealing in orgasm and mark tasted the artificial fluids flooding into her vagina. Emily sat up just as Mark was pulling away from her. She grabbed him and swung him around so that they were not perfectly reversed. Mark was now sprawled on the bed and Emily was already lowering her head down to finish the blow job she started earlier.

She moved her head rapidly up and down his shaft, each movement perfectly timed to bring him the maximum amount of pleasure. Her tongue teasing his head with each stroke. It didn't take long before Mark exploded into Emily's mouth. She continued to suck for a few more moments, using her tongue to tease out the last drops of his load. Mark had closed his eyes and was just letting his head rest on the pillow when he head a loud snap. Immediately he sat back up and looked at Emily, who was now standing at the end of the bed.

"mmm, that was g-g-g-good-ood-ood. What el-el-else would you l-l-l-l-l-l-l..." Emilly was stuttering.


Each one of Emily's eyes were swiveling in different directions and her mouth seemed to be trying to say a long string of words, none of which matched the sound that was coming out of her mouth. The rapid and mismatching movement distorted the sound in weird ways. Finally she stopped all together and Mark heard another loud pop from inside of her. This time though he could see an electric blue flash in her throat. Mark scrambled off of the bed and grabbed his tablet. It was flashing red and there was a warning about a broken seal in her neck. Mark looked up just in time to see a large portion of flesh begin to melt into pinkish good and begin running down the front of her chest. He could also see a fairly large amount of it was dribbling inside of her.

"shit!" Mark said and began furiously tapping around trying to get her to shut off.

Nothing seemed to be working. Emily's head began twitching at strange angles and her arms spasmed at random intervals. Finally small wisps of smoke began to curl out of the hole in Emily's neck.

"Error. Error. Errrrrrrorrrrr. I am a machine. Error. I am- turned. on. Sexual systems activated. Mark please fuck me." Emily turned around and bent over at the waist, displaying her ass perfectly. Mark, though turned on, didn't dare enter a malfunctioning droid.

"fuck me Mark." Emily said again. Mark, meanwhile was trying desperately to do anything he could to shut her down. Emily waited only a few second before she began using her fingers to rub her clit. He other hand she used to pus two fingers into her anus. With unreal and mechanical sped she began furiously pumping into both openings.

"Warning, tear in Synthskin detected in rectal gel packs." Emily said.

"oh no..." Mark said just in time to look up and see blue coloured gel oozing from a rip in one of her cheeks and inside of her. There was another loud pop and Mark could see more of her skin melting away from her lower back as well as more dripping onto the floor from her neck and a new hole at her jawline. He could easily see the plastic frame inside of her and before long her body began to convulse. She collapsed to the floor and before long was nothing more that a twitching pile of parts and synthetic flesh. All the while she keep repeating "fuck me. fuck me. fuck me."

Finally, it seemed, her systems overloaded to the point of complete failure and she shut off. The twitching stopped and before long the smoke had stopped issuing from her body. Mark flopped onto the bed and let out a sigh. He shook his head and pulled out a cell phone from his pants on the ground. He dialed Digitronix to file a complaint. Though, given how turned on he was after seeing Emily's breakdown, it wouldn’t be much of a complaint.

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